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Gold Lactation Conference

GOLD Lactation Online Conference 2024

Welcome to the 18th Annual GOLD Lactation Onlne Conference! We're eager to continue our work of exploring the latest research, honing clinical skills, and examining trends, new ideas and hot topics in the world of human lactation. This is an exciting time of new research and shifts in thinking and understanding within the field. Adding to the excitement are many exciting features such as interactive sessions to help develop critical thinking skills and shift our attendees from passive listener to active participant, new ways to engage with our speakers and with one another in our virtual environment during networking sessions. Join friends and colleagues at GOLD Lactation 2024 to gain new insights into solving latching problems, the nuances of clinical sucking skills, adapting care for neurodivergent parents, lab work for low milk production, the physiology of exercise and lactation, clinical case studies, the latest research and how to apply it to your practice and so much more!

Cost: $240.00


This is a live, virtual training event.

This training event meets from April 2 to May 30.

Meets Thursday and Sunday from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM Pacific Standard Time

This training event meets 29 times for a total of 30 hours.