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Samantha Fischer

I first met Brittany during my OB visits where was I diagnosed with maternal hypertension, and she was in charge of many of my appointments. When I mentioned that I was considering a Doula (due to wanting to have as natural a birth as possible - and due to lack of family in town), she offered her services, and I couldn't have been more thrilled! When I found out that it wouldn't be covered by my insurance, Brittany was kind enough to work with us to set up a package that met our needs and budget. I could not have been happier working with her. Her expertise is wide-ranging, and no matter what situation or crazy question is given to her, she either has an answer or is able to offer a resource.  We had 2 prenatal visits and lots of text message check-ins before the birth. Brittany helped us clarify the birth plan we made together, taught us that it's okay to take control of our own birth experience, and also let my husband know she would be there for his support as well. We went over what natual pain remedies she would be able to offer and shared her own birth experiences as well. I was confident no matter what happened (good or bad), I was in good hands. She was with us every step of the way of a VERY LONG induction process, and her calm, reassuring presence was so integral when my birth plan went out the window. Since the birth she has been just as supportive and reassuring, and I truly feel I couldn't have done this all without her. Beyond her excellent Doula services, I have to say she was so integral throughout my pregnancy and was there every step (from being the one to go over our genetic testing and telling us to "Be prepared to buy lots of pink!", through the weeks and weeks of NSTS, and all of the emotional and physical support she's given us through the birth and after), I sincerely feel like she's a friend, forever a part of my daughter's life and credit the much of the success and happiness of my pregnancy and birth experience to her. 

Posted 6/25/2019

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Maria Miguel

I’m a new parent and it was a scary pregnancy, but having Brittany Randolph as my doula made things more smooth. Brittany help me stay calm and positive during my delivery . She gave me a massage that helped a lot to kept me relaxed during contractions, even she had my husband get me cold water and guide him through the birth , I’m so blessed to have had Brittany as my doula, I don’t know how I would of manage with out her guidance.

Thank you so much , Brittany Randolph for being my Doula. 

Posted 6/20/2019

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Peggy Malec

Brittany was an amazing help before, during, and after the birth of our daughter. We had been planning a homebirth, but when I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia we had to make a drastic change of plans. Brittany was very supportive and helped us to prepare logistically and emotionally for an induction and hospital birth. We were at the hospital for nearly a week trying to induce and Brittany was available to discuss options and plans and came to the hospital when we asked to support us. When I finally went into labor, Brittany was a calm, supportive presence. She used massage to help with contractions and supported my husband and me as we worked through the process. Finally, when it was time to push, Brittany was there beside me acting not only as support, but also as a guide. There was a moment when. I was ready to give up and Brittany looked at me and told me that I could do it and that I washould closer than I thought to meeting my baby. Her words of encouragement gave me the strength to keep going.

As if all that weren't enough, Brittany had been a support and comfort for my family postpartum as well. She has checked in and visited and helped me to process the experience of becoming a mother. I was so impressed by her work for the birth that I hired her to do some postpartum work as well. I am so grateful to have worked with Brittany and know that she will bring warmth and caring to any family that has the privilege of working with her.

Posted 3/4/2017

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Marie Celeste

This was my first pregnancy, I am a Labor and Delivery nurse and my family lives on the east coast...... so some might think why get a doula?! I knew first hand doulas make the world of difference for mothers with their first to fourth child, husband or no husband, family to help or not.... I wanted a doul 100%. I contacted Brittany early on and set a meeting to see if we would match. Brittany was amazing, I felt right away at ease with her, she felt like a long lost friend. Brittany meet with myself and my husband a few times to go over my birth plan and any needs. She had so much to offer and knew about things that never crossed my mind, like chapstick as silly as that might sound! I was able to call, txt, email her with all my questions and worries. She was always there for me. When the big day came, she was right there being my labor support/friend I needed..... and thank goodness she was because my labor went fast!! I ended up not making it to the hospital and had a home birth with my midwives. Brittney helped me, them and my husband. I could not have asked for a better doula. Thank you so much. 

Posted 3/1/2017

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Larissa Lemon

Brittany helped us so much in calming nerves and helping to bring our little Logan into the world! My husband and I were on the fence as to if we wanted a doula for our first pregnancy. We went to a "Meet the Doula" event and met Brittany. She was able to immediately calm my fears regarding a recent diagnosis of gestational diabetes.  Within minutes, I felt like we had a compassionate and jovial connection with her.  Brittany met with us a few times before the birth of Logan and made sure to check up on all of us postpardum.

Throughout it all she was very supportive and down-to-earth. When we found out I was going to be induced, she was there to talk about the process and my feelings about it. She helped me sift through my own feelings about using pain relief during labor after 18 hours of trying to go without.  I was so grateful to have Brittany there, both for her knowledge and her support. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula. There is not a single thing I would change about my birth experience.



Posted 3/1/2017

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Erin Hoover

There is not much you can control about pregnancy and birth, but you can choose who you have by your side through it all. I will be forever grateful I had Brittany by my side for our child's birth (3rd pregnancy / 2nd birth / VBAC / hospital).

I could spend time extolling her professionalism and birth knowledge, and it would certainly all be true, but where Brittany really shines as a doula is in the emotional support she provides. When wading through the many decisions and anxieties often brought up during prenatal care and labor, she lends an understanding ear and genuine non-judgmental support. While in labor, I not only received the support I wanted, I received the support I needed but couldn't verbalize in the moment. Brittany was not only committed to my birth plan being respected but she supported me as I needed to make decisions that deviated from that plan.

When stress on the baby during delivery brought an unexpected NICU stay, Brittany stayed by my side in L&D while my husband went with the baby. Having her calm presence helped me stay calm in those scary first hours. And although she would probably say differently, I feel like she went above and beyond as a doula, particularly during that time.

It's wonderful when everything goes as hoped for with birth, but choosing your birth team well will help you to handle whatever is thrown your way. I highly recommend Brittany for all moms, with all birth plans or in any circumstance they find themselves in. I would absolutely choose her all over again. Thank you, Brittany!

Posted 1/17/2017

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Meg Fleshman

The first thing I noticed about Brittany as a doula was her compassionate attitude. While other doulas I had met were critical of the many medical interventions that were necessary with my previous high risk pregnancy and birth, Brittany was supportive and empathetic about my experience and my hopes for the current pregnancy. I felt so comfortable with her from the start because I didn't feel judged for my past birth experience, which became even more important as I was diagnosed with another high risk pregnancy that would require a c-section. She was there for me as I learned that the birth experience I had hoped for would no longer be a possibility, and helped me come up with ideas to facilitate as much bonding as possible with my baby despite the interventions that we would need again. Through each new hurdle and risk Brittany was there to support both me and my husband. She is definitely educated on the birth and postpartum process and provided information about options but always offered encouragement and love first and foremost. She truly wants you to have the birth you want.

Brittany is really down to earth and relatable, and it was really easy to welcome her in to the personal, vulnerable experience that is giving birth and to be honest with her in our meetings. Every meeting felt like talking with a friend, and I was truly sad when we moved on from her services after the birth. She really makes you feel cared for. And after going through two losses, I also appreciate that she knows how to approach pregnancy after loss and how that affects the birth process.

During the actual birth Brittany was a natural at being supportive. She joked with me when I needed to laugh, and held my hand through the difficult parts. I'm so glad we had her there through the c-section and really appreciated how she often checked in on me postpartum as well. Brittany was such a blessing to work with and I would use her services again, no question. 

Posted 12/14/2016

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Crystal Wilhite

Brittany came into my life when I was looking for a prenatal trainer. At our first meeting she made me incredibly comfortable, so I inquired about her Doula services as well. I had never heard of a Doula before so she took the time to explain everything to me and answer all of my questions. Following our first meeting, she came to my home and met with my husband and I to answer additional questions and to make sure she was a good fit for both of us. We instantly built a rapport and realized that she was the person we wanted with us during our pregnancy journey and in the delivery room.

Throughout my pregnancy, I met with Brittany twice a week for prenatal workouts. She tailored every session to my needs and ensured safety was the key factor as I progressed in my pregnancy. She was always on call to answer any of my many questions through text, phone, and email. It was great having someone to go to that was not Google. We met to discuss my birthing plan and she provided pointers that I had not thought about based on previous conversations we had, she knew exactly what I wanted when I didn't. She was never pushy or judgmental, she only cared about what we wanted as a family for our perfect delivery.

When it came close to going into labor, Brittany was on call and took many texts and phone calls. During our delivery, she stayed with us and ensured she supported my needs and voiced concerns to the nurses. She was a valuable member to my birthing team and I could not have had the experience I wanted without her. She made my husband and I comfortable the entire time and she felt like she was part of our new family.

After delivery, I continued post-natal workouts, once cleared, and she continued to be on call whenever a baby question arose. I highly recommend Brittany as your Doula, she will take care of you and your family.


Posted 11/19/2016

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Bridgette Clarkston

Brittany is a fantastic doula who supported me and my husband through the home birth of our first child. In fact, our daughter was born on Brittany's birthday! In the months beforehand, we met with Brittany several times. Among other things, she helped us create our birth plan and gave strategies for managing labor pain—so helpful for us!

During my labor, Brittany was a huge comfort. She supported us through a 12-hour labor during the middle of the night. We are especially grateful for the support she gave my husband that helped him comfort me during the worst contractions. We are so happy we had Brittany with us during my labor and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a kind, calm, well-informed and highly skilled doula.

Posted 10/18/2016

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Ashley Carrillo

Brittany was a lifesaver! She provided prenatal personal training with me prior to my birth and helped me get into "shape" for the birthing process. When my labor started she was there for me to provide her expert guidance and help me through a very difficult labor. My baby was in a posterior position and Brittany made several suggestions that helped to move my baby into an optimal position for birth. She also massaged my back for hours on end to help relieve my intense back pain. I really dont know what I would have done without the amazing support Brittany provided through my pregnancy and birth. She was always there to answer my questions and to encourage me. I highly recommend Brittany to help you through your pregnancy and birth process. 

Posted 9/18/2016

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Sonja Rindermann

I would recommend Brittany a hundred times over. She was professional in all her communicationa and extremely helpful in preparing us for the birth and after birth. She met with us 3 times prior to the birth to discuss the stages of labor, help us create a birth plan, and explain newborn care. I felt fully supported and confident going into my labor. 

We had a very long labor and Brittany was with us every step of the way. She was crucial in helping relieve my anxiety and explaining our options along the way. She took our birth plan very seriously and was supportive when we needed to deviate slightly from it. Brittany helped my partner with ideas on ways to support me. She was knowledgeable, but never pushy and let us as a couple experience our birth together. She supported not only me, but also my partner. Brittany was completley available after the birth for any questions we may have had.

If I needed a doula down the road, I would absolutely use her again and recommend her to all my family and friends. Having Brittany during my labor made a huge difference. I cannot imagine having done it without her.

Posted 9/7/2016

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Heather Haeger

Brittany was a tremendous support during our pregnancy, birth, and in the first weeks with our little one. I still text her with questions, and she stopped by to provide some extra encouragement when I was feeling discouraged with breastfeeding.
We had unexpected complications with our pregnancy, and she was not only knowledgeable about this rare complication (cholestasis of pregnancy) but also helped us navigate the emotional roller-coaster of a high risk pregnancy. With this and with our birth plan in general, Brittany provided information about options and helped us make the choices that were right for our family.
We are so happy that we chose to work with Brittany and would highly recommend her to others!

Posted 8/11/2016

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Alison Haupt

I would wholeheartedly recommend Brittany to anyone looking for a doula. This was our first pregnancy and it was really reassuring to have Brittany as a source of information for all of our questions. Brittany took the time to get to know us to assess what type of support we wanted and needed during the birth. She was always available by phone, text, or email and responded quickly anytime we contacted her. I loved Brittany’s down-to-earth demeanor, which made me very comfortable with her. When I was over 41 weeks and it looked like I would have to be induced, Brittany scheduled an additional meeting to talk us through the process of induction. She was incredibly knowledgeable and described all of the potential types of inductions. Brittany was a constant positive presence in our hospital room. When the doctors told me I needed a c-section, I was so grateful to have Brittany there. I really did not want to have a c-section and I especially did not want to be pressured into a medically unnecessary c-section. Having Brittany at our side helped me realize that I was not being pressured into something that was not necessary. My husband was incredibly comforted by Brittany’s presence during this process. When they took me to the OR, he wasn’t allowed to come in right away and when he was outside the room he was able to ask Brittany questions about what was happening. The hospital allowed both of them into OR, and after Scott was born my husband went with him to the nursery and Brittany stayed with me. Before, I would have thought that a doula was not as necessary for a c-section delivery, but now having been through it I am so glad we had Brittany there for both of us. After we came home from the hospital not only did Brittany come over for our regular postpartum visit, but she also came over for an additional visit to show me some PT exercises to help my pelvic floor recover. Brittany continues to be a source of information and support.

Posted 7/26/2016

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Andrea Schindler

I greatly appreciated Brittany's help in my pregnancy. I was attempting a VBAC for my second pregnancy and I hired Brittany as my doula. Brittany is very knowledgeable and enjoys what she does. She made sure that I knew that she was always available to help me any time I needed her. She responds to calls and text messages very quickly. If you are looking for someone who is friendly, professional, and experienced, go with Brittany Randolph.

Posted 4/28/2016

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Aaron Howell

We loved working with Brittany!  She was fun, professional, caring, thoughtful and relateable.  Her prenatal and postpartum visits were fulfilling and educational.  We happened to attend a few of the classes she teaches at a nearby facility, and were very satisfied.

Her bedside manner was very calm and appealing as we worked our way through the birth of our first child.  We strongly recommend Brittany Randolph and the Beyond the Bump Doula Services!

Posted 9/25/2015

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Maricris Blas

Always available through phone & text and was able to give me so much information on labor & through all my needs during my pregnancy. From the first time I met her, she put me at ease. In addition during labor, since I had to be induced she and her trainees helped me through the pain & was able to stick to most of my birtb plan. Overall, she made my first pregnancy amazing. 

Posted 4/7/2015

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Allison Miller

My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Brittany Randolph as our Doula for the birth of our first child on March 10, 2015. We met Brittany at a "Meet the Doula" event and were instantly drawn to her upbeat and friendly personality, and her confident and relaxed demeanor. 

We truly felt Brittany was with us every step of the way (pretty impressive considering Brittany was 7 months pregnant and has a toddler who keeps her quite busy!) and was always available by phone/text/email for questions in addition to our two appointments we had with her at our home during our pregnancy. She was also an immense support to my husband prior to and during our 6 day hospital stay and provided various practical tips including laboring positions, stretches to prepare for labor and delivery, and breastfeeding tips. 

We also really appreciated Brittany's knowledge and experience throughout our pregnancy, labor and delivery, especially when we were told by our Doctor that we needed to be induced, much to our suprise. We had some understanding of what was involved with induction, but still had so many questions about medication options, side effects, and the processs and length of induction, which Brittany was able to explain to us thoroughly. 

We are so happy to have been able to work with Brittany and know other will be just as pleased to have her support them in their pregnancy journey as well.  

Posted 3/30/2015

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Angela M

     Brittany was an awesome doula! She was full of great information and advice. She was enthusiastic in making the birthing experience what I hoped for. During the labor Brittany was there the whole 20 plus hours giving immediate assistance and advice. My husband and were very I impressed. I would recommend her to anyone. Having her as my doula helped make my delivery a very positive experience!


Posted 1/31/2015

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Tasha Friedell

Brittany was a wonderful resource before, during and after my labor experience.  While nothing on my birth plan happened the way I wanted it to Brittany was there to suggest alternative options for progressing.  Once it was determined I needed a C-section Brittany was there for me every step of the way when my husband couldn't be with me. She held my hand and became that little bit of comfort and familiarity I needed.  As my husband and I settled into life at home she was also there for me for a late night phone call and made a tremendous suggestion for learning to breastfeed my little one.  While everything happened so fast it was nice to know that she was my constant and she knew a lot more than my husband or I combined.  Brittany was an amazing resource and I'm so glad we decided to have Brittant as our doula!

Posted 12/16/2014

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Megan Wesley

After my experience with my first birth, I wanted to consider having a doula with my second.

Right away, after meeting Brittany, my husband and I knew that she would be a great match for us. She is calm, positive, welcoming and attentive. During our prenatal visits, she listened to our previous experience, discussed our expectations and provided great information. She always made her self available, whether it be in person or through a text or email.

The day my water broke, I called Brittany immediately. My goal was to labor at home as long as possible before going to the hospital. Because I stayed at home in my own environment, the contractions seemed to be more tolerable. I kept in phone contact with Brittany until we felt it was time to go at which point we decided to meet Brittany at the hospital.

Brittany arrived very quickly and immediately assisted my husband with coaching and support. They became a dream team keeping me focused on my breathing and applying counter pressure during contractions. Brittany was very good at recognizing when I became unfocused or needed a new position to labor in and quickly made or suggested adjustments.

Brittany stayed with us for a short while after our daughter was born in case we needed any additional support. She also checked in with us the next day. During our postnatal visit, Brittany came to our home to check on how we were all doing and offered her assistance.

Through our whole experience with Brittany, she was very supportive and accommodating. She listened to us, making us feel understood and at ease.

I couldn't have asked for a better experience! Brittany truly assisted my husband and I in having the labor and delivery I wanted. I can't thank her enough for everything she did for us.

Posted 12/15/2014

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