Screening and Interview Questions

Philosophy and values around childbirth and parenting

You want a doula who matches your own philosophy or can unconditionally support your beliefs and desires around childbirth and parenting.

  1. From your perspective, how does childbirth work best?
  2. What are your beliefs about parenting best practices?
  3. Are there childbirth or parenting practices you cannot unconditionally support if I choose to use them? (You are looking for the doula’s biases against certain practices, like receiving pain medication or circumcision.)
  4. What have the last three families you served taught you?
  5. Tell me about your volunteer and advocacy work relevant to your doula role.
  6. Are your vaccinations complete and up-to-date? People working with expectant families and newborns should be vaccinated for influenza, MMR, Varicella and Tdap. See the US CDC's recommendations for vaccines for health care workers .


Level of training, certification, and experience usually factor into the fee a doula sets as well as well as the going market rate in your area.

  1. What are your fees?
  2. When are payments made?
  3. What is your refund or cancelation policy?

Training, education experience and certification

  1. Are you currently a certified doula? With what organization?
  2. Why did you choose that organization? For more questions about doula training and certification organizations, click here: evaluating certifications
  3. What was your training like? How long did it take?
  4. How do you stay current in your field?
  5. How many years have you practiced? How many families have you served?
  6. If the doula is also a childbirth educator or holds other professional credentials: How do you use your other credentials in your doula work? How do you stay within the scope of a doula’s practice?

Style of practice

  1. How many families do you work with each month? How do you schedule your work?
  2. How do you practice? As a solo doula? Within a group practice? Do you have a partnership?
  3. What kind of back-up arrangements do you have? (Every doula should practice with back-up doulas.)
  4. Tell me about the last time you used your back-up.
  5. Are you available 24-hours a day? When are you unavailable?
  6. What happens if you have two clients who are in labor at the same time?
  7. How much lead time do you need from the time I can to the time you arrive?
  8. Are there any birth or home environments where you won’t practice? What are your deal-breakers?

Service package

  1. How many prenatal meetings do you offer?
  2. When do you arrive to support me during childbirth?
  3. How long do you stay after baby is born?
  4. How many postpartum visits do you offer?
  5. Can you support me with breastfeeding? In person or over the phone?