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Kiana Cano


I am forever grateful that I found Stephi and had her as my doula! It was easily the best investment we made in terms of pre/peri/post natal care and I wish everyone had the access and ability to hire a doula. Stephi has an incredibly calm, positive, and grounding demeanor and was invaluable in supporting my husband and I throughout the birth process, even when things didn't go as we hoped. Her post-partum presence (checking in and providing resources) was honestly just as valuable in helping us process our experience, as she could relate to us in a way nobody else could. Stephi is truly a genuine and caring provider who is invested in your family's well being and helping you prepare for, and advocate for, the birth experience you want. I can't recommend her enough and would hire her again in a heartbeat for a second baby.



From our initial meeting Stephi felt like a trusted friend. Meeting with her once a month really helped us build a connection and lay the foundation for the pregnancy journey and labor/delivery I had in mind. Her calm and attentive nature gave me full confidence that I could rely on her when it came time to deliver.  She showed up during early labor and coached me every step of the way.  She even held me during the really emotional parts.  Whatever journey you look to experience, whatever delivery you wish to have, Stephi will make your needs a priority and advocate for you. I wish I could do it all over again just to experience it one more time with her by my side. 

Shannon Adamczyk


Stephi Anderson was an absolute joy to work with and was imperative to the success of the delivery of our child. She not only empowered me as a first-time mother with all of the resources I needed to prepare a birth plan, find a birth education course, and ask thoughtful questions with my providers, the most impressive part was that she equally empowered my husband to be as much as part of the labor & delivery process. She certainly put my opinions and heart first as the mother but included my husband equally every step of the way. My husband and I look back to our pregnancy so fondly because Stephi got to be a part of (and lead us through parts of) it. She provided us with so much peace during a season that can be chaotic and full of fear. Stephi is very knowledgeable of incredible service providers that we used during and after pregnancy as well that we utilized solely based on her recommendation (lactation consultant, chiropractor, and birth course). I would recommend Stephi and her services to anyone and hope to work with her again in the future! 



Stephi was absolutely incredible and such a great resource and support to have around throughout our pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum. She was always ready to lend her expertise when needed, while making sure we always felt in control, informed, and that our experience was tailored uniquely to us. Her presence was seamless, and brought a sense of calm and kindness to our meetings and time at the hospital. In addition to her steady nature and vast knowledge, she was also incredibly professional and organized. I can't imagine what that time would have been without her, and so glad I never have to! We hope to benefit from Stephi's services again in the future, she is unparalleled!!



We’ve known Stephie since 2019 and all our kids (including the fur baby) are obsessed with her.  She helped us during the postpartum phase with our last two babies and helped with overnights with our toddlers too.  She’s a trusted part of our family. She’s a momma of five so she’s seen it all and always manages to reduce my anxiety with a text, call or hug.  She offers such thoughtful insights and cares so much about her clients.  She makes the post-partum period manageable, anticipates your needs, is super organized and calm. She sets the doula bar super high - there is nobody quite like Stephie! Part of me wants to keep having babies so we could keep working with her ??

Emily Braun


Stephi was just what I needed during the birth of my daughter.  She was very warm, gentle, and nurturing and had a strong, stable presence that I knew I could count on.  She accepted and honored my choices while still bringing her own vast knowledge and ideas.  I greatly appreciated how Stephi was strong and confident enough in her abilities to let me do my own thing and interject ideas when she knew I needed extra help.  She trusts the mother first and is there for support when we need it.  I would, without a doubt, hire Stephi again as a birth doula.

Mickey Dillon


Stephi has been our rock throughout not one, but two pregnancies. While not working with HDC at the time of our first and most of our second pregnancies, she brings a wealth of knowledge, support, and passion to her craft. She provides a steady hand to hold (figuratively and literally) when you have doubts and concerns, but she is candid about realistic expectations as well. She provides abundant resources to her clients, including live online classes and exercises (which many doulas would typically only do in person). She is supportive of just about any reasonable birth plan you can come up with, though we were pretty much the typical "have the baby naturally in a hospital" couple. As a man, it's tough to feel like I have the right to have an opinion on things having to do with childbirth since I am not the one carrying the child, but she encouraged me to educate myself, ask questions, form opinions and participate in the process in more than just a "be there for her" kind of way. She is always happy to provide support, information, or peace of mind (whichever is most appropriate at the time).

On a personal level, she is one of the most open-minded, caring, and passionate people I know, and anyone who has had the pleasure of her services would agree. I haven't provided much in the way of details of our experiences (though I have still managed to say a lot), but if I did provide details of how much she has improved our experiences, I would run out of space. If any of the other doulas at HCD are half as good as she is, then you would be in great hands with them. Highly recommend.

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