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Phone: 301-655-8415

Birth Fee: $1100

Postpartum Rate: Not specified

Fee Details: I am a DONA Certified Birth Doula, PBI certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist and HypnoBirthing teacher. Birth has the potential to be a pivotal time in a womans life. Being able to support a mother during this life changing event is something I truly value and appreciate. Each woman has an idea of what their ideal birth looks like and i will work with you to help you achieve whatever your that image is. This is YOUR journey. I am here to support you and help accomplish whatever goals you have. Certainly not all births go as planned and I will be there with you to help you adjust to unexpected situations as they arise. I strive to provide physical and emotional support as well as provide information and education to best help you achieve your goals. My presence can also ensure the birth partner is supported and experiences less fatigue. No matter what your ideal birth looks like I would love to discuss it with you, so you can make informed decisions on your birth choices.

Years in Operation: 10

Type of Practice: Agency

Clients per Month: 3 to 6 births and 2 to 6 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Special Services Offered

  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Birth Pool rental
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Elimination communication education
  • Infant massage education
  • Military families
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • TENS units rental

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Area of practice: Annapolis, MD
Travel Range: 50 Miles

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Client Testimonials for Annapolis Area Doulas

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Christine Norris

Our decision to hire Carly as our Doula can be described in one word: Priceless. With Carly's guidance we were able to achieve a beautiful, calm and peaceful birth. Given the chance, we would hire her again in a heartbeat.

At 34 weeks we found out our son was in the breech presentation. Our dreams of a natural, unmedicated birth seemed to dwindle; we were heartbroken. Carly remained hopeful and encouraged us to do the same. She talked us through different approaches to encourage our baby to flip but inevitably he stayed breech.

My husband and I agonized over the likelihood of having a cesarean - Carly gave us space to feel those emotions and acted as someone we could lean on during days we felt discouraged and in the end helped us feel like we were making the best decision for our baby. With Carly's help we planned a Family Centered Cesarean at AAMC.

The day of scheduled cesarean quickly came and we felt fully prepared, excited, and calm because Carly empowered us with an understanding of our rights and options as patients - she left no stone unturned. That morning, Carly met us in triage for extra support and encouragement for not only myself but my husband. She also double checked our birth plan requests with the nurse, asked questions we might have forgotten, and was armed with essential oils to keep my nausea and nerves at bay.

Although Carly couldn't go back into the OR with us, we were quickly reunited with her in the recovery room where she captured some photos of the baby and helped me get breastfeeding started. While we were recovering Carly was able to communicate with our family (who eagerly waited) so that my husband and I could spend uninterrupted time with our baby. A few days later she came by the hospital to check on us and offered help with some breastfeeding issues I had. More importantly, Carly was someone to talk to during the stressful days and weeks following this life changing experience.

Posted 4/2/2016

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Amy Steinweg

We had Carly Glover for the birth of our first child.  I recommend her, and would totally have her again for any subsequent births.  Right away we felt comfortable with her; she is experienced and knowledgable, while also having a good personality & sense of humor.  She was highly recommended by the midwives of our birthing center.  She also had recently begun teaching hypnobirthing classes, which we took prior to our birth.  Having had her for the classes and as a doula is doubly helpful.  By taking the classes you get more time with her to develop a relationship; then having her at the birth you are already conditioned to associate her with relaxation and all the hypnobirthing techniques, which she can then reinforce as needed.  Going into this, I believed the cost of having a birthing doula was worth it given friends' experiences, and the statistics about better birth outcomes.  But of course you wonder how helpful it will be during your actual birth.  I found that it was indeed priceless when the time for the big day came.  Having someone by your side as a professional birthing coach/companion is so important to get you through the labor.  And having her in particular had everything to do with the great natural birth I was able to have.  She did/said the right things at the right times, and she helped me feel comfortable with the stages of labor as they came.  And when the final stage came, she empowered me to pace my pushing based on my own body's wisdom- which minimized pain/discomfort, and helped me birth my baby with no tearing (or episiotomy). I am so glad I had Carly at my birth, and would definitely recommend her to anyone.  Thanks Carly!

Posted 10/17/2015

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Kimberly Patel

Carly was instrumental in the hospital birth of my daughter. My husband and I chose to pursue a natural childbirth with the use of Hyponobirthing. Not only is Carly an experienced doula who is warm, compassionate, and calming, but she is also a Hyponobirthing instructor which greatly appealed to me. In the days leading up to my daughter's birth, Carly assisted me in comfort measures and answering questions about my symptoms of impending labor. When the day came she arrived at my house and helped to suggest ways in which to to progress my labor as comfortably as possible and provided support to my husband. After transitioning to the hospital, Carly heped to ensure my birth plan was followed and was essential in keeping me focused and comfortable during a prolonged back labor that was incredibly intense. Had Carly not been present and such a compassionate and experienced doula, my birth would have been vastly different than what I had wanted for myself and my daughter. I owe a her great deal of gratitude for both this and the support that she provided both before and after my delivery. I only wish that I was better able to convey my absolutely wonderful experience with Carly, though writing is not one of my strengths. Simply put, I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for the very best of doulas to assist with their ideal birth. Thank you Carly!!!!!

Posted 10/2/2015

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Allison Holmes

Selecting Carly = best possible decision. She asked thorough questions about our desired birth and had prompts to make us evaluate the entire process. She provided amazing pre-labor support – I experienced three weeks of prodromal labor - and gave good advice as to how to identify when labor was progressing compared with just making my day hell. She was very knowledgeable about multiple techniques we could try both during pre-labor and during labor itself. She had many recommended resources.

She was exactly the rock that I needed during a very difficult labor. She adeptly navigated complicated labor: my water was broken and I went into transition on hyperdrive because I was already on Pitocin. All the while, she was very personable yet extremely professional, knew when to take a more active role compared with a support role, knew when to be gentle and knew when to put some energy into her voice. She made me feel so comfortable, which I know helps labor progress.

Though we weren't able to adhere to our birth plan, we felt that we still had a positive birth experience. Even though we had to adjust/tweak/throw the plan out the window, I felt like we were positively progressing through the birth. Consider this: we initially wanted a non-medicated water birth and ended up with an induced hospital birth with an epidural. In spite of this, Carly’s support helped us to feel confident, safe, and comfortable.

To be crystal clear: I don’t believe we would have had a vaginal birth without her. She exceeded ALL expectations for what a doula could do and we definitely hope to have her by our side at our next birth.

And definitely take advantage of the placental encapsulation – it was not something we had even considered at the beginning of our journey, but are so glad we did. I didn’t experience the typical hormonal ups and downs and will absolutely encapsulate next time, too.

Posted 9/11/2015

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Hannah Warzoha

It's hard to put into words the effect Carly had on our lives and our daughter's birth. My first labor was an intense cascade of interventions ultimately leading to an emergency c-section. This birth was the exact opposite - an all natural Vbac with no interventions and a healthy, happy baby girl I got to hold right away. Carly was there for us every step of the way through prenatal support, answering all my questions and was a calming, wonderful presence during labor. Carly knew the exact way to support us during labor and kept us going through the very worst of it. My first labor was a cold, clinical experience; Carly made this labor a healing process. Carly will forever be a part of our family and our birth story - I truly cannot say enough about her!

Posted 8/25/2015

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Lindsay Ellis

Wow, where do I begin? I didnt fully understand what the role of a doula was until I became pregnant and was wanting to do a natural birth at a birthing center. I knew I wanted a strong woman by our side to aid with emotional support as both of mine and my husband's family lived out of state and wouldn't be able to attend the birth. I reached out on a Facebook page inquiring about a doula and numerous people recommended Carly.

When we met her in person and learned all the roles a doula filled and I knew this was exactly what I wanted. I also knew by meeting Carly that our personalities would mesh. She is kind, patient and very knowledgable. When we met for the last time before my labor I felt 100% confident that Carly would help support me physically and mentally through the labor and delivery. I was right about that and then some. Not only was she by my side for a long, long labor but helped keep me going when I wanted to give into the pain. And when things didn't go according to my birth plan she was there the entire time, coaching me and helping me stay focused. By the time I delivered my daughter I felt like she was an old friend. I without even a second thought would recommend Carly to anyone seeking a doula. I feel confident in saying my labor journey wouldn't of been the same if she wasn't there.  

Posted 6/19/2015

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Aurore Trotignon

Carly is an amazing doula. She is kind, calm, very knowledgeable and knows how to adapt to whatever the situation at hand requires. It was very reinsuring having her by our side throughout the process. She has been a tremendous physical and moral support during the birth of our baby. We are so thankful she was our doula. My husband who did not know much about doulas was especially grateful she was our doula. We would highly recommend her services to any expecting parents.

Posted 5/25/2015

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Katie Dondero

Carly was a fantastic asset to my birth experience. The prenatal meetings were extremely helpful for explaining birth options and getting to know Carly. She was always prompt and professional, but also incredibly personable. It felt like we had known her for years by the time I gave birth! My labor was progressing atypically, so she helped me try many options to continue to progress my labor while sticking as closely to my plan as possible. I know that without her knowledge and expertise, we would have gone to the hospital too soon and my birth experience may not have unfolded as closely to my plans as it did. I was so grateful to have her as such a big part of my birth experience, and my husband was too. She helped my baby latch for feeding right after birth, and during the post partum visit, she helped me figure out baby wearing and additional breastfeeding positions. She is so well-versed in a world that was so unfamiliar to us as first time parents, and worked wonderfully with our OBGYN. I would hire her again in a hearbeat and would recommend her to anyone looking for help in the birth process. 

Posted 5/5/2015

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Jonathan Chevalley

My wife and I worked with Carly Glover from Destined Doulas for the delivery of our first child. The amount of support and encouragement we received from Carly during our 41 hour journey can not be put into words. Her knowledge about labor and delivery and her advice at the right times was just what my wife needed to hear. 

As a first time father, and someone unsure about the whole process, I wanted to use a Doula for the support and comfort that my wife would be cared for during the entire process. What we found in Carly was a true friend and someone that cared about our desires and birth plan and helped us to follow that plan as much as possible. 

Although things didn't go exactly according to plan, we felt as though our pregnancy was a success because of Carly's support and presence. We are so thankful for her and are enjoying our newest addition to our family!

Posted 4/14/2015

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HM Raws

I wanted a Doula to assist with my second child's delivery as my first delivery was less than ideal - with numerous interventions. I was hoping for someone who would be a coach through labor and an advocate for my wishes in a hospital setting, and Carly excelled at both roles.

Carly spent time getting to know me and my partner ahead of our due date, and help us to craft our birth plan for the big event. She was patient, kind and thoughtful through every step, and I couldn't imagine a more positive and helpful doula!

During the snowiest day of the year, Carly met us at the hospital for what would be a long evening/early morning L&D. She encouraged me and my partner for hours, providing massage and positive support for hours. She was amazing interacting with the nurses and doctor throughout and helped get things 'moving' after they were stalled. When I insisted I just couldn't 'do it' any longer, Carly told me I could - and I did! 

My daughter was born without the use of pain medications, and I know it was the best thing for her and for me. My recovery has been more rapid than with my first child, and Carly visited us at home to check on us and provide more support. 

We have been truly blessed to have Carly be a part of our lives as my daughter started hers, and will always be thankful that she was there for us with her amazing skills, knowledge, and calm support. Thank you, Carly!


Posted 4/9/2015

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Courtney Marzban

We decided to work with Carly after having interviewed two other doulas. We liked Carly because she was so friendly and made us feel comfortable. I wanted to have a vaginal birth with a few interventions as possible, BUT from the beginning I wasn't sure if I wanted to completely avoid an epidural or just delay as long as possible. She helped me reason through things without making me feel judged at all. The end of my pregnancy became a bit of a roller coaster as my baby flipped from head down to transverse to breech and back to transverse. We went from a vaginal birth to a possible ECV to a possible C-section to ultimately an induction. Throughout that very emotional and confusing time Carly was such a blessing. She was so knowledgable about the various options and really helped me to feel empowered to make the decisions that made the most sense for me. During labor and delivery she helped me advocate for myself without alienating my husband or any of the hospital staff. I owe my positive feelings about the whole process to her and my husband swears we wont do it again without her!

Posted 3/30/2015

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Susan Hess Quinzi

Carly is absolutely amazing and words can’t adequately describe how much she helped us reach our goal of a VBAC! After meeting with several doulas, we knew Carly was the one. She connected right away with our entire family. The reason we hired a doula was to assist us in achieving a VBAC. Based on my previous pregnancy we knew there were going to be some hurdles to jump along the way. I was gestational diabetic and had to be on medication for my fasting numbers. I opted to use insulin, which made it even harder to find a care provider at the end of my pregnancy. When all hope was lost in finding a provider Carly helped me search for a VBAC friendly provider, that would take a gestational diabetic on insulin. In my 37th week my fluid was low and I ended up needing to be induced. Carly came to join us in the hospital when we needed her the most. During the night of labor Carly helped me in staying focused in my hypnobirthing. With each surge she would read me an affirmation, which made the surges go by faster. When we neared the end, when the pain was at its worst Carly and my husband helped me hold strong and resist the temptation to get an epidural. She encouraged me to get my cervix checked to encourage me with the progress I was making. Carly gave me the strength to make it through the rest of my labor and reach my goal of a pain-med-free birth and birth my baby vaginally.

Posted 3/24/2015

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Kristi Acheson

Amazing, supportive, resourceful....just a few of the words I would use to describe Carly. In all honesty though, I don't have the perfect words that truly describe our experience. Carly knew exactly what to say and do the entire labor and birth. She was a constant source of support and I will forever be grateful. Without her, i would not have had the labor and birth that I've always dreamed about. Thank you Carly!

Posted 3/7/2015

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Rachel Lucke

Carly's warmth, sincerity, and sense of humor put me at ease throughout my pregnancy and especially during the birth of my son. She read me so well and anticipated my needs during the birth, from setting up a candlelit room at the birth center to offering me a warm bath to keeping me well hydrated throughout. When the birth assistant was delayed and my labor was progressing surprisingly quickly, Carly was even able to step in and help the midwife too. Carly is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about moms and babies. She answers questions with objectivity and never pretends to know something she doesn't; instead, she'll help find the resource you need. Carly has amazing interpersonal skills that I suspect allow her to give just about any mom exactly what that mom needs in a doula. Carly also did my placenta encapsulation, and it was great to have that extra time to spend with her to chat about everything that had happened during the birth. She also gave me tips on nursing, babywearing, and managing the comfort of my postpartum body. I am so grateful Carly was present at the birth of my son, and she works with great back-ups (Heather and Dina), so I felt confident all along that I would be taken good care of no matter what might happen. 

Posted 2/17/2015

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Terri Harold

I have nothing but good things to say about Carly Glover. My daughter, Rachel, was impressed with her from the first time we met her at Babypalooza in Columbia, MD in summer 2014. She was warm, knowledgeable, and her passion for her work was obvious.  Rachel declared that day to me that she wanted Carly as her doula. Rachel is a single mother and had no partner to rely on throughout her pregnancy, and as the time drew near for her to deliver, Carly's presence and advice became all the more important.  Rachel went into labor late evening on Feb. 1st and we called Carly to let her know. Considering it was Rachel's first child, Carly advised her to get some rest as she was probably in early labor. However, the situation quickly progressed, and another call to Carly convinced her to head over to the house.  Soon afterward we realized we needed to begin the 45 min. journey to the birthing center and called Carly again to tell her to meet us there.  When we arrived she had prepared the birthing room with lovely candlelight, and her warm, welcoming, and reassuring presence put Rachel at ease.  The birth of my grandson Arlo was described by the attending midwife as "peacefully dramatic" -- and Carly had much to do with the peaceful part. She gently yet firmly led Rachel through the intensity of the final stages of labor and kept her focused on the importance of breathing through the pushing stage, which took quite some time and became increasingly difficult and painful for Rachel.  Without Carly's guidance the situation could have escalated into a much more stressful situation, yet despite some last minute complications, my daughter and grandson came through the experience both healthy and happy.  I credit Carly with preserving the natural childbirth that my daughter so desired. Her follow-up visits to Rachel's home for placenta encapsulation were like visits from a dear friend. We will always consider Carly that. 

Posted 2/11/2015

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Deanna Adams

As a first time mom, I knew I needed a doula. I interviewed many people and could not find the right fit. When i meet Carly, I knew right away that she was my doula. She was able to answer all my questions and most importantly put me at ease. Even my husband was impressed with her. Which is not an easy thing to do.

Throughout my pregnancy Carly was always checking in. Whenever I had a thought or question she was super easy to get ahold of. She has incredible resources and even has labor pain management classes. The visual birth plan she created was awesome. Even the nurse at the hospital were impressed with it.

When it came time to deliver my birth plan and dream delivery was shot. I was nervous and worried about everything that could go wrong. Having Carly in the delivery room was an enormous help. She was asking questions I did not think to ask, keeping me informed and constantly communicating with my husband. Her confidence and experience shinned though during the delivery. From the simple task as helping pull my hair back to walking the halls for hours she was constantly smiling and keeping me calm and focused. She held my legs as I pushed and had tears when I finally got to meet my baby.

Once home, Carly came over for my follow up and to encapsulation my placenta. The pills have been amazing. I had a super easy recovery and have not had any crazy mood swings.

When choosing a doula the best advice I can give is to find someone who loves what they do. Carly is more then a doula she is a wonderful person who truly wants you to have the best pregnancy and delivery possible. She has become a friend. I hope that every mom can find a doula like Carly.


Posted 2/8/2015

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Raquel Arcelia

I interviewed 2 other Doulas before meeting with Carly and immediately knew that she was the right match for us. She was so warm and friendly and had very thorough knowledge of the birth process and coping techniques. There was no pressure to sign a contract with her and she was happy to share her knowledge with us. We had 4 prenatal appointments with Carly and she walked us through hypnobirthing, coping techniques, cloth diapers, babywearing and just generally made us feel more comfortable with the birthing process. She was always readily available via email or phone. Without her help, I am confident in saying that I would not have been able to have the relatively smooth and all natural birth that I did have. Through 21 hours of labor she helped me find positions to ease the pain and help my labor progress. She stood in the shower with me for almost 10 hours aiming hot water on my back and braced my weight as I squatted down with almost every contraction. She was an invaluable support to me and my boyfriend and helped me have the exact birth I wanted. Carly also made me a visual birth plan, encapsulated my placenta, and provided post partum support. She will be one of the first people I call when I get pregnant again!

Posted 1/26/2015

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Claudia Garcia Campos

I cannot say enough good things about Carly’s support. After interviewing some doulas, I knew that she was the person that I wanted to share my birth experience with. The day that we met she was very professional, and I felt an instant connection with her, since she is very kind and loving person. She patiently went through all our concerns, and answered all our questions. Immediately after our meeting I told my husband I found a doula!!

The prenatal appointments were very informative; she was very thorough reviewing our birth plan and explaining to us all the comforting techniques that she was able to perform during labor and birth. Also, she gave me great postpartum care tips!!

Her support during labor was invaluable. She was there all night working very hard. She listened all my needs, suggesting different techniques, positions and exercises to help during labor. Her support was amazing. I could see that she is really passionate about her job.

After my baby was born, Carly was checking on us, and helped us in any way that she could. She helped me with the initial latch of my baby and recommended a great lactation consultant. We cannot be more grateful with Carly for all her support during this new process to us. If I had another baby I would hire her as a doula again!!!

Posted 12/13/2014

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Erica Miller

My husband and I loved working with Carly as our doula and placenta encapsulator. Carly immediately put us at ease, has a great sense of humor, and was responsive, flexible, supportive, and informative throughout my pregnancy. When I learned that my baby was breech, Carly was invaluable in providing us with resources on how to try and turn him and - when he stubbornly stayed breech - she helped us research our options and determine our preferences for our birth. While my midwife ultimately recommended that I have a C-section, which was not the birth we had originally planned for, we had the best possible C-section in large part because of Carly's assistance in helping us plan for this possible outcome (i.e. knowing what question to ask and what to request). When my water broke and I was admitted to the hospital a week and a half early, Carly rushed to our hospital directly from an all-night delivery with another client and was waiting in the recovery room after my C-section, where she helped us establish breastfeeding. She is a total rock star...if we decide to have another child in the future, we will definitely hire her again!

Posted 12/12/2014

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JoAnnette All-Denny

Wow as a first time Mom hoping for the most natural birth experience I had nine months to learn about pregnancy. I did research on different nutrition ,exercise , midwives, obstetricians, classes on preparation.  Just about all under the sun to help me be knowledgeable about this process and trying to help myself achieve a dream birth for my daughter and of course keeping an open mind if emergency arose.  I attended a baby fair or baby palooza to get some info and contacts! I met Carly and her team here and was in amazement about various topics that were foreign to me such as placenta encapsulation and doula services. Carly took her time to explain benefits of each and I was eager to incorporate this aspect to my experience! She met with my husband and I for various times to practice methods of holistic approaches to aid through birth having us act out many techniques and positions as well as herbs and remedies to aid the body.  Each time she visited we were more educated and ready for showtime in our birth.  So come my 40th week and on my due date my water broke and thought any hour my contractions would begin.  They did not come regularly and the midwives I was under didnt want me to go for more than 48 hours with membranes ruptured.  I was in a pickle and Carly recommended various things to try to begin regular natural contractions.  However as my first birth my fear of risk due to rupture was to much and decided that it might be best for being induced or augmented with pitocin as requested from midwife. honesty I thought since I was transferred to hospital and induction was about started that Carly would not be really participating in assisting me with all we learned. WELL I WAS WRONG!  Her support and presence was 150% 4 me . First exam I was 90% effaced but 1cm. Oh brother 9 more cm to go was I in for a ride. Carly arrived and really began support. She was phenomenal.


Posted 11/29/2014

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Tanya Carawan Russo

I can't begin to express our sincere gratitude to Carly for her assistance during the birth of our daughter. She was simply fabulous! She was great at explaining what was going on and what alternatives might be available. This was our first baby and there is so much you don't know going into the delivery room (no matter how many classes you take to prepare). She motivated me, took the fear out of the process and made us laugh. After two days together, she was like an old friend.

Carly has definitely found the right profession for herself because her passion for her work shows in everything she does. It should be a sign that she knows her stuff when the nurses at the hospital asked me for her contact info and how I found her. I am pretty sure my Doctor was even impressed.

I highly recommend Carly.

Posted 11/22/2014

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Wendy Munera

After having met Carly in the Birthing from Within Classes taught by my doula, Dani Schuman, I was very happy to find out she would be our back up doula in the event that I went into labor early and Dani couldn't make it. As it turns out, I went to Anne Arundel Med Ctr. for an ECV and was in early labor at 38+2 weeks and in need of a cesarean due to breech positioning. Since Dani was out of town, we put our plan B into play. Carly came to us very quickly and clearly knew her way around AAMC and brought with her the experience of being a doula in many births, including, cesarean births at this hospital which was extremely reassuring. Considering that the birth was going to happen so suddenly, Carly was a wonderful source of calm and answered all of our questions (while giving me an essential oil hand rub!). The things I remember most were that she was able to negotiate with the staff so that she could accompany me in the OR after my husband left to follow the baby, as well as, the beautiful photos she took of our precious early moments with our son. Having company during those 20 minutes while the surgical team finished was a blessing. Carly also helped me begin breastfeeding in the recovery room and encapsulated my placenta while I was in the hospital. Eventhough I was planning a natural birth center birth, Carly and Dani both made my cesearean birth feel like a positive, beautiful experience. I felt comforted by Carly's guidance and couldn't be happier with my birth experience, whirlwind and all.

Posted 9/22/2014

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Joanna, Bowie MD

Carly Glover made it possible for me to have a natural childbirth. I had never considered an unmedicated birth before, and I wanted a doula to help me understand my options and prepare for the experience. From our first meeting, my husband and I knew we could trust Carly was the right person to get us there.

Carly was very responsive and flexible in accommodating our schedule as two working parents of a pre-schooler. She worked with us to create a plan that addressed our unique concerns and goals, without trying to influence our decisions. She gave us real-world advice on coping techniques and preparing for the birth.

The day our daughter was born, Carly was there to give immediate support. Thanks partly to her expertise, we arrived at the hospital at exactly the right time to ensure a safe delivery without spending any more time there than necessary. She brought much-needed calm, encouragement, and even humor to the delivery and recovery rooms. Since then she has remained engaged with us to follow up on my recovery.

I strongly recommend Carly and Destined Doulas to anyone considering natural childbirth, especially for a first-time mom or anyone who has a lot of anxiety about the decision.

Posted 9/19/2014

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Jennifer Usher

Carly is a long time friend who I asked to support us during the birth of our son as I knew she would provide the calm and reassuring presence we needed. I had a traumatic experience delivering my older son via failed induction and C-section and knew that I wanted the opportunity to VBAC this time. Carly was instrumental in providing education that allowed us to make informed choices about what we wanted to do and how we idealy would like for this birth to go. Our birth went nothing like we planned. I had prodromal labor for weeks prior to delivery and often felt as if my body was failing me. Carly spent many hours reassuring me and providing empathy for my frustrations. On the big night, Carly met us at the hospital to support me and my husband. Despite our birth plan stating we wanted a natural drug free birth things were quickly changing and I needed an epidural. Carly once again listened to my fears and my husband's concerns to help us make an informed choice. I was able to allow my labor to progress with the epidural and quickly reached 8cm. At that point my labor stalled completely and we needed to make the choice to proceed with another C-section. Carly was able to verbalize my fears regarding surgery and helped me to advocate for the support and better pain control I needed to feel comfortable with this decision.  Carly was unable to be in the room during our delivery however she came in to be with me as I underwent an extensive process to recontruct damage that was discovered during surgery. I loved that I wasn't alone during that time. After birth, Carly checked on us daily while we were recovering. She also brought my placenta pills to me. I'm so thankful that we choose to have my placenta encapulated as I believe that it has made a huge difference in my ability to recover so quickly. Overall Carly was an amazing support person from begining to end.


Posted 9/4/2014

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Alex Evans

My wife and I had our baby on 8/16. Carly was an absolute life saver for the both of us. I was terrified the night contractions started. When Carly arrived my fear was immediately replaced with relief. I trusted her whole heartedly with the most important and joyous day of our lives. Carly proved to be invaluable right away. I immediately felt more secure and confident in my wife's ability to birth our baby the way we felt was right. During labor Carly was so attuned to what we both needed and guided me in a way that was effortless. I had no idea one person could make such a positive difference. I am forever grateful for Carly, and have no doubts that when it comes to future births, we will both be looking forward to Carly being there!

Posted 8/26/2014

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Marisa Evans

When I started talking to Carly, I was not looking for a doula.I had some questions about natural birth and she reached out to my husband and I and shared lots of valuable information with us.After meeting with her, we were so enthusiastic to have her as part of our birthing experience.She is the perfect balance of extremely professional and easy-going, immediately feeling like an old friend.As first time parents, her sweetness, kindness and easy reassurance defined the relationship with her for our birth.She was very attentive from start to finish, taking the role of a knowledgeable and considerate friend. She answered late night texts and made extra trips without batting an eye.I had several days of prodromal labor, during which Carly was endlessly patient, empathetic and encouraging.I remember when I was in the tub, just out of transition and starting to push.I felt baby move down suddenly and had a moment of panic, baby was coming! Was I ready? Could I do this? I whipped my head around and stared at Carly.She smiled at me and said, "You're doing it, mama!You've got this! You're ok." That moment Carly provided the confidence and reassurance I needed to continue. The end of labor was very tough because of some complications but Carly kept me positive and focused and reminded me that my baby would be here soon, wasn't I so excited to meet him?! Ever since delivering my baby, Carly had continued to amaze us with her kindness, consideration and support. She checks on us constantly and quickly and professionally provided placenta encapsulation services right in our own home! It meant so much to us how much time she took to get to know us, before during and after, and to figure out how to best serve our needs. She enabled my husband to feel empowered and confident and ultimately extremely rewarded with his role in the birth while providing the most incredible and perfect support for me and baby. I 100% mean it when I say, we could not have done it without her!!!

Posted 8/26/2014

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Lacey LaBarge

My husband and I started the process of looking for a doula when we were unable to deliver with a midwife due to insurance coverage. We delivered our firstborn in another state with a midwife, and we were concerned about unnecessary medical interventions and the experience of labor and delivery with an OB. 

Upon interviewing Carly, we instantly felt at ease. She has such a calm and comforting presence and a confidence in herself and her abilities. She was forthcoming about her experiences as a doula, her training, and was open to questions about her strengths and weaknesses. Bottom line, we felt as if she could provide the calm and instructive supoort that we wanted for the labor and delivery of our second child. We hired her shortly after the interview.

In our pre-labor appointments, she provided us with numerous resources and food for thought in the weeks preceding our due date. She was available to answer questions and she also checked in to see how appointments were going.

Unfortunately, my labor progressed very quickly and Carly was only able to make it prior to delivery (during pushing) at the hospital. However, while she was at the hospital, she provided numerous words of encouragement and support. She held my hand after the birth while I was being stitched up, and gave me fluids and guidance about the experience that I was having. She snapped beautiful photos of the delivery as well as the first few moments with our son. She also took my placenta home and encapsulated it for me.

Several days following delivery, she came to our home to process the experience. She brought a much appreciated meal, along with the placenta pills and a mother's care package. Since that visit, she has enquired several times to see how things were going.

Overall, she helped to support the birth that we wanted and we are forever grateful. We would recommend her to anyone.

Posted 8/23/2014

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Renee Wood

Carly and Dina both attended my birth. To say they were amazing is truly an understatement. From the moment Carly walked into the room she was very assuring and gave me the extra boost I needed . Right away she opened up her " bag of tricks" and helped me through some really tough moments. My birth was absolutely beautiful and unforgettable. I have told every single person about my birth that I couldn't have made it through without my doula! They helped me maintain control, eased my mind and reminded me that my body was made for birth! There is no way I would give birth again and NOT have a doula, I would be shorting myself and my baby of such an awesome experience! 

Posted 8/17/2014

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Heather Aldrich

As a birth worker, I thought I understood the importance of having a doula to guide me through the unknown in my own labor. Although educated in natural childbirth and the birth preferences I was choosing for my second birth, I didn’t realize exactly the vitality of the role Carly would play in my birth.  I cannot say enough how comforting, safe and essential it was to look up into the eyes of someone who was calm, grounded, and seemed to understand in each specific moment my needs, doubts, and the ways to cope through each unique contraction.

Carly was like having a maid of honor present at your wedding; there were moments she was working furiously at my side but seemed to be cool, calm and collected. There were intimate, wonderful and priceless photographs she captured of my son’s birth that I cannot fathom how she found time to take, since she was at my side for the entirety of my labor. She helped ease my husband’s doubts and give him independence and strength in his role as my birth partner, reminded me of the course I had set for myself, and supplied me with energy in encouragement as well as water and food to prepare me for each stage of my labor. With me every step of the way, I was free to focus on birthing my baby, comforted in the care she was giving me, my baby, and every member of my birth team. When Carly is caring for a mother in labor, you feel her connection to your efforts, as well as her genuine love for her work. She is innately knowledgeable when you turn to her in doubt, and passionate about helping mothers achieve what at moments of labor seems impossible.

I had an ideal, beautiful, calming birth that both healed my dissatisfaction of my first birth experience, and invigorated my own faith in my profession. I will forever be grateful to Carly for empowering me in this way; her role was one of the greatest in the success of my birth experience.

Posted 7/29/2014

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Nicole Romney Dixon

While I chose not to have a birth doula, I used Carly's services for placenta encapsulation.  She made the process easy, and seamless, and was very professional as well as down to earth and fun to work with.  She explained the steps as she encapsulated my placenta, and offered advice on some other baby-related issues I had as well.  

I had a great experience, and I would highly recommend her services!

Posted 7/24/2014

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ryan delaney

Our birth was magical because of Carly. at the beginning of the labor, I guess I felt like she was really not needed or that I was not the main support for my wife. What I realized was that she was not only supporting my wife, but all involved including her mom, the nurse, the midwife, and myself. I felt confident and knew she was guiding us to the birth that we planned. 

During the birth I was able to be with her because Carly could take over other roles that would have diminished those moments. There were many times I forgot she was there because I was allowed to focus on my wife exclusively. 

I am skeptical of many things and having a doula was one of them. I love being proven wrong and this is one instance. Our birth experience would not have been as memorable without the services of Carly. It was so wonderful we asked her to be our Godparent!  I would highly recommend Carly and the Destined Doulas for any birthing experience as I feel they were truly destined to help bring the best out of each birth experience for each client.

Posted 7/20/2014

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Kathryn Monet

As a first time mother, I started my search for a doula with a fair amount of skepticism, but pursued at the behest of my midwife.  Carly was the first doula I met with, and she put me so much at ease that I canceled my meet and great appointments with several other doulas.  She was great at working with me and my fiance to really define the role he wanted to play during labor and work around it to ensure that he felt involved.  Carly was especially great at helping us identify additional resources to supplement our knowledge about labor and potential issues we may want to consider in advance.

When it came to the big day, my little one decided to show up s=weeks early.  Even though we were not within the on-call period in our contract, and my labor came on fast and furious, Carly made sure to be there for us.  She was supportive and calming during labor in so many ways, including by keeping me focused and reminding me to breathe down and hydrate.  She even took a few photos in between to help us remember our son's birth, and helped me get breastfeeding started.

During the post-partum period, Carly was so thoughtful and checked in on us several times to ensure that all was well. In addition to encapsulating my placenta, she went above and beyond and helped us identify respurces and techniques to make breastfeeding and bedtime easier. I cannot imagine going through the labor or delivery process without Carly, and cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone looking for a compassionate, caring doula to help them through the birth journey.  

Posted 7/16/2014

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Oralia Rodriguez

I stumbled upon Carly's services at 39 weeks pregnant. Even with such short notice, Carly was incredibly supportive and was available to help me when my baby arrived. I had previously gone through PPD with my first two babies and went untreated; Carly was able to explain the benefits of encapsulating the placenta to help prevent PPD. I am at 2 weeks post partum and feel a complete difference! My kids deserve an energetic, functional mommy! I am incredibly grateful for Carly and this gift she's given me!

Posted 7/6/2014

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Conrad Salinas

Carly Glover was an integral part of the birthing of our son! She stood by my wife’s side for more than 20 hours as my wife labored in the house, the birthing center and eventually at the hospital. Carly’s professionalism and vast knowledge of conventional and holistic birthing was paramount as my wife made the transition from the birthing center to the hospital. My wife and I were so impressed with her passion for being a doula that we both insisted that the surgeons allow her to be in the operating room with my wife and I during the caesarian birth.

I would highly recommend Carly to anyone that is considering a doula as part of their birth experience.


Posted 7/3/2014

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Lauren McClain

I was hesitant to have a doula because it seemed a special kind of risk to take, having someone at your birth. But Carly is one of those people that almost instantly feels like an old friend. She was wildly supportive and never the least bit judgmental. One of my favorite things about Carly was how she was willing to do whatever it was I needed, even when I wanted to be alone for awhile. She talked me through the difficult bits, helped with my older children, made tea, took pictures, got things I needed, suggested ways to keep calm and manage it all. It felt good to have another woman there, someone just for me--someone who has given birth herself and knows what it's like. Carly was just what I needed: reassuring, supportive, and flexible--truly there to 'mother the mother.'

Posted 5/31/2014

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