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Angela Towers, CD(DONA), LCCE, RYT

Angela Towers – Doula & Yoga Services

Durham, NC Service range 20 miles *May travel over 30 minutes for small travel fee

Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

4 years and 65 births attended

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Babywearing education
  • Childbirth education services
  • Infant massage education
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Prepared Childbirth Instructor (UNC Hospitals), Welcome Baby Volunteer (Durham County), Teen Yoga Instructor Volunteer (Durham Public Schools), Guest Instructor (Durham Women's Clinic)

Languages spoken


Fee Details

Thank you for your interest in birth doulas! Before your birth, we meet for a free consultation and two prenatal home visits where we discuss your birth plans, practice labor positions/comfort measures, and work on relaxation with breathing techniques/yoga. I often hand-pick books and videos from my lending library for clients on topics they have questions about. During your labor, I provide continuous & unlimited support using many of the techniques we practiced, as well as responsive, creative care for your family's unique needs. I offer 24/7 support on the phone, via text, and via email throughout the weeks surrounding birth. After your birth, I bring a wholesome meal for your family during our postnatal home visit, and we review your birth and connect you with resources for any postpartum needs. I also send typed notes of your birth experience for you to keep. I look forward to hearing from you and answering questions you have!

Durham, NC Service range 20 miles *May travel over 30 minutes for small travel fee

Client Testimonials for Angela Towers, CD(DONA), LCCE, RYT

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Amy Dugger-Webster


I decided to look into a doula toward the end of my pregnancy after one of the core child birthing classes I had signed up for was canceled, with no indication of reopenign, due to flu season/out break at the hosting hospital. Angela was kind, knowledgeable, and answered all questions my husband and I had...and those we did not know to ask. We chose to have her come to our home for birthing classes. She communicated about the appointments, kept them, and arrived when she said she would. During my delilvery, which happened 3 weeks early, she coordinated with another doula for my care as she was out of town at a training. Hannah was teriffic. After the birth, Angela followed up and came by for a final visit and answered many more questions. I would recommend Angela for her knowledge and personalized care.

Rachel Rosin


Angela is a phenomenal doula! My partner and I loved working with her. She has a quiet, calm, encouraging, mature presence and was able to coach us through labor, explaining what was going on while normalizing and validating our feelings and experiences. Her wisdom and guidance allowed my partner to be very involved while not carrying the full burden of support or authority. My labor was long and having two birth partners - Angela and my spouse - meant that the two could relieve each other, allowing each other to step out for a meal or break without leaving me alone. We loved having someone in the birth room who knew us and understood our values and goals, and could help us navigate the physically and emotionally demanding process of bringing new life into the world. Our child spent time in the NICU after birth and Angela checked in on us, visited, and brought us food items. Her continued support meant much to us during an unexpected and difficult time. She's a good person and we'd work with her again in a heartbeat.

Chelsea VanderHamm


I can’t say enough good things about Angela! She served as our doula during the birth of our first daughter in April 2016, and my husband and I both feel that we could not have done it without her. I had a multi-day, unmedicated labor with lots of irregular contractions. Angela supported us for many, many hours, providing a wide variety of techniques to help ease back labor, to help me find rest, and to manage both the intensity of the contractions and our mindset about our labor experience. She allowed my husband time to rest and eat, which in turn allowed him to be an effective support partner for the duration of the labor. Her presence was steadily calm, her words kind and encouraging, and her techniques for managing labor insightful and helpful. Labor is unpredictable, and ours certainly surprised us by how it unfolded! Having Angela by our side gave us confidence and peace to face the various challenges, make clear-minded decisions, and really enjoy the entire process of birth. She was easy to reach and communicate with, and checked in with us frequently before and after the birth. She’s provided many resources, and even shared with me a beautiful written timeline of how my labor unfolded—a lovely way for us to remember the most beautiful day(s) of our lives. We would recommend her in a heartbeat and would choose her again to support our family!

Stephanie Konle


Angela was essential to making my birth experience postiive and empowering. I had a prolonged and unsuccessful induction and then an unplanned cesarian- throughout it all Angela helped my partner and me to feel safe, informed, nurtured, and encouraged. What could have been a very scary and lonely experience was not. Angela stayed with us and supported me through every contraction and each tough decision and procedure. Her calm and loving presence was reassuring and made me to remember the joy that would result in the end. My partner and I will be forever grateful for the truly beauitful work Angela does. 

Jessica Steinbrenner


Jessica: Angela was teaching our birthing class and when I mentioned that to one of the midwives, she had wonderful experiences with Angela as a doula. I have said many times since the birth that I do not know how we would have gotten through it without Angela. She made sure we monitored our needs (food, water, comfort, sleep, etc.) and empowered us to make decisions throughout labor. She suggested positions and comfort measures, and helped my husband to support me. My labor was long and intense, and we were faced with decisions that we did not expect. Angela was knowledgeable about every decision and supported us I as we made some hard choices. Angela came to our house two times before the birth, and returned once after the birth to meet with us. She is warm, personable, and professional. She is also open-minded, which made me to feel comfortable with all of the preferences and decisions that we voiced.

David: Prior to my wife’s pregnancy and the recent birth of our first child, the knowledge I had about delivery was from movies and TV. So, I was a bit clueless and apprehensive about what lay ahead. When I heard that doulas existed and that Angela, our birthing class instructor was one, I was all in favor of asking her to be ours. This was one of the best decisions we made for the delivery. She was not only there for my wife, but for me as well, calming my nerves and helping me help. When we hit points when decisions had to be made, she was the calming and clarifying presence that helped our exhausted selves understand the questions and options before us. As this was new to us, it was comforting to have someone there devoted specifically to our labor that had been down such a road many times before. While classes and books are helpful, nothing compares to the presence of a well-experienced person who is there to walk with you through the particularities of your baby’s birth. We could not have asked or hoped for a better doula than Angela.

Andres Melisa Onate


Angela is the best doula you can find! Before getting pregnant my husband and I assumed that pregnancy and delivery process is quite natural and standard way of life. Then we started to research and were quite surprised how much pressure modern doctors and hospitals put on new parents by pushing them to do epidurals, pitocins, c-sections to name a few, Because we wanted our baby to be born in a completely natural way and would not know the best solution in case of complications during delivery process, we decided to hire a doula. We meet Angela at UNC while taking one of her classes. During this time we observed Angela, she's professional and knowledgeable therefor we felt confident in trusting her during our special moment. The main idea for us to hire a doula was to target an “all natural” birth. We discussed everything with Angela over our first meeting, she was very supportive of our decision. Long story short our birth plan didn't go as planned but with Angela's guidance, knowledge and support I gave birth to a healthy baby girl, we can honestly say we recommend Angela. As a person and professional doula she's awesome!

Christina Godfrey


My husband and I found Angela's help before, during, and after the birth to be invaluable. So many things throughout labor feel out of your control and it was extremely comforting for me to know that Angela was there to support us. Her knowledge and calm presence were just what I had hoped for from a doula. The comfort measures that she provided helped tremendously with my back labor. She also took photos after the birth and we would not have the amazing pictures without her. We highly recommend a doula and highly recommend Angela.

Asia Polko


I am one of those women who dreaded giving birth. As my due date was approaching, my husband and I decided to work with Angela to try to make the experience easier for me. I don't know what I would have done without her. Not only is she an extremely gentle and warm person but she's also very knowledgeable and provided us with a ton of information. As a scientist, I really appreciated all the information Angela shared with us which made the delivery seem a bit more technical and, therefore, easier to anticipate. My delivery was rather long (around 40 hours from the moment my water broke) and I couldn't believe how much stamina Angela had. She was so supportive and helfpul. It felt to me like I had a dear friend who understood my fears and helped me to deal with them. From both, the physical and mental perspective Angela's presence was so valuable.   

Samantha Keeble


Having Angela as our Doula was wonderful. We weren't 100% sure about having a doula but as we have no family nearby & my husband thought someone who'd been there before would be helpful we looked into it. As soon as we meet Angela we felt comfortable, she was very calming. Angela was extremely professional, our daughter arrived early (about 37 1/2weeks), technically Angela wasn't meant to be on call for us until 38weeks but she was there for us anyway. My labour was in the 30hr range & Angela only had to leave us for 2 hrs ish & that was only because we went into labour early so she still had a class to teach but she also got us a stand in Doula for that time who was also great. My labour was long & not straightforward but throughout it Angela was a great resource to clarify things with & make it seem more normal. We missed 1 of our pre-birth sessions with Angela due to the early labour and so Angela offered to give us an extra post-birth one & taught us some baby massage. This was lovely & very kind & professional of her to offer us an extra session (we didn't expect to get one). 

Overall I would recommend Angela as a Doula to anyone who wanted one. She was invaluable to us. 

Cheryl Meyer


Angela's support during our pregnancy and birth experience was invaluable. Her gentle spirit, combined with mindful techniques that were tailored to our needs, provided the space we needed to prepare and cope with labor. Although this was my second child, I gave birth 11 days past my due date and labored for over 20 hours. Angela was so patient and encouraging and her presence was instrumental in helping our birth plan go as smoothly as it could. She was great at communicating with me, my partner and my caregivers about how I was feeling and working with them as I progressed. I was also so grateful for the post-partum conversations and the birth notes she provided to help remind us of the details of the day. We would recommend Angela to anyone preparing for birth!

Emily Kreutzer


We are so thankful that we hired Angela as our doula.  I had never considered getting a doula during my pregnancy until after taking Angela's private birth class in our home.  Her presence is very calming and she is extremely knowledgeable and patient with all questions.  She was able to reduce many of my fears of the birthing process.  

Our birth experience didn't go according to our plans (when does it ever?!) but Angela was able to help us adapt to a ceasearan birth and remain a calming presence in an otherwise chaotic and stressful environment.  With her assistance, I was able to enter into the procedure with informed consent and get our special requests filled by the doctors and hospital staff.  We were lucky to have her with us in the operating room and I was so thankful for her narration of the procedure.  

I wholeheartedly recommend Angela and her birth class and doula services.  

Glorija Gladney


I am thrilled to write a reference on behalf of our birth doula Ms. Angela Towers. Angela assisted us with the birth of our second child at UNC Chapel Hill Hospital. To be entirely honest, we decided to hire a doula primarily because my partner was going to be preoccupied with our toddler. We did not have too many expectations nor did we understand just how important Angela's help would be throughout the birthing process. I now strongly believe that it is because of her help that we got exactly the kind of birth experience we planned for. Angela actively supported me through my last weeks of pregnancy. Her gentle counsel was invaluable, as well as prenatal yoga classes she tailored for me for the late stages of pregnancy.

For someone dealing with a rambunctious toddler, gestational diabetes, house remodel and an MBA program, Angela was just the person I needed. When I needed a voice of reason and a reminder that I am in charge of my birth, her gentle presence was there to remind me. When important decisions needed to be made, her supporting presence was there. When I was laboring, she was there helping ease the transition. She held my hand when pains intensified and massaged my feet as labor was progressing. Words cannot adequately express my gratitude but I am very thankful that Angela found her way to me. Hire her – you won't regret it!
Glorija Gladney

Amanda Fratrik


Angela was amazing from our first meeting until after the baby was born! She came to our house to do two prenatal visits, both of which left my husband and myself feeling more confident and ready for the birth. Throughout two weeks of false labor she was always available by phone, and she kept checking up on me and giving me the encouragement I needed to get through it. When I did go into labor, she was positive and helpful on the phone in the middle of the night, quick to get to the birth center, and invaluable all through the next 19 hours.  She made sure that my husband and I both ate and got the rest that we needed in order to make it all the way through the delivery!

She did have to leave during my labor to teach a class that she couldn't get coverd at the last mintue.  But she called her backup, who was also great and professional and got me thorugh the last part of the delivery.  She came back after the class even though it was late in the evening and my baby had been born, and she provided a (non-alcoholic) celebratory toast for us and the medical professionals.

She continued to support me by checking in during the weeks after the delivery, recommending lactation consultants, and coming for a follow-up visit that included delivering a delicious meal.

All in all, I couldn't imagine how my birth experience would have gone without Anglea there.  I highly recommend her as a doula.

Becca Merrill


I had a great experience with Angela as my doula. She met with us twice before my due date, answering any questions I had. She let us borrow a huge yoga ball for laboring and to do toning exercises during pregnancy. From the beginning, the birth did not really go how my husband and I wanted. Our birth plan was quickly out the window, but Angela's suggestions, demeanor, and kindness ameliorated our situation.

Angela responded promptly at 1am when I text her that I thought my water broke. She was with us while we attempted to start labor using natural methods. She offered methods in addition to those the midwife suggested, including accupressure. We tried them all! During the stressful time we were frantically trying to start labor naturally, she was able to help us stay relaxed by discussing baby names and conversation about TV shows we like (I didn't even realize she was using distraction techniques!). We evenually transferred from the birth center we initally were at to the hospital, and Angela was there with us. She brought us food (yummy food, that was quite to my taste) a couple of times, at the birth center and hospital. She brought water literally to my lips while laboring to keep me hydrated. She performed wonderful foot massages, rubbing nice smelling oils on them. She kept detailed notes about the events leading up to the birth (including great quotes!), which are treasured by my husband and I. I had forgotten some of the things she made note of. After the birth, Angela checked in on us through text and phone calls, and she brought us a power meal (healthy and nutritious, yet yummy).

Overall, Angela was focused on me and my family the entire time. I never felt at all judged for any decisions I made concerning my labor or delivery. She seemed concerned only with my well-being, health, and happiness. Angela was a calm, understanding, knowledgable presence at our birth, and we are so happy she was there.

Deanna Wilkie


I cannot say enough great things about Angela and her doula services. I know without a doubt that she was a major factor in helping me have the birth experience that I wanted to have and planned for. She has a calming presence and was a wonderful source of support to my husband and I before, during and after the birth. As first time parents I am so glad that we chose to work with a doula and that the UNC Midwives recommended Angela to me. She took the time to meet with us twice before the birth, provided great reading material and resource suggestions, came to our home when I was in early labor, stayed with us throughout the entire labor and delivery at the hospital and then came to visit us when we were home to deliver us food and wrote about my birth experience for me. She is a simply amazing and gifted doula and person and I give her my highest recommendation. 

Marta Trombley


My husband and I had the pleasure of having Angela as our birth doula during the birth of our daughter, Willow. She checked in on us frequently during the on-call period and talked with us about concerns regarding induction and having a (potentially) large baby. She provided us with non-judgemental support after we made the decided to induce at 41 weeks, and was with us everyday during the induction and birth; because the induction took longer than expected, she arranged for a back-up doula to be with us when she needed to leave the hospital. She made us feel comfortable to ask health care providers, “Can we have a few minutes to discuss privately?" when we needed to weigh our options. She encouraged Greg to take breaks, gave me honey sticks and lots of cran-grape juice to keep my energy levels up, and gave wonderful foot and leg massages during my labor. She provided us with encouragement and a positive attitude when all 3 induction medications failed to bring on my labor; she had me try the Miles circuit in an attempt to get Willow to descend.  She stayed overnight with us when my labor finally did start 2 hours later.  I had terrible back labor, and she helped me manage my back labor with sterile water injections, positioning, counterpressure and the tub until I decided that the pain was more than I could manage and made the decision to get an epidural. I dilated to 9cm, but Willow would not descend, and Greg and I decided to proceed with a C-section.  Because of space limits, Angela was not in the OR with us, but stayed until I was moved to recovery and assisted with Willow’s first breastfeeding. Angela checked in on us via text in the daysafter the birth to see how all of us were doing and gave encourgment and information on breast feeding when I reached out to her for help with latching difficulties

Angela has a calm, encouraging presence and I would recommend her to anyone looking for doula support during labor.

Christine Houghton


Angela was our doula for our homebirth. She was so supportive of the process in the weeks leading up to the duedate as well as throughout the entire labor and birth process. Angela introduced us to relaxation techniques and comfort positions that my partner could participate in. Because my labor went through the night, everyone got really exhausted, but she continued to offer support which was critical in keeping me going and also giving my partner a break when he needed it most.

Angela offered helpful resources, empowered me to listen to my body, and followed up with us afterwards with a meal and notes from the birth. We are grateful to have had Angela as an affirming presence during this special process!


Krista Northup


I am very pleased to provide a strong recommendation and testimonial for Angela Towers.  I was initially attracted to Angela's services because of her yoga training.  Having opted to practice pre-natal yoga during my pregnancy, I was commited to the idea of incorporating yoga poses and techniques into my labor and birth.  As we got to know Angela through our initial meeting and two prenatal visits, we realized that above and beyond her yoga experience, Angela has so much to offer her clients.  First, Angela has a very calm and soothing disposition.  This was essential to helping me get through the most intense parts of the experience.  Second, Angela listens.  We spent a lot of time talking about worries and fears.  Angela listened carefully and recommended resources that really assisted in alleviating these areas of concern. She also never judged our decisions or approaches.  She provided information to us to assist in the decision making process and then allowed us to confer and decide.  As a mom herself, Angela leverages her own personal experiences to help new moms and also assists her clients in gaining perspective by sharing general observations and insights that she has collected working with many other moms.  In reflecting on my labor experience, I feel that the positive energy that came from my support team in the room was one of the most critical factors in translating how I felt and reacted.  Angela was a key part of my support team and I'm very happy to recommend her to others.

Angela Bukowski


This was our first child and we were hoping for an all natural birth so it was important to us to be as prepared as possible and we could not have asked for a better doula experience than what we had. Even though our birth did not go as planned, we couldn't have done all we did without Angela. Her support before, during, and after the birth of our son made us feel very supported which was important since we do not have any family in the area. Angela's experience as a doula, birth educator, and yoga instructor was all helpful in preparing us for the birth of our son.

Jennifer Hoverstad


My goal was to have a positive first-time birth experience at Rex, and we couldn't have accomplished that goal without Angela!

After interviewing several doulas in the Raleigh area, my husband and I chose Angela because of her calm presence, experience in mindfulness/yoga, desire to support me in the birth I envisioned, and background in science.

Angela met with us in our home twice before the baby was born to practice relaxation techniques and help us write a birth plan. She made herself available for my questions prior to labor and she checked-in with me regularly for pre-labor progress.

When I did go into labor, Angela coached me through every part of the process from the moment my water broke at home to breastfeeding post-birth. She arrived at the hospital when she said she would arrive, and the nurses got along with her well.  

When a nurse or doctor would offer explainations about the labor process or choices to be made, Angela asked clarifying questions to help me better understand what was going on. She encouraged me to speak up about my preferences in my birth plan.

Angela suggested relaxation tools like massage and oils, and she encouraged my husband in his role as the primary coach.  

During delivery, we learned that the cord was wrapped around the baby's neck, which made the process a bit more grueling than expected. Angela kept my husband and me calm as she kept me focused on my breathing and my task to push.

Looking back, my husband and I agree that with all of the uncertainty that goes on in labor, Angela's skill and presence was worth every penny to make our birth experience positive from start to finish!




myra cousineau


My partner, Maggi, and I chose Angela becuase of her calm and approachable demenor in our birthing class.  We joked that we chose to get a doula for Maggi, not myself, since she was so nervous about the birthing process and unsure if she would be supportive enough.  Maggi was not sure how to best support me during labor, and as it turns out that labor was 30 hours long. I never imagined it would be that long and I was grateful Angela was there.  Angela helped keep us in the zone During those 30 hours.  We were in the zone of aniticipation, pushing and concentrating on the new life that was coming. Angela would appear with sandwiches, snacks, and juice, since we hadn't noticed it had been so long since we had eaten. I believe my labor was less painful because of the labor positions, thoughts of opening/readying my body, and massage I recieved under her care. She reassured us, comforted us, and supported us.  She took wonderful notes of our birth experience and help make it a truly wonderful experience.  She provided just enough support, space, privacy, calm words, moments of silence and everything else that we didnt know we needed.  Our experience with Angela Towers simply put was amazing and priceless.  Although, these words don't do her support enough justice!

Leah Tedrick-Moutz


Angela was a calm and supportive presence to me and my husband during my rapid and intense labor.  She helped us mentally and physically prepare for the birth during two visits prior to the labor.  She showed us some breathing and yoga exercises as well as birthing positions.  She also visited us after the labor and brought us a meal.  I'd recommend her to others.

Jocelyn Dawson


I would highly recommend Angela to anyone looking for support with their birth. Angela is knowledgable and has a wonderfully calm demeanor. When we found out that our son was going to arrive six weeks earlier than expected, Angela stepped in with research and information about what to expect and what questions we should ask our medical team. On her website, she mentions her non-judging, open-minded approach and this was one of the things we most appreciated about Angela. I felt that she would be supportive no matter what type of labor I opted for. We've also benefited from the books she recommended we read and the delicious food she brought after our son's birth.

If you're on the fence about whether to use a doula, I would recommend it based on our experience--it made our delivery go very smoothly. I felt like there was always someone looking out for me and looking for ways to make it as positive an experience as possible. Angela would be a great choice!

Joe Fletcher


Angela was wonderful to work with. Upon meeting her as our instructor for our childbirth class, we were instantly drawn to her calm energy, her knowledge, and her patience. All of this was evident both in the meetings with Angela prior to our daughter's birth and of course during our birth process itself. Angela was always attentive, compassionate, and -- crucially -- she anticipated our needs before we were even aware of them and responded appropriately. She was a comforting and stabilizing presence during labor, and she provided inspiration and support for both of us throughout the process. We greatly benefited from her knowledge and expertise, and she always empowered to make our own decisions. We don't think we would have had such a positive experience if Angela wasn't part of it. We recommend her without hesitation. 

Kristina Pugatch


Let me begin by saying that words really can't express how grateful I am toward Angela for how amazing she was during such a long and difficult labor and delivery.  Angela was an absolute God-send for both my husband and me.  She dispensed profound comfort and calming energy for me as I was laboring, and also helped support my husband as he tried to be there for me.  I was in labor for 24 hours and Angela was there, trucking through with us the entire time.  Most of the memory of my labor is fuzzy, but I remember her rubbing my back, providing counter-pressure when I needed it, stroking my head, and feeding me honey when she could tell I needed an energy boost.  She instinctively knew what I needed.  She even drove across town to let our dogs out for us after we realized that we had forgotten to leave a key for the dog-sitter. 

My birth plan was to have an unmedicated vaginal birth at a birthing center.  After 20 hours of labor, which included 4 1/2 hours of pushing, I transferred to the hospital where I ended up with an epidural and pitocin, pushed for three more hours, had a failed vacuum attempt, and finally a c-section.  Angela was not only an invaluable support during all of that mess, but she really helped me work through my thoughts and feelings about my delivery when she came for my post-partum visit.

I also really appreciate how much Angela became familiar with my birth plan.  I had been practicing Hypnobabies and even though Angela didn't have experience with the program, she took it upon herself to become familiar with it, and even consulted with other hypno-doulas so that she could better support me.  It is clear to me, after having Angela as my doula, that she takes her job very seriously and loves what she does.

I would highly recommend Angela as a birth doula!  She was amazing.

Stephanie Brandt


With our second child we knew we wanted to have a much different birth experience than we did with the birth of our first child. So we decided to see a midwife and have a doula also. Angela was our doula and I have to say that we could not have asked for a better experience. My husband has anxiety and Angela was so supportive to us both. She helped things remain quiet, calm, and go as smooth as possible. I can remember her sweet voice speaking positive and supportive words to me when I needed them so desperately. She made sure I stayed hydrated and that I had all of the tools I needed to manage and pain. If I wanted to try something she was ready to help me! She also kept notes about my labor and delivery and later emailed them to me which was so nice. I could not remember everything but I am able to look back at her notes and relive one of the best days of my life! Angela was such a blessing to our family throughout pregnancy, labor/delivery, and postpartum. I will never forget what she has done for our family.

Christy Quirk


Angela was an important and reassuring resource in the weeks leading to birth, checking in regularly and providing helpful information as the due date approached and passed. During labor, her presence was immensely comforting and her reassurances were more helpful than I ever could have imagined. Even though I'm blessed with a supportive partner and we both did plenty of preparation, Angela was great for keeping us both on track through a labor that progressed with very little rest. Having a team of support allowed me to stop thinking, to go into autopilot or into my pain cave as the different sayings go, and just do as I needed to. Furthermore, her notes have been great in unpacking the whole experience and understanding some details that came during such a blurry time.

Theresa Callahan


Angela was a god send when it came to delivering my second son Lukas. We didn't have a doula with our first son but wanted one for our second since our first birthing experience was pretty traumatic. 

My neighbor Sarah referred me to her, and I contacted her through her website. Her website was very informative and she replied to my message right away. Her communication skills were very thorough and responsive. I never had to worry about her not getting back to me when I had important questions about my pregnancy and birthing plans. She even researched some of my questions which she didn't know the answer to, which to me is above and beyond her call of duty. 

During my birth, she was extremely warm and comforting. I appreciated her calm and soothing voice, reminding me everything was going to be ok. She was also very positive, which I desperately needed during my excrutiating painful contractions. Angela massaged my feet and back, and suggested helpful positions to get in before I had my epidural. If it wasn't for her I would've never made it to 5 cm without the epidural, which had previously slowed down my first birth because I had it too soon at 3 cm. She also made sure I was hydrated and fed, and relieved my husband when he needed to rest and eat. 

After my birth, she sent me my birthing notes, which were funny and well written to look back on. She also brought me a meal a week after the birth, and got to see Lukas. I would definitely recommend her to anyone I know looking for a doula in the future. Nothing grossed her out about my birth and she was extremely professional the entire time. I never felt uncomfortable or vulnerable around her, and she helped me to feel confident I could deliver my baby. God bless Angela for helping me get through my much less traumatic second birth! :) 

Sara Todora Carter


What an incredible pregnancy, birth, and postpardom experience we have had with Angela as our doula!  She is extremely knowledgeable when in comes to preparing for labor and delivery.  She shared countless resources with my husband and I that were invaluable when the "big day" finally came.  During prenatal appointments we were thrilled with Angela's knowledge and soothing presence in our home as we practiced birthing positions, participated in yoga and breathing exercises, and talked over any fears or concerns we had.  During labor and delivering, Angela was such a calm presence.  She continuously reminded me of the work my body was doing and the wishes I had on my birth plan.  Looking back, I could not imagine my birthing experience going any better.  It was everything I hoped for and more.  There were a couple of instances where events started to lead to circumstances that were not desirable based on our birth plan.  Angela was quick to intervene and get all of us back on track.  


We just loved working with Angela and would recommend her to anyone looking for a loving, supportive, and very  knowledgeable doula!

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