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Peace and Serenity Partners in Parenting LLC

Peace & Serenity Partners in Parenting LLC

Raleigh, NC Service range 75 miles

(919) 902-0672

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Experience

11 years and 621 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

7 years and 52 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International, January 2007
  • Sacred Doula, October 2016

Type of practice: Doula agency owner

Clients per month: 2 to 4 births and 1 to 4 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly binding
  • Belly casting
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Mother roasting
  • Parenting consulting
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Reflexology
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Sleep educator
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental

Fee Details

I have provided both birth and postpartum Doula Services for several years. Having a solid support system surrounding you during pregnancy, labor & birth and postpartum. The more support and education you have the more positive the birth experience! I am there to offer you unwavering encouragement, support and guidance throughout your pregnancy, birth & postpartum. I believe that every woman should have a Doula if she so chooses and it is because of that reason that I never turn a mom away. No matter what your financial situation, we can work out a fee that will accommodate us all!

Raleigh, NC Service range 75 miles

Client Testimonials for Peace and Serenity Partners in Parenting LLC

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Lisa C


I knew that if I ever carried a child I wanted a doula. Once I was pregnant my wife and I talked about getting a doula and how to find the right one. She was not sold on the whole idea of a doula but since I was the one carrying the baby and the one that would labor and deliver she was on board with getting me what I wanted and needed. Within the first five minutes of Melissa arriving at the hospital my wife turned to me and said "this was the best decision we ever made". My labor was not particularly complicated but it was exhausting and painful and overwhelming and having Melissa there kept me sane. I know there were several times I screamed and cried during a contraction "I can't do this" and I remember her calm and even saying "You ARE doing thing" while squeezing my hips to relieve the pressure. It seems like a simple thing but it was the exact reassurance I needed. If you are thinking that Melissa might be a good fit for you reach out and you will see within minutes how knowledgable she is while still being a grounding presence. 



Melissa is such a wonderful doula and true friend to our family. We loved our experience with her and cannot say enough good things about her.  My husband and I just had our fourth child and Melissa had such a hugely positive impact on our home birth experience I couldn’t imagine having anyone else at future births. She is calm, educated, capable, and most importantly affective with her training to make labor and delivery the smoothest and most positive experience it can be. I would highly recommend Melissa, or any one of the doulas in her team, to be there for you too. Anyone would be so fortunate to work with them, I know my family is!



Melissa is an amazing doula. We had our first baby recently and had heard the wisdom of having a doula. Hands down, the best decision we made. While giving birth is in many ways, nothing new under the sun, it is indeed very new for the parents!  Melissa is a superb educator, communicator  and coach! Armed with knowledge it took the mystic (in a good way) out of what would happen during pre labor, labor and post labor! To me, knowledge is power and Melissa has it in spades. I myself am not prone to being an emotional sappy female.  So, I was not initially even sure I needed a doula. I can do this myself right? Good old, fashion grit and gumption. Well, as a woman of strong constitution and stability, it was, like I said, the best decision we made. To have someone, and not just anyone. To have Melissa helping, encouraging,  cheering you on while in labor was immense. I don't think it takes a village but it does indeed take tride, true and solid people to help make labor an experience where you feel empowered. Thank you Melissa, for the passion and dedication you pour into your career/calling.  

Leah Kemnitz


I went into labor around 6pm. While I was having contractions at home, my husband was texting Melissa screenshots of the contraction counter. We drove to the hospital at midnight, & called Melissa on the way. The nurses took me up to triage while my husband parked the car. Melissa & my husband walked in at exactly the same time. She was very prepared though I don't think any of us had a clue that I would be almost 9 cm upon our arrival at the hospital. Melissa had a very calming presence throughout my labor & delivery. The baby was posterior asynclitic. So, it was a long labor but thankfully Melissa rubbed my back, coached me through various position changes, & strongly encouraged me to use oxygen when needed. She also got along with the doctors & nurses beautifully. Our daughter was born at 7:25am & Melissa stayed throughout the entire process. I had the birth I wanted & my husband & I are so grateful to have had the opportunity to have Melissa by our side. Melissa was also amazing with all of my first-time Mom newborn questions. I think I even texted her a couple of times in the middle of the night & she was quick to respond with helpful information. Melissa, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Olena Shemyakina


On behalf of my husband: This is the first ever feedback I share online. However, this is the least I can do for Melissa following her invaluable input into our family’s life. My wife Lena and I had a beautiful baby girl a month ago. Our decision to ask for Melissa’s help was a last minute one and driven by the change in my work arrangements and a risk that I won’t be able to be there when the labor starts. As such, we approached Melissa, and, luckily for us, she was able to accommodate our last-minute request. After all, I managed to join Lena for the labor, however, I cannot imagine it without Melissa being there. We were a week past expected date when decided to induce. Not to go into all ‘fun’ details – we had a long 48 hours journey delivering Nicole. Lena was a trooper. So was Melissa. She did not leave us for a second soothing, talking, supporting my wife (and me) all this time. Having an enormous experience, she always explained and answered all our questions. Surprisingly, we had many despite courses and books. Even though we had a great team supporting us at the hospital, each medical facility has its own procedures that doesn’t always put mother’s wishes first. Melissa was great to navigate those and recommend the best solution for us. As you can imagine, after 24 hours we were falling apart. However, Mellissa guarded my wife all the way through, giving me a possibility to rest when feasible. She stayed with us for a few hours after the delivery making sure the mom and the baby were doing fine. Few days later, Melissa joined us at our house to support our adjustment to new life and answer more of our questions. She was a huge help with setting up the feeding among many other things. I can go on and on, but to summarize – Melissa is superb.

If you ever considered a doula – I’d highly recommend going for it and choosing Melissa. She is wonderful and will make a difference

Olena Shemyakina


Melissa is phenomenal! We had the best experience, when my husband & I invited her to be our birth doula & provide postpartum support. If you want a knowledgeable, caring, fully engaged, responsible and responsive person to be your doula - Melissa is the one. Over the course of several weeks before & after birth of our baby this November, Melissa became our trusted advisor & reliable friend. I can’t say enough of good things about her & the priceless support she provided. I highly recommend her services & here’re a few reasons why: 1)During pre-labor support Melissa took the time to discuss the topics I missed in my birth plan, advised on practices common for the hospital of choice to learn my preferences on those, suggested options on various matters without pushing me towards one or another. 2) What I appreciate the most is that during 48 hours of my induced labor that ended with a great healthy (though exhausting and painful) birth, Melissa was 100% focused & engaged. During all this time she never took a break besides grabbing a quick snack or a brief nap to stay functional. Even then, she was half-awake & kept an eye on what was happening with me. Only thanks to her I wasn’t started on a dose of Pitocin significantly higher than the prescribed one! 3) Not only before the birth & while at the hospital, but even weeks after Melissa was super responsive & generously shared her knowledge, answered millions of questions about everything baby-related. This gave me a sense that she cares, it’s not “just business” & I can count on her any time. Summing all of this up, Melissa is super reliable, knowledgeable, her conduct is outstanding, her personality is lovely: kind, caring, respectful. You can count on her being 100% dedicated to providing you with the best support. We were super lucky to have Melissa by our side during & after birth. I wish you the same!

Erica Sutton


If you don't hire Melissa you are nuts! She is an incredible human being! Patient, knowledgeable, kind and compassionate. You can also tell that she absolutely loves what she does! She assisted me during my pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum! I am a single mom and needed all of the help I could get. My family tries to help but they just end up stressing me out. With Melissa, she was my sounding board, teacher and friend! She helped educate me on my choices using evidence based information and she supported every single one of my decisions! She is the reason I had my med free birth and I will always be grateful to her! During my postpartum period I was exhausted and overwhelmed. She came in and just made it easy. I don't know how she did it! She taught me and was so gentle and kind. She helped me to feel in control again when I felt like I was spiraling out of control. She guided me through breastfeeding and how to comfort my colicy baby. She helped cook meals and grocery shop for me. She helped me find order in my home. She was my best resource through it all! My baby is 3 months old now and I still look back on my birth and the first 2 months postpartum and the most amazing memories I have, besides this amazing baby, is Melissa guiding me, helping me, encouraging me and making me feel powerful again. I will always be in debt to her. She was worth EVERY PENNY!!

Debra Tinger


Melissa is a miracle worker! She helped my partner and I after we brought our baby girl home. We took all of the classes we thought we needed and in the end we were not prepared like we had hoped. We were exhausted, and breastfeeding was a challenge and we were in way over our heads. We found Melissa and after the first night of her helping us we knew we were in amazing hands! She taught us and guided us and was so caring and kind. She helped me with breastfeeding and its a total breeze now thanks to her! She made us feel empowered! She helped us for 4 months and even helped us sleep train!! She is a total asset and anyone that hires her will be totally lucky and blessed! Thank you Melissa for helping us! We will absolutely be hiring you when we have our next child! 

Lizzy DeLorme


Although my husband and I didn't meet Melissa until 9.5 months after having a baby girl, I can only imagine the support she would have given during labor. We contacted a Doula to help us with sleep teaching Delaney. Delaney had gotten so out of a normal sleep pattern that I had slept a cumulative of 8 hours for a week all while working a full time job. Needless to say, I was maxed out and needed immediate help. Melissa was contacted and made arrangements to be at our house that next night. From the moment she showed up, our whole family felt comfortable with her. Her presence alone calmed us and we knew we would be ok. She is extremely knowledgeable about all things baby. She has been available day and night as we correct bad sleep habits. She has truly empowered me. I can not thank Melissa enough for being there for us, especially such short notice. Melissa is truly a miracle and I would highly recommend her services to anyone before, during or after birth.

Leslie Garabaldi


Let me start by saying...WE LOVE MELISSA!! She had become an adopted member of our family!! From the moment we started email communications my wife and I already knew she was the Doula for us, then when we met we clicked like we were family. This entire pregnancy and birth has been incredible! She just gets us! She respected our wishes and helped to advocate for us. She allowed our birth experience to be our own and didn't insert her personal option into anything! Our birth experience was ideal! From laboring at home with Melissa to going to the hospital and having our son. She labored with us at home and when we got to the hospital she set up our birth suite and made it feel so serene and spa like! It was the perfect enviornment and she did it without any direction. She just knew! She took the time to really get to know us during the pregnancy and she just got knew what to do and did it before we even knew we needed it! She read our body language perfectly! We joke all the time (but are serious) and call her the doula ninja! We truly appreciate EVERYTHING she has done for us and even named our son Bailey after her!! If you don't hire Melissa as your doula you are really missing out! 

Edger Sanchez


Where do I begin? I go on and on almost every day to my co workers, friends and family about what an amazing asset Melissa was to my wifes birth of our daughter and also how much she helped us after we brought her home. She taught us childbirth education classes in our home and helped us prepare and be confident for my wifes birth, she was there during the birth both at home while she labored and when we went to the birth center and she was so so valuable after we brought our baby girl home. Her helps was the most amazing gift and we are so thankful to her! She helped empower and encourage both of us while my wife was in labor! She is the reason my wife had the natural birth she wanted so badly. She instructed us through positon change and helped me help my wife by showing me comfort measures and guiding me. She was also beyond amazing when we got home. We thought we were prepared but until you have a child, you never really know what you are getting yourself into. Melissa was there to help us the first month and taught us about breastfeeding (helped me to help my wife with breastfeeding which I didnt even know I could do), comfort measures, swaddling...everything!! If you want someone who is clearly dedicated and passionate about doula work, Melissa is the only option! We will forever be in her debt and no amount of money can compare to how she helped us. She will, without a doubt, be there for all of our other births and postpartum periods because we couldnt imagine her not being a part of it all! 

Marie Connard


First off let me say that Melissa is our hero!! She was the postpartum doula for us to help us with our triplets and she saved us! We were exhausted, confused and very unorganized and she came in and helped us find a schedule that worked for us, helped us with our routine and helped with comfort measures! She also helped me boost my milk supply!! I have yet, after 3 months to supplement much at all! I am amazed by her knowledge and her amazing bedside manner. She has been such a blessing! If you are in need of a postpartum doula call Melissa! You won't regret it! I promise you that! 

Daisy Constance


Melissa was our birth and postpartum doula for our son that was born a few months ago! She was always present and available and helped guide us through our birth plan and birth decisions. She made my birth experience flow and helped me to remain calm. She was also a huge support for my husband. She helped to teach him and made him feel very included in the entire process. Then when our son was born she was our lifeline! She helped us with comfort measures and helped me emmensley with breastfeeding. As a first time mom breastfeeding was extremely new to me even though I read several books and took a class. I learned more from Melissa in just one postpartum shift with her then I did in my class or any books I read. She is truly a gem and we are so so grateful to have had her not just during our pregnancy, labor and birth, but also postpartum. We wouldnt have kept our sanity without her!! Thank you a thousand times Melissa!!

giada zurlo


We cannot recommend Melissa enough! She has been such an incredible support during labor. She helped me to stay focused, and my husband to support me better with very helpful massages. My labor was quite long and I really don't know what it would have been without her! She is incredible

Hannah Schranz Oanca


As a first time Mom I had a lot of questions and doubts about being able to give birth naturally. Hiring Melissa to be our doula was the best decision that we could have made. We took her childbirth class and she was available to answer any questions I had leading up to the big day, and to help put together our birth plan. She was so supportive to both my husband and I during labor and delivery, and our birth experience could not have gone better. I don't think I would have been able to achieve an unmedicated natural birth without her. We also had her take labor and birth photos, which are now such an amazing memory we get to have forever. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking to have the birth experience they really want. We will definitely be using her again for our next birth :)

Molly C. Doran


I was there for the end of my sister's pregnancy and her labor/birth, and Melissa was her doula. Melissa is AMAZING at what she does, and I can't recommend her enough. She knew exactly how to encourage my sister, Natalie, throughout the labor and was able to phrase everything in a positive (rather than scary) way. My mom was also present, and both she and I can't imagine the labor and delivery without Melissa there. Melissa was by Natalie's side for hours and was even able to lead her through different positions that ultimately caused baby to turn over so that she was no longer posterior! She sat on the bed with her during pushing and directed Natalie to "grab her baby" as soon as she started to come out--it was such a beautiful moment. She did not leave the birthing center until Natalie established nursing with her baby. I will also add that Melissa has an absolute wealth of knowledge about laboring, birth, and even nursing. She is wonderful! Thank you, Melissa!

Natalie C


Melissa was my fabulous doula and was instrumental in helping me achieve the empowering, natural birth that I desired and planned for. I simply cannot say enough good things about this amazing woman: she never left my side during labor and delivery and always knew the right words to say to keep me focused and positive. She even got the baby to turn from a posterior position to an anterior position WHILE I WAS IN LABOR by taking me through the Miles Circuit. This made my labor so much more bearable and I'm sure much shorter than it would have been had my baby stayed posterior. With Melissa's help, I progressed from 3cm dilated to 9.5cm dilated in about 8 hours, which isn't bad for a first time mom. She was amazingly helpful during the pushing phase of labor as well, which was by far the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Pushing lasted 3 hours for me and when I reached the point of "I can't do this!", Melissa was right there to remind me I was stronger than I ever imagined and that I was more than capable of bringing my baby into the world. And she was right! My wish for every woman is that they have someone as support, sweet, strong, knowledgeable, dependable, and wise as Melissa at their birth. I cannot overstate how much her presence made a difference in my prenatal and birthing experience.

Nancy Gillard Doran


Melissa Bailey gets the highest rating possible. She was my daughter's doula (my first grandchild!), and she not only got the baby to turn into the right position for birth -- posterior to anterior--(which surely made labor faster and easier), she kept my daughter calm and focused throughout, always knowing the right thing to say and do. She was amazing-- and that is an understatement. I wish every woman could have Melissa as their doula. She made a huge difference, and I look forward so much to seeing her again for grandchild number 2! We LOVE her. ??????

Emma Wright


For the last 4.5 months Ive been thinking of how I can possibly describe in words my experience with Melissa and the truth is there just arent words. The short version of a long story is that Melissa Bailey was physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually present for all 36hrs of my labor. My first 22hrs were unmedicated at a birth center, then a hospital transfer, 4hrs of pushing, an emergent vacuum-assisted birth, and an immediate transfer to the NICU for my son (he is perfectly healthy now). My labor was PHYSICAL. I had true back labor the entire time. The only way I could get through each contraction was with hip squeezes and sacral pressure. This meant Melissa and my husband really didn't get a break during my labor and worked together as a team through EVERY. SINGLE. CONTRACTION. When Melissa first arrived during labor I confided in her my deepest darkest doubt--that despite all my preparation, meditation, trust in the birth process and medical knowledge (I'm an ICU nurse)--maybe I couldnt do this. She looked at me and said "you can and you are." She was so confident in me that I never doubted myself again.

During pregnancy she reassured and educated me; during labor she empowered me; during my post partum period she set me free from the guilt I felt about my son's complications by giving me an honest picture of his birth that wasn't shrouded in the trauma I felt from having a birth experience that was the opposite of what I had planned. This woman is AMAZING. There just arent words to describe how incredibly devoted, sincere and present she is during her work. Her skillset is immense but its her delivery that is most impressive because it is effortless and done with such heart. Could I have done it without her? She would be the first to tell you "yes." But I know that Melissa changed my life forever by what she did for my family in our most vulnerable hours. We would be honored for her to be at the birth of our next child.

Emily Winslow


My husband and I were so excited to learn we were pregnant with our first baby. We were also very nervous about what laid ahead. We interviewed other doulas but as soon as we met Melissa, our minds and our hearts immediately felt at ease. She made me feel more excited than nervous, and was just a fountain of knowledge about everything birth, pregnancy, and baby.
Melissa was in touch with me throughout my pregnancy and answered any and all questions that I had for her (and I had a lot!). I had a long labor and she was with us every step of the way. She was supportive, professional, respectful, and kind. When I needed space during the intense parts of labor, she gave me space. When I needed her to be my cheerleader, she was there counting down each contraction. She knew different positions I could try that would make me more comfortable and help progress the labor. When it came time to make difficult decisions, Melissa was there to help talk us through them and be a sounding board, utilizing her experience and knowledge for us to lean on. When my son was eventually born via c-section, Melissa was so supportive and stayed the whole time, helping me afterwards to establish breastfeeding and even fed me food in the postpartum room. She is a loving caretaker, teacher, and friend.
I could not have made it as far as I did without Melissa and I highly recommend her services if you are thinking about using a doula. I would hire again in a heartbeat.

Lea Ray


Melissa was a lifesaver for me and my family! Our baby would only sleep in MY arms, so I was dozing in the recliner with her almost all night – my husband would do his best to take her for two hours in the middle of the night so I could at least get two hours in my bed. I was so exhausted that I was crying at the drop of a hat. Then when the baby was one week old, my husband came down with mono and could hardly help. I was absolutely at my breaking point and hired a postpartum doula, only to have her arrive and leave again when she found out my husband had mono. After I was crying uncontrollably for most of the next day, a friend of mine found Melissa! Melissa was able to come the next night, wasn’t afraid of catching mono from my husband, and gave me a desperately needed night of good sleep! Equally importantly, she was able to get the baby to accept the swaddle (which she wouldn’t accept when we did it) AND to sleep in the swing, a big step up from sleeping in my arms! And she gave us tips for how to eventually move her from the swing into the rock’n’play sleeper. Melissa was calm, reassuring, warm, and caring, and very good with the baby. So far she has come two other nights just to help us get some sleep. The baby is now 12 weeks old and while we are still exhausted, we are surviving, in large part thanks to Melissa!

Janie Smith Brooks


My husband and I were directed to Melissa for a private "Bringing home baby" class before the birth of our son in December and I'm so glad that we had the pleasure of working with her; she made us feel confident and at ease with what lied ahead for us. I appreciated that Melissa was professional while still being warm and approachable and had a great sense of humor. Our time was used efficiently and we felt very comfortable asking the "dumb" questions.  I highly recommend her prenatal doula services!

Elise Perez


Melissa coming into my life was definitely Divine planning. Having her as my Doula was a very pleasant experience. She always made herself readily available, even in the middle of the night and she always communicated with a compassionate and helpful attitude. I was happy to find that she is actually very experienced and knowledgable regarding her field. I always felt like I could rely on her as a sound resource, which is important in this business of birthing. She was always very supportive, gentle and soothing. Everything you'd want in a doula, that's what I feel that I received from her. The most important thing is how genuine she is about the whole thing. She's very passionate about her work and her excitement really shines through. She's also very good at keeping the energy just right, even when others are freaking out, she knows just what to do. That's important too! I can't thank her enough and she's definitely going to be by my side again, if I ever have another. Wonderful woman and Divine Doula.

Adriana de Souza e Silva


Melissa has gone above and beyond what I would expect a doula would do to help and provide support for our daughter’s birth. She has always promptly answered any questions I had and she contacted me often to ask how I was doing throughout the pregnancy. She has provided birth information, respected my decisions, gave good advice and was very supportive. When labor started, she was there with me the whole time, and she was extremely supportive. I don’t think I could have labored that long without her help! After birth, she checked with me often, gave me several tips on breastfeeding and we had a wonderful post-partum visit. I would definitely hire her again if I were to have another child.

Courtney Foy


Melissa was such a blessing during my pregnancy/labor and made what I believe a significant difference in the outcome of my delivery. Melissa was knowledgeable, encouraging, and opened my eyes to what a doula is truly there to do! I would recommend Melissa to any woman looking to have additional support during their labor. Melissa as several techniques and approaches that can assist in making your labor and delivery a much smoother procees. I truly do not think you could find a better doula.

Meredith Newlin


Within the first five minutes of meeting Melissa, our search for a doula was over. Her guidance and expertise prepared me for the natural childbirth I'd always wanted. There were so many invaluable tips she provided that made me feel completely confident weeks before the baby arrived. She was always quick to respond, even at 4 o'clock in the morning. During labor, she was right by our side and helped me relax and even laugh! At one point toward the very end, I said, "I can't do this." I'll never forget Melissa saying, "Oh, but sweetie, you already ARE doing it." After labor, she continued to stay right by me and was a grounding force during the "golden hour." She has also checked in and come to see us since the birth with more useful tools and tips. The best part about Melissa is her intuition and fantastic sense of humor. She's simply the best.

John Dalaena


Working with Melissa was a privilege and very special event. When we found out we were pregnant, we knew about Doulas but didn't know what they did or if they would be a necessary part of our birth plan. While taking a pre-birth class at Wake-Med (our delivery hospital) we found out about a training program that would allow us to decide for ourselves if they were a good fit for us. Needless to say, it was a great experience. Melissa is smart, patient, funny, knowledgable, informed and very kind. During birth I went from "I got this" to "SOMEONE GET ME OUT OF HERE" and having Melissa by our side made a world of difference. From our initial meeting to our PP checkup, she has been a calming and helpful force. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for Doula services. Not to mention our sweet little boy loves her too.

Sandra Valentin


From the time I told her I was pregnant until today she has been such a huge support for both my husband and me! And my baby too! She has encouraged me to follow whatever plan I wanted to follow during my pregnancy, gave me advice so I could carry a heathy child, helped me come up with a birth plan, gave my husband and I Lamaze class to prep us for the birth, and so much more! During labor and delivery, of course she was very helpful to me but especially to my husband. This was also his first child so he needed all the encouragement he could get! Especially since he was so nervous! Whenever we needed anything, she was readily available for us. I highly recommend any pregnant ladies out there to look into hiring a doula. Sometimes money is an issue, it was for us. But that is money that I could say I spent wisely. And you will too! Of course I recommend Melissa because of how amazing she was throughout my entire 9 months.

Zarina Khan


Melissa was our doula for the birth of our second son, and I can't stop saying amazing things about her and doulas in general. Melissa is an amazing doula and really cares about what your delivery goals are. She became friends with my husband and I immediately, and encouraged us both through the entire process! Without Melissa I strongly believe I would not have been able to have a successful vbac. Melissa is not only a great doula, but most importantly an amazing person. My entire family loves her and we are so happy to have shared such an amazing part of our lives with you. Melissa YOU ROCK!!!

Marty Lynch


As excited as I was to find out I was pregnant, I was overcome with fear of the actual delivery.  Meeting with Melissa before instantly made me feel like I was in safe hands.  She gave me a lot of tips and checked in with me during my pregnancy, and then during the delivery, she was such a support. She was my guide.  I really could not have imagined by birth story without her.  She not only showed me and supported me during different labor positions during the long process, she had such a nurturing energy which allowed me to have more confidence. She also showed my husband how to help me feel more relaxed and connect as partners. When I was discouraged, she helped me dig deep and pull out me strength.  The birthing nurses at WakeMed Cary were wonderful, as well, but it was Melissa and my husband that were with me every moment helping me, listening to me needs, voiceing my concerns, answering questions, and most of all making me feel nurtured, relaxed and safe.  My birth story was very positive even through tough moments, and I have her to thank for this amazing, once in a lifetime experience! My little girl will learn about her special doula one day. Madeline Rose Lynch - October 4, 2015

Amy Jenkins


Melissa and I connected immediately at our first meeting/interview and I was able to instantly feel at ease, confident, and empowered. Melissa was helpful in answering my questions during my first pregnancy experience and was very reassuring. She helped us prepare our birth plan and provided endless resources. During labor and delivery, she brought her expertise, her calming personality and she firmly made my birth plan wishes known to the nurses and the OB, especially when they were trying to push me for interventions that I didn't want. Melissa helped us really stick to the plan and my desires, even when I was exhausted and felt like my strength and confidence might be wavering. She helped us change positions when it was time and also helped with pain management techniques. She was crucial and helping me with a natural labor and delivery without an epidural, which was my goal. I don't think that I could have done it without her! She also helped my husband support me throughout the entire process and allowed him to be my primary coach. He and I both felt that we couldn't have done it without her support and guidance! Prior to this experience, my husband had never heard of Doulas. Now he is a firm believer or that every couple should have a Doula (or two) present at their labor and delivery! Melissa has also been a tremendous resource for the postpartum. And is answered many questions for me as a new mom! She is responsible, A good communicator, and very timely with her responses which I felt put me at ease throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Melissa!

Jessica Kelly


I truly believe Melissa was the key to my pain medication free birth. With my first son, I was induced and had an epidural and it was a very long birth (44 hours). I was very hopeful for a different experience with my second son. I really wanted a doula to help my husband and I make informed decisions throughout the birthing process. Melissa was fantastic about providing us the information we needed prior to and during delivery.

My son decided he was comfortable and was not going to make his appearance without a little encouragement. 11 days past my due date, I went into the hospital for an induction. I was disappointed, but still hopeful for a pain med free birth. They started me on Pitocin and my body took over very quickly. My contractions strengthened steadily and as Melissa was traveling to meet us at the hospital, they really started hurting and I was not feeling very confident. As soon as she arrived, I immediately felt a renewed sense of calm and confidence. She encouraged me to change my language from, “This hurts,” to more a more positive mantra. It really changed my outlook and focus. She helped me change positions and guided my husband’s use of comfort measures. She recognized how I was coping just by hearing the sounds I was making and helped me maintain control. Just a few hours later, my sweet boy was born. I was amazed that I did it and it was such an emotional and proud moment. I really can’t thank Melissa enough for her presence and guidance at my son’s birth. I highly recommend her!

Heidi Hess von Ludewig


When I contacted Melissa, I didn't really know what a doula was, or how they differed from midwives. She explained everything to my husband and I, and we hired her to help us through the pregnancy and birth. Her peacefulness and knowledge help assuage my fears as a first time mom. She was attentive and helpful through the pregnancy, and when our baby was breech and we had a c-section, she was supportive and nurturing. Her helpful guidance didn't end there, however, because she became important to us during the postpartum period. A friend had suggested to me to have help ready available for after the birth, and I unquestioningly took her advice - Melissa was our help. The first three months of a newborn's life are hard for everyone -- as baby gets used to the world, and parents get used to the baby -- and Melissa's knowledge and availability were absolutely integral to our flourishing as a new family. We are so blessed to have had Melissa help us! Her caring about our family and new baby is evident as she continues to be in touch and a part of our lives. :)

Rachel Smith


When my husband and I met Melissa, we knew we HAD to have her at our side when I delivered our first son.  Before meeting Melissa I had a lot of anxiety about the pain of labor and child birth, but once we hired her it put my mind at ease.

Melissa did a great job of helping us feel prepared for the big day.  She assisted us with a birth plan, gave us several good resources to look into on whatever topic we needed, went over poses and what to bring to the hospital, and helped educate us on pregnancy and childbirth.  She was always quick to respond to texts, and I never felt silly asking her even the smallest of questions.  

On labor day she met us at the hospital after I woke up in active labor.  The second we saw her we immediately felt more relaxed.  She has a very calming presence.  During labor she did an amazing job helping me with positions that would help manage my contractions.  She helped coach my husband on ways to help me as well. When I started having back labor and decided to have an epidural, Melissa was very supportive.  I was bummed because I really wanted to have a natural childbirth, but she was very encouraging and proud of me.  It was clear that Melissa's goal was to help me have a positive birth experience and support me in whatever way I needed.  

We had pictures taken during the birth.  Melissa captured every special moment.  She took pictures of my husband and I first seeing and holding our son, but also got pictures of the dr. catching him, my husband cutting the cord, the baby being weighed, etc.  Four months later I still get teary eyed everytime I look through those pictures.  It's like watching on replay the greatest moment of my life.  I am so thankful that she took so many amazing pictures. 

We are so blessed to have Melissa in our lives. She still checks in, answers baby questions, and comes to visit the baby.

Samantha Glenn


Melissa was both our birth and postpartum doula. We were referred to her by a friend who recently had a baby. We had no idea what a doula was but once my friend told us all that Melissa could do I was very excited! My husband on the other hand wasn’t. I contacted Melissa and told her about my situation. She suggested that the three of us meet and my husband could feel her out and get to know her. Then he would realize that she wasn't at all trying to take over as my primary coach, but rather just there to be a support system for both of us. We met and everything went perfectly! She made us both feel at ease  instantly and blew us away with her knowledge and experience. As we were leaving my husband whispered to me that he wanted to hire her right then and there! I was surprised but I felt the exact same way and we signed a contract then and there! Melissa was always available and responded so quickly! I never had to worry about how long it would take for her to get back to me and that put my mind at ease! I felt as those she was handpicked just for us! She helped educate me on my different choices and helped us develop a very solid birth plan. Even though I knew things could change she made me feel prepared and confident for when I did go into labor! She was there and attentive the entire pregnancy and birth and even helped us for 3 weeks after our baby boy was born! She has the most amazingly calm and peaceful presence. I wouldn’t' have been able to have my dream birth without her and my husband and I wouldn't have been able to keep ourselves sane after the birth if Melissa hadn't been there. She was always so open and willing to help! Melissa was the perfect birth and postpartum doula! If you want a doula that is attentive, knowledgeable, available when you need her and also has a calming demeanor she is the doula for you! You will feel as lucky as we do if you hire her!

Leona James


Melissa was wonderful! I was nervous about delivering my second child as nothing had gone according to plan when I delivered my first two years before.  This time, I was determined to have a VBAC and Melissa calmly supported me and my husband to that end.  Her consistent verbal and physical support allowed me to have my husband right next to me the whole time and empowered me to know that I could do this even when my morale was low.  She kept me encouraged, gave us space when we needed it, helped us to keep moving, and was able to sense when we needed a laugh and when we needed to be focused.  Because my husband had supported me so well during my long first labor, I had been concerned that having a doula would feel like there was an unwanted third wheel in the room.  But Melissa was never in the way while always being there when we needed her.

Melody Cummings


My husband and I actually met Melissa in passing at a coffee shop! We were talking about how we were both freaking out about the birth and we were so confused on our options and Melissa was ahead of us in line. She turned around with a smile on her face and said that we werent the only ones with that fear. She explained she was a doula and has had a lot of clients feel the same way. Neither my husband nor I knew what a doula was so Melissa explained it. I looked at Eric and said "why didnt we know they existed?" We chatted a bit more, thanked her for helping us feel more at ease and then sat down. She got her drink and also sat down but at a different table. She was meeting another client. Eric and I were so impressed with her energy & the way she carried herself that we actually waited until she was done her other meeting and then approached her and asked if we could chat a bit more. We talked for about 15 more minutes and I looked to Eric and said, "I have to have her!". We signed a contract and paid the retainer right then and there! She helped educate us, gave us no bia info so that we could make informed decisions and made us feel ready for our little booger to come! When my water broke I went to the hospital because I was GSB+ and needed antibiotics. Once the contractions hit, we called Melissa to let her know we needed her and she was there really quickly! She was so amazing! She watched my body and almost KNEW exactly what positions my body needed to be in. From the time my water broke we were holding our little man in our arms 11 hours later! Eric was amazing throughout the birth and with Melissa's help he was able to have the birth experience he dreamed of too! She gently guided him to different techniques to help with my pain and she is such an amazing teacher! She never made him feel like he wasnt a part of it, but instead helped him be more involved then he ever thought he could be. THANK YOU MELISSA!!!

Denise Sinclare


We found Melissa 10 days before I went into labor and I am sooo glad we did! I didn't think I needed a doula and the more I read and talked to my friends the more I was convinced that I did! So I went on this site and emailed several doulas that I felt I would click with. Melissa was one of the first to respond and then we spoke soon after our initial contact She was so warm, friendly and educated on birth that I knew I had to have her. I met with her and we just clicked instantly. She had such a calming demenor and with me being so high strung I knew I needed her energy during my labor and birth. We were able to fit in a prenatal before I went into labor and she was so thorough! She got to know my husband and I. She took her time and answered every single question we had and made us feel so prepared. When I went into labor I got really scared and began to panic. I called her and she came to our home and was there for us through the entire labor and birth (we eventually went to the hospital). I labored at home for a while and when I got to the hospital I was 6-7 cm. I couldn't believe it! We kept up what we were doing and that hard work paid off because now we have our amazing son! Melissa helped in more ways that I can count. I rave about her to all of my friends and family! She was always there to calm my fears, answer my questions, help me feel prepared and ready and then when labor came she was that EXACT calm presence that I NEEDED to get through! She is amazing and although we only have known eachother for a few weeks, I feel that she will be in our lives forever!

Jennifer Rowell Thompson


I gave birth to my little angel on January 21 (13 days late) and don't think I could have done it without Melissa! I was induced and nothing on my birth plan ended up working out but Melissa was there every step of the way reassuring me and going with the flow as so many things changed. I felt that she supported me and was there for me no matter what choices I made throughout the process. She supported my husband and even dealt with my mother who was a bit of a mess! Her calm demeanor was such a comfort to us all! My little guy is 5 weeks old now and Melissa still checks in with us and I feel that I could always turn to her if I had any questions. High highly recommend her!

Joanna Roxbury


Melissa was our birth doula recently and she was a life saver! We thought we were prepared when we met her but we were very wrong! I contacted her when I was 32 weeks pregnant. Even though it was a short time period she was still able to provide us with our 2 prenatal visits. I swear I learned more in those prenatal visits then I did from our birthing classes! She was so helful! She educated us and helped us to make infomred decisions regarding our sons birth. She was so calm and zen during the entire labor and birth. Her calmness was really a blessing because there were times when myself and my husband were anything but calm. She helped us to stay focused and centered and for that we will be forever grateful! Even my husband raves about her! She was amazing in more ways than I can even mention. She was loving, attentive, caring, compassionate, considerate, educated, prepared and AMAZING! We have a very special bond with her that cannot be described, only treasured! If you are looking for a hands on yet empowering doula, Melissa is who you need! We plan on having a few more children and there is no way that I would do it without Melissa being there!

Andrea Stewart


From our initial phone conversation, I knew Melissa Bailey would be a warm and down-to-earth source of support during my labor and delivery. She made it clear that she would advocate for my wants and needs, and she was also very sensitive and encouraging about helping me manage my fears. She was also open to working with both moms who want all natural births and those who might want medical pain relief. An option for medical pain relief was important to me since I had a very long and complicated labor and delivery a few years prior. However, the birth of my second child happened very quickly. She met us at the hospital, and in a little over 2 hours our boy was born. I experienced some complications, which might have contributed to the speed and intensity of my labor. When I was told that I couldn’t have anything to ease the pain, Melissa calmly encouraged me and provided lots of comfort, such as cold cloths on my neck and massage, as well as guidance for my husband. Part of me didn’t believe I was going to have the VBAC that I so badly wanted, but Melissa believed in me and the natural ability of my body. Melissa has a calm and assured positive energy, which definitely helped give me strength. I had a successful VBAC with minor complications and have a beautiful, healthy son. I highly recommend her doula services!

Rachel Scheckter


Melissa was the doula for our daughter's birth in December 2014 and I cannot recommend her highly enough! She worked with us throughout my pregnancy to really get to know us as a couple and to understand what was important to us for our daughter's birth. She was with us throughout a very long labor at the hospital to provide physical and emotional support and to help us talk through all the decisions we needed to make. Her presence during labor and delivery was calming and reassuring, both for my husband and myself, and Melissa helped us feel totally in control of and at peace with our birth experience, even though there were lots of unanticipated twists and turns along the way. We feel lucky to have chosen Melissa as our doula and any other expectant parents would be lucky to have her, too!

Sharon Black


Melissa was an amazing help during my recent birth.  I had to be induced but wanted to keep the birth as natural as possible.  Melissa played a huge role in keeping me on track with those goals before and during the birth.  My husband and I both feel we could not have stuck to our plans without her guidance and encouragement.  The methods used were very comfortable for me and things i probably wouldn't have tried without her there.  We are very grateful for her!

Kristina Vegh


As former runners on NC State's track and xc teams, my husband and I were blessed to have Melissa as our "coach" during my pregnancy and delivery. Melissa has a gift for recognizing one's personality and guiding them in the most effective manner. Some reasons I responded to Melissa's guidance so well was b/c she was able to establish trust from the very start. From there Melissa would check-in on me often via texts, emails and phone calls just to see how the baby and I were doing. When I was informed by my OBGYN that I'd need a version performed b/c the baby was breeched, I immediately contacted and received the most helpful and comforting advice from Melissa. It is clear that her intentions are to work in unison with the doctors and hospital staff. She accomlpishes this by informing her clients of other alternative solutions, especially when their desire is to have a natural, unmedicated approach. In the delivery room Melissa was the perfect coach for my husband and I. We followed her calm and concise instructions. When labor really progressed and it was easy to become frightened Melissa constantly and firmly reassured me that I was doing everything right. Her encouragment and belief in me was tremendously empowering. Post-labor I overheard the head nurse compliment Melissa by telling her that she was the best doula she'd ever worked with.

Betsy Miller


Melissa is an amazing birth and postpartum Doula. My partner Amanda and I hired her 4 months before Amanda gave birth. She was such a blessing through the pregnancy as well as the birth and postpartum too! She guided us, gave us information so that we could make informed decisions and truly helped us all around. When we designed our birth plan, she was understanding and truly allowed us to choose and make the choices that were best for us. There was no bias or judgement like I have heard about with other Doulas. When Amanda went into labor she was in a lot of pain very early on. We called Melissa even though her contractions weren't regular. Although she had gone through different things to do while laboring at home, all of that went out of my mind and out of the window when Amanda went into labor. Melissa was at the house in less than 30 mintues and ready to go. She coached both of us! She did it with such ease like she has been a Doula her whole life. I really feel this is her calling in life! She made me feel such a part of the entire birthing experience (I was really worried I would be left out). She guided me in supporting Amanda and I really felt helpful! She accompanied us to the hospital when Amanda was further along and after Amanda delivered she stayed with us to help our son latch on and until we got settled in our postpartum room. She even came and visted is the next day! After we left the hospital she came to the house and helped us for a few days to get adjusted. Showed us how to swaddle and showed us some amazing comforting techniques! We wouldn't have slept without Melissa! She really made our entire birthing experience and we cannot imagine having done without her! We are now pregnant with our second child and Melissa was the first person we called as soon as we found out we were pregnant. Now I am the one that is carrying and I know that I will be in amazing hands with Amanda and Melissa by my side!

Petra Wilson


Let me first say that I was 17 when I had my son. My family abandoned me for the most part and my friends did too. I felt so alone and didn't know where to turn to. The only person I had in my life was my mom. One day I was at the grocery store talking to my mom. I was about 6 months at this time. Melissa was in the same isle as me and overheard me talking to my mom about how scared I was and how I didnt think I could handle labor or being a mom. Melissa came over to us and sincerely apologized for overlistening to our conversation but told me that she felt very drawn to me and wanted to help. She explained to me what a Doula was and how she felt she could help me. I explained to her that we didnt really have the money to hire anyone and that something like that sounded really expensive. Melissa told me that she works with women from all income levels. She doesnt ever turn a client away because she has fallen onto hard times. Once she told me that she feels all women should have a Doula regardless of their ability to pay, I felt as though she was sent for me from up above. We met a couple times after that and she helped me with my fear and anxiety. I was scared out of my mind. She was there as soon as my contractions started because my mom was out of town and I had no one else. I went into labor 5 weeks early. She was the most amazing support person ever! She helped me in more ways then I even think she realizes. She is one of the main reasons that I was able to make it through my pregnancy and why several years later I have the strength and courage to be the best mom I can possibly be! She believed in me more than anyone besides my mom ever has. We still keep in touch and she checks on me regularly. She remains a huge part of my life and holds a special place in my heart! I will forever be in debt to her!

Sarah Johnson


Melissa is an amazing Doula! She is so attentive and calm! I unfortunately have a very low pain tolerance yet I still wanted to try as hard as I could to have a natural and unmedicated birth. I was able to push through the pain thanks to Melissa and delivered my beautiful baby boy! Melissa was encouraging, empowering and inspiring. She knew what to do during all times even when I didnt know what I needed. I don't know if I could have done it without her. My husband, bless his heart, is a wonderful man but needs to be guided to do things and when you are in terrible pain you really don't have it in you to direct someone as to what to do. Melissa assisted my husband in assisting me! He was there, present and truly supportive...and all because of Melissa guidance! He also feels as though without her he would have missed out on being a part of our sons birth and he was beyond glad that Melissa was there. When I first told him I wanted a Doula he wasn't very thrilled, but after working with Melissa he understands now what the role of a Doula is and that it isn't to push him out of the way. I think its so cute now that he tells all of his buddies who are expecting that they NEED to get a Doula and then they always give them Melissa's information!

Michelle Peterson


When Melissa asked me to write a testimonial for her I jumped at the chance! Melissa was my Doula for the birth of my daughter. I had no other support system besides Melissa. Knowing that I was asking her to wear multiple hats during my labor made me feel terrible to ask that much of her. However, she assured me she could and would be that support system for me and for lack of being able to find better words, she beyond surpassed my expectations! I called her after I started to notice my contractions, she came to my home and I labored at home for a while then we made our way to the hospital. She never left my side, she was always uplifting and encouraging! I don't know how she did it! My labor lasted 27 hours and I really believe because of her constant support, encouragement and calm demeanor I was able to feel confident enough to labor with no interventions whatsoever. Having her by my side I felt powerful and that I really could do this! I know that I wouldn't have been able to make it all natural had it not been for her! I was even so moved by all that she did for me that I gave my daughter Melissa's middle name! Her composure and calm balanced with her uplifting and encouraging nature makes her the best Doula ever!

Tara Supree


Melissa was our Doula at the birth of our first child 3 years ago. Myself and my partner knew then that this was exactly what her life's purpose was! She was beyond amazing! She was motivating at the exact right times, calm and collected at the exact right times and always encouraging. It's like she knew what I needed befoer I did. Her ability to help me through an extremely long and trying labor, never leaving my side and never showing her exhaustion or hunger amazes me. She was a blessing to my birth and I know that I would not have had the peaceful and positively memorable birthing experience that I did have, had she not been there. If you are looking for a Doula that is passionate, caring, compassionate, empowering and constantly present, Melissa is the perfect Doula for you!

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