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Cara Mehlon, CMT, BBCI, BBCD, BC

Cara Mehlon Birth and Wellness

Carmel, IN Service range 20 miles


Birth Fee

$1000 to $1200

Birth Fee

$1000 to $1200

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Birth Boot Camp - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

13 years and 120 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, June 2007
  • Birth Boot Camp, October 2018

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
My massage Therapy office is next door to Sacred Roots Midwifery and Birth Center, Indianapolis.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Babywearing education
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Elimination communication education
  • Infant massage education
  • Military families support
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Reflexology
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Breastfeeding USA Counselor/Former Course Teacher

Fee Details

Fees include 2 prenatal visits, labor, birth and 1 postpartum visit. Massage, help with positioning and comfort measures during labor and emotional support. No limit on labor time and unlimited phone, email and text support before and after birth. Natural Childbirth Classes (BBC) offered in Carmel, IN. Schedule posted on my website

Carmel, IN Service range 20 miles

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Client Testimonials for Cara Mehlon, CMT, BBCI, BBCD, BC

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Angela Hines


Working with Cara for the birth of my first child is something I am truly grateful for. From the first time my husband and I met with her, we both loved her calming personality - we felt like we were meeting with an old friend. Being pregnant for the first time, there were so many things to plan, research and prepare for - but having Cara as our doula was always reassuring and when our birthing time began, we knew we made a great choice.

I had very intense back labor the entire time during my labor, which was long and intense. Cara remained calm and reassuring the entire time and I was incredibly thankful for the counter pressure she constantly applied to my back. My husband also wasn't sure initially how his role would fit in with having a doula present, but afterwards, he said many times how great Cara was and how thankful he was to have her there as a support to both of us. We both appreciated how encouraing she was throughout our birthing experience, even when I was tired and didn't know if I could keep going. It felt like having a friend at our side who was supporting us with love and compassion. 

I appreciate her personal touch in following up with me the days and weeks following the birth of our son and always being helpful with my questions. I would highly recommend Cara if you're looking for a caring, encouraging doula to come alongside you during your pregnancy and birthing time. 

Caitlin Balgeman


Cara is amazing! She is calm, caring, knowledgeable, and fun, and was truly a blessing to me in labor. We originally planned to just do childbirth education with Cara due to finances, but when it became feasible for us to hire her we immediately asked her to be our doula. She is so supportive and easy to talk to, and my husband and I felt she was a great match for us right away. My labor was fast, but I had a lot of back labor and pain in my thighs, so her massage training was a LIFESAVER. Our family couldn't have asked for a better all natural first labor experience, and we're so grateful to Cara for all her help in making it happen!

Liz Escoffery


I am so grateful we used Cara as our doula for the birth of our third child! Cara offered her peaceful presence and encouragement throughout our pregnancy (during which I had a good deal of anxiety). Her availability through phone calls and texting was helpful in the weeks leading up to delivery. She helped us navigate when to go to the hospital and kept our spirits up, helping us achieve our goal of another natural, vaginal birth. When I was anxious about the nurse I had been assigned, she tactfully made sure that I would have what I needed so that would not be an obstacle to me progressing. She was sensitive to our needs at the hospital and helped my husband confidently be present to me when I needed him the most. Her background in massage therapy helped my body be more comfortable, and I had a terrific prenatal massage with her a few months before my son was born also. 

After we had baby and were back home from hospital, Cara listened to our needs and followed up on any questions or concerns we had related to breastfeeding and transitioning from 2 to 3 children. If you are in search of a compassionate doula who understands the needs of parents, look no further than Cara! 

Jennifer Grady


We were given Cara's name by way of a friend who had also used a doula during her birth, and we when we met Cara we knew it would be a great fit. Before talking with our friend and meeting Cara we were unsure what a Doula could offer for us, but with her guided explanations during that first meeting, we felt very comfortable that having the additional support for my husband and myself was exactly what we were looking for.

I had a birth plan in mind before we met, and we discussed my plans and goals for birth, had sit downs and training on comfort measures, and my husband and I felt really prepared and ready to go. Our second meeting with Cara involved walking through all my desires for my birth and going over comfort measures in practice to prepare for the upcoming event. My birth process itself proceeded differently than expected, but Cara was fantastic in helping us adapt and proceed to have the best process and comfortable birth.

She was incredibly supportive throughout the whole process and even afterwards checking in on me and offering encouragement when our breastfeeding journey was off to a rough start. Although my birth plan did not work out the way I had intended, having Cara there for me and especially for my husband was one of our best decisions.

She is not only a very professional and compassionate partner for your birth story, but she is someone you would happily be friends with.

I would definitely recommend Cara for her Doula services, and will keep her in my contacts for future births myself.

Charisse Luthy


My husband suggested that we hire a doula for the birth of our second child.  My intial reaction was highly amused. "I've had a baby before, I got this.  I don't need a doula for round two..."  

I knew the doula we hired for the birth of our daughter had given me support through my pregnancy and during my 32 hours of labor, but what I did not anticipate was how helpful my husband found her.  My husband convinced me that he thought hiring a new doula (first doula moved out of state) would be a wise decision for both of us.  Turns out he was right...  

Within 3 minutes of our first meeting, I knew I wanted to work with her, and my husband could see it written all over my face.  As we were walking out of Starbucks that night, he leaned over and said I will will write her a check in the morning.  

From the beginning of my second pregnancy things were bumpy, but a different kind of bumpy from my first pregnancy, so beign able to text or call Cara at any time of the day or night was a huge blessing for me.  She was such a place of peace for me when I felt unsure, worried, or flat out freaked out.  

The night/early morning of our son's birth she arrived to the hospital prepared and calm.  My labor progressed much faster than my first delivery, but was slowed because he was "sunny side up..."  The pain was intense and I was exhausted from an entire day of chasing around a toddler before a sleepless night of labor.  So I was contimplating "adjusting" my all natural plan to a "forget this craziness and give me the drugs plan."  However my husband and Cara knew that was my discomfort talking and not ultimately what I wanted.  They never stopped encouraging me and offering the comping techniques and relief they could without breaking my personal birth goals.  

In short, Cara is an kind and supportivie doula and I couldn't have asked for better.

Nicholas Luthy


Cara was our Doula for the birth of our second child. We liked the doula from our first birth, but Cara exceeded our expectations. I'm a dad. My wife wasn't sure if we needed a doula's services for our second child, but I pitched that a doula such as Cara helped support dads as much as moms. I was right. (I enjoyed writing that; it happens so infrequently). 

Cara spent time with us every step along the way. She helped us prepare physically and mentally. She gave my wife knowledge and information to have her be comfortable with the journey ahead. Cara visited us at our home before our second child was born. When the day arrived Cara was at the hospital at the drop of a hat (despite our delivery being early and on a day she was leaving for a trip). While labor is never easy, I think that both my wife and I agree that Cara's guidance correctly sequenced the labor process with positions and stretches and the tub laboring, etc. 

From a dad's perspective, Cara gave me a sense of security. The three of us had discussed birth plans and details, but the "moment" can be very chaotic. Cara was a calm head and helped either remind me of what we discussed or helped me decide things we may not have anticipated but keep to my wife's birth plan. (translation - she helped me help my wife). 

On a practical front (again from a dad's perspective), Cara's presence allowed me a few moments to stretch my legs or use the facilities and grab a drink. Things I feel are very important for those supporting the moms. 

Specifically about Cara - she flat out CARES. She offered guidance before, during and after. I was going to recommend Cara to a friend and was working out the details, when tragically that friend miscarried. Cara offered suggestions and ideas to me on how to best assist them. To me, these are the actions of someone who loves what they do, cares about every single person, and sincerly makes a difference.

Sara McClammer


Cara was wonderful!!  She has a kind, gentle spirit that really helped me get through labor and helped my husband stay calm.  Cara came to our home twice before the birth.  She answered all of our questions and never judged any of our decisions.  She was knowledgeable and so great to work with.

During my birth, which was intense and fast, she stayed out of my way while also providing assistance (lower back pressure for hours) and guidance.  When I asked for an eipdural during transition, she wisely encouraged me to get a cervical check first - I was at 8cm!  If it wasn't for that I probably would have gotten an epidural.

I was at-risk for a c-section throughout my labor due to baby's heart rate dropping during contractions.  Cara's presence allowed my husband to stay calm.  Cara also helped me talk to the nurses regarding options for labor positions while being continuously monitored.

Cara helped me breastfeed my baby when he was less than an hour old.  She called the next day to check on us, and she did a follow-up visit at our house. 

I can't say enough good things about Cara!  I would not have made it through labor without an epidural if it wasn't for her.  I will absolutely hire her for my next birth and will recommend her to all of my friends.

Allie Wallach


Cara is hands down the most caring, dedicated, and wonderful person I could have chosen to work with for my birth. I had a very very difficult labor and an emergency birth, and my son was born with a sever heart complication that we did not know about before hand. I speak for myself and my husband when I say that without Cara that day would have been 100 times more difficult.

I was very particular about my birth plan and stubborn to do things a certain way. She was accommodating, helpful and committed to what I wanted to do, even when the time came and I wanted to deviate from my plan.

I was overdue and went into active labor and called Cara at 11pm. She met us at the hospital within about 30 minutes and was by my side every second until the end, I don't remember her taking a break once. My husband ended up having to insist that she sit down for a few minutes. Once complications with the labor began, she helped my husband and I speak with the doctors and fully understand what was happening (which was difficult after 36 hours of no sleep and being in labor) and try to stick with our birth plan. As I was being rushed off for C-section she called my mother for me to make sure she knew what was going on, and met/sat with her once she arrived to the hospital.

Cara sat with me in recovery while the doctors were trying to figure out my son's condition and kept me calm and reassured the whole time. She helped me begin pumping for the first time and was able to help consult me on breast feeding issues before and after the birth. Cara was there when our son was diagnosed and checked in with us often for 2 months after. That whole day was so difficult and a complete shock for me and my even more so for my husband.

We cannot say enough wonderful things or thank her in a way that truly expresses how much Cara meant to us that day. I give her my highest regard as a doula and as a person. You would be lucky to have her for your birth.

Faith Arthur


My husband and I are so thankful that Cara was our doula for the birth of our first child.  We were told

that doulas were worth their weight in gold and how true that was!  From the first time we met Cara, I

knew I didn't need to look any further.  I felt immediately comfortable with her and knew she was the

doula for us!  Being my first time to go through labor, I wasn't sure what to expect.  Cara was exactly

what I needed!  She was extremely positive and so calm.  I felt so much more at peace knowing that

Cara would be there and be a constant coach for us.  We know she was an answer to prayer!


If you're looking for a positive, kind, equipped doula, Cara is the one for you!  We will always be grateful

for how she helped prepare us for the birth of our daughter and stood by our side coaching us through

the experience!  Thank you Cara!  We are so grateful for you!

Vanessa Frederick


My experience with Cara was great! I hired Cara because I was looking for someone that would be supportive, knowledgeable, and encouraging during the process of labor. I definitely found that with Cara. While I had hoped to start labor naturally on my own, I ended up accepting an induction date 11 days past my due date. Cara was very supportive during the time in which I was waiting to go in to labor. She was also helpful in recommending different ways to encourage labor to start on its own. I felt that Cara did an excellent job of encouraging me to do what was best for me and my baby. She never tried to sway my decision making, but was informative and positive during a stressful time. Also, if Cara had not suggested starting the induction process with just breaking my water, they would have started with a Pitocin drip which I did not want. After my water was broken, I had a very fast and furious labor and my daughter was born about 3 hours later without any other medical interventions. I would definitely recommend Cara as a doula!

Leisel Urbanski


I just want to thank Cara SO MUCH for your support during my {lengthy} labor. I am so glad it was Cara who was there for the delivery of our son! She is definitely a natural doula with a very soothing presence and touch. Her stamina was impressive! Plus she brought a warmth, faith and optimism that was much appreciated. She helped me stay focused on my birth plan wishes and endure through some rough spots. She also had such an intuitive, caring way of helping out whether it was managing the nurses or sharing a snack with me or supporting me by making sure I had privacy or a drink or whatever I needed. Both my husband and I are so happy to have shared our second birth experience with her!

Ami Stevens


When I told my Dr that Cara was my Natural Birth Class Instructor, she said "I know Cara!  Isn't she just the nicest person you've ever met?"  I thought, that's a pretty strong statement... but as I got to know Cara, I think it might be true!

I didn't want a Doula since I planned a home birth with a midwife who had two doula assistants.  My husband insisted we hire Cara, though, because he didn't want to be alone with me while I was in labor, prior to my midwife's arrival.  And my midwife insisted we hire a doula.

The same day I FINALLY hired Cara, my water broke 3-1/2 wks early - too early for a home birth!  Cara came right back over to our house and was such a calm and optimistic presence for me and my terrified husband.  We followed her to the hospital (we didn't know where it was!)  During my 3 night, 2+ day labor, Cara was just wonderful!  She tried lots of ways to get me to go into labor naturally, she helped me and my husband communicate with the hospital staff (and each other!), she was a positive, reassuring friend when we dealt with the necessary but scary hospital interventions... but most of all, she was just so much FUN to hang out with!

I didn't want Cara to see me naked, but she ended up holding my numb-from-epidural-leg while I gave birth to my son.  It was no big deal, as she is extremely professional and passionate about being a doula - Not just awesome to hang out with in a hospital room :)  And she explained how to push so much better than the hospital staff - we might still be there...

Cara helped me with my breastfeeding journey as well and has always helped me get back to a good place when things get tough.  I just want to write out everything she has to say on index cards and post them all around my house to help keep me sane!


Jamie Colliver


My husband and I moved to Indianapolis in the summer knowing no one, pregnant with our first child, and the mindset of having a natural water birth.  I started researching doulas because I had little support behind me and I knew that I needed a strong team in order to have my first natural birth.  I found Cara through a doula website.  I instantly felt a connection with her, the sincerity and calmness that she brought was the perfect fit for our family.  Once I was in active labor, and even the weeks before when my body was going through the steps in order to prepare for labor Cara was my go to for questions I had and even just to talk to.  My beautiful baby girl was born on a friday 13th and I honestly could not imagine it without Cara and my husband supporting me the entire time.  This was an amazing profound experience and I feel blessed that Cara was a part of it!  

Bethany Rivera


When I discoverd I was pregnant with my first little one, several women I spoke with emphasized the importance of having a doula. Having never gone through the birth experience before, I honestly didn't know what the value of having a doula would be. Boy were my expectations completely blown away with Cara!

As I experienced complications in my pregnancy, Cara was nothing less than supportive and positive about adjusting my birth plans from a home birth to a hospital one. She was available for any questions I had and she was very affirming that my birth would be exactly what it needed to be for the sake of my little lady. That's just what I need to hear from someone who had been around so many births!

Prior to our baby's arrival, Cara took the time to get to know my husband and I and determine what expectations we had and what we would like for her to do during our birthing. Having that understanding was great and on our baby's birthday, Cara was there and right beside us for every step of the journey in a very natural way. Her suggestions for changing positions, massages, walking around, or simply resting were perfect for my first birth experience. For both my husband and I, she brought a welcomed and warm presence into the equation as I strived to have a peaceful and calm birthing. And in my husband's words, "It just felt right that she was there..."

When I think of our experience with Cara now, I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for the crucial role she played in one of the biggest moments of our lives. Her love and support left a big impact on us and I would suggest her as a doula to anyone I know! Our big day just wouldn't have been the same without her!

Allison Miller


Cara was instrumental to the health of my pregnancy, both mentally and physically.  Her expertise in massage therapy and natural childbirth really helped me.  She is there 24/7 to answer any and all questions and she is always calm, attentive and truly cares about you and your baby's well being.  I could not have asked for better support, I HIGHLY recommend her.

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