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Lauren Daniels

The Baby Mavens

Portsmouth, NH Service range 50 miles

Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Postpartum Doula Experience

10 years and 72 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, May 2014

Type of practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per month: 5 to 10

Postpartum limits/restrictions: We have a great team of highly qualified birth and postpartum doulas to help your family throughout pregnancy and early parenting!

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Antepartum doula support
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth pool rental
  • Child passenger safety technician services
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Parenting consulting
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

International Nanny Association Credentialed Professional Nanny. Bachelor's degree in Family Science. Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician. PAIL Avocate. Certified Lactation Counselor. American Heart Association CPR, First Aid, AED INSTRUCTOR.

Fee Details

Packages are available which provide a discount. Military discount also available.

Service Area

Portsmouth, NH Service range 50 miles

Client Testimonials for Lauren Daniels

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Gloriann Lopez


I am a first time twin mom that had a high risk pregnancy and issues postpartum, and the Baby Mavens were the absolute greatest gift in our life I could have imagined. I call them our angels! They not only swooped in after the birth of the babies to make sure we could sleep, that our premature twin girls were taken care of, and ensured their growth, but they taught us more than I could have imagined about postpartum, our babies, feeding, tips and tricks, organization, their development, how to set ourselves up for success, and gave such loving energy to our babies. They gave us CPR training, helped set us up with help once I went back to work, and beyond. It was also an absolute pleasure to have them in our home- they became an integral part of the fabric of our lives, and yet ensured we would be set up to stand on our own once they were gone and ensured our premie babies turned out thriving (AND got them sleeping through the night with sleep training when the time was right)! The breadth of knowledge and experience they have is second to none, and I trust them with my most precious babies any day of the week. I will continue to call on them, and if I have a second pregnancy, I know I wouldn’t skip a beat to pick up the phone and call Laurie and Lauren at the baby mavens. Thank you to the Baby Mavens for guiding us through this incredibly difficult time, being our friends, confidants, guides and setting us up to rock it as twin parents. And giving us the gift of sleep! We love you!

Jen T


Lauren came to my house twice a week for the first 10 weeks of my son's life. I have heartily recommended her services to a number of close friends and promise you will be so glad to have her in your life! On the evenings that Lauren was coming, I felt such a sense of relief knowing my son would be well cared for and I would get a great nights sleep. Lauren was accomodating, a great communicator, helpful with advice, and (most importantly) I felt she loved my son as if he were her own. She even brought little gifts over for my older daughters to make them feel special about their new big sister roles. 

I'm so grateful I found Lauren and would not hesitate to use her again!

Lauren Murphy


We used Lauren as a night doula a couple nights a week for a few months when my son came home. My husband says it is the best decision I ever convinced him of to this day, and I couldn't agree more. Our son had a fairly lengthy stay at the nicu, so we were very nervous first time parents. Lauren helped us learn how to transition our son home and allow us to have a few nights of peaceful sleep. We learned so much from her, and always felt like our son was in the best hands under her care. Would highly recommend Lauren to anyone that is looking for a doula! 



Lauren was a night doula for my family for several weeks after my son was born. If anyone is contemplating having a doula, do not think twice and hire Lauren. She is truly AMAZING! Right away, she came into our home and made me feel so confident about settling our baby down for bedtime. She taught me SO much about how to get a baby on a great nigh schedule right away. During our nightime feeds, Lauren made sure I was taken care of and answered so many questions that I had about newborns. The best part about Lauren is that she truly teaches you how to be successfull as a parent when she leaves, so you feel confident and ready to be a parent.  

Erica Einhorn


Lauren was unbelievable from day 1 with our baby. She is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and supportive. I always felt extremely comfortable knowing Laurent was coming to help! She made us as first time parent gain comfortability in knowing we were doing the right things! Lauren goes above and beyond and always made sure we had the help we needed anytime we needed it, even when it was last minute! We absolutely loved working with Lauren and if we could have her spend everyday with us we would ??

Taryn & Dan


Being a first time parent is scary enough, throw in a pandemic and living far away from any family and we were definitely in need of helping hands. Lauren is a godsend. You know from the first moments of speaking to her and seeing how she can instantly calm your baby. She's worked with babies and children literally her whole life and it shows. After Lauren's first day a few days after we'd come home from the hospital with our new little bundle, we were hooked because the knowledge that she brought to the table. She provided a desperately needed extra set of experienced helping hands, and the encouragement we felt from her far exceeded our expectations. Lauren is a Doula angel and I cannot recommend her enough.



Lauren has been our most incredible postpartum doula!  Lauren helped support both me, my husband, and our new baby girl transition into a new family together!  When I found out I was having a planned c-section, I knew we'd need some extra physical help to recover from the surgery, but also as first-time parents, we'd need some help figuring out how to navigate life with a newborn.  Especially with COVID, the amount of support we'd have from family and friends would be limited.  Lauren came over the day after we got home from the hospital.  She worked with us to get the house set up for post c-section life (limit stairs, setting up a comfortable spot for me), helped us navigate some breastfeeding challenges, taught us basic baby care (baths, how to cut nails, how to swaddle, etc).  You name it, over the next few weeks, she helped us navigate it.  It was also amazing that as a couple, we were able to take a nap together or go on a walk outside together.  It helped immensely with both my physical and mental recovery and helped my husand and I continue to bond as a couple and with our little one.  Lauren has a magic touch with babies - she can get our girl soothed and napping, plays with her, and engages with her.  We are so ever grateful for Lauren and she has made our post-partum journey an amazing one.



In my darkest moments suffering from postpartum depression and isolation due to the pandemic, Lauren was a lifesaver. I contacted Lauren when my husband was returning to work and I was going to be home alone with baby. I was feeling lost and overwhelmed by motherhood, and having no family nearby I knew I needed support. As my postpartum doula, Lauren helped me with everything - from feeding baby (nursing, pumping & supplementing with formula), dressing baby, bathing, diapering, swaddling, baby naps & bedtime, sorting through gifts, laundry, product/baby gear recommendations, and many other baby-related things. With Lauren’s help and guidance, my confidence as a mom grew and I was able to overcome my insecurities. I was even able to increase my milk supply from less than an ounce to nearly 18 ounces.

Lauren also provided much needed emotional support to me as I came to terms with a traumatic birth, breastfeeding struggles and other personal issues. I felt I could ask her anything without being judged. Over the weeks that Lauren worked with us, we became friends and I really hope that we stay in touch. Thanks for everything, Lauren!



We met Lauren when our eldest son was 10 days old and I wish we had known about postpartum doulas before coming home from the hospital. Lauren helped give me confidence to overcome the challenges of being a first time mom. We asked Lauren to come back when our second son was born but this time we had her stay exclusively overnight once a week. It was so wonderful to get a decent nights sleep and wake up to a clean kitchen and folded laundry. We recommend postpartum doula services to all of our expecting friends! Lauren has come back to babysit many times and the kids love her. She is not just a doula to our family, but she is our friend! 



Lauren is amazing!!  She recently helped us with our first child and we wholeheartedly recommend her.  Lauren came to our house the first day we were home from the hospital and we felt immediately at ease with her.  She is knowledgable, communicative, and friendly.  She is amazing with babies and also was able to teach us so much about how to care for him.  It was so helpful to have Lauren come to our house and she made being a new parent much less scary.  She helped us think through our parenting decisions and also helped us with sleep training and all of the speedbumps along the way.  Our son was always thrilled to see Lauren and so were we.  We can't say enough good things about Lauren!  

Jessica S.


I don't even know where to begin when it comes to writing about Lauren and the impact that she has had on our family. From the time that I became pregnant with our first child, I knew that I wanted to have help and support post partum. I knew I needed it, I knew my husband would need it and our growing family would need it. Lauren came in night one, ready to share her wealth of knowledge with us, listen to all of our worries and concerns and help to reassure us and/or find solutions to any issues that we were having. Her solutions are always ones that are right for OUR family, becauce no family, no single baby is the same - and that personalization, that understanding and flexibility is unique.  Lauren is always calm, nothing phases her. When Lauren is around, as a first time or even second time mom, you know that everything is going to be OK. That reassurance is truly invaluable. When we had our second child, Lauren was probably one of the first people that I told we were expecting. Just as the first time around, Lauren swooped in with the birth of our second and helped us navigate our wonderful, strong willed second child. Although our doula needs have ended, I always know that Lauren is there and if we need support down the line, she will be there, willing to step in and continue to help our family! I will simply end with, We love Lauren and already miss her! 

Karen Ward


It is hard to put into words how much I appreciate what Lauren did for me and my family after my son Trevor was born.  I was initially skeptical about using a postpartum doula.  Part of me worried about inviting a stranger into our home and part of me felt guilty seeking help when this was my second child and I had no reason to worry that he wouldn’t be as happy and healthy as my first.  

Any doubt I had was gone as soon as I met Lauren. She was punctual, professional and exuded kindness and confidence, putting me at ease right away.  She knew exactly what I needed without me asking.  The day Lauren arrived at our house, she cleaned and organized the bottles and pump parts, she set up our house in a more efficient way to manage a newborn, she suggested items I should buy, she helped with the laundry…essentially doing everything she could to make our lives easier and more comfortable.  And from that point forward she provided me invaluable advice on breast feeding, sleeping, and how to handle my newborn.

I am so appreciative that we had the opportunity to work with Lauren.  Knowing what a wreck I was after having my first son - overwhelmed with having a new baby, constantly sick with mastitis, so sleep deprived, just trying to survive each day- there is no way I could look back at those first few months of being home with Trevor with such fondness without her support.  That is truly a gift I wish all mothers could have.

Julie Posternack


We reached out to the Baby Mavens when we found out that we were having twin boys.  I was overwhelmed at the thought of two babies and I was nervous that I would never sleep again.  Lauren came over the second night we were home from the hospital.  I honestly don't remember much from those first few weeks, but I do we remember a sense of relief on the nights that I knew Lauren was coming.  I knew I would sleep and I did not need to worry about the boys.  I remember that Lauren helped me set up the pump, sterlize the bottles and get going with a routine.  I always felt like I learned something when she was here.

Lauren is kind, funny, knowledgeable, and non-judgemental.  I felt like I could cry in front of her and text her when I was overwhelmed.  She was like the bumpers in the gutters at a bowling alley.  Whenever I needed assitance, she would redirect in a gentle manner. She taught the boys how to sleep through the night and left us with a nap routine to implement.  She has checked in multiple times since she left to see how everything is going and offer suggestions.  She may not come at night anymore, but I still  frequently utilize the strategies she taught me. 

I had an extremely positive experience with Lauren and the Baby Mavens company.  I recommend her to everyone I know. 

Ashley monastiero


I am so thankful for Lauren & Baby Mavens. Lauren came into my life at a time during my postpartum journey when I truly needed support in so many ways. I was able to overcome my post partum depression and be a better mother because of the guidance & support from Lauren and her team. I will be forever grateful! 

Katelyn Crowley


Lauren is exceptiona! I received a lot of advice from family, friends and my various healthcare providers; but it was Lauren whose advice proved to be best. From breastfeeding support, product recommendations to website referrals.

Lauren also provided the encouragement that my husband and I needed in those first few weeks at home with our new baby. Lauren’s presence helped us build our confidence and also took the anxiety out of the initial weeks of being new-parents. I thought having someone in my home whom I barely knew during such a delicate time was going to be awkward - but Lauren was professional and by the end of our three weeks together - we looked forward to her arrival!

She was gentle, loving and careful with our newborn son. She was always able to sooth him and I was able to get the rest I needed knowing he was under her watchful eye.

I can’t say enough good things about Lauren - so much so that we extended our contract not once but twice so we could continue to benefit from her expertise. It’s evident she is passionate about her work as a Doula, caring not just for baby, but for the whole family.

I’d like to keep Lauren all to myself - but I know there are so many families that can, should and will benefit from her services!

Katie Killough Houghtaling


Lauren was incredibly knowledgeable and extremely kind and caring with my twin babies. As first time parents we didn't know a lot of "tips and tricks" yet Lauren knew them all. She gave us recommendations about sleep, formula, feeding techniques, swaddling, dressing, and diapering. Having Lauren was essentially like having a built in consultant, which we found to be invaluable. I would recommend her highly!

Anne Kim


Words cannot fully describe how grateful we are to have found Lauren! We initially met  Lauren after signing up for a Baby Mavens prep class. She came to our home, provided us with invaluable hands on education from detailing what to expect with a new baby to changing diapers, swaddling, & bath time. She gave us the education and tips we so desperately needed and took the time to explain the details on the how's and why's. Soon after this class, our first baby was born, and we were quite overwhelmed. We weren't always sure if we were doing the "right" things to care for our newborn. We reached back out to Lauren, and we can genuinely say that having Lauren as a post partum doula built our confidence and got us through the initial months of this huge life change! Not only is she professional, non judgmental, and very kind in her approach, it is beyond evident how much experience she has and how much she loves babies! Lauren helped us care for our baby and mom, guided us through general care, provided tips and tricks, and discussed & validated our baby's behaviors. Having Lauren as "on call" resources during our initial months was so critical in a time where we were overwhelmed, sleep deprived, and where mom was recovering from the delivery. We cannot recommend Lauren enough!

Lynn Shoreman


Our family was lucky enough to work with Lauren for the first several months of my younger son's life.  We can never thank her enough for all that she has done for our family.  Every time she came to our home, she bought her wisdom, enthusiam, compassion, and genuine caring to her work with our family.  Our son was born with an unusual genetic condition.  Lauren immersed herself in learning about his needs.  She offered a calm approach and sense of humor to all of her interactions with our family.  It really has taken a village to care for our boys and Lauren was such an important part of our village for these last few months.  Any family lucky enough to work with Lauren is better off for it.

Meryl Glassman


Lauren has been absolutely wonderful to work with and we are so grateful to have had her help and support. In addition to providing great care to our baby girl (and being awesome with our older son when he is home from school), her calm demeanor and fun personality have been a much enjoyed addition to our days. Her advice on feeding, sleeping and development has been indispensable, and I fully believe that our baby and our family are in such a good place now because we have had her support along with way. I would keep her with us forever if I could! But alas, there are other babies who need her more now :-) I recommend Lauren without hesitation and encourage anyone considering a doula to be in touch with her!

Deb Hordon


Lauren has so much experience with partpartum moms and babies. For a first-time Mom her input and knowledge were invaluable. She also takes initiative in upkeeping my home while I am focusing on nurturing my baby. She has great ideas about how to organize your baby stuff and home to support your baby care lifestyle. She has been a nanny and offered invaluable advice on how to find great childcare. I also called on her for advice and help with my carseat.

Rie Spott


Lauren has been such a help and support as I am assisting my daughter prepare for her first child (my first grandchild!!!).  Even though I am in Minnesota, and Lauren is in Massachusetts,  she has been there to offer her expertise; sharing  what is absolutely needed, what other items are good but not a must have, and what items we don't need at all. When sharing some limitations that my daughter has, Lauren was awesome with coming up with suggestions to help make things easier.

Lauren is professional, kind, wise and knows what she is doing. When offering suggestions on certain brands or items, she shared why one product is one she likes, not a simple "I like this" with no explanation.  It is obvious that Lauren loves what she does, she is calm and patient, happy, and a wealth of knowledge.

I am so thankful for all the help Lauren has offered, her prompt replies to my messages, and her happy, calm manner.

Rachael O'Beirne Masterson


Lauren took care of my infant son throughout the night twice a week for two months, helping my family get a little more sleep in those early months of having a newborn.  She has a great calm and confidence with infants and was full of helpful knowledge and tips about babies, baby products, sleep and feeding.  She is honest, funny, and her love for babies shows immediately.  Each morning after Lauren worked with our son, it was great to hear a full report of how the night went.  I'd save up questions to ask her, and in the few instances where she didn't know the answer off the top of her head, she'd research and email me some answers in the next few days. I definitely recommend Lauren to help to anyone with a new baby.

Postpartum Availability for Lauren Daniels

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