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Lindsay Clements CD(DONA)

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Lawrence, KS Service range 35 miles


Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

9 years and 300 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, April 2011
  • DONA International, June 2018

Type of practice: Partnership with 2 or more doulas

Clients per month: 2 to 5

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Aromatherapy
  • Babywearing education
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Infant massage education
  • TENS units rental

Fee Details

Some discounts apply

Lawrence, KS Service range 35 miles

Client Testimonials for Lindsay Clements CD(DONA)

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Brooke Stewart


I had the privilege of having Lindsay at both of my homebirths.  Lindsay's calm and experienced presents helped give me the confidence to allow my body to do exactly what it needed to do to birth my beautiful babies.  Both of my home births were amazing experiences.  Lindsay knew what I needed when I needed it. She offered me water, yogurt, back rubs/pressure, soothing and encouraging words, and so much more.  She was by my side when I wanted her to be and gave me a little space when I needed.  The births of both my children were the best days of my life!! Lindsay helped make it such a beautiful and magical experienc!

Lindsay also offered prenatal and postnatal classes, through Complete Douhla Services, that helped me throughout my whole journey of pregnancy through postnatal.  I had no idea about pregnancy, birth, and postnatal, when I got pregnant, and found all of the classes extremely helpful!   These classes offered nutritional health, pregnancy comfort, breastfeeding support, postnatal care, breathing and relaxation, and so much more!!!  Meeting other expecting mothers/couples was just the icing on the cake.  We have play dates with a few of them and are able to talk about our babies, compare struggles and offer each other support. 

I highly recommend Lindsay.  She will be there every step of the way to offer any support you need (even if you don't even know what you need!!) 

Kenneth Trummel


This is the husbands perspective so I'll keep it short. My wife and I will not be having a child without using their doula services, it was that positive of an experience for us. Fortunately my neighbor told my wife and I that he recommended using a doula since their first pregnancy wasn't ideal and the second went smoothly with a doula. As I'm sure you know they cannot assure a perfect birth experience they will do everything possible to make sure you have the pregnancy you want. My wife wanted to have a natural childbirth and thankfully we used a doula because if she only had me to rely on then I doubt she would have achieved it. They basically coach you along the way and know tricks of the trade that you would not know otherwise and most likely your nurses and doctor are too busy to explain. It amazed me how much time you're on your own while in labor, the nurses and doctors come and go to check vitals and progression but all and all there is lots of down time. So for us it was nice to have Lindsey there to explain what is specifically happening and what to expect next. She was wonderful in the fact that she would tell my wife different positions she could get in to help with specific pain or discomforts she encountered. If my wife just relied on me then she probably would have just stayed in the bed and held my hand getting more and more angry since I was the reason for this. Fortunately the doula was there to ease her mind and let me just comfort her without having to be the one "without" answers. Hope this helps, but in my opinion whatever birth plan you guys have (meds/no meds/C-section) they will do everything possible to make sure you get the positive experience you deserve.

Nina Limonchi


As first time parents, there was a whole ‘new world’ of information that was at our fingertips, but my husband and I didn’t know where to begin, and what sources were reliable. It didn’t take long for me to realize that books and articles could only take me so far. So, it was a little over a year ago that I was introduced to the term ‘Doula’. In fact, two unrelated individuals recommended me to Complete Doula Services in the same week. They described a Doula as being a birthing coach that is your personal advocate to help you have the best birthing experience possible. I knew that I had a specific birthing plan in mind, and I wanted to have minimal interventions if possible, and Lindsay, my Doula helped to make that vision a reality. I opted for a more traditional deliver, in the hospital, with medical professionals being involved. Lindsay was an absolute GODSEND! While the labor progressed, and I had to focus on my body transitioning, she was there every step of the way to offer helpful advice, an extra hand, and communicate my needs/plan with the nursing staff so that my husband and I could focus on our little bundle! Lindsay was such an integral part of our delivery, and she truly helped me every step of the way. 20 hours of labor may sound horrible to some, but I have to be honest and say that I would relive that day without hesitation. She helped to make it a stress free and enjoyable experience. If you are considering or debating the assistance from Complete Doula Services, I recommend just meeting them! They have so much advice, and offer this sense of peace about delivering your baby! The classes that they provide are awesome, and in my opinion some of the best in town! The days prior to going into labor, when I felt changes with my body I was able call them, and they talked me through my concerns.They are empowering, and the best thing that happened to both my husband and I during this life-changing event! 

Cindy Dunham


Hiring Lindsay as our doula was the best decision we ever made! She has such a calm, collected presence that was exactly what I needed during the birth of our daughter. Her confidence gave me confidence that I could go through with the natural birth that I had planned. The midwife and nurses were so serious in the delivery room, and Lindsay's more relaxed attitude and hint of excitement was exactly what I needed to get me through. I am someone who likes to know what is going on and while I was pushing I appreciated that she would calmly tell me the status of things and offer suggestions to make me more comfortable. 

I had such an adrenaline rush after delivery that I was shaking and just completely without my brain. I was so so thankful that Lindsay was there to help me establish breastfeeding because I honestly didn't have the strength or even the brain power to think about getting my daughter to latch. Lindsay worked very hard to establish a good latch and show me how my baby should look while nursing. Lindsay is truly a blessing and I would recommend her to anyone! 

Kate Brase


My birth experience with Lindsay was amazing. During my pregnancy she met with my husband and I several times to discuss our birth plan/preferences and get to know us better. Her group also held several classes, so we were able to attend a few of those and interact with Lindsay in that setting as well. 


During the birth process, Lindsay was calm and reassuring. I was so grateful to have her there as a resource when doctors, residents, and nurses were making suggestions and I didn't know how to respond. In those situations, I would look to Lindsay and she advocated for me in a way that honored the preferences and wishes we had discussed before the birth. Lindsay helped me relax through contractions and showed my husband what he could do to help me handle my contractions better. She really facilitated my husband and I working together and didn't get in the way of my relationship with him--I really appreciated that. 


As a person, Lindsay is warm and down-to-earth--totally easy to get along with and relate to. Without knowing her very well before the birth, she felt like a sister to me when the birth was over and it was time for her to leave. I am so grateful that she was there during the birth of my baby girl. I couldn't have done it without her!

Melissa Robinson


Lindsay's guidance and calming presence during my labor and delivery was EVERYTHING.  Even when things got very intense, very fast, tuning into her calming voice and affirmations kept me confident and kept me going.  This was my third baby and first med-free birth.  It was truly one of the most defining moments of my life, and I credit Lindsay with making it possible.  She's just wonderful!


Sarah Thompson


We were incredibly thankful to have Lindsay present during the birth of our son.  She gave me confidence and her suggestions and reassurances were extremely helpful.  I can't imagine going through another birth experience without her support; it is obvious she truly cares about our family.  Her experience and knowledge, along with her caring and peaceful presence was a constant comfort during a difficult yet joyful time.

Michelle McWilliams


I had a wonderful experience with Lindsay with the birth of my first child! She has a very calm demeanor and confidence that made me feel much more relaxed both in the weeks leading up to labor and during labor. Even though my birth didn’t go exactly as I had planned (I ended up getting an epidural), Lindsay was a true blessing for me for the whole experience, especially in getting me from home to the hospital, explaining things to me, and helping at every step. But the part that I am MOST thankful to Lindsay for, and which I will never be able to thank her for enough, was after the birth, when she worked very hard to get my baby to latch!! as a first time mom, I had no idea what to do, and I can honestly say that without Lindsay, I don’t think my baby would be breastfeeding right now! She was truly an angel with breastfeeding expertise!! she stood over me in the middle of the night after a long day, with one hand on my baby and the other on my breast and wouldn’t give up until my stubborn baby got his first meal! I highly recommend Lindsay for anyone wanting a wonderful guide and calming presence at their birth, whether they are getting an epidural or not, Lindsay is invaluable!!

Daniela Carreno


I hadnt used a doula for my 1st labor but I wish I had. It would've been amazing if id known what a doula was. Lindsay helped me in my 2nd labor have the non medicated labor I'd always wanted. She helped me believe in myself that I COULD do it & she helped me face my fears with me. I couldnt have done it without her, I would certainly have given up when the pain got very intense. But having her by my side, with her calm, mature, loving, steadfast, serene, wise guidance...I did it!!!! Ill always be grateful to her for helping me reach my dream. I don't think a woman should attempt a non medicated labor without a doula. That would be unwise & just too much for a woman to handle on her own. I believe we were made to labor with the help of a 'wise woman'. This is how women used to do it, with 'wise women' at their side. She was not pushy, she was respectful of my & my husbands wishes. She praised me for being strong & she made me feel good about myself. She believed in me. She has a lot of experience & she understood the birth process in great detail & she knew what to do & when to do it. She was truly there for me when I needed her. She has a very loving, caring demeanor & I think she touches everyone she meets with that special brand of Lindsay sweetness that she carries within her. The love she has for people shines out of her like a bright light. And it is this light that I focused on & this light that helped carry me through my non medicated labor. You'd be crazy not to use Lindsay as your doula!!! You'd be missing out on a very special person who you'll always remember as having been a crucial & special part of your baby's birth. Thank you Lindsay. You are a true 'wise woman' & the world is a better place for having you in it. She was SO inspiring that it made me want to help other women give birth too one day. 

Cayce Elder


We had such an amazing experience with Lindsay! Not only during the actual labor and delivery but all throughout my pregnancy Lindsay was there for us and she and Stefanie offered helpful classes to get us prepared. This was my first pregnancy and my husband and I were nervous but Lindsay made the whole experience so much less stressful and eased our fears. On the day I went into labor we let Lindsay know that contractions had started and she said to tell her whenever we were ready for her help. About 5 hours later, when contractions were getting closer together we asked her to come and she arrived shortly afterward. I was able to labor at home with help and support from Lindsay and my husband another 6 hours, time that we probably would have spent in the hospital otherwise. Once we did get to the hospital Lindsay was instrumental in making me feel calm, helping me to focus on techniques for breathing through contractions and trying different positions to keep my labor progressing. When it was finally time to push she encouraged, coached and supported me (emotionally and physically)! Thanks to her support and collaboration with my midwife I was able to deliver a healthy baby girl without medical intervention or drugs. She checked in with us after going home from the hospital several times and helped with establishing nursing as well. My husband and I are forever grateful for the role she played in the birth of our daughter!

Becca Heidrick


I had an excellent experience with Lindsay and would recommend her to anyone looking into using a doula to help with their birth experience.  She was so supportive of every detail that I wanted in my birth plan and was an excellent resource throughout the pregancy with any questions or concerns I had along the way.  My labor was very long and I appreciated her wisdom, calm demeanor and encouragement throughout it all!  I loved that she felt like a member of my team that the nurses and my doctor respected and collaborated with.  This was our first birth experience and I know that my husband was comforted by her presence as much as I was.  She didn't get in the way of him being my main support person, it really felt like the two of them worked together to keep me comfortable and encouraged.  Even after the birth, she was always a phone call or text away when I had breastfeeding troubles at home.  She came to our house to help with breastfeeding and share our birth story that she had written.  It was so great to relive the experience with her and my husband and to just feel like we were a team that accomplished something really awesome!  I would recommend Lindsay and Complete Doula Services to anyone that is looking for an extra support person and extra resources to help make heir pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience exactly how they want it.  

Lindsey Boeckmann


Lindsay was such a calming, soothing presence at our birth and the cheerleader we needed.  She is so professional and knows how to work with the staff of doctors and nurses very well.  I am able to look back on the birth of our son, not with memories of being scared or unprepared, but with memories of feeling supported.  This is sadly something that not a lot of women can say.  I feel passionately that everyone needs a doula like Lindsay at their birth!


Melanie Cohagan


I am so thankful for Linsday and all the support she has provided for my husband and myself before, during, and after the birth of both of our children. She is a reliable, kind, and well experienced doula.  

My first baby was born at the hospital and I am so thankful that Lindsay was there as an advocate for my husband and myself. Since it was our first child we knew very little and Lindsay proved to be a great asset. She had great suggestions, knew the right questions to ask the doctor and nurses, and stayed with us until after delivery and my son started nursing (it was a rather long labor)! 

When I found out I was pregnant with my second baby I contacted Lindsay right away because I knew I definitely wanted her at my delivery again. My second baby was born at a free standing birth center (a much shorter labor this time :-)) and once again Lindsay was all that we needed. Lindsay graciously provided her encouragement, help, and support yet once again! 

I highly recommend Lindsay without any reservations! She is an amazing doula :-) 



Kristine Mayo


I hired lindsay for both my pregnancies. Both were unplanned inductions and I would never have any other babies if she wasnt by my side! Not only did she advocate for me to have the labor and delivery i wanted but she was there every moment before my delivery and after.  My birthing experiences have been nothing but the most positive and I can say it was all because of my doula. My second pregnancy with twins would have ended in a c-section if it weren't for Lindsay giving me educated knowledge on other options - that would have never been mentioned if it werent for her. I cant stress how truly valuable having a doula is. It has changed my life and my birth stories will always be something I look at with joy and empowerment . 

Sara Warnock


From the moment I met her to just this past Mother's Day when she sent me a sweet little postcard, Lindsay has been a supportive and positive presence for my family.  Lindsay helped us prepare for the natural birth of our daughter with classes on nutrition, exercise and relaxation while I was pregnant; helped us establish a birthplan that was right for us; and talked me gently and evenly through 12 hours of labor.  She was great at suggesting ways my husband could help me during labor as well, which was a huge relief to him.  And I was relieved of the pressure of interacting with/explaining my choices to staff at the hospital when I really wanted to be focused on maintaining my natural birth zen.  Ultimately, the biggest benefit to having a doula is, in my opinion, the consistent presence of someone we liked and trusted.  Although they were wonderful, I had never met the nurses who attended my labor.  My OB was available the evening I gave birth, but I could just as easily had another physician in the practice there to deliver my daughter.  In a room full of strangers, having Lindsay beside me quietly talking me through contraction after contraction was priceless.   

Anna Newell


We loved having Lindsay there for the birth of our son.  Without her help and guidance I don't believe I would have been able to have a pain med-free birth.

Because of our circumstances, I had to be induced.  Lindsay advocated and helped me advocate for induction without pitocin, which was successful.  During labor we changed positions frequently and she always had the best position for how to move labor along.  Even when I wanted to take a break and stay in a position that was comfortable for me, she was caring and patient.  My husband really benefitted from her presence and felt very relieved to have her there the entire time.  In the final moments of pushing she was able to get my gown prepared to be out of the way for baby, help me hold my legs back, encourage me and even get our camera ready for our first moments with baby.  

Even after delivery, Lindsay has been very responsive and helpful when I ask breastfeeding questions - even 6 months down the road!

Complete Doula Services was very helpful in preparing my husband and I for pregnancy, labor and postpartum time.  I believe our experience was greatly enhanced by all of the classes they held prior to our delivery.  Especially the postpartum prep class...that class saved us from a lot of arguing and tension in the weeks after birth!

I highly recommend Lindsay as a doula and we plan on hiring her for our future pregnancies.  

Katie Oliaro


My husband and I had a wonderful experience with Lindsay as our doula. She was recommended by a friend, and I could not have been happier with her. Not only was she invaluable for the birth, she was also available throughout my pregnancy and after.

When I was told I needed to be induced at 36 weeks due to preeclampsia, I was so scared and was not sure I would be able to follow through with my plan of having a natural childbirth. Lindsay was very reassuring and had answers for all of my questions. She knew what options I would have and what questions to ask my midwife. Lindsay was not able to attend my birth because it was so much sooner than expected and she had prior commitments, but her partner, Stephanie stepped in and was amazing. I knew Lindsay was cheering me on from where she was, eagerly awaiting updates.

Even though I was induced, I was able to have a pain medication-free birth to a healthy baby boy! I could not have done it without Lindsay and Stephanie. They both gave my husband the tools he needed to support me through my contractions and everything that followed. I know they believed that I could do it, and that helped me believe in myself.

I will not hesitate to hire Lindsay again for my next baby, and I highly recommend her!

Amanda Boyd


Lindsay proved to be an amazing asset during the labor and birth of our daughter. Her calming spirit and thorough knowledge of the birth process helped me immesurably in successfully experiencing a totally nautral childbirth. She provided assistance both to me and my husband as we welcomed our first born into the world. I would work with her again in a heartbeat and would recommend her to anyone looking to hire a doula.

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