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Mother Eve's Childbearing Support Services

Lake Dallas, TX Service range 100 miles



Birth Fee

$2000 to $2500

Black Doula

Birth Fee

$2000 to $2500

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

12 years and 162 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, August 2016
  • DONA International, August 2016

Type of practice: Partnership with 2 or more doulas

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Woman to Woman Pregnancy Resource Center Advocate March of Dimes Babies R Us

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Spanish

Fee Details

Services Include: •3 prenatal visits with early pregnancy consultation consisting of birth planning, choosing a doctor, attendance at 1-2 doctor visits, assistance with baby shower planning, pregnancy and breastfeeding supplies; hospital bag preparation, network of support planning, and more. •Labor Services includes full attendance during entire length of labor regardless of duration. A back up doula will be available if there is an emergency. •3 postpartum visits over the 6 week postpartum period. Includes postpartum meal planning, postpartum depression prevention and management, basic breastfeeding assistance, and assistance with birth control planning if indicated. •A Doula/Client relationship contract will be provided for a full review of Labor Services. •Farewell visit includes slideshow of labor and birth experience, a birth story, and a family gift.

Lake Dallas, TX Service range 100 miles

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Lottie Conway


My experience with Amber was amazing.  When I found out I was pregnant and after the initial excitement goes away, a million questions came to mind.  Amber encouraged me to do some research and to start thinking of a birth plan.  Initially I was totally against having a natural birth due to the fear of all the pain women talked about, experiences from mothers in my family, and just horror stories you watch on TV or hear through the grapevine.  I didn't think I could take all of the pain and had so many fears of something going wrong.

Amber reassured me that my body was designed for childbirth and after much research and consideration, I finally made the decision to have a natural birth as long as Amber would be by my side as a support.  My husband and I attended a private birth class and we were ready and prepared to deliver our son.

I have to give the credit to Amber for helping my husband understand how to be a support to me and motivating me to continue even when I wanted to quit.  The pain was bad but having Amber and my husband encouraging me was exactly what I needed to have a natural birth.  When I felt like I couldn't take the pain anymore and really wanted medication, Amber's encouraging words were really what got me through the pain.

Even after my son was born, I contacted Amber for support with breastfeeding.  She was able to help me when my milk ducts were clogged and if it wasn't for her help I would not have even attempted breastfeeding.  None of the women in my family breastfeed or had a natural birth.  So I really trusted Amber and am so pleased with the information she shared.  She has a wealth of knowledge and that is exactly what a mother in a vulnerable state needs.

I have built a life long relationship of trust with Amber and if I have any other children, I pray that Amber and my husband will be there again.

Jessica Fly


I cannot imagine the birth of my sweet boy, and the transition into parenthood without Amber by our side. She equipped us with the knowledge we needed during our childbirth classes to truly prepare us, as well as you can prepare, for the birth experience. She never pushed her opinons on us, but instead just gave us facts and let us choose the path best for us. As the time neared for his birth, she always answered my worried texts in a timely manner, and helped me keep calm during the confusing signs of pre-labor. Once I entered active labor, she was on the phone with my husband determining the best time to come to our home as well as helping him assist me during labor. Once she arrived to our house, Amber helped me get through some rough contractions, which we quickly realized was actually the transition period. She calmly suggested we head to the hospital, despite the intense emotions and nerves my husband and I were both feeling. We arrived at the hospital, which Amber had been to many times, and she helped us quickly get into Labor and Delivery without dealing with all of the red tape. The nurses checked me and confirmed our suspicions that I was fuly dilated. Amber worked side-by-side with my husband to help me hold off from pushing until our midwife arrived, as well as continue to get through each contraction. Together with my midwife, and my husband, Amber coached me through the pushing phase until my boy arrived. Immediately afterward, she helped me start nursing him, and helped me get through that initial awkardness of learning to breastfeed. During the postpartum period, Amber always was there for us when I was exhausted from breastfeeding or dealing with the initial discomfort of breastfeeding. Even after our follow-ups were over, she still checks in occassionally, which is an example of her dedication. We started our journey with Amber out of fear of the new territory of childbirth, but ended it with someone that now feels like our family. 

Rose Gibson


As a first time mom, I was very nervous about the whole birth process.  My midwife recommended a doula.  After some investigating, I contacted Amber for a consultation.  During our initial consultation, she helped me feel very at ease, and tried to get as much information so that she could help me more effectively.  I took classes with her as well.  During the classes, she tailored the information to me and my husband, addressed our concerns, and helped us to create a birth plan that was best for us.  Amber made sure to present different scenarios for the birth process to prepare us for whatever might happen in the delivery room.  She taught us about all of the different options that would be helpful and provide comfort in the birth process--stretches, music, essential oils, massage, etc. For me, one of the most important things she helped me with was knowing what I would need her to do during the labor process.  Once I had that figured out, I felt more relaxed. We also covered breastfeeding information and techniques, which was another thing that I needed. Once I was in labor, she was right there with me, and she did exactly what I needed to get through.  My labor lasted quite some time, and she was available to me when I needed.  I truly could not have done it without her! Amber was so thorough and so knowledgeable; I am have had her assist me with the birth of my son.  

Linda Azevedo


Amber was referred to me by my sister-in-law whom Amber assisted through a rough 48 hour delivery.  Amber put me and my husband at easy right away about the whole process and we felt comfortable knowing she would be there to support us every step of the way. The plan was to try for a natural birth and Amber assisted with the birth plan, taught us about all the hospital proceedures, and educated us to our delivery options. We even planed for the right music and lighting for the big day. However, I fractured my knee cap the last month and had to do an early c-section.  Amber stepped in right away educating us on every detail. 

The day of the delivery Amber was at the hospital with us and was by our sides the entire time explaining all the weird beeps and keeping us calm, and she was there as soon as I came out of the hospital room helping me brestfeed my daughter for the first time when all the nurses were too busy to help.

Her postpartum care was a lifesaver to me.  This being my first kiddo I knew nothing.  She helped me learn to brestfeed more effectively, helped teach us how to help calm a gassy baby, and so much more. Any question I had she was just a call or text away.

Amber is a joy to work with. Having her close made me more relaxed and the whole ordeal way less frightening. I recommend her to every new mom I meet. 

Karina Gutierrez


I first contacted Amber because I was a first time mother and I wanted a natural labor and delivery. During my research I found out that there was a high percentage of women that wanted a natural delivery, but the hospital setting pushed medicine on them, causing them to have complications. I hired Amber because I wanted to ensure nothing would get in the way of my goals. 

I interviewed several doulas and Amber was by far the most knowledgeable. Her experience in the field of labor and delivery was oustanding. Her background made her the perfect option to be able to accoplish my goals for my pregnancy. During my labor, Amber knew exactly how to help me with the pain, which made my anxiety levels go down. She also help my husband when he was too tired to keep going. Once I got to the hospital, Amber knew most of the staff, and she acted as a reenforcer of my birth plan. After 33 hours of labor, my beautiful baby girl was born just as I planned. Amber was there to help me with breastfeeding and her knowledge and support was key to help me not to fall into depression.

I can not expressed how lucky I feel to have met Amber during the most difficult time of my life. I know Amber was a big part of my successful story.

Haddijatou Bayo


I sought out Amber's help a few months prior to my due date because I wanted to be prepared as possible for a natural birth. We were not disappointed. Amber was very attuned to our needs and it was obvious that she was very knowledgeable in the area of childbirth. The fact that she was a labor and delivery nurse helped tremendously. 

We were very happy with our choice to work with Amber. We had a very positive and empowering experience. 

Eren Simpson


I can’t say enough good things about working with Amber. We just moved to Texas so we didn’t have family close by for support so I was determined to have a natural delivery so that I could get home as quick as possible to our toddler. 

I was hesitant about hiring a doula initially, but after the birthing class with Amber I knew she’d be an invaluable resource, and I was right! Not only did she completely prepare both my husband and I to labor naturally without an Epidural so that we were able to labor on our own before calling her for backup when things got more severe, but she was a tremendous support in physically helping me manage my contractions as they got worse and worse. 

Her no-nonsense approach to labour really helped push me when I felt like I couldn’t do it anymore. 

I was 10 cm by the time we got to the hospital and after 5 contractions and just less than 8 hours of labor from start of contractions to birth, my beautiful daughter was born. All 8 lb 12 oz of her - no epidural, and thanks to her generously pouring olive oil on my perineum while the midwife massaged, only a 1st degree tear so my recovery has been a dream! 

Amber stayed with us an hour after to make sure our daughter was nursing fine and that we were all set for recovery. Because everything had gone so well, we were discharged 24 hours later and reunited with our son! 

And prior to labor, Amber was a great support - I could text or call her about anything and she always had a suggestion of something that would help me - no matter what I was dealing with. 

If you want a natural labor and delivery, not to mention a great prenatal support system, hire Amber because you will not regret it in the least!! 

Jesslyn Williams


My experiences with Amber are always wonderful! This is my second time using Amber as my doula and it was great from start to finish. Her knowlege, recommendations, and skills helped me have the birth I wanted. If my husband and I have a third child, we will be using Amber again! She's worth every penny and more!!

Megan Holtmeyer


We had the most amazing birth experience largely due to Amber. Tyler and I took her Prepared Childbirth Classes as well as used her as a Doula at the birth of our daughter. Our birth was so beautiful and wonderful. Amber helped me through the entire thing and we achieved our goal of no pain medication! She was also very supportive of my husband, who she helped to help me throughout the entire process, making our birth something we did together, an experience that has made us so much closer as a couple. While I am so appreciaetive of Amber's calming support at our labor I will always be eterrnally greatful for the things she did after Nina's birth. At some point during my labor Nina aspirated meconium, however we were unaware of this complication because she never showed any distress on the monitors. When she was born she had to be rushed immediately to the NICU. Obviously this is in no one'e birth plan. However, due to the things we had learned in our Childbirth Class I knew how to express breastmilk for her, even though intialy Amber helped me through the first time, I had the tools and the knowledge to do something for my baby. Nina atayed int he NICU for 5 days and we clearley needed help with breast feeding when she got home. Again Amber was there to support and encourage me so that even though we were "behind" the learning curve I was still able to establish that relationship with Nina. Lastly, we determined when Nina was not gaining weight like we hoped that I had a supply issue. Again Amber stepped in to help address the issue and give me some ideas on things to try and help. She also reminded me that I was doing the best I could and that was exactly what my daughter needed. I would strongly urge any couple getting ready to have a baby to use Amber. Not only for her support when things are going right but because she is the person you want walking beside you when they don't go as planned. 

Jacilyn Climer


I had an amazing birth experience, all thanks to Amber. She made me feel comfortable and supported during my birth. Any questions I had, she was able to answer them and give me the tools to make my own decision. She was my perfect cheerleader, coach, advocate and friend to help me get through labor. Im happy to say I was able to achieve all of my borth goals. 

Ashton Ary


I cannot say enough good things about Amber! Her services were beyond priceless for me as a first time mom who knew I wanted to go the natural route! She supported my husband and I all through my pregnancy and helped to make our birth experience the best it could have possibly been. Amber knows what she is doing!! We will definitely be using her again for our future babies! 

Rachel Moran


Amber is amazing, and I can't recommend her highly enough. I was able to basically have the birth experience I wanted, and it was truly because of her - I 100% would have gone for the epidural if she wasn't by my side! She helped my husband and I navigate the whole process, from learning about birth ahead of time, to meeting with my OB at a prenatal appt, to helping me through my 29 hour labor, to assisting with breastfeeding after. Amber is crazy smart, and understood not just everything about birthing, but also all about hospital procedures, making her a great choice for someone wanting a natural hospital birth (like me).  Above all, Amber respected and worked 100% for my and my husband's birthing goals - even when they might not have been the exact choices she would have made for herself, she really listened and helped us achieve *our* goals. 

Destiny Smith


As a first time mom, I knew that I wanted to have a doula to support my decision to have a drug-free, vaginal birth. Despite my best intentions, I initially had no support from my family and I was not knowledgable about the range of costs for doula services. With Amber's support, we were able to get my fiance to attend her month long Lamaze class with me, which proved to be truly beneficial for him. My fiance learned about the role of a doula and her importance during the birthing process as well as his role and the significance of his support. Thanks to Amber, my fiance was well-prepared in supporting my needs  during the birth of our child. I'm happy to say that I had my dream birth experience as a result of the information and training we received from Amber's class. 

In addition to feeling prepared as a result of Amber's expertise, we also appreciated Amber's compassion and flexibility. Amber shared in my vision of having a natural birth and did everything in her means to make arrangements that best fit our budget. Amber accommodated and motivated us in ways that only someone truly passionate about their purpose would. During times that I was willing to compromise on the birth experience that I wanted due to financial concerns, Amber was adamant in ensuring that things would work out. She introduced my fiance and I to another doula, Cass, who was able to share her experience as a former client of Amber's as well as her expertise as a newly established doula. The level of support and compassion that we received from these two women was incomparable and we are forever grateful for meeting Amber and Cass. I feel that they will continue to be pillars of support for us and at this point we consider them members of our newly established family. 

Rachel Bibby


We met Amber when we took her Prepared Childbirth class. We were immediately impressed with her background as a nurse and LC, and by her obvious love for her work. We weren't planning to hire a doula when we enrolled in the class, but knew we wanted to go with a natural birth. Amber taught us so much and we really felt like we knew exactly what to expect when the day would come for our hospital birth; however, we were concerned that we wouldn't feel confident in knowing when was the right time to go to the hospital and we were wanting to labor at home as long as possible. My husband was the first to suggest that we consider hiring Amber to help us. 

Amber was everything we hoped for on the day of delivery! She helped us prepare properly with 2 prenatal appointments, and her suggestion to eat eggplant put me right into labor on my due date (that may have been coincidence). I went into labor at dinner, then we called her once we were sure we were really in labor at about 11 pm, and she came to the house around midnight. She helped me labor all through the night at home, and my husband was able to get some sleep. 

After laboring all night, we headed to the hospital at around 11 am. When we got there, I was dilated to about 6 or 7 cm, but my water had not yet broken. I continued to labor, and the midwife broke my water around 2 pm. Our son was then born at 5:13pm.

Having Amber as our doula helped us to labor comfortably at home way longer than we would have otherwise where I could snack and move around freely. The hospital knew Amber and knew to take my birth plan seriously. No one offered me any drugs, or suggested any alternatives that weren't clearly laid out in our birth plan. Amber is a wonderful person and really has a heart for motherhood and birth. It's evident in everything she does that her clients are her priority and she takes her job very seriously. We LOVE her and will definitely be using her for our next birth!

Tarea Doty


Quite simply put, Amber is AMAZING!  We initially chose her due to her extensive medical background and experience as a nurse as well as her personal story of being a mom herself and giving birth in a birthing center.  We interviewed multiple doulas and no one could compare with her experience and professionalism.  She also has a warm and inviting presence and we were on similar pages spiritually which was important to us.  I knew I wanted a natural childbirth and I was pretty confident but also with this being our first child, I figured the more help the better - especially for my husband!  Basically my birth experience was awesome and I know that Amber was a huge contributing factor.  I went into labor in the evening and she came to my house around 1am and was up with me all night long laboring with me and coaching me every step along the way.  She was absolutely indispensable especially with it being in the middle of the night.  Without Amber neither my husband nor myself would have known when to leave to go to the birthing center or how I was progessing.  Amber stayed right by my side until 9:30am and then it was time to go to the birthing center.  By the time I got to the center I was fully dialated and ready to push - again I credit Amber with getting me to this point!  Our beautiful baby boy was born at 11:31am, 100% natural.  Amber was with us the entire time.  For anyone debating whether or not to hire a doula - DO IT!  It's so worth it - especially in my case for the laboring before leaving my home.  It was so nice to do all the work in the comfort of my home.  And if you're considering a hospital birth I know she would be just as if not even more valuable to help you stick to your birth plan and navigate through all the decisions that you're faced with in a hospital setting. I will definitely be using Amber again and I highly encourage you to choose her as your Doula!

Sarah Daniels


I felt incredibly comfortable (and confident) with Amber from the start. We had interviewed and met with other doulas, but from the moment we started discussing her services and the birth both my husband and myself knew she was the one! Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable and has extensive training, but you can tell that she genuinely cares for her clients and wants to help them to the absolute best of her ability. 

We had lots of contact with Amber before the birth, which was a wonderful bonus for us. I assumed a doula would only help with the birth, but she helped us feel prepared with every step leading up to the birth as well. This helped us feel confident and ready when labor actually began!

Marisa M.


Amber was AMAZING as a doula! She truly provided holistic care for me and my family. She made sure to include my husband and 3 yr old in the whole process and was easily approachable. I was very anxious with my first child and everyone who knows me noticed a HUGE difference with this second pregnancy - Amber had a ton to do with that. I knew I could text or call her anytime with my questions, big or small.

She stayed with me in the hopital through all the post partum care and didnt leave until she knew we were all settled in and comfortable with breastfeeding. Now that we're at home, she is readily available to answer questions I have about breastfeeding/post partum care, and is easy to schedule follow-up appointments with. We are so grateful that we chose her to be with us during this pregnancy/birthing process and would gladly do it again!

Catherine Richardson


Amber has been a God send throughout my entire motherhood experience. From my first encounter with her she has been prompt in responding to my inquiries, professional in every setting and knowledgeable about various aspects of child bearing. During my labor she provided much needed support and guidance on how to make my labor progress. With her help I was able to labor at home for 10 hours and was 10 centimeters by the time I arrived at the hospital! Immediately following my delivery, Amber helped me breastfeed and helped my husband get our things together. After returning home from the hospital I was having difficulties breastfeeding. Amber not only answered my questions, but came to my home to assist me! She has been an amazing resource throughout this experience.

Jesslyn Williams


Let me start by saying that Amber Thomas is an absolute wonderful person to work with! She was very informative and attentive with my husband and I. She really knows her stuff!! She is very thorough and helped me understand the different options I had while laboring and delivering in a hospital setting.

We utilized her doula and lactation services. I also signed up for a class where she taught my husband and I different techniques and positions for pain management. I had a rough start to breastfeeding and she helped me find the optimal position for breastfeeding success.

My experience with her was amazing. She is such a kind soul and I am completely blessed to have found her. I would absolutely recommend her and I look forward to working with her again for my next delivery.

Elba Flores


I had a great experience. Amber was a support person during my labor and delivery.

I'm from Bolivia, and actually i live in Argentina. I came to US only to have my baby, and because my parents in law sponsored this adventure. Sadly my husband could not be by my side during my labor. Because of that I hired a Doula, to have a support person by my side in my labor.

Amber was very patient with me. She undertood and handle the personality of my in laws. She helped me to keep my in laws apart during my labor. She was gentle with me. She realized that my labor will bw better at home, because be in the hospital was so bad for me and my baby, my labor was stoped in 8 cm for 24hours and that was because I was unconfortable, nervous and, as Amber said to me, I was holding my baby. But, at the end a friend of my Vanessa also coached me, and my baby was born healhy and precious.

Thaks Amber for everything.

P.D. sorry for my English, but my maternal language is Spanish.


Melissa Eenigenburg


We hired Amber pretty late around 34 weeks. What we liked about her was that she was a nurse and a doula so she was very well versed in the medical whelm but also advocated for natural delivery. I knew I wanted a hospital birth and did not want a C-section if I could avoid it. Amber educated us thoroughly. So things did not go as I had planned. I got pre-eclampsia at 37 weeks. Amber was there every step to help me know what all this meant and what we could do to have a vaginal birth. I was admitted to the hospital Monday morning. I was hooked up for pre-eclampsia and the induction began. Amber educated us along the way. Even though I was 2 ½ weeks early she was still there! It was Tuesday and softening my cervix only got me to 1 cm so they increased my Pitocin. Eventually, it got serious so Amber and my husband got down and dirty when I was having contractions. She had many techniques even with me hooked up that really alleviated a lot of my pain and allowed me to bare through my contractions. I think having Amber there really helped my husband be a part of the whole process. I was able to experience labor which was important to me. After hours, it started to become unbearable but Amber encouraged me to stay with it which was what I needed. Later, I was done and she knew it. We asked to have my doctor come check me Tuesday around 5pm. Beforehand, Amber had a very important conversation with me to help me determine what I was going to do with the results of my progress. Well, my doctor eventually checked me out and said I was at a 4 but that I can do this vaginally. I was through the roof that she thought I could do this and didn’t need a C-section. After a couple hours, two epidurals, completely numb and 30 mins of pushing I had my baby girl in my arms on Tuesday night around 9pm! If I was to do this all over again I would have bought her full package and started earlier because now I know all that is involved and she is worth every dollar.

Nicole Pettee


Having Amber as my DOULA empowered me to see what both my husband and I were capable of as a team. We both really value that we had a natural birth. We connected and bonded through such an amazing experience and we know that without the support of Amber as a DOULA we probably would have lost sight of our goals. Amber helped my husband stay focused during labor which helped me stay focused. We are so happy to have the support of Amber as our DOULA.  

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