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Grace Lape CD(DONA)

Doula by Grace LLC

Tempe, AZ Service range 45 miles

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Experience

10 years and 134 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

1 years

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, February 2012
  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, January 2021

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 4 to 5 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I’ve attended births in all the major valley hospitals. I feel very strongly that women can have a positive birth in any setting with the right birth team. I love supporting clients in hospitals.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I regularly attend births at several birth centers in the valley. I love supporting my clients in this setting.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Love home births and all of the amazing home birth providers we have in the valley.

College Education


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I volunteer with Maggie's Place, a home of hospitality for pregnant women who are homeless or alone.

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Spanish

Fee Details

My doula fee includes a free initial in person consultation, two prenatal appointments, email/phone support, continual support throughout labor, two hours of support directly following the birth, and a follow up postpartum visit to review your birth and recovery.

Service Area

Tempe, AZ Service range 45 miles

Client Testimonials for Grace Lape CD(DONA)

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Lily Ryan


I don't even know where to begin. Grace was everything we could have hoped for and more in a Doula. She affirmed the difficulty and trauma of my first birth, and in doing so set me on a path to receive the professional healing resources that were available to me. These resources were so key in helping me have the healthy, happy, and natural birth that I was praying for. She was professional, kind, supportive, hilarious, and a true friend for me throughout my pregnancy and birth. The moment I saw her when I arrived at the hospital, I was just able to enter into my contractions and focus knowing that she was with me. She has a really calming presence. She just jumped right in, reading my body and providing the right kind of physical pain coping I needed without me having to say anything at all!. She helped me walk my way from triage to my room at 8cm dilated, and truly gave my husband and me a sense of peace in our unexpected hospital experience. I feel like we just went in there and rocked their world. I felt confident and calm talking and advocating for my birth preferences as I approached pushing. Apart from God, I know that having Grace there gave me the confidence and peace to really birth the way I wanted to birth and exactly how my body needed to birth. From beginning to end she was a supportive, loving, and attentive part of my birth team, and an essential. I look forward to having Grace at more of my births in the future! 

Melissa Smith


Grace was with me for all three of my unmedicated births. Before looking at hiring a doula my husband was very skeptical and truly felt like it wasn't necessary, but went along with it because it was what I wanted.  Following the birth of our first baby he raved about what a huge help it was to have her by our side. Not only for me, but also for him. She helped guide him on what to do when and even allowed him to get a break to eat without leaving me alone. She was such a wonderful resource as different things arose such a gestational diabetes, potential for induction, etc. She was so reassuring and willing to share prior experience and also listen to any concerns or worries we were having.

Grace is warm, friendly, kind and the perfect balance of being an advocate for you without being pushy. There were times I wanted to give up on my personal goal of unmedicated births and she challenged me to remember why I had that goal without making me feel bad. She is truly exactly what we needed for support. 

She turned my skeptical husband into a believer so much that he was the first person to ask when I was going to contact her for my next two pregnancies. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone regardless of the type of birth you're planning to have. 

Stephanie Van Ommering


Do you want to increase your chances of reaching your goals for your upcoming birth experience?! With GRACE, I was able to achieve every single one of mine!  She truly empowered me & was such a positive force when she came into my life during my 3rd pregnancy.  I lost my first baby, & had a difficult C-Section birth & post partum experience for my sweet twin girls.  I was in search of healing & redemption with baby #3. Anytime I expressed doubt, Grace confidently, effortlessly, & cheerfully turned it positive & she always gave me encouragement & hope!  She always believed in me getting my VBAC & she provided me great birth preparation resources & specialists to get there.  She was a rockstar by my side during labor & directed my husband as well (a little over 24 hours).  She coached me & my husband over the phone & via text when I struggled with prodromal labor for about a week before my baby girl was born.  She helped me labor at my house in the wee hours of the night before leaving for the hospital.  Every time I was faced w/ a difficult decision, or when I was challenged by unsupportive nurses, she helped me & my husband discuss pros and cons, without inserting a personal opinion.  My OBGYN & several nurses were impressed with her & made positive comments to me about Grace!  At our postpartum visit, it was so nice to talk through my entire experience & process it all, which served as closure for my healing journey. Having Grace on your side will be a gift for you! She will make you laugh, be your advocate, become a great friend, & bring you so much support for your pregnancy, birth, & postpartum journey!  Can't wait to labor w/ her again, if there is a baby #4 one day for our family!

Ali Pope


Grace was an incredible professional and support person to have on my birth team. With the education and physical + emotional support she provided before, during, and after my birth, I was able to have the exact birth experience I had hoped and planned for which included laboring mostly at home, and opting for a natural unmedicated birth in a hospital setting. I don't think I would have been able to do it without her as a first time mom! She gave such a confidence boost and ensured I always knew my options + was able to give informed consent. Additionally, she helped my partner equip himself with the tools to support me and help me cope as well. I am forever grateful for her and will recommend her over and over.

Ciara Maerowitz


Grace was an incredible addition to my birthing team. She is so knowledgeable and really helped to put my mind at ease going into the delivery. She knew not only a ton of comfort techniques to help me through labor, but even made sure to look out for my husband to make sure he was eating and sleeping. She also coached my husband to help him be the best birthing partner. Grace worked hard to ensure my birthing plan was followed and helped me talk through all my options. Her guidance was invaluable and I was far more cared for and comfortable throughout the process because Grace was there. She really cares, and it shows through her work. I'm so incredibly grateful for you, Grace! 



I truly feel like there are no words to describe the absolute gift Grace is as a doula, but I’ll try. Grace was present for both of my son’s births. Soon after I found out I was pregnant with my first, I started thinking about having an unmedicated birth but I was pretty intimidated, and I knew I needed a doula. Grace was the 2nd doula I interviewed and we clicked instantly. She was experienced, sweet, calm, relatable and she made me laugh! Something about her just made me feel so secure, like I was talking to my best friend. She really showed her confidence in me which helped me tremendously. Her guidance in my pregnancy was absolutely amazing, and I knew I picked the right girl to be my side in labor. Little did I know what the complete Godsend she was going to be. I went into labor late on a Friday night and my son wasn’t born until Monday morning… and you know what? She was by my side the ENTIRE time, including both times I got sent home from the hospital. I decided to get an epidural after they gave me pitocin because I was so exhausted after not sleeping and laboring for 3 days. Even with the epidural, Grace continued to work with me to help me get in a comfortable position while also supporting baby's positioning. Fast forward to our post partum home visit, where Grace encouraged me to see a lactation consultant after hearing about my difficult  experience of breastfeeding, which ended up making all the difference. Here I am 2 years later with a second baby boy in my arms who Grace also helped enter the world! And once again, she was by my side through it all. She helped me advocate my birth plan when it was challenged by hospital staff, and she encouraged me relentlessly until our son was born, with no need for an epidural. I don’t even want to imagine my births without Grace. She is everything you could ever dream of out of a doula. We love her dearly and consider her part of our family.

Alexis Petznick


Hiring Grace for the birth of my second child was one of the best decisions I ever made. I wish I had her the first time around, maybe she could have helped me avoid the primary C-Section that drove me to seek her out for baby two! She made me feel so comfortable and confident in myself as I navigated the many decisions of the prenatal and birth processes. She has a special way about her, and made me feel so seen, heard and understood throughout the entire time we had together. I ended up needing a second C-Section and she held my hand, talked to me, reassured me, and stroked my hair the entire time. I will never forget her realness, tenderness and caring ways. Thank you Grace for helping me bring my baby boy earthside :')

Angelika Doebler


Have you ever met that rare person who has found their calling?  Who really knows exactly what they are doing, who derives obvious joy from it and does it seemingly effortlessly?  That is Grace as a doula.  She is exceptional.  She is the exact right person you want to help you through the wonderful and weird experience of pregnancy and childbirth.  

I'm not the kind of person who thought they needed or wanted a doula, but I heard too many stories and there were only so many books I could read to help me prepare. Grace brought her knowledge and experience to us and helped us both manage expectations and gave us confidence.  We had a hospital birth, used epidurals, and Grace was there to support and guide with no judgement. We were so impressed with her, we used her twice!  

I highly and unequivocally recommend Grace.

KateLynn Dean


I could say so much about our time with Grace! It was important to me to find a doula who is mindful of size-inclusive services, products and research for plus size moms. Grace was so informed and shared so much valuable insight that made my husband and I feel at ease all the way through our first pregnancy, delivery and after. She referred me to other professionals who could support my needs as they came up. She is so kind and patient and was great at matching our energy. She balanced being a thorough professional and a supportive friend. Grace was inclusive of my husband in a way that our docs and nurses were not. It felt like she knew us right away and anticipated my needs, normalized my experiences, and enpowered me to make decisions. Grace is fantastic and I hope she can be my doula again someday! 



My husband and I hired Grace as our doula for our son's birth this fall. As first time parents we could not have been happier with our decision to invite Grace into the process. She was patient, kind, and responsive in the months leading up to birth, and helped educate us by offering resources, sharing wisdom from her own experiences, and providing referrals for other helpful members of our pre- and post-birth care team. 

I never expected it to be possible to have such a calm and positive experience with childbirth, but Grace helped us achieve exactly that. She coached me through positioning and comfort measures, helped my husband feel confident in his role, and helped us remain connected and present through the whole process. 

If you are considering hiring a doula and want someone who will support and educate you in an entirely non-judgmental way, I cannot recommend Grace highly enough. If we have another child, we will absolutely hire her again. 



Even though I planned on a medicated birth at a hospital I knew I still wanted to hire a doula to help guide me and my husband through labor prep and labor and delivery. As a first time mom I wanted the personal support that a doula offers.  I'm so thrilled I chose Grace as my doula, she is so calm and friendly and though she has other clients, she really makes you feel like you are her top priority.  My labor experience was exactly what I hoped for from start to finish and Grace was a huge part in making that happen.  She provided a wealth of resources and information on laboring techniques and showed my husband different ways to support me in labor.  I went into labor with a much more positive and confident mindset because of Grace and she helped me and my husband to remain focused and calm while I waited over an hour for my epidural.  She applied counter pressure and heat to my lower back and coached me on how to breathe through the contractions while I leaned on my husband.  She kept my husband calm as well and I know that he wouldn't have been able to get me through that intense hour on his own.  Once the epidural was placed Grace helped my labor continue to progress by positioning me with a peanut ball and she helped encourage me during pushing.  She also captured the moment my son was born with photos and videos on my phone, something my husband and I were both too overwhelmed and distracted to think to do.  Basically having Grace by your side during labor is like having a friend with you.  She is so friendly and caring and genuinely loves what she does.  She offers fantastic non-judgemental birthing support for the laboring person and their partner and makes it her priority to facilitate the birth experience that YOU want no matter what it is.  I was super nervous and scared about giving birth before meeting Grace but thanks to her I can honestly say that it was a stress-free experience.



I had a unmedicated water birth and decided to hire a doula at 36 weeks. I truley could not have done it with out Grace and I am so grateful we hired her. My labor progressed very rapidly and I was starting to become very overwhelmed and was really to goto the hospital for an epidural. My labor progressed so quickly that my midwife told me wait it out at home for another hour and eat somthing but once Grace arrived she knew we had to leave right away and thank GOD she was there to tell the midwife it was time. My pains were so bad that I stopped responding to Graces texts and she was at my house within minuets. Her breathing techniques and counter pressure massages made my intense contractions much more bearable. During the labor she was so supportive and encouraging and gave us great info on latching after we delivered and my baby latched right away with her help. I would never have another birth without her assistance. 10/10 thank you so much Grace! 


Clare Broglia


We hesitated hiring a doula due to the fact that most of my pregnancy was during the first Covid months. However, after having had a traumatic birth with our first daughter, we started looking around and heard amazing things about Grace (she did not disappoint!)

She is so kind and communicative. Even in the middle of a pandemic, we felt very close to her after FaceTime calls and had no anxiety about meeting her for the first time the day our sweet girl was born. Grace has incredibly helpful resources and is able to pinpoint where anxieties / stresses lie and offer different solutions for them. 

The day we delivered our daughter, my husband and I had an overwhelming sense of calm knowing Grace was there to help us navigate the experience. She was supportive, positive, and in tune with me, my birth plan and needs; and especially how to coach my husband on how he could best be present. Our pregnancy and birthing experience was very healing for both myself and my husband and we truly feel Grace played a large role in that. 

Mallory Smith


"I'll just get an epidural and not worry about the whole labor thing", I told my husband after finding out we were pregnant with our first. I thought I would just keep it as simple and pain free as possible. It wasn't until our appointment at 32 weeks that our doctor informed us that my platelet count was low and there was a good chance I would not be able to get an epidural. Talk about a game changer! Fast forward to 36 hours of labor, an epidural, and an emergency C-section our little man was born. While most women shudder when I tell them my birth story, I smile. I smile because I was actually extremely peaceful throughout the entire process (well, most of it). I laughed, I cried, I breathed, I sat in the shower for far too long, I prayed a rosary with my husband, and I watched The Never Ending Story, ha.  I accredit ALL of my sanity during the process to Grace. She taught me things about labor I never would have known. She empowered me.     She arranged my bed in ways I never knew possible. She held my hips during contractions in a way my husband never quite could (God bless him for trying). Most importantly, she made my inner PEACE a priority.
You will probably read all of the statistics about how using a doula decreases the risk for a cesarean, or the need for an epidural etc, etc, etc, (and it's all true). That didn't happen for me. What did happen for me was confidence and therefore great peace. Grace knew everything there was to know about labor and even the hospital I was at. Having her as my advocate was a GAME CHANGER and paramount for my confidence. She really was the glue that held me together for those 40 hours. I know God directed me to Grace and I'm just so glad I was obedient. If you are on the fence about hiring a doula--DO IT. In fact, hire Grace. You won't regret it!  



Grace's presence during our pregnancy and labor was indispensable. 

Grace's continuum of support techniques were deeply instrumental for achieving my goal of a medication-free labor in a hospital setting. (Had circumstances demanded labor that looked different from my preference, I'm confident that Grace's support would have been soothing and elevating.) When I look back on my birth, I feel proud of the hard work I put in and I feel happy remembering the day my daughter left my womb to be with us in a new way. I am grateful for Grace's role in this gift of positive memories surrounding my birth journey.

Grace came to our house to help me work through early contractions in optimal positions. While I was at the hospital she offered me continuous encouragement for my spirit. She provided expert environment adjustment for my comfort until I finally got to meet my daughter. 

 Grace's support extends to your whole family. She wasn't just there for me-- she was there for my husband and daughter. Her guidance allowed my husband to be the best birth partner he could be. Her suggestions for labor positions helped my daughter find her way to birth. 

I can't thank Grace enough. I am so glad we picked her for our doula support.



Grace was such a calming presence for the birth of our second baby. We had not hired a doula for our first baby, but we will definitely be hiring Grace if we have any more! She helped me stay calm and breathe deeply during my labor in the hospital, and (perhaps best of all,) she knew where the hospital snacks are kept. When my husband needed a break to visit the hospital chapel, Grace stayed with me. She was able to anticipate many things that I needed, and even when I got my epidural she stayed and helped me stay calm and comfortable. Grace helped me talk to the nurse and the doctor about delivering on my hands and knees, and then she stayed with us for at least two hours after the baby came. She met with me about two weeks after the birth, and I am happy to say that I am very satisfied with my birth story. I eagerly anticipate having a chance to work with Grace again!

Jennifer Eagle


I don't know how I would have gotten through my difficult 36-hour back labor experience without Grace!  I loved her calm presence, and she was just the right amount of positive and upbeat to help me when I would start to get discouraged without it being excessive.  She made me feel good about my decisions and was equally supportive when I wanted to go pain-med free as when I finally decided I wanted an epidural 30 hours in.  Even before I went into labor, it was so comforting to have her number in my phone when I had questions throughout my pregnancy and to know that she would be by my side when it was time.  Grace was exactly the person I needed and I would 100% hire her again and recommend her to others!  Thanks Grace!!

Elisabeth Moore


When I was pregnant with my second child, I began looking for a doula who was a faithful Catholic and could support me in the spiritual aspect of labor, as well as someone who was casual, easy to work with, and worked well with my and my husband's personalities. I was seeking someone who could help me have a different labor from what I had with my first baby, which was scary and disappointing in some ways, and did not include a spritual aspect.The first time I spoke with Grace, I knew she was the answer to prayer. 

Grace immediately understood what I was looking for and shared ideas for how I could approach my labor prayerfully and with intention, while also leaving room for God to work with us in the moment. She helped it become everything I had prayed for and it was such a beautiful experience. I labored at a hospital but she made it the environment I really wanted, from playing beauitful music to keeping the lights dim to helping me labor in the best positions for me. She helped me have a natural labor and I truly don't think I could have done it without her.

Grace also helped keep my husband involved in the entire process, which was very important to us. I think some people are afraid a doula would replace a husband's role, but a good one can actually enhance his role and help him meet his wife's changing needs. She knew exactly when to step in directly and when it was a better time for my husband to be closer to me.

Grace is also nonjudgmental and will affirm and support whatever decision you make for your labor, whether it's in your planning or an in-the-moment decision you have to make. Although I chose no interventions, I truly felt that if I had decided to have an epidural or needed a c-section, the way she saw us and treated us would not have changed at all.

Overall, we had a beautiful experience with Grace and she truly blessed our family. I hope to have her with me again if we are blessed with more children.

kalpana govind


This review has been long due only for the reason that i could not find the right words to thank Grace for all the support and strength she provided.

One of the paticipant at child birth classes recommended Grace and i am glad that she did

We were not only deciding the right person but whether or not to have a Doula. My husband and I met Grace and we instantly liked her. She was knowledge, warm, patient, compassionate and funny. We were terrified after seeing the videos during the child birth classes but Grace made it sound easier and i was relieved and confident that i can get through the labor and achieve natural birthing.

She was there every step of the way and provided with the required guidance. Since i was AMA,my gyneacologist recommended inducing when i was past my due date. Thankfully i was able to avoid it with Grace's consultation. Grace has this innate ability to nudge you in direction of your goal with out being intrusive or overbearing. I delivered 10 days after my due date and was able to avoid getting induced thrice and i owe all the credit to Grace.

She helped me with all the right resources and literature for all the questions i had in making my decisions. My birthing experience is one of the best experiences of my life.

I delivered my baby girl, all natural, no epidural. Yay! just what i had hoped. Iam so grateful that i utilised her services. Had it not been for her, i would either got induced, or had an epidual ot ended up with an C Section.

I strongly recommend Grace if you are looking for right advice. She is knowledge, cool, non judgemental and respects your plan. She is able to work hand in glove with all hospital staff too. Go for Grace and you will be thankful too that you did!

Meaghan Thorpe


“What’s a dooo-la?”

I heard this question over, over, and over again. Before having my baby, I would explain to friends and family that she would be helping out, giving me a recommendation here and there.

But after working with Grace and having my baby, I was wrong. Having Grace as my doula was infinitely more than that.

When we first met, I was terrified of all the unknowns. I had no idea what Grace meant when she asked what was my birth plan (“Uhh, to have the baby?”). With her warmth and spunk, she opened up my eyes to a whole new world as to how I could prepare in my months of pregnancy. When I met with her for the second prenatal meeting, I had been taking her suggestions and reading recommendations, and I felt the difference in educating myself.

Two weeks before my due date, my doctor told me I would have to be induced days later if my blood pressure did not go down. Even though the news wasn't ideal, I felt calm because of Grace. She encouraged me and checked in on me constantly. Things kept piling up that made a natural birth challenging, but Grace made the process so easy. I texted her that she didn’t need to come in until later, but Grace was there within 20 minutes...which was good; I had my daughter much sooner than I expected! She always had me carefully evaluate my options and listen to my body. She held my hands, helped my husband, and brought joy and excitement into the room as my daughter came into the world. The doctor on call and the nurses asked for Grace’s name afterwards; they said she was the best doula they had ever worked with!

My husband and I agree that if we are blessed to have more children, we can’t do it without Grace! She changed my mind and heart on what normal childbirths should be. The next time someone asks, “What’s a doula?” they’ll hear about what the best kind doula can do. That's the work of Grace Lape.

Novine Brown


I had Grace for my Doula, many aspects that I love about her: she prays with me during my pregnancy and on the day when I delivered the baby, she stays the whole time with me in the birth center at Mercy Gilbert Medical Center. She keep me calm, help me manage unbearable pain, and encouraged me. Give me refferal and input regarding midwife, hospital, and walk through the process for my first vaginal delivery. My first one is C-section, so I tried to do v-back. Although I ended up had another C-section because of certain problem. She is caring and patience. I recommend her for any moms that needs spiritual and mental support for their pregnancy and delivery.

Mariel Elizabeth


Grace was my superhero in the delivery room. I seriously get emotional thinking about her and all she did for me those 3 long days. She changed my idea of birth and she made my experience easy (well, easier). I had a complicated pregnancy for many reasons, my son came 3 weeks early, and his birth became a bit complicated in the end... Grace was essential to me. I wish I could describe just how much she means! I would recommend her to anyone... She’s truly heavensent.

Morgan Senderling


My husband and I hired Grace for the birth of our first baby, and we are so glad we did!  I had wanted to go totally without interventions, but ended up needing to be induced a couple weeks before my due date.  We went into the hospital on a Wednesday evening and our son wasn't born until Friday afternoon. Grace stayed with us starting on Thursday and I am so grateful she was there during that long and tiring induction.  She was a great help, providing suggestions on different positions and walking all over the hospital and up and down stairs with us to try to kick-start labor.

Once labor really got going, Grace was a steady and positive presence and such a wonderful support to both me and my husband.  She continued to make suggestions on positions and affirmed us along the way.  She was calm and encouraging.  Even though my birth didn't go as planned with the induction, I am so happy Grace was there with us and helped make it such a positive experience.

Devan Keller


Having Grace there for my little girl's birth was such a relief. My husband and I would have been lost without her. As a first time mom I was super worried about how everything would go and if I would know when I was "in labor," when the "right time" to go to the hospital would be, or if my husband would be able to keep it together through the birth. Grace talk us through things to do during pre labor and was ready to come support me when I needed it.

I'd say my labor did not go as expected, but I think that's to be expected. Grace stuck buy my side and continued to encourage me through the night, through the morning and evensupported me when I thought I couldn't do it anymore. Her knowledge of laborng positions and techniques really helped when my water broke and my daughter was entering my pelvis at an angle. Grace was able to walk me through positioning myself to disengage my daughter and used Rabozo to get her in a good position for birth. Grace was such a blessing to us and made birth experience the best it could be.

Nina Estavillo


Since I was young I wanted to have a natural birth. My mom gave birth to my brothers and I naturally and always talked about birth in such a positive light. Soon after I became pregnant with my first child I realized that most women don't talk about birth like my mother did. I still wanted to have a natural birth though and started doing research. I didn't know much about doulas, but I heard they were a great help in achieving a natural birth. One of my friends recommended Grace as a doula and talked very highly of her. From the first moment I met Grace I noticed that she was extremely educated and up to date regarding birth, including hospital births, birth center births, and home births. I was a little nervous about everything and she instantly made me feel better and calmer. She recommended many good resources (including great books), helped me search for birth classes, and gave a few birthing location recommendations too. I started my care under an OB/Gyn and as I talked with Grace she helped me learn more about all my birth options. My husband and I decided that we would check out a few birth centers. Grace recommended an amazing birth center where we ended up switching our care to. Grace was supportive each step of the way. As my due date approached my husband and I still didn't know the full scope of what a doula does. Once Grace arrived to our home to help me labor there we soon realized how valuable her role would be in the birthing process. She was absolutely amazing! My husband and I raved about how satisfied we were with hiring her as our doula. My husband was my main support and Grace was extremely helpful in directing us. Grace went above and beyond what we were expecting. I honestly don't know what we would have done without her! During the postpartum visit we felt as if Grace had become a member of our family. Grace helped me achieve the natural birth that I wanted. My husband and I highly recommend Grace as a doula!!

Rubi M


Amazing Grace!

Doula was a word I did not know existed prior to my pregnancy. Upon my research about giving birth- I quickly discovered the importance of hiring a doula. My husband and I were first time parents and we knew only as much about bringing a baby into the world as any new parent. Since I noticed that successful businesspeople and professional athletes all have coaches and mentors to help them achieve their goals. I realized that if my goal was to have our baby naturally without any medication – then it made perfect sense to hire a doula.
My expectations were beyond exceeded. The first meeting I had with Grace- I felt connected right away and that she was there to support me. A few qualities that I picked up while working with her are that she is very attentive, kind, professional and knowledgeable. She made herself available to me for any questions and concerns I had prior to birth. Grace’s demeanor is wonderful- she is always very clam, positive and confident. She prepared me well ahead of time and came to labor with me at home before we headed to the hospital. It was such a relief to have her with my husband and I at home, because we did not have to worry about knowing the exact time of when to go to the hospital. We had complete trust in her and she directed us on what steps to take next.
Finally, Grace was a very supportive role as my doula and her encouraging attitude throughout the whole process helped me make it to the finish line. Without a doubt- there is no way that I could have succeeded in a natural birth alone. It was such a good experience. She helped me stay focused through every contraction and kept me motivated. I am so grateful to have had Grace as my doula and will definitely have her with me as my doula in the future.

Ellie Mistrot


My husband and I hired Grace for the birth of our first child. We met with her a couple of times before our daughter's birth, and knew from the beginning that she would be a great support for both my husband and myself. Before birth, Grace was a great resource for helping myself mentally prepare by talking me through what to expect at the hospital (triage, the norms at our specific hospital, etc). She was always very personable and relatable, while still maintaining a high level of professionalism.

I went into labor a week before my due date (on Christmas Eve!). Despite it being a holiday, Grace immediate replied to my "this might be a false alarm, but..." text and stayed in contact during the early signs of labor. She arrived at our house once things started to progress and helped me labor at home (something that I had expressed as a wish during our initial meetings). We went for a walk, tried several different positions during contractions, and she supported my husband as he helped me relax during contractions. Once my contractions got intense and close together, we headed to the hospital.

During labor she was an excellent support to both myself and my husband. My husband was my main support and coach and Grace filled exactly where needed to help both of us. She was a great and non-judgmental support when I asked for an epidural during transition, supporting the hospital staff when they explained it was too late for one! She was also a great resource for communicating with the hospital staff.

Grace stayed with me after birth, something I especially appreciated since our daughter had a brief stay in the NICU and my husband was with our daughter. Grace also followed up one week after birth, which was really helpful in processing the birth experience. She also provided great postpartum resources. I would highly recommend Grace!

Kim Kear


My husband and I hired Grace for the birth of our second child.  We were hoping for a successful VBAC and Grace helped us to accomplish exactly that.  I met with Grace three times prior to the birth.  My first birth had been difficult and traumatic so I had a lot of fear and anxiety this second time around.  During these two meetings, Grace helped alleviate my fears and together we came up with plans to help avoid or better cope with problems or interventions that might come up as I attempted a hospital VBAC.  Grace promised to be there for me during early labor to help me determine when it would be best to head to the hospital.  She also gave me several exercises to try that were supposed to help baby into the optimal postion for delivery.

My labor began late at night (around 1:30 am).  Grace was at my house within 20 minutes of my calling her.  Labor was fast and I was in transition by the time she got to me.  My husband was out of town so Grace drove me to the hospital.  She helped me stay on top of my contractions during the car ride and when we arrived at the hospital.  She was excellent with the hospital staff.  My daughter was born within an hour of us arriving at the hospital.  Grace stayed with me for 2 hours following the birth and helped me begin breastfeeding.  At our post-partum visit, she made sure I understood all details of the birth.  Since it was so fast, she knew I had a lot to process and I appreciated that she took the time to review the experience with me.  I am so thankful to her for giving me the confidence to attempt a VBAC and so grateful for her assistance in helping me have a positive VBAC experience.  I would highly recommend Grace's doula services and if we are blessed with a third child, we will definitely be hiring her again.

Sarah Morrison


My husband and I hired Grace for the birth of our first child. We met with her a couple times before the birth. Once to interview and then once to do our first meeting pre- birth. Grace was supportive, a good listener, a good communicator and professiona. We knew that she would be a great doula for our birth.

As soon as birth signs started to happen, I contacted Grace who was always a fast responder to my texts. We labored at home and then headed to the hospital. Grace started advocating for me as soon as we hit the hospital.

There were many instances where we needed to say, "yes or no we need to do it this way." Grace was great with my husband and the whole nursing team. She was there for me but said and did the right things to be on their side too.

Grace suggested new positions to try and kept the affirmations and coaching words flowing to keep me on track during labor. She also confidently and tirelessly held my leg during the three hour pushing session!

Grace stayed with me after the birth to make sure I was ok. She also followed up within my first week home to see how our new family was adjustinG.

I was very grateful to have had Grace during our birth and highly recommend her as a doula.

Leslie Pechkurow


Grace was a wonderful doula! Unfortunately I labored so fast that by the time I called her i was well into the pushing stage of labor. Grace was able get to my home (I had a home birth) five minutes after Baby was born, but she stayed at my home for hours after ensuring that I was well taken care of. She was able to help in whatever capacity was needed! She ensured that Baby and me were comfortable, well fed, and rested. She took pictures and videos of the important first moments after the birth, and she helped me to get situated to begin breastfeeding Baby. She had a lot of great advice and tips to make breastfeeding easier. Grace was able to come back and visit a few days later, and chatting with her at that time was really great just to be able to process the whole birthing experience. She was able to connect me with brestfeeding and postpartum groups, and she has been great answering other questions I had concerning Baby and mama care. I would highly recommend Grace as a doula for a first-time mom. She is very knowledgeable as well as caring and compassionate towards both mama and baby. She also works really well with fathers who want to be involved! Thanks so much Grace!

Annie Santoro


Grace was such a wonderful asset to our birth team! She is professional, personable, gentle, kind and so tremendously supportive. She was prompt and responsive during initial contact, prenatal meetings and during early labor.

As soon as she arrived, she made positive recommendations and suggestions which were very helpful for managing active contractions! She wasn't afraid to model and was very attentive to my signs and actions. She was respectful and coorperative with the medical team.

Her prayerful support, calm presence and attentive nature helped to make our birth a wonderful experience. She was always positive and clearly enjoys what she does! Grace comes highly recommended!!

Katie Oertle


Grace served us so well as a doula! My labor started late at night and she came as soon as we called for her, around 3 a.m. What I appreciated most about Grace's services was her sensitivity to my needs. My husband and I had gone through a Bradley Birthing Method class, and I greatly desired my husband to participate in the birth. One of my concerns was that a doula might interfere with that. I can tell you with great confidence that Grace does not overstep her boundaries as a doula. She serves where she is needed. Sometimes that meant reminding me to relax as my husband poured water over my back in a tub, other times it was giving us some tools to work through my back labor (our daughter was posterior). Towards the end of my labor, she was on water duty with her only job being giving me sips of water in between contractions. She filled in the empty spaces and helped me to feel comfortable, confident, and relaxed. As soon as her need was fulfilled, she left so that my husband and I could bond with our sweet girl and called into check in with us the next day. I am expecting my second currently, and I have every plan to use Grace's great birthing services again!

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