Testimonial for Chloe Wilcox. CD(DONA)

To put it simply, Chloe was our Guardian Angel.

Lydia was our firstborn, and I was walking in to a birthing process that I knew nothing about (ladies, we need to talk about having babies more often).

I knew I wanted to give natural birth a shot and needed someone who was able to help with pain management.

When Chloe visited our home she wore a mask and washed her hands before getting started. She introduced me to side-line release, which was a game changer for my hip pain. We made our way through multiple excersizes to help reposition baby and reduce back pain as well.

The day I went into labor I called Chloe to meet us at the hospital as I had been induced, and the contractions were getting to my head.

Chloe helped me move through the first 12 hours of my 24 hour labor without any intervention.

She used a tennis ball to endlessly rub my back, spoke kind words of encouragement to me, and even helped my husband defeat a full blown panic attack. If there's anything to say about Chloe, it's that she is the most kind-hearted person I may have ever met.

Upon the end of the first 12 hours, I was told mistakenly that I was 9 inches dilated when I was only 5.

Being utterly exhausted, I let Chloe and my nurse know that I needed something for pain. Chloe was so supportive of my decision to get an epidural. I just needed relief to have the energy to bring Lydia into the world safely (again 24 hours).

Lydia was born August 25th at 7:39am. Chloe was given permission to take photos on my phone of her birth and I am so greatful that she did. 

I don't know what we would have done without Chloe at that time, or for postpartum support.

Thank you, Chloe for being our Guardian Angel.



November 06, 2020

a photo from Chloe Wilcox. CD(DONA)

Chloe Wilcox. CD(DONA)

Snohomish County Doula

Birth Fee: $1200

Postpartum Rate: $30


Updated 5/21/2024

Birth Fee: $1200

Postpartum Rate: $30


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Updated 5/21/2024

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