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Caryn Fields

Pasadena, CA Service range 15 miles

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$45 to $60

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$45 to $60

Medicaid and Third Party Insurers

Currently approved to receive payments from the following programs:

Birth Doula Experience

10 years

Postpartum Doula Experience

4 years

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, February 2014
  • Doula Trainings International , September 2020

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly binding
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Newborn care and parenting classes
  • Parenting consulting
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Special Services
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Therapeutic bodywork
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Investing in communities of color is a priority and value of mine. Every year I allocate funds to distribute to other birth workers of color who serve marginalized communities or organizations that are on the front lines of creating safe and inclusive spaces for all birthing people.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

I truly believe having good support is crucial for all birthing people. I offer both in person and virtual prenatal, birth and postpartum support. If you are in need of childbirth education I offer both private and group classes for an additional fee. I also have curated packages if you're wanting full spectrum care (classes, birth and postpartum support).

Service Area

Pasadena, CA Service range 15 miles

Client Testimonials for Caryn Fields

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Emily Kemp


From my first meeting with Caryn, I felt a wave of comfort, calm and support. She's like the childhood bestfriend that you can let your guard down with, and know you will be supported, judgement free. Caryn was a wonderful support for me and my husband in the prenatal journey, throughout our hospital birth experience, and with her postpartum check in. She was a great advocate, encourager, and calming presence of support. I am forever grateful for Caryn and that she was a part of bringing our second kiddo into the world!



Of all the decisions leading up to giving birth, the one I am most grateful for is hiring Caryn. She is such a knowledgeable, compassionate person who pours herself into her work. My husband was initially ambivalent about hiring a doula but after our first meeting he commented that he was super impressed and after the birth itself we were both grateful beyond measure. 

As a doula Caryn made sure we understood what was happening during pregnancy, different choices we could make regarding the birth, and various possibilities that could arise in the moment. I wanted a medicated birth and she was fully supportive and made sure I had techniques to manage the pain during the early stages of labor. Several things went differently than expected (including my epidural failing/wearing off at the end!) but having Caryn by my side during active labor and pushing was crucial to getting through it. She was also there to check in on us after delivery and she has been happy to answer questions during the postpartum period as well.


If we are able to hire a doula for our second child when the time comes, Caryn will absolutely be my first call. I cannot recommend her highly enough!



Caryn is absolutely AMAZING! We worked with her during delivery and postpartum for our first - we were very anxious first-time parents with a million questions. Caryn was so patient and kind with us and our little one (once he arrived). Before, during and after delivery, Caryn was incredible! She has incredible resources. She was a rock for both myself and my spouse during a very long, tough delivery - providing not only emotional support but also helpful suggestions, positioning, counterpressure, etc. She has a very rare combination of a fantastic skillset (developed over years of being a doula) and a calming presence with perfect equanimity that really makes you feel cared for - would definitely work with her again in the future! 



Caryn has been my doula for my two pregnancies and births. She has been a calming presence, incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, and so very willing to serve in any capacity. Because of Caryn, I have two very positive birth stories. I would hire Caryn in a heartbeat again to help me with my births. She not only assisted during the birth process, but she was incredibly helpful before and after delivery. Caryn assisted me in ensuring that I would have as many of my birth wishes as possible, including a natural birth without medication. She taught my husband and me strategies and was ready and willing to answer any questions and asuage any fears. I'm grateful to her for all her work and dedication!

Alison Mo Massey


I met with 5 doulas before hiring Caryn. She was the least expensive and the least experienced of the bunch, and she was absolutely the right choice for me. I found that I didn't need someone who had attended thousands of births, what I needed was someone knowledgable caring and compassionate. Caryn was a lovely calming presence at my birth, and at all our meetings. I liked her immedately, and felt safe with her. During the birth she was helpful to both me and my husband. He was especially grateful to have her there, and she took the time to help him understand what was happening and keep him involved. Caryn helped me have the exact birth experiend I wanted. I could not recommend her more highly. 

Rebecca Ohanian


I interviewed many doulas before hiring Caryn, and I am happy to say I made the right decision. I instantly felt safe and cared for upon meeting Caryn, first on the phone and then in person. She is incredibly intuitive. The most important things I would say she did while I was in labor were providing physical support (massage, pressure, hand holding) and the timely and perfect encouragement when I needed it most. The one time I was about to say "I can't," she interrupted me mid word and said "you can! You are so strong!" And it kept me from going under emotionally. I had a large support team (husband, mom, Caryn, and my best friend) and Caryn was still so very valuable to my experience. Of course, her support will look different for each mother because she is an amazing listener AND surprisingly intuitive. Her support won't be the same because not every mother or birth is the same. That is what makes her so amazing! I am expecting again, and I will be hiring her again! I highly recommend interviewing Caryn, she is an incredible Doula! 

David Liz Gomez


I am convinced that if it weren't for Caryn's understanding of the birthing process and the variety of techniques she uses to help alleviate pain, that I would have NOT been able to endure my 58 hour labor without medications and medical interventions!  There is a gentle and nurturing way about Caryn that sets her apart from other Doulas.

Throughout the entire labor and with contractions getting stronger and closer together, Caryn explained to us what was happening and provided ideas for pain relief and relaxation. The support and coaching she provided helped us focus and to channel our energy towards the labor process. Caryn never left our side. She remained patient, calm, respectful and was the pillar of strength that we needed to endure such a long labor. When i became discouraged, she would refocus me and instill in me the strength I needed to keep going.  Her coaching techniques and advocacy abilities made what otherwise would be a fearfilled experience, a memorable and special one.  I will even go as far as to disclose that a few times when things got difficult and I was in intense pain, I called upon Caryn for comfort instead of my husband! And I have a pretty awesome hands-on husband!!!  There is just something increadibly special about the way Caryn respects and honors the birthing process and the way that she instilled peace and strength in me.  We will be forever grateful for her presence during the birth of our son, she was definitely a God-sent and an increadible blessing.  We now consider her not only our doula, but a dear friend. Thank you Caryn!

Janine Labaqui


During our 8th week of birthing classes I left feeling overwhelmed and anxious about the entire birthing process. At that moment I realized that I wanted to try and have our daughter naturally and that I needed all the help that I could get. I started to ask around and Caryn's business card was given to me along with a wonderful recommendation from our class insturctor (who has been a midwife for over 30 years). My first impression of Caryn was that she was very kind, sincere and had a very calming energy. She seemed very knowledgeable and agreed with our viewpoints and wishes for the birth of our child. After leaving the appointment, I knew that we didnt need to talk to anyone else and that we had found our doula!

Over the next few weeks Caryn was in contact with us and was very easy to reach. We were able to meet with her in person, 2 times before the birth. She was wonderful in making holestic recommendations during the last weeks of my pregnancy to ease any discomforts. I liked the fact that she was very organized and easy to talk to; direct and focused without giving us too much information that may be overwhelming.

I went into labor at 39 weeks. Caryn was wonderful in the labor room and really helped bring peace to an often hectic enviornment. She graciously darken the room, kept the room calm, infused aromatherapy oils, kept my favorite relaxing music playing when I needed it the most, applyed counter pressure and amazing massages. Her beautiful words of encouragment were extremely powerful in a time when I didnt think that I could go on. I remember just trying to breathe and listening to her voice for support. I really do not think that I could have gone so long without any medications without her being there by our side. After hours and hours of labor, my husband was also exhausted and she was able to jump in to give him some rest. I can not say enough wonderful things about her. Thank you Caryn!

Jacqueline Steele


Caryn did an absolutely amazing job supporting me (and my husband) during the whole labor process. We decided to hire her for baby #2 because I wanted to have a drug free labor. My husband and I didn't have all the tools we needed to have our first child without pain medication and we wanted to be much better prepared this time around. She did a wonderful job getting to know us beforehand and getting a feel for what I might want/need during labor. She has plenty of knowledge and resources available for our questions/concerns.

I unexpectedly needed to be induced two weeks early and she was ready, coming the moment we called her. It was so helpful having her there. She knew just what to do and did a good job of keeping my husband involved (they were both squeezing my hips during each contration), giving me water when I didn't even realize I was thirsty, and just keeping me encouraged.

What I found most helpful and impressive was that she asked the nurse to turn down the pitocin (I would have never thought to ask or even think that they could do that). At the end of my labor I was really struggling with the pain (I begged for an epidural, but was past the point of being able to have any pain medication). She was able to get the nurse to turn the pitocin level down, which helped tremendously and made the pain so much more manageable.

I am so grateful for the support that Caryn provided and will be calling her should there be baby #3 :)

Brittni Roberts


Caryn was everything I was hoping for in a doula! Nurturing, reliable, and professional.
At first, I was a little hesitant to the idea of using a doula with limited experience, however, I'm so glad that I stuck with my instincts and decided go with Caryn! When first meeting her, she was so open, honest and confident in her craft as a doula that I immediately felt comfortable and connected with her. She seemed genuinely invested in my whole birthing experience and never faltered in being a rock to anchor me through the 15 hours of labor. And I loved that she not only had the formal training as a doula but had personally experienced the birthing process twice herself. I was very anxious about having a baby after moving to a new state, into a new healthcare system and with no family nearby. Caryn was so awesome in listening to all of my concerns and helping me navigate all of my possible options. I never felt judged for any of my choices and she was nothing but supportive in all of my decisions. Following up to the birth, she was on active standby as we anticipated the birth. She offered up some really great tips and information as I became anxious towards the end of my pregnancy and always made sure that I knew she’d be as present as I needed her to be or could even back off if I ever wanted as well. She had so many great laboring position suggestions, as I requested that I wanted to stay moving during labor. She also came prepared with candle lights, music speakers and massaging, which added so much to the experience. She was so encouraging and attentive the entire way and really worked as a team member alongside my husband and nurses. I am so grateful to have had her calming presence to look to when I was feeling overwhelmed. She helped keep me centered and focused on my natural birth goals when I needed it. I can't speak highly enough of her. If we ever decide to make another little addition to our family, I would definitely return to Caryn.

Dayvia Nelson


I had an amazing experience with Caryn as a Doula she was very tentative to my needs, always reachable with any questions or concerns no matter the type. She made me feel secure months before my due date and as my due date came and went she reassured me and validated my experiences were to be expected. Caryn had a lot of great information and resources for me to read and learn about regarding naturally ensuing labor after 40 weeks, the natural birth experience described in every step and overall pregnancy information. I was so thankful for all she taught me. Her influence was a huge factor in me being able to give birth completely naturally.

At my birth she defused essential oils and this was my first experience with essential oils. The oils were calming and allowed me to have something to focus on. She set the mood in the room with no lights, candles and music. It was exactly the experience I wanted.

we had built a great relationship over just a couple weeks and I felt safe in her presencE. I knew she would keep me informed and be my supporter. She held my hand, talked to me softly, gained my attention when I needed it the most throughout the birth process. It's amazing how much just the presence of the right person can help during birth.

I am so thankful for Caryn and her ability to help me through such an intense journey.

Bianca Pena


When Caryn joined my husband and I at the hospital, it was five in the morning and I was struck by how alert, calm and ready she seemed. She didn't enter the room hurried and didn't approach us with a bunch of questions or comments. She came in with a quiet, gentle and centered spirit. Her demeanor was truly uplifting.

Throughout my labor, Caryn was very attentive to me and did a wonderful job anticipating my needs. She affirmed my breathing, encouraged my moaning, and continually told me that I was strong and doing a great job. She watched my body language and knew by the look in my eyes what I wanted - water, ice chips, my pillows to be rearranged, etc.! The most tedious part of labor is staying hydrated and trying to maintain some level of comfort in the hospital bed and Caryn made that much easier on me.

During the most intense stage of labor, I grabbed for my husband's hand and then Caryn's. I didn't know at the time that I would want to be holding their hands until it was time to push my baby girl out, but that's how it turned out! Caryn never once faltered. She was present with me and only let go of my hand and left my side when she absolutely needed to to use the bathroom.

Towards the end of my labor, Caryn remained alert and engaged. When she observed that I was showing signs of discomfort from sitting on the hospital bed for so long, she suggested that I stand. Neither my husband and I would have thought to change my position. I was too focused on the pain and my husband was too focused on reassuring me. But Caryn was able to be proactive and think a few steps ahead. Standing up changed everything. I had 3 painful, but more productive contractions, my baby girl dropped down to my perineum and then it was time to push her out!

For so many reasons, my husband and I could not have asked for a better doula than Caryn. She truly provided us the most solid support we could have hoped for. We would very highly recommend her!

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