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Jaimy Dunn-Klinko

Macon, GA Service range 60 miles



Birth Fee

$800 to $1000

Postpartum Rate

$25 to $30

Birth Fee

$800 to $1000

Postpartum Rate

$25 to $30

Birth Doula Experience

6 years and 199 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

6 years and 25 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International, December 2014

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3 births and 1 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Special Services Offered

  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Birth pool rental
  • Monitrice services
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

As of December 2019 I will be practicing as a home birth Midwife (CPM) and will be working in Macon and surrounding areas.

Macon, GA Service range 60 miles

Client Testimonials for Jaimy Dunn-Klinko

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Kurt Kistler


Jaimy was absolutely integral to our birthing day.  She showed up and took charge, which is what we needed.  We had a homebirth so having a doula was a must, and Jaimy is the best we could have chosen.  My wife and I continue to comment on how impressed we were with her knowledge and professionalism.  

Erica Finsness


For our family, Jaimy's support facilitated several key things:

- Helping us stay informed (and sane!) during the few weeks before/after the birth

- Allowing our family to be physically and emotionally present for each other

- Most importantly, the emergent birth of our baby

The main reason that we hired Jaimy was for support before and during labor. I had a long and difficult labor with my first child; I was nervous about going through that again. Also, I wanted to know that someone would be available to fill in the gaps in case I had a hard time coordinating childcare or if my husband got stuck in bad traffic. Having Jaimy on-call substantially eased my anxiety leading up to the birth.

As it turns out, labor ended up being so quick (less than an hour!) that our baby was born at home. Jaimy arrived just a bit before the birth and ended up catching the baby, along with my husband and 911 on speakerphone. Her presence turned what could have been a traumatizing and chaotic experience into a manageable and even joyful one. Her support also enabled my husband to ride with the baby and I to the hospital, as she gathered our things and met us there. In the hours and days after the birth, her support helped us focus on adjusting to life as a family of four and on enjoying our new baby.

Not to be underestimated, Jaimy was also extremely helpful in supporting us for both the month before and after the birth. We felt so supported being able to text her with any questions or concerns that came up. Every time I thought "Should I be worried about this?" or even "I'm so frustrated being super pregnant!" I knew I could text Jaimy and she would respond in an informed and supportive way. She was great for all those questions/concerns that aren't big enough to contact the doctor's office about but are too important to google. Plus, she provided emotional support.

We really appreciated having Jaimy as our doula!

Vanessa Brewster Laughlin


We engaged Jaimy for help as a post-partum doula specifically for her expertise and support for a much needed 'night shift'.  It turned out to be a really smart move to have Jaimy help us out the night before my husband went back to work after his few weeks of paternity leave. Not only did he get the BEST (full!) night's sleep since the baby arrived, but I also got the most sleep too because of Jaimy's awesome help.  She has such a calming and supportive nature and I felt confident with her taking care of both my 3-week old and me during the night.  She made sure I only did the bare minimum (one nursing session) and she took care of all the rest (snuggles, diaper changings, bottle feeding expressed milk, burping, cleaning/sterlizing pump parts and bottles, tidying the house, etc.).  I wish I could send Jaimy to help out every new mom I know, it was such a good experience.

Caitlin Grigg


We had the pleasure of working with Jaimy a few days after the birth of our son for 6 weeks and counting.  I wish that we had gotten to know her during my pregnancy so she could have helped us prior as well. She has been and is an amazing Doula.  Jaimy goes above and beyond minimal requirements. Jaimy worked with us as a night Doula and we were having multiple struggles at home that Jaimy was able to help with.  I was having trouble with my milk coming in, and Jaimy was extremly positive, and made a low stress helpful enviornment that kept me thinking positive and able to relax and help with my supply. Within the first week my son had to go to the ER, and Jaimy came to the house ASAP in case I had to go with him and leave my other child at home, and she helped take my mind off how frightened I was (Everything turned out AOK). If I ever had a question or concern, Jaimy would either have the answer , or within hours (usually the next time I woke up for a feed) have it answered.  She was able to calm our newborn, and take great care of him. She also went above and beyond by helping with our 3 year old in the mornings - who fell in love with Jaimy.. as well as doing things around the house when she had time.  Jaimy is studying to be a midwife, and I am sure will make an excellent one, and in the meantime anyone would be lucky to have her as a Doula. I am so happy she is part of our lives.

Diana Forsell


I recently hired Jaimy for postpartum doula services and I could not have been happier with the experience. Jaimy is clearly very experienced working with new moms and babies and seemed to intuitively know what I needed, which was important because I didn't have a lot of energy to direct someone. She was always promptly on time and very good with my baby. Jaimy has a loving, calm energy and I would recommend her to anyone (In fact, I did recommend her to a friend).

Sheena Eaton


I had an unmedicated VBAC in October '15 and could not have done it without Jaimy as my coach. She made herself available through all 38 hours of my labour, and her words of encouragement and pain management techniques were the only thing that kept me from throwing in the towel on more than one occasion. I am so thankful she was there to chronicle the journey of my son and share the experience with me afterward, because quite frankly, it's all a blur! She was also a tremendous support postpartum as I struggled with breastfeeding for a second time. 

Samantha Burroughs


We found Jaimy on Doula Match and she has been a God Send!!! She is so loving and compassionate towards me and my daughter. She walks our dogs at 3am, washes and folds my laundry and lets this sleep deprived mommy sleep between night feedings. I've struggled with Post-Partum Depression and Anxiety and Jaimy has eased my fear and let me sleep. I can't recommend her enough!!!

Ange L Ange


My partner and I had the fortune of having Jaimy scheduled as our back up Doula for what transformed from a more natural birth to a heavily medicated hospital birth spanning the course of three days. Jaimy and I had barely spoken for 10 minutes on the phone the week before we met, but she arrived at the hospital and learned very quickly what was needed to assist us. I was very impressed with her as she stayed up all night and until the early morning just waiting, even when I wasn’t in active labor. Jaimy is a natural with couples; she knows when to provide advice and hands on assistance and when to give a laboring mother space. She was patient and silent when needed and creative in her use of alternative methods when the time was right. Jaimy was also a solid advocate on the birth team when Dr’s questioned my desire to try natural methods such as the use of a breast pump over Pitocin. She asked the perfect questions of the Dr’s at the right time and put me at ease.

For our post partum session, Jaimy came prepared, again asked all the right questions and provided good information. I strongly recommend Jaimy for any mother who is uncertain about having a Doula. She is very gifted and appears to understand exactly what is needed for a laboring mother and spouse.

 Angela and Mike

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