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Konnie Kirksey-Yates CD(DONA),SpBAP,BBCI

Best Birth Ever

Lakeside, CA Service range 30 miles

808 741-2790


Birth Fee

Not specified

Birth Fee

Not specified

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

6 years and 160 births attended

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
To date I have had deliveries at many local hospitals including two that were non-emergency hospital transfers from birthing centers - both were well supported and positive birthing experiences.Your birthing location and provider are "key" to having the experience you desire.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Currently working with Best Start Birth Center which supports natural, un-medicated births for low risk mamas, as well as water births.

Attends home births? Some Home Births
Will only attend with a trained Midwife or physician. I cannot solely support a planned unassisted birth.

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

After certification, I completed the Doula Finishing Series through the Birth Education Center in San Diego. Rebozo certification, BBCI, SpBAP I continue to train and certify to provide the highest level of evidence based support.

Fee Details

Price includes 2 prenatals, (or as needed) full labor support, and 1 postpartum visit. I would be happy to meet with you and discuss your thoughts and feelings about your pregnancy and birth. I offer full support through evidence based education and a willingness to follow the birth plan of your choosing. I am happy to support all family situations - from prenatal education throughout your labor including a postnatal visit. I have 3 grown children and 2 grandchildren with many years of experience to draw from. All 3 of my children were unmedicated, natural births - I have been fortunate to have had remarkable support and care and it is my intention to support and care for other women in the same manner. I would consider it an honor to be considered in attending your birth.

Lakeside, CA Service range 30 miles

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Konnie is my angel. I wanted to have a natural delivery, unmedicated and without her, I am really not sure I would have gone through with it. I told Konnie I will need her to be my coach and guide me, whatever she tells me, I will listen. She understood I wanted less talking and more being. Her being there meant everything to me. Her touch is just right, she read me so well and did everything exactly as I would have liked it. She is skilled in what she does; she knew what positions to put me in to get the baby to turn into the correct position. She is very experienced and it shows, I had complete confidence and trust in her. She made me feel secure, safe and that we had everything under control. When for a minute I considered epidural, she said she knew I could do it without and her look was full of confidence in me. She was the exact support I needed and I couldn't have done it without her. I love Konnie.   

Brittany Moore


Konnie is exactly what my family needed both professionally and personally. She was available to me during the prenatal, delivery, and postpartum phases of this process. So it’s truly amazing that she could not only emotionally support in each, but also help in practical ways.A little about me: I am now a mother of three and a Doula. Konnie helped with my third and final baby. I can NOT believe I waited this long to have a doula. Please take my deepest advice and hire one you connect with. During the Prenatal process Konnie was able to meet with me twice. Professionally, I found her to be educated, informative, and able to direct me to appropriate resources. Thank you! On a personal level, we were able to connect instantly. I found her to be relatable, genuine, and emotionally safe. In our discussions she helped me work through some emotional baggage and fears I had from previous births. (Which is huge when it comes to delivery and postpartum!)When it came to Labor and Delivery, this wasn’t our first rodeo. I have the privilege of having a very involved spouse. Konnie sensed this instantly and was able to engage when I needed direction and step back when we were working well together. She never tried to direct our birth the way she may have wanted. She was supportive of us and my birthing process. Again, this is huge. Birth happens. Doulas are there for support of the whole family, not agendas. Her presence alone was a balm to my soul, especially when I was in transition. I felt infinitely safe knowing she was there and that we had someone safe and knowledgeable in our figurative corner. Lastly, Postpartum. Woof. I have beastly postpartums. Konnie knew this and would check in on me more than what was agreed in our contract. Thank you. She was supportive, engaging, and helpful with resources.Thank God Konnie was there. I needed her reassuring presence throughout this whole process. What a rollercoaster it is. We all need a Konnie in our lives.

Marlo Willows


Konnie was the perfect addition to my birth team, she provided my husband and I with information, labor techniques, and confidence. I cannot say enough good things about her! My birth went exactly how I envisioned it, a large part due to Konnie’s assistance. She met with us several times before labor and really got to know us and what we wanted. The day of she really helped me stay grounded and supported my husband. She was a true advocate for our intended birth plan. Do yourself a favor and add Konnie to your birth team!

Sarah Ellis


When my husband and I started our search for the perfect doula we also had no idea what a perfect doula was! When Jonnie came to our home we just got a great feeling about her and her knowledge and confidence in birth. Since this was our first child and we knew we wanted to do a natural unmedicated birth, we wanted to have a doula to support both of us that was experienced, confident and kind. Konnie was all of is that! When I went into labor Konnie kept both me and my husband calm and helped us through all different stages. She helped us readjust when I started stalking in labor by using spining babies methods to get our baby boy in a better position. I am not going to lie, birth is hard. Very hard. But she gave me and my husband all of the tools to succeed in achieving my dream of having a natural birth. We are so grateful for her help and support! 



I highly recommend Konnie as a doula. She provided excellent support and information before, during and after our birth. She gave us great guidance regarding choosing care givers and birth locations. When I went into labor she instinctively knew the exact type of touch and spoken support I needed. She was never over bearing - just there as much as we needed her while letting my husband remain the primary support person. I attribute our medication free birth in large part to Konnie. I also appreciated her home visit after the birth - she gave us valuable information about baby care that we hadn’t heard elsewhere. I would hire Konnie again without hesitation. 

Melissa Ouellette


Konnie was amazing from the time we met her. She was easy to talk to , very knowledgeable and for a first time mom her knowledge and passion for what she did made me a lot more comfortable and confident throughout my pregnancy and labor and even post baby! My husband said that he would pay to have her in the delivery room time and time again as it removed some of the pressure for him and seeing her really help me helped him be more calm. She listened to what I wanted to experience and also gave me both sides to every decision we made , from the medical side to the natural side so I felt like I had a really good balance of what I wanted and needed. Although delivery doesn’t always go as planned , Konnie was there with me through the different steps and at the end our sweet Amelia came out , with about 20 mins of pushing, having the strength and encouragement from Konnie made it all possible , because there are times you don’t think it is! Thanks Konnie. I can’t wait to do  it again, we’ll in a year or so! 

Kat Wilson


Hiring Konnie as our doula was the best decision we made during our journey through pregnancy and birth. We were referred to Konnie by a friend, and we connected with her immediately when we met for an interview. Konnie has a presence that is calming and confident. During our two pre-birth sessions with Konnie, we discussed our hopes and fears about birth (this is our first baby) and went over the "plan." She talked to my husband on the phone during the early contractions, and when labor really picked up, she was at our house quickly. From then on, Konnie stayed with us--she has incredible energy! I labored at home with Konnie's help, and she came with us to the birth center. Unfortunately, baby decided not to come out at the birth center, and we had to transfer to a hospital. Konnie stayed with us through this big change of scenery/mood, and I could not be more grateful to have her there. She has had a lot of experience as a doula in the hospital setting, and her presence made me feel more safe in this enviornment that was very frightening to me. She realized that I would probably end up with a C-Section (I did), and she made sure that my husband was present during the surgery. I gave birth to a healthy baby boy and left the hospital four days later. The hospital told us that our son had lost "too much" weight, and had me supplementing with donated breastmilk. Konnie came over and helped me and baby with some breastfeeding techniques, and gave us emotional support as we were feeling pretty raw. It really helped with closure to have the follow-up visit with Konnie, and she gave us references for great resources on breastfeeding and post-partum care as well. Whenever a friend who is newly pregnant asks me for advice from my experience, the first thing I always tell them is to HIRE A DOULA; and if you can, hire Konnie! If we have more children in the future, I 100% would want Konnie there with me again. I cannot reccomend her enough--she is wonderful! 

Meagan Powers


I’m not sure I can properly express how incredible Konnie was for me and my family. I can whole heartedly say that she is the reason, after an incredibly long and difficult labor, that I was still able to have the vaginal birth experience that I wanted. 

Without going into full detail, I was induced which lead to nearly 3 days of active labor. I was mentally and physically defeated and ready to give up. My family was also upset and stressed having to watch me be in pain for so long...it wasn’t a fun experience for anyone. 

Konnie was a calm and reassuring presence the entire time. She knew when to step in and encourage me, and when to step back and let my family work through our options. Her communication skills are excellent and she knew exactly what I needed without me having to say a word. 

To be transparent and honest, I am a registered nurse and wasn’t completely sold on what a doula can contribute...but Konnie completely changed my perspective. I can’t thank her enough for what she did for us. 

I highly recommend Konnie Kirksey for your Doula search so you can have a wonderful, positive experience and outcome like we did!




From the moment we met Konnie, we knew she was a fit for us. Her energy has an air of calming confidence and that’s exactly the kind of support we were looking for in a doula. She has seen it all and is extremely knowledgeable. Most importantly, she made it clear that we were all a team, Mom, Dad, Doula, and Baby.

Even though I didn’t have the exact birth I envisioned, Konnie’s presence, her coaching, her ability to slow things down so we could make informed decisions,  her encouragement, and her empathy all led to us having the “Best Birth Ever”, despite the twists in the road. I am forever grateful for her being a part of one of the most pivotal days of my life. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Kerri Samuel


Konnie was amazing! From our pre-baby visits, through labor and delivery and our postpartum visit, having her calming yet confident energy was exactly what we needed. She respected our birth preferences and helped us adapt as things changed. After laboring at home for a while (during which time Konnie was in constant communication with my husband via text), she joined us at home for a few more hours and helped us decide when it was time to go to the hospital. When the hospital wanted to send us home (even though I had already been laboring for 30 hours!), she helped us navigate through the process to convince the hospital to admit me, which I'm not sure we could have done without her (and I certainly wasn't going home at that point!). She was there by our side through the remaining 14 hours and was a great coach when it came time to pushing. I had no doubt that she had my back throughout the entire process, and knowing that she was there looking out for me gave me a great deal of comfort. She also took amazing picures (many people asked if we had a professional photographer for the birth, but it was just Konnie!). During the couple of ours after birth and at our postpartum visit, she provided practical and reassuring advice on breastfeeding and taking care of baby. Lastly, Konnie was always very responsive and timely since our first interaction, which was very important to us. My husband and I would highly recommend Konnie to anyone looking for a doula!

Nikki Neal


I was my honnor to have Konnie as our Doula for our first son, Kai. Her knowledge and patience is what I was looking for in my pregnancy and delivery. Her care and passion come alive in her pratice, she really knows what she is doing! I had my own birth story and it did not go as planned, how I had typed it up on my paper when I went to the hospital. Konnie coched me through all the cenerios of what was going to happen and the effects that it might have on my "planned" delivery.

I was medically induced for an emergency, as I did not want a c-section, and Konnie had all the answers and then some that I had not even thought about, it really calmed me down. She arrived to the hospital after my cervidal stripe was going to be taken out, as we had discussed. My labor was intense and Konnie as right there by my side for me and my husband. They both were rockstars with me!!!

4 hours later I was ready to push (10+) and Kai was coming, but not for another 6 hours of pushing, left/right side pushing, on all 4's pushing and then Konnie walked my husband through rebozo method (nurses were freaking out), but Konnie kept the room calm and we "PUSHED" forward. It was a long and hard delivery, none that anyone of us were thinking would happen, but it does and it so important to have someone in the room or a phone call away to inturpet what the Delivery Team and Doctor want you to do, as you can be bullied into doing something you could have avoided or by shear exhaustion make a snap decision. That's we found Konnie and her services to infavouble to our delivery of my son. 

For me, I dont have a strong relationship with my mom, Konnie was that "Mom" for me in my delivery, I would look up at her in the middle of pushinhg and know that everthing was ok. I had some complications in the my delivery and Konnie and my hubby were right there by my side. Without Konnie I know I would have asked for a c-section.

Thank you Konnie.

Lauren Schmidt


This is long overdue, but it is impossible to put into words how grateful we are for Konnie! If you have the chance, please work with her! Konnie not only helped me have a successful vbac, but she was an irreplaceable member of my support system my entire pregnancy, working with my husband and myself to prepare for our son‘s birth both physically and emotionally.

Konnie is incredibly knowledgeable, understanding, funny, reliable, and just the BEST. She stayed by my side throughout labor (both coming to my home and then to the hospital not leaving for a minute!) delivery, after delivery making sure I had food, breastfeeding support, etc. and then came over when we got home. She worked and communicated with us to determine how to best fit into our labor experience without being pushy, and made me feel empowered to have the greatest experience ever. 

I truly believe she is the best doula ever, and I highly recommend her to anyone! If you have the opportunity, or if you are even thinking about using a doula, please work with her! You will not regret it and she is amazing. She helped to make my birth story so happy and wonderful and I am forecer thankful for having her by my side! 

Yoon Kyung Park


My best friend had a doula and highly recommended that I get one. Unfortunately, her doula was in another state so i was delighted to find that the hypnobirthing class offered a free doula matching service in San Diego. I virtually interviewed three doulas with the most experience, and Konnie by far had the best communication, personality, and attitude. We immediately hired her after an in-person interview, and are so glad that we did!

Konnie supported us throughout the birthing process and even referred the most highly regarded professionals postpartum from breastfeeding to postpartum care. She is the reason my baby boy and I had the most intimate skin-to-skin moment of our lives almost immediately after birth, despite dozens of hospital staffs including med students crowding over my baby. She was able to advocate for evidence-based birth, and helped us understand and navigate the hospital's procedures with strong and supportive voice. Not only that, she was there every step of the way, always texting or emailing back almost immediately whenever I had a question or concern, even way before labor.

One thing that I regret the most is not listening to Konnie and making a medical decision recommended by my care provider. It was a tough call but now I know Konnie had the best intentions and evidence-based knowledge and I will always wonder how my birthing would have turned out had I listened to her recommendation. She totally knew better than my care provider!

Despite that, I had an uncomplicated vaginal delivery and a healthy baby boy! I didn't have it 100% natural as I had hoped (due to the decision I had made) but it could've been a lot worse without Konnie! Konnie also came by our home couple weeks after birth and supported us by answering our endless questions regarding newborn care. We are deeply grateful to have her service and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her doula service to all our expecting friends and family.

Nancy Vance


Konnie was the perfect match for us. She was the right mix of vivacious personality, with calm energy. She helped us through our first pregnancy and birth and we are so glad we went with her. You can tell she is really passionate about her work and the experience of being a mother. She was reliable and consistent in a way that made me feel comfortable. I also liked that she had a solid number of births under her belt! She has made herself available to me months after the birth of our boy with referrals and helpful advice. 

Laura Lee Loza


Konnie was an amazing blessing to us through our pregnancy.  Even though it is advised to interview multiple Doulas, during our first meeting I felt comfortable and connected with her and I knew she was the right match for my husband and I. She gave us so much knowledge and information around resources to help us make educated decisions when it came to our prenatal and postnatal care.  She gave me the confidence to know that my body was cabable of birthing this baby.  With Konnie's support- I was able to succuessfully have an unmedicated VBAC and it was the most empowering experience I have ever had in my life.  I am so grateful to have been referred Konnie and I am grateful to have a new friend in her too. 

Paula Foltz



We met Konnie through the doula matching service from the San Diego Birth Education Center. They strongly recommended we interview 2 or 3 doulas before making a decision on who to hire. Konnie was out third interview and we knew instantly we would hire her even though we loved the first two doulas.
Konnie is super knowledgeable and educated us about everything along the way. She was always available to answer questions and weigh in when I needed an opinion. Her support to my husband was essential. He knew exactly what to do and when to do it. I don't even know how to explain how much Konnie was such an important piece of the puzzle. It was only my husband, Konnie and I in the room during labor and I felt like I had all the support in the world. I'm so glad she was part of this moment in our lives and I would recommend her to my closest friends and family. She even took pictures during delivery and I absolutely loved having them to scroll through afterwards; I will always cherish those pictures.
Konnie still checks in with me and has made herself available to answer any questions as my baby grows. She is simply amazing! Thank you for everything Konnie!!!

Tatiana Mancias


Konnie is truly gift and worth it. Upon meeting Konnie my husband and I were advised to interview multiple doulas, but when we met her, we did not need to look any further. We instantly connected with her. When she arrived to our home, she brought in a warm feeling of care, professionalism and spent the quality time we needed to ensure all of our questions were answered.

From the start, Konnie prepped us of what to expect as the weeks approached so we knew what was coming ahead of time. Along my pregnancy journey, we faced a lot of difficult obstacles and Konnie was always there for us. She was able to effectively articulate and "translate" the hospital-lead messages we were receiving and give us the pure facts so that my husband and I could make informed, educated decisions. Through her guidance, we were able to make decisions with confidence and care rather then over fear or emotions.

Throughout my pregnancy, Konnie also provided me with helpful literature and always answered my questions promptly. She is very effective and timely with her communication, which speaks volumes to the support a mama feels during this time.

As our guess date approached closer, Konnie thoughtfully checked on my physical and mental well-being at the most appropriate times. I always felt supported by her and knew I could go to her with any mommy question I was having. This was especially reassuring as I was a first time mommy.

On the day of our delivery, everything came full circle when Konnie arrived to the hospital. As soon as I felt her touch, I felt a huge sense of calm and relief as she help me get through one of the hardest times in my life. I am so grateful to have met her, have her be our doula, friend, and to have her when I truly needed her most: during labor.

I always heard doulas were worth it, but now I know, I wouldn't want to labor without a doula. I would with out a doubt, love to have Konnie as my doula for my next birth.

Pearl Hoeglund


Konnie was amazing. We met in my 5th month of pregnancy, and we knew right away that we wanted Konnie at our birth. She was so knowledgeable and supportive, and always available to talk via phone, text, and email. She was very supportive when we ended up having to change our birth plan. She helped me to sleep and rest when I could, and had such a calming presence, which really created a welcoming, sweet environment for me and my baby girl. We had a nurse who was not very informed about medicine and whether it would affect the baby in utero, and Konnie was essential in helping us navigate that conversation so we could get the real info from the nurse. She was so sweet with my little girl at the postpartum appointment, and I was so happy to see her! It was so nice to see her again and get some help and support during that vulnerable time. Thank you for everything, Konnie!

Julia Tobias


We found Konnie through the doula matching program at Cap Wellness Center and could have not been happier with services and disposition.

We met with her a few times leading up to the birth to get to know each other. She was VERY resposive and supportive throughout the whole pregnancy and had great advice for all pregancy related issues.

When the big day arrived, she was there for us every step of the way. Talked to me on the phone, came over to the house, drove to the hospital with us and didn't leave until a couple of hours after our little one was born.

I was hoping for an unmedicated birth all along and did everything possible to prepare for it (hypnobirthing class, accupuncture, medidation, nutrition etc.). I believe Konnie played a HUGE role in my 9-hour, natural birth. She was encouraging and loving and made certain suggestions at the right time that took us to the next stage of labor quickly. She was also of great help dealing with the hospital staff.

I always thought I'd only hire a doula for my first baby, but after my experience with Konnie I can't imagine going through birth without her. It's so worth it!



Stacy Nicolle


Konnie gave us exceptional care as our doula! We had planned for a very calm hypnobirth, and she helped us maintain that calm throughout the process.  She also helped us navigate the hospital system so that we had the best birthing experience possible.  Konnie had many techniques for helping me thru surges, which was very helpful when labor went longer than expecte. Konnie will definitely be part of my birthing team again when I have my 2nd child at home!  Thanks, Konnie!!!

Klancy Chung


From the moment I met Konnie, I knew that she was the doula for us! She is very easy to talk to and provides her opinion/experience while also being respectful of what we think. I enjoyed our prenatal meetings, and she was always very easy to reach with questions and updates. She was invaluable to my husband and I during labor, as it ended up being longer than we all expected. She never complained, never seemed tired or worn out, and was always ready to help. Having her steady, clear head around when I started to get discouraged made all the difference. She also really empowered my husband to be a huge support to me during labor, and having her calm demeanor helped him know what to do. I really drew on her strength during the tough moments, and I know I wouldn't have had the same outcome and the birth I envisioned if not for her support. She will always hold a special place in our hearts, and if we ever have another child, I know who I will be calling to be our doula! Thank you for everything, Konnie!

Deborah Ferraro


I'm so grateful I found Konnie because my pregnancy and birthing experience were so very guided and nurtured by her support. I just had my first baby, a sweet little boy, and I hired Konnie to be my doula. I wanted a natural birth and really didn't know what to expect throughout pregnancy, labor, delivery, and even beyond into early motherhood. Do we ever know?! My partner and I took a Bradley Method class and hired Konnie as a Doula to help us prepare and follow through with a natural birth. She provided support throughout my pregnancy, in preparing a birth plan, during and after labor, and even post delivery through breastfeeding and other questions. Konnie was instrumental at the hospital during labor in helping me follow through with my planned natural birth. She even captured the moment with a few pics! I would highly recommend Konnie as your doula if you are looking for a strong supportive woman by your side to help you carry out your ideal birth.

Kristen Goodrich (DO)


Initially, we weren't sure what a doula even was much less if we wanted to have one for the birth of our first child. Upon meeting Konnie, and learning what her role in the labor/delivery process, we decided she was just what we needed- support, encouragement, expert, coach... She was our angel beside us guiding us through the whole process. 

Much to my disappointment, due to being six days late and having a rare autoimmune blood disorder, I was scheduled for induction. Konnie, knowing this was not the labor story I wanted, encouraged me to talk to my baby, and tell him what I wanted And let him know my body was ready, I was ready, for him to come. Literally ON THE WAY to the hospital, I went into labor (though I didn't know what it was at the time!) I went into labor and by the time I got to the hospital, my contractions were 2-4 minutes apart, and needless to say, I didn't end up being induced. My husband called Konnie and she was there within an hour.

Labor before she got there was rough, even though my husband is amazingly supportive and doing the best he could. Five minutes of her being there was worth the money we paid to have her there, though of course she was there the whole time. She  as everything my husband and I needed and more! The labor was so much smoother the second she arrived and I was so appreciative she was there. The encouragement, calming of her voice, gentle touch/massage in just the right places was exactly what I needed. She was there through out my labor and when it got intense at the end, she kept my husband calm and focused. 

I highly recommend Konnie to anyone having a baby, especially first time moms! I'm passing her name along to all my friends having babies! She made our labor & delivery experience such a positive one and we could never thank her enough! In the beginning, we were hesitant to pay extra for a doula... Knowing the experience now, I would pay $5,000 for her support! 

Sacha Lima Salazar


I found Konnie through Care Messer and the folks at the CAP Wellness Center.  I'd had two vaginal births at Scripps La Jolla and was looking to work with a doula in tandem with my Nurse Midwife provided via my OB/GYN.  Here are the basics of what Konnie's services included:

- Initial "get to know each other" interview which lasted an hour (at my workplace)

- Two prenatal home visits about 1.5 hours each

- One post-natal visit that worked well with our newborn schedule about 1.5 hours

- She emailed us photos almost immediately after the birth!

I am an experienced mom with a decent idea of what to expect so the prenatal visits were tailored around what my husband I and I wanted to discuss.  She was patient with our two children (2.5 and 4.5) as we met in our home.  Konnie provides information in such a way that makes it relevant to each person's situation, not just a standard "training" of sorts that one might get in a prenatal/L&D/newborn 101 class.  Konnie was responsive to any time I had a question and would call/text me back within 5 minutes.  I had a few false alarms but when labor finally started for real she was at my house within the hour and jumped right in to help.  Had Konnie not arrived when she did and been strong and wise enough to know when it was time to leave for the hospital I truly believe my pain would have prevented me from leaving.  Our son's birth day was happy, and we felt supported throughout the entire process.  She was our advocate when we were too busy/tired to remember the little details ourselves (like eating during labor, or when our son was admitted to the NIC-U).  She also encouraged me to get my placenta encapsulated and facilitated that process on our behalf.  I cannot stress enough how ambivilant I was about this prior to the actual day and she made it happen.  Without it I would be a post-natal wreck!!

Danielle Gremban


Konnie was my husband and my doula for our first baby and I can not say enough great things about our experience! As soon as we met Konnie during our interview we knew she would be a great fit for our family - her calm demeanor, vast experience and flexibility immediately put us at ease. We felt confident that she would help us navigate this very unfamiliar experience and would also listen and respect our wishes. Throughout the pregnancy Konnie was always just a text or call away with helpful information, and our two prenatal visits with her really put my mind at ease for the labor and delivery. It's one thing to take the classes or read the books, but something else to know someone will be there with you every step of the way and that they really understand your goals for your birth. While I was hoping to have an unmedicated birth and to labor at home, things didn't go quite as planned (as is often the case). Because of high blood pressure I was admitted and had to be induced at 41 weeks. This was when I was especially glad to have Konnie. She walked us through what to expect, what to ask, and what our options were. She helped make us feel calm, respected all of the decisions we made, and also empowered my husband to support me during the early hours before she joined us at the hospital. In the end, we were so happy with the birth experience we got and I know it wouldn't have been the case without Konnie by our side. In addition to everything she did to help me cope during labor (she knew just what to do to help ease the pain!), she also worked very well with all the hospital staff, helped us get off to a good start with breastfeeding, and some how also found the time to take amazing photos of the deilivery. I know we will cherish those for ever!

Now, a few weeks post-birth, I still reach out with questions and she is always happy to help.

kara nazaroff


I was matched up with Konnie at 36 weeks into my pregnancy. I needed to find a doula with experience and a personality that I clicked with. Konnie was my girl! She is very experienced and gave me her knowledge and tips to help me through my birthing experience. In the short time that we had together before my daughter was born, we really grew. She understood exactly what I needed sometimes without even telling her. I used to think that I wouldn't need a doula, in fact I was like a doula what? But after researching and taking the time to better understand the role that a doula plays, I wouldn't have had it any other way. I remember looking up at Konnie right in the middle of giving birth and her focus was what I needed to get me through that last stretch. I can not say enough about Konnie and how I couldn't have done this without her. She is our friend to the end! We love our Konnie!! 

Terra Vargas


Konnie Kurksey was hands down one of the absolute best parts of childbirth for me and my husband. Our prenatal meetings prior to delivery were so helpful to establish a peaceful, knowledgeable approach to becoming new parents. Konnie was with us through a very long 24+ hour delivery and always with a lovely, encouraging demeanor. We have already recommended Konnie to two friends and will continue to do so for any new and repeat moms! Thank you Konnie for being you :)

Kate Fenner


Konnie was an amazing addition to our birth experience. As first timers, it was so helpful to have her experience and knowledge both during the last few weeks of pregnancy as well as during the labor itself. My husband wasn't originally totally sure about having a doula but quickly came to see what a huge help Konnie was and now can't imagine not having her.  

Konnie's presence at our birth was calm and reassuring and at the height of labor when I went inside myself, I could still hear her voice guiding me on my breath and reminding me to relax. She helped keep me centered & focused so I could have the natural labor I wanted. We would highly recommend Konnie! 

Kelley Karvandi


I can't thank Konnie enough for everything she did to help me and my husband prepare for the birth of our baby and the spot on support she gave us both during labor and delivery. Konnie gave me the confidence to give birth to my son as I had so badly hoped for with a calm, drug free birth. Everything I needed, both mentally and physically, Konnie provided exactly when I needed it most. My husband and I both agree that we would not have been able to make it through this amazing experience so smoothly without Konnie. We will be forever grateful and look forward to working with her again in the future! 

Hannah Renew


Konnie was awesome to work with.  I went into labor 3 weeks early and it progressed pretty quickly, she rushed to the hospital just in the nick of time, and knew exactly what I needed.  She has a great energy that my Husband and I really clicked with (as well as our two protective dogs!) and we really enjoyed her company in our prep meetings before hand, immediately after birth when she helped baby and me correctly latch for breastfeeding, as well as in our postpartum visit when she came to check in with us to see how our first week home was going and if we needed any additional resources.  She also took some great photos after baby was born that we really cherish.  I would definitely recommend her to a friend or hire her again if we decide to have another! 


Devon Berkheiser


Konnie was absolutely amazing!  When my labor got really intense, she provided the support that got me through it.  Her knowledge and experience were crucial in helping me to understand the process of labor so that I could advocate for myself and ultimately have the exact birthing experience that I had hoped for.  I could not have done it without her.  I highly recommend Konnie, and I am so happy that she was part of my baby's birth!  

rashelle hakak


Konnie is amazing and we could not have had the awesomely successful birth experience we did without her. (My husband and I do not know how people give birth without Konnie by their side.) My husband and I are very educated and research everything and looked for a doula who was on the same wavelength as us but also someone who could decrease our anxiety, increase our confidence, and support us.
I was attempting a VBAC and had a successful one with Konnie's strong support. If she was not with us, I would have ended up having another cesarean. Konnie knows what she is doing and we felt completely safe and secure with her. She was responsive and available before my delivery and was completely attentive and provided me information and support along the way. She is warm, laid back, and assertive all in one. I felt like she was a mama bear who was going to protect me and my birth experience. She helped me find my voice and gave me and my husband the confidence to really assert ourselves in the hospital so I could really have the birth I wanted. She helped me labor and gave my husband time off so he could be there for me when I needed. Konnie is one of the best investments and smartest decisions me and my husband ever made for so many amazing reasons.


Sophia Lesberg


Finding a doula who is a perfect match for you is a vital part of your baby's birth. Konnie was our perfect match! She was exactly what we were looking for. She has a calming nature, she is very knowledgeable and most importantly- she is supportive of your birthing wishes. She makes it very clear that you and your baby are her priority and however you want to bring your baby into the world, she will support you in that. I had a beautiful labor and my daughter's birth went exactly how I'd always dreamed and I truly believe that I owe that to Konnie. She made me believe in myself and really connect with my baby when labor became very intense. She knew when it was time to go to the hospital and was always one step ahead- my husband and I didn't even need to think! I would recommend Konnie to every woman I know. And I plan on having her by my side at all of my baby's births! 

Julianne Ghiglieri-Cole


Konnie was a perfect match for me! She was knowledgable, patient, caring, and calm. She provided me with the support and information I needed prior to my labor. Konnie coached me through a natural labor and delivery of my baby girl. My husband and I were so grateful for a positive birthing experiece with her help. She was also supportive during some of my postpartum complications. I would highly recommend Konnie as a doula! 

Sara AlAteeqi


Speaking to Konnie during the interview process, I felt was a match made in heaven. Then I met her and felt immediately at ease. I am a first time mom who had a million questions and Konnie took the time to reassure me and offer me tips even before we hired her.


After hiring her, I was the boy who cried wolf, I thought I was going into labour at least 5 times and every time i messaged Konnie she would reply within 5 minutes. It felt reassuring to have someone not only knowleagable but accessible and available during this stressful time.


Labour however was the true testament of her capabilities. I had a very intense labour, I was screaming my lungs out, I was horrified both during and after labour at how loud I was, I am a very quiet person by nature and the intensity of the labour caught me off guard! Yet, everytime I looked at Konnie, she was calm, guiding me gently and almost connected to me. I felt I would look at her and she would know exactly what to do. She suggested taking me into the tub to relax me and at some point she put a sleep mask on my eye that made a world of difference. I didn't have to say anything to her she just took care of me and that really helped. 


I truly loved working with Konnie and highly recommend working with her, she is a beautiful soul who truly enhanced my labour experience.

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