Life in the Womb iPad App Review

Life in the Womb

Life in the Womb, the new iOS7 iPad app from The Science Picture Company and The National Maternity Hospital of Ireland is a visual masterpiece. I pored over the interactive images, rotating babies in the womb and clicking on the image to discover the fetus’ special developments for each gestational week.

This visual guide of baby’s development from ovulation through 40 weeks doesn’t stop with the stunning pictures. The narrations and informational pop-ups are densely packed with the interesting, science-oriented details that aren’t commonly known to most parents who likely haven’t had a significant amount of previous fetal physiology and anatomy training. You feel a little smarter after reading all the details of your baby’s life in the womb.

Who is going to really enjoy this app?

  • Doulas who want to discuss fetal position and birth with their clients. Doulas: you must check out the 3-D rotational view of baby in the womb in the 40th week. It features fantastic views of the engaged baby and effaced cervix.
  • Childbirth educators who want to display and discuss fetal development as a way to help parents build respect and understanding for the late pregnancy developments of baby and mother.
  • Parents who want smart, clear details of what their baby’s life is like inside the womb.

Things to be aware of

While the gorgeous pictures will be appealing to everyone, the text is written for a 12th grade reading level and above. Many narrations use scientific language and terms. While that makes the details quite interesting and good context for the terms is always given, they’ll be easier to understand if you’re very proficient with English reading and vocabulary. Since this app comes from Ireland, the metric system is used, as well as charming statements about porridge and “minding your medications”. This app is Caucasian-normative and could use more diversity in maternal skin tones and with some explanations (with regards to stretch marks: “..redness fades to a more silvery-white appearance..”)

Learn More

To get a better idea of what this app has to offer, check out their video overview:

About the Review

Kim James owns and operates DoulaMatch and is a DONA International and PALS Doulas certified birth doula as well as a DONA-approved birth doula trainer working at the Simkin Center/Bastyr University. She is also an ICEA and Lamaze International certified childbirth educator teaching at Parent Trust for Washington Children/Great Starts where she sits on the Education Committee. Kim also volunteers her time on the Lamaze International membership committee and serves as Washington State DONA SPAR. Her daughters are 8 and 15 years old.

Disclosure: DoulaMatch received a free copy of the app for review purposes, as well as a license to use some of the media assets produced by the Science Picture Company