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Juliet Swedlund

Juliet Swedlund, CD(DONA)

Topeka, KS Service range 50 miles



Birth Fee

$0 to $800

Birth Fee

$0 to $800

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

6 years and 57 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, February 2014

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
I attend home births with the presence of a trained CNM, CM, or CPM

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Baby sign language education
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Elimination communication education
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I serve as the Director of a Topeka area 501c3 nonprofit organization that offers doula support to teen mothers, incarcerated and reintegrating mothers, and low-income mothers and their families. We serve pregnant women through prenatal education, continuous labor support, and sustained postpartum community connection. I am trained in Trauma Informed Care under Penny Simkin & Phyllis Klaus' When Survivors Give Birth, and as an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

I work as an independent doula and my fee covers two prenatal appointments, continuous labor support, and two postpartum appointments. During COVID-19, I am offering virtual Doula Support at 50% of my full fee. I also manage a Topeka area 501c3 nonprofit organization that offers doula support to teen mothers, incarcerated and reintegrating mothers, and low-income mothers and their families at no charge.

Topeka, KS Service range 50 miles

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Client Testimonials for Juliet Swedlund

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Ashley Wallace


Juliet and I first met through the Topeka Doula Project, where she facilitated a birth doula training for folks in the Topeka area.  Juliet is easy to connect with because her presence is warm, gentle and welcoming.  Once my partner and I got pregnant and started imagining our birth experience, I immediately knew I wanted to have Juliet present as our doula.  She met with us several times at our house to discuss our expectations.  Juliet was there to present non-biased information when I couldn't decide whether to give birth at the local birth center or in a traditional hospital setting.  By leading us in a discussion about our values, we were able to feel confident in our decision-making.  Additionally, Juliet helped us craft a birth values summary to easily communicate our wishes for labor and delivery with hospital staff.  During my pregnancy, I appreciated being able to text Juliet anytime with questions.  

When I was induced for the birth of our son, I was able to do so without any pain medication (while experiencing back labor!) Early on in the labor process I was considering an epidural, but Juliet was there to remind me of my birth values and how I had expressed the importance of having a natural, vaginal birth. She spent the better part of 8 hours rubbing my back, performing hip squeezes, ensuring I took frequent sips of water, applied my chapstick for me, fed me jello and ice chips, gave me positive affirmations, and much more! Her approach is gentle but she can be firm when necessary. My partner Tobias was involved as well, but it was definitely a two-person job.  We know without a doubt that we would have been really stressed and could not have done it without her! Once Samuel was born, she stayed until I was absolutely sure I was ready for her to leave. We are blessed to have met our friend Juliet and would recommend her services to anyone considering hiring a doula. Best decision ever!

Aliya Oliver


Juliet has been my "calm before (and during) the storm" during this pregnancy! I came to her at 33 weeks with great insecurities around my coming labor and delivery. Having had past birth trauma, I was relieved when Juliet sat down with us to go over our previous experience and talk through what could make this birth restorative. Juliet developed a birth values summary from our conversations regarding my past delivery and what I wanted with this next baby's arrival. She was able to glean so much from small questions and my past experience to completely sum up what was important to me for my coming labor and delivery. Talking with Juliet was comfortable and I felt supported, unjudged, and heard every step of the way. Unfortunately, after our first session, COVID-19 prevented us from meeting face-to-face again, and prevented Juliet from being with us for our delivery. This did not stop Juliet from being the absolute best support for me in the weeks leading up to labor and during labor itself. Juliet answered texts, we spoke on the phone numerous times, and she was able to facilitate discussion in order to help me in making big choices about my labor. During early labor, Juliet texted me suggestions to help get me through and was a positive light during a very uncertain time with COVID restrictions. Juliet was still able to help, virtually, get me through many days of prodromal labor and 16 hours of early laboring at home. Once we were in the hospital, I felt empowered knowing I could text her to talk through questions, options, and decisions we were making regarding pain medication and laboring. She continued to support us, from afar, and again facilitated discussion, pros/cons, etc. on various decisions I was making during labor. She checked in on us as needed and made us feel supported and empowered. Having Juliet by my side (in spirit and virtually) is one of the reasons I was able to have such a restorative birth experience. I cannot recommend her enough.

Jackie H.


Juliet was a great resource for my husband and me as we prepared for the birth of our daughter. During the birth process, she exuded a calm demeanor and helped however needed. When my daughter had to go to the nursery right away due to oxygen issues, Juliet stayed with me while I recovered from birth while my husband went with our daughter. It was so reassuring and comforting to have Juliet with me during that time. I would definitely recommend Juliet to anyone who is interested in having a doula be part of their birth story. 

Kathryn Louderback


Having Juliet as our Doula was one of the best decisions we made throughout the process of having our baby. Everyone always hopes for the perfect delivery, however, ours was not the case. Juliet was there for our family providing not only knowledable expertise but emotional support while I had an unplanned C section.  What was even more beneficial to me personally, was her guidance and support after delivery in coming to terms with myself not being able to have my baby naturally. I highly recommend having a doula and Juliet is absolute best.



Hi, my name is Audrey Suarez. Im 24 years old and juliet swedlund is a great doula. This is not my 1st time using her service this is my second time she did a really great job with both of my delivery back in 2017 she was there with my son being born now my son is 2 years old.   ... Now with this pregnancy i was greatful and thankful for her service because i was really scared and if it wasnt for juliet to be there at rhe time she was i wouldn't know what i would have done so for that i just dont thank her but i give thanks to the lord up above for sending her into that room to be there for me 



Juliet is a blessing! This was my boyfriend's first delivery experience and she was able to tell him what to do to make me as comfortable as one could feel while in labor. He didn't get left out. This birth was more difficult for me because I didn't use an epidural. She was able to help me push through the pain. I couldn't have done it without her without panicking. She kept us both calm and in doing so I feel it helped the baby's heart rate during the labor as well. I recommend her to everyone I meet that is expecting!

Gina Daley


 There is no words to explain how much I appreciated Juliet. She was the biggest asset I could’ve ever asked for during the birth of my second daughter. Every single contraction I had she helped me with a massage and/or other technique. I know for a fact I would not have been able to go without an epidural had I not had Juliet there with me.  Not only did she coach me, she coached my husband on how to help me. 



Juliet was great to work with. She was always available for a quick text when I had questions before the baby came. During labor, she showed my husband how to do hip squeezes and was a great support and guide for him. She was quick to show him how he could help when I didn't have a voice to express it. She knew the right questions to ask to keep me as comfortable as I could be during the laboring process. I would definitely recommend her!

Heather Santo


I am very fortunate to have been able to receive Juliet’s services, not only during the birth of my son but also meeting with her leading up to it. She was very helpful at addressing any of the concerns I had. She was very resourceful and informative which helped keep my anxiety at bay. I felt so confident that everything was going to be fine and that I could do it and i think a great deal of my confidence came from things she said to me and information she provided. She was also great at helping my husband comfort me and find ways to be helpful. She provided him with some reading material prior to the big day that helped him a lot too I definitely am thankful to have had her with m and I would most definitely recommend her services to anyone who might feel like they need a little extra guidance and another person on their side during what can be such an overwhelming time for a lot of women.

Sarah Lynch-Chaput


Juliet was my doula for my birth as a gestational surrogate. From our first meeting she made me feel so comfortable and at ease. Being a surrogate birth there were a lot of emotions leading up to the birth and at the delivery. Juliet helped me to feel validated in having these different emotions. During labor she showed my husband how to help me with different pain management techniques (the best for me was a hip squeeze). When I needed privacy from the plethora of people in the room, she was so polite in clearing out the extra people and helped to be an intermediate between the baby's parents and I when I was in the throws of labor. While I was going through an extremely intense transition, Juliet took over doing hip squeezes so my husband could be near my face and comfort me. She really understands what a laboring person needs, and fills the role of a doula seemingly effortlessly. I would one hundred percent recommend Juliet. 

Lindsay Allen


It was wonderful having Juliet for a doula during the birth of our first child. First, she is very low pressure and if you don't feel comfortable at you first meeting with her you don't have to go further and can search elsewhere. Second, once we chose Juliet for our doula she walked me through some intense mental and emotional barriers I had regarding birth and raising a child. I needed to get through my anxiety about life changing and she talked me through my feelings and suggested concrete things to help myself let go of the previous stage of life. During later sessions as we approached due date she helped us define a labor plan and got a feel for how I wanted to handle contractions and what environment I wanted. In the week before labor she was quick to answer my anxious text messages about what I was feeling and was it time to go yet. When active labor actually started, it was amazing having Juliet come to my home and help me find new ways to ride out and work through contractions in the comfort of home. I highly recommend hiring a doula for the value of laboring at home if you are a first time mom! She went with us to the birth center where she assisted me with labor for almost a full day. She was great at coaching breathing and position over and over as labor intensified. After a long labor with no progress I had to go from the natural birth plan I'd had at the birth center to the hospital which I was unprepared for. In the end, baby had to come via c section and Juliet was again, amazing during this time as she talked us through and helped us make that tough decision by reminding me to ask the doctor all my questions and weigh all options. Juliet stayed with us for over 24 hours! After birth, she was again very responsive to any text messages as emotions and questions came up post partum. She checked in with 1 more meeting to help with any questions I had on breastfeeding, baby blues, baby care, really any topic you could think of. I recommend her!!

Jessica Brown


There is one word to describe Juliet...AMAZING! She is everything anyone would want and need in a doula. She is caring, understanding, and knowledgeable. During my 28 hour labor in June of 2017, she never left my side. She was there the whole way and even when times became tough, she became a pillar of strength I leaned on the whole way. She gave me a calming feeling knowing she shared the same ideas and values on birth and limited medical intervention (if possible). I highly recommend Juliet if you are looking for a great partner during pregnancy and labor. If I am ever blessed again to have another little one, she will be the first person I call! Thank you so much Juliet!

Roblyn Chong


Having Juliet as my doula was wonderful. When I first contacted her I didn't know a lot about what a doula does or how they can help. She helped me to understand how she could help during my pregnancy and delivery as well as afterward. 

She was absolutely necessary during my delivery. She helped me during my contractions and when I decided I needed to have the epidural she was right there next to me, letting me know that if it was my decision, it was ok. She had just the right amount of authority when she needed me to breathe through the contractions to make sure my baby was getting oxygen. 

I'm so thankful that I found her and that she was able to be at my birth.

Emily Smith


Juliet was an amazing Doula from start to finish.  She was professional, helpful, kind, and knowledgeable.  Juliet met with us 2 times prior to delivery. She talked with us about any and all concerns we had. She helped us make a birth plan as well as helped us practice labor methods that we would use.  She recommended books, she heard me when I was concerned.  She never interjected her own opinions but rather always helped guide me to the birth I wanted.  

I waited and waited for labor pains to start, for my water to break and it just didn't happen.  During this time of "waiting" Juliet encouraged me daily.  She helped me think of things to try to induce labor, she sypmathized, she talked through my options. I went up to my 42 weeks of pregnancy, as long as the doctors and my midwife would let me and finally I had to be induced.  This was not a part of my plan. I was worried about it, and I was bummed about it to say the least.  Juliet came when we needed her at the hospital.  She talked to me about expectations, she kept my mind off of things.  She tended to me when my husband needed to go down to the cafeteria, she never interjected with the nurses, she never told others or us what to do or what we should do.  She was always by my side or by my husband's side helping him knonw what to do to be of more help to me.  She was everything I hoped my doula would be and more.  She knew what I needed when I had no idea.  I know that it was because of her that I had the birth experience that my husband and I wanted.  She worked so well with the hospital staff.  After my daughter was born Juliet was sensitve to us in that special moment. She was a great support and encourager with breastfeeding and visited us twice after my baby was born.

mary j


My experience was great. I feel that if I did not have her there to help me through I would have not had the natural birth I was aiming for. She helped me try to concentrate on getting through each contraction and reminding me that it doesn't last forever. I know in the future if she is still available I would love for Juliet to be my Doula again!

Heather Chiddix


Juliet is not just an amazing doula but an amazing person.  My husband and I chose to seek out a doula because it was our first birth and I can't have an epidural and,felt a doula could be helpful to me through the birth.  It was the best money spent!  Juliet was amazing.  We met with Juliet twice before the birth.  She answered every question I had and was a great resource of information.  And if she didn't have an answer she would find me a resource.  Juliet made herself available to us through email, phone and text making it very easy to get a hold of her.  She would ask me how appts went and offered to go with me.  It made me feel so comfortable with her like she was personally vested in my pregnancy not just doing a job we were paying her for.  My birth experience was a 2 day process with many hiccups.  Juliet was there every step of the way encouraging me that even though I was not getting my dream birth it was ok and we would jump the hurdles as they came.  And with her help I did.  I not only made it through an almost 48 hour labo,r many with pitocin, 4 hours of pushing, vacuum assist birth, manual removal of the placenta and all without an epidural, I look back and I felt empowered because of it, not defeated.  Juliet was there with encouraging words, she suggested new positions, counter pressure, massage and the list goes on.  She not only empowered me to continue and not to give up Juliet was simutaneously taking care of my husband and my family.  She kept him fed, gave him breaks, encouraged him that we were doing good, and she updated our families when needed. Then after the birth Juliet visited us at home to check on us.  She was a great person for me to talk about my experience.  Juliet took notes of the days, those gave me somthing to piece the days together.  She is a great new friend to me. Ran out of room, too many great things to say! Hire Her!

Jessica Xydias


It was very important to me to have a natural labor, but I worried that much of what I wanted would be unattainable, either because of my lack of strength, or outside pressure from hospital staff/in-laws. I decided hiring a doula would be a good thing to help me cope with natural labor and to be my advocate. Another benefit was Juliet could guide my husband to help when I may be unable to communicate my needs. Juliet met with us twice pre-birth and was an invaluable source of information. I only had a general idea of what my preferences were and she helped me write a birth plan and gathered info for me when I had questions. Most importantly, she helped me mentally prepare for labor pain and for how things may change during delivery, so that I would not be caught off guard on the big day. Juliet was in contact with us all through labor by phone before I needed her at the house. Once with me, she helped me find comfortable positions and helped relieve pain through massage and counter-pressure. She also helped my husband do some of these things so I was able to labor at home until the last few hours. She was just as helpful at the hospital with the more difficult contractions and pushing. She even made sure my husband wasn't hungry and shared progress info with my in-laws in the waiting room so he didn't have to leave me. She had perfect timing on what to do and when; I never once had a need that didn't get attended to. When I felt like it was too much to bear anymore, she continually reminded me of what I wanted to accomplish, and that I was strong and capable, which made all the difference to me. Juliet has continued to be helpful with postpartum/breastfeeding questions since my son's birth. She is genuinely passionate about what she does and has a gift for caring for women in what is such an important time. Juliet helped to make childbirth the most beautiful and powerful life-experience I've ever had, and I cannot imagine her not having been there with me.

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