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Melinda Jean Stafford


I am very thankful to have a positive birth story and could not have done it without Grace!  My goal was to have a safe and healthy birth without medication.  Grace did a phenomenal job of listening to my goals and helping my husband and I to prepare for what to expect with this first birth experience.  Grace helped me to prepare for the birth emotionally and also shared tangible techniques to manage throughout the labor process. We felt very prepared and empowered! She came to our home during early labor, met us at the hospital, stayed with us during the entire process, and stayed a couple hours afterwards to ensure we felt comfortable.   Grace is very postive, fun, and uplifting.  She also has significant experience.  I am so thankful she was part of our team and highly recommend her to be on yours!

Nicole Sheets


Grace was such a blessing to our family for the birth of our third baby! She's is exceptionally sweet and radiates pure joy. Her input and suggestions were very helpful during our 'wild card' labor and both my husband and I felt well supported during our pregnancy, labor and postpartum. We hope to get to have Grace as our doula again some day. She's fantastic! 

Hannah Schnuerle


I knew that my husband and I would need a little help navigating my first pregnancy and delivery, especially since most of my support people don't live nearby. Grace was exactly what we needed. She is kind, knowledgeable, and passionate about the services she provides, and her suggestions were well-timed (like looking for childbirth education classes ahead of time!!). She is well prepared and thoughtful about things I never would have considered, like the smells on a person's breath... :)

The early arrival of our little one was not exactly what we'd planned, as I ended up with an epidural and pitocin at 38 weeks, but I felt confident that based on the circumstances of my labor (36 hours without any progress after an ECV), it was the right decision for us. Every step of the way, Grace was able to provide support and guidance without ever once making me feel like I'd failed, and she was my advocate when there was a hiccup in my pain management. Grace is definitely a gold mine of a doula!!

Liz Bixler


We loved having Grace as our doula! She was so understanding and supportive prior to the birth, and lent us a few books she thought would be helpful.

This was my first baby, so my husband and I didn't know quite how everything would go and we would handle it. Grace did a great job facilitating discussion about expectations we had for her, and what she expected of us. In the end, she was there when my baby came two weeks early and supported my husband and I throughout labor. She was flexible and did a awesome job of stepping in where she was needed.

My favorite thing about having Grace as our doula was the beautiful photography she took before and after the birth. I never realized how much I would cherish those photos. Being able to re live the moment and show family our birth is incredible! I would highly recommend Grace!

Laura Appleby


Grace is amazing! I developed complications and had to be induced at 37 weeks. Thankfully she was still available for my induction date- I don't know what I would have done without her. With her assistance, I was still able to achieve my goal of an unmedicated birth, even with the pitocin. She also stayed with me for a while after the birth to make sure I was okay, while my baby was tended to in the NICU. She is kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable, but still professional. The photographs she took of my birth are gorgeous, too! I would hire her again in a heartbeat.

Brittany and Aaron Franklin


Grace was such a wonderful support for my husband and I for the weeks leading up to and first weeks after delivering our baby at home. She was there for me emotionally, physically, and spiritually when I had false labor and the day of my delivery. I was honored to have her attend my birth and I look forward to future birth(s) with her!

Rebekah Cramer


Fourth time mom here, second time having Grace as a doula. There are so many things I love about Grace, but I want to comment on one thing in particular that has really blessed us both times - she is very good at becoming what is needed in each unique birth space.

With my third, she was empowering and supportive throughout the many decisions we were faced with. In the end, when I was exhausted and poorly communicating my desires, she somehow understood what I wanted and gave voice to it.

With my fourth, just when I thought I knew what labor was, I dealt with prodromal labor for at least a month. The day my fourth child was born, I didn't know for sure she was coming until about an hour before she was out. It was Grace's quiet and observant presence that finally gave me permission to stop over analyzing every contraction and just focus on the task of labor. With the midwives close by, but not in my face, and with Grace quietly watching me do my thing, I was able to let go and trust her to recognize as I progressed. Sure enough, about an hour and half before we welcomed our fourth, it was on Grace's gentle suggestion that we invited the midwives back into our space.

So thanks, Grace, for being what we needed each time. And if any experienced mom out there is on the fence about hiring a doula because "you've done this before," I encourage you to take the plunge! It was so worth it for me!

Stephanie Stout


Grace was a wonderful support before, during, and after labor! I appreciated her caring and personal attention. My husband appreciated her calm and confident presence. She made helpful suggestions and assisted me in finding comfortable labor positions. I reached out to Grace several months after delivery regarding PPD and she connected me with great resources.

I recommend Grace to all my pregnant friends and would absolutely have her be part of our birth team again. 

Elizabeth Zerfoss


I am having the hardest time capturing in words what Grace meant to me (and our whole family, really) in our experience with Zoe's birth. I will begin by saying, if I ever have another positive pregnancy test, she is one of the first people who will know because I have no intention of going through a birth without her support.
I know generally speaking not every doula is right for every family, but I truly cannot imagine a family that would not "click" with Grace. And while a shared faith in Jesus was one of the things that initially drew me to her, I have no doubt that she would be a gift to anyone regardless of faith.
The first thing that caught my attention when I first saw her profile was the name, "New Mercies." That is certainly a theme in our story and combined with her name (Grace), something told me she was the answer to my prayers.
Early on in my pregnancy I had been hesitant about including a doula in our birth team as I really wanted a pretty intimate home birth. However, meeting Grace face to face immediately put me at ease and I knew she would fit in seamlessly. We were moving to Boise from the Seattle area. There was some question about whether she would be able to taek us as clients due to the close proximity of another potential client's due date but God worked all that out, too.
Grace is so knowledgeable and knew all the questions that needed to be asked in order to properly prepare us for everything. I appreciated things she helped us think through, specifically the benefit of some sort of child birth instruction and she connected us with someone who was the perfect fit for us. She also has the amazing gift of capturing your birth STORY in photos. It filled in the gaps that I missed being the one in labor.
And while I very much had my heart set on a home birth, I knew that on the off chance that we would have to end up at a hospital, I had the best possible advocate who would be there with us every step of the way.

Madison Jansen


Grace was an invaluable part of our first birth experience! We were planning a unmedicated, natural hospital birth, with a Midwife and Grace as our doula. As my pregnancy progressed we found out that our baby was breech, throwing a bit of a wrinkle in our plans. Grace supported us every step of the way as I tried to get our baby to flip. She even came to a middle of the night ECV with us when we thought I could be going into labor! After being unable to turn him, Grace was very invested in helping us with our planned C-section. I went into labor two days after Christmas and she quickly joined us at the hospital. Although they would not allow her to be in the operating room, it was great to have her and my husband preped for the OR. In the event that the baby had to be taken to the NICU, my husband could have gone with him and Grace could have joined me in the OR at that point. Thankfully, that wasn't nessisary. My husband was so grateful that we had Grace! During the time when they were prepping me for surgury, my husband wasn't allowed to be in the OR yet. There was about a 15-20 minute period where they were just waiting to be called into the room. My husband felt so supported and it was so good for him to have someone with him during this time! On top of all this great support, her pictures of our son's first hour of life are wonderful! We would recommend Grace to anyone, no matter what kind of birth you are planning!

Erin McCarty


Grace provides just what her name implies. As I was searching for a doula, I knew that I needed someone who would pray for me, with me, and be a source of comfort and strength as I carried and prepared to deliver my baby. My husband was deployed seven months through my pregnancy and arrived home only ten days before my baby girl was due. Grace not only educated me on natural birth strategies, but helped me work through a late breach baby, anxiety about my husband's homecoming, and fear in laboring without medication. I experienced almost two full days of early labor. Grace was constantly in touch with me, helping me assess my contractions, what I needed mentally and emotionally, and how to sustain my body physically. I labored at home as long as I could, and when contractions became intense she immediately met us at the hospital. I was admitted at a dilation of 7. Contractions were intense. The nurses seemed to be a bit oblivious to where I was in the labor process and that the last thing I needed to do was sit in bed and answer questions while they tried to get an IV in me. Grace quickly stepped in and asked me what I needed. I said to stand. As soon as I stood, I knew I needed to start pushing. However, sitting felt best and Grace knew this. She asked the nurses to grab the birthing stool. Grace had me lean back against her and coached me in how to change my breathing (and screams!) into tools to help deliver my baby. Before I knew it, sweet Luella Pearl was born. My husband and I will be forever thankful for her presence before and during the birth. With my husband just back from a long time away, we knew that we wanted someone to be there to step in and help us take control of the birthing process. I was unsuccessful at a natural birth with my first baby (sans doula). I truly believe that my mental, emotional, and physical health through my pregnancy, and the ability to deliver naturally, is all because of Grace. God's beautiful grace. 

Tiffanie Boeve


Grace came recommened to us by one of our midwives and we scheduled a meeting with her. My husband, daughter, and myself were decided after one meeting that she was the one for us! We all felt so comfortable with her like we were long time friends.

I honestly can say I would not want to go through my birth with our her! She was such an integral part of the entire process. I was measuring ahead and was convinced I was going to go into labor early and she gently reminded me that I could go over. I didn't want to hear it but she was right. Not only did I go over but almost two full weeks to the day over.... I felt like I was a month over due and her constant encouragement and support was such a blessing. To get emails and texts checking in and seeing how I was doing, in a time that I felt nobody understood how I was feeling, she did.

My labor was relatively quick and we went through most of it at home. Once we got to the birth center I was fully dilated and only had to "push". It took a couple of hours and she was the blessing I needed. I was getting to the point I felt like giving up and it was just never going to end. She came up at that moment and directed and encuoraged me through. It was like she knew how I was feeling and where I was at with out me saying a word. She read my body language and intuitively knew what I needed. My son was born with in minutes and it was due to her guidance and love! 

The pictures she took captured a moment that although I was a part of, I was not aware of the beauty of. It was amazing to be able to look back and see the miracle of birth captured from a different perspective. If we have another baby I can assure you the first phone call would be to make sure she is available!! 

I feel blessed that she was a part of this experience and again am so grateful for her presence through it all. She gets 5 stars from this family!!!!

Andrea Hubbard


We were so blessed to have Grace as our doula!  We felt completely at ease with Grace from our first meeting.  I was able to talk through my fears and desires for labor (which was a very emotional topic for me), and she helped me work through those emotions and feel prepared.  She also showed us different positions and comfort measures that would prove very helpful.

We found out that I would have to be induced due to an issue with the umbilical cord.  Grace met us at the hospital for the scheduled induction and helped us create a peaceful, calming and comforting environment in the hospital labor room.  She stayed with us for 24 hours as I labored!  What I most appreciated about Grace was her light-hearted sense of humor paired with her compassion, listening ear, and strong hands.  She kept me laughing during the first stage of labor but knew when to pull back and provide quiet comfort and suggestions.  Her blueberry muffins were also awesome!  She used double hip squeeze, direct pressure, essential oils, and a Tems unit to provide comfort during contractions.  She prayed with me, read Bible verses I had selected, and reminded me to think positively and breathe.  My husband and mom were also there, and it was such an wonderful atmosphere of love and support.  After 12 hours of labor, I finally hit my breaking point.  When I finally asked for an epidural, instead of feeling defeated that I didn't deliver naturally, I felt encouraged.  Grace told me that I was making the best decision for me, and she told me how proud she was that I had made it this far!  She stayed with us for about an hour after Caleb was born to make sure we were okay and things were going well.  We loved knowing that Grace was there to support us spiritually, physically, and emotionally.  She also took beautiful pictures, which we will cherish forever.  

Michael J Butak


Grace was outstanding!  She gave us excellent support before, during, and after the birth.  She's extremely personal, and genuinely interseted in her clients.  When my wife hit an emotional wall about 90% of the way through labor, Grace was able to pray with her, assure her, and help her move forward with confidence and peace.  We would hire her again in a heartbeat.  Thanks Grace!

Kelly Sipan


I highly recommend Grace. She was my doula for an unmedicated hospital VBAC in October 2014.

Beforehand, she was very accomodating with finding times to get together, and coming to my home, to meet my husband and me. She went over exercises and positions to try out prior to labor, including one position that was wonderful to sit in during the last weeks of pregnancy while I rested. She showed all sorts of materials she had available to use in labor, which was a relief, as I didn't have to worry about preparing those materials myself (i.e. yoga ball, rebozo scarf, etc.)

We were so thankful we had a doula once I was in labor. Labor happened pretty quickly, so Grace was immensely helpful in taking care of me while my husband was preparing our things and getting our firstborn to a babysitter. I don't know what we would have done without her!

Grace was willing to do whatever needed and offered expertise in ways I didn't even know to ask for - she helped with a great "hip squeeze" while I was laboring at home that helped relieve a lot of pain.

At the hospital, Grace helped me get settled and tended to me. She reminded my midwife that I don't do well with internal exams, and helped me get through contractions. She provided music for me to listen to during labor, and even sang to me at my request! :) 

I appreciated Grace's Christian faith, as I'm also a Christian and asked her to pray for me several times, and appreciated the Christian music she played. However, if you don't share that faith, I don't envision her forcing her beliefs (or even mentioning them!) in any way - it was just something I requested because it was important to me. :)

The photos Grace took of labor were great and a wonderful memory of labor and the first minutes of our daughter's life. She was prompt with getting a CD to us of all the images, and had already emailed some to us while I was still in the hospital.

She is great!

Rebekah Cramer


After having two children, I thought I knew what to expect with my third. I knew my pregnancies went all the way to my due date, and I knew my labors were long. I felt like I was well prepared mentally and physically heading into the last month of pregnancy. But whoever said third babies are wildcards spoke some profound truth. Between pre-term labor, a week of restricted duties, on-again-off-again early/pre-labor for 3 weeks, and true labor that started and stopped multiple times over a 48 hour period, I was left feeling emotionally fragile, confused and frustrated. Grace provided outstanding support throughout that whole process. She was always willing to listen and provide a word of encouragement as I waited impatiently to meet my baby. She got up with us at 2 in the morning to help with labor for 4 hours, and never made me feel guilty or needy when we had to send her home 4 hours later with a stalled labor. And throughout the most physically intense active labor I've experienced thus far, she was a calming and supportive presence, helping to create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere that protected my labor. Being a doula is something that comes naturally to Grace; she intuitively finds ways to encourage, distract, support and labor with the mom. And there just are not words for the pictures she captures. I strongly believe that God used Grace to turn a difficult, trying experience into something beautiful and sweet. 

Hernan-Joan De La Cruz


We can not put into words how valuable Grace was during the birth of our daughter. Her presence, support and guidance were critical to both my husband and I throughout my long labor. She has a wealth of knowledge and brings a calm and positive energy.  Most importantly, Grace cares about her clients and it is reflected in all that she does.  We loved Grace!

Katie Zerr


We had a wonderful birth experience with Grace as our doula. This was our 3rd birth, but our first time with a DONA-certified doula. We worked with Grace in the weeks prior to our birth to determine strategies and positions that might help during labor. She had so many great ideas and several tools in her "magic doula bag" that would be benefcial during the birth process.  During my labor, we used the rebozo and the theraball with great success in decreasing the pain during contractions.  As labor progressed, Grace, my husband, and our midwife worked together to keep me as comfortable as possible, as well as maintaining a peaceful environment. Grace provided gentle encouragement with each contraction.  I felt incredibly loved and cared for during the entire process.  When it came time for the delivery, Grace captured some absolutely beautiful pictures of my family and the birth of our daughter. 

Grace is also a dear friends of ours, so I know how hard she has worked to become a DONA-certified doula. She is very passionate about her work and will do everything she is able to ensure a positive birth experience. 

Brandy Calcote Raper


We were so blessed to have found Grace to be our doula. We are fist time parents and had loads of questions and concerns which Grace patiently and thoroughly answered. She took special care to ask us about any concerns we had and talked us through them. She provided us with alot of resources and helped me make a great postpartum plan since I live so far from my family. She also made me feel like more than just a client but a friend that she sincerely and deeply cared about. She is so personable and easy to talk to! I texted her many times with questions and concerns and she never made me feel like a bother. She had great suggestions for coping strategies and even attended our birth class on "rehearsal" day to practice with my husband and discuss with me things I thought would help. During my labor she was a comfort and joy. Without her I would have been scared but with her I felt confident and I trusted she would take good care of me. She knew exactly when we needed to head the birth center (something I was really concerend about!) and while we were there she tirelessly worked to help me through the labor pains. I can't express how happy I am to have had her at our birth. She also took beautiful pictures and compiled an amazing slideshow for us. I had mentioned once the lullaby I sang to my baby while pregnant and she remembered that and set the slideshow to that song. Its special details like that that make her so wonderful. I can't recommend her highly enough!

Megan Holbrook


At first we didn’t think we needed a doula since we were having a home birth, but our midwives talked us into it. Grace, my husband and I hit it off immediately. Grace was so calm, encouraging, and informative. We really can’t imagine our birth experience without her. On top of her calming presence, she also took some truly gorgeous photos of the birth. We’re so glad we choose to have a doula, and we’ll be sure to call Grace for any future children!

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