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Shari Aizenman

Bodyworks Atlanta & A Doula's Touch

Decatur, GA Service range 60 miles no unicycles

Birth Fee

$650 to $2400

Postpartum Rate


Birth Fee

$650 to $2400

Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Experience

35 years and 650 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

14 years and 99 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, March 2009
  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, March 2012

Type of practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per month: 1 to 3 births and 1 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Supporting the dream for the Atlanta Birth Center!!

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
You can use my Birth Pool in a Box for free! I do not attend freebirths.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly casting
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Birth pool rental
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • End of life doula services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Henna belly designs
  • Infant massage education
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Mother roasting
  • Pelvic floor health education & support
  • Photography - Birth
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Reflexology
  • Reiki
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Therapeutic bodywork
  • Therapist or counselor
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Doula In Service training at local hospitals, Birth Activist Collective,

Languages Spoken

  • German

Fee Details

Flexible payment schedule. Fee can include birth photography!

Service Area

Decatur, GA Service range 60 miles no unicycles

Client Testimonials for Shari Aizenman

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Zachary Hennessee


My wife and I are immensely grateful to have worked with Shari for the birth of our second child. Shari and her partner Michelle were a huge help leading up to the birth - they were super responsive, shared tons of resources with us, and regularly checked in with us as the due date approached. And Shari was amazing during labor and birth. She always knew anticipated exactly what was needed, whether it was sharing entertaining stories to keep us laughing while in triage, encouraging Emily to lean in to her contractions and let her body do the work as labor progressed, suggesting new positions that helped baby work his way out, taking gorgeous birth pictures, or serving us delicious home-baked buttered bread to "toast" our new baby once he arrived. Shari's follow up visit was more of the same - lots of suggestions, support, conversation, and more delicious baked bread!

Shari exudes confidence from tons of experience and study (she's constantly reading the latest research and sharing it with her clients). She combines that perfectly with a nurturing, loving approach that makes you and your baby feel like her number one priority. Last but not least, as the father, I'm very grateful to Shari for always making me feel included and important. I couldn't recommend her more highly!



Shari was our doula at the Atlanta Birth Center and I highly recommend her. She has vast knowledge about birth, pregnancy and postpartum, and I felt extremely supported by Shari. She's extremely responsive via phone/text whenever needed. She's highly sought after so I recommend reaching out with your interest early on in your pregnancy. 

Janet Simone Parks


My experience in the birth space with Shari is vast as a working CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife). I have witnessed her calm wisdom, confident touch, and ability to meet a birthing team right where they are countless times. When I became pregnant and began to prepare for another birth of my own, there was no doubt I wanted to have her as part of my team. It wasn't until this recent experience that I could fully comprehend her gifts. She is available as a resource, a friend, a mother, a professional, an advocate, and more. She took my family under her wing and allowed them to participate as a beautiful unit during our pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. It was her guidance and physical positioning suggestions just prior to my birth (as I have seen her do with other mothers before me) which clearly assisted my body and my baby into just what we needed to emerge peacefully, safely, and logically. She is a pillar of strength and a goddess that anyone would be happy to have along their journey. I cannot speak highly enough of her skill and her love. She sees you. A doula and so much more! 

Taqiyyah Walker


Knowing Ms. Shari Aizenman has been such a wonderful experience. I was introduced to Shari in 2016 when I was pregnant with my first daughter. Shari was also the doula for my best friend in 2011 so I was so excited when she accepted to become my doula in 2016. Shari has a wealth of knowledge that is remarkable.  Shari helped me find a OBGYN that was aligned with my birthing plan and she supported me during my pregancy every step of the way. Everytime I called she was willing and able to assit me in any way possible. I gave birth to a beautiful daughter naturally while she was partically breached. I could not have made it through my delivery without Shari. Shari never forgets my daughters birthday and I can still call her for anything that I need.

Four years later my husband and I wanted to expand our family and Shari was the first person that I called. Once again Shari was a tremendous help and gave me the support that I needed to complete the journey again. This time Shari coached me as I delivered my daughter in my car  while traveling to the birth center. I can truly say without a shadow of a doubt that without Shari's love and support during both of my pregancies I would not be here today. Shari is absourely Heaven and I thank her so much for her continued help and support. 

Love Taqiyyah, David, Naimah & Neteru



I really enjoyed having Shari as my doula! Before the birth, she met with us at home and got to know us. Leading up to birth, she was available to answer questions and provide resources to us. She is definitely a wealth of knowledge. During the birth, I was grateful to have Shari as a voice of reason, provide clarity when I had to make some birth choices, and she was very encouraging and so calm throughout everything. I would definitely recommend her!

Cali C


Shari is very knowledgeable and was always available to talk with me about any questions or concerns I had throughout my pregnancy. She was a calm presence at my birth, and helped to encourage me through the more difficult stages of labor. 



Robert Dubiel


We needed Shari at our birth as much as my son needed oxygen to breath when he entered this world. Shari was our oxygen. 

Jennifer Nieman


Hiring Shari by far was one of the absolute BEST decisions I've ever made in my life! She literally made my birth what it was, and if it wasn't for her I don't think I would have had the birth I had. I'm a first time mom and had the most beautiful and powerful homebirth. My midwife Debbie couldn't recommend Shari more. I'm so happy she did. Having these women with me during this time of my life was the most precious. I don't think I can birth another child with out them by our side. Truly she was put on this earth to guide women into motherhood. She is a FORCE! So talented, calm, badass just the best of the best. We love Shari and will always hold a very special place in our hearts for her. :)



Shari is simply amazing and anyone that has worked with her will tell you the same. She is so emotionally supportive and has a superhuman ability of knowing what you need. I had a long labor and am not sure I would have been able to have the unmedicated birth that I had dreamed of without her. She has a wealth of knowledge and helped me mentally get through several days of prodromal labor and many hours of pushing. I cannot say enough good things about Shari and am beyond grateful to have had her as my doula. She truly feels like family!

Guy Raz


Working with Shari might be the single most instrumental reason my wife and I were able to have the birthing experience we planned. Shari is compassionate, understanding, available, and supportive doula, but perhaps most importantly, Shari is a caring and loving person. 

Shari helped us every step of the way from an elongated home labor, through an unmediated birth, and even in the very early stages when we were planning what our birth desires were.

We've already discussed wanting to use Shari as our doula for any and all future kids we will have. Words can't describe how grateful we are for having Shari in our tribe!




Shari is an amazing doula and incredible person. From the moment I have met her I knew we clicked and she will help me to have a birth that I want. 
My previous birth was very traumatic and I was looking for a person to help me have a successful VBAC this time. I wanted to make sure I am capable of making my own decisions at birth. 
Shari was there all time advising me and giving me emotional support that I needed. I wish I knew earlier how important it is to have a right people next to you at birth, people that tell you the truth, help you educate yourself. thank you Shari for being with us on our special day.



Shari was and still continues to be nothing short of amazing. I absolutely love her. From the moment I spoke to her, even before hiring her, she has been extremely resourceful and helpful. I named her my fairy godmother because most times she knew exactly what I needed before I did. She is gentle, kind, loving and has a heart of an angel. My pregnancy, birth and recovery was such a breeze thanks to her. If I wasn't certain or comfortable about anything I was reassured immediately. If another baby is in the cards for me Shari is on speed dial. I won't do it without her. I can't thank you enough. Love you immensely. 



Shari was and still continues to be nothing short of amazing. I absolutely love her. From the moment I spoke to her, even before hiring her, she has been extremely resourceful and helpful. I named her my fairy godmother because most times she knew exactly what I needed before I did. She is gentle, kind, loving and has a heart of an angel. My pregnancy, birth and recovery was such a breeze thanks to her. If I wasn't certain or comfortable about anything I was reassured immediately. If another baby is in the cards for me Shari is on speed dial. I won't do it without her. I can't thank you enough. Love you immensely. 



It looks like I may be in the minority here, but my experience with her as a Doula was borderline traumatic. She was completely checked out once I got my epidural. She played on her phone the majority of the time and offered no more support after that. She argued with my OB literally as I was giving birth. This was a few years ago and I still remember it. My birth was so traumatic partly and due to her aggressiveness towards my doctor (NOT advocating which is what I was expecting - but straight up telling me to do things during the birth that my doctor was telling me NOT to do, that could have led to injury) and that led to a lot of postpartum issues for me. I would highly recommend hiring another Doula and I wish I had. 

Peyton Smith


When I got pregnant, I knew that having a doula present at birth was important but I did not know just how wonderful of a resource Shari would be for me during pregnancy and labor as well as post-partum. She was available to me at all hours from the time I hired her to answer any questions or concerns I had, or to give me information ensuring I was making the most informed decisions possible for me and my baby. I am quite certain that giving birth without Shari would have been longer and more painful, as she adjusted my body to help the baby move through the birthing stages. Postpartum, she has been a wonderful resource and has made me feel empowered in tough decisions I have made as a new mom. I cannot reccomend Shari enough, she is an asset to my birth team and I will be hiring her for all of my future births. 



Sometimes you don't know what you don't know, and that is where Shari Aizenman filled the void for my partner and me. I am a very strong person, and I know what I want. I knew I needed a navigator for this birth, a sherpa, a knowing person, and that is what I found with Shari. She has the resources, the hook-ups, the connections, and they were all SPOT-ON! Although our birth took twist and turns (don't they all?), Shari stood steadfast as our advocate and educated us as our birth progressed and still, all this time after, is still offering welcome tidbits of information and love. Yes, love. Shari is the essence of love and giving and we are happy to now call her family. We will birth with Shari each time we are blessed wth a baby. No one else could hold space for us so steadfastly. 



If you are on the fence about hiring a doula--do it. It's totally worth it. And if you're on the fence about hiring Shari specifically, hesitate no longer. This woman is worth her weight in gold. She quickly became like a member of our family and treated my husband and I like we were her children, even feeding us when we were on our way home from the hospital late Christmas Eve night when no restaurants were open. She goes above and beyond and I can't imagine this birth without Shari being involved. She helped keep me focused, grounded, and encouraged during labor. Before and afterward, she has been available for questions and reassurance. She has connections with so many professionals and can connect you with the extra help you need such as lactation consultants. Shari is the best!!

Courtney Bell


The first thought that comes to mind when writing this review of Shari as my doula: "I couldn't have done it without her". I know that my body would have birthed my baby, but my experience would have been far, far different without Shari by my (and my partner's) side. She provided a strong support not only emotionally when things got hard and I felt scared, but also physically (she walked away with vomit-spewed clothes and bruised hands from me hanging on to her so tight). Her calm and authoritative guidance was exactly what I needed to help safely and peacefully bring my rainbow baby into the world, and I am forever grateful. Also- she provides support before and after birth as well!! She checks in, makes sure we're doing ok, and has provided so many resources for us. She is forever part of our family's story and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Kristina B


I have been lucky enough to work with Shari through several miscarriages and the birth of our son. Throughout this journey, Shari had had this amazing knack of knowing just what I needed even before I knew I needed it (this was true before, during, and after labor). This includes connecting me with other providers in the ATL area to help address specific concerns I have had.  She is generous with her time, wisdom, and experiences. Because of her and her beautiful soul, I am sitting here holding my beautiful son after an amazing and empowering birth experience that she facilitated! This statement is only true because Shari helped me work through my fear of birth and helped me trust my body as capable of giving birth to our baby! Importantly, she made my husband feel included throughout our pregnancy and delivery process. Even after our baby was born Shari remains a source of support. In short,  if you are lucky enough to have Shari as your doula, you will have not just a wonderful doula during your birthing process but also a mentor and guide throughout your pregnancy and parenting journey. 



Shari was a great doula for me as a first time birther because she has so much experience. Throughout our prenatal, birth, and postnatal time together, Shari had a great presence of support and reassurance. She was extremely generous with her time, materials, and patience.


Shari knows things. She intuits, yes, but she is brings with her a wealth of experience and lived knowledge. She assimilates information from observations and is often spot-on with her initial assessments. That kind of wisdom was what I wanted in a doula. I wanted my vulnerability to be protected and honored while birthing. I think most doulas would be ready and able to provide that. I wanted a doula with wisdom because I wanted someone to know, anticipate, and provide for me before I could ask for what I needed. I didn't always know what I needed in my birth, but Shari did. 



Sean H


Shari was a great fit for our birth; equal parts pragmatic advocate and compassionate caretaker. She was calm and strong during the birth process, and her valuable contact with us before and after the birth helped ease us into life with a second child. 



Shari is truly a force of nature. We feel so incredibly grateful and lucky to have engaged her as our doula for the birth of our son. She helped us prepare for the unexpected- and I don't know that I knew such a thing was possible! When I had to be induced at the hospital instead of giving birth at the birth center, she was at my side with her reassuring presence, hands, and words. She is truly wonderful- an amazing guide in pre-natal preparation, labor and birth; from our first meeting I had a sense of complete confidence in her experience, wisdom, and knowledge. She tells beautiful stories about the mothers she's worked with, and she is profoundly attentive to the particulars and details of the desires of the couple she is learning and supporting. She is funny, warm, kind, and authoritative- in the very best way of having the authority of deep and rich experience. She knew that I didn't want to have an epidural if I could avoid it, and she made that a reality by assuring me that I was indeed strong enough and could labor and push with her and my partner- I am so grateful for that- and for the photographs she took during labor and birth and for the postpartum storytelling we were able to do together. My labor was very fast, but if it had been days long, I know Shari would have been stalwart beside me and that gave me enormous courage when I did indeed think my labor would be long.  If birth had been traumatic for me or my partner and son, she would have been healing, but because she was our doula, there was no trauma, there was just a sense of things going as they needed to go.  I wish that every laboring woman could labor with Shari. And that every family could have the experience of feeling so very nurtured, heard, supported, and loved. 



 I was so lucky to find Shari! She was such an incredible‘s help and support before during and after my birth!!  Her experience, groundedness and strength really helped me in so many ways. She made me feel safe and secure the whole time!! Thank you Shari!!



Shari was an amazing doula! She helped support me through my home birth and helped get me in the right positions to get the baby moving! She also was a wealth of knowledge and connections! She got me in touch with the right people at the right time helping me to feel fully supported. She knows everything and everyone in the Atlanta birth community! I highly recommend her!! 

Eliza S


Let me start by saying Shari was an absolute lifesaver during my birth. It was an unmedicated birth at a birth center and despite childbirth classes and books and generally looking forward to a natural birth, I felt helpless and overwhelmed when things got really intense, and I didn’t even want my husband’s help- I just wanted Shari. She was fantastic. And my birth experience was wonderful. Hard, of course, but beautiful. I love reflecting on it. And, beyond just the birth experience, she offered us amazing support before and after. We met multiple times before to get to know each other and talk things over, and afterwards, she has gone above and beyond. For example, I had to go on antibiotics when my baby was eight days old and couldn’t breastfeed, and Shari drove and hour and a half to get donor breast milk for us to get us through that period. I also texted her with tons of questions about breast feeding and other topics, as she had told me to feel free to do. Shari is a gem of a person and truly passionate and knowledgeable about what she does. 

Janelle Williams


Shari was highly recommended by my hair stylist.  I was concerned initially because my hair stylist is super earthy and organic and I am not.  Despite my concerns and after meeting with Shari, I hired her for my first birth, an unmedicated water birth in July of 2011 and she was invaluable.  Such that when I became pregnant again and birthed in 2013 and 2019, she was the first call I made after telling my parents.  She has a wealth of knowledge for before, during and after birth.  Furthermore, she was able to calm and focus me in a way that no one else could.  I am a Type A criminal defense attorney who has a pretty low tolerance for physical pain.  I'm also anti-the "woo-woo" language and dislike being pandered to.  I tried hypnobirthing and I just couldn't hang.  Knowing that and other aspects of my personality, Shari developed a way to talk to me that led to less screaming and more pushing.  When I developed complications during and after my last birth, she continued to come and see me during my week long stay at the hospital post birth and checked on me regularly once I was discharged.  I can call her about everything from constipation to sore nipples and if there is anything she doesn't know, there's an expert that she knows who can help.  I HIGHLY recommend Shari to pregnant women, especially those who are committed to a natural birth.  She is an amazing advocate and coach!

Jai Kitchings


Working with Shari for the birth of my baby girl was amazing! Shari is professional, knowledgeable, caring, and loving. During labor she is a rockstar! I had no idea what type of experience I would have working with a doula, and now I can’t imagine going through this pregnancy without one. Shari’s dedication and love for her craft unveiled itself with every interaction, the energy and delight that flowed through her at my daughters birth was so beautiful and genuine. Truly an honor to know her and have her apart of my pregnancy. 

Hannah Brownlee


My birth was amazing and empowering. My partner and I mapped our journey, knowing that baby would guide our birth. What we didn't know is that we didn't know what we didn't know! Shari was our guide. She led us to so many supportive and educative places that helped us know that all of the choices we could make for our birth were solid and smart. Our childbirth education, our breastfeeding course, our postpartum plan, all in place prior to going into labor...this is what allowed us to feel settled while we watined for baby's entrance into our lives. Shari shared information by email, sparking our curiosity on so many levels, then we knew we could ask her for more at any time. Honestly, wholistic is what I can say about our experience having Shari as our doula, our guide, our partner. Now a family member, we'll invite her to dinner-and of course, our next birth. And the next after that one!



We had Shari help us with both of my children’s births. One was in the hospital. I had already written a review for that birth in 2016. And one more recently at home. She was a huge help in both. In my hospital birth she served as more of an advocate and made sure I had help getting to see my midwife as soon as I got to the hospital, ensuring that the water temp in my birthing pool was comfortable, and helping me know my options immediately after the birth. She also served as a mentor throughout my pregnancy meeting with me multiple times and checking in via email and text pretty much weekly. In my second pregnancy I didn’t need as much support leading to the birth, but she made an effort to spend time with my son and let him become comfortable with her before the birth. In my home birth Shari came to help me labor and assess when the midwives needed to arrive. My labor was long and hard and Shari was able to focus on me while my partner cared for our son. She was amazing and I probably could have done it without her, but I wouldn’t have wanted to. She helped me try out different positions to get through contractions, took me on a walk outside, had my water break all over her feet, and helped me change positions while I pushed my daughter out. Warning: if you don’t want an extra member of your family’s village Shari may not be a good match. She may end up a life long friend. She also gave me a ton of supplies for my birth, so I did not need to purchase them. 

Amanda Patrie


Shari was just beyond expectations.  She had come extremely well received and highly recommended by the Birth Center I was attending so I anticipated a positive experience. However, Shari took me on late in my pregnancy so I did not expect such support and nurture. Shari's approach is more akin to a friendship than a business venture. She is passionate about serving and loving all women. I had an extramural birth so unfortunately was not able to share that experience with Shari. Though, I wouldn't have been able to have such a positive and fulfilling experience without her support throughout my pregnancy. She helped keep my vibrations high, my mind open, and my anxieties clear. She went above and beyond with genuine care and interest in not just my pregnancy but my life as well. My pregnancy was freeing and my birth followed suit, so much of that is owed to the beautiful feminine energy I was surrounded by. I cannot thank her enough for the experience. Shari is a treasure.



I don’t know what I would have done without Shari by my side throughout my labor. I thank my lucky stars for her loving support that calmed me, her vast knowledge of pregnancy and labor, her experience that spans more than three decades and her hands-on approach that eased my pain. Shari was meant to be a doula; it’s her calling. Trust me: you want her as yours. 

W. Brownlee


Ever so grateful that my partner and I found Shari early on in our childbirth journey, we honestly cannot imagine a scenario without her unwavering support. She came into our different family seamlessly and gave each of us the amazing love and unbiased education, information and empowerment to discover our options and utilize our tools to an amazing outcome. Our healthy, happy baby is here and we will keep in touch, hoping that Shari is at each of our subsequent births, should we be blessed enough to have more children. Consider hiring Shari for your birth-early, as she has so much useful information to share!



Shari supported my wife and I with the birth of our twins in Feb. 2019, however the support did not begin or end there! Shari was on hand for questions throughout my pregnancy and after the birth of our babes. She is a wealth of knowledge and connections - we even came up with our code for parenting/infant questions we didn't have the answer to "shoogle it" ie, ask Shari.

Shari empowered me to ask questions of health care providers, and mold the experience for what I wanted for myself and my babies. She helps you to birth your babes, and helps birth you as a mother. And she is FUN.

Lindsey Howell


Shari was the perfect match for the birth of my daughter in November 2018. Not only did she support me during my labor, but she provided knowledge and support leading up to, and after, the big event. Additionally, Shari was amazing guiding my husband during the process. She is a wealth of knowledge on all things baby with a huge network of specialists such as lactation consultants. If you are looking for an even-keeled doula that is familiar with every part of the pregnancy, labor and the 4th trimester, Shari would be the best decision.

Sierra Serafica


I sincerely love this woman. Hiring Shari was the best decision we made in preparing for the birth of our baby. She is a perfect mix of loving + matter of fact/take no bullshit. I was anxious and often overwhelmed about giving birth in the hospital setting but Shari provided evidence based research for us to read so that we understood hospital protocol and could make the best decisions for our birth and baby. She also coached us on how to advocate for ourselves and refuse standard medical practice when it didn’t make sense for our family. during the birth of our baby, we felt confident and prepared.

My favorite part of working with Shari was how emotionally accessible she was (and still is!), and that she quickly responded to texts or calls no matter the time of day/night. The last couple weeks of pregnancy were difficult for me emotionally, but Shari regularly checked in to see how I was feeling and got on the phone with me to help me reframe my mindset when I was spiraling. Not only was she our doula, I felt she was my pregnancy/birth therapist. My husband also called her a few times during those weeks to discuss his own stresses. She helped us both navigate the space between pregnancy and becoming parents. Our daughter is now nearly 10 weeks old, and Shari is still a resource I count on for information. When this woman says she’s there for you and your family she really means it.

Unfortunately Shari had a family emergency that took her out of town the week we gave birth. I only mention this because she handled everything perfectly and made us feel 100% cared for although she wasn’t able to be physically present. She continued to be the main point person, arranged incredible backup doulas (who took shifts during our birth) and kept in touch with them both throughout the day. She checked in with us after birth, and was a resource during our hospital stay as well. We felt so cared for and loved.

Daghan Atik


Shari is an awesome person. Yes, she is a doula but she is much more than that. She helped as all the way during the pregnancy, labor and postpartum. I really believe without her things would have gone differently.. She was always positive, she believed in us more than we believed in ourselves, she stayed rock solid during the labor (for us it was 3 days straight), she is super experienced, and she really loves what she does.

I will be forever grateful to her for helping us with our most precious moments. Thank you Shari..

Leyla Akca Atik


We met Shari when I was about 5 months pregnant and after the first meeting we knew we found the right doula for us. Shari is not only full of wisdom and very crucial information but she also is the kindest and most supportive advocate any expecting parent can ask for. Even though it was apparent she was the right fit for us, we really had no idea how crucial she would be during our 3 day labor. She was present and with us non stop through our labor. She supported me, comforted me, loved me, encouraged me, got me out of my head and kept me going. She made sure my husband was supported and cared for so he could be present for me during birth and could take care of me and our baby after birth. Thanks to her wisdom and her true confidence in me, I was able to avoid surgery and had a natural birth. Shari’s care does not end with birth, she continues to care for the new parents even after birth. For us, Shari is now part of our family. She is just the best !

Candace Jenkins


I am a 2nd time mom and the birth of my son was the first natural, nonmedicated birth I've had. I knew early on that I wanted to have a doula present at my birth and someone with a lot of experience. My husband works in the medical profession so having him on board for a home birth required me to have a team of individuals that knew what they were doing. I found Shari's info online and I can honestly say that you could find anyone better than her. Shari is truly called to do what she does. She is passionate about empowering women and helping them make the best choices for their pregnancy and labor and delivery, and she has provided postpartum support that you simply cannot put a price tag on. If it weren't for her I would not even be giving my son my breast milk right now! We had latch issues and she connected me with 2 women who donated milk to help supplement my son's diet while I was working on my milk supply. In my previous experience with my OBGYN's office for my first pregnancy I was encouraged to be induced. It was all about convenience for the doctor and there was no emotional support. Having a doula like Shari you will receive so much support through the ups and downs of pregnancy. Shari was also so calming and comforting to me during the delivery. I truly couldn't have had the amazing experience I did without her. I'm forever grateful!

Jessica Howell-Edwards


Shari offers *years* of experience as a doula, and she was invaluable in our journey with a twin pregnancy in 2016.

While it was my third pregnancy, we needed the additional support that a doula could provide and found Shari to be professional, knowledgeable, experienced, direct, and non-judgemental. She is a wealth of information and empowers mothers-to-be to educate themselves on all aspects of pregnancy and birth.

Katherine Rush Weitzman


Shari was absolutely integral to my two successful births. When we hired her the first time in 2015 for the birth of our daughter, my husband was a little skeptical that this was a service we really "needed." He quickly became a believer and when i was pregant the second time, asked when we were calling Shari! She is just amazing beyond words. A calm and steady presence not just during labor and delivery, but during the entire pregnancy and afterward too. She really gives you the tools to advocate for your desires during the journey, and is always there for her clients - day or night. In addition to the emotional support, Shari is an expert in massage, positions and breathing techniques - all tricks you will need on your birth journey.

Anne Farhi


Where to begin?! If you are looking for someone with an immense amount of knowledge about birth and someone who is able to guide you in an educated and informed manner, Shari is for you. She taught me SO much (and I am a second-time mom) about delayed cord clamping, circumcision, eye ointment at birth and much more - but MOST importantly she taught me to trust my body to birth my baby. In order to have the natural birth experience I wanted, she introduced me to the Atlanta Birth Center. (highly recommend as well!) I was hesitant at first because I had a hospital birth with my first son and didn't know anything about the birth center, but it was hands down the place I needed to be. She knew that before I did. I had my DREAM unmedicated water birth --- the opposite of my first birth experience. She took all of the guess work and fear out of the equation and I was able to therefore educate myself and make informed decisions during my entire pregnancy and birth.

I cannot say enough good things about Shari and the impact she has had on my life.

Michael Van Cise


This was our second birth with Shari Aizenman. I highly recommend engaging Shari's services.

With our daughter, we engaged Shari somewhat late in the pregnancy, if I remember correctly it was after 30 weeks. We changed OB providers around the same time and delivered with Dr. Brad Bootstaylor at Dekalb Medical Center. My wife was vomiting through her entire labor from the onset of contractions. Having Shari with us was critical. Shari provided support, knowledge and information both before and during the birth. In addition, she visited our home after our daughter was born and helped us with everything from swaddling the baby to self care. It's a really good idea to have a knowledgeable party in the room with you. Someone who knows you and your wishes and can help you inform your decisions. It is unlikely that the duty nurse at the hospital can be a resource to you and it's very unlikely that such a nurse can help you make an informed decision. Shari helped us consider everything from whether to use a birthing tub to whether to give our daughter antibiotic eye drops or a vitamin K shot. The night our daughter was born, Shari had two other clients delivering babies so she was replaced by one of her backups for several hours during the labor. Shari's backup was great.  Notwithstanding that my wife's labor was lengthy and exhausting (and eventually required the administering of an epidural to get her some relief and an opportunity to rest), having Shari on our side was great.

We recently had a son and Shari worked with us a little earlier in the process. Shari helped us come to the decision to give birth at the Atlanta Birth Center. Our entire birth experience at the birth center was great. My wife labored in the pool, then in the shower, and lastly delivered our son on the bed in the "fire room." Again, Shari's counsel and support before and during labor and delivery was great. As a bonus, we have photos of the birth that Shari took.

Joshua Saul


Writing this review has left me finding it difficult to find the appropriate words to describe our experience.  Amazing, wonderful, incredible - Shari is all of these things but it was so much more.  This was our 2nd birth with her as our doula and we had more challenges this time around. Our son's head got stuck on my wife's pubic bone on the way out and she was hurtin' for certain.  But Shari was there guiding Adria the entire night, reminding her to use her Birthing from Within and Hypnobabies techniques, providing pressure, gentle massage and supportive coaching. And when my wife stopped progressing she worked with our midwife to come up with a plan to get our son to move into a better position.  I felt like I was inside the circle of wise women. She had us do some exercises, stretches, some other movement techniques she mastered from Spinning Babies and he moved.  Anywhere else with anyone but Shari and Anjali I think we would have ended up with a C-section.  After the birth we had some minor complications and she was still there when we needed her support.  She helped us even more after our first when we had trouble producing milk. If I could step through the screen and tell you face to face that you need Shari as your doula I would do it.  Child birthing is not for the faint of heart and you need a team around you. AND if you are going to be birthing in a hospital setting like we did with our first instead of a birth center or home birth you definitely need Shari there to protect you from the machine that many women unknowingly step into. She will fight for you to have the exact experience you want. She did this for us the first time around and I am eternally grateful. You will be too.

Emily LeVan


I hired Shari for my second birth; after the first labor experience I knew I needed a Doula. After meeting in person, it was obvious that my birth style and communication needs were in line with Shari's expertise. Prior to the birth, she recommended several techniques and exercises to help with the process. She also was in frequent communication, which was nice as I would often forget. She is warm and loving and was with me every step of the way. When the real labor kicked in, she communicated with my husband and was with us when we needed her. She was able to use her massage and hypnotherapy skills during my labor and really helped ease the process. She believed in me when I couldn't and has helped shift my thinking ever since. She's the ultimate cheerleader and will lift your soul every time. I cannot recommend her services enough. She really was the best. Now, two months after my son was born, she still checks in and makes sure we are OK. She has also introduced us to a loving community that has helped us out tremendously.

I didn't realize how big of a difference getting Shari as my Doula would be. But I am constantly in awe of her heart and soul. She has helped my family in so many ways- not just in welcoming our second son into this world.

Takuro Masuda


We have engaged Shari for the births of our daughters, Hana and Mika.  Shari has always demonstrated impeccable professionalism with a personal touch to provide excellent care and guidance through the birth process.  Shari's depth of knowledge and experience makes her a wonderful asset in the middle of what can easily turn into an intense and often chaotic birth experience by creating a soothing, safe, and care environment.  Having a doula like Shari to help navigate the birth process was invaluable, and ultimately made my wife feel at home and helped to realize a birth experience that she desired.

Jon Shanazarov


Amazing human being. So grateful to Shari for all her efforts, education and help. She has been amazing support throught the process, and the end result is we have a healthy baby! She is the person you need if you are looking for dependable support and my family will be forever grateful to her. Thank you Shari and you are part of our family now!

Rachel Gage


I met Shari at an event during my first pregnancy, and was immediately struck by her stong, guiding presence.  I thought she would be the perfect person to shepherd us through this new and unknown experience, and I was right. Shari provided invaluable information and guidance as we prepared for the birth.  Still, I didn't know how much I would need her when the day came.  My labor progressed very rapidly and even though we thought we had many hours left to be at home, my husband and I ended up rushing to the hospital. We were nervous and scared, but never so relieved as when we saw Shari waiting for us at the hospital door.  She provided the comfort and assurance I needed, helped us interact with the hospital staff, and managed to turn a chaotic situation into a calm and loving environment for my daughter to enter the world into.

When we found we were expecting again, I reached out to Shari right away.  Again, I needed and appreciated Shari so much during my second daughter's birth.  She helped us put aside anxiety and manage and transcend the pain so as to be able to be present and appreciate the magic of the moment.

I highly recommend including Shari in your birth.  She is knowledgeable, experienced, assertive yet respectful, and has a great sense of humor. She is very skilled at sensing what a birthing mother needs, or needs to hear, in a particular moment.  Shari will always have a special place in our family and we are forever grateful to her.

Courtney Brunson


Shari helped me deliver my baby my way. Before and after the birth she guided us educated us, and listened to us. A fresh of breath air and a huge heart ??

Zeena Hawasli-Alturkmani


I dont know how to begin, only to say that how thankful I am to have Shari by my side during my 3 hour VBAC.  She was caring and compassionate, and her presence reflected an inner peace I knew I had in me.  I knew from the beginniny that I needed support, so I sought out help through a friend and thats how I met Shari.  Ive been guided to numerous resources and techniques that I would not have known and with that had an even better birth that I couldve ever asked for.  Im definitely going to use Sharis help come my third round! Thank you, Shari!

Amy Price


We loved using Shari as our doula! As a first time parent I felt that Shari empowered us to make decisions that reflected our values. From the day that Shari became our doula, we didn't just get a doua but someone that helped guide us on the journey and in the process became a great friend. I loved how Shari would send articles, videos, and other information that was relevent to the stage of my pregnancy and becoming a mother. The relationship with Shari doesn't stop once the baby is born. She continues to sent me articles.  She becomes a true advocate your mom, baby, and family throughout the entire experience. My family is grateful to have found Shari. If I decide to have any more children I know that I want Shari on my team.

Rebecca Enslein


Shari is an incredible human being and an amazing doula!

She supported us during the birth of our first child and there was no doubt in my mind who we wanted by our side for the birth of our second.

The first birth was long and drawn out and I was a little apprehensive about how the second one would go.

Luckily, the second one wasn't long at all, in fact from the first contraction to his birth only took 3.5 hours!

Because the baby came so fast, I ended up having an unexpected home birth.

That sounds like it would be scary, but it really wasn't. It was a relief to not have to get in the car and rush to the hospital while I was in transition and possibly end up delivering my baby in the car. Shari was such a source of comfort and knowledge throughout the experience.

She gave me the confidence I needed to let my body do what it knew how to do and to birth my baby safely. She arranged for another doula to come join us so that there would be two of them when the baby was born and I would recieve the best possible care.

Our son was born on Father's Day into the arms of his excited Daddy!

After the birth Shari took care of everything, from cleaning up where the baby was born to literally feeding me (it had been hours since I last ate!!)

What could have been a very frightening birth was transformed into a beautiful and peaceful experience, all because of Shari's presence, skill, and intuition.

We are forever grateful to her for her help and her support!

Sammy Black


Im not sure i could have done it with out a women like Shari there to help me. She was on call for any and every thing we needed and was an extremely helpful resource. Especially for us becoming first time parents and having no idea or experience. She helped take allot of the stress from me as the male when things got hard due to pregnancy hormones. She helped direct us to every thing we would end up needing during the pregnancy and any resorces we couldn’t come up with she had a solution too or the perfect doctor, item or advice to get us what we wanted and needed. A god real god send. Glad she’s in our lives and help bring our boy out into this world.

Marlee Dent


Shari is nothing short of amazing! Her presence, attention to my needs, and informative stance guided me throughout my pregnancy and delivery. Her intuition about specific needs of each client is SPOT ON! I opted for a home-birth and I feel that Shari was one of the major pieces that made it a successful, and lovely birth experience.

I leaned on Shari (figuratively) throughout my pregnancy for support and information regarding all sorts of topics and challenges. I was then able to lean on her (Literally) for the labor and delivery of my daughter. As soon as Shari arrived at my home, I had an overwhelming feeling of "Okay Shari is here...Let's do this because I know she's got the situation under control!" I didn't have to tend to any other issue besides weathering each contraction and listening to my body and baby.

I will be forever grateful to Shari for her willingness to be involved in my pregnancy and home-birth. I feel fortunate that our paths crossed and I will sing her praises to all expecting mothers and their families.

Laura Sum


I approached Shari early in my pregnancy, before I had even chosen an OBGYN and she was involved and interested in my pregnancy from the very beginning. I told her that I wanted someone to mentor me throughout my pregnancy experience, and she did. We checked in after each appointment I had with the OBGYN, she emailed me information at least weekly and met with me when I needed extra support. When I had questions she always had information to share that helped me make educated decisions. On the day of my birth she came to my house and met me at the hospital as I labored. She was a tremendous help to my husband as well. Shari was able to capture the birth in a video and take some pictures for us. My birth was awesome and Shari knew the best ways to support us throughout our journey. I would highly recommend her as a doula and I would like to have her attend any other births I have. She continues to support me by answering questions, she says that she's on call for the rest of your life and she means it. Warning: if Shari is your doula you may have a new friend for life.

Haley Cardona


I had not planned on having a doula but had done a lot of research on natural birth and wrote every detail in our birth plan. On a Monday morning we headed to the hospital and saw that everything was progressing quite nicely. I decided to decline the epidural and any other form of intervention. After being in the hospital for 20 hours and not having fully dilated, the doctor ordered a c-section. Hearing those words felt like a complete nightmare and I knew that if they would give me time, I would birth our baby Vaginally. After hours of fighting the doctor, we denied all medical treatment and started looking for a doula who would be willing to come assist in our birth without having had any previous relationship. Shari was a miracle! She answered the phone at 2:00am and without hesitation arrived to our hospital room. I was already 8.5cm dilated and waiting for the final stretch. Shari quickly stepped in as if we were family. Her undoubted support to see us through the birth the way we had planned was everything to us. She made my birth comfortable and was right by my bedside until the very last second. With our consent she was our voice in communicating with the medical staff and made sure our birth went as smoothly as possible. Having Shari there was a relief on so many levels and I found extra strength through her love and encouragement. To this day we are eternally grateful that Shari entered our lives in the most rewarding way. Every time I tell my birth story, I'm so honored to mention that I had such an amazing doula by my side who kicked butt in that hospital room! She believed in me and was support my husband and I needed to birth our baby boy.

Sarah Woodward


My husband and I found Shari to be very knowledgeable and helpful throughout our pregnany. We had no idea what to expect and she was always able to provided answers to our quetions and additional information. We liked that she took her time to meet with us a few times before the time came to deliver. We felt more prepared for many of the choices we would have to make at the hospital. She did a great job working with my husband so that he could do everything possible to make my journey as comfortable as possible. Pregnancy, labor, and delivery, especially for a first timer, can be scary and overwhelmning. We were glad to have her and can't even imagine what it would have been like to go at it alone.

Meredith Blakeley


Shari was awesome! I had pain in my hips and labor was not progressing; she called everyone she could for insight on how to get my labor to progress when nothing we tried was working. A quick favor and chiropratic visit later we were on our way. I'm so grateful because I would otherwise have had a cesarean birth and drugs which I did not want. She was also extremely helpful during delivery - she knew what kind of birth I wanted and she would not let me give up even though I really wanted to (I was exhausted after two days of labor and multiple hours of pushing). She even managed to take photos, which I was intially hesitant about, but they're wonderful and I'm so glad she took them. She stopped by our home a few days later and helped us solve a problem with tongue and lip tie, which our lactation colsultant at the pediatrians office wasn't doing. So, now I've got a great birth story with the birth I wanted and a successful breastfeeding story. Even though things didn't exactly go as planned, I couldn't ask for anything more than what she did for us, and I'll definitely be calling her for any future births!

Amanda Gorman


We had a wonderful experience with Shari! She is extremely knowledgeable about pregnancy, labor and delivery. She is also very well known in the Atlanta birthing community. If you deliver at dekalb medical, chances are she will know several people on your birth team. I felt like Shari truly cared about my birth experience and made herself readily available for questions when I was pregnant and I leaned on her at the very end of my pregnancy when I was 10 days late and trying to figure out what to do to get through each day until I finally went into labor. She is very knowledgeable and will share her knowledge and opinion on anything, but she never pushes her opinion on you. I felt like her goal was to truly empower me in all my decisions.

I wanted the least amount of interventions possible and Shari counseled me from our first meeting and suggested I look at switching to a new midwife practice since the one I was with was known for a high intervention rate. I ended up switching after researching her suggestion and am so glad I did. If I had stayed at the practice that she warned me about I would have ended up "having to" be induced at 41 weeks since I did not deliver until 42 weeks.

When I went into labor Shari texted with me in the middle of the night suggesting different positions, to take a shower and when to call my provider. She then met us at the hopsital and walked us through triage advising us on how to get through everything along the way. Whenever we needed time alone she quietly took a break and then returned after we messaged that we were ready for her attention again. While I was pushing she worked with our midwife and guided me on how to push and made suggestions on how to make each push more effective. She gave me breathing techniques and encouraged me to tune into my body to figure out how to deliver my baby when I thought I had no clue was I was doing.

I recommend her to anyone!

Amanda Bogard


I am so grateful to Shari for being there during my birth, her knowledge and confidence in me and calming presence was exactly what I needed to help keep me grounded. My birth didn't exactly go as planned, my labor ended up being pricipitous and was SO fast and intense I almost didn't make it to the hospital. Having her there and all the articles she had sent me prior, helped me stay grounded and in my body and trust that my body knew what to do. If we choose ot have another baby, I will definitly want Shari there to help support us, she was the best decision we made about our birth!

Madison West


We absolutely LOVE Shari! She has helped support us through both of my pregnancies/births and we are blessed to know her!

Elliott Niespodziani


We highly recommend Shari as a doula! As first-time parents, we had no idea what to expect from the birthing experience. No matter how much research you do, nothing can totally prepare you for what it is like in the moment. For that reason, Shari's experience was indispensible to us throughout pregnancy and birthing. Her wisdom and knowledge helped us prepare adequately, and when it was go-time her calming spirit and well-informed guidance helped us achieve our goal of a totally natural birth.

As the dad, she did an amazing job helping me feel comfortable and find my role in the birthing process. It would have been easy for her to take over and run the show with her vast experience, but she kept me engaged and helped me be the best partner for my wife that I could be. I would have been terrified to be in there on my own, but she made everything A-OK.

As a new mom - and leading up to the birth of our daughter - Shari kept us informed about pregnancy, birth, the fourth trimester, etc. by sending us links to articles and being available via phone, email or text at any time to answer questions. She made us feel at ease. During labor, Shari was invaluable to my husband and me because she was there every step of the way. She guided me through my surges and pushing and was the best advocate for us at the hospital and communicating key decisions with the midwife and nurses based on our birth plan. Having Shari as part of our birth team was the best decision ever.

For anyone considering a doula, I highly recommend Shari. Our experience was a 10 out of 10, and we oculdn't have done it without her!

Brenton Hund


Shari has been our doula for both of our children.  She is incredibly knowledgable and an asset during birth.  Because we wanted to do natural birth and wanted to decline some of the (what we consider unnecessary) procedures typically performed on newborns at the hospital, we found it very helpful to have Shari advocating on our behalf in real time at the hospital.  Shari was superb with my wife during her labor, just superb, coaching her through each contraction and helping her natualy get to the finish line.  She was also indespensable in helping us formulate our birth plan prior to each birth and helping us to prepare.   I would not hesitate to recommend Shari and would, in fact, urge you to reach out to her.  Our experiences would not have been the same without Shari and we are indebted to her with gratitude.

janae hunter


One of the best things I ever did for my pregnancy was hire Shari and Margaret as my doulas!! They were absolutely amazing as a team!! Shari helped me make some very important decisions for my baby girl and I. Margaret and Shari worked together to coach me through my birth. I don't know how I would have done it without them. They felt like family, we were so comfortable. Margaret came by my house and sat with me for about six hours before we headed to the hospital were we met Shari. Shari is a wealth of knowledge and knew the hospital inside out. Once my baby girl was born Margret came to see me and help with breastfeeding. I will defiantly be having her assist me again in the near future!! P.s. They give the best massages in labor. :) We will forever love you ladies!

Anna Heiliger


Shari was just wonderful. She was very helpful with questions during my pregancy, and making me feel more confident and relaxed about the birth (my second child, and I was dreading going through natural childbirth a second time, knowing what I was in store for). Shari met me at the door to the hospital when I was in labor, and I didn't get there until the very end of labor. My contractions were very intense and she calmed me down, helped me be more comfortable, then got me into a delivery room ASAP. She calmly coached me through only about 20 minutes of pushing, then out the baby came! Right at the end, I was very overwhelmed by how fast the baby was coming, and Shari firmly but kindly told me to take control of the situation. This was exactly what I needed - I finally got control and slowed down the process a little, which saved me a lot of pain! Shari stayed with us for a while and was very helfpul establishing breastfeeding and ensuring I was ok after the delivery. I'd hire Shari again in a heartbeat!

Tricia Strack


She is the best advocate you can have. I was in the hospital for both of my births and she's so knowledgable of the system that she will walk you through everything and what isn't mandatory since hospital staffs sometimes may bully you into making certain decisions. While assertive when she needs to be with others, she's so kind to her clients. Her compassion and desire to serve others shows when her attention is 100% on you during labor.

Even before the birth, she cares to inform her moms of everything birth-related and I learned a lot from the articles she'd send me. She opens your mind to things you may not have considered since they're not part of the status-quo, but is supportive of anything you decide for yourself. She's not pushy at all, just wants you to at least think more deeply and I can appreciate that because I think all too often pregnant women don't know to think for themselves when medical staff tell them how something will be.

Shari is a wonderful communicator and is always available. Her contact with me through email and availability by phone really showed she was there to support me in any way I needed before and after the birth.

Lastly, she has so many tricks up her sleeve to help you during labor. I was induced at around 37 weeks due to a cholestasis diagnosis and I got the pain med-free birth I wanted. Her massage, positioning, and verbal techniques were all so useful and I wouldn't have been able to do it all without her. Having her by my side also allowed my husband a break so that he could enjoy the experience and be there for me in any I needed. I also love that she comes to our house for a post-partum visit to check in.

I love Shari to death and recommend her to anyone giving birth in the area. She empowered me to birth the way I wanted and in turn I had the most pleasant experience. Thank you, Shari!

Jennifer Teems


Shari was a wonderful support for the birth of my second daughter. After a somewhat traumatic first birth experience I wanted a knowledgeable person by my side as an advocate. After my first conversation with Shari it was apparent that she was incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of birth, and has a TON of experience under her belt.

I had two prenatal massages with Shari, who is also a massage therapist. I was able to get to know her a bit better AND have an amazing massage, which was great. I had some low back pain at the time and massage and some exercises Shari recommended really helped.

On our daughter’s birthday Shari arrived at the hospital about the same time my husband and I. Shari went right to work – she somehow talked to the charge RN and got us excused from having to go through triage. Then, she made sure the pool was quickly set up and filled so I could labor in the water. Shari coached me through different movements/positions to try during labor to help open my pelvis. She is a big advocate of connecting with your baby and your body during labor, so asked me to reach down and feel my baby’s head. This was not something I would have done on my own, but it was pretty cool to feel my baby’s hair before her head even emerged, and very motivating as it was starting to get difficult. After I started pushing, my daughter was completely out in a few pushes. When she emerged from the water, she whined once and then just looked at us very calmly. It was a beautiful moment, and such a healing experience given our first birth.

Shari continued to check in on nursing and how I felt postpartum. I feel having her as a support was a huge factor in what has been a more successful nursing experience the second time around as well.

Shari is truly passionate about babies and mamas alike. Hiring her was the first good decision we made in our daughter’s life… hopefully that trend will continue!

Brooke Bender Kaskey


I was fortunate to engage Shari's services over the summer of 2015 leading up to my son's birth in September that year. She gets started right away helping you develop your birth plan, discussing options and educating you on labor and delivery processes and baby care. She has a very consultative approach to birth and post-pardum services, which was very helpful to me considering this was my first birth, and I had a lot of questions. Shari will be a fierce advocate for you. During my natural labor process and unplanned C-section at DeKalb Medical, she helped coach and prepare me for every step. She knew the staff and was able to navigate issues on my behalf. She also worked well with my husband and sister, providing them guidance and support as they attended the birth. She is kind, straight-forward and very encouraging, and I would highly recommend her for your hospital or home birth.

Rebecca Sully


Shari has been my doula for two births, and it could not have gone better. She used her knowledge to support me throughout the pregnancy. I received many articles about birth, breastfeeding, and post partum care for mom & baby. Then during labor she was amazing. As a trained massage therapist with 30 years experience, her physical strength was fantastic to apply pressure to my lower back during each contraction (2nd birth), and to assist in giving me counter pressure to push the baby out during my first birth. Then after labor she ensured the baby latched and was nursing, and that I was in good health. She also made follow up calls to check in.

She he always has an answer for my many questions. Always uses information based sources. She is like a mother & best friend rolled into one. She included my husband in both births. He felt comfortable to reach out to her on his own, and she welcomed this.

In Atlanta, you can't find a more knowledgable, supportive, caring, experienced doula. I know several and have recommended her many many times. All who have used her services have been impressed and pleased. I am so grateful to have her as a part of my births. My friends and I still compare Shari stories at moms nights. Oh, and as a character reference; she also donates her time to under privledged moms & victims of domestic violence, transports donor milk, and more

I am happy to share more info if you have specific questions. Contact Shari & ask for me as a reference.

Joshua Saul


What kind of birthing experience do you want?  If you're like us you wanted one where you could focus on the process, be with each other and welcome baby into the world in a warm, relaxed environment - even if that was in a hospital.  The few times I've been in a hospital it was less than warm, relaxed and inviting.  We wanted someone who would be our advocate in this setting and also guide us through the birth while working with our midwife.  A friend recommended Shari and I can truly say that Shari is THE doula to have in Atlanta.  Not only did she protect us, guide us and enourage us to reach our goal of a natural child birth she was there for us after and still is!  I can't say enough about how much we loved having her be with us for the birth of our son and how great a resource she has been after as we adjust to having our first baby.  She is awesome - more than awesome - truly a blessing! Thanks Shari!!

Nelu Gouskos


Shari is the most amazing doula. My husband and I are so grateful for her support and guidance during my pregnancy, during endless hours of labor (2 days!) and even after our son was born. She was always available to answer any questions I had during the pregnancy and provided me with tons of useful information.  When we met to go over our birth plan, she spent so much time with us and gave us wonderful information that really helped us feel more prepared. This was my second birth, but I had a c-section with my first and did not have a good experience. My second birth was an entirely different experience, and I really owe it all to Shari's guidance and support. I was able to have a successful VBAC and the birth I had wanted and couldn't have done it without Shari! My husband and I can't say enough good things about our experience with her. She genuinely cares about her clients and goes above and beyond what's required of her. She has given us so much advice, even after the baby was born and we are so lucky to know her and have her in our lives!! She is the absolute BEST!!!!

Jenny Haddle


Shari is a strong, generous and assertive doula. As a first-time mother, I was new to birth plans and the politics of birthing. From the beginning, Shari helped me make informed decisions regarding my birth plan and gave me sound advice on how to make sure that my birth plan was honored by my midwife and hospital staff. When my labor started, I was escorted to the hospital by well-meaning but stress-generating family. Shari met me at the hospital along with her apprentice, Beth, and helped me to reassure my family of my safety and to suggest that they go home until the baby was born. Since I was only 3 cm dilated at the time, Shari invited me back to her house to labor until I was closer to full dilation. Shari's home was a welcoming and comforting place to labor, and it was only a few hours before we were headed back to the hospital. Although my labor progressed quickly in the beginning, it slowed at the hospital. During this trying time, Shari was there to coach me and help me to understand my options medically. I accepted Pitocin, which induced strong contractions and helped my labor to progress more quickly. In the absence of an involved midwife, Shari made sure I understood ways in which I could make myself comfortable and helped me to rest. Due to the position of my baby, my delivery ended up needing the assistance of a doctor and forceps. There was a long period of waiting for the doctor to arrive as strong Pitocin induced contractions wracked my body. Despite her fatigue, Shari stayed at the foot of my bed as I labored through all these contractions, unable to sleep. I am grateful to Shari for her strength and calm demeanor and happy I chose her to serve as the doula for my birth. I highly recommend her and will definitely invite her to be the doula for all of my future births.

Shelley Bowman


Shari was a great doula! Any questions I had, she knew the answer to. She was very good at keeping me calm, and preparing me for a natural childbirth. She never told me what to think or what decisions to make, but always gave her opinion/advice and listened to mine as well. Shari was continuously sending me articles that pertained to any questions I had asked her, or just articles that were helpful and geared toward a natural birth, which is what I wanted. She also helped me find a pack n play and sent me a little care package after Braylee was born. Shari was a lifesaver in the delivery room! After all the excitement, she helped me remember my birth plan key points and made sure that the nurses followed my wishes when I was too preoccupied with my new baby to do so myself. Shari also helped me with the first feeding of my baby, telling me how to have the baby latch. If I had a second baby I would definately use Shari again! She was a very helpful, to the point, informative, caring doula.

Ashley Sackett


Having Shari with me through my birth experience was absolutely amazing. I could not have gotten through it without her. Both my husband and I could not have been more pleased with the support that she provided not only during labor, but throughout my pregnancy. Shari was always available to talk through anything that I was feeling or thinking about. She provided tons of information to me througbout my pregnancy so I was able to make informed decisions about my birth plan. During my labor she was all of the encouragement and support that I could have asked for in a doula. She did everything in her power to help me be comfortable and feel empowered while delivering my baby. I would definitely recommend her to anyone wno is interested in having a labor doula.

Michele Damitio


Shari was my doula for the recent birth of my daughter this spring! I had a successful planned home birth surrounded by a birthing team whom I trusted and felt entirely comfortable with. Shari played a major role in coaching and guiding my husband help me stay focused while I labored. Even though this was my first pregnancy, I had a very quick labor but was not afraid....She intuitively knew when I needed guidance or a comforting touch. I felt confident throughout the whole experience because I knew I was in good hands :)

I knew during my initial interview with Shari that I didn't have to look for a doula any longer! She has a calming energy...shes like your favorite crazy cool aunt! Her passion for anything women & baby is obvious and she had lots of wisdom in case I needed some advice. I would aabsolutely choose her again as my doula for my next pregnancy because she was right for me :)

Aida Hinshaw


Shari was our doula for the birth of our daughter Olive! I found out about her and Margaret when I went to a meet and greet for a midwife practice. There were a lot of other doulas there but Shari and Margaret stood out to me the most. I later contacted her and met with both of them. They were my first interview but after I met them, I did not even bother meeting with anyone else. They were there for me throughout the pregnancy. They were extremely supportive and I always knew that no matter what question I had, Shari would always have an answer.

We had a long labor but they was part of my support system every step of the of the way. I labored at home for about 24 hours and then went to the hospital around five in the morning. Margaret met us there. I was having a really hard time and the advice she gave me off the bat was more helpful then any class or book I read. I was in labor for another 24 more hours at the hospital and they both had my back every step of the way. I just don't know what I would have done without their love and support. They were not just there for me but also for my husband. It just made such a big difference having them there. No matter how hard it got, I look back at my labor as a wonderful experience and not only because we got a baby in the end . It overall was a great experience because I had an amazing support team and fantastic doulas that got shit done!

Even now, our daughter is four months old and I still depend on Shari when I don't know what I am doing. I really could not have asked for more.

I love you and you will always be like family to me.

Nicole Milliken


Shari is an exceptional doula with a multitude of talents. She was my doula for my first birth in November. Her knowledge about ALL birthing scenarios and her fun, easy going attitude (and awesome sense of humor) is what makes her the best doula to have in the room. During my birthing time, Shari knew exactly what to say and when to say it. I was never afraid because her reactions during that time reminded me that everything was normal. For a woman giving birth, that is a godsend! If you are put to ease, you have a much easier birth! She met with us twice before the Big Day and made sure we knew exactly what to expect when the time came. During my awesome birth, she gave only encouragement and strength which made me feel powerful. She knew how to control the room without being controlling and, in a hospital birth, that is such a uniquely strong power to have in that setting. Her warm and kind hands helped me when the baby was born. She stayed to make sure he latched and got all the nutrients he needed for his first night on earth! Her follow-up visit was right on time. She chatted with us and made sure the whole family was progressing in a positive way (we were because our birthing experience was so awesome!) She was an encouraging voice for my husband while I was in my birthing time and he found her presence calming and empowering. This is a time when you want the most knowledgable people in the room. You want encouragemen, love, and a non-intrusive energy. Shari is definitely that person you want in the room.

Kim Kleiber


Shari was my doula for both the birth of my son over 4 years ago and more recently the birth of my daughter a few weeks ago. Her knowledge, expertise, and love of all things “mothers and babies” was invaluable during both pregnancies and labors. She showed my husband and me tremendous support leading up to the births by sharing articles and information as well as being available for any questions. During the labors, she guided me and assisted me throughout the entire process, and she supported me to have the best birth experience possible.  She was able to gently make suggestions about subtle movements during labor that provided me such relief and helped me progress. I would rehire Shari in a heartbeat!

Chrissy Bruso


My husband and I were impressed with Shari's warmth, honesty and intelligence in our very first meeting with her.  The confidence with which she approaches her work is matched by her passion for empowering women and parents throughout the entire childbirth process.  Shari loves people deeply and is not afraid to be completely honest, sharing her perspective and thoughts from her extensive, up-to-date research on every topic you could imagine related to labor, delivery and women's health in general.  Shari does not ever panic, which is one of the most needful qualities for serving women and parents in childbirth.  I had numerous changes to my birth plan during the labor and delivery process, and I felt empowered, strengthened and encouraged by Shari's calm and steady presence through each turn.  I could not have chosen a better doula to be with my husband and I during the most sacred time in our lives of birthing our first child.  If you are looking for a strong, kind, positive, highly intelligent and empowering doula, look no further!

Austin Cohen


The experience we had with Shari is something I recommend to every single pregnant mother.

This was our first child and not knowing anything of what to expect, how to handle contractions, when to go to the hospital, or other questions we had about our birth, we decided to hire Shari. Many people I know who anticipate on having a natural child birth with extreme success all had doulas so we figured we would do the same.

Shari met with us a couple times to get to know our personalities and educated us about what to expect and what the birthing process should be like.

In one Midwifery appointment we had an extremely negative experience, we called Shari, and within 1 hour she had us at another doctor office for a second opinion.

Once the birth process began she met us at the hospital and stayed by our side giving us the ultimate experience. We checked in to the hospital at 6:00 PM and by 11:25 PM the baby came out. Shari guided us along the whole way and during contractions she was helping with breathing instructions, how to deal with contracions, and guiding us on when is the right time to move from shower to bath to bed.

The whole experience was 5 star and Shari is a true class act  who can help any pregnant mom have the birth experience they want.

She came over a week after the baby was born for some pointers and tips on breastfeeding, swaddling, and other techniques to help make the first couple months much easier.

You can see the passion within Shari's eyes and heart, and there is nobody else I would recommend than Shari Aizenman.

Laura B.


I am still thanking God and singing praises for having Shari at the birth of my perfect daughter. I know that everyone in the birthing room plays a part in making sure my baby and I are safe, but Shari was the ONE person who always had my back. She kept me on track, on focus and kept my husband and me in a clear space to realize our dreams in our birth.

One of the most important things, however, in retrospect, that she did, was to see, immediately after we had our baby, that we remembered our breastfeeding goals, and we remembered that immediate bonding time can NEVER be recaptured, and when I was at my most vulnerable, right after my birth, she held that sacred space for me. The baby nurse was insisting that getting my baby in the computer was imperative in the first hour and my husband (not a small man) stood up for our rights and reminded her that establishing a latch was more important. We learned that from Shari and are forever grateful! We stood up for our rights as new parents and we never would have known that we could if not for her.

If you are looking for a full-circle birth partner, someone who will walk the mile with you, please consider Shari as your doula. She will stand by your side, she will take your hand, she will protect your heart, she will focus your mind, she will drop to her hold that all-important space for you to realize your birth ideals. We cannot have done this, we could not have had THIS birth THIS way without Shari as part of our team.

We will have our next children in the safety and sanctity of our home and we will have Shari by our side. My baby and I have a wonderful breastfeeding relationship and are still going strong! Yea for us and consider having Shari at your birth so you know your rights and can remember what is important to you in your birthing time! God bless!

Andrea SugarMama Robinson


Our experience with Shari was awesome! Our baby girl actually came in the car as we pulled into the hospital but the support we received from Shari afterwards was priceless! Shari met us at AMC and had a triage team waiting for us. Without hesitation, Shari took off her shirt and covered her up. She handed me the umbilical cord so that I could tell when it stopped pulsating. When it did, she clamped it and had my husband cut it then handed our daughter to him.

Then she helped me on to the gourney and took amazing care of me for the next two hours. She fed me and pumped me with juice and water because I said I felt a little shakey. I had not taken a breastfeeding class so helped me get her latched. Once we did that, she took the best photo of me, my daughter and my mother. She made sure that the nurses had my wishes as far as vaccinations, etc. and made sure I was nice and comfy before she left.

While we ended up needing very little support on birth day the support we received from Shari once we got home was invaluable. I had a VERY hard time with breast feeding. Being a nanny, I was very familiar with baby cries and although most newborns are not hungry for a day or two, my tiny girl was hungry our first night home and my colostrum wasn't doing it! A quick call to Shari and wihtin half an hour my husband came home with about 30 oz. of donor milk and dropper syringes.

Over the next 8 weeks. Shari connected us with two different donors in addition to providing us with hundreds of ounces of donor milk herself. Our daughter will be 3 months old next week and we receive regular supply from both of these donors. She was born 5lbs. 14oz. and now she weighs over 12 lbs. She has thrived due to the connection we had with Shari. Additionally, Shari payed us a visit and taught us a few baby tricks (that even I didn't know about) that REALLY helped us out.

Shari was an amazing doula and we will retain her again!

Linsey Martin


Shari is an extraordinary person and a truly gifted doula. Throughout my pregnancy she was always available to answer my questions and provide relevant but not overbearing advice.She shared many educational articles, which helped me tremendously in making important decisions regarding my upcoming birth, caring for myself and for a newborn. From the moment I met her, I felt Shari truly cared about me and my upcoming birth. It was clear she not only wanted me to be informed but to share in the decision making process in childbirth. This was very important to me as I was planning an unmedicated VBAC and felt like I didn't have a large part of any decision during the birth of my first child. Shari spent a lot of time talking to me about my first birth. She could sense my first birth experience was still a sore spot for me and she introduced me to hypnotherapy, which healed the lingering issues from my prior experience. When I went into labor and needed her, Shari was at my house quickly. Shari suggested and supported me through many labor positions that helped my labor advance and my baby move into the optimal position to be born.I felt that Shari anticipated what I needed and provided it before I even asked.I wanted her to talk to me during pressure waves to distract me and she always had something meaningful to say and was never repetitive.There were times when she would whisper something in my ear and times when she would say something out loud and it was always the perfect time for what she was saying and how she delivered the message.She continually advocated for me with respect to the hospital staff. She made suggestions to my husband on how to be involved and help during certain labor positions.She kept me calm and in the right place mentally. After my baby was born Shari stayed by my side for a few hours. She checked in on me the following week and we've formed a friendship through our time together.I could not be more grateful to have had her by my side.

Kyle Hinshaw


Shari and her partner Margaret were an incredible support system to my wife and me during my wife's pregnancy and our daughter's birth. Shari sent us (and continues to send) informative articles to prepare us for labor and parenting, met with us to go over the birth plan, recommended wonderful classes to prepare us for labor, connected us with a terrific lactation consultant, and shared her tremendous birth experiences with us. She was always on call (even in the middle of the night) to answer questions and ease our minds; she even helped my wife pick a midwife practice that supported her birth plan and provided water births.

While the support that Shari and Maragaret gave to my wife during her labor was impeccable, Shari also gave me confidence as a labor partner. She encouraged me to be an active member of the support team, answered the many questions I had throughout the process, and also allowed me to grab a shower and a nap when my wife was resting (we had an incredibly long labor). i even got to catch the baby!

Her experience was helpful when making difficult choices about possible interventions during birth, and she helped my wife and I think through the pros and cons of each decision so we felt empowered -- we were never worried we were making the wrong decision.

I would recommend Shari to any of my friends, family, or a stranger on the street. We will hire her for any future births -- I am personnally relieved that I didn't have to support my wife on my own. My wife's laboring at the hospital could have been a really exhausting and terrifying experience and I was so thrilled to have a support system with experience to navigate the unknowns throughout the birth process.

We have had great post-partum support from Shari as well. She helped my wife nurse our daughter minutes after she was born, made sure we settled in comfortably at the hospital, and met with us a few weeks after birth to check in. Love Shari! Hire her!

Barbara Rafter Jones


For the birth of our 2nd child, we chose Shari to be our doula; she seemed a good match, personality-wise: wise, caring, and oh, so funny, with just the right amount of sarcasm thrown in for good measure.  She seemed to be a strong presence, a strong will, as well.  Little did we know at the outset how much we would come to value these specific traits in her.

Fast forward to D-day. I had planned to deliver VBAC, unmedicated, but from the moment labor started, the whole process felt different than with my first child.  I labored alone, both at work and at home, for a good portion of the day.  By mid-afternoon, however, my resolve was waning. Several times, I told my husband that I wasn't sure I wanted to continue, that I didn't think I was up to the job.

Enter Shari.  From the moment she arrived, she was both a calming force, and a rock; her assertiveness that I "can do it. You've got this," brought me back to center and back on task. Her knowledge of both hospital protocols and procedures and the birthing process ensured that we were never taken by surprise, and I found her to be a staunch advocate for myself and my baby.  She was a stellar partner in the process, and completely indispensable. She was just the right person at just the right time.

In the months leading up to the birth of our daughter, she took the time to help me educate myself on options and interventions, allowing us to create the birth plan that we wanted. She also helped to document our birth, as best she could.

In the end, my VBAC occured with no interventions, and it occurred in the water, just as I'd hoped. I credit Shari, first and foremost, for helping me have an amazing birth experience. She's the best!

Debi Rice


Shari has been with me through the birth of both of my daughters and I can't begin to imagine what either experience would have been like if she hadn't been there.  She has so much knowledge about the entire birth process and truly helps you understand everything so you can make the best decisions for your family.  She provides constant support and love throughout the process and creates such a safe and secure environment during the birthing process.  I'm grateful I found Shari and would strongly recommend her to anyone looking to use a Doula.

Michelle Vogel


So glad we had Shari as our doula. I had a sense of reassurance knowing she was there and I loved her relaxed, calm demeanor. It put me at ease. She was also of great support to my husband during our labor and after. 

Shari was like a fairy godmother for us and our baby. She looked in on us after the birth and visited us in the hospital. She has assisted us on several different occasions since, also, and we remain in touch today. She provided humor and sage advice before, during and after the birth. Over and over, she would remind me to be kind to myself and not to worry about the things I was worrying about. I would say that bottom line, Shari is about common sense. I tend to be an overthinker and she would calmly steer me back to a place where I felt comfortable trusting my intuition.

Shari is also all about evidence-based research and encouraging her clients to educate themselves and to make decisions based on what is right for their families.

Shari encouraged me to try a lot of different positions during labor and that really helped the time fly and kept me distracted and occupied. I had a longer labor (20+ hours) and so that was extremely important.

Basically she rocks and we love her. Highly recommend!

Lesley Lang


I am not even sure that I have the proper words to express how much I love Shari! She, hands down, helped to create the amazing birth experience that I had.

Due to insurance reasons, I delivered at a big hospital and with a large med-wife practice I wasn’t super comfortable with, so I wanted someone to be my advocate and also a strong voice for me throughout the process. My husband and I knew the moment we met her that she is who we wanted to support us during the birth of our second child.

Shari seems to know exactly what you need before you even know you need it. My first child was OP, and it was a very long and difficult labor. Shari sent me all sorts of information on baby positions & exercises to do to get my baby into the optimal birth position. My second birth was so different w/ a baby in the correct position, and I attribute much of that to the education I got from Shari! She is who I always turned to when I had questions (not my med-wife) and needed emotional support. I knew I could count on Shari to help talk through the different options and make me feel strong in my decisions.

I felt confident laboring at my house for a much longer time because I knew that Shari would know when it was time to head to the hospital. She knew I wanted to be there for the least amount of time possible (I was only at the hospital for 1 1/2 hours before my son was born). She was a great voice for me at the hospital during labor and after the birth, guiding us through the many questions nurses came in asking about and helping us preserve the birth we wanted (not letting them push us into something we didn’t want).

Shari is unbelievably generous, kind hearted, and so genuine. I am so grateful we met her, not only because my memories of my son’s birth are so happy because of her help, but also because she has become such a good friend to both me and my husband. As a bonus, she is also an amazing massage therapist!

Amanda Ripley


I cannot say enough amazing things about Shari. Through this journey I not only gained an amazing doula, but a lifelong friend. Shari helped me through my journey of TOLA2C, with hopes of a VBA2C. She lifted me up in positivity and truly believed in me. She was there for me through my prenatal journey and provided information to help us make decisions regarding my birth and post partum baby care. When it came time for my birth, Shari came to my house and helped me labor in my tub- an experience I will never forget. I labored for 23 hours and could never have done it without Shari and Margaret's support. Not only did they know how to get me through each contraction, they supported my husband and helped him support me. Shari and Margaret were my advocates and helped me and my husband make every decision regarding me and my baby's care. Though my birth ended in a necessary cesarean, it was still one of the most empowering and incredible experiences I have ever been through. It was a completely different experience than my other births and I credit that to Shari and Margaret. Their support did not end at the birth of my baby. They provided insight and support as I processed my birth story and helped me accept the necessity of my surgical birth. Without them I do not know how I would have processed those was so important to me to have people that I trusted that were skilled in natural birth there at my side. Shari had also recommended that I encapsulate my placenta, something that I was very skeptical about at first. After hearing so many overwhelmingly positive experiences, I decided to do it. I credit much of my wonderful post partum healing to those "happy pills." This was my 3rd c section and I have never bounced back physically or emotionally quite as quickly as I did this time. Shari is more than a doula- she is truly an angel among us. As a bonus, she is also an incredible massage therapist. Hands down, birth is better with Shari.

Audrey Hynes


I had a successful vbac, and I am positive that it was possible because I hired Shari. My labor was surprisingly very difficult, and she provided so much kind, considerate, compassionate and powerful support and strength the entire 18 hours of labor. She stayed by my side, helped my husband, navigated through the maze of doctors and nurses, and she really knows how to alleviate the pain by repositioning the body. I wish I knew about her for my first delivery, and if we have more children I will definitely hire her again. Not only did she help me enormously through my challenging labor and delivery, she provided support after the birth. She is amazing and professional. I can't thank her enough for all of her support... and, she is a wealth of information.

Angie Atkins


I was 38 weeks pregnant when I decided I wanted a doula. I was really usure if that was the route I should take. I figured that I could do it on my own and with the help of my husband. After speaking with my OBGYN, and telling him my concerns- he gave me Shari's name and number. I spoke with Shari on the phone and she personally came to my home to visit and speak with me about my vision and what I expected from the labor and birth process. Immediately, I felt a strong connection with Shari. She understood my fears and was open to hearing all my concerns. We remained in contact throughtout the last weeks of my pregnancy. I went over 9 days and with every symptom of labor i felt comfortable speaking with her to ease my worry and to know if it was the real deal. She always had positive things to say and kept me sane During those moments when I thought the baby would never  come.

At the hospital, she arrived at 2am to help with my stronger contractions and was there sup porting me 100% she knew exactly what to do to help me thru my hard contractions. I had a natural labor and vbac. I know that I wouldn't have been able to push thru without her there. She always remained positive and reminded me that I was meant to birth a baby. Those words of encouragement really motivated to keep chugging along. I'm so happy with my decision in hiring a doula and especially with Shari as my doula. I plan and hope to do the same with my next pregnancy.

Jamie Hurney


Shari is very well-established and respected in the birthing community.  She knows the best practitioners and can guide you wisely.  When I first met Shari, I was under the care of a midwife (med-wife) operating within a large Northside practice.  I was at 34 weeks and was told that if my breech baby did not turn, I would HAVE to have a C-Section.  I had been taking Bradley Birthing classes and very much wanted a natural birth, so this was very upsetting to me.  Shari gently guided me to Dr. Bootstaylor, who supports breech birth.  After interviewing with him, I knew this was exactly where I was supposed to be.  Shari supported me throughout the next several weeks as I worked through anxiety that the previous med-wife had given me about a natural breech birth.   When the time came, Shari and Margaret Byrne were right by my side as Dr. Bootstaylor and Anna, an Intown Midwifery intern, delivered my breech baby into the world without any interventions.  The birth was as smooth and uneventful as can be and my baby was strong and healthy.  I find it hard to fathom that at the hands of another doctor (almost any other doctor), I would have been an automatic c-section.   I can't thank Shari enough for steering me to Dr. Bootstaylor and for supporting me through the third trimester and birth so that I could have the birth experience that I wanted.

Susan Hardwick Bess


Shari is a doula’s doula. She went above and beyond, helping us non-stop for 20 hours of active labor, and for over a week of “early” labor and contractions. Her expertise in dealing with both the hospital and in helping us manage our very conventional OB practice was invaluable. Her guidance spared me from having an caesarean birth, which we so wanted to avoid.

Being an older mom posed real challenges with our healthcare providers, who treated me as high-risk despite there being absolutely no problems with my pregnancy. Shari’s presence gave me the confidence to pursue the birth we thought was best for us and our son, despite them worrying me with all the things that “might” go wrong.

Her special talents in understanding how to relieve pain during labor were especially helpful as I have back problems from previous injuries. Her pre-birth visits and birth plan discussions helped us to navigate all the choices we needed to make for our son’s care, and gave us the extra information we needed to make informed decisions. She knew when to calm me and when to encourage. She even knew ways to configure the bed that the OB attending didn’t know, nor my midwife. I only pushed 45 mins due to her know-how.

Due our baby's large size the neonatal team wanted to test his blood sugar.   It is common for large babies to have a drop in blood sugar, and they would want to give him glucose or supplement him with formula, which would compromise breast feeding.  She ensured he had colostrum right away, which helped to keep his blood sugar stable.

A real bonus with Shari is her rolodex of other providers. From lactation consultants to pediatricians, even photographers, she knows other wonderful and talented people who are also excellent providers of service. She also provides a huge list of links to articles on every birth and baby topic imaginable to help you be more educated.

Jessica Vig


My husband and I gave birth to our first baby in May 2014 and Margaret and Shari and Margaret (Byrne) were our doulas. We cannot express enough gratitude to these two wonderful women for all the emotional and physical support they provided for both of us.

Shari and Margaret came to our house for an inital pre-natal appointment and set us at ease immediately. They really listened to us, supported and encouraged our wishes. In the following weeks, they were always available to answer questions, or to talk about any concerns that we had. Additionally, they regularly emailed us articles with information about pregnancy, labor and delivery, breastfeeding, etc.--arming us with great information to assist in making decisions.

During our labor, Shari and Margaret knew all kinds of different comfort measures to try, suggesting them at just the right time. Furthermore, having been involved with so many births at AMC, they knew exactly what to expect from the moment we arrived at the hospital, and helped us navigate that stage of our labor. With their incredible support, we had a beautiful, memorable birth.

We highly recommend Shari. You will be lucky to have her as your doula!

Christina Davis


I found Shari to be very responsive to questions I had during my pregnancy and I enjoyed her emails with articles and resources for my partner and I to read. They sparked so many more questions, research and conversations. During labor, Shari kept in touch with me on the phone and was able to tell me exactly when to head to the hospital. We met her at the hospital and she was extremely helpful. My husband says that there was no way we could have done this without her and I have to agree. She helped make me as comfortable as possible and empowered my husband to take part in the labor and assist. She gave me information and instruction during labor and her words of encouragement helped me through. Post labor she made certain my birth plan was followed just as I had written out and she stayed as an advocate for us and our baby. When I returned home, Shari remained in close contact with me, answering questions and checking on us. She visited the house and checked in on how we were coping and how I was feeling. In the end, I was able to have a water birth without any interventions and was able to bond with my baby after the birth without disruption and feel that Shari played a huge role in assisting this all in happening. I still have her as a resource and am forever grateful for that.

Meredith Maxwell


For my daughter's birth, my husband and I knew we were aiming for a normal, physiologic birth. To improve our chances, we knew we wanted the support of an experienced and well-recommended doula. Shari was both of these. From the first meeting with Shari, we felt at ease and very confident in Shari's knowledge of evidence-based decision making for pregnancy and birth. Her guidance and confidence in my ability to birth my daughter was a huge reason why we were successful in laboring and having an intervention and medication free birth. Early in labor, she created a safe and protective environment in which to labor, and allowed me to stay at home for as long as possible. Her gentle touch and massage were such a perk! Towards the end of the birth, the position of my daughter's head was not optimal, and my cervix was swollen. My midwife suggested that an epidural might be necessary to slow down the progress of labor and increase the liklihood of a vaginal birth.  Shari's experience and intuition about what positions I could move in to allow birth to continue were essential and SO appreciated, and allowed me to continue to labor and deliver our healthy 8 lb 11oz baby girl. If you are looking for a protective, expert mama-bear to guide your birth with wisdom and love, I highly recommend Shari, she's wonderful.

Laura Capps


This being our first child, my husband and I knew we'd need a lot of support during the pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I also knew there was much for us to learn, but wasn't sure where to start.

We knew instantly that Shari would be the right fit for us. She is very upfront and aggressive, as needed, in communicating.We knew instantly that she'd have no problem taking control when we needed it most and that we could trust her when we were most vulnerable.

She sent me relevant information throughout the pregnancy andpostpartum phase. The information is timely based on the phase we are in so it doesn't overwhelm us and often answers our questions just as they arise.

In addition to providing excellent doula services, she also offers massage therapy.

She knows everyone in the prenatal and labor community. She helped us find our labor class and placenta encapsulation specialist.

She was also very helpful in counseling us on setting up boundaries with our family and friends.Shari guided us through effectively communicating our needs while also setting up a safe space for me and our new family unit.

Her response time to questions is impeccable - usually within minutes. When my slow induction suddenly took a turn to an emergency cesarean, Shari was at the hospital in less than 20 minutes supporting my husband and ensuring the birth plan was followed. She made certain the placenta was saved, which has helped me tremendously with recovery. She helped my husband get immediate skin to skin contact. While I was still coming to in the recovery room she helped the baby latch for his first nursing and a whole host of other details that made all the difference in my birth experience.

Since the birth, her postpartum visits are great. As always, she's just a text or phone call away if we have any questions.

We adore Shari and cannot imagine a birth without her.

Kelley LeBlanc


My daughter, Meredith, a recent med school grad, did her research and decided that a normal birth with no medication was best for her and her baby. Because I am a chiropractor and have a strong foothold in the Georgia birth community, she asked me to recommendation a doula. I told her that you, Shari Aizenman, were the doula that I wish that I had had at my birth. I knew you would act as Meredith's advocate in the hospital and protect her like a mother bear with her cub. I knew your advice would be based on the best information available, because you know the research. I knew your extensive experience would be Meredith's best guide. The day of the birth (5/31/14) your strong leadership, Shari, instilled both inspiration and confidence in our team of mom, hubby and grandmother. When Meredith was going through the worst pain, I was afraid. But I looked at you and found reassurance. Meredith had a hard but wonderful birth. It was a peak experience for the mom, dad and me. One that has changed us forever. Baby Caroline was healthy and alert from the very first moment. Given the baby's less than perfect head position, I know that if you had not been there, Shari, it could easily have been a very different outcome. I owe you a debt I can never repay and I love you for giving us such a great gift.

Veronica Jarrin


Working with Shari was a wondeful experience and exceeded all my expectations regarding the work and role of a doula during labor and delivery. I am a very practical person and when I called Shari I had a very specific plan: “get to the hospital just to push”. I attend a very traditional practice and delivered at a very traditional hospital and was not likely to change but I knew I needed help during labor in order to have a natural delivery. The things that impressed me the most were:

1. Shari came to our home before delivery to meet my family and answer all our questions.

2. She encouraged me to send her updates throughout my pregnancy (doctors’ visits, swelling of legs, etc.) just to keep her informed and also to answer any questions or concerns.

3. The day of the deliver she came into our home and spent some time just observing which was VERY important in my opinion. She took the time to asses my progress and also the right way to approach me during labor.

4. Labor once she came into action was the most incredible experience, she was quick to make decisions. Once we arrived to the hospital she communicated very well with the staff and gave me what seem crystal clear instructions on how to position and push. Delivery went so fast the doctor did not even make it and I never got the IV drip. Need I say more? My baby boy was born in what seemed like a flash.

5. She stayed with us at the hospital until I felt conformable and was able to breastfeed my son and she has kept in touch ever since then.

This is my second child and I cannot imagine going through labor and delivery without Shari. She is an amazing doula!

Heidi Perez


We cannot say enough about how positive our experience was with Shari. From the moment we met her, we felt so at ease with the upcoming birth of our daughter. Aside from being an amazing doula in the delivery room, Shari has a wealth of knowledge that she readily shares with her families. In the weeks leading up to our due date, Shari was constantly available to answer questions and provide encouragement in those final weeks. Our daughter was born at Atlanta Medical Center, which Shari knows like the back of her hand, making us feel even more comfortable with what to bring and what to expect. When she arrived, everything fell into place, and we could not have asked for a better birth experience. She literally lifted me up, tied back my hair, and cheered me on through an intense and wonderful natural water birth. Shari was also a pillar of support in the days following, visiting us at our home and sharing in those previous postpartum moments. In addition to Shari's individualized attention, her partnership with Margaret (whom we also adore) gave us extra confidence that we would have the support we needed regardless of our final "birth date". We highly recommend the doula experience and Shari to anyone expecting a baby. She is a blessing to our family!

Meredith Cherry


I hadn't actually considered hiring a doula until a month before my due date and I'm SO glad I did. I met Shari and immediately knew she was the right choice for us. i had a csection with my first son and desperately wanted a more positive experience with my second so I planned to have an unmedicated VBAC. There is absolutely no way I could have done it without Shari and Margaret. Choosing to have them there as part of my support team was the best decision we made regarding preparing for birth.

My labor lasted 38 hours (much longer than I ever considered possible) and was truly the most challenging moment of my life. Had I not had their amazing support and knowledge I would have never been able to stick with my birth plan. In the end I was able to have a successful VBAC and the difference it has made for me both mentally and physically in the postpartum period made the long and challenging labor worth it! As my husband and I continue to recount the birth experience we both continually find ourselves saying "we could not have done it without them".  We are now at home with our 2 boys and all is wonderful. It has been such an empowering experience and I have my amazing doulas to thank!!

Carly Glisson


Shari provided us with continuing support before, during and after labor. She has a wealth of knowledge, resources and contacts that were extremely helpful and educational. I was not able to get to the hospital in time due to a fast labor, but Shari was there to catch my baby. Hiring her was the best decision that we made.

Merrill Autry Baker


It wasn’t until I became pregnant that I really even considered the idea of a natural childbirth. Unfortunately, this was not a common or popular choice with most of the women in my life, and their skepticism made me begin to doubt my choice. I found Shari’s profile online, and from our very first meeting with her and her doula partner Margaret Byrne, my husband and I felt empowered and supported. They gave me the confidence that not only was I totally capable of having the birthing experience I wanted, but that it was the best thing for my baby.

Shari was wonderful in the time leading up to my birth. Whenever I had questions, she would send me great articles and research. She would offer opinions if I asked for them, but she never made me feel pressured to do things a certain way.

The day I went into labor, Shari and I stayed in close contact on the phone and via text. I wanted to stay at home as long as it was safe to do so, and these women made that possible for me. As things started to become more intense, Margaret and Shari came to my house. They knew exactly when it was time to make our way to the hospital, and after a memorable car ride, I arrived at the hospital already 7 centimeters dilated. In less than an hour and a half, and with no interventions, my baby girl was born.

Shari was unable to stay for the delivery because she had another client in labor, but Margaret was with us the whole time. She has a wonderful, calming nature that was a great fit for me and my husband. Even my OB was impressed by her! I can say without a doubt, that I could NOT have had a natural childbirth without the support of Margaret and Shari. First of all, I wouldn’t stayed at home for as long as I did without the comfort of knowing these women were there with me and would know when I needed to go to the hospital. Most importantly, they gave me confidence in myself and in my body’s ability. We would absolutely use them again!

Amy R.


I wanted to take some time to deeply express my gratitude at the role you played in Andrew’s birth. You know my birth history, so I went into his birth with high hopes but tried to maintain low expectations of myself. I was deeply afraid of failing, of my body not cooperating, of all the random unforeseen circumstances overwhelming my birth and dashing my last hope, last chance at having what I had strived for twice before.

In the weeks that have passed since, I find myself wanting to relive those hours that I labored under your knowledgeable and calm care. I keep replaying everything in my mind and I truly burst with pride that I was actually able to do it. Honestly neither my husband or I really thought that I would be able to. Your support, your knowledge, and your strength provided the framework that I was able to lean on and draw strength from. I also feel that your presence allowed my husband to bring out his inner hypnotist…a skill I had no idea he had! I have felt even closer to him after the birth. We both wanted him to have the leading role in the birth and you expertly guided him to be the support that I knew he was capable of but was too nervous to turn over to him alone.

I find myself being so sad that it’s all over, that it’s done and past. Whoever thought that anyone would want to go through labor again, but a part of me does! It was such a beautiful, life-changing experience for me. Sadly it is definitely my last rodeo, but I’m incredibly grateful that you helped me have the “perfect” birth. It was truly one of the highlights of my entire life.

So thank you…thank you…thank you. I think you realize the power of the work you do, but I know it’s always nice to be reminded. I’m exceptionally grateful for the beautiful way you helped me bring our last child into this world. I will never forget what you did for me and my family.

Shannon Bueno


I'm not sure how I would have managed without Shari. Prior to our birth she made sure we knew what all of our options were and exactly what questions to ask our providers. During labor she was amazing in being able to keep me centered and focused and her experience with bodywork enabled her to anticipate the kind of counter pressure and positioning that I needed even when I couldn't give voice to those needs myself. My active labor was very fast and intense (two hours from water breaking to delivery) and although my husband and I thought we'd have time to try out different things to see what worked in the moment what we really needed was Shari and her experience knowing what would work for us when.

Some of the most valuable of Shari's services came post birth. Her assistance while I was being tended to post birth allowed dad to go with baby and me to relax that both baby and I had the support we needed. Also, an extra set of hands helping to get baby latched and vernix rubbed in during our golden hour was amazing. She was able to guide us and give us confidence in handling our new little person and guide us in communicating our post birth procedure choices with the least amount of stress possible.

Long story short I would highly recommend working with Shari to any couple looking to surround themselves with experienced unwavering support during their birth process.

Cria Gregory Perrine


Shari was amazing in helping us through the birth of our daughter!  I had always wanted and planned on a natural unmedicated birth, but when my contractions started they were really intense and close together, and I really wasn't sure that I could do it.  I completely credit Shari with helping me through so that I ended up having the birth that I wanted.  She came to the house and helped me get into positions that allowed me to rest in the short period during contractions, and timed everything perfectly so that I was already 7cm dilated by the time I got to the hospital. She stayed with us for several hours after the birth making sure we were all settled, and even though we had only hired Shari as a labor and deliver doula and not a postpartum doula, she still came to visit us a few days after we were home from the hospital, and texted a few times in the following weeks to make sure we were ok and didn't need anything.  I highly recommend Shari, particularly for anyone wanting an unmedicated vaginal birth!

Meagan Pfaff


Shari was such a great addition to our birth. Being our first pregnancy, we were extremely nervous. Despite wanting to go natural and getting induced and needing a c section, Shari's constant comfort and expert guidance made me confident that we did all we could and there were no other options. Not only did she help my birth have minimal trauma, but she also educated my husband and I in many ways. She even came to help us in the hospital after her obligations were technically filled. I would recommend her to anyone seeking doula support.

Ilaya Brown


My experience with Shari was amazing. We only spent a few weeks getting to know each other before I had the baby because I looked into getting a doula last minute. I learned more from her in those few weeks than I did online alone and with my doctor.

I chose to have a natural birth and if Shari wasn't there making sure I got what I needed in order to get what I want I wouldn't have had such an amazing birthing experience. My family and I can never thank her enough. She will be present for the birth of all the children I decide to have. She's a member of the family at this point.

Kelly Hendry


Shari was everything I hoped for in a doula. I hired her for the birth of my second child. She was available anytime leading up to my daughter’s birth, for questions or just to listen if needed. Before I thought I needed her during early labor, she stopped by anyway to check on me since she was nearby. I knew she would be the guardian of my wishes for birth and baby care at the hospital, as she was. She is a strong advocate for moms/families when needed; for example, within days after the birth, she wrote a letter to hospital head staff, copying my OB, to complain about various experiences we had at the hospital. She was equally as available in the first weeks postpartum. On one visit she taught me a better technique for swaddling, then swaddled my 7 year old to give her a good dose of special attention, too. Shari is the gentle, strong, spiritual, motherly woman I would want by my side again should we have any more children.

sarah talbot


I chose Shari for the birth of my second child. This time around I wanted a doula with a mothering attitude, because I knew my own mother would not be able to attend the birth. Shari was excellent in preparing me for the chance of a VBAC. I had a lot of hip pain issues, which she was able to address. Having a doula who is also a massage therapist is a winning combination.

The day of my birth was during Snowjam. Her associate, Margret, was able to make it to Northside on the icy roads. Shari and Margret offered support any way they could.

Sherri Walston Merritt


Shari Aizenman is a doula's doula.  She was my doula for the birth of both of my children.  I feel she was instrumental in my being able to have natural deliveries.  She is gifted at what she does and knows exactly how to be the support you need when you need it.  Shari believes in a woman's power to deliver her baby and makes it her business to stay on top of current literature.  Shari passes along helpful information to her clients before and after delivery.  She has also served as an invaluable resource for any questions I had and referred me to quality lactation and birthing classes, beyond the watered down information you receive at the hospital.  Shari will always have a special place in my heart (and my husband's too) because she unraveled the mystery of giving birth and helped me to not fall victim to my fears, but instead, to become empowered.

Teresa Aaron


I had the incredible opportunity to work with Shari Aizenman and Margaret Byrne as my birth team. I was trying to go into my birth with no expectations—I was considering a natural birth, but I didn't want to take an epidural off of the table. They seemed to think this was the correct way to approach laboring and birth. I had just asked them (per their suggestion) that if I requested an epidural, they would ask me to try to get through three more and see if I still wanted it.

On the day of my son's birth, I was incredibly calm and in tune with my body. My water broke early that morning but I didn't start labor until the afternoon. I kept Shari in the loop throught the day, but it wasn't until my contractions started to get really intense around 7pm that I called them to say it's time. They were at a pre natal appointment, but Shari headed right over and met me at my house, where soon after arrival she declared it was time to head to the hospital. During the 2.5 hours in L&D, I remember how calming their presence was in the room with me—once the chaos of the doctors and nurses had left the room. At one point I did ask for the epidural, but Shari explained that by the time I got it I would be pushing anyway. Shari's encouragement and advice to keep my voice low during each contraction, really helped keep me focused on the goal.

In the end, because of this incredible team, I had my natural birth... something I really didn't think I could do. Shari's ability to keep me focused and keep the hospital staff from sticking unecessary IV's in me is surely to thank. I know my birth story would have been so much different without her and Margaret by my side. You would be doing yourself a huge service by inviting Shari to be at your birth. She remains a wonderful resource for my husband and I as we navigate this new world with baby.

Catherine Ordun


Shari is a wise and experienced doula, which sets her apart from many doulas in Atlanta.  Unlike many doulas who communicate their experience by number of births attended, Shari has no need to tout such statistics on her sleeve.  Her unrivaled experience hand-delivering babies under stressful conditions, calm demeanor, and maternal instinct make her what I believe to be "the doula of doulas".  At my labor and delivery, she was there to calm me during an unmedicated VBAC... I squeezed her hands and she helped guide the hospital staff.  I could not be anymore trusting of any doula more than Shari.  In addition, Shari inspired me to believe in myself to have a successful VBAC, since it was the most important thing to me.  Unmedicated delivery was NOT easy, but having Shari along with my midwife and husband made me believe in myself - the kind of support and care that a woman needs to be successful.  In addition, Shari is probably the best massage therapist I have ever been in the care of.  She specializes in prenatal massage, postpartum care, as well as watsu - a form of water-shiatsu.  Shari is the only therapist in the U.S. trained to do watsu.  Combined, Shari's doula expertise and experience, and her personal attention care made me a stronger and more confident woman in the delivery room.  She is also a person you cannot forget, someone who is a strong woman herself, and who will share her thoughts and opinions with you honestly and candidly, a characteristic that I found important and refreshing.

Cassie Arnold


Our experience with Shari was literally life changing for us. Never had we met someone like her. She is kind, caring and FULL of information! In the weeks before our daughter’s birth she helped guide and provide us with information and research that let us make the very important decisions regarding her upcoming birth and the hospital care. Never feeling pressure, Shari simply gave only her knowledge which she’s gained from endless research and years of experience. Our birth with her is remembered so fondly that it’s almost like a dream. I felt and heard her presence every step of my labor, but at the same time she gave my husband and I the space to experience birth together as well. Birthing in a hospital with very specific needs for care for me and our baby could have been confrontational and difficult, but with Shari's experience she led the way and took charge when my husband and I were occupied. Shari is the person who first told us about leaving the hospital soon after our daughter was born. This is something we knew absolutely nothing about. With her knowledge we were able to leave the hospital just 8 hours after birthing!! Not only would we never again birth without a doula, we would never again birth without Shari!!

Rebekah Jones


As a first time mom I was terrified of all that I didn't know about pregnancy and childbirth.  I was looking for labor support and what I found in Shari was so much more.  She empowered me and guided me through my entire pregnancy, answering every question I had, big or small.  Through her loving guidance I learned to accept and trust my pregnant body.  Her knowledge surrounding pregnancy and childbirth is amazing and she shares it freely and with enthusiasm.  She really wants her 'moms' to make educated decisions which feel right for them and their families.  When I realized that I would have to have a surgical birth, as opposed to the Hypnobabies birth I had been planning, Shari was wonderful.  She met me at the hospital at the crack of dawn and stayed with me and my husband throughout the pre-surgery chaos.  She lovingly massaged my feet and softly spoke positive affirmations to calm my nerves as I was prepped for surgery.  When my baby was born and we were taken to recovery, there was my smiling doula waiting for us.  She took beautiful pictures of those precious first moments.  She helped me initiate breastfeeding because she knew it was important to me.  She spoke for me when I was too overwhelmed by post surgery pain to answer questions for myself.  A cesarean was far from my original birth plan but having Shari there to offer support and guide me through the process allowed me to relax and remain open and flexible and recognize that THIS was my empowered birth.  And it was beautiful.

Kerry Wendt


Shari Aizenman is a force in the birthing community.  She's a nexus, the center of all kinds of information, which she freely shares.  Because of Shari, I was able to work through some issues I had with my first birth; plan a homebirth late in the game, when I didn't think it was something I could afford; navigate the system and take charge when hospital and NICU staff continually disregarded my wishes secure donor milk when I needed to have medical tests done a week postpartum.  That's just off the top of my head. 

Shari also helped my husband prepare for the birth during a difficult time and after a traumatic experience with our first birth -- and that took a lot of pressure off of me.

Shari's knowledge is broad-ranging, holistic, and deep.  She knows more about birth than anyone else I know -- and I know people who write professionally about birth.

Shari helped me navigate the personal/spiritual, practical, and informational aspects of this birth and pregnancy. I'm so glad I know her -- she's changed my life for the better.

monika majors


Shari is an amazing doula that I called my "birthing Sherpa"

Her depth of knowledge is incredible. She is an excellent teacher, listener and great one to colloborate with. Not being born or raised in Atlanta, she quickly helped me find others for my birthing team (lactation consultants, placenta encapsulators, massage therapists etc) that were aligned with my birthing philosophy. In addition, Shari is a constant learner. Every day I get some amazing article that educates and empowers me. I know that she truly cares and is look out for her village of moms. My little one would not be as well adjusted, peaceful and alert without the loving guidance from Shari.

Marissa Coleman


My experience with Shari Aizenman as my doula was phenomenal! From our very first meeting with Shari through our postpartum home visit, she proved to be attentive, compassionate, and extremely knowledgable! My husband and I enjoyed reading the numerous articles and research she sent us as we prepared for our birth.  She was generous with her time and always responded to calls, texts, and emails very promptly.  We honestly can not say enough positive things about Shari's services and we would, without a doubt, hire her again for our future births!

Aside from all the professional assets that Shari brings to the table, what I love about her the most is her genuine ability to connect with individuals and offer sincere support and love.  She empowered me and my husband to have the birth we always wanted--natural and with minimal medical intervention.  She supported me as I labored and constantly suggested new ways to cope with labor pains and progress my labor.  My husband and I are forever grateful for her role in bringing our sweet angel baby into this world!

Kristy Mugavero


The first three words that come to mind when I recount my experience with Shari are caring, supportive, and knowledgeable. Throughout our pregnancy, Shari provided us with well researched information, answered all of questions quickly, and was always available to lend a caring ear or hand during difficult times. Fast forward to the days leading up to the arrival of our little girl and times got much more difficult. I had an exceptionally long labor (>50 hours) that ended not in the natural birth we had hoped for, but instead a cesarean. Throughout labor and ultimately delivery, Shari was our guide, our rock, and a relentless source of support for us. Without Shari’s presence and calm demeanor, the stress of our birth experience would have been overwhelming. Shari helped us to understand that there was no other way that our daughter could be born and provided continuous support as we prepared for major deviations from our birth plan. Even after our beautiful little girl’s birth, Shari has been in close contact to help us understand and process the birth experience that we had. I would highly recommend Shari to anyone seeking a doula to assist with their pregnancy, labor, and delivery and am so thankful we found her to guide us through ours.

Ali Trent


Working with Shari was an amazing experience and the relationship my husband & I have gained from our experience is the best part. Shari is one of the most giving, loving, strong, intelligent women I have met & I am greatful she is apart of our life.

From the beginning, we knew we could trust Shari to help guide us to our perfect birthing experience. She was incredibly knowledgable, experienced & her diverse background & network of wonderful professionals contributed to the advice & guidance she gave us throughout our pregnancy, birth, and our on-going relationship.

Shari provided me with the tools to research my birthing options & make an informed decision that catered to our birth plan. Shari provided encouragement & helped me find an inner confidence within myself that contributed to an amazing birth experience.

I labored at home until 9:00pm & was encouraged to make my own decision when I was ready to come to the hospital. I was encouraged to listen to my body and follow my mind & heart throughout my labor. When we arrived at the hospital I had dilated to 9.5 & an hour and half later, I birthed my sweet baby girl un-medicated, in the water, and she was was born in the caul-it was an amazing perfect experience and I could not have done it without my new found confidence that Shari helped me find.

I would reccommend Shari to ANYONE. She is Fab, witty & incredibly amazing!

Shari was (& still is...) available to me at any moment I needed her, for each and every concern small & large.

Rebecca Enslein


Hiring Shari as our doula was one of the best decisions that my husband and I made during my pregnancy.

As a first time mom, the overall idea of giving birth seemed a bit scary to me, but working with Shari made me much more confident about the entire birth process.

Prior to giving birth Shari helped us research the different options that we had regarding what would go on at the hospital during labor and then afterwards once our daughter was born.

We were able to make educated choices that reflected what was best for us and our baby instead of blindly following everything that we were told at the hospital.

Although I had chosen to have an epidural during the birth, for some reason my body stopped responding to the numbing aspect of the medicine before my baby was born.

After that setback Shari was crucial in helping me maintain a postive frame of mind and get through the pain.

She was encouraging and caring throughout the toughest parts of my labor; I don't know how I could have done it without her!

Working with Shari was amazing, I highly recommend her as a doula to any pregnant woman out there!

Mulu Yilma


Shari Aizenman is one of the greatest gifts that a pregnant woman can have. Her knowledge, resources, passion, and devotion to caring for pregnant women is truly a blessing. Her massage therapy practice gave me the relief that I needed during my pregnancy and her presence during the birth of my child helped me stay strong and focused. Her dedication to my family and her generosity with her time, care, effort, and resources has made her an indispensable part of my pregnancies. Even after the birth of my children, she has always continued to provide me with essential information and resources, as a woman needs support during pregnancy, labor, and after the birth of her child. No woman should embark on the journey of pregnancy, labor, and postpartum without a doula like Shari Aizenman on their team. Her service to my family and I has helped make the entire process of giving birth a magical and empowering experience. Thank you so much Shari!

Melanie Alberico Martin


Our experience with Shari was absolutely wonderful.  My husband and I did as much as we could to prepare for the birth of our first child.  We wanted to have an unmedicated birth with limited intervention, and we thought that hiring a doula would help us to achieve that goal.  I had no idea at the time how much more we would get from beginning our relationship with Shari.  As soon as we signed on with her, she was always available for any questions we had, and she would also send us almost daily emails with links to articles on childbirth and beyond.  My husband and I felt prepared for the birth, but when the day came, the techniques we had learned in our 12 week birthing class weren't helping me cope with the pain.  Shari had so many tricks up her sleeve to distract me and help me through each contraction; she was so positive, always helping me remember the reasons I wanted an unmedicated birth.  She never left my side and coached my husband on how to comfort me effectively and, if you can believe it, also looked after him, telling him when it was ok to go get some coffee and encouraging him to try and nap while I rested.  During the period of time while I rested/slept, Shari rubbed my legs and feet for 3 HOURS.  She soothed me into rest and massaged me to keep me relaxed.  I believe - I KNOW - I would not have made it through labor without pain medication were it not for this reprieve.  The woman never closed her eyes for the full 18 hours of my labor!  I cannot recommend Shari enough.  We are so grateful to her for getting us both through the birth of our first child, she is part of our little family now.  Shari is one of those people who makes the world better - she not only offers knowledge, guidance, and support, but also her whole heart!

Akila McConnell


Shari was an amazing asset and I highly recommend her as a doula.  I had a very difficult labor, lasting about 20 hours with 6 hours of pushing, that ultimately ended in a c-section because my daughter was incredibly stubborn and refused to come out.  Shari was beside us the entire time.  She massaged and massaged me for hours on end, kept me relaxed and calm, and when the final decision to get a c-section came down, she was the one that said, "You know that I wouldn't tell you to get a c-section if I honestly thought there was another way but this is the right decision."  She worked so hard for me, to make sure that I was as comfortable as I could be.  I highly highly recommend her and know that you'll be happy with her if you choose her to be a part of the day your child is born.

stephanie nadi olson


We hired Shari to be our doula pretty early on in my pregnancy, so were lucky to benefit from her service, friendship and vast amount of knowledge for several months before our daughter arrived. There are a lot of doulas in Atlanta and we interviewed several of them, but chose Shari to be a part of the most special day in our lives because of her massive amount of experience. I felt incredibly comfortable in her hands and also really appreciated that she made herself available to me without limitation throughout my pregnancy.

As we navigated the world of natural childbirth for the first time, I could always count on Shari to give me an educated and experienced opinion on any topic that came up for our consideration. I felt entirely comfortable calling or emailing her any time with questions or concerns... or even just to cry and she always made me feel welcome and reassuared. She encouraged me when I needed it and helped me make decisions.

During our birth, Shari was absolutely on top of making sure we had everything we needed, that the staff at the hospital was taking the best care of us, and using her experience to know what I needed- which at the time, was mostly to be left to birth my baby! My husband reacommends a doula now to all of our friends as he loved having Shari there to guide him in getting involved throughout my birthing time.

Now that our baby is here, Shari has been over twice to check on us and has made it very clear that she is still here to support me, which is amazing. I highly recommend Shari!

Julie Sullivan


Having Shari with us during our birthing time was a bit like having a mom/big sister with you (in her caring, compassionate way, and your ability to feel comfortable with her) - yet without the emotional baggage that a family member might bring...but with the experience of having attended so many births. There are really no surprises with her anymore, and that experience is what led us to choose her as our doula. I must say, her massage skills are an amazing gift too - especially when having a lot of back labor. Having Shari with us during the arrival of our son into the world was an amazing gift and we could not have asked for anyone better to help usher us into our role as new parents.

I like to say that Shari served as our patient/family/baby advocate, our voice of reason, our sounding board, the instructional guide for my husband, information source pre- and post- partum, person who enabled us to have a quality first feeding with our son, and helped to make sure we were doing things right. Not only that, but post-partum, Shari was super responsive in getting us in touch with individuals who could help us with any and all questions/issues we had.

It's almost impossible to put into words all that Shari is and does. Let me just add that one of the reasons we decided to choose Shari was her strong, confident personality. That strong personality helped keep us on the path we wanted for us and our baby, and ensured that we had the best care imaginable. We are forever grateful to Shari!

Ebony Dowdell Peterson


My husband and I were blessed with the opportunity to work with Shari Aizenman as our doula for the birth of our daughter Marley who was born 5/25/13.  Even though we were unable to stick to our birth plan Shari was able to help us to stay focused on what was important and helped us to process the changes. At the end,  I was healthy, my baby was healthy and we were still able to have a safe and satisfying birthing experience. Shari has a wealth of knowledge and resources. Shari is very supportive and was there for us throughout the  pregnancy and she remains to do so.  Shari loves what she does and is  passionate about helping parents experience the birth that they desire. I would recommend Shari's services to anyone and without a doubt know that they will love her just as much as we do.

Deborah Johnson


I was more than happy with the service my husband and I recieved from Shari! She has such a loving spirit and was sure to address all of my needs. Shari was amazing. She fully invests herself into the birth and gave her all to make the experience gentle and peaceful. She ensured that I remained focused and pleasant, I don't think I ever lost it. I could not have asked for a better partner or voice for me when I could not speak. She held my hand through the whole pregnancy experience. Shari made sure that I had a vast knowledge on what to except while pregnant and during the birth. I never had a question that went unanswered! If given the chance to birth another child, I would feel incomplete without Shari.

My birth was everything I dreamt it would be and I am so thankful Shari was a part of this life changing moment in my family’s life!

Darnita Henry


The moment I met Shari I felt a "comfort" or shall I say an "ease" of her spirit. Shari, Peter, and I came up with a birth plan that was comfortable for me that included a birthing pool and no drugs. With my daughter I had been induced but was still able to deliver her minus pain medication and was very much looking forward to this delivery minus any medical intervention. The day before my due date (Friday, March 30th) I began to experience the worst headache of my life. Saturday the headache had not gotten better and my family decided to take me to the hospital.

We went to the Atlanta Medical Center ER. My family was told that because I was pregnant I had to immediately go to Labor and Delivery. Once I was there and was not able to say the current date, the sitting president, my age, or my daughter’s age the room began to quickly fill with medical personnel. My family was informed that I was experiencing a brain aneurysm and would require an emergency cesarean Saturday evening and brain surgery Sunday to repair the aneurysm.

Before going into the delivery room I spoke with my doula, Shari. I asked her was this “absolutely neccessary.” She assured me that though this was not the birth that I had envisioned it was “very neccessary” for the health of myself and the unborn baby. With her reaasurance I felt comfortable and relaxed into the capable arms of Dr. Bootstaylor and the medical staff. Maison was born on his due date March 31, 2012. He was welcomed into the world by family and friends that had congregated at the hospital.

I stayed in the hospital for three weeks after the surgery. During this time (and after) Shari went "over and beyond" to facilitate the use of donor breast milk for my son. She worked with me offering support to help me establish my own milk supply. I cannot say enough good things about Shari and her knowledge of birth and desire to help families have the best birth possible.

Taylor Brown


 Shari was  simply heaven sent! We contacted Shari during "crunch time" and she still managed to fit us in and provide us with the necessary research and informatiion for us to make the best decisions for our family. She was always simply a call or text away and always responded in a timely manner. Shari stayed with us throughout my entire labor (which was over 20 hours) and kept my husband and I calm, focused and relaxed. She provided me with the necessary visuals to obtian the type of delivery I'd envisioned and always knew what to say and or do. We would definitely use Shari for future pregnancies and would highly recommend her services!


Julie DiMatteo


 Shari is a fantastic doula. We met with her when I was 20 weeks along and just beginning to consider switching providers and papering for a natural, unmediated birth. Shari is a wealth of knowledge and provided us with lots of information to consider at our first meeting with her. We decided we wanted Shari as our doula after that meeting and from that point on, she was an invaluable resource to us. She provided many articles to read to assist us in our birthing decisions. She also recommended childbirth and breastfeeding classes, which were both wonderful.

During labor and birth, Shari was instrumental. She provided words of encouragement, reminded me to relax when I was tensed up, applied counter-pressure during contractions, and applied a cold washcloth to my forehead and back of my neck during transition and pushing. Shari was also my advocate with the nursing staff to ensure they followed my birth plan. She was wonderful and helped us achieve the birth we had dreamed of!

Paige Penland


I'd known Shari for years before my pregnancy, and she was one of the first people I called when I realized I was with child. Before I hired her, she gave me great information and advice on keeping "Cletus the Fetus" healthy and happy. Even her facebook page was a font of knowledge. As my doula, she helped me out in myriad ways: Putting me in touch with Intown Midwifery, birthing classes, breastfeeding classes, and other aids; hooking me up with used maternity clothing and baby gear (nice, since I was struggling financially), giving me rides to appointments when the car was in the shop, and helping me find resources to support my choice and educate my husband regarding circumcision. Shari advocated a more natural approach than I originally intended. For instance, I opted for an epidural during birth, and she offered resources and education so I could make the choices that best suited me. She respected my all of decisions and I had a healthy birth and baby, with her help. Even after the event, she went above and beyond the call of duty, helping me secure donor breast milk when my pediatrician told me to start supplementing with formula. I'm glad she was my doula!

Susan Schmidt


Shari is knowledgable and will push you to make informed decisions, but - as she plays a supportive role - she will be your advocate in whatever choices you eventually make for your labor and delivery. My husband and I wanted a hospital delivery, without interventions, and we succeeded! No doubt that Shari's advice, preparation and coaching played a large part in our son's birth. Shari is caring and very experienced, and we would work with her again.

Amanda Edmondson


 Shari was by my side through 68 hours of labor and was a crucial part of our wonderful birth experience despite many difficulties and comicating factors.  Shari is kind, compassionate, warm, experienced an knowledgable about all things childbirth related and yet touch when necessary as the mother's advocate!  Shari truly believed in a mother's god given ability to birth!  I would never give birth without Shari again!!! We were determined to birth our daughter vaginally after a previous cesarian despite being fairly large and it was a beautiful experience that was also very difficult; we could not have done it without her! Shari knows intuitively how to lift you up when you need it, provide passive support when needed, and because she is also hilarious, a laugh when it is much needed!

Barbara Christiansen


I had an amazing experience working with Shari. She met with me several times before my child's birth to discuss my previous birth experience and my concerns and hopes for my second birth experience. During my pregnancy, she was a valuable resource in several ways, such as:: (1) she provided information and research about various facets of birthing and parenting, (2) she provided recommendations for other prenatal providers (a chiropractor, a therapist to process my previous birth, etc.), (3) we talked through the detailed logistics of birthing at my planned hospital, and (4) she talked with my husband re: his role versus her role in supporting me during birth.

When I actually gave birth, I ended up needed to be induced. I was very exhausted and stressed out several hours into the induction, and Shari came to the hospital to help me work through that time, and it was invaluable to have her as a sounding board, advisor, and advocate to my midwife. During the actual birth, Shari was a calm, supportive, strong presence, who knew exactly how to support me (e.g., by pressing on my back, suggesting I get in the shower, providing verbal encouragement) without being intrusive. She really took the pressure off my husband as well, and he was able to just hold my hand and support me without the stress of needing to talk me through labor.

I would definitely recommend Shari as a doula. And I would hire her again if I have another baby. She is wonderful!

Ashley Bruschi


Shari was an invaluable resource during both pregnancy and birth for us!  She shared numerous articles on various pregnancy/birth/baby related topics that helped us make educated decision and also broaden our understanding and knowledge of the whole process.  She was also willing to provide her opinion as well as respect ours, which was a big deal to us.  She was always a phone call (or quick text!) away to help answer any questions I had...even at 2:00am when my water broke! :-)  This was our first baby and since I wanted to have a water birth (and thus no pain medication), I knew I needed to surround myself with supportive comforting people.  Shari never left my side, coaching me through each contraction with guided breathing and visualization techniques, keeping my husband included.  The birth was everything I'd hoped for....difficult but still peaceful and with a wonderful sence of calmness.  It was amazing and I know I have Shari to thank for a large part of that. 

Debi McNeil


Shari was an amazing support throughout my pregnancy and labor and continues to provide me with support since I delivered.  She has so much knowledge about all things birthing related and provides great articles and links so that you can educate yourself as well.   If Shari had not been with me during my delivery, I'm certain I would have had both an epidural and a C-section but because of her and the amazing midwife I had, I was able to have the natural childbirth I wanted. I can't imagine what my labor experience would have been like without her. As an added bonus, Shari is an amazing massage therapist and also does Watsu and she provides a discount on both for her doula clients.  I  would highly recommend Shari to all mothers to be out there.

Megan King


My experience with Shari Aizenman was amazing. We hired her prenatally and she was a huge help in the months prior to birth. She prepared me for what was about to happen in birth. She has tons of knowledge and will share that knowledge with you. She helped me have the best birth I could of possibly had. One of the best compliments my husband has ever given me was after the birth he said, "Out of all the videos of birth that we saw and studied, as you were catching our daughter and pulling her to your chest immediately, you were all smiles." Shari helped me do that. I was empowered by my birth and now in raising her. Shari is more than a doula, she is a lifelong friend to me and will be forever in my daughters life.  

Allison Mitch


Shari was a fabulous doula for my hospital birth experience.  My infant came several weeks early, and Shari was able to attend this early (and unexpected) birth.  Her suggestions for my activity and positioning helped ease my discomfort and progress my labor quickly.   Since my birth experience, she and I communicate every few months or so, typically initated by her, checking in on me and my child.  I would recommend her services!

Jessica Sobczynski


Our experience with Shari is one we will truly never forget. From the first prenatal appointment to the delivery, Shari was there for us every step of the way. Having her by our side was absolutely invaluable! She answered every question I could think up and was there for me when I was upset or frustrated. After our first time meeting her I knew we were in good hands. Her knowledge and education was endless. When we went into labor she came quickly and coached through every contraction. After we got to the hospital she kept spirits and courage up even though things didn't go quite as we wanted. Bottom line: She is amazing. If you choose to have a Doula attend your birth, she is the perfect pick for the job!

Michael D. Murphy


Shari is exactly what you want from a doula - someone who knows what the heck she's talking about, knows how to tell people what to do in an emergency situation (do you?), and simply knows how to quickly Get The Job Done.  

Her strength and foresight is only matched by her compassion and empathy.  If you're a dad and are part of the doula-decision-making process, pick Shari.  

Seriously, man. 

Jason & Ashley Kean


 Shari was a God-send when we needed her most.  After our previous doula left on vacation the week we were to deliver, we were desperate to find a doula who would be there to help us deliver our third child.  We stumbled across Shari and she was the answer to our prayers.  She is compassionate, understanding, and a supreme expert when it comes to babies and delivery.  

When Ashley went into labor, our first call was Shari and the second was the hospital.  When Shari arrived at the hospital, the room went from chaos to calm in an instant.  Shari was there and she was in charge.  She was our conduit between us and the doctors and the doctors knew that Shari had our full confidence.  When our son was inverted in utero, the doctor stood up in disgust, took off his gloves and told the head nurse to start prepping for a c-section.  Shari convinced the nurse to give her 1 hour alone with us.  Shari did some techniques with Ashley to get our son moving around and 30 minutes later he was facing the right way and crowning.  If the doctor had waited 3 more minutes he would have missed the whole delivery.  

You will struggle to find someone more respectful of your wishes, educated about peaceful childbirth, compassionate to your situation and circumstances, and in tune with the mother and her baby than Shari.  We have recommended her to everyone who even looks like they're pregnant.  She has been, and continues to be, a wonderful woman and a great friend to our family.

Angela Easter


I am proud and honored to have had Shari's support during my VBAC in 2011. In the weeks leading up to my daughter's arrival, Shari worked to develop a solid, trusting relationship with my family. The groundwork she laid made all the difference and was critical to putting me at ease so I could do the work of birthing.

I was so thankful for her calm and reassuring presence. She moaned with me. She reminded me that birth is natural and normal, and that I'd get to see our baby very soon. I practiced hypnobirthing, and Shari knew just which key words to use to help me refocus when I felt out of control. When I looked her in the eye during a strong contraction and yelled, "This hurts!" Shari held eye contact and, in the calmest voice, said just three words: "This is birth." I cannot describe how powerful that made me feel at the very moment I needed support the most. She is masterful at encouraging people to aim higher, go further, and dig deeper. She taught me to truly believe in mind over matter.

Shari embodies an authentic spirit of support. You can't fake that; you just have it or you don't ... and she does. She also has an encyclopedic knowledge of birth and babies, an extraordinary asset essential for any woman who chooses such a journey. I feel confident in saying that she is capable of handling any situation with dignity and strength.


Amanda Cogar


Shari was AMAZING! I would not have had the positive birth experience that I did without her. She is an expert in all things related to childbirth, so having her help me (and my husband!) get through the birth of our first baby was a huge advantage. We trusted her and she kept us calm in the weeks leading up to the birth and throughout the 17 hours of labor that I had. I would recommend Shari to anyone looking for a birth doula.

Tracy Iwaskow


Shari was our doula for our first child.  My husband and I both had a great experience.  Shari was very informed about local birthing options and provided me with the information I needed to inspire me to switch my prenatal care and delivery practice.  She sent me emails with helpful information about pregnancy and childbirth, and reviewed our birthing plan with us.  Shari attended the practice session of our birthing class (Hypnobabies) with us and talked us through the stages of birth. 

My daughter arrived almost three weeks later than expected.  Shari was encouraging during this time, sending notes about other late-due babies and suggesting some strategies for naturally inducing labor if the time was right.  Once labor started, Shari arrived at our home shortly after being called and stayed with me through early labor, giving my husband a chance to nap before labor progressed.  She recognized when it was time to head to the hospital, and our daughter was born less than two hours after arriving there.  She was a great support in the hospital, encouraging my husband to advocate for our birthing wishes while guiding me through labor.  When it looked like our midwife might not arrive in time, I was still comfortable because I knew Shari was fully capable of delivering the baby if needed.  

Since neither my husband nor I were familiar with local options and resources, we found Shari's knowledge, good humor, and genuine love of her work to be both comforting and energizing.  With this support, I was able to give birth without medication to a bright-eyed baby girl.  My husband and I both believe that our daughter's calm demeanor and infectious joy can in part be attributed to the birth she had, and we are so grateful to Shari for her role in supporting our desires for a medication-free birth.

Alyson West


Shari is the consummate birth professional. Her support, knowledge, generous spirit and sense of humor were invaluable during my pregnancy, labor, birth and beyond. Shari shared timely, relevant information and articles throughout my pregnancy. She also spent time listening to my husband and addressing any concerns he had—which reinforced the understanding that we operate as a team. He appreciated that so much.

Even more so, he appreciated Shari’s calm, instructive manner on the phone after he delivered our baby at home unintentionally! Shari arrived before the paramedics and helped him cut the cord. At the hospital, she helped me relax (I was FULL of adrenaline after the delivery!) while the midwife and nurse examined me. During the weeks that followed, Shari knew how important breastfeeding was to us and not only provided breastfeeding support but also put us in touch with the right resources to make sure breastfeeding was successful.

In such a relatively short amount of time, but a time of significance to our family, Shari changed our lives for the better—simply by being there and being herself. Just recently we ran into Shari and our daughter locked eyes with her...I think she remembers the woman who helped her start life in comfort and security.

I think having the right team of practitioners to nurture and support a pregnancy can cut down on the fear many women and their partners feel about birth. For my husband and me, Shari was a reason to feel comfortable—we trusted her skill and judgement. Anyone who works with her will know they’re in capable, confident hands.

Elizabeth Schuhr


From the moment we met Shari, when I was in my 3rd trimester with our first child, we instantly felt at ease.  Up until that moment I was scared, anxious and feeling powerless about what to expect during labor.  Shari came with a world of knowledge and showed us a path I hadn't even considered, until we met.  After our first meeting, we scoured the internet researching and gathered more information.  Starting to believe in myself and the possibility of a completely natural water birth, I switched practices at 35 weeks.  Shari continued to support me and my husband and provide us with information and resources throughout the remainder of the pregnancy.  During labor, Shari's support, calm nature and soothing words helped carry me through and we now have the memory of a beautiful birthing experience.  Shari is an educator and always gently encouraged us to ask why and seek more information.  Never judging and always supportive of our decisions once she knew we educated ourselves.  A beautiful, kind, giving heart and ever so grateful she entered our lives.  Shari continues to be a part of our lives as we have learned Shari is far more than *just* a doula.  Whenever I relish in the memories of our daughter's birth, I know Shari played a big role in the magnificent outcome that became my proudest and most memorable moment in life.

Gabrielle Gujjari


Shari was an INCREDIBLE postpartum doula for our family and I really cannot express how much she helped us in this testimonial. I had an unexpected medical emergency after the birth of my son which had me in the hospital for a couple of weeks and in the ICU for several days. Because our baby came three weeks early and our family was visiting from abroad, we were completely overwhelmed and alone at the hospital for several days while trying to deal with an incredibly challenging situation. 

Shari was a consistent source of support, knowledge and care for us during this time. She was a calm and assertive presence when everything around us was chaotic, frightening and filled with heavy uncertainty. 

She researched my heart condition and brought me information so that I could make informed decisions about my treatment. She helped advocate for my needs and our baby's needs with a stubborn hospital staff when my husband and I were too exhausted to do this for ourselves. She brought my husband coffee and real, non-hospital food, kept me company, and held and helped take care of our newborn baby when I wasn't able to. Shari knew how important breastfeeding was for me, and when I was told I couldn't breastfeed because of medication I was on, she helped me to find breastmilk donors.

Shari is passionate about birthing and helping newborns thrive and has a personal philosophy of serving others that far exceeds what you will find anywhere else. This woman is doula-excellence personified. I am limited to the amount I can write here, but I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about Shari if you are considering hiring her as your doula (You can contact me at Hire this woman. It will be one of the first and most important decisions you make for yourself as a mother and for your new baby.  


Ashley Kean


Shari willingly and lovingly stepped up when my previous doula left at an inopportune time.   Our prenatal visits solidified my trust in her abilities, and my Husband and I just liked her SO much.  She has a very comforting presence.  She raced to be by my side as quickly as she could arrive, even breaking thru a car accident scene to make it to the hospital.  Once she arrived, the room immediately became calmer and I could focus on helping my baby arrive and know that she would make everyone else LEAVE ME ALONE.  In her care, I knew that my Birth Plan would be followed as closely as possible.  Her knowledge of birthing modalities, medical jargon (fluff and not), calm and cool touch, and ability to puff up to over twice her size makes her perfect for being a doula.  I'm honored that she was my doula and should I be so fortunate as to be blessed by pregnancy again, I chose her as my doula again. 

Kerri Shannon


Shari is loving, strong, knowledgable, and incredibly supportive.  She goes above and beyond what one would expect from a traditional doula. We lucked upon her late in our 2nd pregnancy and give much credit to her for the fact that I was able to achieve an unmedicated birth (a far cry from my first birthing experience). 

Shari knows people - she can read what you need before you even knew that you needed it.  She is gentle in her approach but not afraid to ask the hard questions.  This assertiveness leads her clients to be clear on what they want both before and during the labor/delivery experience.  Shari also knows pretty much all things pregnancy, labor/delivery, and postpartum.  And if she doesn't know offhand, she will find out in 2 seconds and provide you with references and a list of resources!  Her care starts when she meets you and continues well beyond your delivery. 

Shari is simply living out what she was put here to do.  She believes in her work as evidenced by how darn good she is.

We would recommend her with all of our hearts!




Morgan Lindsey


Shari was my doula for our first baby, born in October.  I interviewed and researched other doulas before meeting and choosing Shari.  I found Shari knowledgeable and a good match for my and my husband's personalities.  She has lots of experience and exudes strength and confidence.  I really wanted a natural water birth, and Shari played a large part in making sure that happened.  I also spent time visiting Shari for massages during my pregnancy and postpartum.  She is an amazing masseuse - both "on land" or "by sea" :) she does water massages that are just perfect for the pregnant body.  

The night of the birth, Shari came to our home and instilled a sense of calm and confidence in my husband and me.  We knew that she knew what she was doing, and we could turn over to her the decision of when to go to the hospital.  I have heard so many stories of going to the hospital too early, but I knew that Shari would take care and be aware of when was the right time for me to go. When she came to our house, she took over watching me from my husband... which was great, since neither of us was truly prepared for the pain and speedy regularity of my contractions.

I will always remember her coaching me through my final hours and while I pushed in the tub.  I am so grateful to Shari and could not have picked a better fit as a doula for us. She is a great resource for information and contacts related to birthing, classes, nursing, etc.  Her support was and continues to be so awesome.  I am very lucky Shari has played such an important role in the birth of my son - both before and after.

Michelle Pelot


Shari is absolutely wonderful.  She helped me deliver a 9 pound 13 ounce baby without a single drug.  I whole heartedly believe if it weren't for her support and encouragement, I could not have accomplished such a daunting task. 

Rebecca C. Sullivan


Shari was an amazing doula. We talked about my goals thoroughly before my birth. She also shares tons of great information through her Fb page and articles via email. She loves to empower and educate. During my birth (6/2010) Shari was supportive and able to read me. She knew what I needed in a way that was almost instinctive. She didn't need me to say much, but could sense where I was in labor and encouraged me to change positions and vocalize to move baby through the birth canal. Thank goodness she was there, because my close friends or family have not been to many births; she knew what to expect and what needed to happen. Having her as my coach put both my husband and I at ease. She was supportive, loving, gentle and my husband and I trusted in her 100%. I recommend her with the highest marks. With her combined knowledge, experience, and eagerness to learn more (seriously, she loves reading about birth and pregnancy!), you will have a wonderful experience with Shari.

Moria Deshpande


My daughter was born at Atlanta Medical Center in Nov. 09 with Shari and a midwife in attendance. I had done the circuit of Doula meet and greets and at some point in the summer ran across Shari. Her personality lingered in my mind and I made plans to meet with her. The chemistry was as good as I hoped and so we made an arrangement. Now besides just liking her energy and attitude, here are some of the tangible reasons I chose Shari. She is grown folk. There are plenty of 25 year old doulas out there but I was a "mature" first time mom and didn't want a kid at my bedside. So I believed in her experience. Also, Shari has never given birth herself. This might be odd for some people but for me, it meant that she really believes in the miracle of pregnancy and natural child birth and chooses to bring this experience into her life again & again. Shari is a hands-on type of gal. She gardens, she fixes up her houses. She radiates confidence & competence. This was not a woman who would get flustered in a tense situation. 

Now I'll focus on some proof positive points from my labor. She was my champion & advocate. She knew my wishes and spoke for me when I could not. She knew how to work with, rather than against the medical staff to get the results we desired. She knows how to be flexible yet firm and isn't afraid to rock the boat in the right way. Also she is hilarious. The things that come out of her mouth are priceless. The best comment of the night isn't one I can type here  ;-) My birth went well, although not exactly as planned and she helped me adapt and make the best decisions for each stage of labor. My labor was 13 hours and other than to step out in the hall and consult with staff, she never left the room once. She was at my side the whole time. I guess all that is left to say is that I will be counting on her again if we are blessed with baby #2 at some point in the future!




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