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Wisconsin All Doula Summit

Wisconsin All Doula Summit

It's time to circle together, listen, acknowledge and act! Gather together and plan our future! This Summit grew out of a conversation that we have no idea who the other doulas are; what they consider to be priorities and concerns; and how we might all contribute to a shared vision for doula support in Wisconsin. Do you use the word "doula" to describe yourself to others? Is "doula" one of the ways you perceive your own identity? Are you a caregiver during intimate life transitions? If so, you belong in the room. Our goal is to include, not exclude, people who "do the work" - no matter what the context.


In-Person Event

Cost: $20.00


Meets September 1 from 8:15 AM to 5:00 PM

This training event meets once for 8 hours.

Nigerian Conference & Community Center
8310 West Appleton Avenue, Milwaukee WI 53218