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The Doula Membership

The Doula Membership for Postpartum Doulas and NCS's

Monthly workshops, access to mentor doulas, support and community from fellow doulas! Just $24/mo or $240/year! Many doulas leave their training uncertain how to continue their growth and education. They crave connection with other doulas to process best practices and client situations. They love their work but don't always love every aspect of running a business. In addition, we all crave coaching and mentorship to help us keep tabs on how we're doing, no matter how many years of experience one has. With our workshops, guest speakers, coaching, instructional videos, and evaluation tools, we offer the support and enrichment you are seeking! See the link for workshop topics and more!

Cost: $24.00

Instructor(s): Kathryn Keener

This is a live, virtual training event.

This training event meets from January 1 to March 1.

Meets Wednesday and Thursday from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM Pacific Standard Time

This training event meets 12 times for a total of 18 hours.