Testimonial for Simone Junious

Where to even begin with Simone... She truly was our rock and safe space during my pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum. 

Simone is informed (most important for me), warm, friendly, confident, and meeted us where we were at every step of the way. Just some of of the benefits she brought with her: 

Came to our home and spent time getting to know my husband and I, which I think really helped in getting to know our distinct personalities so she knew how to support both of us. 

Taught us positions to flip our baby (which he did flip), to help with labor pains, and to help my partner help me relax. 

Was available at all times to answer any of our questions 

Was always honest and positive reinforcement for me (especially) as I was a bit anxious at all times

During labor Simone explained every single step and option that was being presented to us. 

She did many different positions with me to help ease labor pains. 

Worked closely with my husband and mom to show them how to best support me. 

Following csection, she got our baby to latch immediately and taught me what to do. 

She continuously checked in (still does! A month later) and answered all our questions. 

I wanted as little medical intervention as possible. When it was clear that our son was not dropping at all and none of the inductions were working, at the advice of the doctors, midwives, and with the support of Simone, we had a csection. This shift in my "plan" could have been very stressful, but with the support of Simone, it truly was not. We trusted that she had mine and our sons best interest in mind. 

I can't say enough about this woman and the support she provided our family. This is her calling. She is a natural nurterer and it was easy to let her hold us. Thank you for everything, Simone!!!! 


November 29, 2022

a photo from Simone Junious

Simone Junious

PEARLS Holistic Doula; CLD, EpiDoula, CPD, CLC

Birth Fee: $2100 to $3250

Postpartum Rate: $55 to $65


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Birth Fee: $2100 to $3250

Postpartum Rate: $55 to $65


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