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Tanisha Evans-Marin CD,PCD(DONA), CD(CHB), CLC, LCCE

Just For You Doula & Lactation Services

New York, NY Serves families in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens


Birth Fee

Not specified

Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Black Doula

Birth Fee

Not specified

Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Birth Doula Experience

27 years and 302 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

12 years and 170 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Carriage House Birth Foundation - Certified Birth Doula
  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, January 2014
  • Carriage House Birth, November 2018

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 3 births and 2 to 3 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: no smokers

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
These are the hospitals I've worked at, Mt. Sinai West, Mt. Sinai East, LOMA, NYU Langone, Metropolitan, Harlem, and Methodist in Brooklyn.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
My services at the birthing center are the same as in the L&D. I provide continuous emotional and physical support to you and your partner and comfort techniques to use to cope with the surges in a more natural birth setting. I support natural births. Birthing centers I've worked at are Mt. Sinai West and Loma.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
No unattended home births. Must have a midwife.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly binding
  • Belly casting
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • Infant massage education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Mother roasting
  • Photography - Birth
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Health Women Healthy Futures Community Doula Bronx Perinatal Partnership CDI Mentor Doula

Fee Details

I began birth work in 1997, attending my first doula birth, and have been a full-time certified doula since 2014. I started postpartum work in 2014 and absolutely fell in love with assisting mothers in their new role of motherhood. I meet with clients for information, free of charge, where you can ask me questions about my role and decide if it feels like a good match for your needs. Once I am hired, I will: Meet with you for two prenatal visit (at which time I will recommend you get a birth ball and we'll work on birthing techniques you'll be comfortable with) • Be on call for you from week 37 of your pregnancy until your birth • Have contact with you during labor and join you when you decide you would like me to • Attend your labor continuously until your baby is born • Remain for 1 to 2 hours postpartum • Come for a follow up postpartum visit within the first few weeks after your birth. I also provided placenta encapsulation and belly binding services.

Service Area

New York, NY Serves families in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens

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Client Testimonials for Tanisha Evans-Marin CD,PCD(DONA), CD(CHB), CLC, LCCE

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Christian Peele


Tanisha recently supported my husband and I in giving birth to our second baby, and she was a wonderfully central part of our support system during pregnancy, labor, and birth. We highly recommend her. Tanisha is warm, patient, steady, and thoughtful. We connected with her sense of care instantly when we first met her and felt that same sense of care from her in the delivery room throughout labor and after. Tanisha is well-informed, experienced, and skilled -- and I always felt empowered while working with her. I never felt judged or sidelined, even in my most challenging moments of labor. As a woman of color, I also valued Tanisha's quiet but strong advocacy for my well-being. My husband and I agree that Tanisha is the epitome of what a great doula should be. Thank you, Tanisha!

Benjamin DiCicco-Bloom


Tanisha is a truly wonderful Doula. Professional; empathic; inspirational; extremely knowledgeable. Her pre-partum tutorials are clear and thorough. They helped my wife and I consider issues we hadn’t: what we wanted from our birthing experience, and how to make sure we got it. Tanisha also works hard to include the non-birthing partner in the process. She had me practice pressure techniques that her and I could use to help relieve the pain my wife might experience during labor. Though we already had a high opinion of her, it was Tanisha’s presence in the delivery suite that made us realize what a gift she is. The plan had been to labor at home; the presence of meconium, however, sent us to the hospital early in the process. My wife is a physician and surgeon, and, still, there were challenges communicating effectively with doctors, nurses, and other professionals while in the heat of labor. When Tanisha arrived, she brought an aura of command and confidence that made all the difference. She asked medical staff to explain what they were doing every step of the way. This kept us informed and gave a us a voice in decisions. She was quick to get us information we requested—“what does that beeping mean!?”—and just as quick to slow things down when we needed a second—asking an anesthesiologist to pause his consenting process so that my wife could get through a contraction. Finally, she used massages, scents, and lights to turn the cold environment of a birthing suite into a spa. At times it felt like she could run the whole show. Post-partum visits uncovered deeper levels of wisdom, tricks of the trade, and a sympathetic sounding board for our questions and concerns. Tanisha added immeasurably to the experience of bringing our daughter into the world. Two words to sum all it up? Tanisha Rocks!!

Benjamin DiCicco-Bloom 3/30/23



 Tanisha made my birth experience better than I could've ever imagined.  I found her online after diligently scouting doulas from friend/family referrals and in-person at the Mama Glow expo.  I came into the experience with a checklist of important expectations - after having my first interview with her it was clear she checked all the boxes and then some, including deep aspects of birthing I had never even considered.

Once hired she was very intentional about making sure communication stayed open, offering remote and in-person sessions to prepare my husband and I on devising our birth plan, providing important questions/considerations for my OBs & birthing team, comfort measures & techniques before, during and after labor, belly mapping, and how to be a better overall self-advocate.  She was never pushy, and always let us drive the experience, offering tips that elevated the experience we wanted.

Although my pregnancy was fairly smooth there were some hiccups along the way that caused us to pivot.  Tanisha was flexible and knowledgeable at each juncture, which emphasized her wealth of experience.  On the day of my birth she acted quickly and provided an extra sense of calm that allowed me to find the inner strength needed to bring my precious baby girl into this world smoothly.  Once here, she helped my baby latch, and provided help around breastfeeding, which is very important to me.

To this day, I wouldn't hesitate to reach out to her for any post-partum advice I need along the way, or recommend her to any friends/family members in need of support!  She's a gem of a person, and that shows up in how she doulas her clients!

Analiz Liriano


Since partnering with Tanisha she’s been truly nothing short of amazing! This is both me and my partners first child. Tanisha made the experience conpletely seamless by providing her knowledge and expertise without judgement. She assisted and supported me in choosing where to give birth (as I wanted a birthing center but later decided a hospital birth) Tanisha supported my partner with any questions or concerns he had, also how to best support me. 
Tanisha remained on call, checking on me frequently once I passed the 38 week mark. Once my contractions began she monitored me over the phone and eventually came over to my home to assist. She listened to my cues and supported my requests. Her massages were amazing and I don't think I would have made it through 3 days of labor, unmedicated, without her!   

While my birth plan did not go as planned at all! Tanisha never left my side. She supported me and consoled me as I had to make difficult medical decisions for the sake of myself and my baby. 

Tanisha is extremely professional and informed in her field of work. 

Frank McCaffrey


As a first-time father who had no clue what he was in for, Tanisha was nothing short of a godsend. From our first phone call with Tanisha, to the time she arrived at our apartment at 3 AM when my wife was in labor, to the time the doctors handed over our bundle of joy, Tanisha was the support system we desperately needed. She was a wealth of knowledge when it came to the labor and delivery process, and was prepared for any curve ball thrown our way. If and when we decide to have another child, Tanisha will be there. 

Christine Detris


Working with Tanisha was the best decision I could have made for my pregnancy, delivery and postpartum recovery. When I became pregnant, I felt strongly about having an unmedicated birth and that I wanted to work with a doula to help me achieve it. I researched a number of doulas, but after my first call with Tanisha I knew she was the one. She was incredibly knowledgeable and listened intently to my concerns and questions. 

In our conversations leading up to my birth, Tanisha educated my husband and me, put us at ease, and continued to address our questions with respect and care -- even the most trivial ones. Because of these meetings, I felt informed, prepared, and never nervous.

When I was in early labor, Tanisha kept a close check on me. When it got tough, she helped me through every contraction. And when it was time to go to the hospital, Tanisha kept us calm, cool and collected. At the hospital, she respected the staff and doctors but seemed to keep the entire room under control. She coached me through the most difficult parts of labor and pushing while keeping a close eye on the baby's health. She also made sure my husband was involved -- together, they formed my support squad. After delivery, Tanisha was by my side to guide me through breastfeeding and to make sure I was properly cared for. When she left the hospital, the impressed doctor and nurses even asked, "where did you find her?"

During Tanisha's postpartum visit to my home, she offered sage advice when it came to getting my baby to sleep and eat better. For us new parents, this was invaluable. A couple of weeks later when I experienced a health issue, she was the first person I contacted. 

If and when I decide to have another child, Tanisha will my first call. Without her by my side, I would not have had such a positive birth and postpartum experience. In a way, I feel like she is my fairy godmother -- we will be forever grateful for her. 



Tanisha is an incredibly talented and knowledgeable doula. I am beyond thankful I found her during my pregnancy journey. I knew immediately when speaking with her that her breath of experience was exactly what I needed as a first time mom. She was thoughtful in every interaction and gave us detailed advice at every turn. I can't ever imagine giving birth without her. She not only advocated for me but she reminded me of my own strength to help me stay on track with my birth plan. She was so mindful of mine and my partners needs at every step. If you are pregnant and have access to a doula she is it period. 



Wow, I am not sure where to begin, we had such a great experience and really connected with Tanisha. We were so incredibly lucky to find her and can't imagine our experience without her! She brought such a warmth to her work with us. When we were looking for a birth doula, I felt so comfortable around Tanisha in our first conversation, that it felt like a fit immediately. I knew that we needed her calming presence and infinite knowledge and guidance to help us navigate everything. When she arrived at our initial meeting, she had a folder of helpful information she gave to me, and it was actually through Tanisha that we found our amazing doctors who we wouldn't have otherwise found. I appreciated this knowledge sharing at our first meeting so much as there was just a sense that Tanisha truly cared about her clients and wanted to help right away. We did a virtual birth experience because of the pandemic, but it was as if Tanisha was there in person with how much support we felt - Tanisha was there on video to help us, go through breathing exercises with me, reassure us, advocate for us, and there was never any judgment, truly only positive energy and help. We are eternally grateful to her and hope to have Tanisha by our side for our next birth! Thank you, Tanisha!!!

Q. Smith


As a first time parents we were pretty nervous and had a gaziollion questions.  I ran into someone that I didn't even really know, but he looked familiar. We started chatting and familiarizing ourselves with one another.  I mentioned later in our conversation that I was pregnant and was considering a doula and had no idea where to start.  He was so excited that he pulled out his phone right then and there and said, "Tanisha! You have to call her! She is like another family member at this point." I thought...If a Dad is that excited about his Doula from 3 years ago, I guess I should reach out. Lol!  So glad we did. Tanisha is very special. She is delicate in her approach and meets you where you are. She never stuttered when answering one of our gazillion questions. She loved on us like family, and was there 100% before and after our son was born.  Tanisha was always available for extra support anytime of the day or night.  Her professionalism, kindness, passionate heart, and humor totally disarmed us. Her hands on approach made us feel more confident and in control about our birth. A year later she attended our child's Christening Ceremony. I mean, who does that?! She is now a part of our family. We love her!

Rolinde Hoorntje


Words will fail to decribe how infintely grateful we are to Tanisha. I was a late transfer arriving in New York from Amsterdam 6 weeks before my due date (Jan 30 2020). I was super scared to end up with a c-section (double the chances here) and experienced a culture shock. We wanted to have a natural birth but discovered it was very hard to find a location that would accomodate that at a price we could afford. It made things very stressfull and I felt alienated and alone. Tanisha was my rock. She was there to give advice and extremely knowledgable. She was calm, respectful, oozing trust, warm. She gave me confidence. When labour picked up she arrived after midnight and helped me labour for two more hours and even let me sleep on the sofa through labour. That was magic. She helped me relax by giving counter pressure, stroking my head, aromatherapy, belly massage. I could have never gone on so far  at home without her. That was essential as we had to travel all the way to Brooklyn from Harlem. Not being admitted and returning home was not an option. Thanks to Tanisha I had made sufficient progress. She advocated for me when needed, helped me relax in the tub and encouraged me to carry on by firmly stating 'that's labor crazy talk' when I asked for foreceps. She helped me endure it all physically by pushing against my hip joints, endless belly massages and literally letting me lean on her, helping me switch positions. After birth she was my post partum doula and with every visit she let in the light. She helped me with breastfeeding. She intuitively felt what I need and gave me confidence as a new mom. I could have never done this without her. My first baby came out without one tear or medication. We are currently expecting baby number two and I am torn. We can give birth in Amsterdam, free of charge with family close, but I would consider doing it all again in New York if it meant having her by my side. Her presence is simply unvaluable. 

Laura Bébéar


We highly recommend Tanisha. She was at the birth of our daughter in 2018 and we didn’t hesitate for a second to ask her to be at our son’s birth two years later. Her presence was so comforting and calming, and she was incredibly supportive and reassuring. She helped me labor in the shower and in the bath, and she encouraged me when my contractions were at their worst. She also helped document our son’s birth and the very special moment when our daughter met him for the first time. Tanisha was such an integral part of our birth team and we are so grateful to have had her at the birth of both our children.



Writing this on Thanksgiving, which is appropriate given how grateful we are to have had Tanisha help us during the birth of our first son in late September 2019.

We interviewed several doulas and Tanisha's mix of experience and personality really resonated with us.  Her technical know-how combined with a comforting, yet can-take-charge-if-needed vibe was evident in the video chat and perfectly balanced throughout our time together.

She came over to our apartment for two prenatal visits, walking us through what we would be doing and experiencing during labor.  Given this was our first child, we had many questions which Tanisha answered expertly.

Tanisha only takes two births a month, which is fortunate, because we went into labor over three weeks early.  We called her at 10p on a Saturday night when we suspected my wife's water broke and she calmly instructed on next steps and devised the game plan.  She met us shortly after we arrived at the hospital and helped my wife stay comfortable throughout the next 18 hours.

Tanisha had a strong rapport with the nurses and doctors and had a great instinct on when to let us have a moment.  She anticipated my wife's needs, switching positions, getting water, giving massages and injecting levity into the day (read: we were dancing to Lizzo at one point). 

We ended up needing a C-Section.  Tanisha waited until that was over and stayed with us two hours in the recovery room, helping my wife get a latch for breastfeeding and making sure we were both okay.  She came and visited us a few days after birth to check in again.

The heartiest recommendation for Tanisha.  She's a lovely person and made the birth experience so, so much more manageable and enjoyable for us.

Erin Ness & Chris Stack


It's pretty obvious from her bio that Tanisha has the technical and professional know-how to do this job adequately -but wasn't isn't and can't be written on a resume is her stellar character. Our son Indy is our first child and as we navigated the seas of information, uncertainty, anxiety, and excitement Tanisha was a well of calm, humor, kindness, empathy, and clear guidance. She didn't "tell us what to do" per se, but rather got a sense of who we are and what we wanted and tailored her myriad skills to us personally. When the rubber met the road at the hospital "on the day" she was an advocate, a friend, and someone to look to for assurance and advice. The docs and nurses at the hospital knew her and respected her from many previous births there. She talked us through the stages as they came and I'll never forget her massaging Erin's feet with essential oils for what must've been an hour or more while Erin was laboring. If you're not picking up what I'm putting down here, I can't recommend Tanisha highly enough. She's forever one of Indy's aunties.

Sam R


Tanisha was incredible. Going through the birth of our first child with my wife, we certainly did not know what to expect. From the moment Tanisha walked through the door, her calming personality put us at ease. She immediately felt like part of the family and walked us through the labor process unlikely any book or class could have done. She brings so much knowledge and years of experience that she was able to share. We had a few issues that were not typical, but Tanisha was familiar and helped greatly.

During the delivery, Tanisha was the rockstar. She was the most levelheaded person in the room and we so needed that. While wife my and I were emotional, Tanisha was able to guide us clearly through each step. If we were uncomfortable at any point, she’d help fix it. She was there to ask the doctor for more information (or remind me to ask because once I was at the hospital I remembered nothing from our sessions). Tanisha was there to calm my wife with massages and essential oils. She was always there with points of encouragement. She was there to take pictures because I was in no position to do that. And everything was always so positive from Tanisha.

Back at home with our baby, Tanisha came by for her visits. It was so comforting to have someone like her to ask advice and talk through any issues. We didn’t want her to leave. During that stressful first week, her calming presence put us at ease and we never felt shy asking any questions.

Looking back it was so important to have someone like Tanisha who could be objective during the process and not emotional like my wife and I. I’ll certainly want Tanisha when we have more children and I highly recommend her. She’s a wonderful person and truly amazing doula.

Laura Podolnick Dukhon


Tanisha is wonderful. She was incredibly supportive and calming during my high risk twin pregnancy, and of course before and after my c-section. She was a strong advocate in the hospital (I am medically squeamish and was I very nervous to have an operation while awake). She provided guidance and strength when I was completely overwhelmed post-op, she managed our families in the waiting area, and when I told her I don’t think I could have done this without her, I meant it. She is warm and knowledgeable—and she has a great sense of humor, which is very helpful for any kind of birth. She also got along great with my husband.

Christian Brumm


Tanisha is an incredible help to my wife and me in bringing our daughter into this world and helping her grow. We got Tanisha's help for the birth as well as post-partum. She is a calming presence (which really helped us) and very flexible and open-minded. She helps with whatever is needed for this birth or child. For us, the biggest gift she gave us was her encouragement and giving us strength that we are doing ok and are able to do this. Thank you Tanisha!

Molly Knauer


I couldn't recommend and praise Tanisha enough. From the minute I met her I felt so comfortable- she has amazing calming and warm energy. She is a true expert and makes informed recommendations without ever juding or pushing. Our labor classes were extremely helpful and she truly made the labor experience so much more comfortable. She arrived quickly when I called her and navigated the hospital with confidence making sure we had the best rooms and best care. While she helped me through my contractions she also kept my husband calm which was really important as well! He loved knowing there was a real expert in the room with us. She was there to ask all the right questions and make sure I had what I needed. I absolutely loved my experience working with Tanisha! 

Lily Fan


We decided to work with Tanisha for our second birth because she came with good references.  When we first met with her, Tanisha came across as professional and also had a fun generous laid back spirit.  During our 24 hour induction, she made sure she did everything she could to make both me and my husband comfortable.  No task was too small.  She was very supportive and just generally conversational so the mood was light.  Having her at the induction was calming.  During active labor, she made sure she made productive suggestions on positioning and she had the peanut pillow with her, which the doctors suggested would be helpful but didnt have. She took lots of pictures after the baby came and was able to mark the tiiming of the birth better than the nurse.   We would highly recommend Tanisha for her doula services.   

Ashley Mays


We love Tanisha and feel an incredible sense of indebtness to her for the critical role that she had in the birth of our first child.  My partner and I were instantly at ease with her from the first phone conversation and the rapport continued to develop during the home pre-natal visits.  

It is clear that I would not have had the unmedicated birth that I wanted without Tanisha’s involvement.  Her kind, compassionate, unwavering support and guidance during every phase of labor makes her saint in our eyes. 

She‘s been an invaluablue resource postpartum in answering breastfeeding questions and just being her delightful, nurturing self.

We are incredibly thankful that the Universe granted us the good fortune of being introduced to Tanisha and that she was available for our due date. 

Melissa Seligmann


I can not recommend Tanisha enough! I hadn’t considered getting a doula until a friend told me a horror story about being rushed into an unnecessary c section. After hearing her story, I began asking around about doulas. My neighbor referred Tanisha after working with her at the birth of her son (2015) and her daughter (2017). Tanisha and I had an intro call where she explained her role and how she works. We then had an face to face with my husband. My husband and I both walked away from the conversation loving Tanisha‘s vibe and approach. She was comforting, but also very real and not hippie dippie (for lack of a better  word). Fast forward 2 more prenatal sessions to the day before my labor, I was 6 days late and in a weird headspace. I found myself thinking that I didn’t need anyone in the room. I would get an epidural and my husband and I would be fine. The next morning when my labor started, I’ve never been happier to have Tanisha with us. My labor sped up quickly, so she met us at the hospital instead of laboring at home and then she was with us for the next 20 hours and helped show me how to breast feed when our little boy was born. That day and looking back, I don’t think I could have handled the all day labor and ultimately the emergency c section without Tanisha. My labor labor did result in a c section, which I wanted to avoid but unfortunately it was necessary. Thanks to Tanisha‘s support, the doctors gave me as much time as the medically could to labor. And as she told me, when it’s truly an emergency the doctors do what they need to do to make sure baby and mom are ok! Tanisha is caring and wonderful and made my long Delivery better. I wouldn’t do it without her. 

Elizabeth Giardina


I honestly do not have enough good things to say about working with Tanisha as our doula for the birth of our first child. I met with several doulas and knew right away that she would be perfect.  Tanisha cared so much for us as expectant parents and now as parents and our baby that I feel like she a family member.

She was incredibly thorough preparing us for the birth and was with us for the entire day+ of labor. Multiple nurses and doctors at the hospital independently commented about how incredible Tanisha was. She asked the medical staff all the right questions and helped my husband and I make calm rational decisions throughout the entire labor process. She massaged and soothed me nearly the entire time - I am not sure how she had the stamina to do that! She was also excellent at giving my husband tasks throughout the entire labor which was very helpful as he often did not know what to do for me. My mother was also there for the labor and birth and she was so impressed with Tanisha that she went out a bought her a gift afterwards. We also sent her a bouquet of flowers.  We will forever sing her praises.

Tanisha has a great sense of humor and we had a lot of fun preparing for the birth with her. There were even quite a few comical moments during the labor that we had a good laugh about later. In our post-birth meeting she asked us if she could have done anything better and our honest answer was absolutely no. I could not adore Tanisha more.


Janel FK


After a disappointing first birth experience I had determined that if I had ever gotten pregnant again, I was going to hire a doula. When I found out I was expecting for the second time, I began my search. I spoke with several doulas and while it was a difficult decision, I chose Tanisha and it was the BEST decision I made.

Tanisha was thorough, attentive, intuitive, and proactive. She was everything I wanted and didn’t even know I needed! Amidst unanticipated obstacles that arose during my labor, Tanisha remained poised and prepared to face each challenge with the most calm demeanor. I was concerned that after my many hours of labor, I would still end up with a csection and I’m confident that had Tanisha not been there, I would have. Because she was there I was able to successfully defy the 18% success rate I was given at my initial vbac consultation. Because she was there I was able to give birth to my baby girl vaginally and have the birth experience that I wanted.

Hiring Tanisha was such a worthwhile investment and I can’t recommend her enough. I’m so grateful to have had her on my team!

Emily Phillips


Tanisha is an absolute godsend. My husband and I were so incredibly happy to have her by our side. She was great in terms of preparing us and then the night I was induced she was an angel. She immediately jumped into action providing soothing techniques and she didn’t stop for 6 hours straight. She advocated for me with my midwife and the hospital staff, for instance when the anesthesiologist needed me to answer questions while I was having intense contractions, she asked him to wait the minute for them to pass. And she didn’t hesitate to provide me what I needed—when my water broke she had a new outfit ready for me in two seconds.

She was also great with my husband, coaching him during labor on how he could provide  some soothing touch, or when to give me water. She was sensitive and attentive to both of our fears and concerns. She also helped my husband with skin to skin and bonding after birth.

You won’t go wrong with Tanisha. After the 24 hours I spent with her through the whole thing, I feel like she’s part of the family.

Laura Bébéar


We feel incredibly lucky and grateful to have had Tanisha present at the birth of our daughter. She supported us every step of the way with her warmth, encouragement, and coping techniques, all of which helped us attain the natural birth we hoped for. From the moment we met her we knew we could trust her and we knew we were on the same page. We met in person twice before the birth and were in regular touch via email and phone until the day I went into labor. Any questions we had, she answered. When I went into labor, she was there as soon as we asked her to come over. She helped me labor at home for as long as possible, having me take a shower, then a bath, and massaging my back with essential oils. At the hospital she made us feel confident and reassured, explaining anything we didn’t understand. She encouraged me when my contractions were at their worst and I almost felt like giving up. We both highly recommend Tanisha as a doula and can’t thank her enough for making labor and delivery as stress-free and comforting as possible.

Simone Toomer


As a 2nd time mom and doula myself, I debated if we really needed a doula for our homebirth. After thinking it through more and deciding it was yes, I knew I wanted Tanisha, especially since we had worked closely together many times before and I knew her style and energy was similar to my own. Tanisha is nurturing, welcoming and motherly alongside being your best girlfiend to sit back and laugh with. I always felt safe with her and knew she would be a big addition to our birth. She helped me process some fears around babies malposition as I entered my 3rd trimester, me being nervous about labor being longer than expected, and not being sure what I would need. At prenatals she helped us to plan various comfort techniques that would relieve me in labor and her and my husband connected right away.When my labor started at 2 in the morning it took some time for me to even realize. Things happened very similar to when I had my first, however much faster. After being in the shower for an hour I told my husband to reach out to Tanisha and my midwfie. Tanisha listened to me briefly on the phone through a contraction and made her way immediately. I sat on the birthing ball for a short while and soon after made my way to the bathroom. When Tanisha arrived I was laboring on the toilet still. Tanisha relieved my husband who went to blow up the birth pool and start diffusing essential oils. Tanisha jumped in right away doing hip squeezes and rubbing me with essential oils. Hip Squeezes were my saving grace when the contractions peaked and I went through transition. I pulled Tanisha into me with every peak and held her close as I got over each one.I never made it to the pool. I started pushing as mymidwife walked through my door. Tanisha helped me to focus on slowing my breathing as my son descended fast. Tanisha stayed a few hours to support. Tanisha was a big asset to my birth team. She encapsulated my placenta as well. I can't imagine what it would've been without her.

Beryl Oranga


I heard about Tanisha from a colleague who had just given birth. Being first time parents, my husband and I did not know exactly what to expect and that's when we decided to hire Tanisha. This was one of the best decisions we made. Tanisha visited us twice before the birth of our son and shared information regarding labour and birth. During our meetings, I expressed my desire to have a natural birth free of interventions. Based on my preferences, Tanisha took the time to explain to me what to expect. She was candid enough to say labour isn't an easy process, but we were built for this, and if it was my wish to labour without any intervention, I could do it successfully. Tanisha also addressed the fears I had regarding birth by encouraging and reassuring me. My husband and I knew then that we had made the right decision.

Our baby came a little early. On the 37th week, I was induced. I was in labour for almost two days without any intervention for the most of it. Thinking back, I do not know how I managed to go through that process. Tanisha was God sent. She did so much more than I had expected her to. She not only cared for me, but she also cared for the well-being of my husband by making sure he was okey and eating. Just the other day, my husband and I were talking about the birthing experience, and we both agreed that Tanisha made a huge difference in our experience. Personally, I had the best birth experience I could have hoped for, and I know for a fact I would not have done it without Tanisha's help. My husband and I are very pleased with her services.



When I found out I was carrying twins, I told myself that I was going to put together the best team possible for my twin delivery and that my body was indeed made for this.

I felt a trust with Tanisha at our first meeting. Her positive energy, warmth, and knowledge were immediately apparent. She began helping us from the beginning, advising and suggesting what to look for when meeting with an obgyn and her experience with different twin deliveries.

Over the course of the pregnancy I was categorized as ‘high risk’ because of the mono-di twins. I felt I had an open line of communication with Tanisha as a confidant and expert in the field.

During our prenatal visits, we laid out labor preferences and talked through different scenarios of delivering in a hospital setting. She took time to explain labor/delivery with twins and was supportive of my confidence to deliver safely/vaginally. During these meetings Tanisha offered massage techniques, breathing exercises, and day to day posture to help ease the discomforts of pregnancy.

After 8 hours of labor at home, Tanisha met us in triage and helped get set up in the labor room. Tanisha knew how to communicate with the nurses and seamlessly integrated herself in to that setting. She helped me breathe and focus through contractions, suggested different positions to labor, helped me to the bathroom (full disclosure!) Tanisha calmly and knowledgably spoke with my husband and I about introducing Pitocin and an Epidural after eighteen hours of labor with limited dilation.

Once fully dilated, Tanisha was right there during delivery coaching and helping me keep focus on pushing. In such an intimate time it felt like Tanisha was a member of our new family. The birth of my girls was the best day of my life- Tanisha was a godsend, a total beam of light, a steady hand, a steady voice. If I had another opportunity to work with her in the future I would!

Latrice Romeo


Tanisha was truly a godsend to my family and I couldn't imagine not having her by my side during my birthing experience. Her level of commitment is unmatched, she was by my side from beginning to end. As first time parents, my fiancé and I did not know what to expect and Tanisha reassured us that things would be fine. If you are looking for someone patient, kind, and dedicated to your birthing experience look no further Tanisha is certainly the best! I can't imagine not having her around for our future births!

Pamela J. Hobart


I wasn't sure I wanted a doula, but my OBs recommended it so I started halfheartedly looking around. I knew right away that Tanisha was the one! She guided me through a long early labor at home and an in-hospital VBAC like the seasoned professional that she is. Tanisha was great with my husband and toddler daughter, and communication/scheduling was also great. I would recommend Tanisha to anyone and plan to hire her again for my next birth. 

zeynep cengiz


I was very happy with my experience with Tanisha as my doula. She helped me all the way through my a little bit complicated birth. On the labor day, she was there with me and tried to get me ready for the birth with massages and breathing techniques. I felt very secure and relaxed around her.

she is very proffessional and friendly therefore, It was very comforting to work with her. 

she was helpfull after the birth as well.

once again, I wish to thank Tanisha for her effort and help.


all the best,


Anh Truong


From the very beginning, we connected with Tanisha's easy-going energy and vibe. The pre-natal visits were relaxed and informative with plenty of useful information that she provided for us to help us best prepare for not only labor and delivery, but for things to come after that (ie bonding with baby, breastfeeding, postpartum recovery, etc). During labor and delivery, Tanisha was invaluable, not only supporting myself but also my husband as we became parents for the first time. My labor ended up being very different from what I had preferred and imagined for myself, and also quite long.  Through it all, Tanisha's energy level never faltered and her dedication to us was unwavering. 

It really helped to have her years of experience and knowledge along for the journey.  We would HIGHLY recommend her to any expecting parents! 

PS: Also awesome that she does placenta encapsulation too! 

Silvina Arismendi


We felt Tanisha was the right person to join us in our journey right away. My partner and I felt so comfortable sharing anything with her from the first interview. Every prenatal was very pleasant and filled with ideas, useful tips and information.Tanisha helped us go thru every preference and possibility for our labor with love and lots of humor. Her advise in diet and teas, and tips for a healthy pregnancy was very valuable. She kept a me in check with my diet and water intake, my emotions and replied in detail and promtly to all our correspondence. It was so reassuring to hear back from her so soon and always very affectionate! At the end, with some unpredictable complications during labor, her presence was wonderful, she helped us think our possibilities in a very impartial and respectful manner. We are so happy to have met her and shared all that time with her. Postnatal visit was also invaluable with lactation and postpartum recovery. We and our little boy Wyatt hope to keep in touch with her forever! <3 Thank you Tanisha!

johnny versailles


Tanisha was just amazing! 

As a first time dad, i have to say i was extremely happy i had Tanisha in my corner during the birth of my baby. She was very knowledgable, profesional, understanding and great at providing the support both my wife and i needed. Thank you and i hope you continue to make this experience a good one for the next lucky couple or single person that have you as a doula. 

Andrew Moore


Our decision to have a Doula help with the birth of our first son Henry was definitely one of the best ones we ever made. Henry was a month early so unfortunately we were unable to schedule the second face to face meeting to talk about our birth plan. Although we had met virtually speaking over the phone a few times, this meant that our first personal encounter with Tanisha Evans- Marin was when we had already checked into the hospital. Obviously this was quite a stressful time for us but you could tell that Tanisha knew what she was doing as she quickly took control of the environment and very easily became the leader in this very new experience for us. She guided both of us calmly and clearly through a very long labor and explained to us what was happening throughout the whole experience, even interpreting some of the medical jargon that was being thrown around by the doctors and medical staff. She became our spokesperson and our voice which allowed us to really stay in the moment with the entire birth experience.
After our birth she kept in close contact to make sure that Henry was latching and doing well.
I could not recommend more highly Tanisha Marins-Evan to anyone who is considering hiring a doula. We will definitely be hoping that she is available for our next one!

Erica Orange Weiner


When selecting a doula, I knew that it boiled down to energy – someone I clicked with, felt comfortable with and had a good vibe with. As soon as I met Tanisha, all of those things fell into place almost immediately. My husband felt the same way. We all connected; and choosing her was one of the easiest decisions of our pregnancy journey. From our first meeting on, Tanisha was a source of support, strength, reason and ultimately friendship. But most of all, I trusted her. I trusted her with some of my most personal feelings about my pregnancy, my body, and my sense of womanhood and motherhood. And I trusted her implicitly on the day I gave birth. On that day, I didn’t go into labor and I didn’t have to put into practice all the things we covered in our time together. I ended up having a scheduled C-section, and little did I know then just how valuable having Tanisha would be. She came to the hospital shortly after we arrived and immediately snapped into action. She was everything I was hoping she’d be and more – attentive, thorough, consultative and a tremendous support to us both. She made me laugh when I needed comic relief; smile when I needed perspective; and breathe when I needed calm and comfort. She did the same, if not more, for my husband. And she was beyond instrumental in the moments proceeding the birth of our son, Zane (i.e., she made sure we could do immediate skin-to-skin, facilitated breastfeeding, and stayed with Zane when the hospital staff was attending to me). I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her energy in that room. Her beautiful spirit helped me usher in another beautiful spirit, and for that I am so grateful.

Dorit Avganim


Our time working with Tanisha was invaluable to us. We met with her as our first trimester was ending, and worked with her to prepare for what we hoped would be a natural birth after an IVF process that took many years. Tanisha's warmth, and kind demeanor made us feel right at home, and I was convinced from our first meeting that she was the right doula to support us through this process.

Our intake process with her was in-depth and personal, and helped me to feel that Tanisha and I were both on the same page regarding birth prep, but also that we were aligned regarding my priorities and her understanding who I am a bit. Both preparatory home visits were incredibly helpful in allowing my husband and I to process through our hopes and expectations, and to walk through what we had prepped at home for baby - Tanisha gave great advice regarding things to add to our nursery, and even to our registry.

It was the overnight at the hospital for our induced labor (at 42 weeks!) that truly let Tanisha’s skills shine. Her presence helped to calm us both, and her knowledgeability about the hospital and what was happening in our labor helped us to feel empowered and at ease. Tanisha was always with us, but never in the way of our intimacy. Our home visits after the birth were also wonderful. Tanisha offered breastfeeding support, bath time support, and encapsulated my placenta :)

All in all, we had a fantastic time working with Tanisha, and highly recommend her service!

Katherine Rey


Thank you so much Tanisha because your visit and consultations really helped us ease into being new parents and now we feel like we have a good handle on things. You answered all my questions and doubts about breast feeding and helped me create a schedule that we are now using and is working perfect for us. If anyone reading this is looking for and experienced, knowlegable and helpful double than Tanisha  the one for you. 

Katherine Rey


Thank you so much Tanisha because your visit and consultations really helped us ease into being new parents and now we feel like we have a good handle on things. You answered all my questions and doubts about breast feeding and helped me create a schedule that we are now using and is working perfect for us. If anyone reading this is looking for and experienced, knowlegable and helpful double than Tanisha  the one for you. 

Amy Daschle


Tanisha was an outstanding doula for me and my husband after the arrival of our baby.  She was always available and accessible to us.  She was flexible and catered her style to our needs.  Not only is she extremely experienced and knowledgeable, she was also very encouraging throughout the entire process.  I highly recommend her and would absolutely hire her again.  Our postpartum experience with her was exceptional and she was with us during the good days and the more challenging days as we learned how to care for a newborn as first time parents.  Tanisha is simply the best.

Abby Goldfarb


Tanisha was a very kind and helpful doula to us when we had our first newborn.  She brings good experience and is very fun and easy to be around.  She helped us cook, keep the house clean, and taught us lots about newborn care.  We are grateful we had her help!

Jesse Ro


my wife and I had a fantastic experience with Tanisha.  She offers a meeting before the due date to allow for a discussion about the birth plan but the highlight of our time with Tanisha was obviously the day my wife gave birth. She was extremely relaxing to have around and got along really well with all the doctors, nurses and us. Tanisha was a calming presence during the entire labor and birth and was such an asset to both of us. Whether it be talking through various stages of labor, endlessly massaging my wife, or encouragement as the birth approached, she was in control every step of the way. In fact, our doctor enjoyed working with her so much that she asked for her contact details after the birth and wanted to put her on their website. I have no hesitation recommending Tanisha to anyone Going through the process. 

Wale A


When my wife first mentioned hiring a doula and when I actually understood what a doula did, I was skeptical. I'll admit that almost up until my wife was actually in labor, I remained skeptical. I was confident that I could provide all of the support my wife needed and whatever I couldn't do the midwife and hospital staff could. However, my wife's decision to have an unmediated birth made me more open to the idea of a doula as she felt it would make her birth a little bit easier. My wife also felt a doula would benefit me as I would have to encourage and assist my wife as I watched her in pain; something we both knew would be hard for me.

We met with Tanisha several times before my wife went into labor and each time she came with something specifically for me that would allow me to prepare alongside my wife and have the information to provide support. She showed me massage techniques and gave me a list of useful things to do during labor.

During labor and delivery Tanisha was a lifesaver. My wife labored at home for a while through some pretty rough contractions and Tanisha was there helping us all get through it. During the 'frantic' rush to the hospital Tanisha helped everyone remain calm and ensured we had everything we needed.

At the hospital Tanisha continuously supported my wife and in turn, myself. It was truly a team effort and I would highly recommend her.

The best thing about Tanisha is that her support didn't stop after our son was born. She has continued to check in on us and has been a big help for our family.

Michelle Sheffield


Oh my some many things I could say about Tanisha, but there are not enough space. Let just say from the moment I met her at my daughter home, I knew she was the right one for the job. She was with my daughter for well over 12 hours and thank God she was here with us, she comfort my daughter like a mother would her child and even though I was there it was a comfort to me as well that she had everything under control. She communaated with the midwife from begin to end. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for a person that is caring, supportive and knowledgeable. Thank you Tanisha  for everything you did for my daughter. 

Sigurd Widenfalk


When we first met Tanisha we felt no doubt that we wanted to work with her. Tanisha is very warm and grounded and we felt very safe in her presence. Since we are not the US we wanted an experienced doula who have seen births at different hospitals, so Tanisha was perfect for us!

During our 2 prenatal visits Tanisha showed us different coping techniques, breathing, labor positions and was very aware to bring the partner in to the process. We were planning on a natural birth but she also informed us what medical interventions could be necessary if anything was in risk with the mom's and baby's health.

Tanisha kept close contact over phone after my OB visits and she gave me techniques on how to relax days before the labor to help self-induce me.
At the day of the labor my water broke early in the morning and I contacted Tanisha after speaking to the doctor. She held close contact with us during our cab drive to the hospital and met us at Mount Sinai when we got a room.
Tanisha helped us set up the room with our birth ball, reminded me to drink, helped the nurses with the cables for the monitor and reminded me to relax so I could open.

3 hours after we got admitted to the hospital our baby was born! I'm sure this was becuase I felt safe and relaxed and had such a great support system around me. I let me body go and deliver my baby all natural. I did not know it was possible to have such an amazing birth and I could definetely do it soon again with Tanisha!

Tanisha helped me with breastfeeding after the delivery. When she left we felt safe and calm. She kept in contact with my husband to make sure we were good. 

A few days after I felt a lot of anxiety and called Tanisha for support, she helped a lot! She also made a home visit a few days after to meet our baby boy!  

Lenore Champagne Beirne


I can't recommend Tanisha strongly enough. She was a huge part of my birth process, and an incredible support. She is patient, knowledgeable, warm, encouraging, and a powerful advocate. She was also great with my family, which was a huge help. She created a calm atmosphere during a very, very (I went into labor on a Friday and delivered on a Tuesday!) labor. I highly recommend her!

Paul Beirne


Simply put, Tanisha was amazing, every step of the way.

Originally, we met Tanisha at our prenatal visit with our original doula, Simone Toomer. We felt very lucky to know that Tanisha would be the back-up, as we felt a connection with both immediately and overall could rest assured we'd be in good hands. This pregnancy was a bit tricky, with consistent prodromal labor starting 4 weeks before actual delivery. 2 of those weeks were past our anticipated due date, which coincided with our original doula's vacation. Things got so bad we ended up going to the hospital twice before being admitted. Luckily, Tanisha was there with us by phone, text, and in-person on those tough days beforehand. As the husband, it's very easy to feel powerless to help as your wife is in pain. Tanisha gave me some very useful takeways that came in handy during a 20 hour labor. Of course, Tanisha was there all of those many hours. When things took an unexpected turn and we had to stray from the labor plan, she helped up make decisions we were proud of. Decisions that in hindsight, we cannot imagine going any other way. Even after delivery, Tanisha helped manage our friends and family in the waiting room--very helpful when you're tapped out of second and third winds. 

I guess I'll put it this way. God willing, if we have a second and third (!!) child, we will seek Tanisha Evans-Marin as our doula of choice.

kisha evans


We all lovingly refer to my niece Tanisha as "Nurse Nish". Whenever anyone caught a cold or got sick or needed a baby delivered she was right there. She advocated for you, or massaged your back and propped up your feet or spoon fed you soup. She is a real natural. It is so easy for her and her general concern with your safety and welfare is genuine. So when I found out she got her Doula Certification I said about time...

Tanisha delivered both my children and even helped me afterwards with post par-tum, setting up our first appointments. I gave birth to a 6 lbs 10 oz 19 1/2 inches long healthy baby boy in February 1997 (now 19 years old), and a 5.8 oz 19 1/2 baby girl ( Now 17 years old) in April 1999.

She scrubbed up and even caught my son. The doctor was so nice in allowing her to cut the cord. I was full of mixed emotions but she made me feel safe and secure. She helped pull the placenta and massaged my belly.

With my daughter she was right by my side making sure the baby was fine, the papers were filled out properly and that me and the baby had the best possible care. She even knew what bottles gave less gas and the angle in which to hold them. How to hold the baby, make the baby latch on and even the types of strollers I should look for.

We are all connected now and can never forget how wonderful it was to have a family member who knew what to do and was so excited for us.

When word got out even my friends began requesting her at their birth. She has delivered 2 of my friends babies and 5 other family members babies. So she has had plenty of practice.

Tanisha is still the same nurturing and loving person and now she is here for you. I can't imagine ever giving birth without her and now having such beautiful stories to tell about the birth of my children and how she had a hand in delivering both of them.

Kisha Evans- Aunt, Rakim and Breeana First Cousins

Gina Powell


My birth journey brought me from my OBGYN (who delivered my first son in 2012 via c-section) to a midwife at 29 weeks.  From there, I was told to get a Doula but I was skeptical.  I did research on the Internet and made several phone calls.  No one was panning out.  Then I found doulamatch.net and saw one face among those that fit my criteria that I could see myself baring my soul infront of.  Tanisha Evans Marin.  Little did I know she would turn out to be so much more than just one other person I could tolerate at my delivery and fill in for my husband.

Tanisha arrived at the hospital an entire day before she was required to.  Because "she knew her client needed her there".  And she did not leave until my baby was born, VBAC.  She was my best friend, my coach, my support, she became part of the hospital staff cleaning up constantly; replenishing supplies; assisting the staff; while also stepping aside when my husband and I wanted to labor with each other.  But she was never too far away.  She even cat-napped in the tub of my delivery room so as to never be too far away from me.  Every single nurse that worked w us commented on Tanisha's presence and value to our process.

She will forever be a part of our family and I will never be able to thank her enough. But I know being able to do her job is thanks enough for her  filled her because she genuinely loves it that much.

*the flyest white girl you know*

ebony smith


The best part about Tanisha being my doula was her spirit.  She was the peace that was needed during my delivery.  She was attentive and present in the moment.  I dont remember telling her but I will say it now, when she was with me in  delivery it was like a presence took over her body and she became a "super doula".  She locks eyes and she becomes everything you need in the moment.  I'm going to get pregnant like three more times so she can be there for each one.  I love you a lot.

Su Wang


Tanisha was a wonderful doula!  I would highly recommend her to any of my friends and/or relatives.  My doctor and nurses all thought she was a great help to them (since I happened to give birth during a really busy weekend at the hospital) and she was really respectful of our wishes.  My labor process is pretty much a blur at this point, but she taught a lot of massages to my husband and suggested a bunch of positions tht really helped me deal with the pain.  I successfully gave birth without any pain medication, and it was all due to her!  Finally, she was really helpful postpartum as well.  I ended up with some small complications right after the birth, so she updated my parents and in-laws for us.  I also had some breastfeeding issues, and she was able to reassure me and teach us some tricks and techniques that really helped.  Overall, it was a wonderful experience!

Igor Dikiy


My experience with Tanisha was great. She was very supportive of both me and my wife throughout the pregnancy and birth process and suited her help to what we needed. She was most helpful during the labor process in terms of pain management through various positions and massages, as well as lots of emotional support. But her prenantal and postpartum visits were also a big help, especially with helping to establish breastfeedng. And throughout Tanisha was very friendly, warm, and cordial with both us and our family members. I would greatly recommend Tanisha to those looking for a doula.

Melissa Boronkas


Tanisha is an absolutely amazing doula. She was a key member of our birth team. She is funny, supportive, warm, caring and directive. Prior to labor, she took the time to build a relationship with my husband and I to understand our birth preferences.

She worked wonderfully with our midwife and our Labor & Delivery nurses. She really gets involved in the process helping out the midwife/nurses where needed and developing a relationship them as well. Our L&D nurse and midwife are still raving about her and can't wait to work with her again.

In my moments of doubt about not having an epidural, she helped me to stick to my birth preferences. During my most intense contractions (especially those in the 45 minute cab ride to the hospital) where I lost the ability to breath, it was her voice that I heard reminding me to slow down and bring my focus back to the breath.

I can not recommend Tanisha enough! I'm so grateful that such an amazing person was there to support and bear witness to the birth of my daughter.

Avi Karnani


Tanisha has been really great! She's calm, super supportive, and responsive over text message when we need help in between sesisons.  I'd definitely recommend her!

Rachel Friedman


I wouldn't want to imagine the last month (my baby's first) without Tanisha. Every time she left my apartment after helping me with my newborn I felt calmer and more confident. The time she spent helping my partner bond with our baby was amazing as well - showing us both baby massage, helping us with swaddling and bathing, and so much more. She also seemed to know exactly the small touches I needed around the apt - from noticing flowers that needed to be tossed out to throwing baby clothes in the hamper. I basically wish she could move in - and I highly recommend her to all new moms! 

Ryan Abernathey


Tanisha was a fantastic doula, from the start to the finish of our experience.

During the pregnancy, she was extremely supportive and always available for questions. My wife had some minor complications mid pregnancy, and it was great for her to have someone experienced (besides her doctor) to talk to.

During labor, she helped create a calm and positive atmosphere. She knows a lot of great techniques to help manage the pains of labor. She performed these herself with my wife and also advised me on what to do.

She was great at navigating the sometimes confusing hospital environment. (We were at Mt. Sinai West.) Her interaction with the nurses and doctors was excellent.

Post delivery, she continued to offer her wisdom and support. She is also a lactation consultant, and her help with breastfeeding during the early days was very valuable.

I couldn't imagine a better experience. Highly recommended.

chiara lepore


I know what you are thinking: Can I possibly find on a website the right doula for me? the person that will share one of the most exciting, private, emotional moment of my life? 

I had the same doubts, but I am so GLAD I went ahead and contacted Tanisha. Tanisha was the first doula I contacted and met during my search in the last months of my pregnancy. My husband and I met her for a coffee, and when we walked out we knew we had found the right match.

I had the luck to have a natural unmedicated birth, and Tanisha played a key role in my journey to that moment; a moment I will never forget. Her knowledge is absolutely impeccable, she has so many suggestions on how to get ready for labor, mentally and phisically, with the birth ball, the rebozo, massages and etc. Among many other things, she also helped me with the right exercises to turn the baby in the right position for labor. and it worked!

In the months before labor, she was always available to chat, text, email about my doubts. More importantly, she was there to listen, and help me elaborate my fears about labor.

During labor, her calm demeanor and grace with which she handles the pressure and the intensity of a childbirth helped me keep my cool and focus. She guided me and my husband throughout the process, and although she was always there, she was never in between my husband and me!! She was literally an angel, holding us every step of the way until the birth of our son. 

In the weeks after delivery, she checked in with me often. When she came by for the post-partum visit she helped me with breastfeeding - she is also a CLC!! - and helped me figure out how to pump.

My husband and I wholeheartedly recommend Tanisha as a Doula and we feel absolutely lucky to have had her to share such an amazing moment of our lives.

allyson bone


Tanisha worked with us as a postpartum doula, coming to our home the day we got home from the hospital with our first child. We had a very trying experience at the hospital and a baby that wouldn't latch, so we were very overwhelmed to say the least! Tanisha was wonderful- she helped us organize our home, cooked us dinner, and showed us how to give our son a bath and massage. I believe the words that came out of me and my husband's mouth were, "You saved our lives!" Tanisha is warm and easy to talk to as well- exactly what someone needs during this stressful, life changing time! 

Jenny Schlenzka


We wholeheartedly recommend Tanisha as a post partum doula. She is a wonderful human being, incredible helpful and competent. It's been a pleasure to have her in our house as part of our very young family. She was around when we brought our newborn son home and made this magical moment even more enjoyable. We thank her a lot. Jenny & Giorgio

Johniece Erby


Tanisha was my light at the send of the tunnel for me she was very attentive, helpful and ,caring she makes you feel comfortable like she's one of tour best friends who are there to hold your hand... I had for labor as well as postpartum she helped me with my breastfeeding she accompanied me to doctors appointments and What ever else I needed help with she was right there.

I recommend her to all my friends or anyone having a baby weather it's your 1st or 4th Tanisha makes the experience so wonderful 

Johniece Erby


Tanisha was my light at the send of the tunnel for me she was very attentive, helpful and ,caring she makes you feel comfortable like she's one of tour best friends who are there to hold your hand... I had for labor as well as postpartum she helped me with my breastfeeding she accompanied me to doctors appointments and What ever else I needed help with she was right there.

I recommend her to all my friends or anyone having a baby weather it's your 1st or 4th Tanisha makes the experience so wonderful 

Tia Dowling-Ketant


Tanisha is an awesome doula. She was professional and had a sense of calm even in a difficult situation.  She was knowledgeable, kind and helped me to find my voice to speak up for myself. She was also considerate, thoughtful and made sure she included my husband in a positive way. It is because she served me with such excellence that I am now a doula. If you are searching for a doula I recommend that you look no further because Tanisha is your Doula. 

Traore Ramatou


I gave birth to my second child with Tinechia as doula.The experience was so great.My birth experience ended up exactly matching my birth plan that I went over with Tinechia at 7 months of my pregnancy.She always check on me and came to my house before and after delivery for postpartum.I was induced because my due date was passed.So she meet me in the hospital.I'm single mom and she was very helpful for me. When my contractions became more painful,she talked me through and held my hands like she was Sharing my pain until the final moment to push.she was there for me throughout the entire labor helped me even after that at home for the postpartum.She was great.I had a healthy handsome boy 9.110 pounds without surgery or any cut.if I decide to have another baby, I will definitely want to have Tinechia as my doula again.????

Ebona Williams


Having Tanisha by my side in the delivery room was a wonderful experience for me as well as my family. A very good person to talk to about the nervousness I felt about childbirth. Mrs. Marin was a great help and doula to me she talked to me during my time in the delivery room was there to massage my feet and talk to me to help ease the pain I was in. If I could do it again I would defintely choose tanisha to go through the experinece with again. Thank you again Tanisha Love Always Er'ynn and Ebona 

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