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Wheaton, IL Service range 20 miles Unfortunately, I do not attend births in the city of Chicago (city limits)


Birth Fee

$900 to $1000

Postpartum Rate

$30 to $35

Birth Fee

$900 to $1000

Postpartum Rate

$30 to $35

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

6 years and 60 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

2 years and 6 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International, May 2014

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 5 births and 1 to 3 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
Home births attended by a midwife

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Antepartum doula support
  • Childbirth education services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Languages Spoken

  • Albanian

Fee Details

I would love to walk this journey with you, and I look forward to meeting you! My standard birth doula service includes 2 prenatal meetings in your home, attending your labor and birth, and 1 postpartum meeting in your home. I support you, the parents, in whatever decisions you make during labor and birth, for whatever type of birthing experience you desire. I also provide these valuable services: Virtual Birth Doula service ($300) for anyone outside my service radius. Pregnancy Doula Service ($150-200) for prenatal support only. Visit my website to find out more about these services. Please contact me so I can help you achieve the birth you desire!

Wheaton, IL Service range 20 miles Unfortunately, I do not attend births in the city of Chicago (city limits)

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Stefanie Derrico


Having Gretchen as my Doula was one of the best decisions I made during the planning of our first baby.  She was absolutely amazing from the beginning to the end!  She prepared my husband and I on what to expect before, during, and after delivery.  I was induced and was in labor for 34 hours, but no matter what Gretchen was by my side the whole time making sure that all my wishes/requests were met.  My labor/delivery would not have been the wonderful experience that it was, without her.  I DEFINITELY recommend her!!!

Katy Parise


After learning about what a doula does in a birth class, my husband and I decided to look into hiring one. I am SO glad we did and even more grateful that we found Gretchen! Having Gretchen by our side throughout my pregnancy, labor & delivery  was truly invaluable. I cannot imagine going through my first pregnancy and delivery without her constant mental/emotional support, guidance, knowledge and experience. She was available and quick to reply by phone or text whenever I needed her. And not only was she an enormous help to me, but she was also great at showing my husband how to be the best support person he could be. There were times towards the end of my pregnancy when I had to make some challenging decisions. I know for a fact my delivery would have gone differently (in a negative way) if we didn’t have her talking us through our options and helping us navigate our decision making. When I did go into labor, Gretchen met us at the hospital and stayed with us until my baby was born. I can’t stress enough how much comfort my husband and I felt having her there in the room the entire time. She is truly great at what she does and I cannot recommend her enough!!!



Gretchen was amazing. She instantly calmed my husband and I down about having our first child. We just felt like there was someone in the room who is going to take care of us. It was so great having her come over twice before the birth and having a plan and strategies for the birth day.

 When I did have my baby, it ended up being by a C-section. However Gretchen was there for me when they tried to do a version and flip the baby. She helped me through the pain and was there to make sure all our questions were addressed when we were rolled into the surgery room. She helped with breast-feeding and it was so great to see her postpartum and have her check in on us on us then too. Highly recommend her. If we have another baby she’ll be one of our first calls!

Jonathan Chung


My wife and I would highly recommend Gretchen. She was very helpful in the meetings leading up to labor and delivery as well as post partum. Gretchen stayed with us during our entire lengthy labor process and was well prepared. She also took notes during our labor for our memories and reords. She worked very well with the midwives and helped create space for us to make informed, non-presssured decisions. During labor she helped provide relief with every contraction and suggested positions and exercises which helped greatly. Post partum, Gretchen helped us process our labor experience and the next steps. We really enjoyed our doula experience with Gretchen and will use her going forward. 

Bri Graham


Gretchen was a huge help for me! I cannot imagine my pregnancy/labor and delivery/postpartum without her! Her classes prior to birth helped my husband and I so much. We learned a lot about labor and delivery and how to advocate for ourselves and what we want. During the weeks leading up to my delivery, Gretchen was always available to talk through different symptoms I was having that I thought could have been labor starting. She helped me think through the idea of induction because I was so late and what that would all look like. When I did go into labor she met us at the hospital and spent the entire 14 hours with us and helped my husband and I every step of the way. My doctor came in and suggested I get a c-section because I had been pushing for awhile and Gretchen coached me through that so we could have the vaginal birth we really wanted to have! I cannot recommend Gretchen enough. She has been such a blessing to me and my family! Thanks Gretchen! 

Lindsey Hubbell


Working with Gretchen was one of the best decisions my husbad and I made when I was pregnant with our daughter. As first time parents, we felt a little lost and overwhelmed with the entire process. During our first meeting with Gretchen, she sat with us for over an hour and answered our ten million questions. We could tell from that first meeting Gretchen was a match for us - she was kind, patient, and made it clear that she would support whatever kind of birth I chose. Gretchen provided a number of resources to us in addition to helping us prepare for the birth. Her encouragement and information helped me adopt a confident approach to birth without fear. Gretchen also helped my husband learn skills to help me during labor.

One of the most valuable things Gretchen did was helping us create a birth plan. She helped us discuss all of our options, create a plan, and then walked us through a number of different scenarios so we could be prepared for all circumstances.

It's hard to express how invaluable Gretchen was during the birth of our daughter. We both appreciated having a familiar face during the birth (at a hospital with unfamiliar nurses, etc.) It seemed like she just knew exactly what we all needed at exactly the right times - even helping me overcome an emotional hurdle so I could be fully present and appreciate the moment. I had an extremely positive and empowering birth experience and I believe Gretchen was essential to me achieving that goal. I will always be grateful for her support and can't wait to work with her again for future births!

Chaka Wade-Cuadra


As a birth doula, I of course wanted to hire a doula to attend my birth. I have a working relationship with Gretchen and use her as my main back up doula; I know my clients would be in great hands with her so there was no doubt that I also wanted her to attend this birth as well. This birth was different than a typical birth because I was a gestational surrogate. Gretchen was amazing and was the support me, my husband and the intended parents needed. My husband now advises that he finally understands how a doula enhances the birth experience and he will be encouraging all the dads he knows to hire a doula. My husband was very active during the labor and Gretchen was able to help guide him in ways to help me cope during my birthing waves. She was also able to make sure we had everything we needed (food, water, cold cloth, etc.) so that my husband didn't need to leave my side. My intended parents also loved her and she was able to help them to be involved during the labor and birth as well. Gretchen gave me the encouragement and motivation I needed especially when things were tough. Her calm and reassuring demeanor were just what I needed. Because of her and my birth team, I was able to have a birth that I was happy with and proud of. I am so happy that she was able to be a special part of this journey. 

Luke Tseng


Gretchen was amazing support. At 36 weeks pregnant, my husband, a Psychology doctoral student, realized that he would recommend a doula to his clients and therefore should have one for his own and his wife's mental and emotional health. So we contacted Gretchen Hall, from the DuPage Doula Network, at that time. It was pretty late in the game, but Gretchen worked with us to schedule her prenatal visits before our baby was born, even working around her own family vacation to accommodate our needs. She provided an endless supply of labor, birthing, and breastfeeding resources and information, as well as spiritual support. Her preparation with us and presence in the delivery room allowed us to achieve a natural, medication-free birth. She was a huge support to my husband, allowing him to take a short break when he needed it, and also a comforting and focused presence for me as I faced each contraction. She helped me to remain relaxed, especially when things got hard. Gretchen also worked so smoothly with the nurses and doctor in the delivery room, and she was asked by our nurse for her contact information so that she may refer others to Gretchen for doula services. We continue to keep in touch with Gretchen and she has become a true friend. Our only regret is that we waited so late in our pregnancy to contact her.

Lara Patty


Gretchen was an incredible Doula! This was my first pregnancy and I knew next to nothing about anything. My husband and I met with her three times, each time was about 2 hours long. She was so encouraging in our desire to have an all natural birth. Gretchen gave us plenty of information as well as plenty of time to ask our questions each meeting as well. If I needed anything between meetings, she would respond right away whether I emailed or called her- and she has 4 kids! I felt so loved and cared for. Her methods are very gentle and calming, which I needed to stay that way in order to get through my labor. I was induced and my contractions picked up quite quickly, making them very intense, very fast. But she was there for it all helping me breath, helping me think through positions that would help eleviate some pain. Even when I was begging for medication, she helped me remember every thing we talked and decided on in our meetings. And I am SO happy with how my labor and recovery went. We are so thankful that we did it naturally, I would do it that way again and again. Feeling it with your baby is an incredible bonding moment. 

I recommend Gretchen to anyone wanting a natural birth and for any one who wants to feel loved and cared for through it all. 

Samantha Malecki


Gretchen is wonderful!  

She supported us with pre-natal appointments to discuss any and all questions relating to labor, breastfeeding, laboring positions, labor stages, all of the things no covered in the pre-natal visits at the OB.  She made sure we had plenty of information and answered all of our questions, had us practice labor positions.  Gretchen spent quality time getting to know us and made the prenatal appointments count. 

My labor was very long, and Gretchen stayed with me for all of it! She was with my husband and I for over 27 hours.  She supported us in choosing labor positions, keeping us calm and collected and ensured that we continued deep breaths.  Although in the end I had a c section, due to LO's bad positioning, I know that with Gretchen's support we did everything we could  have for a vaginal delivery. I truly cant express how awesome Gretchen is and how highly I would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula to support them. It is truly nice to have someone stay with you when nurses and doctors come and go.  She created a comforting atmosphere, and was able to support my husband as well, I was never alone and when youre laboring that is truly a huge comfort.

Lauren Rosen


I had a wonderful experience with Gretchen.  I wanted to try and have an all natural birth, so I started asking for some recommendations on a local moms Facebook page, and Gretchens name came up!  I knew that I liked her the instant I met her.  She has a very warm and down to earth personality.  I decided not to interview anyone else, I knew I wanted to work with her!   She was very organized and professional.  She did a great job asking questions to find out what my goals were along with any concerns I had.  I ultimately was looking for a professional to help with pain management techniques so I felt confident going into labor and wouldn't ask for the epidural.  ??  I was very pleased with Gretchen as my doula and I would highly recommend her!  ~Lauren

Kelly Lenza


We hired Gretchen early and she was available to us through a majority of my pregnancy for support and information. As a first time mom, I had a lot of questions about what were normal pregnancy symptoms and it helped to have someone to laugh with about some of the more embarrassing ones. 

The pre-birth classes Gretchen gave us were great. It was wonderful to have them in our home where we were comfortable, and she presented a what is a LOT of information in a very personable, easy-to-understand way. She provided us with a lot of resources as far as handout guides and books, and also guided us through labor positioning with birth balls and breathing practice. Both of these things were really key to us having a positive birth experience. 

When it came time to give birth, I had to be induced. Gretchen was there with us the night it started, then would come back once I got into active labor. We ended up laboring for a few days with difficulty, but I never went into active labor; I had to have a cesarean section in the end. 

While Gretchen didn't get to come back for active laboring, she was available to us through the entire process by phone. It helped so much to have someone to call in the wee hours to talk through the pros and cons of whether or not we should get an epidural and just to talk about how we were feeling. Gretchen wasn't allowed in the operating room or recovery room, but once it was over she was the first person in our post partum room to see us, check on us, and congratulate us. 

A week or so later, she came to our home to visit and wrap up for the post partum visit. It helped to talk through the process of everything that had happened and how we were feeling after the birth. Overall, Gretchen's teaching and attitude helped us develop a flexible birth plan that helped us have a great, positive birth experience despite unforeseen problems! 

Sara Karsten


Having Gretchen at the birth of our first son was one of the best decisions that we made to ensure a great birthing experience! Gretchen met with us three times before birth - an initial consultation and then two more meetings to prepare for our labor and delivery. At the initial consultation, Gretchen was so easy to talk to; we chatted for a couple hours and were so comfortable with her. We felt so secure in our decision to work with her and much more confident about the entire birthing process! She was also available to us in a variety of other ways - checking in after doctor visits, sending helpful articles and other resources, letting us borrow books, etc.

She also encouraged me to have a healthcare provider I was comfortable with, which was part of the reason why I switched doctors at my 37th week. I could not be more happy with that decision - I just needed someone like Gretchen to encourage me to trust my instincts and to do whatever it took to be supported by my doctor in our birth plan!

She was so responsive to what I needed during the actual birth, both emotionally and physically.  The meetings allowed her to get to know us and determine exactly what support I would need during labor. She was even able to snap some beautiful pictures as we met our son for the first time! I was also incredibly thankful for the time that she spent with us after delivery. As my son and I were spending time skin to skin, she gave many helpful tips as I nursed him for the first time. It was a wonderful start to breastfeeding!

Also, from my husband's perspective, Gretchen was a huge help in the delivery room and such a calming presence.  My labor was so fast and intense that he felt very stretched between having to talk to the nurses and caring for me.  Gretchen was able to give her undivided attention to me, allowing him to talk to the nurses and not be as stressed.

We recommend Gretchen without reservation! 

Katherine Greene


We hired Gretchen to be our doula when I was about 35 weeks pregnant.  My husband and I were very busy with his job situation, we had no time to sign up for any type of birthing classes.  This greatly concerned me, since we really desired a natural water birth.  Gretchen was instrumental in explaining so many things about the labor and birth process to us.  After our  innitial free interview, she came to our home twice.  Her excitement for all things birth is so contageous!  She helped me talk through and overcome my emotional apprehension that my body would not know what to do, and helped me deal with my fears.  She gave us tons of tools and resources.  In a very short amount of time, I felt like I had gained the confidence needed to push this baby out!

When I entered the beginning stages of labor, Gretchen periodically checked in with us over the phone, and when we called her aftr emidnight to let her know that we were on our way to the hospital, she was able to leave immediately.  She arrived to the labor/delivery room just in time to hear the nurse tell me that I was 6cm dilated.  Gretchen immediately gave me thumbs up with a look of delight and exclaimed, "Way to go! You're awesome!" The positive encouragement meant so much!  Throughout the entire labor process she breathed with me, and every time I experienced a contraction, she and my husband pressed on either side of my hips, as this seemed to help manage the pain. 

During the second stage of labor, I gave her permission to take pictures with my camera.  She captured some beautiful moments of my husband holding my hand, of me relaxing in the water, the moment my son was brought up out of the water by our midwife, my facial expression as I held him for the first time, and many, many more.  I credit this beautiful birth experience to a wonderful doula!





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