Testimonial Policy

We offer a testimonial feature so consumers have a vehicle for sharing their experiences working with professional doulas in general and a way to applaud you and your doula services in particular. Positive testimonials are not only helpful for you and your business, they help families curious about the benefits of doula care learn from other’s first-hand experiences.

How to post testimonials? Testimonials can only be posted directly by clients themselves. Doulas cannot post testimonials to their own profiles. Please see our testimonial email generator if you’d like us to solicit testimonials on your behalf.

What if I receive a bad testimonial? Testimonials can only be removed from a doula’s profile by written request by the client who made the testimonial. Doulas should make every effort to resolve conflicts with their clients directly and using the ombudsman resources of their certifying organization. If after repeated attempts at rectifying the relationship with your client, you may post a rebuttal to the testimonial or ask that your profile be de-activated from DoulaMatch.net. The doula may reactivate their profile at any time in the future. Please know that all testimonials associated with your DoulaMatch.net profile will always remain part of your profile.

A word on not-so-glowing testimonials: If you are doing great work 90-99% of the time, one poor testimonial won’t ruin your career. Indeed, most of us will, at one time or another, receive feedback on a performance that left our clients wanting. When that happens to you, there are simple steps to take to help rectify the situation:

  1. Talk to the client. Ask them what you can do to solve the problem.
  2. Refund your fee. It’s almost never worth it to keep a client’s money if they are unsatisfied with your service.
  3. Ask your certifying organization to help mediate your conflict. This can help protect you and can help you and your client come to a satisfying arrangement quickly.

Following these steps early can prevent a dissatisfied client from becoming so frustrated they leave a poor testimonial.