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Kim Williams Birth Doula,CLEC,CST(DBB), Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

Embrace Childbirth LLC

Saint Paul, MN Service range 40 miles St.Paul, New Brighton, Vadnais Heights, Minneapolis and surrounding areas.

Birth Fee

$1200 to $1450

Birth Fee

$1200 to $1450

Birth Doula Experience

11 years and 74 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, April 2014

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Health Foundations graduate intern, MN Birth Center graduate intern

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Special Services Offered

  • Hypnosis for birth
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Newborn care and parenting classes
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Therapeutic bodywork
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Active member of DONA International, Active member with The Childbirth Collective, Intern Graduate of Health Foundations Birth Center, Intern grad of MN Birth Center,Spinning Babies certified attendant, Certified in HypnoBirthing Support Techniques, and currently a member of American Association of Birth Centers. Trained Lamaze Childbirth Educator, and New Parent Educator.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Free initial meeting to see if we are a good match. My fee of $1200 includes: 2 prenatal visits to go over birth preference and other questions or concerns. On call 24/7 2 weeks before and after EDD, email, text or phone call. I will be with you during your labor, birth and 1-2 hours after until you both feel comfortable. I follow up with 1 postpartum visit and do a follow up phone call at week 2.If you decide to hire me on and want to encapsulate your placenta I charge $225.00 for Steamed method and $200 for Raw Method. Non- doula clients fee is $250 for Steamed and $225 for Raw. Please check out my web site for details.

Service Area

Saint Paul, MN Service range 40 miles St.Paul, New Brighton, Vadnais Heights, Minneapolis and surrounding areas.

Client Testimonials for Kim Williams Birth Doula,CLEC,CST(DBB), Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

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Amanda Baugh-Buys


Kim was helpful throughout the end of my pregnancy, my labor and postpartum recovery. She made sure I was educated and knew what to expect during when bring my first little on into the world. 
I was excited to be able to have her in person at the birth as I expected to have my baby at Health Foundations Birth Center. She was able to be with me during the first part of my laboring and talked me through contractions while she directed me into positions that would make the most progress toward delivery. Unfortunately, due to a high blood pressure reading I had to transfer to Fairview Riverside at the last minute. Kim made sure I had a hard copy my records and birth plan before I arrived which turned out to be invaluable as I was in labor and unable to properly communicate with staff. Due to Covid she was not able to be with us in person during delivery at the hospital. Once we got to our room had her set up on FaceTime where she was able to give me verbal support and help my husband assist me through an unmediated birth. I don't know if I would have been able to do it without her. 

Once my little one arrived she met a nurse outside to get the placenta and umbilical cord. She encapsulated and made tincture for me for postpartum use. She also dehydrated the umbilical cord since there was a true knot. She was an excellent resource and helped me through the most empowering experience of my life. 


Rena Mustafayeva


Kim helped provide me with resources to prepare for birth catered to my preferences. She was professional and caring in helping calm my anxiety through my first labor and delivery. She also was prompt in getting to the hospital and very comforting to have all night by my side-helping me breathe through contractions, handing me juice, and suggesting different positions. I would highly recommend her services! 

Dianne DeKoning


Kim is warm, kind, a great listener, knowledgeable, peaceful. She's all the things you want in a doula! I appreciated her time with me during our initial meeting, and the 2 homevisits prior & 1 after and I don't even live that close to her. She did not seem rushed and listened to my previous birth stories. She included materials for my husband to help him feel as ease, too. My vbac was quick but she always kept in mind my birth preferences to makes sure they were being met by her and the medical staff. Kim was prompt to the hospital, has fantastic rapport with the nurses at Methodist and experience in many different kinds of settings-which is why I hired her. I loved her and if we were having more babies, I'd call her back without hesitation. You won't find many doulas out there with her years of experience.

Mama August3rd


I have no words. Working with Kim Williams was one of the best experiences and I full intended to utilize her services in the future. When I found out I was pregnant I could not wait to start looking for a Doula but thought maybe eight weeks pregnant was a bit early. Twelve weeks and one day I was online searching. I meet Kim first and had a good feeling. We talked like old friends, but I meet with several other Doula and no clicked like Kim. She made me feel concident during my first birth. I highly recommend Kim, if you are looking for a caring, attentative woman who will help you though the miracle of child birth look no further.

Susan Lein


Kim was a wondeful and vital part of our birth experience! I had been unsure if I needed a doula since we were giving birth at a birth center, but I am so glad that we did hire Kim! When Kim arrived at our house, I was pretty sure it was time to start driving to the birth center. The midwives were not sure - they thought we should wait awhile still. Kim, with her large amount of experince, was able to confirm that we should start driving in when she arrived at our house. Thank goodness she gave us the courage and confidence to go -- when we arrived, I was fully dialated and our baby arrived an hour later! After the birth, I had excess bleeding and the midwives suggested some medical interventions that I was unsure about. It made me feel much more confident to have Kim there, who was able to give us guidence based on her past experiences and we knew she was advocating for us and with full knowledge of our goals and preferences for the birth. She also made sure that the little things I had wanted to happen at the birth did - I had a wonderful cup of tea after the birth and we put essential oils on our baby's head. If Kim hadn't been there remembering these extra steps, I am sure they would have not been done in the excitement of a new baby. Most importantly, Kim was a wonderfully calm, reassuring energy in the birth who supported me wonderfully during the hardest parts. She intuitively knew how to help and calm everyone involved!

Kristin Bromen


I could have made it through my birth without Kim, but, after having her there, I don't even want to think about what it would have been like without her!  I am so happy that I set up a plan with her ahead of time and she listened to my wishes during labor.  I think every expecting mother has an idea in her head about how labor is going to go and I was convinced that I would have my baby shortly after midnight.  Little did I know that I would be leaning on Kim's support through the night until 10:30 the next morning.  One of my favorite memories was when we were doing a breast crawl after our son was born.  My husband was getting anxious because his mother had been waiting in the lobby for hours.  He kept asking to just put our son on my nipple and give up on trying to complete the breast crawl.  Kim gently reminded him that we could take as much time as we needed.  I was so focused on our new little babe that it was nice to have someone else advocating for the things we had planned to do.  Kim was there for my husband just as much for me.  As new parents, it was so nice to have a calming presence that kept us on the path we had set up before labor and delivery.  Once you are in the heat of the moment, you forget all of the things you wanted to do and be and Kim was the perfect person to get us back on track!  I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat and we will definitely be contacting her if/when we have another!

Rachael Day


Having Kim as our birth doula was truly a blessing. She provided valuable information to us in our prenatal visits regarding labor, comfort measures, and placenta encapsulation. When I went into labor (at 1am!) she was immediately available when we reached out to her, providing phone support and tips, and when it was time to meet at the birth center she was there.

Although my labor was on the shorter side Kim was the calm in the room, and really helped keep me grounded. Her soft touch and encouraging words helped me stay focused and confident in my body's natural ability to birth my baby. She was also a valuable resource for my husband throughout the laboring process to help him know "what to do" in the moment.

My labor and delivery were flawless, and my sweet baby boy is perfect. Unfortunately after birth I suffered from a postpartum hemorrhage and needed to be transferred to the hospital. Although Kim's "duties" were over she stayed with my husband and newborn while I had to go into surgery anyway, and really went above and beyond for us!

We also chose to have Kim encapsulate my placenta, which she did and brought over to our house a couple days after birth along with a sweet umbilical cord keepsake. If I ever were to have another child I would certainly want Kim to be there with us again, and I highly recommend her as a birth doula to anyone looking for support!

marissa petri


Kim supported me on day one with wanting a Vbac! She brought me comfort, strength and answered any questions I had. I could never have gone through it without her. She is a woman of faith and knowledge. She knows her stuff and I trust her 100%!! She also really helped my husband with the whole birthing process as well, he appreciated her as much as I did. We will forever be thankful Kim came in to our lives. Highly recommend her!!!!!

Jessica Haster


We hired Kim a little late in the game. I was in my 8th month and wanted to have a VBAC (first daughter was breech). My chiropractor suggested I hire a doula to help me reach my goal and she suggested Kim. I wanted to try and go as long as I could without medication like an epidural. I was in labor for 25 1/2 hours and Kim not only helped me get through it but she also helped my husband and my mom. I got an epidural at hour 16 and was able to rest but Kim was still able to help put me in positions to help me dilate. I had the perfect epidural that still allowed me to have sensation and feeling. After my daughter was born, Kim was able to stay with me while my husband went with my daughter and did skin to skin. During my labor and after, she was very encouraging and comforting. She had a lot of ideas and techniques to help me get through my contractions and labor. I also had my placenta encapsulated my Kim and it was amazing. My milk came in very quickly and my supply hasn't once waivered, it helped balance my hormones, gave me more energy and helped me heal. Kim has been in touch with our family in the 3 1/2 months since my daughter has been born. I highly recommend Kim to anyone looking to avoid a c-section or have a successful VBAC like I did.

Jessica Dawson


At first I wasn't sure if I needed a doula.  I'm so glad I ended up deciding to hire one!

Kim was everything I needed! I needed someone to tell me what do (such as move around) and give me what I needed (water, water, water, and food). I didn't want someone asking me if I was ok or constantly asking me if I needed anything. Kim picked up on that without me having to say it. She has an amazing ability to just know what kind of doula you need. She was very supportive after my daughter was born. I was having issues breastfeeding so I contacted Kim in the early morning. She quickly responded with advice and I was able to get back on track feeding my daughter after stressing all night.

I would recommend Kim to anyone and hope to use her again in the near future!

Christina Brant


We are so thankful we had Kim as our Doula. We didn't meet Kim until the end of my pregnancy, but from the first time we met her we were impressed by her willingness to listen, and understand what we wanted for the birth of our daughter.  As labor begin at home, Kim came to our house and helped me through contractions, with my husband.  She was very attentive to me, and how I was doing as soon as she arrived. Once we arrived at the hospital, Kim stayed focused and calm. As labor progressed, she continued to suggest different positions to help keep me motivated and focused on meeting my baby. I was able to have a positive unmedicated birth experience, with many thanks to Kim as our Doula!

Christina Spaude-Walston


My husband and I knew that Kim was our pick for a doula the first time we met her! She has a very caring and nurturing demeanor that we both liked. She met with us before the birth to discuss our birth plan and preferences and gave us some valuable literature to read. Because of fact that our baby was due so close to the holidays, Kim went out of her way to find a back up doula to put our minds at ease because of a holiday trip she had planned and was very up front about, which we really appreciated. Unfortunately our daughter came two weeks early while Kim was on her holiday trip we knew about, so Kim was unable to be apart of the birth. She still kept in touch and encapsulated my placenta for me, which was hand delivered with a homemade welcome gift for our daughter. She even sent a gift to our 6 year old for her birthday! I would highly recommend Kim as a doula! She is very sincere, and thoughtful, and went above and beyond our expectations even though she wasn't able to attend our daughter's birth. I consider her a life long friend.

Katie Tewalt


Kim was great.  She met with us before our delivery date and was always availabe for questions.  She has a great attitude and during the delivery always put me and the baby first and still kept an eye on my husband to make sure he was doing okay.  Having five children of her own she is very knowledgable and her relaxing demeaner made the laboring process very smooth.

After the delivery she checked in on us multiple times including stopping by the house.

We feel lucky we got the opportunity to work with Kim and would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.

Blair Haesly


I am so glad we chose Kim as our doula! She was a such a great support to us before, during, and after the birth of our son. Kim's support allowed us to have the birth that we desired; we couldn't have had such a great experience without her! She not only helped me with pain management during labor, but also was a great support to my husband throughout it all. We would highly recommend choosing Kim as your doula; her support made all the difference in the world to us!

~Blair H.

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