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Janet Harder

Special Delivery Doula and Prenatal Classes

Kamloops, BC Service range 45 miles


Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Medicaid and Third Party Insurers

Currently approved to receive payments from the following programs:

Birth Doula Experience

20 years

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Doula Training Canada - Certified Labour & Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, April 2015
  • Doula Training Canada, July 2021

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? Some Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Surrogates and intended parents

Training Documentation


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

-Spinning Babies trained -Previously at the community Pregnancy Care Center as a volunteer Birth Doula and Lamaze Childbirth Education Prenatal Classes and Private prenatal education sessions

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Preapproved for BC Aboriginal Doula Grant which covers up to $1200 towards birth preparation and support.

Service Area

Kamloops, BC Service range 45 miles

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We had Janet for the birth of both of our children. She was calm, kind and knowledgeable. She knows when to speak up and jump in to help and when to stand back and just be a calm presence. She fit in well as part of the birth team. Both births veered away from how we thought they might go and she was there to provide support that we didn't even know we needed. I would recommend Janet to anyone. 



I decided to go with a doula as this was my first child and I honestly had no idea what to expect in the months leading up to birth, the delivery process or the postpartum days. Upon my search I found Janet and I am so incredibly happy I did! From the first meeting to our last Janet made me feel nothing but validated, comfortable and capable! Her warmth and years of experience have made her quite the package. Janet always made sure to answer any of my questions and always in a timely fashion, (even at 3 in the morning!) which is amazing for those mama anxiety's. I could not recommend Janet enough, you will not be disappointed! 

Desiree Deslongchamps


Janet was an amazing support during my labor and birth to our beautiful baby boy. She was calm, nurturing and stuck with us for the long haul. Janet had me in positions to keep my body in motion and I truly believe it prevented me from having a c-section due to the circumstances of my birth. I am so glad she was with my fiance and I for the most special moment of our life. Thank you, Janet. 

Lou Verhoeven


I feel incredibly lucky to have had Janet by my side during my pregnancy and birth. She always checked in to see how I was doing, was always available and eased my fears. She even came down to Merritt to meet my husband and see where we live. I always felt comfortable and was incredibly happy to see Janet when I was in labor. She never left my side and helped ease the pain. I don’t think I could have done labour without her supporting me through contractions.Not only did she have many different ways of helping with the pain she also knew the hospital staff and the hospital very well.

I highly recommend Janet to everyone! Thank you for helping me make the wish of an unmedicated birth come true.

Lexie Kraige


I would absolutely recommend Janet's services for any birth experience. She is easygoing, personable and and so easy to feel comfortable around. This is my fifth birth and I had previously never had a doula, but wanted an epidural free birth and felt a doula would be helpful. I was right! We were very impressed with her extensive knowledge and experience. She knows so many positions, massages and mental tricks. She also has a way of reading the room and knowing what role she needs to take on. This was a surrogacy birth, and Janet not only helped me feel comfortable, but my husband and intended parents as well. It was obvious even the nurses were so pleased to have her there. If I am lucky enough to carry another child, Janet will absolutely be assisting me. I don't think I could have asked for a a more perfect birth, and better support. 



We asked Janet to be our doula for our first baby and we are so glad we did! The support she gave us starting from the end of my pregnancy, during labour and until the delivery was well beyond our expectations. She was following up regularly on the progress during the third trimester and came to give us a prenatal course four weeks before my due date (which we highly recommend). It was a perfect opportunity to set up a solid game plan together and build a trustful relationship. At the hospital, she was by my side (for my 17+ hours of labour!), always calm and anticipating my needs, while providing a huge support to my partner. She guided and helped him understand all medical decisions and steps that doctors/nurses were going to communicate with us. It allowed us to take the best decision to successfully execute our birth plan for a low intervention birth.

Janet is caring and truly dedicated. We are so thankful we have found her. Janet, we would love to have you on our side again for the second little one!



There's honestly no words that can adequately describe the level of care and expertise that Janet was able to provide for my VBAC experience. I was 37wks when we first met and she instantly put me at ease with her cheery, calm demeanor coupled with an incredible amount of knowledge in the birthing process; I knew I wanted her as my doula. Janet very much means what she says when it comes to being there for you no matter the circumstances... I went into (false) labor, yet she was at the hospital to help me & my husband and then followed up at the hotel where we went to see if things would progress. She was available 24/7 to answer any questions and helped me to figure out when to call my midwife.

When it came time to go to the hospital for actual labor she stayed by my side from before 4am June 27 - 1am June 28 and was not only well versed in position changes and techniques to help my baby move into a more optimal birthing position, but also helped my mental & emotional state when things weren't progressing after over 12hours of labor. At one point I completely relied on her confidence that I would have a successful VBAC when things weren't going as I had hoped and I was starting to get discouraged. So, with lots of encouragement and conversations to help me stay informed of what was going on, along with the many items to aid with the laboring process, it made the whole experience as pleasant as possible! I'm very happy and thankful to say that I was able to VBAC and credit so much of that success to Janet's knowledge and dedication to my labor. Having her check in to see how we're doing afterwards is such a comfort as well.

I very highly recommend Janet as a doula to anyone that is expecting!



I can't thank Janet enough for everything. She knew exactly what to do at each stage of my pregnancy and birth to alleviate my anxiety and help me manage the pain. Janet is kind, warm, caring, experienced, and extremely knowledgeable - my husband and I were incredibly fortunate to have her as our doula.



Jennifer Chinnock


The care and support I received from Janet was above and beyond. She was always one step ahead and provided my husband and myself the support we needed during our first delivery as parents. She guided both of us through hard moments, comforted us when things were difficult and supported us in a successful delivery of our baby. I recommend Janet as a doula to everyone that is looking for quality care and support for pregnancy and birth of a child. Her knowledge alone is everything. 

Abbie Larose


Working with Janet as our doula was a fantastic experience. Janet's views on pregnancy, labour and delivery being a natural physiological process was a good match for us. Her sense of humour was an added bonus to keep things light when they needed to be light! Her knowledge of getting baby into optimal position was an integral part of me delivering my son without any interventions. She was also a great support for my partner - my dream team for both at home and the hospital. Can't recommend Janet enough! 

Mia Gomez


Janet is everything you would like in a doula and more. Being a first time mom in a new country was a little bit scary for me, and Janet was all the support we needed and of course all of her knowledge and experience made us feel comfortable and in good hands. She was there for me in every aspect during my very long labour, and all of her techniques and support made it all less painful and more like a birthday celebration. I'm very happy to recommend her and would love to have her as a doula again for when I have a second child. 

Tamzin Morley


I can't say enough wonderful things about Janet! She is kind, intuitive and thoughtful. Her prenatal course prior to our son's birth was very informative - both my husband and I appreciated that an an option. During my labour she made a very conscious effort to support my husband and ensure he knew what to do in order to support me. I never needed to ask for anything, she just knew exactly what to do and when to do it. I highly recommend Janet to any family welcoming a baby into their lives. 



Janet is an amazing doula!  I never had a doula with my first pregnancy but was recommended one for my second as I was attempting a VBAC.  Janet is so sincere, supportive and knowledgeable.  She was the support I didn't know I needed and I am beyond grateful to have had her there encouraging me and keeping me emotionally strong and supported throughout the last weeks of my pregenancy and labour.  I would highly recommend her!

Tara Look


My husband and I did a private prenatal training class with Janet in June 2021 and I would highly recommend her services to anyone, but in particular FTMs. As someone who had more of a working veterinary knowledge of anatomy and birth than a human one, her knowledge and training was invaluable! Not only did she take longer than the originally discussed time frame for the class to answer our questions, but she even lent us several books to educate ourselves further before getting into the delivery room. That knowledge helped both my husband and myself stay calm during labour & delivery as well as make educated and informed decisions when discussing the best course of action with our medical team.



We were so unbelievably happy with having Janet be apart of our pregnancy and birth, she was so supportive and always there for us along the way. We were not sure what to expect and Janet was able to go over everything and answer all of our questions during a prenatal class and this was so helpful once labour began. Highly recommend having Janet for your pregnancy journey, we will definitely be having her for baby #2!

Jennifer Bissell


I can’t say enough amazing things about Janet! She was exactly what I hoped for - caring, knowledgeable, helpful, and always there to help answer questions and concerns. My labour was 5.5 weeks early and was super quick, but Janet made it to the hospital within 11 minutes which was just in time to start pushing. She was a familiar face on my left (husband on right), and it was her calm familiar voice (and amazing massage) that led me through labour and kept me in my calm positive mind frame. Then the after labour care and photos she took were the icing on the cake. Thank you again Janet! I 100% recommend.

Lisa Hutton


I highly recommend Janet as a doula. Personally having 2 of my own children and being in the delivery room to watch 3 of my grandchildren being born I was extremely nervous, when my daughter told me she was pregnant in the middle of COVID-19. I was so relieved to have such a loving, knowledgeable fantastic lady taking care of MY baby girl, and my  granddaughter. I even learned a few things when we met up before the big day, things I wish I had known before.  It was awesome because I was able to express my concerns as well as my daughter hers and we immediately felt at ease. Janet has tons of amazing information and knowledge to share that will make your delivery easier and be a fantastic advact for the parents. Thanks again so much Janet. Great experience. 5 Stars??




Even before I got pregnant I always dreamed of having holistic support leading up to and during labour and Janet perfectly fit into the role.
Janet provided professionalism, knowledge, humour and most importantly for me, the boost of confidence that I needed in preparation for labour and during the delivery.
Janet is genuine and passionate, and focused on helping parents to be as informed as possible, while making birth the best experience it can be!
We so appreciated Janet's ability to understand our needs and her support at such an intense and important time in our lives!
Would highly recommend to anyone looking for more support before, during and after birth!

Camille Godin


Janet was amazing! We cannot say enough good things about our experience with Janet. My husband and I are forever grateful to her for being apart of our birthing journey. 

This was my third baby and my husband's first, as well as my first experience with a doula. Having Janet along side us throughout labor and delivery far exceeded our expectations. She was extremely knowledgeable with any and all questions, supportive, she knows ALL the best labor positions and she makes sure your birth plan is followed as close as possible. This was by far the best labor experience I have had with my 3 babies. Thank you Janet for helping us bring our beautiful babygirl into the world ??



Janet is such an outstanding woman! The support and care my family received from her was incredible. I am so thankful to have had her by our side during the birth of our second daughter, her guidance and techniques helped me so much during labor.



We LOVED having Janet be a part of our childbirth journey. We found her so personable, had a hoot during our prenatal session, she kept it fun but informative. Prior to birth she was great at checking in with me, seeing how I was doing, and giving me information on how to prepare for labour. I was 3 weeks early, and Janet had no problem adjusting her schedule to make sure she was there for our birth. She was SO helpful with finding positions that instantly made me feel better and in less pain. I thought she did an amazing job being in tune with what type of support I needed at different times, whether it was light hearted, professional, or a nurturing mother type. I wouldn't hesitate to have her be a part of our journey again. 

Hilary H


We were so lucky to have Janet as part of our team when our baby girl came into the world. She was so calm and reassuring when things went a little sideways during my birth. She took care of me when my husband had to leave with baby and helped make me as comfortable as possible. Apple juice and a sandwich were quickly at my bedside. Before and after birth she checked in and made sure we were all doing well. She is very knowledgeable, kind and easy to talk to. ?



Janet was available to be our doula on quite short notice. Due to the pandemic, doulas weren't able to be in the delivery room, but the moment that changed I contacted Janet in hopes she still had a spot available. Luckily for us, she did!

Janet was so understanding and supportive with all of my text messages asking questions as this was my first pregnancy. She gave me very helpful exercises to do to help baby get into position.

I went into labour three weeks early, and Janet was there every step of the way. I laboured at home for 16 hours before being admitted to the hospital. During those 16 hours, we made a couple trips to the hospital, and Janet met us there. She helped me with positions that made the contractions more bearable, and was a great support for the both of us.

When I was admitted to the hospital she came ready! My labour wasn't the easiest, so it was incredibly nice to have her there to further explain things to us when the nurses were busy. She made me feel so comfortable, and gave me the encouragement I needed to push through the contractions.

I would recommend Janet to anyone who thinks they may want to have a doula available for support during their labour and delivery. She was very calm when things started to get scary, gentle, supportive and so knowledgeable!

Wade Archambault


Janet was amazing.  We were in a unique situation at the hospital where my wife was attempting a double VBAC.  We knew we needed some help and Janet was the right person.  She was very personable, caring and understanding.  She knew the hospital staff and the workings of the hospital very well.  We were there often as the baby was nearly 3 weeks late and she accompanied us at every turn.  In the end the delivery was successful which she played a large part in helping. I would recommend Janet to anyone.



Our experience with Janet Harder was wonderful. She put both my partner and I at ease, and answered so many questions for us, some we didn't even know we had! Janet was very proffessional, on time, and created a very comfortable environment for us both. We would highly reccommend Janet, and we would use her advice again with baby number 2.



Janet is amazing . Your kindness, compassion, knowledge and calm,  presence were so helpful to us. I am so grateful to have met you . I really appreciated your support after the birth as well, and the care you demonstrated by checking in to see how things were going in the hospital. I don’t think I could have survived labour without your physical support through contractions. You were very supportive. I highly recommend Janet to everyone. Thank you so much

Meredith Conrad


Oh where do I even begin! We are so thankful to God for Janet and the amazing help she gave us throughout pregnancy and in labour and delivery!! She’s simply wonderful! She was a great teacher and encourager. We felt prepared and informed through her prenatal classes. During the day our son was born, she never left my side and was like a mother in the way she comforted me and helped ease the pain! She walked me through everything I was going through and helped me focus on what I needed to do. I can’t thank her enough! Janet is amazing and we love her so much!

Angela & Louis P


We asked Janet to come into our home to provide prenatal education in advance of our first child.  She was very warm and personable!  We interrupted a hundred times with questions and comments and she was very patient and thorough in all her answers.  We never felt rushed - it was obvious that we had all the time we needed to cover all the bases.  She had excellent visual aids and information from several different sources, which we feel led to a well-rounded and focused experience.  We would definitely recommend Janet's service to anyone that needs it. :o)

Steffanie Michel


I had a great experience! I appreciated that Janet was very informal of what to expect while in labour. She was very helpful and supportive while I was in the stages of giving birth to my baby girl. I appreciated her words of encouragement and her presence beside me was so helpful to me and my family. I am glad that I chose her as my doula! Janet’s hard work and dedication has inspired me to become a doula! Thank you Janet for all that you did for me and my family!

cecil tulao


Being a first time mom and someone who is away from her family, giving birth scares me and makes me worry all the time. My worries faded away when I met Janet. Our first meeting didn't even feel like a doula-client relatinship at all. She was so warm, cheerful, affectionate and kind and my husband and I knew instantly that we want her to be with us on my delivery day. She was quick to response to my questions and text messages even in the wee hours. She was with me in my prenatal visits and helped me ask the doctor questions I was shy to ask myself.'She even told me what I should expect in that appointment and the next, what the doctors might ask so I can decide beforehand. She paid mea visit at home to walk me through the labor stages.

Then came the most dreaded day. I was so scared when I started bleeding but she was so calm and supportive and just gave me instructions. She was with me in my hospital trips as my baby decided to stay inside my womb for few more hours. Came the real labor and she was already in the hospital waiting for me, with a wheelchair, in the hospital parking lot. She was with me all throughout my labor and I dont know how I could make it through without her calming support. She has lots of techniques to somehow lessen, if not ease the pain I was feeling. She is a mother, a friend, a midwife and a nurse rolled into one. She is someone I exactly needed. My husband and I are so grateful to have met her. She is amazing and you'll feel how much she loves what she's doing. I have found a friend in her.

Shantelle Blackwell


When my husband and I first met Janet we instantly knew we wanted her to be part of our birth plan with our first child.  She was so informative, such a great personality, and very eperienced. When going into labour she never made me feel bad about the multiple phone calls, she always reasured me and gave me helpful tips before heading into the hospital.

I highly recomened Janet to anyone.  You can really tell she loves what she does and takes pride in her job.

Katie Martin


Janet was great. She provided support and resources throughout my pregnancy and was absolutely invaluable to us during labour. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula!

Janique-Rose Parkes


There is no true way to describe the gratefulness my partner and I have for this woman. Janet was amazing right from the start. There was no awkward getting to know each other vibe, she made me feel at home - in my OWN home. I had searched aound desperately for some guidance and support to birth my second son. I was nervous and didnt want to feel pressured or taken advantage of by the labour ward staff, like I felt happened with my first born. I had a C-Section and desperately tried for a Vbac and Janet was completely on board. Without Janet I dont know how we would have navigated our journey. She was so polite and passionate and took charge while in the waiting room and the delivery room. Also, if it hadn't been for Janets great relationship with the staff at our hospital I feel like things could have taken a different path. She helped me get alllll the way through to 9cm dialated until the docs suggested a C-Section due to the babys heart rate and position etc. The nurse that was there understood every command I had told Janet to enforce from my birthing plan. I ended up still needing a somewhat emergency C-section but Janet made sure everyone knew that I was not going down without a great fight! I was starving, shaking and crying during the last minutes until I entered the OR and she stuck by my partner and I. Once the baby was born she quietly left the hospital and said she'd love to see the baby and I after a day or so of rest. She was the mom I needed during the entire experience seeing as mine passed away, she understood this and delivered immensley with the wisdom and guidance a fellow mom has to offer. She gave warm hugs and unconditional support. I'd do it all again with her when the time comes to have baby number three!

Marilyn Hanghofer


Janet came over and did a prenatal class with my husband and I a few weeks before our babies due date. She was great at relating to us both and able to help us feel at ease and more comfortable going into our delivery. She clearly cares about the women she works with, as she was there to answer any questions we had at the hospital and after about breastfeeding. If you are on the fence about prenatal classes I would definitely recommend Janet!

Victoria Cope


Janet was a wonderful help when it came to birthing my first child. Her friendly and kind heart stepped to my aid at all the right times and it worked out perfectly. She helped me follow my birth plan without even pulling it out because her techniques and gentle voice gave me the strength I needed. My mind was in the right head space too, knowing her professional help was there along the way. First children are scary, but having Janet on my team was a huge help. She not only helped me, but helped my support person as well which was very important. She was not just a doula, but a friend I could count on. She was very informational and did her best to answer all my questions.

Candace Mawdsley


When preparing for the birth of our first child, I knew that I wanted to have a doula present as a help for me and for my husband, as an advocate for us and how we hoped for our birth experience to be and for the comfort of having someone encouraging and knowledgable with us through the process.

Knowing Janet personally before asking her to be our doula definitely helped us make a decision as to who we wanted present, however now having gone through the expereince with her, I am even more convinced of her capability as a doula. Throughout the whole birth Janet was calm, knowledgable, encouraging, supportive and exactly what both my husband and I needed. During the times we met for coffee and labour preperation, in addition to pre-natal classes that she gave my husband and I privately, she was funny, encouraging and real - not sugar coating anything but being perfectly reassuring. Any time I had a question or concern throughout and following the birth of our son, she was quick to answer and be present if I needed.

In the recent rise in popularity of doulas and midwives, I think many have made pregnant women a business, and some have lost the intention and sincerity that led to their job. I deeply appreciate that Janet only takes on a couple of women a month in order to ensure as much as is possible that she is the one present at the time of delivery. You can also tell throughout the whole process how genuine she is, how much she loves what she does and that she only ever has your best interests at heart.

My husband and I highly recommend Janet if you are looking for that wise, calm support that so many of us need during one of the most intense and precious periods of our lives.

Danielle Plysiuk


Janet Harder was, and is and amazing Doula! She was a great support to myself and my husband throughout my multi day labour. Janet was a joy to be around and brought a sense of calm during some stressful situations. She was awsome to have as a person who could clarify doctors medical terminology and when things were not clear, she wasn't afraid to ask questions. She is very knowledgeable about the birthing process as well as breast feeding and has continued to be a great resource.  I would highly recommend Janet to anyone looking for a Doula. This isn't just her job, it's her passion and it made all the diffence.

Susie Elizabeth


Janet was wonderful! I felt an instant connection with her and knew right away that this was the doula I wanted next to me supporting me and my boyfriend. She was friendly, caring, approuchable, and had a touch of humour at the right moments. I enjoyed every meeting we had together and felt a sincer connection with her. She was also very informative with the birthing class I took with her. She knew what she was talking about and made me feel comfortable about asking any question that came up, no matter how personal!  She was there for me around the clock to answer any question or concern I had. Even after baby was born, she is still asking how things are going and I enjoy letting her know all about baby and myself. One of my girlfriends had met her and told me, "I want her as my doula too!". I would definitely recommend her to friends and family.

Gina Carnegie


Janet was very knowledgeable and supportive during my pregnancy with any questions and concerns in bad. I had a very lengthy delivery and she brought a wonderful energy to the room which helped myself and my support team keep going. Janet helped my husband and I to make informed decisions when things did not go as we had hoped. She has also been a fantastic support after delivery as we have had some struggles with baby's health and with breastfeeding and she has been there to help me cope and encourage me to keep going. I would definitely recommend Janet to guide others in their pregnancy and birth journey.

Jody E. John


My experience with Janet Harder was great because she is very helpful with coaching the ones in the delivery room  and helping me through the process of labor. She also helped me after I had my baby with questions I had and she even comes to appointment with me if I wanted support there also. I absolutely recommend Janet to be my birth doula again when I have another baby.

Stefanee Marie Reid


As a first time mom I really didn't know what to expect from pregnancy to delivery to post partum, so I felt I needed someone who was experienced to help get me through the experience. Janet was the perfect person I could have found to be the support I needed. During my pregnancy she was there to answer any questions and settle any concerns I had. Without her I would have been on the phone with the nurses hotline 24/7. I ended up having my baby boy (Lexton) at 35 weeks. During labour Janet knew exactly what to say to get me to relax and feel confident about having my baby. Before she arrived I was stressing out and couldn't think clearly. I can't remember exactly what she said to me when she got to the delivery room, but I remember thinking "I'm so glad you're here!". Janet was right at my side coaching me on how to get through labour. When I was ready to give up she made me feel like I could make it and for that I will be forever grateful to her.

Stephanie Feely


I met Janet for the first time during transition in the hospital.  This was my third labour and I had been handling everything pretty well at home until my water broke.  Suddenly it was go time.  We called our regular doula but she was out of town.  Luckily she contacted Janet who arrived at the hospital shortly after us.  She walked in and took command of the situation.  It was so wonderful to feel like everything was back under control with Janet helping me vocal tone and giving amazing hip squeezes and massages. Her reassurance that I was doing great and letting me crush her hand at times really helped during the pushing stages.  Janet was also very helpful when our baby arrived - helping me with the gas during stitches, helping with breastfeeding and feeding me.  She stayed for a few hours after to help out and it was so wonderful to get to know her a bit.  I would definitely recommend Janet :).

Jennifer Rurka


My husband and I were looking for a Doula for our upcoming labour as well as prenatal classes. We met with Janet and immediately felt she was the right choice for us. She was very easy to talk with and made my husband, who was unsure about the idea of a doula, comfortable and willing on the idea. Unfortunately our baby had some health problems which took us to another city for labour but we did get the privilege of a prenatal class with Janet. She came to our home making it very easy and comfortable, her rate was very competitive and fair and most importantly myself and my husband felt prepared. Janet provided easy reading materials for us to review after and has stayed in contact with us since. I would definitely recommend Janet for how incredibly kind, friendly, easy to work with, fair rates and just in general great person she is.

Jennifer & Nick

Cory Lalonde


Janet was a really big help throughout pregnancy and labour to not only my girlfriend, but to me as well. I was able to learn a few things that I hadn't yet heard of and help my lady coast through labour and birth. She focused on my girlfriend throughout labour making her feel safe and confident in what she was doing. I would be happy to have her be apart of all our children's births.

Kali Newman


Janet is an angel. She was there for us through our birth from the very start of my contractions, through all my doubts and fears and all the way to the end of the 26 hour birth of my son. Her knowledge and calm nature is invaluable and we are so glad we chose her to a part of our team. Thank you so much for being there for us, you helped make this whole experience as wonderful as it could have possibly been.

Mercedes Prefontaine


If I did not have Janet with me for my pregnancy and birth I know I would have had a much more difficult time. Not only with my emotions, but with the everyday questions of pregnancy and life with a new baby. She was always ready and willing to go above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and confident with my pregnancy and birth. She definitely made labor a little bit more relaxed than what I had imagined it to be. I would definitely recommend her to any mommy to be. She was also great with my hubby guiding him through our birth. Thank you so much Janet for helping bring my beautiful baby girl into this world!! You will always be a big part of the beginning of her beautiful life.

Katelyn Curtis


Amazing! Janet was everything I needed and more. She went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and was so knowledgeable in the services she provided. I highly recommend her!

Clarissa Frederick


Being a first time mom, I'm going to flat out say that having Janet as my doula was such a great decision. Most people I knew always asked me why I needed a doula, well I knew nothing about pregnancy or how it was going to be for me as every pregnancy is totally different. Janet was there for me through the most intense, crazy and most beautiful experience in my life. She knew what to ask, say, supported me through every decision and making sure it's what I wanted. I definitely recommend Janet she is absolutely amazing, very kind, supportive and educated.

Clarissa Frederick

Cassandra Boersma


Having Janet be there for me before, during, and after my birth has been amazing! She's so calming, comforting, and understanding. If I ever have any more children I'll be asking her to be my doula again. I have been and will continue to recommend her to everyone I know.  Janet knew what I needed even when I didn't know for myself and I'm so thankful for her ?

havana whiteman


I recently had Janet help me with my new baby girl. The experience was amazing she was able to help me out a lot especially with all the medical terms used at the hospital. Janet wasn't just helpful for me but for my support system to. Having a doula was anew experience for me and my mom, If I know anyone who is pregnant I would recommend for them to use her knowledge.

Cherie Lyons-Yaretz


I recently had the pleasure of working with Janet Harder during my foster daughters preganancy and during the birth of her child. Janet attended her Doctor appointments with us and built a trusting relationship with both of us. Janet was very imformative, professional, personable and caring. Janet was available any time of the day regarding any concerns. I really can't say enough or thank her enough for all her support during this whole process. She truly helped make this whole experience so calmimg and amazing.

Mayhen Arienda


I've first met Janet on my pre-natal class. She is the facilitator. One of the incredible doula  that I would really highly recommend for all mom-to-be especially the first time mom like me. She will answer your questions on or beyond her capability. She is a part of my pregnancy that is why it isn't really hard for me knowing she's there to answer my queries. Through her, you will be feel so comfortable not just your doula  but you can also feel the love and care that she give especially for your bundle of joy. She does keep follow up on what is going on etc. All I can say is she's great, amazing and a loving doula.

Holly Mack


Janet was our doula for my pregnancy and the birth of our son Elias. During the later part of my pregnancy she set up a meeting so my husband and I could get comfortable with her which wasn't an issue at all! She is so easy to talk to and be around which was a must for me as I'm a little shy around new people. Also, a must during labour as nothing is more personal than labour and birth. Janet is very knowledgeable and answered any questions I had at anytime of the day or night. She made it clear she was available whenever I needed her!

My labour was very long and hard with trips back and forth to the hospital. She was there for all of it, providing calmness, explanations as to what was going on, drinks and heat/cold packs, humour, a voice for me and guidance for my husband. I felt like I still had my dignity during the unflattering and downright awful parts of labour. She kept on saying I was doing great and she made me feel so comfortable. Janet came for a visit after we were all home and said she was there for us if we needed anything.

Would I recommend Janet? Absolutely yes! If you want someone there for your labour, birth and beyond that is compassionate, knowledgeable & just all around a good person pick Janet Harder as your doula!

Heather Asselstine


I can not say enough kind things about Janet. I recently moved to Kamloops shortly before this pregnancy and did not have a family doctor here and moved away from my support network. My first pregnancy I had a high risk pregnancy and had a planned c-section. I had really wanted to have a vaginal birth the first time and had midwives overseeing my care. This second pregnancy I could not get in to the midwifery clinic and was feeling completely unsupported. I desperately wanted to have a VBAC. I'm so happy I found Janet. She was so very professional and kind. I was so grateful to have her there every step of the way and Janet went above and beyond for me. She was there for appointments if I needed her and available for texts or calls at ANYTIME if I had questions or concerns. There were moments I thought I was going to lose my mind and she so very compassionately re-grounded me.  She expertly read body language and moods between my husband and I and and was there only when she could tell support was needed. It was not always hands on support, if something was needed she went out of her way to find it.  She was there to talk to the nurses and doctors explaing how my labour was progressing when I couldn't remember or didn't want to talk.  It was surprising to me how knowledgeable she was during my labour. During contractions she gave me much appreciated advice on how to work through them and positions that could help alleviate pain.  I do not think I would have had the succesful VBAC I did without Janet's care. I HIGHLY recommend her to any women.

Marivic Lopez


I don't know what I would do without Janet, her knowledge and the comfort she gave to me through out this experience is not only heart warming but it was a really big weight off my husband shoulders.i will recommend her to all the mamas that expecting a baby, and we will definetly use her again if we ever have another child.. ??

Dianna West


Janet was my daughter's doula and was there for her from about a month before the birth until the birth itself and beyond.  She was a great comfort to my daughter and a source of information for us both.  She was able to reassure my daughter through her pre labour events including 2 incidences of false labour.  During the labour itself Janet was able to instruct me on how to provide support and comfort to my daughter.  She is very positive, encouraging, upbeat and soothing. Janet helped myself and my daughter's partner to truly assist my daughter.  She has also been involved since the birth and I know my daughter counts on her as a support person to this day.  I highly recommend Janet and her services!  She is a wonderful person and believes in assisting each individual mom to be and her family and support people.  Janet adds knowledge, empathy, support, fun and calm to this amazing life event.

Erin Sebastian


my husband and I ,hired a doula Janet Harder for support in our birth.as We are first time parents and didn't know what to expect.and we couldn't of made a better decision.Janet was fantastic,in not just support for myself but also for my husband.she helped him and guided him in helping ease my labor.i don't believe we could've done it without her,guidance,support and knowledge.i would totally recommend her services. I had a long drawn out labor and felt very comfortable and she made me feel relaxed and in a stress free environment. My husband even says he appreciated her help as he wouldn't of known what to do to make me feel better.thank you Janet! would totally use her services again if we decide to expand our family even more.

Harmonie Jeselon


Janet was 100% fantastic. This was my first baby, and the father is uninvolved so I was pretty nervous. Janet was calm, knowledgable, supportive, helpful. Between her and my mother, birth was that much easier. Very grateful to have had her assistance.

Jamie Jangula


I met Janet when I was about 24 weeks pregnant after we had decided to make the move from Grande Prairie to Kamloops BC. She was extremely supportive of my choice to have a TOLAC (trial of labor after a cesarean) and told me she would help me to reach my goal! We met numerous times after I finally moved to Kamloops to discuss what I wanted to see when I delivered and she was very caring about my concerns. I was terrified of labor and the fear of another c section and she talked me through it and helped me to not be so worried. I ended up going into labor at 38 weeks 3 days my water broke in the morning and didn't look right so I sent Janet a picture to see If it was normal and she told me it looked like meconium and that I should go in to get it checked out. She was amazing I hadn't made any arrangements for anyone to watch my son and she helped me to find someone to come and watch him until someone could take over. She met my husband and I at the hospital and waited for the results to see if my water broke or not and sure enough they had and I went into labor instantly! She made sure that I was breathing through my contrations and showed my husband some ways to help relieve the pain! After 24 hours of labor I ended up needing an emergency c section and she supported me through it all! She made sure even after she let that I was okay and messaged me almost every day I was in the hospital and even stopped by to see me and the baby after we had gone home! She is an amazing woman and is super caring and supportive! When I go for a vba2c ( vaginal birth after 2 c sections ) I will be using her again if I end up staying in kamloops for our next! Janet is definitely someone you want on your birth support team if you're looking for a doula!

Caleigh Casson


Janet was very supportive during my pregnancy, especially in the last few weeks before my son was born.  She came to my house so we could meet and get to know one another a bit.  She kept in close contact during the last few weeks, checking in with me to see how things were going.  She came to a couple of midwife visits and was always available and willing to answer any questions I had.  I felt like she really knew what she was talking about and had obviously put the time in to learning what she needed to know to be a good support during pregnancy and childbirth.

She was very gracious, and willing to do whatever was needed.  During the birth of my son, which was at home, she was very ready to jump in help out wherever she could, either with back massages during labor, or bringing water or whatever else I needed.  She stayed very close the whole time, and I really appreciated her willingness to do whatever was needed!

Richelle Nelson


Janet heard about me through a woman at her church who happens to be a good family friend of ours. I was contacted by Janet shortly after she spoke with our friend and she offered me her services. I greatly accepted and I am so thankful to have met Janet. I was 37 weeks when I first met Janet. She met us at the hospital because I thought something was wrong. She was amazing. Such a great first impression. She helped me understand what happens at the hospital if they are to admit you, what types of tests they were doing on me, helped cover me up ect. We left with peace of mind and assured everything is okay with baby. Janet coached me through a very frustrating labour and without her, I don't know if I would have been so calm or kept trying. I ended up having a c-section and Janet met baby afterwards. I was definitely blessed to have met Janet and had her there for support. If I decide to have anymore children in the future I will definitely want to have Janet right there with me again! I highly recommend her to all the expecting mommies. Even if this is your 1st or 5th child, she is absolutely amazing!

Suzanna Fradette


I hired Janet to be my Doula. But before we could really get started I found out my baby had severe spina bifida and would not be able to survive out of the womb. I messaged Janet to let her know and she asked to come to the hospital while I was induced. She ended up staying with us the entire almost 2 days while I was in labor and gave birth to my beautiful boy. Janet was amazing and I don't know what I would of done without her. She was the rock my other half and I needed during this hard time. She took pictures for us as well. Our boy stayed with us for just over an hour. Love Janet and will use her again when we get the courage to try again. Thank you Janet.

Melissa Miller


Hiring Janet was such a good decision! She visited us several time pre-labour, allowing us to get to know her while we did some prenatal education. Then when labour got going she was a huge help to have around. She stayed for my entire 26 hour labour, and was a great support both to me and to my husband. I was so happy that we made the decision to hire her, and would definately reccomend her to anyone looking for a doula.

Anna Wiwchar


Having Janet help me along this journey was an unexpected gift...I was hit hard financially and unable to have any family present thrpugh th my pregnancy and birth of my daughter. every was just to far away...and that really left me feeling lonely and lost. My Good friend ended up finding Janet and she was a God send to me! Not only was Janet a huge comfort to me, she was a wonderful guide and steadfast rock when I needed her to be. Thing is,  because of how rock bottom ny Fiance and my finances were at the time, we didn't get to meet janet until I was 8months pregnant...and even in the small punt of time I knew Janet, she gave  this Amazing sense of calm through my Labour and sleflessly provided not only for my in my time of need, but for my Fiancé as well. When I think of Janet, she reminds  of an Aunt, warm and steadfast...treating you with firm  guiding kindness. Her hands never once shook or left mine when I needed them to hold onto the whole time.

...and when my daughter was born, oh the joy she shared in seeing her!

As hazy as my mind may be now about the details of that night, so will not forget the smile on her face when she handed my little girl to me.

Thank you Janet for supporting me when I felt my strength would falter!

Your Gentle heart and healing hands are a wonderful gift to any mother touched by them.

Amanda Mansell


When I found out I was pregnant I was so nervous because it was my first baby and I had no idea what to expect. I saw Janet's ad on Facebook and I'm so glad I contacted her because she turned out to be a life saver. She made me and my husband feel confident and secure. I was in labor for 36 hours and she was there with me at the hospital the whole time. Janet is an amazing doula and I would recommend her to anyone. If I get pregnant again I will definitely have her there with me for the second baby. I love you Janet!

Nicole Gendy


Janet was an excellent support person for me and my husband in my VBAC. She gave helpful information prior to the birth and attended my last few midwife appointments with me. When I finally went into labor she stayed in contact with me via text until she arrived at my house. She then coached me through each contraction and encouraged me. At the hospital she showed my husband some ways to support me, which he really appreciated. I had a medication free birth that was painful but amazing and I know that Janet's support was a major factor in my success. In the end, we had a successful VBAC and a healthy baby girl. Giving birth is very personal and intimate, but Janet's presence was complete natural. I'd recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone looking for birth support.

Zelinda Davidowski


I absolutely loved my experience while in labor with my daughter Raina because of janet. I had to have a emergency csection and I was so very scared however janet was exactly what I needed, she was able to explain what was going on through the entire process. Which made me feel comfortable and gave me the ability to stay calm, I don't think I would have been able to do so without her. My daughter is now 2 months old and I still text or email janet regularly with questions on if something is normal or what should I do in certain situations. She also replies and is still helping me be the best mom I can be. I would recommend her services as a doula to any women.

Laura DeClercq


We decided to go with a doula for our first experience of childbirth. Janet was an incredible mentor and had a wealth of experience to share with us. She was very considerate of the father's role in the delivery room and provided invaluable help with labouring positions, breathing techniques and relaxation methods. We would highly recommend Janet to other expectant parents if they are looking for professional and attentive birth coaching.

Sami Didrich


Janet was an amazing support during my labour with my son. She not only helped me to stay calm, but she helped my partner stay calm as well. I found Janet to be very knowledgable and compassionate. She was available when i needed her and always answered my calls whenever I had questions or concerns. I highly reccomend her to other expecting mothers! She did more for me than I ever could have imagine. Janet went above and beyond what I expected of her. I will most definitely be using her for my next labour and delivery.

Armida Jahzara


Janet assisted us with the birth of our daughter in June 2015. This was my first child and we were both very nervous. Janet was available for us before delivery, which made it very comfortable to be in such a vulnerable state with her once delivery time came along. Janet was very supportive and intuitive when it came to my feelings of fear and anxiety. She was there to help keep me calm and encourage me through the pain. She was also a saving grace for my husband, he was able to eat/shower/etc. while I went through a very long labor. Janet was also available for baby snuggles and information after our daughter came home. We are so glad we decided to have a doula, and so thankful to have had Janet share that special time with us. If/when we decide to expand our family, we would definitely be contacting Janet again!

Katrina Beharrell


Janet is a kind, loving and vivacious personality. She's the kind of person you immediately want to befriend because she makes you laugh and she also will do whatever she can to protect you. Seeing her as a doula comes as no surprise because she is passionate about babies and all things related to pregnancy. When I became pregnant I found her willingness to listen and her comforting words of support were everything I needed to hear. She also supported my husband and gave us great suggestions of techniques to ease the discomfort of early labour pains. There is not one person I can think of that has had Janet there as a support system from the beginning to the end and was not thankful for her time, commitment and heart when it came to her role as their doula. I highly recommend this wonderful lady to anyone looking for that extra support during one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking experiences of your life!

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