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Tia Dowling-Ketant, CD, CLC

Metoodoula Services

Brooklyn, NY Serves families in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens None


Birth Fee

Not specified

Postpartum Rate

$55 to $65

Black Doula

Birth Fee

Not specified

Postpartum Rate

$55 to $65

Birth Doula Experience

10 years and 275 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

10 years and 200 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Carriage House Birth Foundation - Certified Birth Doula
  • HypnoBirthing (Mongan Method) - Professional Doula Training Certification

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, February 2015
  • Carriage House Birth, May 2018

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 3 births and 2 to 3 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: No smokers, pets are allowed and welcomed.

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals
Some Hospitals?Tia will support you with unbiased and unconditional support at spaces that don’t perpetuate harm. She supports births at the following hospitals Mt. Sinai East, Methodist, LOMA, Mamomodies, NYU Langone, Weill Cornel, North Central, NYU Brooklyn and Manhattan. Please feel free to reach out even if you don't see yours listed.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Tia supports unmedicated births at birthing centers. I have had 20+ births at the Brooklyn Birthing Center.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
The support that is given is unbiased and I will support you at home. I have worked with nettlewellness, amaimidwifery, & cosmos midwifery.

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sleep educator
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Community Doula, coordinator & Mentor with Healthy Women Health Futures. I also offer Sliding Scale.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Tia offers unbiased educational, informational, and physical support throughout your conception, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. Having had her own birth and postpartum Doula, Tia knows how important it is to have this continuous support. Because Tia has been everyone of her clients, her attention to every detail is exemplary. Metoodoula is now certified to assist clients that are using Hypnobirthing as their birthing choice. Tia is currently a CLC and can assist with breastfeeding support at postpartum visits The fee schedule includes a private consultation to see if we would be a good fit. It also includes 1-2 prenatal visits to discuss birthing options, expectations, comfort measures, as well as other preferences. On call 24 hour support upon booking. Labor and birth support. Then 1-2 hour of postpartum and initial breastfeeding support immediately after the birth. Then 1 postpartum follow up visit. Please check the website for further details. Metoodoula.com

Service Area

Brooklyn, NY Serves families in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens None

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We are eternally grateful to Tia for her support and guidance in helping us through the birth of our first child. We interviewed several doulas before finding Tia and after meeting with her for the first time, we instantly knew we it was a match. Tia was informative and matched our needs in the weeks before our due date (helping us learn about the birthing process and teaching us comforting techniques for labor), but she truly shined in the four days we spent laboring in the hospital before our baby arrived. Our baby arrived over 3 weeks early, which happened to put us in the hospital before, during, and after the Christmas holiday. Tia showed up and prioritized us (with a TON of energy, love, and information) despite having her own family at home during the holidays. She advocated for us when we faced difficult hospital choices and pressure, and supported us through every decision we made. It is clear that Tia has a TON of experience. She was incredibly knowledgeable and without her we are certain our birthing process would have looked VERY different. We cannot recommend her enough!



Tia was EXCEPTIONAL in all parts of my labor and delivery. As a first time mom, she made me very comfortable with the experience of labor and eased my nerves with what to expect. She always supported my birth plan decisions and educated me on everything I needed to know about those decisions. I had a long labor due to positioning of my baby, and not once was I scared because Tia was there supporting me the entire way. She was my advocate in the hospital and always made sure my medical providers knew my preferences, including when I couldn't speak up for myself. Tia is an absolute angel and I am eternally grateful that I was blessed to find a doula so educated, supportive, and compassionate. Every mama deserves someone like Tia by their side. 



As a first time parent I truly do not know what we would have done without Tia. Tia helped us with everything from finding the right doctors, to answering pregnancy questions, to identifying when to go to the hospital, and to getting my baby to latch. Words can't describe how grateful I am for Tia's warmth, support and expertise. I would be so lucky to work with her again in the future!

On my first consultation call with Tia I knew that I wanted to work with her - we hit it off in our laidback demeanor and joking around while handling some pretty big topics. Tia immediately made me feel seen and heard when I expressed my concern with the OB that I was working with and helped me to consider the benefits of working with midwives. When I told her about my husband's apprehension with midwives, she offered to hop on a call with him and talk him through it, answer his questions and assuage any concerns -- working with Park Slope Midwives was the second best decision we made after hiring Tia. Third was birthing at New York Methodist Presbyterian Hospital. All were the most incredible experiences.

As I neared closer and closer to my due date Tia would check in on us and see how we were doing, she helped answer questions as I got increasingly curious about what was happening in my body, and when my water broke at 6am she was there 100%. She called me right away, coached me through what I should be doing, when to expect to go to the hospital, etc. While in hospital she advocated for me, coached me through movements, techniques, breathing and made sure I kept going even when I didn't want to anymore. Moments after my son arrived Tia asked if I was ready to try and breastfeed--I thought she was crazy! But it was the best suggestion. My baby latched immediately and it was the greatest feeling on earth. My birth was fun, hilarious, beautiful, LONG, and full of ease and comfort knowing that I had Tia by my side guiding me the whole way.

isadora dan and eagle


We couldn’t imagine navigating the birth of our first baby without Tia’s support and guidance. Her reassurance and humor carried us through from personalized childbirth education to postpartum. Tia not only provided the strength I needed to persevere through labor but was there to support my husband at every turn. She handled everything happening in the background during our birth experience so we could focus on meeting our baby. Her warmth and wisdom are essential and we couldn’t have asked for a more knowledgeable doula.

Rachael Santiago


Tia was the Doula for our homebirth and I could not have done it without her. Leading up to the birth we had birthing education training, and a home visit, which taught us things that were super helpful during our birth. She was there for us through the whole thing, and I don't think we could've done it without her. She was there for us physically and emotionally and helped us deliver our baby girl safely. I couldn't recommend her more!

Juliana Silveira


Tia in portuguese means auntie. This alone was the sign for me. Pandemic time hit right after our firt meeting, when I was only 6 weeks pregnant. So lucky I was to trust her to guide us through a beautiful, gentle and amazing birth at Metropolitan hospital back in 2020. Her love and support to me, my husband and my newborn son, was so important we that we met again in 2023! My second (and last) baby was born at a birthing center. Again, I could not have done it all without her help. For both kids, my memories of Tia are the most special. She takes care of it all. She helps you sticking to your birth plan (if that's what you wish), reminds your husband to take a walk, for you to drink water, to sit in the toilet, to eat and to smell your baby, when se is fresh out of you. She holds space for your emotions, holds you hand when it hurts, she is what you need. If I ever done this again, she would be the one by my side with my husband. They are my team ?? we live you Tia. I am glad I have so many great memories with you! 



It’s almost been a year since I gave birth to my daughter and every time I reflect on the experience I have no idea how I would have made it without Tia.

She made me feel safe and prepared. She was so on point that even the doctors who were not so keen on doulas insisted on sharing her information far and wide because according to them she was the most involved and knowledgeable one they ever encountered. I know that sounds extra but she’s that good.

Childbirth was the scariest thing I could have imagined experiencing and I have a beautiful daughter because of her coaching before the birth and her skills during the birth. I owe my great birthing experience to her.



My family and I have such appreciation and gratitude for Tia and her services. She is such a source of knowledge and assurance, that it's hard for me to imagine having a good birthing experience without her by my side. After starting to work with Tia and sharing more about my philosophy for birth, she introduced me to a group of midwives to which we ended up switching to from the OBGYN practice we were seeing - and we had a great experience with them as well. Tia's pre birth consultations were great for us to align expectations between myself and my partner as well as get more educated. For labor, she came over to our house, went with us to the hospital and was indispensable in navigating the unknows that came up. With her knowledge, she shared what other options I had besides the ones that were being presented to me, making me feel empowered to make the best decision for me and my family according to our birth plan and philosophy. She was amazing at helping me cope with pain during the labor process for which I was in active later for 6 hours with no medication and supported me in the decisions I made thereafter. I followed all of her recommendations post partum and have had a very good recovery. She also recommended a post partum doula that worked with us nights and who we really liked working with. Overall, our experience with Tia was great and I would strongly recommend working with her. 

Olivia Barnes


My experience with Tia was Wonderful Very Helpful and supportive made my birth a lot smother then expected she gave me all the knowledge and assurance I ever needed and she's very sweet and dependable I'd recommend her to anyone looking for a doula she's very professional and caring which doesn't just make it feel like a patient to doula relation but most importantly a genuine advocate

Amy Carpinello


My fiancé and I found Tia a little later in our pregnancy, but she kept saying that we met her at the perfect time for us, and she was right! Even though our birth experience was far from what we planned (I had a c-section after being in labor for 17 hours), we felt empowered and ready for anything thanks to Tia. She supported us weeks prior to the pregnancy, was on the phone when my water broke in the middle of the night and was by our sides in the hospital. She also provided a touch of comedic relief which my fiancé could really relate to and kept a very worried soon-to-be new grandmother calm and informed. The docs and nurses were especially impressed with Tia, commenting again on her professionalism and expertise at our postpartum visit. We could not have asked for a more knowledgeable, kind, loving, strong and helpful doula. We would be happy to recommend Tia to anyone!

Alison W.


I was just holding my son and feeling so much gratitude for Tia in helping us bring him into the world. She is an incredible doula. She expertly prepared and supported my partner and I through birth. During the prenatal sessions, she used educational tools and games to teach us about pregnancy and childbirth. Tia also helped us practice comfort techniques, and talk through scenarios and our birth preferences. She was always available for questions and support via text/phone, and checked in regularly to get updates after doctors appointments, and make sure we were getting everything we needed prepared. She also recommended different techniques to prepare for labor.


I went into active labor fairly quickly and Tia arrived to provide support during painful contractions and as labor progressed. I really can't imagine going through that without her - she was such a calm, guiding presence for both myself and my partner. Whatever anxieties I had about giving birth and going to the hospital were calmed knowing we had Tia on our side to help advocate for us and ensure our needs were met and our voices were heard. When I faced hesitation during pushing, she helped calm me and helped me feel confident that I could do it. She also has a great sense of humor and helped me feel so at ease in the most intense moments. She worked so well with our midwife, my partner, and the nurse, I just felt like I had the best team lifting me up and welcoming our son into the world. I feel so lucky and grateful that I am able to look back on my birth as such an incredible experience, and I know that Tia helped that happen.

When I faced postpartum complications and breastfeeding challenges, Tia was there to make referrals and make sure I got all of the support I could possibly need during a difficult time. Her years of experience and expertise were apparent throughout the time she supported us. I 100% absolutely recommend her.



Tia stepped in at the last minute after the doula we had hired got into an accident the day I went into labor. I was nervous to be working with someone I hadn’t previously met, but from the moment she walked in our door Tia put me and my husband at ease. Her calm, good humor, and wisdom were just what we needed, and her guidance and support re: breathing and positioning helped me labor at home for as long as possible—I didn’t arrive at the hospital until I was already 8 cm dilated! Once there, she was my anchor as medical staff rushed in and out and the contractions started getting on top of me, and was by my side throughout delivery, getting stitched up, and baby’s first latch. We are so grateful we were able to work with her!

Caitlin Mulcahy


Where do I begin! Getting connected with Tia was one of the best things I could have done for myself during my second pregnancy. As early as our first meeting, I knew she was the one. I told her I was steadfast on having a VBAC and she was immediately supportive and informative and together we put together a course of action with my provider and how to handle the end of my pregnancy.

The end of my pregnancy was tense between me and my provider. Tia's support and affirmations gave me the strength I needed to stick by my VBAC goals.

We labored at home, in the car and at the hospital together. I couldn't have done that without her pain management tips, vocal support and energy.  She never once lost her cool, sight of my goals and safety for the baby and me. She was instrumental in me getting my VBAC, one of the proudest and most beautiful days of my life and I am forever grateful.  

Tia is smart, well-informed, experienced, approachable as well as supportive, good natured and hilarious. Every woman deserves a doula, especially one like Tia. 

Andrea Jakubowski


Working with Tia was a wonderful experience. She was incredibly knowledgeable, warm, and funny to boot. My goal was to have a VBAC, and I think working with Tia over the months leading up to the delivery was one of the reasons that I could. Before the birth, Tia helped calm my anxieties about going into labor naturally and provided helpful advice about ways to help move things along once I was full-term. During early labor, she provided a sense of my progress and made me feel more comfortable laboring at home for longer. When we arrived at the hospital, Tia worked skillfully with the hospital team and helped the intake process go smoothly. She was also wonderful during the birth, working with my husband to continuously provide comfort measures. Moreover, her patient-centered approach allowed me to feel supported and empowered during the birth. For example, she was completely supportive of me when I decided to get an epidural during the delivery and was validating of my decision. The birth of my son was a joyful experience, and Tia played a big part in that! Thank you again, Tia!

R Brewley


Preparing for child birth as an expecting father can be scary. However with Tia Dowling's assistance, the process was smooth. Tia is warm, comforting, and easy going. Very knowledgeable and available for any questions or concerns. Words cannot express how grateful I am that we had Tia. Tia rocks!

Christina Brewley


Where do I start?! I’m a 43yo first time mom who had a plan or shall I say a vision of how I wanted my birth experience. I told Tia and she ensured that we stayed the course. From our first conversation, I knew I made the right decision and felt secure. Tia truly prepared me as much as one can be prepared LOL. She worked so well with the nurse assigned to me at the hospital that you would have thought they were worked together for years. It was such a wonderful, peaceful setting and that in itself made my experience smooth. I gave birth to my Prince and wouldn’t change a single thing. I had an unmedicated birth and honestly was scared out of my mind but Tia prepared me, so I honestly handled it like a “G!” Lol I could not have gotten through it without Tia, I know this for a fact! Tia is family now, and she’s stuck with me forever. Thank you again for EVERYTHING!

Ruthie M.


I would definitely  recommend working with Tia! I had an unexpected early birth and she went above and beyond to help me feel safe. She was crucial for  guiding me making the decision to do a c- section- and came over postcpartum to check my BP which ended up needing attention. She never pushed in a certain direction, just guided me to the best outcomes possible for each decision. Also she has a great sense of humor and I needed that during my birth! I am so greatful to have met her and worked with her during my birth and postpartum. If I was having a second I would work with her again! 

Mak and Will


Tia is AMAZING, 10/10 I recommend! This was my first pregnancy and we asked ourselves "do we even need a doula?" but we connected with Tia and immediately clicked. Overall Tia is knowledgeable, well connected in local hospitals and just an overall joy to work with. See specifics below on how Tia helped us before, during and after labour.

Pre Labour: (1) Gave us a mini birthing class to understand every step of the birthing process (2) Taught us labour coping mechanisms and tactics (e.g., breathing, labour stretches, massages) (3) Shared a draft birthing plan, helped us to make our own and review with our doctor (4) Provided support during small hospitalization at 34 wks (5) Was a constant resource for all things birthing - shared helpful links (e.g., labour, pregnancy exercises) (6) Visited me and phoned several times as I was past my due date and was very stressed 

During Labour:  (1) Asked hospital for resources that I did not even know you could ask for! (e.g., warming bags, switching of hospital rooms) (2) Advocated for me multiple times (e.g., one of my nurses kept sticking me to get an IV in and Tia immediately asked for someone else to put it in to avoid further distress) (3) Kept me comfortable during all of labour e.g., brought me water, literally fanned me as the delivery room became warm, massages, aromatherapy, recording parts of my labour for my personal record! (4) Lots of verbal support and hand holding as I began to push! (5) Taught my husband how best to support me

After Labour: (1) Immediately helped me get my first latch from baby to start breastfeeding (2) Visited me at home to just check-in and helped me learn how to pump and reduce breast engorgement (3) I was diagnosed with preeclampsia and Tia helped me navigate this entire experience. I am currently 10 weeks post partum and I STILL reach out to Tia as needed and she's there for me and my family. 

Allecia Murray


So I love and appreciate Tia, let me tell you why. I was peared with Tia while I was in my fourth trimester and she did not skip a beat. First meeting we agreed to meet in a park and can I tell you guys that walking was one of the things I was doing mentally instead of physical and she got me into the grove of walking. Seeing that I was around 35 weeks already she suggested we schedule at least two walking sessions per week. I ended up being induced at 42 weeks and she gave her suggestions while allowing me to have my choice. She came to the hospital the following day fully equipped with a peanut ball, fuse dispenser oil machine and a overnight bag for herself. While at the hospital we reviewed the positions and breathing exercise that she taught me during our crash course. The breathing exercises for me were the best because I wanted a natural birth and those pain is no joke. There were a few times that she had to get the nurse because they were not responding to my call button. She helped me go to the bathroom whether in the bucket or in the toilet. Then after baby was born (emergency c section), she told me some helpful tips for the healing process of the c section which the hospital neglected to tell me. To this day if there is something that I struggle with I can contact her and she is always happy and helpful. Thank you Tia ??



Tia was the support we didn’t know we needed and then once we met her we couldn’t imagine going through this process without her. As our doula, she travelled the path fully together with us, supporting us through our fertility journey, pregnancy, birth and postpartum periods. Whenever I encountered a struggle or difficult moment, I was always uplifted after talking to her. Having an additional person to help guide us was essential for us. We wouldn’t be where we are without Tia, parents to the wonderful light in our life, our little one.

Jasmine Aarons


Tia was an absolute angel to our family through our birth process. It was my first birth experience and we had no family close by. We really had no idea what to expect, but wanted to have as natural and peaceful a birth as possible. Tia honored and facilitated our vision, and gently guided us through labor and the birth process. Her energy was the perfect combination of grounded, competant, professional, and sweet for our family. She helped make every part of the process magical and guided me through the unknown. Thanks to Tia and our baby we had our dream birth experience. 

Allecia Murray


So I love and appreciate Tia, let me tell you why. I was peared with Tia while I was in my fourth trimester and she did not skip a beat. First meeting we agreed to meet in a park and can I tell you guys that walking was one of the things I was doing mentally instead of physical and she got me into the grove of walking. Seeing that I was around 35 weeks already she suggested we schedule at least two walking sessions per week. I ended up being induced at 42 weeks and she gave her suggestions while allowing me to have my choice. She came to the hospital the following day fully equipped with a peanut ball, fuse dispenser oil machine and a overnight bag for herself. While at the hospital we reviewed the positions and breathing exercise that she taught me during our crash course. The breathing exercises for me were the best because I wanted a natural birth and those pain is no joke. There were a few times that she had to get the nurse because they were not responding to my call button. She helped me go to the bathroom whether in the bucket or in the toilet. Then after baby was born (emergency c section), she told me some helpful tips for the healing process of the c section which the hospital neglected to tell me. To this day if there is something that I struggle with I can contact her and she is always happy and helpful. Thank you Tia ??





Tia was the birth doula at my homebirth for my second child. I cannot stress enough how amazing she was. My first birth was in a hospital with an epidural and left me with trauma. I had no idea what to expect the second time around. I was extremely nervous. Tia eased not only my mind but the mind of my partner. I had orignally wanted a boisterous envoirnment filled with music and laughter, but day of this was the furthest thing from my mind and Tia knew right away. A lot of the communication between us was silent. Tia just knew. She knew everything I needed before I knew I needed it. She knew when I needed a drink, when I needed my partner, when I needed reasurrance and when I needed help speaking up about something. She was amazing. I felt safe, listened to, and supported by her. 



Tia got me and my partner through everything when my water broke 2 weeks early and I had no clue how to handle things. She was there every step of the way until I delivered my son. She advocated for me, made sure I understood everything that was happening and all my choices and she kept any unwanted people out of my delivery room.

My experience would have been way more difficult and confusing without Tia's guidance before, during and after giving birth. She undoubtedly is a part of my family's story. :)

Claire Hung


We were a little late in searching for a doula. I was already in my 3rd trimester when we began the search. After doing some research & taking some courses I knew that I wanted a very experienced doula to help with hypnobirthing & keeping my birth as natural as possible.

We interviewed several doulas of varying experience, and Tia was the last of the five we interviewed. Out of all of them, Tia stood out not just as a doula with A LOT of experience + knowledge/training in Hypnobirthing, but it was her sense of humor that we feel in love with. She made us laugh in the interview, and we knew that we wanted that kind of energy with us through the birth.

Well we couldn't have made a better decision! I had my dream birth, everything went well. I labored at home with Tia & my husband, and when it was time to go to the hospital my stellar at-home birth team was coupled with my favorite OB and an outstanding nurse.

I will never forget the moment when the labor had stalled, and Tia thought that maybe my little guy's chin was up making it difficult to spiral down the birth canal. Tia alerted the nurse, and the nurse supported her theory and suggested we try the sea horse position. Well, after putting me in the sea horse position (on both sides) for some time, my labor was back on track. 

But it wasn't just me who Tia supported, she did an excellent job at supporting my husband & working together as a team. 

There's so much to love about Tia; just take a look at her instagram and you'll see her dedication to being a doula, as well as her fun-loving spirit. Tia is the kid of person you want to be forever friends with, she's just that lovely.



Ramon king


I just want to say how grateful and blessed my spouse and I were not only to have a dula but to have Tia as our doula . I attempted to write this review a few times and I couldn't gather the words to describe how I blessed I felt having Tia throughout the entire pregnancy. My spouse and I have both delt with loss of a child in the past and during a time we needed support and Tia was there for us every step of the way . No matter the time or subject Tia was always there and well prepared to help us with whatever we needed . Tia is very passionate about what she does and genuinely cares. Now that I have had such a great experience with not just Tia but the entire loving dula family I wouldn't want to have a pregnancy any other way . I would recommend this to everyone because the support was a blessing and the love we felt was real . Tia feels like family now . So to Tia and the rest of the doula family thank you and it was truly an amazing genuine experience and I will never forget . Thank you and god bless y'all all

Lucy Bennett


As an expecting person in NYC who wants to have a low intervention birth, I quickly realized there are very few options available outside of a traditional hospital birth. The system seemed to put every obstacle in my way, from a lack of birthing centers, the high cost of a home birth, to a shortage of midwives. It felt like having the birth I wanted was out of my control and ultimately impossible...until I met Tia.

The moment I met Tia I felt so comfortable,  and rediscovered hope in terms of my birthing plan. Her wealth of knowledge filled me with confidence and her great sense of humor immediately put me at ease. Despite her expertise (i.e knowing better than me), Tia never judged or tried to sway my decisions - she supported me 100% rolled with every punch as my birth plan was constantly changing.

She was also a huge source of support and reassurance for my husband who had different needs than my own. She was his doula as much as she was mine. 

Ultimately I had a great birthing experience and I owe that in no small part to Tia who was there to provide comfort, guidance, hold my hand, remind me to breath, help me advocate for myself and make me laugh. We couldn't have done it without her. 

Tia is no longer just my doula, but my lifelong friend. 

Adonia Dale


My experience with having Tia as my doula was absolutely wonderful! Even though this was not my first baby, I learned so much from her. I received information from her that I didn't have with my first son. I delivered both of my boys in the same hospital, the only difference was that I did not have a doula the first time and the experience was totally different in a great way the second time around. The different ways to help with contractions and making the room I was in more comforting was amazing . Not only was she there for me physical but she was there for me emotionally and I just loved my experience with her!

Sage Beausejour


My experience with Tia was delightful. She made it easy to trust her and was super knowledgeable. No matter how crazy a question I had she never made me feel stupid for asking. When it came time to labor she helped to get the ball rolling and got my body to start moving and grooving to get baby out. If a huge if I had to do it again I'd choose Tia for the journey. 

Theodora F.


When my husband and I were first introduced to Tia for the birth of our second daughter, we were so impressed with how courteous, professional, and attentive she was about the success of our birth plan. She graciously took us on from the referral of our family friend/first doula who wanted to place us in good hands. I knew that she was truly a thorough doula when we had one of our initial meetings and we were visualizing our ideal birth experience by drawing it on paper. Tia truly went above and beyond. She made the labor experience a comforting one. From the time that we spent in our home, calming me down, showing my husband and I techniques to managing the pain, she nailed down the timing of how many centimeters dilated I was by the time I arrived at my hospital to give birth. She was never intimidating, but was serene, calm, and made us laugh.  She even accompanied me to my OB-GYN just ensure that the labor was in fact taking place. During the actual delivery process, Tia coached me through breathing, visualizing calm things, and instructed me with patience about pushing.

Tia was also showed care to us during the postpartum process when she came to our home to make sure we were transitioning well back home as well as providing lactation techniques for breastfeeding the baby.

Tia, you were OUTSTANDING. You will be guided by a nurturing doula and truly an emotional advocate to ensure a very safe birth experience.

Nam Nguyen


Tia was an amazing support / guide for my wife through her entire pregnancy. She was especially helpful during the last trimester when the baby was in a breech position by guiding us with different exercises and recommending necessary services (chiropactor and accupuncture). During labor, her calming energy and can-do attitude helped us get through everything. Post birth, Tia made many efforts to follow-up with us, visit us, and help take care of my wife in every way that she needed. We highly recommend Tia and are extremely grateful for her services and kindness. 

Mia Lowman


I was so excited and happy to be matched with Tia. She's an amazing Doula so supportive and she was a great advocate for me during my pregnancy and delivery process. I tried extremely hard to have a VBAC but unfortunately due to health issues during my pregnancy I had a repeated C-section and Tia was so understanding for the reasons of me having to get the repeated C-section. While I was in the hospital after having my daughter, Tia made sure that the doulas she knows in the hospital constantly kept coming to check on me during my stay. I recommended Tia to anyone who is looking for a strong and resilient Doula like her you will not regret it at all. Tia isn't only my Doula I have considered her now as Family. 

Mia Lowman


I was so excited and happy to be matched with Tia. She's an amazing Doula so supportive and she was a great advocate for me during my pregnancy and delivery process. I tried extremely hard to have a VBAC but unfortunately due to health issues during my pregnancy I had a repeated C-section and Tia was so understanding for the reasons of me having to get the repeated C-section. While I was in the hospital after having my daughter, Tia made sure that the doulas she knows in the hospital constantly kept coming to check on me during my stay. I recommended Tia to anyone who is looking for a strong and resilient Doula like her you will not regret it at all. Tia isn't only my Doula I have considered her now as Family. 

Sofie Pavitt


This is my second time giving birth- my first experience was a very standard natural delivery and I worked with a doula then and was happy with my support I received. When it came time to book another doula for round 2, Tia surpassed all of our expectations in regards to prenatal care, a very 180 pivoted birth plan, delivery day and postnatal  too.

She helped us feel completely supported, in a crazy pandemic world where we weren't going to have the help of family anytime soon. I couldn't be happier with the services she provided and without a doubt would work again with her if we decide to do this madness again! 

Thank you Tia we appreciate you! 



My husband and I decided on finding a doula during the 11th hour of a pandemic. Luckily, Tia came recommended to us by a good friend of ours. From my initial conversation to my hectic post-partum days, Tia was patient, knowledgeable, caring and comforting. Tia and I just clicked! She was truly there when we needed her. I vividly remember coming home from the birthing center with a newborn baby boy (first child) and having so many questions and concerns as a first-time mom. I reached out via text at 12 midnight and 2am, and there she was......a fairy god-mother who had my back. She gave us direction, she gave us hope as new parents. THIS is the type of support that all mothers and fathers look for as they plan for their children's birth.

If you are looking for a doula that will provided you with unconditional support and expertise, then I highly recommend Tia.

Thank you so much for everything!

Charles Solomon


Fellas, let me keep this simple - Hire Tia! As first time parents the entire birth process was new and intimidating to me and my wife. Tia made the whole thing easier. She's extremely knowledgeable about the medical system, birth and post partum care. Her biggest strength - her emotional intelligence - is an asset to both mother and father. She knows what to say when to say it and who to say it to. Sometimes it feels like you're working with a mind reader and when you're tired and your mind is racing, it's incredible to have someone like that on your team. No surprise, she does an incredible job working with other healthcare professionals on your birth team too. I never imagined our doula would feel like family, but that's how both my wife and I think of Tia. Consider yourself lucky if you have the privilege to work with her! And yes, if we have another child we would literally fight to hire her again.

Beatrice Lors-Rousseau


Tia is more than my 2x doula (there for me during both pregnancies and births-- June 2016 & Dec. 2019) and more than a friend, she is FAMILY! To have someone who was an advocate, voice of calm and reason, parenting resource, accountability partner, reminder of joy and laughter in the season, source of encouragement and someone who could pray with us... that’s not what I expected but that’s what I got and God knew that we needed. The focus on my whole family (not just baby or not just me, but also my husband and then also my daughter) was a steady sign that we were in good hands! Love her forever and highly recommend her to any pregnant and expecting person.  She is caring, dependable, professional, and by far, the most amazing doula ever!

Shileah McClain


Ms. Tia was such a pleasure to have ! This is my first child so we were super nervous about doing having a natural birth and being in birthing center but she made the experience Wonderful! She is so fun to work with. She made sure we were indulged with knowledge first before anything. Even through this pandemic I felt I could contact her at anytime about anything and she responds urgently ! On the day of delivery Ms. Tia made me feel so comfortable even through pains and pushing I felt great because she was the best cheer leader I can ask for with the positive affirmations , breathing techniques,massages and her own personal touch supplies I knew I was in great hands. I remeber saying ugh I wish I had a PB&J sandwhich and she had one for me ! That did it for me lol I couldn't ask for a better doula and I would 10 out of 10 do it again with her as my doula ! Truly a gift.

Chyna Haywood


Tia offered her Doula services in the middle of the Covid pandemic when we were struggling with cancellation of gynecology appointments.We had previously discussed getting a Doula but thought it might not be possible due to the quarantine. Chyna in all of her perseverance and craftiness was able to locate Tia. Our first few meetings with Tia were over zoom and were informative. She gave us virtual lessons on the process of lactation, discussed the different stages of labour and overall aided in our mental preparation.As the due date drew more near we did away with Zoom and graduated to in-person meetings. During these meeting Tia gave us examples of breathing exercises, massage techniques, and went over the birth-plan. She included Joe in the process, easing his anxiety. Chyna was very determined to have a natural no-med birth and Tia encouraged it. Tia was available via text/call for all questions. She also provided  recommendations to encourage labour. The day Chyna delivered our little one, Tia exceeded all our expectations. When Joe called Tia around 1am to let her know about Chyna’s contractions. Tia used her knowledge to determine that Chyna was in the second stage of labor and was on her way to our apartment. When Tia arrived she assisted with pain management techniques, then we headed to Brooklyn Birthing Center. We arrived at 4am. The midwife on-call informed us Chyna was 9cm dilated and ready to push. Chyna safely delivered our healthy baby girl before 6am. At the BBC, Tia was advocated and supported us and even through postpartum. Tia supported us through Chyna’s breastfeeding difficulties which we overcame. Tia continues to reach out through the weeks for check-ins. Tia has a great personality and amazing sense of humor. She made us feel very comfortable. We highly recommend Tia to all future parents. No matter what your birth goals may be, Tia can help you meet them.

Jess Goldman, CNM


I cannot say enough about Tia. She is a true professional. She knows the importance of getting to know and understand the needs of her clients.  She is an educator first and foremost and is indispensable in helping her clients learn enough about their pregnancies that they can formulate a clearer sense of their desires and goals and what they can do to achieve them.  She is energetic, positive, nurturing, and encouraging but doesn't center herself.  Whenever we share a client, I feel reassured that she is in excellent hands with Tia.  She is a terrific communicator with medical providers and her perspective is essential to the complete care of a client.  I recommended her enthusiastically and without hesitation. 

Ashia McChriston


Although I never met Tia physically in person due to the pandemic I can honestly say that it didn't feel that way because since I had my first meeting with Tia she was by my side every step of the way. I was extremely stressed and nervous about being pregnant and giving birth during this time period but Tia provided me with so much comfort and support. Tia is super attentive, smart, genuine and she always keeps it real. As my doula Tia took great care of me. She made me feel safe in confiding in her about any questions or concerns I had about my pregnancy. She  provided me and my boyfriend with so much knowledge about my pregnancy and birth. Tia stayed on ft with me, my mom and boyfriend throughout my whole labor and delivery and help guide us through the whole process. Tia is truly amazing and I am so blessed to have had her as my doula. I couldn't imagine doing this with out her. 

Yemayah Alston


My daughter became pregnant and was due to give birth during the COVID pandemic. It was a very scary time. When our Doula, Tia Dowling who was highly recommended, came into our lives we became more confident that our experience would be safe and beautiful. Although I never met Tia in person because of COVID, she was with us every single step of the way. She always picked up her phone no matter what time of day or night.  She was open to use any mode of technology to keep us connected. Her level of knowledge and wisdom was reassuring. Tia has a special way of being assertive, patient and understanding at the same time. My daughter's birth experience was beautiful. Tia Dowling was a major part of that beauty. She also went above and beyond helping our family navigate our lives with a newborn baby. 

Nataly Rodriguez


Tia is such an amazing doula!. I’ve had such a great virtual experience throughout my first birth. I’ve had full support  throughout my whole journey and she’s shared very important & easy tips on how to handle labor for my very first time. I would highly encourage women to have support from a doula. It is a life changing experience.

Michelle St.Jules


Tia was very attentive and patient. My partner and I learned a lot from her. We were grounded and confident about our birth plan with Tia by our side. She is an amazing Doula



Tia is an amazing doula my husband and I had the pleasure of working with for our second birth.  She was very knowledgable on maternal health and shared tips from herbal teas to reading materials that would help me to prepare for the VBAC we hoped to have. Tia's infectious laughter and joyful spirit were a definite bonus to quell any nervousness I had. My husband and I will never forget Tia's calming voice on our 4am drive to the hospital leading us through breathing exercises as the contractions came stronger and harder.  She stayed with us on speaker phone until we arrived safely at the hospital and made sure I walked into the building confident in both my body and my voice in the quest for a VBAC with minimal medical intervention.  My husband is just as thankful for that phonecall because he was calmed and assured that things would be ok too! Tia is wonderful doula and we are blessed to have had her for our second birth and successful VBAC. 

Theodore & Jennifer Williams


Knowledable. Empathetic. Courteous. Perceptive. Wise. Outright amazing. Without reservation, these are the words and phrases that describe Tia. She is the listening ear when you share a preference, and she is the voice that speaks up and advocates when others may not be listening. She is the person at your side when you don't know what you need or are unsure what is happening with your body.  

As first-time parents, the entire birth process was new to me and my husband. Tia was a phenomenal educator and guide through the process, teaching us in a style that enhanced our knowledge base while growing the commraderie between us. Her scenario-based learning was spot-on, and it gave us all the tools to ask informed questions and, frankly, to know what is acceptable and not acceptable behavior from medical practitioners.

Beyond training, Tia is as close to an angel as possible in the field. She labored with me at home and in the hospital, while coaching my husband along the way. It was amazing to have someone so knowledgable about birth at my side. Whenever I felt something new, she could explain it to me. She knew exactly how to deal with every change. She used her thoughtful methods to keep me and my husband calm during the process. She rarely slept, but her demeanor was as friendly and caring as we could have hoped for. And, when we ran into difficulties with hospital staff, Tia navigated us through unknown territory. 

Look, I could go on and on. But, it all comes down to this. In the most important moment of our lives, Tia not only treated us like family - she became family. She stayed by our sides through a relatively long labor process - laboring for days, praying with us when we beame emotional, hugging us when the process became strenuous, laughing with us to make the time pass, and overall, loving me, my husband, and our new child like only family could. 



Ophra Werde


It was an absolute pleasure having Tia on our birthing team. Her vast knowledge both of the physiological birth process as well as the birth community and landscape in New York City are incredible resources. When we asked her for help in selecting a care provider, she shared her past experiences in an informed and neutral way, empowering us to make the decision that was best for us.  In addition to her extensive experience, Tia has a warm and loving approach to birth work. She guided me in developing a comprehensive birth plan and supported me completely in advocating for myself with my care providers. Thank you, Tia for helping me create an informed, joyful, and  satisfying birth experience!

Julie and Jake


We are so grateful to have had Tia as our post-partum doula.  As first-time parents, we had no idea what to expect when we got home from the hospital with our baby.  Fortunately, from the first week of our child’s life, Tia was there to guide us.  She taught us so much about taking care of a newborn, from setting up our changing station to using a breast pump.  Just as importantly, Tia showed us how to take care of ourselves as new parents.  She encouraged us to practice self-care during her visits (even if it was just showering, having a cup of tea and taking a walk), and she imparted helpful wisdom such as having snacks for mom for middle of the night feedings.

As our baby got older, Tia helped instill us with the confidence to take our baby outside on errands, to the doctor and even to restaurants.  More importantly, Tia was a source of critical support for our emotional wellbeing and an advocate for being not only good parents but also good to ourselves and each other. 

Tia is an advocate for you, not just your baby. The more time I spent with her, the more I enjoyed our conversations and her outlook on life. Tia is the kind of empowered woman that you are lucky to have in your corner as a new parent.  

When we first met Tia, she said she would know when we would no longer need her and could “spread our wings” ourselves. By the time Tia was finished in her role as our post-partum doula, we had the confidence to take care of our baby and the wisdom to take care of ourselves. 

David McDonough and Adda Birnir


We first met Tia at a workshop she gave at Carriage House Birth on finding a Doula. We decided to choose Tia after interviewing several excellent candidates becuase of her experience working with a variety of families and birthing situations, and her oppenness to listening to who we were, and what we wanted. 

Tia was wonderful and supportive throughout our entire process. When we found out that our baby was in a breech position she helped us with suggestions and guidance on turning the baby and she helped us navigate the emotions of preparing for a c-section. We in fact did delivery via c-section, and Tia met us at the hospital shortly after delivery. Because she was not allowed in the operating room she added an extra post-partum visit.

Tia gave us some invaluable guidance on breastfeeding and self care and made us feel supported and like we were perfectly capable of handling this awesome new responsibility. Most importantly, during the first post-partum visit she advised my wife to call her doctor immediately when she complained of discomfort in her chest and shortness of breath. It turned out my wife had a pulmonary embolism and needed immediate medical care. We are so thankful that the embolism was caught so quickly, and to have gotten the medical attention we got, and we wouldn't have sought it out had Tia not pushed us to do so.

Tia is an extremely knowledgable, empathetic doula who will work with her clients to guide them through the birthing process in the way they want to be guided. We always felt listened to, and we always felt like the positive aspects of our situation were highlighted for us to reflect on. 

We highly recommend Tia for any expecting parents looking for extra support and guidance through all of the stages of childbirth. 


Hannah E.


My partner and I worked with Tia in preparation for the July 2019 birth of our baby. We met Tia during a "meet the doulas" event and were excited about her energy and approach. I felt calm in her presence, confident in her experience, and appreciated her commitment to advancing racial justice through her maternal health work. My partner particularly enjoyed an exercise we did during a prenatal visit where we visualized and drew what we imagined for the birth. Despite hoping for a vaginal birth (which I pictured Tia to be an active support during), I ended up having a planned cesarean after finding out our baby was breech. While this was a big change in plans, Tia helped me adjust my expectations, reframe the experience, and was ultimately a big part of the day. The hopsital wouldn't allow Tia to be in the operating room during the actual birth, but she met us at the hospital in the morning and spent the whole day with us, reassuring us, giving me a relaxing leg massage, and then assisting us in the recovery room to get breastfeeding started. I had challenges nursing my daughter and Tia came to my home at my request on the day we returned home from the hospital. It was a chaotic and emotional day (on top of being one of the hottest days of the summer) and Tia spent the entire afternoon with us. She was the one who knew how to set up and sterilize my pump (I hadn't thought I would need it so soon!), gave us all a much needed pep talk, loved on the baby, and came back repatedly over the next few days to make sure things were going ok. Having a doula is a big commitment financially but I felt incredibly well cared for by Tia. Even though I didn't get to have her with me during labor like I pictured, I still feel like we benefited immensely from having her be a part of our pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey. Tia's flexibility, creativity, and warmth are just some of her many strengths and I would recommend her highly to people considering a doula. 

Precious Nwankwo


I had an absolutely amazing experience working with Tia. From our very first meeting, I felt at ease with her warm, calm and reassuring presence. She absolutely understood me and what my concerns were and what I was looking for in terms of doula support. She provided my husband and me with ample information and guidance leading up to labor and delivery. Upon going into labor, Tia's support and action kicked into high gear and she literally held my hand through hours of contractions. She empowered me to speak up for what I wanted to ensure that I had a comfortable birth in line with what I had envisioned. In the end, I had an incredibly smooth and beautiful birth experience. Tia also continued to follow-up with us and check-in to make sure that we were adjusting well to parenthood. I have told numerous people about Tia and sang the praises of having a doula. I'd have her by my side again 1000x over!

Shamyra King


The moment i met Tia i knew i had someone who genuinely cares abput my pregnancy and my goals. She was so informative and caring and she truly listened to all my questions and concerns and answered them in a way that made me feel confident that my goal was achievable. My first birth was a csection and my experince was so bad that i absolutely refused any talk of another csection. Tia understood that and we went to work. She reccomend me take my prenatal care to the park slope midwives to better my chances at a Vbac. LET ME TELL YALL. Tia became my strength, it was like every doubt that was cast about my delivery Tia threw it away and restored my confidence. She was my strength throughout my pregnancy and my strength in labor. I leaned on Tia to pull me through and she was there in every sense of the word. She taught me how to "get on top of my contractions" and she taught me how to breath through them. She gave me aromatherapy and that ALONE calmed me down soooo much oh my goodness. She helped me master Mind over Matter and when i started to break down she literally lifted me back up time and time again. Tia became my sister in those moments. She breathed with me, she walked with me and I felt at home with her and she made me feel safe when i felt SO weak. Tia made labor easy and shes the reason i was able to push out a 8lb 6oz baby in about 45 min on my first try. Shes the reason all of it was possible and if it wasnt for Tia being by my sode i think i wpuldve had a repeat Cesarean. Tia made my dreams come true and id do it all over again just to have Tia by my side through all of it. Now every time i look at my daughter i think of the amazing support team i was blessed with and Tia as the team leader who made it all possible. I am so blessed to have been matched with her. I am so grateful for her and i genuinely love Tia, she is FAMILY now. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Tia. 



Tia is truly a gift from above. A lot of people would take on a profession just. Because that’s what society has us taught to do. Although Tia is a jack of all trades, she truly puts her all into serving ALL women and ALL families! In the past I had the same doula twice and because I did not know any better, was not as educated as I should have been to know what to expect out of a doula I thought the experience was “ok”. Comparing to what Tia has done for me and my family from the moment I met her till today, I honestly don’t know how to repay her. This woman has not only educated me on every possiblity on what to expect during child birth but also about my body and what I should and should not be feeling, even though I’ve had two previous births I still did not know how to labor right, or when it would be time for me to go to the hospital. My partner had not one clue as to what to do if I was in pain, SHE TAUGHT HIM! oh man. The list honestly goes on and on. 

Bot only has Tia supported me in my birth but she had also helped guide me to the calling of doula work. If it was not for her continued support and constant follow ups I probably would be lost in this process. So thank you so much Tia for helping and supporting me and my family. Beyond blessed and gifted! ??



I was very skeptical of the concept of having a doula at first. It was foreign to me. I never heard of the term before. My friend started telling me I should get one for my pregnant girlfriend at around the time she was three months pregnant. We investigated and went with our gut feeling and decided to interview with Tia. Within minutes of meeting Tia, I could see how comfortable and how calm she made my girlfriend feel. Giving birth is a very emotional and spiritual process so that was an important quality that I appreciated  so we decided to go for it and we picked Tia as our doula. From that day we met her and until the time my girlfriend gave birth, it was nothing but great advice, great support, great decisions and great energy. Tia advocated for us and our well being the whole time in the hospital. What a experience! I advise anyone who might be a first time parent or who needs some support to contact her immediately. 

Shana Moore


I didn’t think I needed a “DOULA” I barely even knew what that word meant. I had my man and my mama and I thought that was good enough I figured hey anybody else would just be to many people in the room, and what could a Doula do for me. MAN was I surprised ! When it was all said and done I realized I needed the Doula more than anybody. When I first meet Tia I immediately thought “oh she’s nice but she look young what she know about delivering babies “ and then she told me she just had her 91st birth. And I shortly realize she knew everything there was to know and more. she was kind, knowledgeable, funny, soft spoken but direct. And I quickly put my guard down and began to trust her. She answered every question I could think up She picked up her phone every time I called and no matter what I never felt any judgement come from her regarding my choices. My birth was LONG but even before that there were issues and when I cried Tia consoled me when I complained Tia listened when I was scared Tia reassured me . You’ll learn very quickly as a parent your unsure about most of your decisions and Tia gave me all the information I needed and stood by every decision I made even when things didn’t go as planned she continued to encourage me and help me find strength I didn’t know I had. I may not have known before but I know now why YOU NEED A DOULA. YOU NEED A TIA

Tom Ace


My wife and I hired Tia to assist with the birth of our son. As first time soon-to-be parents, there was a lot we didn't know. Tia's home visits prior to the birth were so informative. They were also fun, since Tia has such a great personality. She helped us understand what to expect, and armed us with a lot of info that enabled my wife to ask the right questions and make decisions confidently. During the birth, Tia's presence was invaluable. My wife had a very long and difficult birth, and having Tia there gave me time to rest, and I was also able to observe how she was able to soothe my wife so that I could also participate. We were truly a team during those 36 hours and shared laughs, concerns, advice, and some delicious Italian takeout! Tia will always have a very special place in our hearts and we hope to stay in touch with her for a long time.

Jessica Moy


I don’t think my husband and I could have had such an amazing birth experience without Tia. She is incredibly knowledgeable and guides you through every part of pregnancy and preparation for birth. Her kind spirit and encouragement is invaluable in labor.

As with all births, ours was different than what we expected or planned. Tia helped us through conversations with our care provider to help us have the birth we wanted and advocate knowledgeably for ourselves throughout my induction. After the birth, Tia went above and beyond to support us as we settled into parenthood with breastfeeding and the often overlooked aspect of self care.

I would highly recommend her as a doula and birth educator. She’s amazing!

Natural Hydration Products


My Experience with the phenomenal, extraordinary, fantastic Tia!

My spouse and I were very adamant of wanting a non medicated birth. Before we met Tia, we had a challenging time getting the undivided attention we seeked from our OBGYN. Thankfully, I was attending BMS childbirth classes which by the way, is a free program for minority pregnant women. I was provided with a doula before I met Tia and let me tell you, we were instantly disconnected. She was the worse representation of what a Doula entails. I rapidly asked for a Doula change and that is when I met Tia. When I first met Tia, I was exhausted and hesitant but, that did not affect Tia at all. Tia was very transparent with her words, her aura was filled with high energy vibration and she was very patient. Her spirit changed my mood immediately which increased my hope. She continued to be very informative as I continued to admire her gentle voice. Tia shared every scenario with my spouse and I by providing videos, pictures and short responses. She also carried a therapeutic bag that would help us during birth. She was scheduled to meet with us, three times before we gave birth and each time, we did not want her to leave. During birth, Tia voice was the most soothing therapy I needed to give life. Although, I was hysterical through the entire experience, she did not panic once. She was the reason we were successful at not having a non medicated birth. She worked extremely great with my Midwife, I was never alone and I was always supported. She reminded me of all the excercises that she taught me as well as, counting all of my contractions. Because of her, I was equipped to manage my contractions and I felt in control of my birth. Tia calculations were outstanding, she knew when my water was about to break and when it was time to push. She is the reason why I highly respect the job of a Doula, she is the perfect definition of what a Doula should be & we will forever cherish Tia.

Andrea Schmidt


Within minutes of meeting Tia during our initial interview I felt instantly at ease. She has such a pleasant and positive demeanor. She’s also very funny and had me laughing within those first few minutes as well. All of these traits would prove to be invaluable as I ended up having a long and difficult birth. My gut feeling was so strong that Tia was the right fit that I hired Tia on the spot, cancelling my remaining doula interviews, and haven’t looked back since. During the prenatal visits Tia provided my husband and I with so much information outside of what my OBGYN provided. This enabled me to ask pointed, informed questions during my doctor visits, questions I never would have thought to ask prior. My actual birth went the opposite of what Tia and I had planned for, as births often do. Throughout my 36 hour labor which included an induction, epidural, 3 hours of pushing followed by an emergency C-Section, Tia was there with my husband and I, supporting, comforting, distracting during the really intense moments, and continuing to help inform and make smart decisions. So, while my birth did not go as planned, I still felt in control and empowered, and that was because of Tia. During the lighter moments of those 36 hours, she made labor FUN with a variety of props that included upbeat playlists, adult coloring books, and hilarious comedy videos. During the intense moments she soothed with spa music, aromatherapy and massage. She also helped empower my husband in his role and in no way overstepped any boundary. After the birth, we kept her on for postpartum services and she was an enormous support during those very difficult first few weeks. Her postpartum visits allowed me precious time to nap, shower, read, run errands or just have some much needed time to myself. She’s great with babies and I trusted her completely with our son. We hired a doula and ended up with a friend that I hope will be in our lives for a long time.

Shannon Casey


From the moment we met Tia, my husband and I knew she was the person we would liek to join us and guide us through our first-time birthing experience. We made the right choice and fourtunately, she chose us as well. Tia educated us through a series of decisions during the birthing experience and helped us to understand what was going on during the labor and delivery. She focused us on informed consent -- making sure that we understood the decisions we were being asked to make and the options available to us. Tia also helped ready the enviornment that our little one was going to come into, made the hospital feel a little like home and gave me much needed comfort!  She was part of the most intimate moments of our life and it felt so natural to have her there, guiding and protecting us.  She educated us before, during, and after our little one's birth. We were so blessed to have her as our "tour guide" and would recommend her to any one else with absolute joy and happiness.

Rachel Schluter


From my first meeting with Tia, I was very at ease. I was able to ask her all my questions -- even the ones that I thought were silly. She helped guide my husband and I through many of our pre-delivery concerns. We ended up having a scheduled c-section and Tia was amazing. She visited us beforehand a few times and ensured that we knew what to expect the day of the operation – we even acted out the surgery!
On the day of delivery, she soothed me before I went into the OR and stayed with us after the surgery to ensure that I was comfortable and okay emotionally. She definitely goes above and beyond – we had a mix up with pain meds the day I got home from the hospital and I had no one to stay with me while my husband went to sort out the issue – Tia sat with me for 3 hours to make sure I was okay. I highly recommend Tia!

Jahque Bg


We were lucky enough to have Tia as our doula because she partnered with Regina, at first we had no clue what to expect and were concerned about having two people involved since we are somewhat reserved and intimate people. However, once we met Tia we realized we wouldn't have it any other way! Tia is incredibly passionate about the work she does and the communities she serves and with that passion comes a lot of boldness/fearlessness that's contagious! Whenever Tia sensed hesitation or uncertainty from me and my partner she was quick to encourage us to feel empowered and take control of our birthing experience. In the third trimester Tia was very helpful prepping us for the delivery of our child, providing us with helpful tips that we implemented on the day of delivery. After my water broke Tia was the first person my partner and I contacted, she coached me over the phone on how to breathe through my contractions. Any family that receives Tia as a doula should feel lucky as she prepares you to have the best birthing experience possible.

Jennifer B.


As a first time mom I was very nervous about giving birth and breastfeeding. Because of this I decided to hire a doula to guide me through the process. Hiring Tia was the best decision I made. I had a very long delivery — 35 hours. Tia was there for me the entire time. She provided physical, mental and emotional support. As a result, my birth was safe, smooth and not a C section (which I really did not want). She encouraged me to be vocal about my needs and wants with the hospital staff and not give in to pressure to have my water broken or take pitocin. It’s not that Tia is anti any of these things, but she knew from talking to me throughout my pregnancy that I really did not want them. Breastfeeding was tough, but Tia encouraged me to keep at it and offered helpful advice, tips etc. I ended up initially supplementing with formula and then finally exclusively pumping so my baby was 100% on breastmilk. Tia was supportive of all of my decisions. She is not judgmental at all — a phenomal kind-hearted doula!!

Sara Fox


Tia was incredibly supportive, knowledgable and wonderful to work with.  I felt like I had an ally with me not only through the process of the delivery, but all the weeks prior.  When I was met with fear or anxiety because of the unknown experiences throughout my 3rd trimester, the moment I spoke to Tia, I immediately felt at ease and calm.  During the birth itself, she was so helpful with her guidance.   Her experience and knowledge shone through in all her actions.  Whether it was the massage I deperately needed, or her calling for a nurse when necessary, both my husband and I felt like we were in great hands with Tia at our side.  She also has a warm and nuturing personality, and a great sense of humor, which we all need in moments of high stress!  I would recommend her to anyone.

V. Simmons


There’s so much I can say about Tia, the first is she’s just an amazing bomb doula!! This was my 1st time using a doula. Before I booked Tia I was already watching her on Instagram and wanted to have her has my doula. A chance encounter months later at the Big City Moms event in Manhattan I met her in person but I didn’t realize it was her until we started talking. Our brief conversation sealed the deal; I definitely had my doula for my second birth! I couldn’t have gotten thru my delivery without her; I didn’t care if nobody else was in the delivery room as long as Tia was there. She listens to your needs and concerns and works with you to ease your mind while providing you with the support you need. She takes her time to get to know you and your family which means a lot when you’re asking someone to join you during one of the most intimate times in your life. Her support, comfort, calmness, caring, positive energy, knowledge, guidance and her famous doula backpack is everything you need to help make your delivery not only a success but a beautiful memorable experience. No delivery is perfect and nothing may go as planned (hence my situation) but that Tia Dowling-Ketant sure knows how to handle the situation and makes it seem like smooth sailing. Having a doula is an investment, but having Tia as your doula is an investment worthwhile. I never once regretted spending the money for her services. In my case she went above and beyond especially since I was having contractions for a week prior to giving birth. She came to my home and opened her doula backpack to not only help ease the pain, but unbeknownst to me help bring my contractions closer so I can go into labor and have my bundle of joy vaginally. After a week of contractions I was ready for a C-Section lol, but Tia knew that wasn’t what I really wanted and jumped in to save the day!!

Janelle Sealy


This was my first pregnancy and so many things made this experience uncomfortable and a bit scary. I lost my mother a year before I became pregnant and my grandmother a month before my due date. My husband was also unable to be at my side since he was out of the country. We were both excited and anxious about our unborn son. We were however uneasy as we were both quite clueless on what to do, how to go about doing what was required during and after the pregnancy.

My Doula however was able to calm all anxieties I faced providing me with not just information but genuine care and support. The presence of Tia was able to help me gain the comfort most persons would have depended on a mother for which was quit surprising and empowering.

The sessions with Tia were not many, however the few encounters provided invaluable strength and empowerment to do what I believed would have been my most pressing challenge with ease. She loved this job and it definitely showed. My calls and texts were never a bother and she too called in to ensure that things were alright throughout my journey.

On my day of delivery, Tia was unable to remain with me. I initially was a bit skeptical about this situation especially since I had grown to trust her in a unique way, however, she partnered me with another Doula and as much as I would normally take some time before warming up to persons, I did the opposite and was immediately able to sense such great positive energy from the other Doula and was able to trust and be efffectively aided with my delivery, giving birth to beloved like a champion. God knows had I not have them both, my experience would have definitely being a different, having much challenges and anxieties, and probably a longer delivery period as well.

Korey amole


This was my 1st pregnancy and I know a little about a lot of things but giving birth isn’t a know how until you’ve done it. I needed information and support and Tia was all of that plus some. My partner wasn’t able to make all of our birthing classes so thank God Tia gave the same information plus a more hands on and personal direction. Tia was there to help us plan and on the big day. She stayed with me and gave me pressure point massages (it was EveryThiNg during those pesky contractions). Tia stayed with me through the madness of labor, delivery to one of the 1st people to welcome my son. Thank you for being th for us!

Reena Patel


Some people write out their birth preferences and call it a birth plan.  But you know what they say.  We plan and God laughs.  I wasn't sure initially if I really needed s doula for my second birth, but hiring Tia eas the best decision I ever made.  At 38 weeks my son's heartbeat was concerning, and the doctor wanted to induce my labor.  I was very scared, nervous, uncomfortable, and upset but Tia was there every step of the way.  She helped me ask the right questions which helped me to make the best decision I could.  More importantly she helped me asked the questions that made the doctors stop and think about how to treat me not just as a patient but as a human being.  All this was going on while my husband was focusing more on our 2 year old daughter who was down with an upper respiratory virus.  Had it not been for Tia my husband probably would have missed the birth of our son.  Her support and mere presence was invaluable to me.  The best part was that Tia is a Bravo fan and we watched Real Housewives together.  Who gonna check me boo!

Ben Hermann


My wife and I had Tia visit us over a period of two weeks post-birth. We were very happy with Tia's help and assistance and would highly recommend her to anyone considering a post-partum doula. Tia helped my wife with breastfeeding, and gave us advice/assistance on things such as diaper-changing, bathing, and feeding/napping times for our baby. What we appreciated in particular was Tia's warmth, kindness, and understanding. The first days/weeks after the arrival of a first baby are quite frightening and stressful, so having someone as experienced as Tia gave us confidence that we were doing a good job, as well as providing a professional (but kind) second opinion or advice when we were unsure of something. My wife and I, and our little boy, will miss Tia greatly.

Nicheel Bayne


It was awesome having worked with Tia. She made my birthing experience as a first time mom way more enjoyable and less stressful than it would have been. She provided very useful information throughout my labour and beforehand so I was well equipped with knowledge of the procedures necessary or not that my labour entailed and she also gave me the courage to ask valueable questions if I needed to. She responded on time and was always available round the clock if I needed her.

Throughout the birthing process she helped me to relax and just breathe letting nature take its course. I really appreciated this. She had the best methods for dealing with my contractions (massage etc) and I really loved the fact that she was very confortable to be around. Tia was very professional but also very pleasant and her personality was very unique.

The postpartum visit was also really great. She helped me to establish my breastfeeding routine with some well needed advice on proper latching and pumping techniques.

Overall, my experience with her was excellent. I wouldn't change a thing.

Arpita Mazumdar


From the moment we met Tia, we knew she was the one. Tia’s professionalism, warm personality and caring demeanor were the qualities that assured us that Tia would be a great doula.  Tia took her time in answering questions, understanding our needs and wants and really ensuring she had our best interest at heart. She was our guide, coach and advocate. Tia was truly my guiding light during my birthing experience and I dont Know how I would have gone through without her. To top it off, even though we had Tia as our birth doula, she came by post partum and helped out tremendously. She took care of our baby, continued giving me tips and helped me have some “me” time. Tia is absolutely THE best and I would highly highly recommend her. I am proud to have had her as our doula and I am so glad she is in our lives as a now friend and coach.

Kiana Reed


I love Tia. She taught me sooooo much while going through my pregnancy. Not only that she was a great help with my pregnancy she gave great advice on life itself. I shared alot of personal issues that i was experiencing during the time and she was nothing but supportive. I texted and called her phone about any and everything even after a few weeks of having my daughter, and she gave her best advice. Thanks to her my labor went as smooth as i wanted it to be. When Tia told me that because it was my first pregnancy my labor may be a bit difficult, but thankfully it wasn't. she told me once i feel that first contraction i just get right in the shower and sit on my ball and boy did that work because as soon as we got to the hospital i was already in active labor (7cm) and around 2:30am that midnight of September 15th,2017 I gave birth to my baby girl. Literally after 6 hours of being in labor with her. THANK GOD. She really held me down in that hospital. her goal was for me to not get a epidural and we reached that goal together. But thanks to her and my mom and brother and boyfriend with all the labor postions we did and breathing in and out we did together, My baby girl got here safely.Thank God for this program itself because it is so helpful for young mothers/mothers and especially first time mothers, i feel we need more programs and organizitations to help us with better parenting, now i went from calling her for everything  to just calling to see hows shes doing because now i feel i have this whole mommy thing all under control thanks to her.

Stephanie Dumorne-Chan


As my pregnancy entered the second trimester and I surveyed my support system, I knew I needed a doula . This was my first pregnancy and all the books and googling still left me feeling lost. Tia is knowledgeable , personable and was key in keeping me grounded and focused on what’s important. She helped my husband and I become empowered through a birth plan. My husband put all her teaching to use during my pregnancy and delivery. During my whirlwind of a delivery, Tia was exactly what I needed a firm and supportive voice and presence.

Vanna Valdez


I interviewed two other doulas prior to interviewing Tia. I was unsure whether I felt comforatble with either of the first two doulas I met, but knew I wanted that extra support in the delivery room so I kept searching. When I met Tia, I felt comfortable with her right away. I knew she was the doula for me. She has a very warm and caring way about her. She clearly explained the ways in which she could help me during labor, both at home and in the hospital. During labor she brought much needed calm to the room. I loved the essential oils she diffused in the room and the soothing massages she offered. Before using any calming techniques, of course, she would ask if it was something I would like or wanted to try. Very important, because what you think you might like during labor can be VERY different from what you actually want. She made sure to help me understand medical procedures or pain medications that were being offered. She also made sure that the midwife or nurses gave me the opportunity to ask any questions I had.

After my son was born Tia kept in touch with me to make sure we were all well. Unbeknown to me my son was tongue tied and had trouble latching to the point he had to be hospitalized 3 days after birth for dehydration. Tia made extra visits to me during this time to assist me with my son's latch and to make sure I was doing ok. She helped me to perfect my son's latch and gave me the confidence to continue breastfeeding. My son is now a happy and healthy 16lb 4 month old. I would recommend Tia to anyone for Doula services. Should I ever go through another pregnancy, I will be coming back to see her! She is a gem. Thank you Tia!!

Desiree Robinson


Tia is just the best! On top of being an overall Super Woman; she’s kind, supportive and knowledgeable. She came into our lives at the most chaotic time and saved my sanity! I thought I would never be ok with mothering a newborn and toddler but Tia reassured me that I was doing just fine, and thanks to her I was. Any lady would be very lucky to have her as a doula! I definitely didn’t want to let her go.

Suzie Kim


From the moment I met Tia, I knew that she had to be my doula because 1) her genuine love for people and specifically for supporting mothers, 2) her calming but passionate personality and 3) that she would go above and beyond in any circumstance. All of those were confirmed throughout our time together. In our first meeting, she not only helped me confront my fears of childbirth (since I'm a first-time mom) but also taught me practical ways of dealing with them through breathing, visualization, and other pain management techniques. My labor was incredibly sudden and progressed very quickly- and to be honest, I would not have left for hospital on time if Tia hadn't told me to go when I did! She advocated for me with the hospital staff when there was some pushback about admitting me and was with us every step of the way. Then, when it came to pushing, she made sure I was hydrated and energized by giving me honey and directing my husband. All I can truly say is THANK YOU TIA! You are an amazing person and anyone would be lucky to have you as their doula.

Amanda Charles


As a first time mom, I was graciously bless to have met Tia. I was not one of her clients, however, she was kind enough to share information and suggestions with me. She suggested using the exercise ball, drinking raspberry tea, doing lots of walking, etc. At first I wasn’t consistently doing these, however, Tia followed up with me and encouraged me to do them consistently. My baby was due on 9/6/17 and I had him on 9/2/17 all natural. Tia is a very patient and caring person. She loves what she do and I strongly recommend her as a Doula :-).

Monica Lorza


Tia was my doula for the birth and post- partum. She exceded expectations in both. My birth was an amazing experience I wanted to avoid interventions including epidural and it went as planned. I started early labor at home and Tia arrived home to follow up with my contractions. After a few hours my husband drove us to the hospital were I was accepted around 5:00 pm. By 7:00 pm  I was already in the delivery room. Once there Tia did her magic. She provided options for me to move around shower and massages. My husband was part of the team and all tree were sincronize to birth this child. My husband copy Tia techniques and between both of them they sooth my pain thru the night. My baby was born at 4:00 Am int he morning after a long labor without any intervention or constant monitoring. I beleive I could not done this without Tia guiding my husband and I thru labor.

As a post- partum doula she was also amazing by providing alot of tricks of how to put the baby to sleep, guidadnce in breast feeding (that I struggle with) and feeding formula when it was necesary.

I will recomend Tia as a great doula that love the job that she does and is willing to go as far as you want you mantain the experience that you want to have for your birth.

Awilda Santos


Tia was absolutely wonderful during our birth and we were so thankful to have found her.

Our birth experience went nothing like what we expected/wanted. We wanted a natural, low intervention birth but nothing went according to our wishes due to our baby having irregular heart patterns. We look back at our birth and couldn't imagine having anyone else there supporting us through what was the most stressful day of our life.

Tia was encouraging during those tough and painful contractions. She was quiet and neutral during times of discussing decisions with our doctor. She remained on our team always but let us make the decisions and didn't push her own agenda on us. This is key when hiring a Doula in my opinion.

Tia was engaging with me during labor, allowing me to express my feelings of anxiety as our labor progressed with medical interventions. Tia held my hand when I needed someone to hold on to.

I could go on and on about Tia and how great she was! When we have another baby, I will not hesitate to contact Tia.

Ady Gupta


Tia is an incredible doula and I would highly recommend her! I hired her for her birth and postpartum services, and she was fantastic in both roles. I had a natural unmedicated birth and I truly believe that I could not have done it without medication if it wasn't for Tia. She was a great support person and motivator during my labor and helped me (and my husband!) get through it and deliver a healthy baby boy. After the baby was born, she was so helpful at home, especially with us being first time parents. She helped us do so many firsts with our baby, like giving the baby a bath, filing his fingernails and accompanying me to the doctors. She also helped me figure out how to schedule my day to make time for myself to do things like eat and shower after my husband went back to work. She really cares about all of her clients and is passionate about what she does. I will be recommending her to all of my friends

nadia morrison


Words can't begin to explain my experience with Tia. Simply put she is a God sent. This was my first baby and labor experience so everything was new and pretty scary to me but thankfully I had Tia by my side and because of that I had a wonderful experience. My labour lasted almost 44hrs and Tia was there for more than 24 of those, she never left she didn't even sleep, she literally stayed by my side making me as comfortable as she could. If I had to this all over again I wouldn't change anything especially having Tia as my doula. She has a warm, welcoming personality that makes u automatically gravitate to her, I would recommend Tia to anyone about to embark on this journey! Two thumbs up

Nancy Rosenbloom


Tia was everything I dreamed of and needed in a post partum doula.  She was insightful and knowledgable in my post partum care.  She pushed me to sleep, shower, eat, and take care of myself so that I could recover and care for my baby.  Her positivity was exactly what I needed during those darker moments.  I would recommend to anyone looking for someone experienced, kind and thoughtful for their labor or post partum doula.

Erika Richardson


I am so thankful for Tia Dowling. She is the ultimate advocate. She would not give up on me and my dream and she wouldn’t let me do it either. I was a stranger to her, but when she learned about my infertility, she treated me like family. She is my cheerleader, my counselor and confidant.

I ultimately grew my family through adoption. When I brought my newborn home, I had so many questions and fears. Tia did not judge me, she encouraged me. I can’t thank her enough because I would still be in the house afraid to take my baby for a drive.

Tia is just a good person and she wants the best for mothers and their families.

—-Erika R.

N. Nicholas


Tia was an amazing doula, she is knowledgeable, caring, responsive to your needs and a great listener. She made my 32 hrs of labour bearable by reminding me of my desired goals/birth plan. She did excellent massages that helped me cope with the intense contractions and kept positive words in my ears as I laboured hour after hour. I sincerely and truly don't know what I would have done if she wasn't there helping me through every stage of my birth. This experience is one I will never forget and I'm grateful that I was able to have Tia as my doula. I world unquestionably recommend her to anyone looking for an amazing doula in my book she is exceptional and dedicated to her trade. Hats off to Tia for being the best doula ever!

Tene Shavers


I had a long journey with infertility. I met Tia when I was in my first trimester. I was on bed rest and very scared due to a previous miscarriage. Tia and I bonded instantly! This was early in her career and during her own IVF process. Even at this early stage and while experiencing her own struggles, Tia provided support to other women through late night conference calls and online support groups. She inspired me to talk more openly about my struggles with infertility and going through the IVF process. Tia provided me with emotional and educational support throughout my pregnancy. She was always available to talk and always had a calming presence. My pregnancy was difficult, but I had people like Tia in my life to help me get through the rough patches. I gave birth to a healthy baby boy who is three now. Shortly after his birth, I experienced several challenging events in other aspects of my life and Tia continued to be a listening ear. We still have a blessed friendship till this day.

LaShawn Jones


Tia has been such a blessing. I am trying to conceive and had to do my first cycle. I did not really know what to expect, and to make it worse, I ended up getting severely sick right in the middle of my cycle. I was scheduled to go to Manhattan for my last visit before the egg retrieval and my husband was unable to get off work. Tia volunteered to come with me. she met me in the city and stayed with me during my appointment. She asked questions I was unaware to ask and was very supportive. it encouraged my spirit so much to have her there right when I needed her. not to mention the many times I called her for advice or to help me to know what questions or concerns I should have. she called me later that evening to check on me and we made a list of questions to ask my doctor together. Although the first cycle was unsuccessful and I was devastated, Tia was comforting and encouraging. She shared her experience personally and as a dollar, without mentioning names of course. It gave me peace and hope. I decided to wait due to personal matters, but Tia will always be a person I look to. She is dedicated and truly loves what she does!

Sharon Glenn


I was truly blessed to have Tia as my doula with my son. She was very caring and  knowledgeable about not only the delivery, but also in regards to preparation for the birthing experience.  I was over a week past due with my son and just so ready for him to arrive. Tia was right there with me to coach me through the waiting period and provided various relaxation techniques to assist. She also answered all my many questions that I had regarding the entire process. When I was induced, but the meds increased my son's heart rate and I was told I would have to have an emergency C section. Tia was right there coaching all the way. She was even there postpartum when I was healing from the cesarean and adjusting to the restless nights with my new bundle of joy. If you need a doula, coach, partner, comforter pre,during, and post delivery, contact Tia! She will be right there by your side!

Moet Manning


Though I have never expereinced the struggles associated with infertility, I have had the pleasure of recieveing educational resources and advisement concerning women's health issues from Doula Tia Dowling-Ketant. Her professionalism and expertise in this field is something that any woman can benefit from. Women's health concerns are so important to our world. Even so much so that women health issues have taken a front seat in politics today! I am grateful that Doula Tia was able to answer questions and assist me with my personal women's health concerns.

Racine Rikard


As someone who has been placed in the 'Infertility Club', one of the most daunting feelings is knowing WHERE to get valid information and then WHO to talk to about various medical information, options, resources, and not to mention the feelings you are bombarded with!  Well, I found that in Mrs. Tia!!! My husband and I have watched her and METODOULA transition into a Phenomenal "calling" and we have relied on her practical as well as her training experience when weighing our options on building our family!! After first being diagnosed with PCOS etc., her counsel and patience in the knowledge she has gleaned and its delivery to us with such sensitivity and sincerity has made it so much more easy to take the next steps!!  Her network of support has been our lifeline in many ways!!!  KUDOS to you Sista Girl!! We see GREATNESS ...here's to the future families!!

Nadine Hibbert


It is unfortunate that many people are unaware of the important role of a doula during pregnancy and postpartum because they dont get to experience incredible people like Tia. She was very resourceful throughout my entire pregnancy! From the first meeting we immediately clicked and she helped me to make informed decisions throughout my entire pregnancy. She also empowered my husband and I to feel in control of our process. She was always available to answer any questions I had or clarify any confusing information i read or received.

In the end, I did not have a vaginal birth but Tia was still very supportive and helpful. She massaged my hands prior to entering the operating room which helped to calm my nerves and she was there when I exited. She really helped me to have a successful c-section and to begin the process of breastfeeding early!

During postpartum, Tia provided even more resources to help me recover quickly! She visited me to make sure recovery was going well and that breastfeeding was successful. I am grateful I had the opportunity to work with her and highly recommend her.

Cathleen Waters


Tia came into our lives when my baby was about 2 weeks old as a postpartum doula.  She was kind, gentle, caring and knowledgeable at a time when we needed it most.  She is an angel.

I would highly recommend Tia!

Jimmy Carroll


My wife and I had a great experience working with Tia. Throughout the pregnancy she was very pro-active with information and articles for where my wife was with her pregnancy. She was always avaialble by phone, email, or text with any questions we had as well. She was always very supportive during our delivery in the hospital.

Chava Shervington


Tia was incredibly helpful, professional, and kind to work with.  Of all the doulas I interviewed, I was incredibly impressed by Tia's level of professionalism. She came to our in person meeting with a host of helpful birth resources, had a website with a host of information, and was prepared to demonstrate and discuss a host of contraction easing techniques. During my labor she was incredibly helpful and calming influence. She was incredibly supportive of my birth choices and helped me advocate for the type of birth experience I wanted. Even when it became clear that I needed to have an emergency c section for the health of my baby, she helped facilitate space and a calming presence and environment for me to come to and accept my decision rather than being rushed into anything by hospital staff.  After the birth, she stayed with my husband and I until we were settled and felt comfortable. Post partum she continued to follow up and came by my house to see how I was adjusting and how breastfeeding was going. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.

Danielle Rosete


I hired Tia after interviewing multiple Doula's. She has an infectious personality that is happy and supportive. Unlike many doulas she doesn't pressure you on natural birth. She supports whatever decisions you decide to do. When I went into labor I had no idea I was in labor. I called my doctor and he said to wait until tomorrow. Tia was checking on me hourly and then suggested we go to the hospital. When we got there I was 5cm. Thank goodness she told us to go to the hospital. She met us there and immediately comforted me. She massaged my feet and shoulder. she helped with holding my legs during the pushing because my husband was scared to see anything to far down. When I had to get rushed in for an emergency csection she made sure my belongings got to where they needed to be. My doctor said she was a great doula and had asked how I found her. I would highly recommend Tia. my husband said she was just making sure I was ok after the csection. Of course I was out of it. A week later she came to checkup on us. She is a wonderful person. She gave me great recommendations such as hugging the exercise ball which helped a lot during early labor.

Beatrice Lors


Tia is the best doula ever! I had a difficult pregnancy and knew I wanted a doula for the labor & delivery. Referred by another doula, a few weeks into my third trimester, Tia met me for a consultation and immediately brought a sense of calm that I needed at that moment. Upon securing her services, it felt like we (my husband & I) were her priority, with constant check-ins and recommendations to prep for labor & delivery, and even after the birth, she was still available.

Since I was in the midst of moving, Tia accommodated our needs and met us in Westchester for our prenatal doula visits, and in Brooklyn for our post-partum visits.

When we were faced with making a medical decision, she supported us in advocating and voicing our choices with the medical team. She understood our concerns, but didn't impose her own opinions on the matter; instead, she provided resources and helped guide us in the decision-making process (she even prayed with us!). She also accompanied us to the doctor's visit and met with the hospital staff, prior to my admission (which I thought also made the doctor and staff more receptive to us having a doula in a hospital setting).

The day of my scheduled induction, I was so nervous because I didn't know what to expect. When the nurse began strongly offering various medical interventions, we texted with Tia and she reminded us of what our wishes were, according to my birth plan. Tia's recommendation that we ask for the foley balloon, since I didn't want Pitocin, was the best thing ever! Once they inserted the foley balloon, my labor immediately commenced. I don't even remember when Tia arrived, but once she got there, she literally helped me breath through every contraction. After nearly five hours of labor, I delivered a healthy baby without an epidural, intact, and almost entirely according to my birth plan.

Couldn't have been possible without Tia! Best investment ever.

Jessica Dressed Up Lemons


Sometimes in life you meet special people.

During the birth of my GodSon, I met a Doula.

Before meeting her, I had no idea what it was.

A doula is like a midwife; she just doesn't deliver the babies. They are the liaison between mother and OBGYN. Their main goal is to offer emotional support to mothers during the birthing process.

Tia, based out of New York, was such a great Doula and left such a remarkable impact on me.

She stayed with us for 4 days straight (even though she had her own family to tend to) in Baltimore and kept a smile on her face during the WHOLE time! She was professional, tactful with her words, informative, compassionate, and had a sense of humor just like me!

I love to give credit, when credit is due, Tia Dowling-Ketant thank u for making Alexis' birthing process sooo much more smooth!

Anyone in the NY area, if you are pregnant or about to get pregnant, please contact her for her services. Every new mom needs one!

When I finally get pregnant, hopefully one day soon.. I will definitely be calling..


Jamilah Clay


OMG! Where do I start..... Long story short, I absolutely could not have been as successful with my birth experience as I was without Tia. She was definitely heaven sent. I expressed my desires and vision with Tia and she was there to support me every step of the way. I decided I wanted to have an unmedicated birth. Things didn't go as planned. During labor, I asked Tia how she felt about epidurals. She looked and me and said.... "I feel how you feel." She never suggested or imposed her personal views about anything. She moved how I moved. She was the air support that's needed to hold a perfect pitch note. We were a Match Made in Heaven.

There's so much to do and think about after birth. Guess what!! Tia is my post pardom Doula and God knows I need her more now than before. Just having her here to entertain the baby while I sleep, sweep, or simply sit still is a huge blessing. I constantly remind her of how fortunate I am to have connected with her. If I decided to have baby # 2, I will definitely have Tia there.... No question about it!

If you are considering a doula, don't hesitate to contact Tia. Your birth experience will be that much more pleasant and enjoyable.

J. Clay

Ingrid Reznick


Tia was great! I have very fond memories of my labor and delivery and Tia contributed to this greatly. From when I first met her and we discussed our infertility stories I knew I had a connection with her. She was very helpful during the pre-natal visits and suggested a great book for me to become more knowledgeable about giving birth. When she met my husband and I at the hospital she was so helpful. In addition, she was very flexible and open. In one instance during pushing I felt like too many people were counting to ten so I asked Tia not to count and she just rolled with it. I loved that she understood me at each moment and met me halfway there! She also took great pictures of when I had the baby! I will treasure all of them!!! I don't think my husband could have done it on his own. Tia was very supoker time and guided me throughout the process so I was much less anxious. During the post partum visit Tia helped me emotionally!!! I was an emotional mess and she listened intently and it just gave me the space and permission to open up to her about my baby blues. She was also very funny! I felt calmer after chatting with her. My husband and I enjoyed connecting with her and would recommend her with no reservations.

jasmine sanchez


I am so thankful to Tia for all of her help I so appreciate how she helped me get through this rough contractions even when the pain was unbearable and no joke you helped me with breathing techniques without you I know my labor would've been much longer and more painful thank you again.

Barbara L. Garces


This was my first time having a dula and I didn't even now what it was until the clinic told me and I decided to get one because I am here alone with 3 kids and one on the way and I felt down and alone. It was the best decision I made in my life omg tia is the best she a great person as a beautiful heart and soul supported. It was the best experience I ever hadid it definitely may me feel better and not having my boyfriend here with me . I will never forget get it and even how she was with my kids I will definitely miss her . Thank you so much for being theres when I needed someone love you for that

Zeina Muna


Tia was my post-partum doula and made sure that my husband and I were well rested, fed, and helped get us through our first week out of the hospital. She helped us set a weekly agenda with all the calmness we didn't have walking out of the hospital. She took us through our baby's first bath at home, baby wearing, helped talk me through the emotional distress I was experiencing during painful breastfeeding, and took the time to make sure I felt like I was doing an amazing job and that I took each day at a time. She is warm and compassionate and made my husband and I feel so at ease during the incredibly difficult first week with our bub!

Ebony Myers


Having a doula was a wonderful experience. She assured me that I was doing a great job as a mother and encouraged me to stay strong and keep going no matter what obstacles were in my way. She took extra care of me when I wasn't properly taking care of myself making sure I ate balanced meals, took a little me time and checked in with me after visits. It really took a load off to have some help, support and a friendly ear.

Madge Harris


I met Tia in 2014 when I found out that I had infertility issues. She help me understand what infertility was, how to become my own advocate and been my rock during good and bad times.

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