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Location: Washington


Black-Owned Business
Training offered
I offer virtual Childbirth Educator Training and Postpartum Doula Training. As well as in-person Postpartum Doula Training for 2023
Summary of qualifications
I've been a birth worker for going on 9 years. My trainings are rooted in anti-racism and reproductive justice. They aim to center Queer and BIPOC people who give birth, and as such all WBP guest teachers are people of the Global Majority or members of the LBGTQIA+ community.
Style of teaching
Whole Body Pregnancy is a journey of self-discovery. The more training courses I took and the more families I worked with I began to see the lack of continuity in how we approach pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. We see it like that; three separate events when in fact they all influence one another. We don’t talk about miscarriage and pregnancy loss. We don’t talk about infertility. We don’t talk about abortion. And these are also part of the pregnancy journey. Whole Body Pregnancy aims to bridge the gap. This has been a long time coming. The shifting and changing and molding into the birth worker that I am now has been a lot of self-reflection and self-love and I’m proud to say that Whole Body Pregnancy is my soul’s work. Whole Body Pregnancy is a pause. It’s a reflection. It’s an intention. It asks you to consider the things you know about yourself and what you’ve been told about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. It challenges you to reflect on the magnificent and powerful holiness pregnant bodies manifest. It asks you to be intentional about how you proceed on this path. More connection to our ancestral roots and teaching. More discussion about our fears and anxieties and worries and how that plays into how we give birth and parent. More centering of Black and marginalized populations. More uplifting of people and joy. More celebration of life and experience. More trauma-informed care. More radical self-love. I wanted to be able to give families spaciousness to explore themselves fully as they look towards the epic journey of becoming parents. I want aspiring and established birth workers to be curious and approach this work from a child's mind of discovery and ever-evolving knowledge. I want to honor our individual paths. I want to honor the process. I want to honor our humanity. I want to normalize the hard stuff. I want to help people find their voice and I want people to stand in their power.
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