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San Diego, CA Service range 30 miles San Diego County

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Postpartum Rate


Availability Remarks: For Postpartum Doula services and information, please visit my Dreamland Doulas webpage at

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Experience

19 years and 500 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

8 years and 150 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, August 2009
  • CAPPA - Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association, January 2024

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 births and 1 to 6 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: For information on Postpartum Doula services visit

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Graduate of the South Coast Midwifery Doula Internship Program

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby sign language education
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly binding
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Hypnosis for birth
  • Newborn care and parenting classes
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sleep educator
  • Sleep support consulting
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Postpartum Support International Member, South Coast Midwifery Doula Intern Graduate, Beautiful Beginnings Doulas Member, Member San Diego Birth Network

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

My overnight postpartum doula fee starts at $50 per hour based on the package you choose, visit for more information on my postpartum doula services. $2000 for Birth Doula Fees. This includes 2 prenatal visits, my time during your labor and birth, 1-2 hours postpartum care immediately following birth, and one optional postpartum visit. Placenta encapsulation services start at $400

Service Area

San Diego, CA Service range 30 miles San Diego County

Client Testimonials for Jenn Smith, HBCE, CPD(DONA), CD(DONA)

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Margaret King


Jenn Smith is an amazing woman. I am so glad that I decided to hire her to support me during my labor and postpartum. Jenn came to my house twice for prenatal meetings before my due date where she helped get my husband and I prepared mentally and physically for our labor and birth. It was my hope that I would labor at home as long as possible before heading into the hospital. Due to COVID restrictions, Jenn could not join us at the hospital and we planned on having her support us virtually once we got there. When my labor started Jenn was so helpful and really made my husband and I feel like we were totally supported. When she showed up at my house it was such a relief!!! She knew all the right words to say, all the positions to try, all the things for my husband to do to help out. She encouraged me to relax, she prayed with me and helped me feel like everything was going just as it should. When it came time to head to the hospital she made sure we had everything we needed, helped get me into the most comfortable position in the car and took care of little details we wouldn't have thought about. She FaceTimed with me the entire ride there and for most of the time we were in the hospital. I was 9 cm when I arrived!! All the nurses were so impressed at how calm I was! I was soon pushing and Jenn helped by coaching my husband and telling him all the things to say to me. A few days after we got home from the hospital she came to visit. She brought me my favorite Starbucks coffee and a box of tea to help my milk supply. She gave us so much sage advice! A week later when we were completely exhausted we asked her to come a help us overnights for a few weeks. She just swooped in and it was like the magical sleep fairy had arrived!! I can't put into words how great Jenn Smith is. Her support, her knowledge, her kindness...she is priceless!

Laura Vetterman


I hired Jenn for doula services and placenta encapsulation. After I signed my contract and paid Jenn communication became difficult. I contacted Jenn at 36 weeks to try and set up our prenatal visit and received no response.  I reached out at 37 weeks and Jenn finally responded and we scheduled our visit. The following day I had a placenta abruption and I had an emergency c-section.  I contacted Jenn that morning and she was able to retrieve my placenta in order to do the encapsulation.  Due to the emergency c-section, Jenn’s contract stated I was owed three sessions of 4 hour postpartum support.  We scheduled the visits the following week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday and Jenn stated she would bring my placenta pills with her to the visit.  On the first day of the postpartum support service, Jenn texted me 45 minutes before she was supposed to arrive to let me know she would be running late due to a family emergency.  After not hearing from Jenn for two hours, I decided to cancel the visit for that day as I was exhausted.  Jenn no showed, no called for the two postpartum support services we had scheduled on Wednesday and Friday that week.  I tried to contact Jenn by phone and email on numerous occasions in regards to services and receiving my pills with no success.  I finally received an email from Jenn at six weeks postpartum stating she heard that I was trying to contact her and she didn't know why she had not received any of my emails or phone messages.  She stated she still had my pills ready to go and that she still wanted to support me postpartum.  I responded to Jenn that same day and to this day I still have not received any response from Jenn.  I am now four months postpartum and still have not received my placenta pills or any doula support services from Jenn.  I would never recommend Jenn Smith as a doula and I would not trust her with my child.  

Maegan Reid


My husband and I chose to work with Jenn after extensive research online and several in-person interviews. As a data nerd, I immediately connected to her evidence-based approach. Jenn has such a wonderfully warm and intuitive nature, that is genuine and grounded in reality. We signed up for hypnobirthing classes with Jenn, and her weekly visits were filled with information, fun, bonding and relaxation. She answered all my questions and eased so many of my anxieties. When the big day came Jenn was there for me the moment I needed her. She gently guided us and prepared us on what to expect when we went to the hospital. As soon as I saw her in our triage room I felt totally calm and taken care of. I had a long birth that took a few unexpected turns. Jenn was there, supporting us, giving us ideas, calming our fears, always steady as a rock. She is on wonderful terms and friendly with many of the hospital staff at UCSD Jacobs (which we also highly recommend!) Her interactions with them made us feel totally comfortable and that our wishes were always being known and respected without any question. Jenn provided so much comfort and stability during my entire birthing experience, and I give her so much credit for helping to create an amazing story. Jenn is like a big sister, coach, birth encyclopedia and friend rolled into one.

Jess G.


We had a wonderful experience with Jenn as our birth doula. From first meeting Jenn, I knew she was the right fit--she was experienced, down-to-earth, fun and dedicated to making the birth process true to what we wanted. Before the birth, Jenn met with us at our apartment several times to get to know each other, prep for labor, and instruct us on the hypnobirthing method. I hadn't even heard of hypnobirthing before, but going through the method with Jenn really helped to provide more insight and calmness to the idea of giving birth. Once labor started, Jenn communicated with us regularly via phone about contraction timing until we all decided to make our way to the hospital. And that's where Jenn really shined--she showed us all kinds of movements, positions and other tricks to get labor going. She also helped me to advocate my preferences to the nurses and midwives. Once the contractions got intense, she was a constant cheerleader for my husband and me in getting through the pain. She knew exactly what to say to keep me going when I felt completely exhausted. Her support through this incredible event in our lives means the world to us and we're so glad we picked her as our doula!

Jessie S


Jenn and I connected right away. She taught me hypnobirthing; we talked about different expectations; gave me tons of tips and tricks for pregnancy, labor, delivery, and post partum; and helped my husband so much in this process as well. The amount of stress she relieved was priceless. I knew no matter what, we'd all be okay. Her experience, knowledge, demeanor, faith, and heart made the whole process very enjoyable... as enjoyable as possible! :) I consider her a great friend now and so thankful to have found her. 

Patrice Lynds


Jenn helped with the birth of our second baby, and was wonderful!  She met with us several times prior to the birth, and offered fantastic advice as our due date approached.  Jenn was very sensitive to my wishes for a pleasant birth experience, and was available by phone, text or whatever when we had questions.  Once labor started, she offered soothing strategies by phone and met us at the hospital (she clearly understood the labor was further along than I).  Though the labor was a very fast process, she brought calming essential oils, cool towels, and other ideas to bring down the drama of the 45-minute birthing experience (the hospital staff were nice, but extrememly anxious because labor was progressing quickly, but Jenn kept things calm).  This hospital birth was so much better than that of our first baby, and mostly because Jenn was there to facilitate the process.  She followed-up with us after the birth of the baby, just to ensure all was well.  Jenn is a great doula!

Lindsey Aguilar


I had every intention of interviewing several doulas before settling on one, but the moment I met Jenn, I knew she was the right person. She is the perfect combination of knowledgeable and nurtering. It was important for me to have someone whose advice and experience I trusted while also having someone I could laugh and feel comfortable with. Jenn is a great resource about all things pregnancy and birth related. From the first day I hired her all the way to my delivery day, I was confident that I was in good hands. I highly recommend taking Hypnobirthing classes with her because it helped me to achieve the calm, natural birth I wanted. I could not have had the amazing birth experience (quick, vaginal, and no epidural) I had without her support and without the Hypnobirth training and practice I did. Don't just take the class, make sure to practice the breathing, affirmations, and visualizations consistently. Hiring Jenn was the best decision I made!

Kalyn Lapidus


Jenn is an amazing women! She was such a comfort through my birth and through the time leading up to my birth. My birth didn't go as planned and she was there as a rock to help me focus on the important thing and that is connecting with my unborn baby and that having my baby in my arms healthy was the only thing that really mattered. She helped my husband and I feel confident in decisions that had to be made and was a source of knowledge at every step of the journey. We will use her again for our next birth and hope that it will be a successful natural one...and if not, it'll be more relaxed at every turn with having her there.

Emily Thurston


Jenn is an amazing doula!  She is the reason I had a natural birth.  Her support and comfort measures made the world of a difference.  Jenn came to my house when my contractions started to be difficult to manage - just having her there was therapeutic.  She has such a calm, relaxed presence.  She brought essential oils and used accupressure points and massage to help me during labor.  She gave us suggestions for positions to try.  She was a wonderful guide to help us know when it was time to go to the hospital.  She stayed with me over 24 hours during my labor and birth and didn't complain once :)

While I feel like Jenn was crucial for me, my husband argues that she was even more crucial for him.  She gave him ideas and directed him in ways to help me.  She gave him breaks from massaging me and putting pressure on my hips.  She let him take a nap while she stayed with me.  After the birth, my husband said, "Can she be at our next birth, too?"

We took the Hynobirthing classes with Jenn also, which were so helpful.  She taught us so much about birth and how to relax during labor.  I am so happy that I chose Jenn to be my doula and I've already told her that she MUST be at my next birth!

Jenne Hallisay


Jenn Smith was awesome and made my birthing experience easier…and it was a difficult one.

I had met with a few doulas before meeting with Jenn. Though all were lovely, I didn’t click with anyone. And then I met Jenn. Honestly, I was surprised that I felt super comfortable with her right away. I have the mouth of a sailor, the attitude of a Brooklyn Girl (my hometown), and the judginess of, well, most people. Jenn took all these flaws in stride, and then some. Within 10 minutes I was hoping that I fit into her schedule.

Jenn is a very calming influence, which is exactly what you want in a doula. She was so calming, my husband and I decided to take hypnobirthing classes with her. And even though my hubby forgot all the lessons during my labor and delivery, Jenn was there to calmly offset his anxiety and craziness. I actually spent more time looking to her than to him. She stayed even when I needed to get a C-Section after 4.5 hours of active pushing, and was in both the recovery room and postnatal room after.

It’s been 9 weeks since our birthing experience and I am grateful for Jenn every time I look at my baby boy!

Jandy Vernon Smith


Jenn is WONDERFUL. My husband and I wanted someone who could guide us through our delivery, relieve my husband, and advocate for us. I interviewed 3 doulas and I knew as soon as I met Jenn she was the one. She was open to how we wanted to deliver and both my husband and I immediately felt comfortable with her. We had several conversations before my delivery and when it was time to delivery, she was so helpful. My delivery was early and fast and I couldn't have done it without her. There was about 30-60 minutes where my husband couldn't be in the room and I'm so happy I had Jenn there. Her massage techniques are magical! I highly recommend Jenn and her services. She almost makes me want to have another baby. ALMOST.

Stephanie Lord


Jenn was recently my doula from early January through the birth on my daughter in early April. Jenn was fantastic to work with! She taught our hypnobirthing classes in our home, which was incredibly convenient. And the videos she chose were updated and relevant...not just old ones from the 80s! Having her visit so many times helped us all to get to know each other really well, ultimately improving to overall birthing experience.
We had all planned on a natural birth in the birthing center, but labor unavoidable complications lead to pitocin and ultimately an epidural. She was supportive of me and my husband every step of the way. And even though plans changed she helped us embrace the change. She was such an excellent coach with my husband that the two guiding me was seamless. Jenn is fantastic and I highly recommend her services. And bonus - she tolerated (loved) my menagerie of animals:-)

Debbie Churchill


I found Jenn when I was searching for a Hypno Birthing Class.  She was extremely accomidating and friendly when adjusting our schedules to make the class work for everyone involved.  After the first class I went from frightened and unsure about giving birth to happy and excited.  Working through my fears and understanding how my body works during class became empowering for me!  I learned that she also did Doula services and was happy to have her on standby in case my plan for a in hospital Doula didn't work out.  Not only was she ready and willing to jump to my aid if I needed her, but she was there for me any time I needed her.  I was asking her questions all the way up until my delivery and even during the beginning stages of labor.  She always answered her phone no matter what was going on around her.  And she always responded quickly to a text message, with a detailed answer.  It was emensly helpful knowing that I had her in my corner!  I'm the kind of person who needs to disect every question to find the right answer and she bared with me on so many questions and concerns.  She is a wealth of knowledge and experience and I would recommend her to anyone getting ready to give birth.

Heather Ek


I did not use Jenn as a Souls since I had to have a c section with my twin boys but I did use Jenn do do placenta encapsulation. She was great with communication to start. She met with me in person before any decisions were made on my part to talk to me about the process and ask any questions I had. When the day came Jenn was at the hospital with 2 hours of getting out of the OR and she picked up the placentas in the cooler I had without a problem. Then before we left the hospital (the 4th day) Jenn Ahmad done the encapsulation and brought them to me at the hospital. She said she would have taken them to my home if needed. The jars with the capsules were very professional and the cause were clean my done. Jenn did a wonderful job! I am pretty sure they are helping me although I have nothing to compare it to ;-)

Kara Herman


Our experience with Jenn was both comfortable and enlightening. She was very knowledgeable and was also able to keep me calm and relaxed during my 29hour labor which was entirely unmediated. I am a first time mom and she was able to work with our crazy schedule to teach our hypnobirthing class and spent hours talking to us, getting to know us, and answering our questions. When the day came, she was comforting and helpful, assisti me in achieving my goal of a natural birth, regardless of the long amount of time I spent in labor.  I highly recommend Jenn for a wonderful birth experience!

Tara Gambrell


Jenn was absolutely wonderful and so caring.  She helped encourage me to stay with my birth plan when I started to get a little weak and advised me on different options that were available should I deviate.  I was in labor for a total of 38 hours and she stayed with me until I requested she go home and get rest since I had stalled.  She stayed in a positive mood and kept encouraging me during birth.  Her presence kept me calm which was hard to do when I didn't like the nurse I had and my family kept pressuring me to take options I didn't want.  I decided at the last minute I wanted to attempt natural child birth and even though I hadn't gone through her child birth meditation classes, she still offered me advice and tips.  She even came to my home to show my partner and I some helpful tips.

If I did decide to have another child, I would most definelty enlist her services MUCH earlier on!

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