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If you are looking for a birth doula near Sacramento California, here are a few to consider:

Birth Fee: $800 to $1500

Postpartum Rate: $35 to $45


Updated 4/20/2023

Years in practice

Here is what a client named Stephanie Landrum-Hall has to say about working with Amber :

When searching for a full spectrum doula, it was important to my husband and I that we select someone who would serve as a guide leading up to and during labor, have ample knowledge of the childbirth process, and be readily available to support us during our baby’s birth. Amber brought all of these qualities and more to our childbirth experience.

Upon meeting Amber, we instantly felt at ease and knew that we aligned well with her practice. Amber comes with a wealth of knowledge and helped us mentally and emotionally prepare for the birth of our baby girl. As first-time parents, we had a multitude of questions about the birth process, and she helped ease our anxiety by providing resources and recommendations.

She readily made herself available to us leading up to our due date, clearing her schedule in anticipation of the big day… which was fortunate given that our baby girl decided to come 9 days early. Amber was present throughout labor, providing massages, cold compresses and consult.

We are grateful to have worked with Amber, and would recommend her to those looking for a compassionate and skilled full spectrum doula.

Birth Fee: $2500

Postpartum Rate: $50 to $60


Updated 4/3/2023

Years in practice

Here is what a client named Lauren Kawana has to say about working with Michi:

As a first time mom, Michi was so integral to my birthing experience and I am forever indebted to her. I am so glad she was with me and my husband on this journey. She gave me strength, confidence, and reassurance that I could do it and was there to alleviate any fear or anxiety I had. I was able to labor at home like I wanted until I was ready for the hospital and she was by my side every step of the way. When things got difficult she suggested just the right thing to get me through to the next phase. After I gave birth, I was so utterly exhausted and she took the initiative to make sure I had photos of my son's first few moments out of the womb and helped latch him. The video she took is one of my most prized possessions! I trusted her entirely and feel very blessed to have worked with her. My husband agrees he could not have done it without her help :) Also, I have never received such an amazing massage as the one she gave me for my hip closing ceremony. It was the most incredible and indulgent experience I could have asked for after an extremely difficult month. Michi is truly wonderful and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants a doula to keep them calm, give them strength and cheer them on when you need it most!

Birth Fee: $1800 to $2400

Postpartum Rate: $45


Updated 3/14/2023

Years in practice

Here is what a client named Jess Mann has to say about working with Betty:

In Fall of 2019, i found out i was pregnant with my second child. Betty was in California and i was in MA, but she offered to be my doula via phone and zoom calls as well as offering to fly out in early April when the baby was due.

During those frightening early months of the pandemic and the end of my pregnancy, Betty was a stalwart presence in my life. She coached me through several nervewracking scenarios (an early labor scare and sudden weight loss in the third trimester) with her trademark humor and gravity.

When it came time to deliver my baby, it wasn't anything like the peaceful birth i had planned. I was induced at 41 weeks in an empty hospital room with my husband, both of us masked. 

But Betty was there on my phone every step of the way. I texted with her frequently, giving her updates, and confiding my anxieties. She was always available to chat and support me.

When the misoprostol kicked in my labor shocked me with both its intensity and speed. I ended up delivering my beautiful, healthy son in forty five exciting minutes.

In the days following the birth the isolation of the pandemic was the most difficult thing to surmount, but I had Betty as my lifeline. She was on call any time i needed her day or night. She got me through the horribly lonely hormonal fluctuations, the crash course of being a mother to a newborn and a preschooler, and the navigation of those long days and nights of early motherhood that were both painfully familiar and wildly foreign.

Betty is an incredibly knowledgeable support to have on your team during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. She advocates for mothers with science and reason, then is happy to switch gears when you just need someone to fiercely be on your side.

I cannot recommend her highly enough, whether you are an experienced mother or a brand new one. She's got you.