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Pamela Majano

Where do I even begin?!

When I found out that I was pregnant with my 4th child, I was ecstatic to plan a water birth.  My last 2 children were born in a birth center & although the delivery for both were still drug free & natural, I unfortunately did not end up with a water birth like I had originally planned.  With this pregnancy, I took time to research & deeply looked into hiring a doula.  I came across Karla & after meeting her, my husband & I knew she was the one that we wanted to hire.  It was her personality & charisma that drew us to her & just the comfortability we both had when we met her.  She allowed us to be US & that was a key factor that I wanted in a doula.  Karla was very helpful & answered many questions that I had as far as what a doula provided & the benefits of having one. 

The idea of birthing in a hospital made me uneasy but with Karla, I was reassured & comforted in knowing that everything was going to turn out great.  She helped me plan what I wanted, allowed me to openly embrace the birth, and helped me fulfill a water birth that I have always wanted!  I have to admit, even though I was hesitant to give birth in a hospital, this was by far the best birth experience I have ever had! 

Karla is just amazing at what she does.  She definitely goes above and beyond your expectations & we are so grateful for her & the efforts she had bestowed upon my family in helping make this wonderful journey through pregnancy & birth happen.  I can not thank her enough!  Not only did we find an amazing doula but also a friend that we can forever cherish.

Posted 2/29/2016

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Kim Vensand

Karla was amazing as our doula! I was planning a natural unmedicated birth and decided 5 weeks before my due date that I wanted to hire a doula to help through labor and delivery. I was due August 11th, 2015 and actually went into labor on July 19th. I had only known Karla for a couple weeks when I went into labor but I felt so comfortable with her. I was very nervous about whether or not I would be able to achieve the birth I desired but Karla assured me that I was capable of making this happen. She also assured me that if I chose to use pain medications that would be ok too and she just wanted to be there to support me in any decision. At our visits before the birth she gave me a lot of great info about labor and delivery, breastfeeding, and how to make a birth plan. She was always available to talk to if I had any questions. I went into labor on July 19th and was so scared because my due date was still weeks away but Karla made me feel better. She gave me great advice on how to labor comfortably at home in early labor. She arrived at the hospital promptly with all her 'tools'. She was there for my entire labor and delivery and even after my son was born to help me with breastfeeding. She was so supportive and focused on my needs. She was very encouraging. When I thought I could not do it through the rough contractions she was there cheering me on telling me how great I was doing. In the weeks after my son was born she frequently texted me to see how we were doing and how breastfeeding was going. I was so scared about labor and delivery since I did not know what to expect as this is my first child. Karla made me feel confident in myself. My husband and I feel that if we hadn't hired Karla as our doula we wouldn't have had such an amazing birth experience. I am so grateful for all of Karla's help! She was a part of a special day in our lives and I will never forget how amazing she was.

Posted 12/22/2015

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Jennifer Hess

Karla was the first and only doula we met with.  I was very drawn to her passion for this field and her supportive attitude to anything we would decide on as far as a birth plan.  We were planning for an at home VBAC and wasn't supported by many people.  She believes in me when I didn't and reassured me whenever I had my doubts.

We had an eventful last month of pregnancy and she was very helpful.  I texted her all hours and even called a few times and she was always there.  This was my second kid but my first actual labor and delivery so I had no idea what I was doing or what to expect.  At one point I needed to go to the emergency room...she offered to take me or stay home with my toddler.  I can't tell you how much that helped especially since we don't have family here. 

I felt fully confident and comfortable with Karla on the day my son arrived.  And yes...it was a successful at home VBAC. She was there when we needed her and stepped back when my husband and I had things under control. She knew when she was needed without any words being exchanged.  I was also very thankful she took pictures for us.  It was something I wanted but couldn't afford.  She snapped a few and I'm so happy!  She made sure we were more than comfortable and fed before she left the house late at night.  We literally didn't have to worry about anything Except for our new son. 

I would whole heartedly recommend Karla to anyone and will be using her services for any future pregnancies. She really is the best!  You can learn anything in the world, but passion is something you're born with...and this is Karla's passion. <3

Posted 9/28/2015

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Katie Wiltse

I really feel like we were led to Karla for my first pregnancy which I was hoping for a natural birth Many of the Doulas I had contacted were not available, but Karla was and from the moment I met her for the first time, I knew she was going to be an awesome member of my birth team. Karla is first of all one of the sweetest people you will meet. But more important for her role as a Doula, she is calm, selfless, reassuring, and assertive. Karla was great at encouraging me and being available for questions during the last few weeks of my pregnancy. I give her a lot of credit of really preparing me mentally for the natural birth I was hoping for. My Labor with my little girl went super fast, Karla came as soon as we needed her. Due to arriving at the hospital later than we originally planned due to how fast I progressed, Karla was super helpful in being polite but assertive with our Birth plan with the Hospital staff so that I really did get the Birth I was hoping for.

Karla actually said this to my husband and I when we met with her before the birth and I think it sums up Karla’s approach to being a Doula beautifully. “You know yourself the best, your husband knows you intimately, and I(Karla) know birth intimately. Together we make a strong team as we help each other bring your baby into the world in an intimate way.” Karla was a reassuring presence to my husband and yet let him be the lead support for me. Also It was wonderful to know that Karla was praying for my baby and I both before, during, and after the birth. I really give Karla credit for helping me have as ideal of a natural birth as one can hope for when there are no complications concerning mom or baby’s health. Without a doubt, I will be referring her to my friends and I refer her to you.

Posted 7/5/2015

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Jamille Walton

Having Karla as my doula was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I wanted a doula for the birth of my second child because I wanted to be more knowledgeable and have more control over the birth process. Karla not only listened to my desires and wishes but she supported the decisions I made about the birth. She made sure the hospital followed my birth plan and that I was comfortable. I knew having a doula would ensure I had a great birth experience but having Karla as my doula made the experience more than I ever thought it could be. My family and I will be forever grateful for Karla.

Posted 5/22/2015

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Gina Fret

I loved my entire experience with Karla. She was a calming presence throughout my pregnancy and during birth. I don’t think I would have been able to do it without her... well, the baby was going to come into the workd no matter what but you know what I mean :)
I knew she was the doula for me when I first met her - she knows her stuff and was a great help during delivery. As a first time mom, it was very nerve racking experience but her knowledge and demeanor was enough to calm me down.
If you are thinking about having someone with your during delivery, I unequivocally recommend Karla as a doula. She is awesome :)

Posted 3/24/2015

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Stephanie Koehler

Karla is an amazing doula. She is so nice and sweet. She was so supportive and coached me through breathing techniques and held my hand through my labor. She was so wonderful and helped my husband and I with comfort measures. She stepped in with counter pressure and other things when hubby needed a break. She was very prepared when she comes to all the pre and post meetings and definitely at the birth. She brings a ton of stuff to the birth to try! She has so many tricks up her sleeve when it comes to comfort measures. She was an asset to our birth team and we will definitely have her at our next birth!

Posted 2/16/2015

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