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Simkin Center for Allied Birth Vocations

Childbirth Educator Training

This comprehensive educational experience prepares excellent prenatal educators with content and teaching skills. The newly revised curriculum provides two online learning platforms and a weekly remote live class. The nine-week format offers a more spread-out schedule for those who prefer more time to assimilate the material and learn with a close cohort of students while completing 3-5 hours of flipped content between classes. Students learn not only what to teach, but how to teach it. Students apply their learning through practice teaching sessions which offers each student a chance to give a short presentation to peers and receive feedback from an experienced childbirth educator. Since most expectant parents plan to give birth in a hospital, most opportunities for childbirth educators involve teaching about hospital birth. Therefore, the class focuses primarily on how to teach about hospital birth, although out-of-hospital birth is also addressed.

Cost: $959.00

Instructor(s): Joni Parthemer MEd, ICCE, CGE and Lisa Tankersley, CCE

This is a live, virtual training event.

This training event meets from October 18 to December 13.

Meets Tuesday from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM Pacific Standard Time

This training event meets 9 times for a total of 27 hours.