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Delandra Vinson

Labor of Love Doula & Childbirth Services

Website: Http://

Phone: (678) 923-6566

Birth Fee: $975 to $1200

Fee Details: I am the owner of Labor of Love Doula & Childbirth Services. We have a wonderful group of doulas with fees to accommodate any budget! Call me to find out more about each doula's availability. :)

Birth Doula Experience: 13 years and 390 births attended

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of Practice: Partnership with 2 or more doulas

Clients per Month: 1 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education

  • BA/BS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Adoption
  • Cesarean birth
  • Clients on bed rest
  • Expected stillbirth
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • High risk
  • Home Birth
  • Induced and high medical technology labor & birth
  • LGBTQP Families
  • Multiples
  • Over 40
  • Plus size mothers
  • Postpartum mood disorders
  • Prematurity
  • Relinquishing mothers
  • Single parents
  • Special needs babies
  • Surrogacy
  • Survivors of Previous Life Trauma
  • Survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Teens
  • Twins
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth
  • Women and Families of Color

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Child Passenger Safety Technician
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Infant massage education
  • Military families
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Reflexology
  • Satellite Doula (For remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Stillbirthday Bereavement Doula

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Volunteer with teen moms without an active support system.

Languages spoken: English

Service Area Map

Area of practice: Atlanta, GA
Travel Range: 40 Miles
Travel comments/restrictions: Will also serve families as far south as Newnan, Spalding & Henry county

Client Testimonials for Delandra Vinson

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Empathetic, compassionate, patient, loving, and wise.  This is how I would describe Delandra V. and her doula approach.  Delandra will never "tell" you and your family how you should approach your birth experience.  Instead she will work with you the mother, your partner, and family to communally come to the best path for your birthing experience.  Working with Delandra will take you on a journey to discovering parts of yourself that you did not know existed on your path to motherhood. I learned so much about myself and my inner strength while I was pregnant, during delivery, and the first 12 months of my child's life.  I directly credit the greatness of this special time in my life to working with Delandra.  Delandra is the doula that will enrich your pregnancy and guide you through awareness that will serve you in all areas of your life.

Posted 10/23/2019

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Allison Cook

Delandra was an instrumental part of the birth of our second child in July 2016. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She was there for me every step of the way through my late pregnancy to answer my questions and give me perspective on how things were progressing. The day I went into labor, I talked to her on the phone at length telling her about my symptoms. I was not quite in labor at the point, but she was ready to jump into action. Once my water broke, Delandra let me know that things would likely move very fast since I was a second time Mom. This was great advice and as a result my husband and I went straight to the hospital and Delandra met us there. She has an uncanny ability to sense when you need her support and when you need some space. Delandra isn't pushy or controlling -- she very much respects that this is your process and is there to provide the support that you need. I love her demeanor - very calm and casual, not intense and serious, which is what we were looking for in our doula. It turned out that I needed Delandra's support very quickly because I was in transition soon after arriving at the hospital. She figured out what worked for me during the most intense contractions and was there each time I needed her to push on my hips and ease some of the discomfort or to offer words of encouragement. She knew exactly when my contractions started to sound like 'pushing contractions' and actually was the one who alerted the nurse and the midwife that it was go time. During the pushing phase, again, Delandra encouraged me without coaching or trying to control the process.  I definitely attribute my ability to have a completely nature and drug-free birth to Delandra and the support she offered. I could not have done it without her. She also stayed with us as long as we wanted her to after my son was born and was able to get some great photos of our birth that we will cherish forever! You will not regret hiring Delandra as your doula!

Posted 8/19/2016

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My need for a doula came VERY late into my pregnancy! It wasnt until I was in the hospital for the THIRD time; wrapping my head around the fear that I was feeling and being alone (for my husband was away at work), that I wasnt gonna have this baby without a coach! As BAD as I wanted to have a water birthing, I simply needed to get to the due date. So, I called around and found Delandra. After reading her profile I KNEW she was right for me! And yes, I will admit that her smile drew me in to want to get to know her more. I waited a week, trying to convinve myself that I DIDN'T need to call; but it was on Sunday morning that I couldn't go to church, I was SO bombed! So I called Delandria EARLY Sunday morning...and she listened to me talk REAL talk about my misery, ailments, concerns, and so much more for...wait for it...TWO HOURS!! After we'd spoke, I felt like I was ready to have a baby!!!! We met days later! She went over exercise techniques with my husband and I to induce labor (i went over my due date; we tried EVERYTHING), we talked nutrician and even afterbirthing care and resources. By the time I went into "FOR REAL" labor (in pre/early labor for two weeks), we were two days into the New Year and I felt it; the FIRST contraction! Although this was my routin to call Delandra in the wee hours of the morn; BUT THIS WAS IT THIS TIME!!!!!! I left a message and by the time my husband had admitted me, grabbed the bags, & parked the car she walked in and I felt SO relieved! I mean, the husband's good and all, but she KNEW what I was about to go into! Eleven hours later, I was holding a 9lb 12oz baby boy in my arms! He was PERFECT!!!! Delandra was emaculate! She kept my husband calm! She kept me not having to be concerned about him! As for MY well-being; what is there to say; she was helping the doctor count for me and watch the machine for contractions! Delandra is a God-sent angel; she will always be apart of our family! Thanks Delandra. The Reeses 

Posted 9/28/2015

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Michelle Allen

Delandra was just what we needed! She was our doula for our second baby, and her professionalism and compassion got us through a very fast labor and delivery when our midwife and doctor did not show up. Delandra knew just what to do to get the nurses ready to catch our baby boy. She always kept her cool and always felt very present with us and aware of what we needed. In every interaction with Delandra I felt heard and cared about. I would highly recommend her to any family seeking a doula! She was great with both us and the medical professionals at the hospital.

Posted 9/4/2015

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Michael Luttrell

You may not see many reviews from the fathers side, but you have one now. :)

Delandra is a good listener both in the spoken word and in body language. She is able to take what the mother is saying and give positive reinforcement and guidance to make the birthing process go well from an emotional and physical perspective. She is very calm and has a sense of humor when the time is just right. For the father's out there, Delandra can look at you to let you know when you’re helping or not. You will be thankful that she is your doula, and was part of this wonderful, amazing and challenging experience.

Posted 8/6/2015

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Sarah Laurie

Delandra was a wonderful source of support and guidance for us during the labor process. I was induced 3 weeks early and had pretty intense contractions leading up to the birth of our son and she was such a blessing. My doctor even said that without her help I probably would have had a c-section. She was a great communicator and provided wisdom when needed, but also let us do our own thing when she wasn't needed. On top of it all she dropped everything she was doing to come help us because our original doula wasn't available. It was the perfect experience and I would highly recommend her. 

Posted 3/1/2015

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Barbara See

Delandra was great! My labor was long (28+ hours) and tough (continuous pitocin IV) and Delandra never wavered in her support and guidance throughout the entire process. She was tuned into what I needed at the moment: quiet when I needed to concentrate, but quick to offer encouragement and guidance when I was lost. She always had great alternative techniques and new ideas for me to try to cope with the pain. And she does great massage! My husband was also very happy with her supportive role. He feels it gave him the freedom to worry less about the little things and focus on my needs. I highly recommend Delandra if you want your labor to happen in an environment that feels safe, confident, and positive.

Posted 2/25/2015

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Mary Katherine Mason

Delandra was a great support system for myself, my husband, and my mother during my labor.  She has a calming personality and is extremely reliable and knowledgeable on her craft--things that were paramount during this process for me!  She was also extremely helpful during the 30 week and 36 week meetings, answering many first-time mom questions and helping me be more comfortable in the third trimester.  I experienced a lot of false labor pains and went over 41 weeks, and Delandra was always on call and able to answer my questions.  She stayed at the hospital with us during my labor for 32 hours and even offered to stay longer!  Althoug my labor ended in a c-section for medical reasons, Delandra offered me many techniques and support that allowed me to labor naturally through "doubling" contractions for 24 hours.  I would highly recommend her and would hire her again in a subsequent pregnancy.

Posted 2/3/2015

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Alexandra Travis

Delandra is so wonderful I had to come back for another review :) She was there for the birth of our first child and we didn't think twice before inviting her to the birth of our second baby as well. Little did we know that I would go into labor around 37 weeks and have a precipitous labor – less than an hour from first contraction to baby in arms. Although she wasn’t at the birth – we didn’t even have time to leave the house – she was a tremendous influence on my pregnancy and birth outcome. We talked during pregnancy and with her encouragement I changed providers around 30 weeks when my MD practice was driving me mad. I also had concerns about this baby being early and having a precipitous labor. My midwives were supportive and said I would have plenty of time to get to the hospital if I got in the car at the first sign of labor. Delandra actually walked me through steps to prepare myself for emergency childbirth, which were invaluable when our baby did come so quickly at home. She was also the one I called and talked to when I had my first real contraction – I called the midwife on duty (it was nighttime), but it was awhile before I got a call back, which is common. I cannot say enough good things about her, she is so knowledgeable and kind and funny and our family is so thankful to have her in our lives.

Posted 11/4/2014

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Rekita Bradley

When I first met Delandra I knew she was the perfect fit for me. Her presence was so calming and funny!!  Something I like. She was Always a call or text away even when  it was a false alarm she was right there.  When I went into labor for real on May 1st she was there taking and walking with me, keeping me calm during contractions that I was feeling for the first time. Even though I didn't deliver until the 2nd she was there she help with my babies so that I could get some rest. She kept me from giving in to the pain and getting drugs. She was so comforting that if  I decided to have another baby I would use her  again.I would recommend her to my friends and family and anyone who would like to experience having a doula... I give Delandra a 10 times thumbs up on job well done. Delandra Vinson has your back before, during and after labor.......She also makes sure you're getting treated well during labor and delivery. She was not only my doula she became a friend and a part of my family, my kids still ask about her. Keep it up Delandra you're awesome sauce as my kids would say..

Posted 5/16/2014

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D Mcqueen

Words cannot describe how blessed my husband and I are to have had the assistance of Ms. Delandra. She is one beautiful devine soul. It was like having your sister there to hold your hand through the wonderful experience of child birth. She was beyond helpful as she brought a sense of peace and love to the atmospher lowwering our anxiety of what was yet to come. This woman was just amazing, she did not leave my side for almost 24 hours! This is not a job for her, for it is her calling from the universe. Indeed when The Creator blesses us with seed again we will definetly seek the love and support of Ms. Delandra.

Posted 2/22/2014

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Dana B.

I used Delandra Vinson for the birth of my second child in July 2013. I chose her from the Labor of Love website by reading her testimonial that she was familiar with all kinds of births. At the time, she was approaching 100 births and she had great experience. I spoke with her over the phone and then she visited my family at my home and we immediately connected.

The reason I contacted Delandra was because I had an c-section with my first child and I wanted to make sure I did everything in my power to avoid another c-section. My c-section was a traumatic experience and I didn't feel like my doctors did enough to protect me or my baby from having one. So I made sure the practice I was with honored VBACs and I also worked with Delandra to ensure I was empowered at every single step of the decision-making process.

Delandra really came through for me. I was subjected to unnecessary gestational diabetes tests, a doctor stripped my membranes without my permission at one point, and I was told that I would be scheduled for a c-section against my will. I would immediately reach out to Delandra after each appointment and she would guide me in the steps I could take to take more control over the situation. I even felt it was OK if I switched practices during my 40th week if my doctors did not honor my requests, because I knew no one would force me to do anything.

Delandra was very available to me. She always responded to my calls and texts very fast and she seemed to magically know every move my doctors would make before they make it. She also showed up to the hospital before I even checked into my labor room, which was totally unexpected and very welcome! She never judged me or told me what to do, but with her present I always felt confident that my labor and birth would go the way I wanted it to go based on my body's needs, and that's exactly what happened.

I did end up with a c-section in the end, but it was MY choice and I'm happy!

Posted 1/24/2014

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Sabrina W. Johnson

It's hard to imagine getting through my labor without Delandra.  She was a wonderfully calming force over the course of my labor, and she and my husband were exactly the team I needed.  She was quick to answer my phone calls and texts while labor was "easy" during the first few hours, and made it to my house in no time once things started to progress.  I definitely would have gone to the hospital far too early if Delandra wasn't at home with me taking me through visualizations during contractions and suggesting different laboring positions for my husband to help me with. During labor it seemed like Delandra kept pulling out different aids out of her bag, the two items I remember the most ar an electric heating pad to warm me up in the cold hospital room and battery powered candles to create a soothing atmosphere while in the bath. When I wanted to abandon my natural birth plan, Delandra encouraged me about the strength that I had, and when I finally (and happily) decided to get an epidural, Delandra supported my decision and helped my husband coach me through the pushing process.  She stayed close by our side once my daughter was born, took amazing pictures, and helped me start breastfeeding. I highly recommend Delandra, and her kind, warm, focused, and down to earth approach, to help anyone through the birthing process.

Posted 12/18/2013

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Virginija Sileikaite

Delandra provided great support to my husband and I during our birth journey. She did a great job guiding my husband through the process, thus helping him to make decisions regarding our plan of a natural birth. The labor we went through was very intense and painful, but Delandra was able to keep my husband calm and focused on my needs. After our baby was born, Delandra stayed to take pictures and helped to start the breastfeeding process. We are very glad Delandra was by our side!

Posted 9/13/2013

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Alexandra Travis

We love Delandra! She was an amazing source of support, knowledge and comfort for us leading up to, during, and following the birth of our daughter. My husband and I both believe she was the reason we were able to have this wonderful birth experience despite the challenges (first-time mom super fast labor with an OP presentation and not the most natural birth friendly health care professionals). We loved being with her – she is kind and funny and instantly puts you at ease – and loved having her knowledge and experience to get us through labor and delivery. We hope to work with her again!

Posted 9/4/2013

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Amber Suitt George

I absolutely loved working with Delandra! I had a 40 jour labor and she was there by my side, seeing me through it alln especially when family was tired. She also answered all my questions before and after and was really my protection the entire process. She knew my goal was to not have a c section and she was a huge cheerleader helping me have the birth experience as close to what I wanted. I hope she can serce as my doula for my next birth and would recommend her to other soon to be moms!

Posted 8/31/2013

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Amber Suitt George

I absolutely loved working with Delandra! I had a 40 jour labor and she was there by my side, seeing me through it alln especially when family was tired. She also answered all my questions before and after and was really my protection the entire process. She knew my goal was to not have a c section and she was a huge cheerleader helping me have the birth experience as close to what I wanted. I hope she can serce as my doula for my next birth and would recommend her to other soon to be moms!

Posted 8/29/2013

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Heather Dudley

Delandra offered her services to my family while I was pregnant with my second child. I'd had a highly medicalized first birth, and wanted something different this time; I wanted more control over my birth and labor, and I knew I wouldn't be able to do it on my own. My husband and I chose Delandra because of her incredible professionalism and warm demeanor. 

Delandra helped support me throughout the harrowing, stressful experience, dealing with nurses with calm professionalism, even sneaking in a little real food to give me the energy to continue when the nurses would bring nothing but ice.  She slept in the room while we waited for my daughter to come, and she was absolutely invaluable, allowing my husband to take much needed breaks. She helped me move around and change position, and when the time came to actually have the baby, her cool, dry hands and quiet support were a stark counter to the bustling, loud, obnoxious nurses. I wouldn't have been able to have my child the way *I* wanted to without her, and her support was vital to keeping my stress free and upbeat, even in the face of bossy nurses who wanted things done their way.

Posted 4/23/2010

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