Testimonial for Shari Aizenman

Shari is an incredible human being and an amazing doula!

She supported us during the birth of our first child and there was no doubt in my mind who we wanted by our side for the birth of our second.

The first birth was long and drawn out and I was a little apprehensive about how the second one would go.

Luckily, the second one wasn't long at all, in fact from the first contraction to his birth only took 3.5 hours!

Because the baby came so fast, I ended up having an unexpected home birth.

That sounds like it would be scary, but it really wasn't. It was a relief to not have to get in the car and rush to the hospital while I was in transition and possibly end up delivering my baby in the car. Shari was such a source of comfort and knowledge throughout the experience.

She gave me the confidence I needed to let my body do what it knew how to do and to birth my baby safely. She arranged for another doula to come join us so that there would be two of them when the baby was born and I would recieve the best possible care.

Our son was born on Father's Day into the arms of his excited Daddy!

After the birth Shari took care of everything, from cleaning up where the baby was born to literally feeding me (it had been hours since I last ate!!)

What could have been a very frightening birth was transformed into a beautiful and peaceful experience, all because of Shari's presence, skill, and intuition.

We are forever grateful to her for her help and her support!

-Rebecca Enslein

June 28, 2017

a photo from Shari Aizenman

Shari Aizenman

Bodyworks Atlanta & A Doula's Touch

Birth Fee: $650 to $2400

Postpartum Rate: $50


Updated 1/31/2024

Birth Fee: $650 to $2400

Postpartum Rate: $50


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Updated 1/31/2024

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