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8 years and 135 births attended

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Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2

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  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Military families support
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Therapist or counselor
  • Virtual and remote doula support

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Saint Louis, MO Service range 25 miles

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Cortney Fogarty


Marissa was my doula for both my births.  My first was a complicated vaginal delivery with several medical interventions.  She helped me to feel empowered by my birth and guided me through the events even though it didn't go according to my plan.  My second birth was everything I had hoped for.  Marissa guided me through breathing, changing positions and pain management techniques until I delivered my daughter vaginally and unmedicated.  Marissa is such a valuable resource.  She guided me through complications, helped with solutions for perinatal soreness, helped establish early breastfeeding, kept me informed at every turn and even gave the best advice when I needed it most.  She is very responsive and always there for me when I needed her.  I cannot recommed Marissa enough.  Her presence is soothing, her techniques are effective and her advice is life changing.  I wouldn't have a baby without her!

Nicole Warren


My experience with Marissa has been nothing short of amazing.  She has been my Doula for 2.5 years, supporting me through the births of both of my children.  My husband and I are forever grateful for her calm spirit, knowledge, great advice, and her commitment to ensuring I felt supported and confident during my birth experience.  Even when I was rushed in for an emergency C-Section, she was there every step of the way.  Then, for my VBAC 2 years later, I know there was no way I could have achieved that without her coaching and guidance; she gave me the gentle, yet firm push I needed to keep going. 

Thank you Marissa for all you've done for our family!  You have been an absolute blessing!



I worked with Marissa as a first time mom, using her both as my doula and taking her natural birth class.  My husband and I were so grateful for her calming presence and constant support. Both during and leading up to the birth, she was a source of calm and valueable information and insight. My first birth was very long, but also a great experience thanks in large part to Marissa. In the first few months after the birth of my son, Marissa continued to reach out to ensure that I had the support I needed and that I was doing as well as possile.  During the entire experience, she made me a priority and I can't say enough about what a confidence boost it was knowing that I had her help.  I will be using her in the future if possible and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula!

Thanks Marissa!!



My husband and I originally looked for a doula because we don't have any family in town and we were hoping for an unmedicated birth. In the end, I delivered ~5 weeks early due to preeclampsia and was on magnesium to prevent seizures which meant I was bedbound for the 2+ day labor and 24 hours after giving birth! I also had a complication right after giving birth which meant I missed out on the "golden hour" of skin to skin time and instead spent that time in the OR getting a D&C. Other than the end result of an amazing baby girl, NOTHING went as we hoped with labor and delivery. All that said, I am very grateful we had Marissa. A lot of what we talked about didn't come to fruition but it still helped to be informed about what choices we did have, even with the change in plans, and what questions to ask. I also gained a lot of perspective from Marissa that helped when things were not going well and we were tired and stressed. Marissa also stayed at the hospital with me while my husband ran home to gather some things since we were not fully prepared to be in the hospital that day. She also stayed with my husband/baby when I had to be in the OR. When I was worried about my baby crying she reminded me that it was a good thing because it meant strong lungs. :)  If I ever have another baby, even if I had family around, I would absolutely use Marissa again. There is so much value that comes from an experienced professional before, during and after giving birth. I was able to ask my "is this normal" questions, get validation on some intense feelings and be a much more informed patient. Marissa is an amazing advocate and gave me so much valuable validation, advice, suggestions, and resources. When I was on the fence about finding a doula I was worried it would be an unnecessary luxury - I now tell all my friends and family do not hesitate! Get a doula! If you are in the St. Louis area, get Marissa!



Marissa was an invaluable resource to me and my husband throughout my first pregnancy, birth of our boy, and even postpartum. She provided emotional support for both of us and loads of information. I felt I was able to make the most informed decisions because of the educational materials she provided, and because she was never pushy, judgmental, or trying to sway me towards her opinion. Nothing was off topic, and she was extremely relatable. We didn’t end up taking a birthing class, and Marissa helped us with everything we didn’t understand. I felt like I had a hand to hold if and when I needed it from her. She checked in on me during pregnancy, and as I adjusted to being a mom. After this experience, I believe everyone needs a doula, and I won’t hesitate to recommend Marissa and hire her again. Thank you Marissa – you are amazing! Liz, Daniel, and Charlie

Meghan Morgan


Marissa is AMAZING!! My wife and I were expecting for the first time and we were expecting twins! We felt an instant connection with Marissa as soon as we met her. Marissa was always present with us and made us constantly feel at ease. From numerous texts to sit-down meetings, she answered our questions and made sure we knew we had options and could create our birth plan according to our own desires. She taught us things that no birthing classes had ever talked about (and we took a lot of classes!). She gave us articles and books and made sure we were educated. After every one of my appointments (and I had a lot), she texted to see how it went. Because this was our first, we had lots of nerves and uncertainties, but Marissa was always calm and steadied us.

We had wanted to do a natural birth but due to Baby A's position, we had to have a planned and schedule c-section. Marissa talked us through each step, made sure we knew our options and made sure we knew when things were normal, and when things weren't. During the procedure, I started to feel faint and I told my wife, the next thing I knew Marissa swooped in with her essential oils and I instantly felt better. One of the greatest things Marissa did for us, was help my wife. She coached Kerri on where to be, what to do, what to say, etc. When the boys were out and doing well and I was getting put back together, Marissa told Kerri to go to our sons and be with them, while she stayed with me. The icing on the cake was that Marissa took absolutely amazing, breathtaking pictures and videos of our boys in their first minutes of life. I am forever thankful that she captured those moments!

Marissa helped us advocate for ourselves and made sure our boys were brought into this world in the best way possible. She was the calm in the storm. We are so thankful that we found her and we were beyond fortunate that we had her by our sides on our journey! THANK YOU MARISSA!!



I recommend Marissa wholeheartedly! She was an amazing help during my pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum. Her philosophy - of preparing and being knowledgeable but also being ready to accept unexpected circumstances - was a great match for me. She is warm and kind and also went firmly to bat for me when we encountered an issue in the hospital. She perfectly adapted to the way I found myself wanting to labor and provided exactly the support I needed. I am so grateful to have had Marissa by my side for my son's birth!! I am delighted to recommend her highly. 

Katie Eigel


Marissa is an extraordinary human being and an exceptional doula. She made everything about my pregnancy seem easy. As for my delivery, she knew exactly what to say and exactly what to do. Everything went according to my birth plan, and with Marissa by my side, I was able to have the unmedicated, natural birth I planned for. Marissa always made herself available throughout my pregnancy (obviously during my delivery!) and after my baby was born. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect doula. I highly recommend Marissa.

Maggie Sedgwick


Marissa was fantastic throughout our prepartion and the birth of our first born. I had every intention of going all natural, unmedicated, laboring at home, and envisioned an easy beautiful birth. Our meetings with Marissa helped prepare us mentally for the journey and she provided excellent resources around St.Louis as well as great book and website readings. She was always quick to respond and never imposed her opinion on us but rather provided research and support in helping us decide on such things as vaccinations, pain management, etc. Much to our dismay we discoverd at 36 weeks our baby was breech and after an intense procedure to try and flip baby, the doctors were unsuccessful and a c-section had to be scheduled. Marissa was extremely supportive and on the phone with me the very next day offering her kind words and support. At 38 weeks my water broke in the middle of the night and I knew it meant the c-section was about to happen. We got to the hospital and because it was a slow morning the doctor was ready for baby. Marissa rushed over to the hospital and was a breath of fresh air and comfort to both my husband and myself and I was nervous for the c section. She took amazing pictures that I am so glad we have and got baby on my chest and reminded me of my wishes for no vaccinations right after birth. She also helped get baby latched immediately in recovery which I believer has made for a successful breastfeeding relationship! She continued to send texts days after when we were home and made me feel really proud even though things did not go as planned - do they ever? She dropped off lactation cookies and continued to be a great source of support. I cannot wait for our next baby to have her by our sides again. She is truly fantastic and has a wonderful disposition.

Rachel Chambers


Marissa was so wonderful during my 27 hour labor!!!! She got me through 16 hours of unmedicated labor. When I got stuck at 8 cm, I got an epidural because I was starting to swell and I was exhausted. She helped ease my guilt of "calling it". My baby turned out to be OP (face up), and we could not get him through the birth canal so I ended up with a c-section. When my husband went to be with our son after he was delivered, she held my hand and kept my mind off of the anxiety by talking to me. My husband really appreciated her also. He said that he didn't know what he would've done without her during my long labor. It was great to have someone to help HIM too. I would recommend her to anyone, and I will definitely be using her again in the future!

Jessica Martsolf


Our experience with Marissa was exceptional from start to finish. Our very first meeting, it was clear that Marissa has a passion for her work-I left our meet and greet so much more excited for this baby-she had me in tears telling me about why she is a doula. She was always available to talk things through as I started to get nervous towards the end of my pregnancy and was so reassuring and calming. I ended up needing to be induced and was very fearful and upset that I wouldn't get my dream birth experience. Marissa was so great at talking this through with me. She was also a great advocate for me in an unfamiliar spot, helping to maximize my experience and reminding me what I was still capable of though things hadn't gone as planned. She has such a peaceful and loving presence about her and that was so helpful to both myself and my husband as we are both a bit high strung! She allowed my husband to feel like I was safe and cared for which allowed him to be present for me and take care of himself through a long labor. My husbaand (who at first wasn't even sure why we needed a doula), tells everyone that Marissa was the best money we spent in preparation for the baby. It was so nice to have Marissa there to remind us that all of these things that we were experiencing and feeling were very normal. You can tell that this is Marissa's true calling. Despite the fact that she's witnessed many births, she seemed genuinely so excited and happy for us. Having Marissa with us was so incredibly reassuring and allowed us to be confident and fully immersed in our birth experience. I cannot say enough good things about our experience. I highly recommend Marissa!

Sarah Walker-Leard


I gave birth to my baby girl seven weeks ago. She is our first child and we live 14 hours away from our families. I was very, very nervous about the labor and delivery process. I had no idea what to expect and my anxiety was only increased because my family lives so far away and would not be with my husband and I on baby girls birthday. We decided to hire a doula and Marissa was recommended to us. I am not exaggerating when I say that it was one of the best decisions we have ever made. The second I met Marissa for coffee I felt better. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about the birthing process, but she has four kids of her own and can empathize with the struggles of pregnancy and postpartum life. She is also incredibly sweet and genuine. 
My labor and delivery did not go as planned, but Marissa helped my husband and I navigate all obstacles and stay as true to our birth preferences as possible while always making sure baby and I were safe. She helped comfort me during contractions, supported my husband in supporting me, and helped us make difficult decisions in tense and sleep-deprived moments.

My husband and I would highly recommend Marissa to anyone considering hiring a doula -- and we would also highly recommend hiring a doula! On a ten point scale, we would rate her 100 :).

Tricia Owens


Marissa truly was the perfect match for my husband and me. She is a down to earth woman who oozes passion for what she does. She is honest, open, and caring. We were so impressed by her knowledge and professionalism. What we loved the most was that she never pushed an agenda on us; her only goal was to help us achieve the birth experience WE wanted. I felt empowered by her energy and experience, and I know my husband felt more confident in how to support me, as Marissa offered wonderful coaching and advice for him, too. On top of all this, her personality is magnetic! She has a great sense of humor (which is extremely improtant to me) and a smile that radiates from the inside out. We will absolutely use her in the future as our family grows!

Doug Casarella


Our experience with Marissa was wonderful from start to finish. At our initial meeting with Marissa she told us that plans are wonderful but that her philosophy was to be an advocate for my wife and myself, and if that meant going off-plan, then that's what she would do. Her clear-minded and dedicated approach resonated with us, and we signed up with her promptly. During the lead up to delivery, she was a fantastic resource and always happy to answer questions. She was always quick to respond to inquiries and punctual to all of our meetings.

As my wife's due date came and went Marissa was a constant source of encouragement. Our particular plan was for a natural birth, and Marissa was very familiar with that process. After we naturally induced labor, she arrived early at the hopsital on a Saturday morning eager and excited to get started.  As the day went on and labor started to slow and turn painful, it was Marissa who spoke up for my wife and took us off plan when we needed to move to a more traditional labor.

Marissa helped us get situated in the L&D wing of the hospital, making requests and asks that we would not have thought to ask. When it became clear there'd be no baby on Saturday, she stayed overnight with us in our room, asleep in a chair next to my wife.

On Sunday, when we had to go off-plan again for a c-section, Marissa stayed up with us every step of the way. She talked me through the procedure and helped calm my nerves. Before I knew it, our son was born and Marissa took so many photos of those first priceless moments. It was only after we finally got settled in recovery that Marissa went home, almost 36 hours after arriving the day before.  She truly went above and beyond for us and has still been checking in on us since. We recommend her with enthusiasm and hope we have the chance to partner with her again.

Lauren Loomis


We absolutely loved working with Marissa! She is very loving, down to earth and nurturing and is incredibly knowledgeable about the birth process. We felt very supported and cared for. Before the birth, she listened, helped set expectations, gave us great reading material, gave us encouragement and confidence and helped us understand all of the tools available to us. She also helped answer a lot of our questions via text message before and after the birth. On the day of the actual birth, she was amazing! She rubbed my feet, helped us understand all of our options, advocated for us and celebrated with us when our daughter was born! We felt so supported by her and were so happy she was there with us. Thank you for everything, Marissa!

Kelly Shouse


Choosing Marissa was one of the easiest choices we made when we found out we were pregnant.  I always wanted to have a Doula support me through my labor. When we were selecting our Marissa we had no idea we were going to have a very special pregnancy and delivery.  Our baby was diagnosed with congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) during our midpoint ultrasound.  Marissa went above and beyond the call of duty as our Doula.  Everything that we thought about labor was stripped for us.  I was not sure where to go and Marissa not only supported me with my pregnancy, but also helped me find local resources to help me in the weeks leading up to delivery. The thing that made us choose Marissa was her openness to whatever type of labor we wanted, a judgment free labor. Little did we know when selecting to work with her nothing about our pregnancy was going to be "normal". Marissa continue to support me helping me find my voice during pregnancy.  This voice would continue to grow stronger once my son was born and we spent over a month in the NICU.

Due to my sons birth defect I knew I would be delivering in an OR and once he arrived he would leave the OR and travel with a team to Children's Hospital.  My husband would be going with our son so it was even more critical that I have a support person there with me. Marissa was there to help me and my husband and encouraging me, cheering me on and when he needed a break she was there to fill in.  It was like we were just one big team on a mission heading towards our goal. The time came for son to be born.  Marissa help me be strong, no words to say how thankful I am that she was there on that very emotional day.

Our son is now doing great and is a survivor and a fighter!  My husband and I think so highly of Marissa we would highly recommend her to any family in any situation. We will definitely use her services again!

Lori Naeger


My husband and I decided to hire a doula to help support us during our first child birth experience. We found Marissa on the doula match website and from the first meeting felt we had met someone who was honest, supportive, knowledgeable and experienced in many different areas of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. What a relief it was to know there was someone next to us to walk us through the ups, downs and unexpected turns during our personal journey. Both my husband and I wouldn't have done it any other way and would highly recommend Marissa to anyone interested in a doula.

Amanda Dane


We decided to hire a doula to be prepared for the ‘what-if’s’ as first time parents hoping for an unmedicated birth. Marissa provided evidence based research so that we could make informed decisions not only during L&D but also throughout our third trimester. In addition to our two prenatal visits with Marissa she provided a lot of support over the phone. She has a very relaxed and calming approach and she always left me feeling confident and prepared for discussions with my doctor. I felt confident with our birth plan and well informed should things go differently. Marissa was so encouraging and brought such a calming presence to the L&D room. She seemed to fade in and out at times providing the perfect amount of support to both my partner and me. She reminded me of my options when needed and made sure that I had the birth experience that I wanted. She also helped us breastfeed right away and captured some beautiful moments with our camera.

Marissa’s postnatal support was just as amazing. We went over the breastfeeding challenges we were having and many other topics. It turned out that our LO needed a lip and tongue-tie revision and I was diagnosed with mastitis. She helped connect us with all of the right people and provided tons of support throughout the entire process. Without her help I don’t think I could’ve continued to breastfeed. Many weeks after delivery she continues to answer questions about breastfeeding, sleep and more. Most importantly she keeps it real and while it’s hard to comprehend at the time, she is always reassuring that this phase will not last forever. We were unsure if we needed a doula, but I am so grateful that we decided to hire her. Marissa’s support and knowledge were absolutely priceless. I felt so empowered throughout my pregnancy and had an amazing birth experience. Sharing our birth with Marissa was the best decision we could have made.

Stacy Helm


2000 characters....I won't be able to tell my whole experience but I can surely share a glimpse. Marissa is amazing!! From the moment we met her, I felt a if we had been friends for years. She has a calm about her and an empowering energy which was incredible to have during my birth. As soon as we arrived at the birthing center she was by my side. Holding my hand, massaging my back, helping me change positions, encouraging me, giving me water, wiping the sweat off my face....all this and her emotional support is outta this world! She has a gift that's for sure. I labored for 7 hours naturally, the last 3 were me pushing and trying every position possible to birth my baby. Then baby's head became stuck and I was moved upstairs. Having Marissa's support in the birthing center was amazing, but having her support upstairs was a godsend. She was my voice and made sure that my birth plan was followed as closely as possible in the hospital setting. She reminded me that even though I may not have had the natural vaginal birth that I had hoped and planned for, my body was still birthing a baby! My body still grew and nourished my baby to full term! I continued trying everything possible to bring my baby earthside but when baby's heartrate started to drop, my midwife & doctor told me I needed a c-section to get baby out quick & safe. I was allowed 2 people from my support team to go with me. Marissa held my hand and told me she was staying back, that she knew how important it was to me to have my birth photographed so she wanted my photographer to be my second person. I trusted her decision and because of her we now have amazing RAW photos of my son's birth. Once home, Marissa brought goodies, made me laugh, gave me confidence as a new mama and helped me with breastfeeding when I was ready to give up. In my experience, I gained a son, but I also gained a friend. She inspires me still to this day!

Hallie Olive


It was a true blessing to have Marissa be our doula for the birth of our second son. She was integral in helping us achieve the birth we wanted. She provided us with support, education, and encouragement from the very first conversation to her departure from the delivery room. She took her time during our prenatal meetings to get to know us and what we hoped for our birth. Marissa gave us practical and hands on information to help us prepare for labor and delivery. My pregnancy was fairly stressful during the last few weeks and Marissa went above and beyond to help support me through that time.

On our delivery day, Marissa met us at the hospital within an hour of calling her. Due to unexpected circumstances, I had to be induced, which she helped us manage and make the best informed decision regarding our medical care. Marissa made our labor and delivery room comfortable and helped to ensure my wishes were respected by the medical staff. As my labor progressed, Marissa kept me focused and positive. She was able to read me and as things intensified, she walked me through each contraction and used a variety of coping strategies and comfort measures. She was my voice when I was not able to vocalize my wants and helped to relieve my husband when needed. She was so encouraging and when I felt like giving up, she was right there to remind me of the end goal. She helped me regulate my breathing and my focus during pushing which resulted in a much smoother birth process. Once my son was born, Marissa took pictures for us and answered questions from the nurses so we could enjoy time with our little guy. She stayed with us for an hour or so after birth making sure we were comfortable and had everything we needed.

I recommend Marissa to anyone looking for an intuitive, supportive, encouraging, and professional doula. I truly believe that due to her support, I was able to achieve a natural and beautiful birth.

Chelsea Zwick


I can't speak highly enough of our experience with Marissa!  Generally, if you are debating hiring a birth doula, do yourself a favor and commit to finding one that works for you - the benefits are priceless, literally.

After a miscarriage of our first pregnancy, my husband (Kevin) and I decided that we were going to hire a doula when we got pregnant again.  I was selecting doulas to interview at random, with no recommendations; Marissa was the first of three that we met.  I walked out of the interview telling Kevin that she 'was the one,' but we would go ahead and meet the others to compare.  There was no contest.  As someone who doesn't quickly 'click' with many females, and expecting Kevin to be pretty particular about who shared this intimate experience with us, I was amazed that we were both so comfortable with her so quickly.  This woman is amazing, and you can tell from a brief meeting that she is very experienced and is going to support you, no matter what kind of birth you want.  I personally went from "probably wanting to avoid an epidural", to being dead-set on a birth with minimal interventions, as long as our health allowed.  Marissa gave Kevin and I the confidence that we could do this, taught us exactly what we needed to know that we hadn't already researched ourselves, and encouraged us to ask my OB certain questions that I hadn't yet clarified - and it ended up being critical that I asked those questions when I did, rather than waiting for the delivery room.

Marissa was there for us from the time we hired her, and is still checking in on us 3 weeks post-partum.  From lending us books on natural birth to making a house visit on our third day home to help with nursing, she's helped us in more ways than we can count, and we'll be forever grateful!  There is no doubt that I will be calling her if there is another baby on the way in the future!

Thank you, Marissa!!!

Jillian Flesh


This is a very late response to a wonderful event- Sorry Marissa this should have come a lot sooner!
We weren't sure that we wanted to share our birth experience with another person... but after meeting with Marissa we decided we'd rather have the option of support available than need it and not have it. So we signed on with Marissa and are so glad that we did! We found that she was the perfect match for us because she had enough enthusiasm without being "over the top" which we thought would be both a positive and calming addition to our birth. Our daughter "popped the pool" but then decided she wasn't ready to come out. Thankfully, we had Marissa to carry us through a 48 hour labor. She was there to boost my exhausted husband's energy level and I don't really even remember her being there (which is EXACTLY what we wanted and she understood perfectly). She was able to support him so that he could support me, our ideal scenario. We can't thank her enough for toughing it out with us! While we didn't end up needing any reinforcement of our labor and birth plan, I feel certain that she would have stepped in if needed to stand up for what we wanted, it was so nice to not have to worry about that aspect. She was also amazing about reassuring me that I had made the right decisions about our birth even when things didn't go exactly as we had planned. She helped me feel no "remorse" for finally asking for the epi. Her support in the post-partum days was also excellent! I highly recommend Marissa for those who are considering extra labor support!!!

Jen Austin


Marissa was such an asset to have on my side during my labor and delivery.  As a first time mom, I knew I'd be nervous about giving birth and decided to hire a doula.  When my husband and I met with Marissa, we knew she'd be a perfect fit.  She is a very positive person with a lot of knowledge on birthing issues.  My labor and delivery went the opposite as I would have liked- I had to be induced and lots of interventions were used.  This made me frustrated and a bit sad.   Marissa reminded me that even though there were certain items of my birth plan that would not work out, I could still ask for things that were doable.  This was a great reminder as my frustration led me to think that I should just scrap the whole plan.  She also did a great job interacting with my husband and providing support for him.  We also found the prenatal and postnatal visits helpful.  It was great to discuss birth plans, breastfeeding and caring for a newborn.  I will definitely be hiring Marissa again if I have more kids and would recommend her to any pregnant moms out there.  Just meet her and you'll want her on your team!!!

Lori Friesth O'Blennis


I planned on having a VBAC after a medically necessary cesarean with my first baby. I was fearful of the unknown, knowing only that I needed a doula.  There are many good doulas out there who are knowledgeable and reassuring, Marissa stood out because she spoke to my inner strength. She gave me the tools I needed to make informed decisions and release my fears. When I had an unexpected and unavoidable change of plans she was there holding my hand, boosting my confidence, and helping me to accept my tears and disappointment. Although we experienced a second cesarean, Marissa made sure I had the best experience possible. I will be forever grateful!

Johanna Powers


Marissa was great. We decided we wanted to hire a doula after taking a natural skills birthing class, and it was just six weeks before our due date. With such short notice, we didn't know if we would be able to find someone, but Marissa was willing to work with us and was the perfect fit!

She was positive and encouraging leading up to the birth, helping us feel prepared and as confident as possible. She was available anytime I needed by phone/text, and often checked in with me.  I was so, so happy when I finally went into labor naturally less than two days before my scheduled induction.  With strategies I learned from her and our class, I was able to stay home as long as possible, and she made it to the hospital just as we got to our room.

She ensured I was comfortable and and our wishes were communicated to the nursing staff. Since I was already dialated to 8 cm, things moved very quickly, and we didn't need to use a lot of the tools/strategies we figured we would.  Since she knew I had wanted to use the birthing pool, she got me into the shower immediately and was amazing at helping my husband with massage techniques.  In just two hours, our baby arrived naturally and healthy just as we had hoped!

I was very nervous about getting breastfeeding established. She helped get us get started in the hospital and checked in with me about it after leaving.  I really appreciated her home visit.  It was great to get feedback on things we just weren't sure of yet such as how to start pumping and sleeping issues.

Overall, Marissa is a genuine, kind person who really loves supporting expecting and new moms. we so appreciated the guidance and experience she offered as we went through a new adventure!

Christa Frisella


Marissa was nothing short of amazing during my pregnancy, labor, birth, after birth experience. My husband and I knew hiring her was the perfect choice at our first meeting. Marissa is genuine, energetic, enthusiastic, knowledgable, flexible, helpful I could go on and on. She helped us work through things regarding the birth and was always there when I called or emailed her for advice. It was very comforting to have someone there that knew what I was going through and only made my experience better.

Marissa supported me through over 30 hours of labor and I know I could NOT have done it without her! She knew exactly what to do each time I had a contraction and how to make them bearable. We also had a great time in between them laughing and chatting...just like having a good friend with you during a trying time. The chemistry with her, my husband and I was spot on and made for a very enjoyable experience! Marissa contributed to the connection between my husband and I that can only happen during times like labor. She was an all around fabulous coach! I highly recommend her to anyone. She is the kind of person that would be a great fit to all types of personalities.

Laura Hepburn Engert


I can't believe that I debated for months about whether to have a doula at my birth or not...  Thank goodness that when I was finally ready to commit, I found Marissa, and thank goodness she was available.  My labor was long and difficult and I encountered a number of unexpected complications (as many of us do) and Marissa was incredible throughout the entire thing.  For more than 24 hours she supported me, comforted me, and helped me try to achieve my goals all while maintaining a positive attitude.  I think my favorite thing about Marissa is that she recognizes the strengths of the individual and she recognizes that each person's labor is unique.  It's hard enough being pregnant and having everyone you know tell you the best way to deliver your baby.  Marissa is genuinely supportive of what YOU want to do, even helping you figure that out if you need to.  Each and every bump in the road during my experience was met with Marissa's confidence in me as well as in her own knowledge.  While I can't say that much of my personal situation was how I intended, I am absolutely excited to do it all over again when we get pregnant with our second.  Much of that is due to Marissa and how she empowered me.  I look forward to having her by my side once again.

Raquel Eck


Marissa is a wonderful doula. She is incredibly professional and knowledgeable, and so personable at the same time. She made us feel like we had a close friend that we could absolutely count on to be there for us throughout the last weeks of pregnancy, the delivery and the postpartum period. From the first meeting we had with her, my husband and I were sure she was the right doula for us. Marissa made us feel so much more comfortable with all the process, and was quick to address all of our concerns, which was so important and relieving for us as first time parents.

Marissa is energetic and proactive, she brought a lot of information to us so that every decision we made during our stay at the hospital would be a well informed one. What I appreciated the most is that she respected our preferences and decisions without trying to steer us to one direction or another. She just made sure we were happy and well assisted. Her presence during our stay at the hospital made us feel more secure and at ease, I felt supported emotionally and that helped me push through and feel that I could do it.

Marissa is incredibly participative and I feel like she is someone I will always be in touch with. Weeks after our delivery she still kindly checks in with us to see how we are doing. We appreciate so much her disposition and willingness to help. We couldn't have made a better choice!

Steve Hiltebeitel


It's hard to put into words how incredible Marissa is as a doula or how much she helped my wife and me through our birthing process.  We met Marissa on a Monday evening and were immediately impressed with her knowledge and experience but mostly with her demeanor.  Our biggest concern about hiring a doula was sharing such an intimate experience with a stranger.  After speaking to Marissa for 30 minutes she really didn't feel like a stranger anymore.  This was very good since the next day my wife went into labor (via induction) unexpectedly and very early.  Marissa came to the hospital immediately when we called her and helped us navigate some of the challenges of induction.  She then returned around 4am just after my wife's water broke and was with us until 6pm through the birth which included almost 7 hours of pushing.  Throughout that time she was a coach, a guide, a supporter, and a friend.  It's difficult to imagine how we would have gotten through that day without her help.  Particularly as the father, she was very helpful in making sure I was okay, was eating enough, and was able to take short breaks to update family and use the bathroom things you take for granted as having time to do but may not without another person there to take care of the mother).  Her counsel was also invaluable especially since virtually nothing went according to our birth plan.  Once our son was born Marissa was instrumental in making sure he was given to my wife asap and put to her breast.  She then also visited us at home twice and helped both with breastfeeding and other various questions which as new parents was great to have a dedicated expert's opinion/help especially in the first few weeks.  My wife and I could not be more pleased with and grateful to Marissa.  Doulas in general have such an amazing charge and I can't imagine a doula better than Marissa.

cindy marich


As new parents to a healthy baby boy, I cannot imagine the past few months, especially the last week without the support and guidance of Marissa.

She was the voice of reason during 36 hours of labor and made sure that my husband and I were relaxed, informed and supported.

She is professional, realistic and, most of all, caring. This is evident by the ongoing support she has offered us after welcoming our baby, visiting us at home and being on call to answer the full gamut of new parents questions and concerns.

We cannot sing her praises enough! I would be happy to speak to anyone looking for more information on our positive experience with Marissa.

I cannot imagine having gone through the birth process without her.

Angie Hwang


In preparation for labor, Marissa listened to our plan for our ideal natural birth. She also brought to our attention some other procedures and medications that we should research, and provided resources, so that we could make informed decisions on those prior to the day of labor. She helped prepare us to communicate what we wanted to our medical staff during labor and delivery and helped prepare us to advocate for me if things did not go as planned. We quickly became comfortable with Marissa when we met with for the prenatal visits, so I also then felt comfortable calling her in the late stages of pregnancy to ask her questions about some of the stranger things happening to my body. She was a valuable, trusted resource.  She is easy to get along with, and she is very caring and supportive.

On the day of labor, Marissa quickly met us at the hospital and worked with my husband to support me through labor. My husband was very actively involved in my labor and, just as we told her we wanted, Marissa did not try to take the primary support role, but instead worked well as a team with us. After 19 hours of natural labor, of which the last three were in the pushing stage, the doctor said that the baby was not going to fit through my pelvis and he recommended a quick transition to the Cesarean Section. Though this was not the delivery I had hoped for, it was the correct decison. I am glad we decided to have Marissa with us because I think without her I would have wondered if there was more I could have done to prevent the Cesarean. But instead, I knew we did what we could, and the Cesarean was necessary to deliver our beautiful baby girl.

Amber Ferry


As soon as we met Marissa, we knew she would be a good fit for us! She has a very kind personality, and she is passionate about what she does. We also liked how she networks with different doulas in the STL region and stays up to date on current trends. At 35 weeks, we decided to hire a doula to assist with the birth of our first child and ended up having him just shy of 37 weeks. At that time, we had interviewed Marissa and then met with her one time to talk about our hopes for the birth and the birth plan. We had thought plenty of what we wanted labor and delivery to look like, but Marissa also encouraged us to think about what we wanted our child's care to look like (something we truly hadn't even thought about). She provided evidence and research to help us make informed decisions regarding our child's care. When I went into labor at 37 weeks, she was a phone call away and was more than happy to talk me through what was happening during the stages of early labor. She even offered to come to our home to support us during those stages. She arrived at the hospital very promptly once we were there and was a huge asset in the labor and delivery process. She answered any questions my husband or I had about what was happening, provided suggestions when we froze and couldn't remember what other tricks we could try to help manage the contractions, she helped with support and positioning during delivery and was very hands on with helping with physical support such as massage and pressure. This all allowed my husband to be more of an emotional anchor to me, which I really appreciated! Despite not having the second prenatal visit with Marissa, we felt 100% at ease and comfortable having Marissa share our birth experience with us. We would hire her again in a heartbeat for any future children! Marissa continues to be a support to us, as needed, now that our little guy is here. We are so thankful for how empowered she helped us feel with the entire birth experience!

Heather Gordon


I had a great experience with Marissa Barbeau as my doula. I worked with her during my second pregnancy. She was an invaluable resource to me during my pregnancy, throughout my birth, and after delivery. Marissa was able to answer all of my questions and gave me several books to read during my pregnancy to expand my knowledge in areas I was interested in. She helped me develop a birth plan that addressed what I wanted out of my experience. She is never judgmental. Marissa is very open and emotionally supportive of what you do and do not want as part of your birth.

I ended up having a blood pressure spike at the end of my pregnancy requiring induction. I was a little disappointed as I hoped to have a natural birth, but Marissa worked with me, my partner and the medical staff to ensure I understood what was happening and had the aspects of my birth plan that I could safely have. She was very supportive of my partner and made sure she had what she needed and was able to rest and take breaks throughout my labor. Marissa was able to work cooperatively and professionally with several nurses and doctors throughout my time at the hospital.

When I returned home from the hospital, Marissa stayed in touch and visited me at home a couple of times to be sure I was adjusting and had what I needed. I am so grateful to know Marissa and that she was part of my birth experience. I would absolutely recommend Marissa to anyone wanting to hire a doula!

Deborah Hays Arellano


Marissa was an amazing support through both my pregnancy and the delivery of my daughter. She was a text message or phone call away when I was letting stress get the better of me as my due date approached and passed. She is such a wonderful listener and knew just what to say to calm me and assure me everything was going along just as it should. Marissa is very kowledgeable about pregnancy and birthing both from her own experiences and by becoming very educated through her doula training and personal interest in the process. It is something she is passionate about. She has four beautiful, amazing children of her own!

My daughter was born naturally at a hospital on Thanksgiving morning in 2013. She came very quickly but Marissa jumped in the car as soon as she knew I was on the way to the hospital and she was right by my side and my husband's for the labor and delivery. She coached me through it and when I felt it was too intense to do it without medication, she helped me push through. My daughter is my second child. I gave birth to my son just 2 years before with a different doula. While that doula was very good, I didn't figure out that she didn't completely get me or what I needed until it was too late...while I was in labor at the hospital! It was different with Marissa. She is great at empathizing and learning about others and what they need. She doesn't claim to be or act like a know-it-all...just a great partner through an exciting and sometimes scary time with knowledge to share and plenty of reassurance. She is very easy-going and has a good sense of humor which is helpful in times of stress. The pregnancy and labor of my daughter was so different than that of my son so it almost felt like my first time! I was so happy to have Marissa's help along the way. It made such a difference for me.

Sarah Schlosser


Marissa was my doula for the birth of my second child. I used a doula for the birth of my first and was looking again to have someone there to support me and my husband during my labor. She met with me a couple times before the birth, and came to one of my doctor's appoitments. She was at the hospital with me from the very beginning of my labor. She stayed with me throughout all of my labor - about 9 hours. Her presence was very positive and calming. She used various relaxation techniques to help distract me from the pain of my contractions. She provided support and information to help me make important decisions during labor. She was very encouraging of my decisions and it was great to have someone there the whole time as nurses were in and out of the hospital room. She worked great with all of the nurses and my doctor. Marissa also checked in on me after I came home from the hospital and visited once things settled down. It was so helpful to have her support thoughohut my entire labor/delivery/post-partum experience. Her encouragement helped me remain positive during all the twists and turns of labor. I am very happy to have chosen Marissa!

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