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Kirkland, WA Service range 15 miles No ferries, service areas west of I5 are between Northgate and West Seattle, east of I5 between Bothell and Renton as far east as Issaquah


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Birth Fee


Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

9 years and 86 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, May 2010

Type of practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
Prefer midwife to be CNM or LM/CPM

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Volunteered w/ the YWAM New Beginnings Maternity Home of Puyallup, volunteer at my church

Kirkland, WA Service range 15 miles No ferries, service areas west of I5 are between Northgate and West Seattle, east of I5 between Bothell and Renton as far east as Issaquah

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Autumn was amazing during my birth experience with my second child! Most importantly, she provided me with support whenever I needed it -- even if I didn't know what I needed and didn't ask for it! -- which was extremely helpful -- starting with various positions and techniquest to manage pain and encourage the baby to switch from OP; ending with making sure that I stayed hydrated/rested/not hungry. I also found extremely helpful that Autumn was supportive of my decisions: after 6 hours of labor I decided to get an epidural because I couldn't cope anymore -- she made sure that my new plan went as smoothly as possible. She provided my baby and I hands-on help to initiate breastfeeding. Last but not least she kept notes about events of that day, so now we can always remember precisely what happened and when! I would absolutely recommend Autumn to anyone looking for a nurturing and supportive doula!

Jenna B


Autumn was AMAZING. Honestly, I'm so thankful I got to work with her. For my first two babies I did not have a doula and both births were somewhat traumatic, even though technically everything went okay. Not having anyone there for me - to make sure I was heard, understood what was going on, wasn't alone, etc - was hard. With my third birth, I wanted something different. Autumn was amazing from the beginning. She spent hours listening to my birth stories, what was scary and what I wanted to go differently. She was validating and encouraging. I felt like she would tell me the truth and be with me through it all. During the labor itself she was such an asset. She was great at physically helping me through contractions and showing my husband how to help. My favorite thing was she prayed for me through contractions, which was important to me. Her prayers lifted my spirits and kept me focused on God my strength. When I got an epidural and was able to rest, she just sat quietly for hours and let my husband and I sleep. She helped when I was scared. She got me settled into my room after and texted many times (but not too many!) in the days following to check up on us. I would hire her again in a heart beat. She was worth every penny. I highly recommend Autumn.

Hanna Lirman


Working with Autumn (and Lisa) was a great experience. It was really helpful to have them as resources that we could access throughout the birth process. Autumn was especially helpful during the contractions part of my delivery. Since I ended up being induced, the contractions came on really fast and were happening frequently. Autumn was great at instructing with breathing techniques and pressure points. Once she arrived and helped out it became much easier to handle the contractions. It was also great to have her come visit after the delivery. She came and answered all of our questions and helped show us how to use our breastpump. Overall we were very happy with our experience and would recommend Autumn as a doula and would recommend that people use doulas as part of the birth experience.



We have used Autumn 2x ow for the births of our two children.  Autumn is always kind and professional.  She has been a calming presence for me and my husband.  Her sense of timing for when to ask questions is excellent - unobtrusive in those labor pains, patient for your answer.  My husband was very comfortable with her, and we were immensely grateful for her presence, ideas, the break for my husband during my first and very long labor, and ideas and wisdom she offered.  I recommend her to everyone.

Adena Compton


I was very satisfied with Autumn Duckworth as my doula! We loved her!! She was timely, and always available to answer any questions or talk on the phone. She had a lot of knowledge and experience and I felt so good in her care. When Autumn arrived at the hospital to support me (labor progressed quickly so I didn’t need her before that) she came fully prepared. She got right in to working with me and my husband and her presence just reassured me. She knew exactly what to say, and what to recommend, she was super helpful and put me at ease. I was so thankful for her experience and the confidence that she brought to my birth. She took the time to help hang encouragement cards in my room above the bed so I could look at them, she helped with the music, she hung up the lights I wanted in the bathroom to help with the harsh lighting, she had essential oils and and just always seemed to be one step ahead of me and what I might need. She recommended posittioning changes, massages techniques, cool rags,etc. Such a blessing! Toward the end of labor, just before pushing it was Autumn’s eye contact that really grounded me and helped me to hang in there. She helped me to breathe so I could work with the contractions. She has a powerful inner stength and she just kept reassuring me everything was going wonderful and I was doing amazing. I had chosen to do a VBAC and Autumn has experience with. I never once felt during the interviews or through the birth that she was nervous about it, even though at times I was.  She even came back to the hospital when we were being discharged and showed up with a goodie bag full of treats and refreshments for our road trip home.  She helped us navigate how to get out of the hospital and to our car. She was just an angel!  My birth was such a beautiful and healing experience and I am so glad I chose to hire her! Thank you Autumn! We will never forget you. 



Kristin Guppy


Amazing! Very late in the game, we decided we wanted support from a doula we felt comfortable with. Autumn was incredible. Like others have said, we were concerned my husband would feel "left out" or useless, but she really was a coach for both he and me. Having her there allowed him to take breaks when needed and assured us both that we could relax and enjoy the process. She offered a variety of pain management and relaxation techniques, but was never pushy or judgemental. As Christians, we value prayer and reading scripture and she was right there with us. Our birth ended up being fairly traumatic and complicated and it was wonderful to know she was there to support my husband when I was takenen into surgery and then to the ICU. She also took a couple really sweet videos on my huband's phone that still make us cry. Thanks so much Autumn! You will always be a special part of Will's birth.

Melissa Hirst


Autumn was an amazing Doula! I was hoping for a natural labor with my second child and felt that the support of a doula would help me achieve the experience I was looking for. I found Autumn through recommendations at the hospital I was delivering and was drawn to her calm and warm presence from the start. She was always available for questions and helped walk me through labor from the first contraction on! She also played the pivotal role of making sure that my husband felt included every step of the way. I truly don't feel that I would have been as calm through the intense experience of a natural labor without Autumn there to help coach me when I started to have doubts of my own. She made sure I felt safe, secure and truly supported. Her breathing techniques made all the difference at the most crucial parts of labor. She was also able to provide nursing support during our in home visit post birth. If you are looking for a calm and strong presence during your birth experience, I can't recommend Autumn more!

Laura Petermeyer


We had an amazing experience with Autumn. We were induced, and Autumn was able to support us and explain what that really meant for me, as well as how long an induction realistically took. My providers did not do a great job laying this information out, as people's experiences can vary so much. Prior to the birth of my daughter, Lisa and Autumn helped us work through anxiety and gave us a broad view of options as we developed our birth plan. My husband was wary of hiring a doula at first, but after talking it through with the team, his anxiety disappeared. He was afraid that having a doula would make him obsolete and this triggered some insecurities. He was put at ease when he realized that Autumn would be there to support him supporting me. In the moment, she was able to reassure him that I was okay and that what I was experiencing was normal. They worked together to support me in a wonderful way. Honestly, my husband will admit that the reason he was able to support me so well during labor was because he also had support from Autumn. Now he is the one who tells everyone that they NEED a doula! During labor she gave him recommendations, stepped aside at times and was a reassuring presence in a new/ overwhelming experience. Autumn helped me with pain management tools, breathing techniques and specific pressure points, Because of these tools, my labor experience was quite low key. I would even all it zen (at times)! I am not kidding, when I was laboring in the bath, autumn put tea lights around the tub! Beyond the labor, Autumn was there to take notes and record our birth story, take photos and help with breastfeeding after the birth. Having another person on point for these things freed my husband up to truly focus on me and the baby. It was such a gift!

Lauren Domino


I feel so lucky to have had Autumn as my birth doula. The Ohana team helped me develop a birth plan and listened to all of my questions and concerns so that I felt as prepared as I could going into the delivery of my first child. They helped me stick to my birth plan and coached me through with such amazing support. My choice was to try to have an unmedicated birth experience in hospital, which they helped me to achieve (though I was always aware that things could change as needed!). I don't think I could have fulfilled my goal without Autumn's steady, guiding help through the pain and fatigue. She was also so helpful to my husband. When I had a medical emergency following my delivery, she was right there next to me to help me calm down so that my husband could focus on our baby. Their postpartum support was also great, as I was having a lot of difficulty with breast feeding. I would absolutely recommend Ohana Doulas!

Allegra Carscallen


We were very fortunate to have Autumn as our Doula for the birth of our baby boy last May 2017. I had a planned home birth and she came as soon as we needed her. She was a huge support for both my husband and I especially laboring at home and being first time parents. My husband was very glad to have someone experienced in the room so he could focus on me, and not worry about what is normal and not.
Her calm, strong and confident personality made sure I kept breathing, drinking water and that my Mom was kept busy:) While I was in the birthing tub she kept cool rags on my forehead which was a blessing in of itself. I ended up having to transfer to the hospital, and will never forget the sympathy I felt from her. Once there she continued to coach along with my midwife and as soon as my water broke, both my and my babes vitals instantly went back to the normal range and I was able to have the natural birth I so greatly desired.
I would recommend Autumn to any expectant mother with a hospital birth or home birth.

Casey Horst


Autumn was our birth doula and she is hands down THE BEST. We had a difficult pregnancy with lots of unknowns, and Autumn was always available to chat about any concerns we had regarding birth and postpartum. We ended up requiring an early cesarean section, and Autumn was there in a heartbeat to wait with us until my scheduled surgery time. In such a scary situation, it was so helpful to have a peaceful, grounding person there to keep my husband and myself calm. (She was also able to catch a few videos of us meeting our baby girl for the first time and they are so treasured by us!) After surgery, she stayed as long as we needed, and kept me company while my husband was in the NICU with our baby. She helped me navigate a breast pump (and saved some colostrum from being dumped by our nurse so it could go to our baby!) and did all she could to make sure I was comfortable.

After we went home from the NICU, we had our postpartum follow-up with Autumn in our home. She helped with some breastfeeding questions and we loved having her around to spend some time with our baby girl! We had a rough breastfeeding journey for a few months, and Autumn was always a text away with advice which was so helpful for me as a first time mom.

Autumn's continuous support and advice was so helpful and absolutely worth the investment! We can't say enough great things about her!

Mariah Grife


Autumn was a great doula, and really helped my husband and I through the birthing process. I had a long and painful delivery because my baby was turned and I had back labor. Autumn really helped us with coping mechanisms. This helped me, but also really helped my husband because he was very nervous and felt helpless while I was in pain at home. Texting Autumn to ask for advice really helped both of us feel more at ease and supported.

I am so happy we had Autumn there for us during labor, and I would suggest her to any of my expecting friends for sure!

Erika White


Autumn was FANTASTIC, and neither my husband nor I could have gotten through my extremely tough and long induction without her incredible support. I knew having a doula both during pregnancy and for the birth would be invaluable, but I had no idea the level of support that Autumn would be able to provide, especially when I knew I planned to get an epidural. Because I had a scheduled induction, we were brought in at 8pm at night. Autumn met us at the hospital to get us situated with our nurse and medical team, and make sure we were comfortable with both our surroundings and the decisions being made. Once we were settled, she headed home for the night with the instructions to call whenever we needed her or when contractions really started up. We called the next morning around 10, and she came right in. Once things really got going, she physically supported me with different massage techniques and belly/back support as well as I labored through back labor. Without her knowledge of different positions and techniques, my back labor would have definitely led to a c-section. Long story short, she got us through 43 hours of labor on pitocin, during which an epidural broke off unknowingly, and a vacuum-assisted birth. Nothing went as planned during my labor and birth, but with her amazing support (physical and emotional!) both my husband and I made it through, with a baby safely in our arms. We were blown away by the fact that Autumn stayed for over 24 hours, slept upright in a hospital rocker, and did so with so much grace and love. We will definitely be calling her when baby #2 is on the way!

cjandruth p.


We loved Autumn! We were pretty late in the game (3rd trimester) when we decided we wanted a birth doula and Autumn was great about making plenty of time to meet with us prior to our due date to make sure we were comfortable. She did a wonderful job explaining about all the choices we could make so that we could have the birth experience we wanted. I wanted to have an unmedicated birth, and she was very supportive. We were having our baby at Swedish First Hill, and it was a huge bonus that she was very familiar with the hospital, and all their procedures. But hands down, the reason she stands out so much was the length of time she was with us, and her positivity throughout the long labor. She came to our house to help us with labor Sunday afternoon, and I didn't give birth until Monday night. And I pushed for 3 hours! She was the best cheerleader, and was so encouraging. She never judged one way or another, but was completely supportive each step of the way. She had so many tools and ideas and words of encouragement. We really feel like we couldn't have done it without her! If we have another baby we will definitely be calling Autumn to help with the birth!

Kaitlyn Low


Highly recommend!!!!

Autumn was phenomenal to work with. She was truly invested in doing what was best for me and my family. During the prenatal appointments, her questions to get to know us were thoughtful and informative. She made sure my beliefs, wishes and fears were addressed and respected through out the labor process.

When it came to labor and delivery, Autumn made suggestions about labor positions that put me at ease. If something wasn't working or didnt feel right, she was quick to make adjustments to get things back on track. Her insight into the medical procedures suggested by the medical staff was so helpful. If I had questions or needed additional information to make a decision about a procedure, Autumn was able to fill in the blanks and reassure me through the process.

Throughout labor, Autumn helped guide and support my husband. She made sure that the relationship between my husband and me was the focus of the room. She stepped in to fill my husband's supportive role if he needed a break. Afterwards, he expressed how happy he was that we were able to have Autumn by our sides.

Even the medical staff had great praise for Autumn. After delivery, the midwife who delivered my baby made the comment to my husband and I, "There are "DOulas" and "DONTlas. Autumn is a DOula. She did a great job and worked very well with the medical staff."

Autumn was a perfect piece to our puzzle. She worked the room seemlessly, collaborating with each person involved in the process effortlessly. In the future when my husband and I decide to add to our family, we will be calling Autumn!

Lauren Fosberry


Autumn and Lisa were both so wonderful. As a first time mom (and my husband a first time dad), we wanted to have some support people with us in the hospital to make sure our voices were heard and that we had the kind of resources we needed to try for an unmedicated and peaceful birth. As it turned out, Autumn was with me for the majority of my ~26 hour labor process. my water had broken at home and contractions did not start on their own. So I went to the hospital and had to decide whether to induce or not. Although she would have come to the hospital immediately if we had asked her to, since I wasn't in any pain, we were in communication with Autumn via phone. She did a great job of helping us make that decision while at the same time making sure that it was our decision. Autumn came to the hospital in the middle of the night to help us through my contractions after they became more powerful. She helped us handle some stressful situations when our baby was in distress and provided coping techniques when one after another my natural pain manangement  strategies became impossible after various medical complications. When after making it to 9.5 cms dilation unmedicated I learned I would have to have a c section due to my baby being in distress, she (and Lisa who joined us at that time to take a shift) helped me and my husband make peace with that situation. Autumn made sure I was comfortable before leaving me in Lisa's capable hands for the c-section. Autumn also completed my post-partum visit, and she helped me unpack my emotions from my labor and helped me gain confidence with breastfeeding. Can't recommend Autumn and Lisa enough. They are both amazing!

Valerie Tung


Autumn Duckworth was an amazing doula. I really wanted a doula who would help me have an unmedicated birth, support my husband who is quite literal and forthright, and keep me calm and unworried during the birthing process. I wanted someone who was open to Western medicine but would be willing to try anything reasonable to make my birth work for me. I really really appreciated Autumn. My husband also really appreciated Autumn!! She was open to any form of communication, and was with us all through the birthing process. This includes the early stages when I felt I could handle it, With a Little Help From My Husband. Little did I know he was texting her all throughout the night to get tips on how to support me! (As I puked and curled into as close to a fetal position as one can while 10 months pregnant.)  It was great and we so appreciated her. 

She was a calm, supporting presence, full of id3as BUT never rushing into them, I felt her pacing made the day bearable. :)

Kirsten McLean


Autumn is an amazing doula and truly made our birth a wonderful experience!  She is extremely personable, friendly and knowlegeable.  I trusted her and felt comfortable with her right away.  She was always one step ahead of me throughout labor- she offered a cold towel before I realized I could use one, adjusted me into different positions before I realized I should move and gave me constant encouragements that I didn't realized I needed. She was always a huge help and support for my husband, allowing him to enjoy the labor, yet be rested and present throughout.

She was a huge help postpartum as well.  She is very knowlegeable about baby care and breastfeeding and she is always available.  

Steve Brown


My wife and I hired Autumn and her partner, Lisa Shire, for the birth of our first baby.  We couldn't have been happier with the experience.  We had very helpful visits in our home prior to the delivery of our baby, complete with helpful tips, practicing breathing techniques and labor positions, assistance preparing and understanding our birth plan, and more.  Once my wife was in the hospital, Autumn's help proved indispensable.  Everything from getting food and drinks, assisting with my wife's comfort, even driving my in-laws back to our task was too small or menial, and Autumn handled them all with a smile.  Since my wife was admitted to the hospital 31 hours before the baby came, Autumn stayed with us basically the first 24 hours of that.  It was super helpful to have someone at our side who not only has her own kids, but also has assisted with the birth of many other babies.

If we have more kids in the future, we'll definitely be looking up Autumn and Lisa again, and would highly recommend them to anyone in the Seattle area looking for professional, friendly, energetic help.  These ladies are awesome.

Aura Navarro-Abreu


I had fully planned on an unmedicated birth using hypnobirthing techniques. To help with this goal I decided to work with a doula, and chose Ohana. Both Autumn and Jocelyn were incredible to work with in the time leading up to my due date. We had several meetings where they answered questions, showed me comfort techniques, and generally just made both my husband and I feel very comfortable about the birth process. When the baby ended up being breach, I had to have a scheduled c section. This was basically my worst fear realized, but Autumn really helped me through it. Autumn talked to me a lot in advance about the c section process, and how she could support me. I was so happy to have her by my side, holding my hand through needle pokes, and explaining everything to both me and my husband. I know that my husband found her presence extremely valuable, and she really helped him to understand what was going on and stay calm. She was by my side while my husband got to be with our new baby. Furthermore she took lots of pictures and helped to make me comfortable by running point with the hospital staff for me when I had requests for food, temperature changes etc.

Autumn is also a lactation consultant and after we were home with the baby, she did a follow-up postpartum visit where she talked me through breastfeeding concerns and taught me to use my pump. One thing that my husband and I will be forever thankful for was her suggestion to bounce on an exercise ball to calm the baby. That tip alone was worth hiring Autumn as it gave us many extra hours of sleep when we needed them most.

If we ever have another baby, we'd certainly want to work with Autumn again!

Sored Quintero


My name is Sored, I'm Venezuelan and I had my baby girl here with the help of my friend Autumn who is also my Doula. I am new in the country and even though the process of having a baby is the same for every single women, the culture, language, and beliefs makes the experience completely different. While my family and friends back home told me so many things about having a baby, I needed the support from someone here who could guide through the health care system and how everything works here. I believe that there are no coincidences in life and I feel very blessed for having Autumn as my friend who I met just when I got pregnant and didn't know it. I was really nervous and clueless about what was going to happen but listening to her made me feel that everything was under control. She reminded me that God created our bodies for his purpose and designed them to have a baby, that there is nothing to worry about because God was in control. She had the experience that comes with having 2 beautiful babies of her own and that being a doula is something she enjoys doing.

Finally, after going through 29 hours of labor, the doctor decided to go through with a C-Section. First I have to thank my husband who was the biggest supporter for me during every single step of the pregnancy. Second, Autumn who encouraged me to keep going every time I felt down and like I couldn't do it anymore. After so many hours of labor she helped me also to feel good with myself when I had to face the fact that I had to have a C-section and it was for medical reasons not because I failed. Her emotional support helped me to deal with the disappointment I felt after the C-section.

In my experience I found that having a Doula present was very important. The decision of having my baby and having Autumn as my doula was a much bigger blessing than I imagined. I have a healthy and beautiful baby and I am completely healthy and motivated to keep going with my new role as a mom.

Lul Abdullahi


Autumn was my doula and let me tell you, I was so glad that I met her. She helped me so much as this was my first baby. She made me feel comfortable and was there for me all the way until my little precious daughter came into this world.  She's an amazing doula as well as an incredible person. 

Alicia Marth


Autumn was my doula with my first child. I couldn't have asked for a better experiance. She was there for me the entire time. She kept me relaxed and calm to the point where I didn't even realize that I was fully dialted when we finally decided to go to the hospital! Being so young and everything happening so fast I still felt safe with her there with me. I don't think I could've gone through with a natural birth if it wasn't for Autumn's support. I would recommend her to any of my friends because I know she will do such an amazing job! I appreciate her so much For all that she did for me and my son! She was more than a doula she is a friend and A huge supporter! She was there when I needed her, always!

Clarissa Case


My husband and I had a great experience partnering with the Ohana doulas for our first-born daughter's birth. They were kind, respectful, prompt, and very helpful as we led up to the birth, during the birth, and even afterward!

5 stars can't go far enough to show our support of these caring ladies!

We heard about them from a friend.

Don't go with anyone else in the Seattle area!

Lisa Hayward


I credit my successful VBAC at age 39 mostly to the support of Autumn and Jocelyn. Despite all my best intentions, I did not go into labor in a strong state of mind. I felt worried for my baby, who was overdue and showing signs of distress. I also didn’t trust my own body after having had an unsuccessful labor previously and an emergency c-section after 26 hours of labor (with six hours of pushing) which started at home and ended up with a baby in the NIC unit. After that experience the prospect of natural labor deeply terrified me, but I felt strongly that I wanted to try for a VBAC anyway. Autumn and Jocelyn gave me exactly the coaching I needed to help me find strength and to deliver successfully despite a difficult position of the baby. They supported me with complete respect for each my decisions.

I feel so blessed to have had Autumn and Jocelyn help me achieve a successful VBAC. My recovery has been much more rapid than after my cesarian, allowing me to really enjoy these first days and weeks with my newborn and family. It would have been excruciating to come home to my five-year old as an invalid after this birth. But instead I have been able to get him ready for school and read to him and bake cookies with him since our first day home from the hospital.

I also really appreciated Autumns postpartum visit to my home. I had been struggling with sore, raw nipples (a problem I did not have with my first) and she helped me correct the latch and try different breast-feeding positions that quickly improved the pain and let my nipples recover. She also had many useful tips for all aspects of life with a newborn.

Overall Autumn and Jocelyn were both a perfect combination of warm, sincere, supportive, extremely competent, reliable, organized and professional. They showed enormous endurance at my birth and went the extra mile to support us.  I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Cari Mullaney


Having Autumn there with me was an immeasurable gift. She was so calm, so soothing, so loving and so very helpful. She was a deep well of quiet strength, experience and knowledge that was ready to be tapped to the fullest, but she didn’t interject herself into the precious time with my husband and our special adventure. And besides that, I knew my husband was glad she was there, because she could help in ways he couldn’t, and she could also offer him a break from his (sometimes stressful) helpfulness :o). Thank you Autumn for blessing me and for being such a wonderful part of our daughter’s birth day!

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