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Christi Ward

Springdale, AR Service range 45 miles


Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

8 years and 36 births attended

Doula Training

  • Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA), March 2015

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
•I am happy to support you physically, emotionally, and informationally in any of our area hospitals and take great care to be a liaison between your family and the medical staff serving you. It’s a joy to help you achieve the birth experience you desire and create wonderful birth memories!

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
•I have attended births at both low intervention birthing suites in NWA and am happy to serve you in those locations.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
•For those wanting to give birth in the peaceful and comfortable environment of home, I am happy to support you alongside your midwife.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Antepartum doula support
  • Childbirth education services
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I trained and certified as a professional labor doula through CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association.) I am also a member of NWA Birth Collective, networking with area doulas and engaging in efforts to best serve the NW Arkansas birth community.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

$800 Birth Doula Package includes: 2-3 prenatal appointments with childbirth education and informational support as we navigate your birth plan and prepare for the birth you desire, continuous emotional, physical, and informational support during labor and birth, immediate postpartum support as well as 1 postpartum follow-up, and resources for additional needs that may arise. **Many insurance policies cover doula expenses and may allow you to use an HSA or be reimbursed.** Occasional travel outside the NWA area may also be available for an additional fee.** Contact me for calendar availability and to schedule a time to discuss how I can support you and your family.

Springdale, AR Service range 45 miles

Client Testimonials for Christi Ward

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Jesse Arburn


If one were to ask me to describe Christi using only a single word, I believe the word would be Compassionate. She helped us bring both our children into this world and I can't imagine what it would've been like without her there. She is kind, punctual, supportive, and knowledgeable in her profession. If you're planning on getting a doula, I see absolutely no reason why you should look any further then right here. 



We are so glad we hired Christi to help with the birth of our third child. Christi is incredibly supportive, knowledgable and helpful. We loved our prenatal appointments with her - she initiated important conversations around what we hoped for the birth and how we could all best support one another. During the birth, I was very thankful to have Christi there to help me stay calm and relieve pressure during labor and to be my advocate. She was also very supportive post partum by checking on me, to make sure I was doing well and processing through the birth experience. I highly recommend Christi as a doula!

Christina K.


I trusted Christi from the first time we met, on a rainy day over a coffee. I'd been looking for a doula and she was suggested by one of the ladies in my mom's group. Christi was immediately warm and listened to all of my concerns about childbirth.  Up until that point, there was a dark cloud over my impending labor and delivery. I was so nervous! But once I hired Christi, the fear turned into empowerment and excitement. Knowing that I would be disbursing responsibility to someone else (besides my husband) was such a relief! 

Throughout my pregnancy and after delivery, Christi was available to me anytime I needed her viewpoint. After appointments I would check in with her and we could adjust the plan as needed. She was always responsive and helpful to answer questions with evidence-based articles. As my pregnancy became more complicated, it was so helpful to have an experienced birth worker encouraging me. 

Ultimately my medically-necessary induction stalled out and we ended up with a c-section. Christi continued to support us through this process and offered wonderful counsel. Bless her, she even showed up to the postpartum appointment with tacos! 

I highly recommend Christi for doula services and am so happy that our paths crossed. 

Tiffany Curtis


I had a feeling about Christi from the moment I met her. Her calm and joyful demeanor is so special, just being around her makes you feel happy and relaxed. At all of our meetings up until birth she continued to feel like a longtime friend I had known for years. I went into labor a week early and it progressed very quickly. My husband and I were instantly relieved when she arrived at the hospital. We both knew from then on we would be okay, in good hands, and we relaxed. Despite my fast progression for a first time mom. She was wonderful at anticipating my needs and making suggestions. I truly could not have done it without her and will be forever grateful. She even took the most special photos for us. Stop wonderful wondering if you need a doula and meet Christi, you will never look back. Thank you from Tiffany, Brandon, and Lennox Curtis.


Ariel Spencer


I interviewed a couple of different doulas, and Christi was the only one I connected with immediately. She is so warm and welcoming. My husband and I both felt comfortable with her right away, not only because of her easy going and kind presence but also because of her extensive knowledge about the birthing process. Christi very thoroughly addressed all of my concerns, and she also did a great job of keeping my husband with me at the center of the process, which I really appreciated. She has a gentle but strong confidence that was very reassuring the whole time. We had a wonderful experience with Christi. I could not more highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great doula!

Courtney Dodd


Christi was wonderful to work with.  Our prenatal sessions were helpful discussion for myself and my husband, but she really was the most helpful to me during labor.  She was very calming and helped me navigate my options.  She helped me feel empowered during the entire process, I would recommend her to anyone!  it was also great that she could encapsulate my placenta afterwards too!  Thank you so much Christi!!

Jannell Joosse


I moved to Arkansas when I was 25 weeks pregnant and I knew I had to find a doula but I didn’t know anyone from the area to give me recommendations. I went with a doula agency and came on to Doula Match. My husband and I met a doula from the agency and we didn’t have the best feelings. We felt like we were talking to a salesperson and not a doula. When my husband and I met with Christi she was so warm and welcoming she answered all of our questions and we were impressed with how many deliveries she assisted in. She made me feel like she was friend. She always checked in on me and she was willing to travel to my home to go over my birth plan She even came to one of my appointments. She was always positive even when my midwife wasn’t she always made me feel like she was on my side and never made me feel bad about my feelings. On the day of my delivery she kept open communication with us. Once she arrived at my house she could feel like it was time to go to the hospital I wasn’t ready to go but I’m glad she expressed her feeling for us to start going to the hospital. Once we arrived she was by my side and I was so happy she was there I was only allowed one person to go into the ER with me and my husband had to stay in the waiting room with my son. She showed me support she was so patient and when the nurses wouldn’t listen to me Christi did. I had my baby in less than an hour from arriving. Christi helped my husband settle into our room and once I got to the room she helped my with Breastfeeding. I‘m so happy that Christi was my doula I couldn’t ask for a better person to help me with my birth. Thank you!

Diana Durand


In short, I couldn't have done it without Christi! She was absolutely amazing and exceeded my expectations. I had a 29 hour labor and labored an entire night before I was able to get an epidural. The contractions that night were strong and came every 5 minutes. I was so exhausted that I would sleep in between contractions. I think Christi would too, nonetheless as soon as she would hear me moan in pain she would get up and come to my side and apply pressure on my back. This went on for the entire night! When it came time to push, she was right there coaching me through it. My husband also felt supported by her throughout the entire process. She is a very nurturing person. I can't say enough good things about her in her role as a doula!

Mary Bollero


It has been almost 8 months since my sons birth in May of 2016 and I am still grinning from ear to ear about the birth experience I had, and no doubt Christi's doula services were a big part of its success. When I first became pregnant I felt pretty well prepared, having been a nanny and babysiter for years, the idea of having a newborn was not daunting to me. However, when it came to labor and delivery, I was nervous. At my initial visit with my OB clinic I had said I wanted an epidural in my birth plan, but left with a lingering feeling of uneasiness which stayed with me for months. By the time I was about 6 months pregnant I had done a lot more research and decided I wanted to have a natural labor and birth, and per many of my friend's advice I decided to hire a doula's help. I knew the minute I met Christi she was the doula for me and my husband. Her calm, kind, and nurturing demeanor is just what I needed through my pregnancy and labor to help ease any of my worries and concerns. She was 100% on from the moment my water broke at 1:30am to when my son took his first breathe (and after...staying by my side post-partum as I was being sewed up and breastfeeding for the first time!). Knowing she was by my side and there to help comfort, coach, and guide me through each contraction helped push me through the 9.5 hours of painful contractions and THREE AND A HALF hours of pushing sans pain medication and very little rest. To this day I still can't believe I did it, but am so happy everything worked out the way it did. Wether you are considering a natural birth, birth assisted with an epidural/induction, or having a c-section, Christi is the doula for YOU! Even though I chose to go the natural route, she is not judgemental about any choice you make, she is YOUR advocate, YOUR coach, and YOUR comfort. You will not be disappointed with her service (and neither will your husband/partner...they will be really grateful!). :) 

Allison Shipman


Christi is an excellent Doula and excellent friend. She is calm and sweet. She was my doula for my last birth a 10.5 lb baby birthed at home, it was my hardest birth yet, my first home birth was twins (not in this state). I was expecting it to be as easy as my first birth but that was not the case. Christy helped remind me of necessities; drinking, breathing, changing positions, elimination, while also creating counter pressure, offering cold rags, and tons of encouragement. She let me do my thing if I wanted quiet she gave me quiet, but was not afraid to speak up if she felt something else might work better. Even when I decided I was going to the hospital (but couldn't even get dressed without contracting a couple times, she supported me, though I didn't actually make it to the hospital I had to lay down after trying to get dressed and baby arrived about 30 min or an hour after that. Christi is very knowledgable about birth and optimal positions. If I have another, I would defiantly use her again. Allison 

Kristin Gay


My husband and I are so happy with our decision to have a doula, and not just any doula but Christi. It was our first pregnancy and she was able to help us establish a birth plan that was exactly what we wanted, and answered my pregnancy questions along the way. She helped us prepare for all options during birth and many things I never would have thought of!!! As we all know a birth plan is always subject to change, and mine was no exception. Due to unforeseen circumstances we ended up having a c section, and even then Christi was able to help prepare me for what would happen. Christi has such a calm and mothering spirit, her presence always brought us peace. I would encourage all expecting moms to talk with Christi!!

Amanda Malone Smith


Christi is such a delight to have as a doula! She has been to all three of girls' my births! I birthed all of them in the hospital but I was enduced but did it naturally without pain meds or an epidural. Each and every time she just helped make everything feel like it is going so smooth. I absolutely would not go into labor with out her. She carries such a gentleness and peace about her and she gave so much encouragement to me and my husband through the whole birthing process. I am so thankful for her and am certain that she will be available again to be my doula at all future births! 

Sara Wood


Christi is such a beautiful person, inside and out! She's naturally intuitive and sensitive and that's why she was the perfect match for me at my birth. I had attempted a home birth with my first and it didn't work out. So with my second, I wanted to try a natural approach in a hospital setting. I had days and days of false labor and Christi took my calls whenever I needed. She talked me through the sleepless nights as we realized that wasn't the real deal. At one point we even made a trip to the hospital because all signs pointed to go but after hours of waiting the contractions stopped and we were sent home. We finally decided to have my water broken to induce labor. The night before our induction appointment I was so emotional and afraid of what might happen. Christi provided the best support! She even printed out some inspirational quotes and brought them to the hospital so I could look at them during labor. Even though the labor was different than planned, Christi was there the whole time and was a constant encouragement as well as a support for me and my husband. She was great to be there for me when I needed physical help:massage/pressure points and also to teach my husband how to be the support I needed as well. All in all, we were so pleased we chose Christi to be our doula!! She was a perfect fit!

Birth Availability for Christi Ward

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