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Emily Thomas

My husband and I had the pleasure of having Julie with us during our pregancy and the birth of our son.  Throughout my pregancy she was there to answer questions, lend an ear, offer suggestions and support.  Though my pregnancy was smooth, my journey into labor and welcoming our son was not as we had planned it to be.  Given this, I was very anxious and overwhelmed but Julie was a strong and steady constant.  She helped to keep us calm and collected.  Along with providing us with the physical support of a doula, Julie was emotionally available and aware of all my needs during labor.  She respected our decisions and wanted to help us achieve the birth we wanted.  She also had a deep understanding of wanting to help fullfill my husbands desire to be involved in the birth in everyway possible as well, which was very inportant to us.

Having her with us was truly a benefit to all of us!  Julie is a warm and open person with a huge heart and passion for her job.  Her support was unwaivering and we are so grateful to have had her as our doula.

Posted 10/11/2017

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Robin Arnold

Julie was my postpartum doula after the birth of my second child and I couldn't have gotten through the first few months without her! She first started working with me when my son was just 2 weeks old. I was recovering from a c-section, my husband was going back to work, and I was not quite far along enough in my physical recovery to take care of my infant on my own for a full day. She was so helpful from the very beginning! She was the perfect mix of "take charge" and "respecting my needs." She helped with a range of tasks from laundry, dishes, meal preparation, grocery shopping, and infant care. I also struggled with postpartum anxiety, and she was a huge resource in helping me through the initial rough patch. Her depth of knowledge and experience on postpartum issues and infant care was invaluable. I felt extremely safe with both myself and my infant in her care. She also provided overnight doula care which was invaluable, as sleep is such an instrumental part of recovery. In all she worked with us for 10 weeks and it was so hard to say goodbye - we still keep in touch. I'm so grateful to her for being there for me and my family in our time of need, and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for any type of service she can provide. She is the best!

Posted 9/20/2017

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Mary Horne

I am so thankful that I met Julie at the beginning of my pregnancy and was able to have her by my side for the birth of my daughter.  I honestly could not have made it through without her physical and emotional support.  She answered my million questions throughout pregnancy and gave me confidence along the way.  She is an absolute wealth of knowledge.  My husband and I even joke that we would love to have her as our life coach.  She's simply amazing.  My goal was to have a natural birth with my daughter.  As soon as the contractions started to speed up, Julie was on her way to our house.  Unfortunately contractions slowed down and my labor stalled.  Julie continued to stay with me and try different techniques and excercises to move labor along.  She even slept over at our house that night and continued to check on me.  She is a true angel and always knew the right thing to say and advice to give.  When a contraction started, she knew exactly how to apply pressure to a certain area to try and help with the pain.  At the hospital it was such a relief have an advocate there by my side when the nurses and midwife would ask how I wanted to proceed.  She even picked up my phone, without saying a word, and captured a video right after the birth that I will cherish forever.  She was our angel during this whole labor and will remain a friend of ours.  We love Julie and hope to use her services again in the near future. 

Posted 9/12/2016

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Tina Casto

My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Julie for the birth of our son. Utilizing a Doula was a new experience for us but we are very glad we hired Julie. She met with us prior to the birth to educate us on the birth process and to find out what type of birth experience we wanted. On the morning of the birth, she met us at the hospital at 3 AM and she delivered on everything promised for the delivery. The delivery was quicker than expected but it was great to have Julie there for physical and emotional support. We also chose to utilize Julie's placenta encapsulation and tincture services and I am very glad we did. After the birth, Julie continued to provide support on breast-feeding and overall newborn care. We would highly recommend her.

Posted 4/3/2016

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Danielle Barrass

Julie is a amazing doula. I am happy to say that my family and I were able to meet our birth goals for our baby girl --it's all because of Julie.

For our first birth experience (for our son) we hired a doula. This experience went poorly, because our doula was ill educated and did not take our wishes and goals into account.

Julie has restored our faith in doulas. She listened to our desires for a natural child birth and took time to understand the position challenges (boy was OP) we had with our son.

Because of her vast background in natural birth she walked through a regimen to help baby positioning that consisted of daily exercises and techniques to stretch overworked muscles.

She also took the time to visit our hospital and went out of her way to provide some alternative birthing centers that were within our insurance.

My labor time was significantly reduced from multiple days to only 5-6 hours of hard labor.

She was very attentive during labor at the hospital and did many things for me and my husband. Specifically, she coached me through multiple techniques to progress, reassured my husband on progress so he had enough emotional energy for me and advised us through our options with a rigid hospital doctor.

Her support continued post delivery to include nursing consultation and recommendations on placenta encapsulation.

To close, we are so happy to have Julie as apart of lives for the birth of our daughter.
She has given us something that we can never pay her back for...a healthy baby via a natural delivery.


Posted 10/13/2015

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Sukhneet Kaur

Julie went above and beyond my expectations! I was actually very sad when this was over. She is such a warm and compassionate person. I felt very comfortable with her! I think she’s a great Doula and she definitely has the personality for this profession. You can tell she’s very passionate about what she does, which is the reason she made my experience so wonderful.

Posted 10/1/2015

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