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Alyssa Leon

Cherry Blossom Doula Services

Phoenix, AZ Service range 50 miles

Birth Fee

$900 to $1500

Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Birth Fee

$900 to $1500

Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Birth Doula Experience

6 years and 300 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

2 years and 10 families served

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Doula agency owner

Clients per month: 0 to 4

Postpartum limits/restrictions: We have multiple postpartum doulas able to accomodate your needs

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth pool rental
  • Childbirth education services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

*Volunteered at Chandler Hospital in their Postpartum Depression Support Group and New Siblings Class *Trained at SWIHA in Prenatal/Swedish Massage and Reiki *Worked as a Group Class Facilitator at iWomen's Health Care and Babymoon Inn

Fee Details

*Complimentary initial interview *1 prenatal visit focusing on what to expect during labor and understanding all of the birth options in the family's setting. (Additional visits are always available if needed.) *Unlimited phone and email support (both prenatal and postpartum) *Personal referrals for any services that I do not offer *On-call commitment 2 weeks before and after the due date *Monthly group prenatal education *Weekly postpartum moms circle * Add-on services; Postpartum doula support, Birth Photography, Placenta Encapsulation, Milk bath photography, Fresh 48 or Maternity Photography *I also include a 7-14 day postpartum home visit at which time I give you a written birth story and photos. (If applicable.) This gives us an opportunity to spend time debriefing about your birth experience. *Add on services also offered to non-doula clients

Phoenix, AZ Service range 50 miles

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Vicki Smith


Alyssa was actually the backup doula to the one I had hired. My doula was with me through the whole process, but had a conflict that started about an hour before my daughter was born. Alyssa showed up and the change was seamless. Although I had never met her, I felt comfortable with her. She actually took our birth photos and made my placenta pills. She came to my house jointly with my original doula, postpartum. It was fun to basically have 2 doulas for the price of one. I'm so glad we had photos taken so I never forget the experience. She was very encouraging, made me feel like my birth was super smooth and that I could do this again in a heartbeat, if needed. My birth was actually back in May 2017. 

Helle Dyar


I cannot say enough great things about Alyssa. I just had my first baby in December. Alyssa was amazing. She gave me confidence, encouragement and made me feel so comfortable. She kept me calm and grounded. She provided the perfect amount of hands on support. She guided my husband to support me in the way I needed and he was so grateful to have her direction and guidance. Alyssa's calming and caring nature, skill and experience was a perfect fit for us. We will be using Alyssa for any little ones in our future. 

Sara Walsh


I interviewed Alyssa based on the recommendation of my midwife And I’m so glad I did. I had all of these intentions of interviewing multiple doulas to find the perfect one for my home birth but stopped after I had found Alyssa because she was just perfect. She was easy to get ahold of leading up to the birth As I was able to text her day or night and got a quick response. She also sent encouraging thoughtful texts out of the blue which always seemed to arrive at the perfect time when I needed a smile. She is a genuine caring person that loves what she does and truly Loves her clients. Her support, peaceful prescence, labor position ideas and photography at the birth were amazing. She was there to provide help when needed but didn’t step on anyone’s toes. I was originally concerned when hiring a doula that she would try to overpower the midwife or my husbands role in this birth, but Alyssa was never Even close to doing this. I imagine she would work seamlessly with anyone you wish to have by your side during the birth. The photography pictures were beautiful and she did a nice job turning those around quickly. i can’t provide enough positive feedback on my experience with Alyssa - she is a gem of a doula!

KT Hex


As soon as I found out I was pregnant with baby #3, I contacted Alyssa. She was our doula with our second baby and we knew we wanted her at our third birth.  Alyssa was there for me every step of the way. From helping me choose a new provider and being there for me throughout my entire pregnancy. During the birth she was a calming and soothing presence. The photos of the labor and birth that she took are beautiful- something that we can look back on forever to remember this special event. i highly recommend Alyssa as a doula!!!

Amanda Bennett


Alyssa is an incredible doula! Her knowledge, experience, and caring nature allowed my husband and I to have the birth experience that we had hoped for. She made herself available to me throughout my pregnancy by promptly answering texts and phone calls. On the day I went into labor, Alyssa was with us every step of the way. We texted and talked over the phone during early labor. She came to our house as my contractions became more intense. Alyssa was encouraging, comforting, and inspiring. She gave my husband and I suggestions on how best alleviate the pain. When I was wavering in my confidence, she reminded my how strong I was and that all of the pain was for a purpose. She provided hands on care while also enabling my husband to care for me - the perfect balance! Alyssa's tender care allowed us to spend majority of the day laboring within the comfort of our own home. I arrived at the hospital already 8cm dilated and delivered shortly after! We are so thankful to have been able to partner with Alyssa and hope to do so again in the future! 

Josefa Lan


Of all the decisions I made during my pregnancy (and there are so many), hiring Alyssa as my doula was unquestionably the best one! My husband and I both felt instantly comfortable and at ease with her from the moment we met her. She is extremely professional but also very warm and informative. Throughout my entire pregnancy she was available to me through text or call when I had questions or needed assistance with a decision. She even helped me decide where the best place would be to have my baby.

Her assistance during my labor is where she really shined as a total rock star. I am 100% convinced my natural birth experience would have been so much harder without her there. She was by my side with every contraction to support and guide me. She also supported my husband and helped him throughout the process. She kept the energy light and positive but also directed towards our final goal.

When you hire her do not skimp on the birth photography or the placenta encapsulation. The pictures she took were incredible and something I will cherish forever. They far exceeded my expectations. The placenta encapsulation definitely helped me with my recovery. I'd say both are a must have.

Alyssa was quite simply born for this work and I could not be more grateful to have had her there with us during that life changing experience. My husband, who did not even know what a doula was before meeting her, has already declared we have to hire her when we get pregnant with our second baby.

I recommend to all expectant mothers that they invest in a doula. If you get to have Alyssa for that service then you got one of the best! Whether you plan to have your baby at a birth center, a hospital, or even your own home, Alyssa will be the best investment you can make!

Cassidy Davis


At 36/37 weeks pregnant (yes that late in my pregnancy!), fate put me in touch with Alyssa. And I couldn't be more grateful that we found her. From the minute I met Alyssa, I knew she would "click" with our outgoing family, and be the support I needed. (Hubby almost passed out with baby #1) I instantly told her, "you're our doula! There is no need to think about it!" Because I knew she was the right person to support me (and my hubb) through my labor and delivery- and I was sooooo right. 

I went into labor when she just finished another birth. She had been awake over 30+ hours and supported me through my entire labor and delivery- talk about super woman. The encouragement, support, and love that outpoured from her being during my labor was so natural, so comforting, that I felt it was what got me through to the end! She even guided my husband, and laughed at his horrible jokes, throughout the labor, to make him feel comfortable, too! I could go on for about 3 days how AWESOME she is. But you get my point! 

I highly, HIGHLY recommend Alyssa for your doula (+more) needs. I'm 2 weeks PP and already know that she will be my doula for our future babies to come! 

Jennifer Karavakis


Alyssa was great! I had a very hard experience for my first birth and used Alyssa for my second. When we first met she sat and listened to all of my concerns from my first time and talked to me about things hat she could help with and things I could do to make the second time around go smoother. Throughout the pregnancy she would offer advice for any issues I was having. All of the midwives at my office knew her when I mentioned her and liked her. As it got closer to the birth she would reach out periodically. My labor progressed quickly and we met her at the hospital. She knew exactly where to go and what to do. She helped me with my breathing and made sure I was comfortabl. She helped relay any of my wishes to the nursing staff since I was barely able to communicate. She helped me with whatever I needed. When I was nauseous she used peppermint oil to help and it worked wonders. She was as knowledgeable about the hospital as some of the nurses and knew where everything was. The photos she took were beautiful. The entire experience was a lot smoother and my husband and I were happy to have her there.

Alexandria Russo


Almost 7 months ago, Alyssa was my doula, for the 63 hour labor and the wonderful birth of my 11lb 10oz baby boy! To this day, we maintain contact, and I feel comfortable reaching out to her for advice about any baby/postpartum related matters. I truly learned so much from this woman. My birth experience would not have been the same without her. From day one, I felt comfortable around her (which was a huge deal, being that it was my 1st childbirth and I was nervous). I recognized her kind-heartedness and uplifting spirit right away. I didn't interview anyone else to be my doula, once I met Alyssa. I knew immediately that she was passionate, knowledgable, and fair. Her contracts were straight-foreward and easy to understand, and the pricing was affordable. Honestly, money could not buy the birth experience that I got, with Alyssa on my birth team. Alyssa was nothing less than supportive, every step of the way. She was on board with every twist and turn and change of plans that came our way, and reassuring all along. To say that she exceeded all of my expectations, is putting it lightly. From the minute she walked into the hospital room, I was at peace. I was calm. I was excited. I was confident. I was ready. Her presence must have that effect on people, because my partner and my mom felt the same way! Alyssa guided me through labor and birth, gently and effectively. She was encouraging when I felt like giving up. She was strong when I felt weak. She let me lean on her (literally) when I was exhausted. She gave me advice and suggestions that really WORKED, and that my partner and I would have never come up with on our own! She reminded me of my goals, and respected my choices. Her passion for birth is inspiring. And her birth photos are fantastic (you won't even notice she's taking them!). I HIGHLY recommend Alyssa to any/all mamas, and will certainly be using her again someday!

Kristin Faulkner


I am so blessed to have had Alyssa as my doula, not only once, but twice now! She stood by my side every step of the way with my first, through a long labor which ended in c-section... However, due to her loving, consistent, and knowledgeable care throughout the whole process, it was not the traumatic experience that it could have been but instead one that I can remember with joy. Fast forward a year a half, and I'm so happy to say now that her loving care helped has me tremendously in my goal of having a VBAC and the natural birth that I had hoped for with my first. She was in constant communication with me from the time my water broke until the next morning when she met me at the birth center (with sleep marks on her face from sleeping on the couch all night ready to go at a moment's notice!) From the time we got to the birth center she was constantly by my side, encouraging me, making sure I was eating in early labor, and suggesting ideas to get baby into optimal position. We did some stair walking and that jump started my labor. It was so helpful having here there to coach my husband as well in how best to help me. Once I got in the tub she stayed close by, pouring warm water on my back, making sure I was hydrated between contractions, fanning me, helping me change positions etc. Best of all were her sweet encouraging words letting me know that I was doing great and making progress with each contraction, and what stage of labor I was in. I was so internalized by then that I had my eyes closed almost the whole time and couldn't really respond, but because of her constant words of encouragement I never felt for a moment like I was alone or afraid. Not only is Alyssa an outstanding doula, she is also an amazing photographer. The beautiful shots she was able to capture of Aaron's birth and the joy and love surrounding it are something I will treasure forever.
Thank you Alyssa, for everything! We love you.
~Kristin, Daniel, Levi and baby Aaron 

Jennifer Burwell


Alyssa was absolutely wonderful! She was highly recommended from a friend for our first baby. We decided not to hire a doula at the time and boy, were we sorry! When we found out we were pregnant with our second child we knew we needed to meet with Alyssa. From the first appointment to our postnatal meeting she was so supportive and insightful. Her experience and knowledge is wonderful to have. She gently guided and supported my husband and I throughout our labor. She was always quietly there lending her support. She was wonderful when I went past my due date and called her in tears. She helped me gain some prospective and regain my balance. She also helped me talk through my birth options to determine the best plan for our family. The pictures she captured of our sons entrance into the world are priceless, something we will cherish forever. Alyssa was such a critical part of our birth team. I couldn't have managed to do it without her! I can't recommend Alyssa enough!

Radha Muddu


I am so happy that I got to work with Alyssa for my second pregnancy- wish I had her to help with my first too ??. She was simply awesome, just like a sister to me. She was very level-headed, warm and affectionate during my entire pregnancy and supported our decisions in the best way possible. I could spend hours writing about her - I highly recommend her. You will not be disappointed. 

Samantha Timlick


Allysa came recommended to me by a friend, but I later received a secondary recommendation by one of my midwives who had experience working with her in the past. Usually when my husband and I are considering working with a vendor/provider of any kind we like to shop around - but one meeting with Alyssa was enough for us!

From the very beginning she was kind, friendly, and above all knowledgeable. We like to take a natural approach, but are also big on research. Alyssa was able to strike a perfect balance based on her experience, connections and resources. And she never pretended to have knowledge on something she really didn't know about. If she didn't know an answer, she researched it or pointed us in the right direction. So definitely not a "yes" girl, which I appreciate.

She helped us prepare for the birth of our first child and particularly set my husband at ease. With her by our side I didn't have to worry about all of the what-ifs and talking through every possible scenario with my husband because she was able to tell him each step of the way when things were (or weren't) proceeding as they should. She was also instrumental in developing our birth plan and making sure it was carryied out. If not for Alyssa, my husband may have missed the chance to catch our baby!

Also worth mentioning is how well she works with others. I was a patient of a midwife practice and while Alyssa had experience with some of the providers, she had never met the ladies who delivered my baby until the morning our son was born. She was helpful, professional, and firm when she needed to be.

After the birth she kept in touch and connected us with resources for breastfeeding and other support. 

We are so glad to have had the opportunity to work with Alyssa. If we could go back and do it all over again, we wouldn't change a thing!

Katie Pierce


The first time my husband and I met Alyssa we were impressed! We actually didnt consider a Doula, and I only contacted her for placenta encapsulation. Alyssa has this calming, optimistic, and sweet personality. We knew she was a perfect fit for our birth And decided to hire a doula. I had everything planned and a healthy pregnancy so I kept Alyssa in the loop with every appointment to help her know what is going on.

A week prior to our meeting to go over birth plan and what to expect, I went into labor. I was only 33 weeks! I called/text Alyssa about what I was experiencing and she was on top of getting back to me. Keep in mind this was during her "off" month! I was frantic, my husband frantic but with Alyssa's support she was able to help us cope and process what each day looked like and provided comfort. She really helped my husband process something so scary and unexpected, since I could not due to the medication and pain. After 4 days I ended up having a fast delivery. We all were shocked, but Alyssa again helped with supporting us with a call to another Doula. This Doula was also wonderful and had experienced a simliar situation, so it came in as a great resource. Alyssa showed us so much love and compassion through our journey and still does! I do not consider Alyssa just a doula but a friend! I tell EVERYONE about her and highly recommed her to anyone. She truly went above and beyond for us. Alyssa; we cannot thank you enough for this unexpected experience! We THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!!!!

Lisa-Ashley Dionne


From the first moment of meeting Alyssa, I felt an instant connection.  It is so natural to feel at ease with her. Alyssa has this quiet gentleness, that complements her expertise and passion. It was my first time having a doula, and this was my second birth. Alyssa is knowledgeable and assured us from the beginning about her role as a doula, which is to encourage my husband and I throughout the laboring process and to be a guide, without taking away any bit of my husband's role as my partner. Alyssa was available when I needed her, even at 2 a.m. when I called her thinking I was going into actual labor, but it turned out to be prodromal labor. Alyssa never made me feel silly for contacting her when I had a false alarm, but instead, provided me with resources to ensure baby was in position for the real delivery.  Having someone available to me 24/7 who truly understands what I am going through, who guides and nurtures mamas through one of the most cherished but possibly scariest times in life, is priceless. Alyssa has a dependable network of family and friends whom enable her to be ready to assist laboring mamas when they call. The night I went into true labor, I called Alyssa telling her all that I was experiencing, she was so calm and reassuring that I could push through those contractions. Alyssa met us 15 minutes after we arrived and 15 minutes later our second daughter entered the world. It happened so quickly and I am glad I had my husband, Alyssa, and my oldest daughter there with me. Alyssa captured beautiful pictures of my family.  She was prompt in delivering my placenta pills and tincture. She even made a cute little keepsake of baby's umbilical cord. It's so special to meet someone who is truly passionate about her work and really puts her heart and soul into helping Mamas. I recommend Alyssa to everyone I meet. I am glad we not only had a doula to guide us through my pregnancy and postpartum period but also a treasured friend.

Tracy Sterling


If you are fortunate enough to catch Alyssa available for your birth, do yourself a favor and BOOK HER NOW. She is beyond amazing and word is spreading fast. Soon, we will need a clone of her. Alyssa was the birth doula for my son born on 7/14/2016, and I could never have guessed how critical her presence would be. His arrival was erratic, unexpected, and crazy fast, and Alyssa and my husband were the only ones present in the hospital room when it all went down. Her keen intuition and extensive experience were paramount to my son’s safe arrival, and even my midwife expressed gratitude that Alyssa was there. Aside from the main event, Alyssa was a tremendous source of support and information as I sometimes struggled to navigate the conventional medical obligations, which often did not align with my own personal preferences and intuition. Even after the arrival of my son, Alyssa has continued to be a source of comfort and support in helping me identify resources I need, and empathizing with my somewhat traumatic birth and postpartum experience. I would wholeheartedly recommend Alyssa to anyone who thinks they may benefit from the presence of a birth doula.

Kate Cleveland


Alyssa was our doula in June 2016, and we had an amazing experience with her, not only during labor but several weeks before and after delivery. She respected our wishes and desires for our birth and worked great with the hospital staff. I felt as though she was the older sister I didn't have helping me through the challenges and pains of labor. Her spirit and energy is very nuturing and loving, I will recommend her in the future to friends. Thanks Alyssa for the outstanding service, I couldn't imagine giving birth to Baby Beau without you!! =)

Nereyda Martinez


When I was pregnant, I knew I wanted two things: birth photography and my placenta encapsulated. I wanted to find somebody that would do both so I didn't have to hire two people. This led me to Alyssa - Cherry Blossom Doula Services.
Alyssa captured so many beautiful moments and I love looking through my pictures because it takes me back and allows me to experience my birth through a different lens. I don't think I remember noticing her take even one picture! She was incredibly supportive to my husband and I; she cared about both of us and that meant A LOT. Even before the birth, when I called her to let her know what was going on and how I really didn't want to be induced, she was just so supportive and immediately helped me feel calm and confident. She provided guidance and let me know she was just a text or phone call away. It was just so nice to have her by my side. To put things into perspective, I met Alyssa once before I reunited with her at my birth. Just once. And yet, I knew she was meant to be at my birth. There's something about Alyssa's presence that is so reassuring. She went above and beyond by supporting my husband with supporting me. And somehow she still captured MANY beautiful pictures of my birth. My son is 4 months and I still LOVE looking at them! I'm so grateful your wonderful self is empowering so many women and their partners during such a life changing experience. 
Thank you, Alyssa, for your support, your reassurance, and your kind soul! (And for the Sprite and apple juice that we still talk about being the most delicious thing ever!) We will meet again in a couple of years ;)

Megan Brentlinger


My husband and I considered hiring a doula from the first day we found out we were pregnant. My husband's first language is not English, so we really just wanted someone else in the room with us that knew what was going on and could help explain things in the moment. We got so much more than that with Alyssa.

When we met Alyssa for the first time, we immediately felt a connection with her - she is so compassionate and respectful, and she was extremely knowledgeable and patient in answering our initial questions. We decided to hire her immediately. At our prenatal visit she came with even more information and was very professional. She was always available via phone or email and we always felt welcome to contact her with any questions or concerns we had.

I must say, though, that Alyssa's greatest strength is the support, respect, and calmness that she brings during labor and delivery. My labor started in the middle of the night at about 39 weeks, and Alyssa talked us through those early stages. When it was time, she went with us to the hospital (a total of three times because I was sent home twice before the real deal!). Once we were finally admitted, she gave us gentle suggestions on positions and coping methods. More importantly (since I was in labor for 2 and a half days!) with her there, my husband was able to fit in a few naps, and I never felt alone.

I cannot imagine not having Alyssa there with us. I felt that I always had complete support, I never felt pressured to do something I wasn't comfortable with, and I always felt that my decisions were respected. Even after birth, Alyssa still texted us often to see how we were doing, and she came to visit us a few weeks later. I had a little case of the baby blues around that time and her presence, support, understanding and suggestions really helped me to get through it.  

We are so glad that we shared our birth experience with Alyssa!

Jana Berrelleza


We decided to hire a doula a bit late in the game at 34 weeks. We had set up multiple meetings with doulas and Alyssa was our first meeting. I knew she was the one for us immediately after that meeting. We were lucky she still had availability so we booked her right away! To say we are happy with our decision to hire Alyssa is an understatement. She is THE reason we had the incredible birth we hoped to have! I started having contractions almost daily at 39 weeks and ended up going 11 days overdue. It was so physically and emotionally draining – Alyssa was always there for me, encouraged me, and helped us through dreaded conversations of induction with our midwife as we approached 42 weeks. Fortunately we did not have to induce and we ended up having an amazing unmedicated birth at the hospital. I truly believe that would not have been possible without Alyssa! She was there for us during early labor and helped us know when it was time to go to the hospital. When we got there she knew exactly where to go, knew all of the nurses and made sure I had water, cool air fanned on me and that the tub in our room was being filled. She thought of every detail I could possibly need in the moment and was ready to jump in quick to help me and my husband. I listened to her when it came to breathing methods and positions and she was a huge encouragement to both my husband and me when we were unsure if we could do it unmedicated – she really knows what she is doing!

Alyssa is extremely knowledgable, caring, gentle, organized and encouraging. I never felt judged or uncomfortable around her, she truly was exactly what my husband and I needed during labor. We are 7 weeks postpartum now and having Alyssa there to talk to is the one thing I miss about being pregnant. :) She truly is an amazing doula and a one-of-a-kind special person. I can't recommend Alyssa enough – we feel like we were the lucky ones to have her there for us at our daughter's birth.

Marlene Flores


When I read about doula’s immediately knew I needed one. We previously experienced a loss and knew this would be an emotional birth for us and felt I would need that additional support. Alyssa was the great support I neeed. She was there to answer questions and ease concerns. The last weeks were especially trying for me, but she was there with advice on how to help things along and cheering me on. As a “High Risk” pregnancy we knew we could face complications.Alyssa always made it known that she would support us in any decision. When things took an unplanned turn she calmly reminded us what the end goal was and guided us through every step. Even after our baby’s birth, she has been such great source of advice. At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted placenta encapsulation but my husband reminded me that it is better to have them and not use them, than to not have them and wish I did. After further research I was convinced. Alyssa took care of everything that needed to be done at the hospital and promptly delivered them after. I can honestly say after taking them that they make a BIG difference.I LOVE my photos!She was amazing at capturing one of the most emotional, powerful moments in our lives. She captured beautiful moments that we will be able to hold forever. Having them is truly priceless. She really puts her heart into what she does!

We were truly blessed to have met Alyssa and had her by our side for such a special time. Her and the wonderful team we had during our Rainbow Baby’s birth. We were experiencing so many emotions because of our previous loss. Alyssa made us feel cared for and supported in all our decisions. Because her and our Midwives we were able to have a beautiful experience even when we had an unexpected change of plans. She will always hold a special place in our heart. After everything we went through together I feel like she is not only my doula but she is now a wonderful lifetime friend.

Ed F


Though at first I was skeptical of the need for doula services. I decided that if my wife felt she needed additional support, she should have it. Even though we say “we” are pregnant, I think it is obvious that my wife was bearing the lion’s share of the pregnancy so I decided to agree to hiring a doula. Needless to say (and the reason why I am writing this review) it was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Alyssa is that help and support system that should be a requirement and covered by insurance!

Alyssa was such an invaluable resource that complemented and often surpassed the advice of other medical personnel. Alyssa’s experience made the process so much easier for my wife and me. I would often see my wife go through difficult times but all we men can do is be patient, supportive and hope it passes soon. As dads-to-be, I think we owe it to our wives to make the experience of motherhood the best we can and having Alyssa certainly did improve my and my wife’s experience. Alyssa put us at ease on countless occasions when we had common question or doubts. When medical professionals were not readily available to answer our questions, Alyssa was there. She lives and breathes the pregnancy cycle and knows her stuff. I would not hesitate to recommend Alyssa’s services. Top notch!


Amber Córdoba


I have to say that hiring Alyssa to be our doula was one of the best choices I have ever made in my life; no exaggeration! I Cannot say enough nice things about how wonderful she is! 

From our very first communication I had nothing but warm, positive experiemces with Alyssa. She was fantastic about answering questions and has a very calm, warm, and knowledgeable demeanor that immediately puts you at ease. Alyssa was the first and only doula we interviewed because we felt so comfortable with her from day one. 

Throughout my pregnancy she was always available to answer questions and help me work through the random issues that came up. She helped me feel more confident and prepared when I disagreed with my doctor. She was also an awesome source of support during very stressful times. and if that isn't enough..

Our goal was an unmedicated, natural birth that had no interventions. The game completely changed for me when I experienced back labor and had no progress for hours. Alyssa helped me stay focused and reminded me to take contractions one at a time. She was willing to support me if I changed my mind, but worked very hard to help me stick to my birth plan. After 14 grueling hours of labor I delivered my baby boy naturally and I could not have done it without her support, Encouragement, love, back massages, position recommendations, etc. She always seemed to just know what I needed to help get me through. 

Even though my son is now three weeks old, she continues to be an incredible assett to me making recommendations, answering questions, and even helping connect me with other mothers experiencing similar issues (breastfeeding). She also handled our placenta encapsulation and delivered everything in super cute containers! 

I must also say that I am in love with the photos she took! She captured some very special memories in a beautiful, tasteful way. 

Thank you so much Alyssa!!

Christa Sullivan


Alyssa Leon was everything I needed in a doula. She was always available when I had questions and remained so involved before, during, and well after labor and delivery. She came to our house before we left for the birth center which was awesome. She helped me get into positions that eased the pain of labor and advised us when it was time to head in. She was also great with my hubby! I knew he was going to need some support because he worries about me so much. She did great reassuring him and explaining each step of he process to him. Once we were at the birth center, Alyssa was with me every step of the way. She made me as comfortable as absolutely possible whether it was fanning me, giving me sips of water or showing me positions and breathing techniques to help relieve some of the pain. One of the best parts was the photography! She took pictures of the whole process and captured our genuine reactions of meeting our baby girl. The whole process was absolutely amazing. Another awesome part about Alyssa was her contact afterwards. My baby girl had a tongue and a lip tie  and had to have a procedure done. She kept in contact with me weeks afterwards to make sure the baby and I were both doing okay.  I will definitely be hiring her for any future births! She made the whole experience absolutely perfect

Michele Matsumoto


I feel like I've been blessed to have met Alyssa and been able to have her as my doula. I met her before I got the devastating news that my baby girl has a congenital heart defect. As I explained to Alyssa our diagnosis she immediately became one of my biggest supporters. Not only was she the doula for me, she was my advocate, support team, my resource, and my friend though all this. This was much more than I could have expected from a doula. I could tell she was so knowledgeable about pregnancy and gave me the confidence to let her guide me through labor. There was constant communication between us, something that's very important between a pregnant woman and her doula. I expressed to her everything I had envisioned for my labor and delivery. She listened and embraced it. When the time came and I was in labor I honestly didn't feel like she was a doula I hired to help me, but a friend who was there to guide me and support me. I remember during labor there were hard times and all I can remember though those hard contractions her encouraging me. I told her before I wanted to be her directing me. She did just that and still let me feel like this was my labor. Even postpartum, I felt like she was still there. Thank you Alyssa for being exactly what I wanted and needed. Love you always and may lots of people get the perfect doula just like I did.

Bobbi Bartolomeo


 The birth experience of our daughter would not have been the same without Alyssa's support and knowledge.  She knew exactly how to provide comfort and the right tools for support before after and during birth.  I would recommend her to anyone in going through a pregnancy.  She has a very comforting and sensitive persona.  She provides excellent guidance towards a birth plan and will support the family in anyway possible!  Thank you Alyssa you were amazing! 

Aubree Davis


My husband and I hired Alyssa for our second child's birth. We had a doula with our previous child, so we knew what we wanted and expected out of our doula. We were both blown away by her services.The one hesitation we had was the photography, and we do not regret having the pictures now. Im so glad they were part of her service. It almost feels weird saying "hired" and "services" about Alyssa. She truely became part of our family. My labor didn't go "according to plan," because why would it, and lasted much longer than any of us anticipated. Alyssa was always on pointe, kept everyone energized and she truely took care of all of us; midwives, student midwives, myself, husband, and our daughter. I had a home birth that lasted 3 days!! Alyssa slept on my couch, did food/coffee runs, and tried to keep labor moving with exercises, offered helpful suggestions, when on walks with us. I really could go on and on about how wonderful she is and how exempiary her services were! Alyssa went above and beyond any and all expectations my husband and I had. We would hire her again in a heart beat and recommend her to everyone that is looking for a doula! 

Lissie C


Our experience with Alyssa was simply wonderful. Due to our hypnobirth going much more smoothly (and quickly) than we had realized, we did not have Alyssa or our midwife with us yet at the time of our baby boy's birth.

But this hardly mattered.

Her support began from the moment we sought her out as a possibility. Around six months pregnant, I reached out to her by email in a very frantic, scattered plea for help, feeling the pressure of dwindling time and still not knowing exactly where to start with considering a homebirth.

Her vast knowledge and warmth was so apparent from the first response. In my heart I knew I wanted her as our doula even before I met her! And, of course, meeting in person confirmed this tenfold.

The encouragement and positivity we received from her for the rest of my pregnancy, especially regarding our decision for a home birth (which I was still nervous about as it was our first pregnancy) helped me to embrace the experience as my own and overcome my doubts.

And in the end, we did not even need anyone to assist with the birth as I labored in my master bathroom! Though we did not get to experience her support during our birthing time, the value of a doula truly was revealed to us immediately following the birth. She arrived just minutes after our baby's arrival. While we were quite shocked when Baby was born so quickly (we thought we were still in early labor, ha!) she quickly took charge of the situation which in turn allowed us to just relax. Once our midwife arrived, she remained very attentive to our needs for hours afterward, even making a great birth assistant to our midwife, Pam.

Her presence was so important and we agree more than ever that she was a great asset!

We love you, Alyssa!

Amy Anderson


As first time parents we were very unsure of the labor and birthing process. I knew I wanted an unmedicated natural birth and my husband just wanted to make sure I was comfortable through the whole thing. He had no idea how to support me and was very nervous so we decided to hire Alyssa. It was without doubt the best decision we could have made! She is very passionate about what she does and I could not imagine going through it without her! Although our birth did not go quite like we planned she was there to support us through it all! Her dedication, Patience and caring personality truly shined. She walked the halls of the hospital and stood by my side for many hours through the night. She was also there to support my husband when he needed it. ( he was a wreck) lol. If we decide to have another baby she will be the first person I call! We cannot thank you enough for packing up your kids and jumping in the car to get us in a hurry :) 

Rachel Rich-Shea


We used Alyssa for the birth of our second child earlier this month. Our birth and post-partum didn’t go exactly as planned but she was definitely the shining star through it all and we are so grateful for her support. Alyssa has such a calm and soothing energy and presence. She is incredibly respectful and perceptive of what both mom and dad need during the labor process. She was definitely key in helping me keep relaxed and focused during much of my labor. On top of her doula skills, she is SO sweet and personable and really cares about the mamas and babies that she works with. We are done having children, but if that weren’t the case, I would absolutely use her again :)

Lorena Gomez


My husband and I were happily waiting for our surprise baby to arrive, but we were already past our guess date and the expectation and anxiety kept growing. Hiring Alyssa as our doula was one of the best decisions we could've made. She was always responsive and available for any questions, standing by us when we would get anxious regarding the situation.
When we got to 41+4 days without any signs of starting labor on its own, Alyssa was there to help us with information about natural and gentle ways of induction. She had all the right information, and most importantly at that moment, she had resources - people she knew could help and she did not hesitate to get in contact with them for us.
We finally had to move to a hospital induction and with her help and loving support I believe things were better. It's so comforting to know you have someone that understands, cares and is knowledgable. She never stood in our way nor replaced my husband. I feel at ease knowing that we always made informed decisions thanks to the support of our doula.

Alyssa, thanks for standing with us through it all. Your job is not always easy, but it is truly your calling! Thanks for supporting our family during one of the most important moments we'll ever live: the birth of our baby boy!

Anne Pryhorocki


I loved having Alyssa by our side through the birth of my first child. It was important to my husband and I that we try to have as natural as a birth as possible while still delivering at the hospital. We were referred to Alyssa by a close friend. Alyssa was so understanding about my situation and reservations as a first time soon-to-be mom and made me feel so much more confident that I could have the birth that I was hoping for. From our very first meeting to several weeks after the birth, I could call / text / email her about anything, at any time of day, and she would get back to me with an answer in a very timely manner. When labor began, Alyssa was a reassuring voice. It was a relief to know that someone who had been through this before, and who I would consider an “expert” on births was with us every step of the way. We stayed home as long as possible, working through contractions. When we got to the hospital, she was by our side; comforting me with massage, allowing my husband to rest at times and encouraging me through her kind words. To have another woman by my side who has been there made me realize I could do it. I knew she could really understand what I was experiencing; and when I felt I couldn’t do hang in there (medication free) she reminded me of my strength. Alyssa stayed with us until our sweet baby Cameron arrived. She always knew what to do to help calm and take a bit of edge off of the labor pains. She never overstepped or tried to take the place of my husband, but rather helped support him so that he could support me. From the moment you meet Alyssa, you will know that she genuinely cares about you, your baby, and helping provide the best birth experience possible. When people ask me how my labor went, I say that it was awesome! It was the best experience I could have ever hoped to have and I know that Alyssa was a huge part of that. I don’t think I could have had the experience I did without her.

Kristin Faulkner


I think my midwife said it best, "Alyssa Leon is gold". I had my baby a few months ago, and I can't imagine our journey without Alyssa. She is compassionate, caring, hard-working, knowledgeable, and so passionate.  Once my labor started Alyssa was right there with us over the course of three days; answering all of my questions, calls, and text messages, physically being with us, and giving me the confidence I needed to make the decisions that were best for us. Alyssa was an invaluable resource when we needed to transfer care out of the birth center at the last minute. She connected us with an amazing doctor and midwife who were so supportive and compassionate in their level of care. During my labor in the hospital Alyssa was such a sweet and supportive presence--helping me through each contraction with advice, encouragement, and amazing massages. She was a constant source of positive energy that I needed to be able to stay calm and persevere. Once we had exhausted every effort and possibility of a vaginal birth and we had to transition to C-section, Alyssa continued to encourage me, that I was brave and strong and doing what was best for our baby, who we were about to meet! She helped us lighten the mood and celebrate the moment by taking some goofy and sweet pictures of my husband and I before going into surgery--our last pictures together as a family of two.    Alyssa's post-partum meeting where she presented us with the beautiful pictures she took and read me the detailed birth story that she wrote for us, was awesome. It was so sweet hearing the story from her perspective as well as being surprised by details that I had forgotten or never noticed!    You will be hard-pressed to find a better doula anywhere in the valley. As my mid-wife said, Alyssa Leon is gold. We are so thankful for her part in our journey and I can't wait to be with her again when we have our next baby! =D     With love, Kristin, Daniel, and baby Levi

Becky Arkfeld


My husband and I chose Alyssa to be the doula for the birth of our first child. From the time we met her, I was impressed by her knowledge and her ability to be a calming presence to those around her. We had our meetings prior to the birth to discuss what to expect, go through our ideas of what we wanted our birth plan to look like, and to check in with Alyssa on how the process was going. Alyssa was very supportive to us during the meetings, and requested that I keep her posted on how things would go at doctor visits. 

It was a result of my checking in with Alyssa regarding my doctor visits that she really demonstrated how supportive and valuable she was in our process. Although I had a doctor who claimed to be fine with an unmedicated birth process, there were various times when I felt a bit pressured into rushing into medical intervention to help speed up the labor process. With Alyssa's help, I was able to advocate for what I wanted and ended up going into labor naturally (although one week past my due date!). I also felt confident in saying what I needed during the delivery.

Alyssa's support during the labor and delivery process was invaluable. She provided guidance to us, yet allowed us to have a very intimate experience of bringing our daughter into the world. She worked hard assisting my support people in helping me to be more comfortable during the labor and delivery. She interacted well with the nurses and helped the process flow smoothly. Alyssa was always there with a smile on her face, ready to handle anything that came up. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a skilled and caring doula to help them with the birth of their child. She is the best!

Hollie patton


Alyssa was my rock and cheerleader every step of the way but what makes her great is she never once took any roles from my husband. From the moment we met I could hear and see the passion. Only thing I wish was I hired her sooner:) I was scared and nervous I was attempting a HVBAC but Alyssa never let me wavier and she never did either, plus she never made me feel silly for having doubts about what I could accomplish. Because of you Alyssa I am stronger mind and body.

Sara Douglas


Alyssa was great from the time we first met her up until the final postpartum visit (and beyond via text). My husband I were first time parents and very scared about the transition into parenthood. I knew I wanted a natural birth and to breastfeed plus knew I wanted to deliver at Mercy Gilbert. Alyssa was always very supportive of all our decisions and offered advice as needed. She gave us so much information about best labor positions and gave my husband tips on how he could be supportive of me. When labor started, she was always there via text or phone call. My labor lasted a few days so the first night she actually got called to another delivery so a different doula came to check on me. It was my worst nightmare really but it worked seamlessly and the doula that came was equally as great! We were in contact with Alyssa through my labor and it got to the point for her to come to our house. We left for the hospital and that is when she became a birth goddess ha! She assisted us so much, helped my husband figure out his role and had no problems stepping in to me through contractions or letting husband step up to support me. I can't even put into words just how great she is!

She also encapsulated my placenta and I know she did so with love. She delivered it to us while we were still at the hospital. Between support, taking pictures, and placenta encapsulation, plus the respect and love she showed us we will definitely hire her again!

Heather Lambert


I can't say enough amazing things about Alyssa! My husband and I couldn't have imagained going trough the birth of our first son without Alyssa by our side. I never heard of a doula, and never planned on hiring one when I got pregnant, but after having a rough first trimester, my husband and I decided to research doulas so that we could have extra support during our labor and delivery process. Alyssa was our first scheduled interview and we connected right away that we ended up cancelling our three other interviews since we already loved her so much! From there on out, Alyssa was always a text or call away to answer questions or just reassure me when I was nervous about something. Alyssa has such a calm demeanor and is so comforting. You can really tell she cares for her clients. She also has so much knowledge and it was great feeling to be able to feel comfortable reaching out to her, at any time during our pregnancy, and know that she knew exactly what we were talking about. Our baby boy decided to arrive 6 weeks early, which didn't allow us to 'plan' very much for our labor and delivery, but Alyssa was able to reassure us that everything was going to be okay. Alyssa went out of her way to visit us at the hosital, to go over our birthing choices on the day of delivery, and to just make sure we were comfortable and all questions we're answered. I never thought that i would be capable of having an unmedicated birth, but Alyssa made that possible, and i couldn't be more thrilled about that. I know that having Alyssa at our birth made all the difference. She is amazing at what she does and we couldn't have been more grateful to have her by our side on such an important day!

Erica Cowley


I can't even say enough good things about Alyssa.  She was exactly what we needed to make sure we had the birth that we wanted and needed.  From the first time we met Alyssa until I gave birth she was checking up on me and making sure I felt alright.  When I first started having contractions we contacted Alyssa and she was there for us one hundred percent.  Her focus and attention was only on us and ensuring that we had the birth we wanted.  She not only encouraged me, but also my husband.  Because of her I was able to have an unmedicated birth which is what I wanted.  I will definitely have Alyssa as my doula for our next birth.  

Alexis Vickery


I can’t imagine not having Alyssa there for the birth of our daughter. I had a stillborn my first pregnancy, so we were very nervous and had a lot of anxiety during this pregnancy. I wanted to make sure I had a good experience with the birthing process this time since last time I had to be induced at 28 weeks and was in labor for a little over 24 hours. I hired Alyssa to be my doula to help facilitate a great experience and to help with the anxiety I felt from what happened in my previous pregnancy. She was amazing! She was very knowledgeable, caring, and understanding to my feelings. I had the best experience I could have ever imagined. She gave me the support that was necessary for me to have an un-medicated birth and I don’t think I could have done that without her. She was there at the hospital as soon as I needed her help and she provided instruction to my husband so he could help me through my labor and contractions. She also took the most incredible pictures and wrote a detailed birth story that I will cherish forever. I definitely recommend Alyssa and will for sure be using her as my doula again for any future children.

Sarah Pasillas


I am very blessed to know Alyssa on a personal level as well as in her profession.  I was about 34 weeks when we decided to have Alyssa as our Doula. Alyssa and I talked often regarding labor, emotions, hormones, placenta encapsulations you name it we discussed it. Although, this was my 4th child I felt like a new mom who was experiencing this for the first time as my youngest was 10 yrs old. Alyssa was very supportive, loving, caring and informative especially when my due date had come and gone. I was a nervous wreck when I found out I would have to be induced. I imagined the worse but Alyssa talked me through different scenarios that could possibly happen and gave me words of encouragement. In one of our conversations I  remember her telling me that contractions are only about a minute long start to finish. Little did I know the words I would remember were “contractions are only about a minute long”, which helped me get through each contraction as I was trying my best to have my first un-medicated birth. At the hospital Alyssa was amazing. I could have never imagined all that she provided or the feelings I would have with her by my side. She helped by creating the most relaxing, calming and stress free environment possible for me to be able to concentrate and enjoy the birthing journey. She allowed me to relax and often checked on me to see if I needed anything. As my contractions grew stronger Alyssa provided massages and ideas for more comfortable birthing positions as I labored. Alyssa spoke words of encouragement as needed and kept my husband and I up to date with the progression. Alyssa was by my side along with the support of my husband the whole way through. There are no words to describe how grateful and blessed my husband and I are for Alyssa, the journey, and the birth of our son. Thank you Alyssa for your amazing love and support.

Kiera Ford


When I first became pregnant, I didn’t think I wanted a doula because I chose midwives to deliver my daughter. At 30 weeks I decided to hire a doula because my goal was to deliver naturally and I wanted all the support I could get. My husband and I interviewed a few doulas, but from the moment we met Alyssa we knew we had found our doula. Alyssa is not only an amazing doula, she is a wonderful person. She has an incredibly calming presence and really cares about her clients. From the moment we hired her, she made herself available for any questions we had. As my due date approached, she checked to see how I was feeling. She prepared my husband and I well for what to expect during labor. We never had trouble getting in touch with her, no matter what time of day. During labor, I was in control because Alyssa provided me with the confidence I needed. She was by my side the entire time, but not in my husband's way. She taught my husband how to support me during labor. She gave us the strength, support and encouragement to have the birth we had envisioned. She also took beautiful pictures of the entire process. After the birth, Alyssa was available for questions and checked in frequently. A week after the birth she came to our home to follow up on the birth, see how we were doing, and deliver my encapsulated placenta. The placenta capsules were packaged beautifully with instructions. She also gave us all of the photos she took and reviewed our birth story. She even brought her camera over to take some photos of our newborn daughter. Alyssa continued to stay in touch and check in with me as the weeks went by and we were adjusting to life with a newborn. This just showed us how much she really cared. To this day we are still in contact and have developed a wonderful friendship. My husband and I are so grateful to have had Alyssa with us for such a special moment in our lives. I highly recommend Alyssa as a doula and would hire her again in a heartbeat. 

Joy Rosek


After nearly ten years of marriage, my husband and I decided it was time to expand our family.  We quickly became pregnant with our first child.  We knew from the beginning that our desire was for me to have an unmedicated birth however, in order to achieve this goal, we needed additional support from a doula.  We were referred to Alyssa Leon then scheduled our initial meeting with her.  After the meeting, we didn't look any further and decided that we needed Alyssa on our team.  She was friendly and engaging from the very beginning.  She also returned our calls, text and/or emails promptly and always stayed in touch.  Even the day that i went into labor, Alyssa quickly rearranged her schedule in order to meet in our home to begin supporting me through the process.  Alyssa stayed by my side throughout the entire day until our little one was born.  She remained calm and comforting and offered to assist me in various comfort measures. In sum, Alyssa was a wonderful support to us and we were thankful to have her on our team!  We hope to hire her again as we continue to expand our family. 

Theresa Sarna


Alyssa was recommended to us through our OB's office. We set up our first meeting with her at 31 weeks. We had originally intended to interview a few doulas before deciding who to include in our birth, but upon meeting Alyssa we knew we had met our match. Our appointments with Alyssa leading up to birth were helpful and informative. They set our minds at ease and made us excited for the labor process.  

After finding out our baby was breech at 38 weeks, Alyssa was very kind and understanding. She offered her love and support and listened to me cry about this being the last thing I wanted. She attended our doctors appointment with us and advised us on writing a birth plan for a gentle c-section envirornment. She made her self available to us at an instance, she made us feel like we were her top priority. She promised me that everything was going to be ok and that once my baby was here none of the stress I was feeling would matter. (She was right.)

On the day our daughter was born Alyssa was calm and reassuring. It was like having a good friend with us as we awaited surgery. She took beautiful, priceless photos during our birth. She even accompanied my boyfriend to the waiting room to tell my family "It's A Girl" and capture their reactions.

Alyssa also encapsulated my placenta. I would recommed that to eveyone! After the birth of my daughter, I had so much energy. As someone prone to anxiety and mild depression, I was worried about my state of mind after giving birth. My spirits were high and I was able to feel all the happiness and joy having a new baby brings.

The birht of my daughter has been the most significant event in my life - I am glad Alyssa is a part of that story. Her knowledge, comfort, and friendship eased what is a very terrifying, yet exciting experience.     

Alaina Biddulph


Alyssa is the sweetest person you will meet. She is a wonderful listener, supporter and such an integral part of her client's pregnancy and birthing experience. Though my second birth ended up to be another csection, Alyssa was very helpful in keeping me calm and collected as I mentally and emotionally processed the situation. She was by myside the moment I checked into the hospital, through the surgery and with me during recovery. Alyssa truly helped bring me peace to my first horrible birth experience and showed me not every birth is the same or what you plan for. I am so glad we met her and she was a part of our birthing journey. Every woman deserves a wonderful Doula like Alyssa for each birth.

Jennifer Krause


When my husband and I decided to have another baby I knew I wanted a doula present. My 1st birth was a traumatic experience for both of us and I didn't want the same thing to happen again. I knew I wouldn't be able to have the birth I wanted without the support of a doula and having my husband deployed.

I'm from Oregon but had our 2nd baby in AZ with my family. My sister in law also pregnant at the same time sent me Alyssa's info. Even without meeting Alyssa in person and communicating through email I knew she was the perfect fit. She was the person I wanted encouraging me in my goal to have an unmedicated, all natural birth.

I had a lot of doubt and fear that I would have the same traumatic birth but Alyssa was so supportive, positive, and reassuring this birth would be different. She was right, which shouldn't be surprising because she has a special gift.

The day I went into labor, Alyssa was there every step of the way. When things were rough she knew exactly what to do next to keep me comfortable. She was calm, cool, and collected the entire time. Her voice was so soothing and comforting that it helped me relax even more. She got me to breath when I needed it, put me in positions to ease the pain, and most of all when I wanted to give up she had the ability to get me to hold on. She helped me achieve the birth I wanted and I know for a fact that would not have happened without her.

My husband is so thankful Alyssa was there to support me. With him being deployed he missed the birth of our 2nd daughter but feels like he was there with the birth story she wrote for us and the pictures she took.

My favorite thing about Alyssa is that she goes above and beyond what your hire her to do. She does small things for you here and there that make a world of difference. I might have to come back to AZ for any future babies we have so I can have her as my doula again. Anyone considering a doula she contact Alyssa.

Bill Wood


As the husband of an expectant mother, picking the right doula was very important to me because I didn't want to feel displaced, but I also didn't want to be forced into doing things I didn't want to. My wife was totally supportive that I should be able to have my experience, and Alyssa was the perfect doula for us! She was a consummate professional in every way, yet also warm, caring, and responsive. She worked hard to include not just my wife and I, but my wife's parents and our somewhat extended care team (two teams of midwives and a hospital staff).

My wife's labor started in the wee hours on a Monday, with a trip to the birth center in the morning and a trip back home that afternoon. Alyssa was with us all the way. Then my wife's water broke in the wee hours Tuesday, so back to the birth center we went. She wasn't progressing, so we transferred to the hospital by late morning, and just before midnight ended up deciding on a c-section. Those last few hours were a blur to me, and Alyssa was so comforting. Her knowledge and experience about what was happening, her suggestion that we "take a few funny pictures" while waiting to go in the operating room, and her guidance through the whole process were invaluable. Her support, the great pictures, her patience and calm demeanor, and her willingness to accommodate all of our wishes made the whole birth process much less stressful and allowed us to be present for each other and for our wonderful baby girl.

Even after going through Bradley classes, I'd say the birth process is a big mystery to most men. I wanted to be involved, but I also wanted to be able to experience the birth with my wife. Alyssa tirelessly freed me to "just love on my wife." I cannot recommend her highly enough, especially as a father who valued her support. We'll definitely be calling her again when we do it a second time.

Lauren Crawford Kristick


I truly cannot imagine the birth of our daughter without Alyssa’s presence. She is kind, compassionate, nurturing, and patient. Alyssa is incredibly knowledgeable in her craft and supports and empowers you to have an unforgettable birth experience. My husband was skeptical of my desire for a doula. My vision was for an unmedicated birth. We read the books, took the classes….. He was like “I got this!!” And he would have done great on his own, but I knew that I wanted the additional comfort and support of a doula. Not just for me, but I wanted that for HIM as well. From our first meeting with Alyssa we both knew it was the absolute right fit and hubby was on board!

Our labor was long, and very difficult (36 hours). My daughter was stubborn! After 26 hours of unmedicated laboring, the baby passing meconium inside, and failure to progress… I knew I wanted an epidural. At that point it was about making sure I had the energy to continue and ensure a vaginal birth. When we hit that point, she supported me 100% and we pressed on. She was there from the beginning all the way till the end. Constantly infusing me with encouraging words, coaching my breathing, rubbing my back, walking etc. Trust me when I say, SHE KNOWS HER STUFF! Her ability to instinctually know where you are at in the process and what to do next is unbelievable.

Alyssa took some of the most incredible photos of the birth and kept a detailed log of times and details. It was so neat to see the images after and really reflect on what a truly special day it was. She captured moments I would surely never remembered or didn’t “see”. It is so neat that we can share them with our daughter one day.

I am so thankful that Alyssa has come into our lives! If we should have another child at some point, we absolutely…. without question, want her there with us.

Ashley Wende


A friend of mine referred me to Alyssa for my doula needs and after my first time meeting her I knew I'd met a match for me! She was very friendly, took the time to sit and talk with me about my previous experience and what I wanted to get from this birth. My goal was to have a home birth and Alyssa was supportive of that. I believe she provided me with tools and support that allowed me to cope with labor and ultimately deliver my baby boy at home. Every time I text her with a concern or thought I was in labor she always responded promptly with advice no matter what time it was. I absolutely love the photographs she took of my birthing experience, I'll cherish them forever. I chose to have her do my placenta encapsulations and she had them to me within 48 hours of birth. All in all I was very pleased with Alyssa and genuinely like her. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a doula!


Priscilla Alvarado


We 1st met Alyssa at a birthing class a few months prior to our 2nd preg & we had an intimate time with her due to the small group setting we had.My husband & I both loved her from that sec.She was so genuine, sincere & so sweet as a person. We felt a deep connection with her as if we knew her for many years & we developed a sweet friendship with her too. We could tell right away Alyssa was very informative & had lots of exp. So we attended a few more classes & I was convinced that this 2nd time around I wanted a different approach towards my delivery. She gave us so much info I did not know before and challenged myself that I could do this all natural & she would give me the tools to succeed. We asked to her give a class in our home to just refresh a few pointers & techniques & Alyssa definitely delivered that.Upon her arrival we broke some news to her that our sweet baby was breech and we weren't sure how things were going to work out but she was still supportive & gave me encouragement. After that Alyssa kept in contact with us to see how baby was positioning & she continued to support us.She asked she could be part of this experience with us if in the event I would end up having a caesarean. Unfortunately, our little baby girl was not head down as the pregnancy progressed & I was super scared & frightful of the surgery.We are really faithful to God & knew that this situation was in his hands. So the day of our delivery Alyssa was there to join us. Don't get me wrong the tears came & I was slightly nervous she was so supportive & talked me through with such encouragement during the surgery. Alyssa was also able to capture the most precious moments of our delivery& stayed with us until after the surgery. I would highly, highly recommend Alyssa even as 2nd time parents!Alyssa has been part of this wonderful experience & I wish I would of met her sooner!Thank you again Alyssa!We love you!

Melissa Wong


Envisioning an Ina May Gaskin style natural birth, I had chosen a doctor-led-midwife office for urgent medical attention if needed but coupled with the respect and care of midwifery birthing practices. Via their prenatal group classes, I met the instructor Doula Alyssa Leon. I did not originally plan for a doula. Over the months as I got to know Alyssa’s calm, personable style, along with her innate sense of empathy, I wanted to work specifically with her. Not any doula, not doula shop, just Alyssa. In the end, my birth plan evolved from Plan A to literally Plan Z resulting in a C-section. EVERY step of the way, from the 36hrs+ laboring at home to an additional 24hrs+ at the hospital, Alyssa was there to comfort, aid, advice, encourage, console, and her knowledge in counter pressure / massage was a bonus during labor too! Basically Alyssa is solely focused on you as a birth mother and is your complete and total advocate, in a manner that does not take away from the level of support you receive from your partner, midwife or even the most excellent hospital nurse. Alyssa becomes another appendage of your being through the pregnancy. When induction was being discussed after going a week past due, Alyssa developed a game plan for me and reached into her vast network of resources to advice on methods to encourage labor… and when I was in early labor at home (36 hours!) but the baby seemed to be having positional issues, again Alyssa came thru with some advice.. in a new position, 3 contractions later, my water finally broke!

My birthing experience was nothing like I had planned, but I have no regrets. I am glad Alyssa was there to guide and encourage with each change at the fork in the road…and end of day, she provided us pictures and a birth story… for all the details I did not remember nor could have captured… she did this for us, so that we could focus solely on the birth of beautiful, healthy child.

Alexis James


Alyssa was our birth doula and I cannot express in words what she has meant to our family.  The moment we met her, we knew it would be a great fit due to her professional and kind demeanor.  The prenatal visits with Alyssa were of great help in getting us prepared for the type of birth experience that we wanted.  She offered great resources and  support during that time.  During labor, having Alyssa there with us was invaluable.  She was a thoughtful advocate and helped us understand our options throughout the labor and birth.  My labor was long and tiring and she was present and helpful throughout- not sure how she did it!  I also treasure the photos and birth story that she gave us.  There were many tender moments that she captured that we will always have  thanks to her photography.  The birth story was a neat way to remember every detail- I enjoy reading it and remembering little things I had forgotten.  Alyssa would be an amazing asset to any family seeking a doula.  Even if you are not sure if a doula is right for you- have an initial meeting with Alyssa and let her explain what she can offer you.  She is amazing!  We love Alyssa!  <3

Melissa Mahan


Alyssa was amazing! Her confidence, compassion and adaptability were evident within the first few minutes of meeting. She took the time to listen to my story, hear out my wishes and concerns and had an uncanny way of reading between the lines. I knew immediately that she would be a great fit, and she absolutely proved me right! Alyssa is very reliable and incredibly calm, which was definitely needed during my delivery. Even though my labor seemed to take forever to get started, once it did things happened very quickly! When we arrived at the hospital, we were surprised to find that triage was full and the ER staff was confused as to who should be contacting my midwife. Alyssa was supportive and calm during all of this, while simultaneously trying to contact my midwife (who arrived just in time). By the time I was admitted was ready to push. Again, Alyssa was a rock through all of that. When my baby arrived, we were in for a huge surprise when the little girl I had been expecting turned out to be a little boy (which she managed to get a great pic of!) Alyssa continued to be a great support the days following the birth. She continued to check in on me the following weeks to make sure I was doing ok. She wrote a beautiful description of my birth story and provided awesome pictures of the whole experience. She rallied support from her clients and family who donated clothes for my “surprise” boy.

I know I would have survived childbirth without a doula but I'm positive that I would not have been able to have the natural, empowering, beautiful experience I wanted without Alyssa's support. Because of Alyssa I was able to begin my journey as a parent with ease and confidence. I would not hesitate at all to recommend Alyssa to anyone looking for a doula. Thank you for all you care, friendship, and love!

Kaylin Shapiro


I am so grateful that we met Alyssa and she blessed us with her care, compassion, and love during the birth of our daughter. Alyssa and I clicked immediately during our first conversation but my husband was skeptical of my desire to experience a natural, unmedicated childbirth and to hire a doula. Alyssa immediately made him feel more comfortable and helped him understand that she would be supporting both of us.  By the end of our first meeting he was almost as excited as I was. Despite our excitement, we never could’ve imagined what a wonderful, joyful memory it would be.

Alyssa helped us to stay positive despite a week of frustrating, prodromal back labor and a couple of false alarms. She walked with us and showed me different positions and techniques to try and encourage baby girl to turn so that my contractions would become more productive. We laughed a lot and developed a friendship that I hope will last forever. With her support, I remained committed to my goal even after my doctor offered to induce several times. Once my water broke things went very quickly and smoothly and Alyssa’s presence helped us create such a peaceful, fun environment. My husband, who is nervous by nature, was relaxed and supportive the whole time. It was wonderful and the beautiful photos that Alyssa took will help us remember it forever. I cannot thank Alyssa enough for making the birth of our daughter such an amazing experience!

Jennifer Spurlock


Our experience with Alyssa was nothing short of perfect. From our first meeting, we just bonded. She is such a warm welcoming person it feels like we've known each other for years! Alyssa has such knowledge of pregnancy and birth, any questions I had were answered. She walks you through all of your birth options and really helps you come up with your birth plan and how you hope things go on your day. She shows you many different birth positions and methods to stay as comfortable as possible through labor and delivery. She has extensive knowledge of each hospital and their standard procedures and has such a great reputation among doctors and midwives. On our big day, Alyssa stayed in contact with us throughout the night until I felt I needed her there and once we were ready she was by our side. Alyssa helped us weigh all of our options and made us feel comfortable with our decisions we made throughout labor and delivery. I am so grateful she was there with us and was able to capture our special moments by providing us with her amazing photography skills. Over all, having Alyssa be a part of our birth process was one of the best decisions and I would recommend her services to anyone who is in search of having a doula.

Courtney Campbell


My husband and I could not have imagined a better partner to help us attain our goal of a natural, unmedicated childbirth. Alyssa is compassionate, attentive and thorough from the beginning, wanting to ensure that we were all a good fit, to make sure that we would make a good team. After talking with multiple doulas, when we sat down with Alyssa, we knew we had found our doula. Alyssa coordinated meetings prior to our birth, to not only help educate us, but answer any questions, build our knowledge base and help prepare us. It was always made clear that Alyssa would not take over or replace my husband, but empower and guide him to help me. She has a calm, soothing prescience to her. She was always there when we needed her, just a phone call, text or email away. Alyssa helped empower us to reach our goal of a natural, unmediated childbirth. Through our time together, she proved to not only be an amazing doula, but has grown to be a great friend as well. We couldn't have dreamt anything better.

Lindsay Lutes


Up until the 8th month of my pregnancy, my husband nor I thought a Doula would be necessary at our birth- but a birth class we took changed that opinion. We began to search for a Doula & talked with/interviewed many different Doulas. Although we liked the Doulas we had interviewed, we weren't 100% comfortable with any of them. Alyssa was referred to us & shortly after I contacted her, she called me and over the phone I felt a completely different level of comfort from her than anyone else I had met with and I knew without even meeting that I wanted her for our Doula. When we met, all of my thoughts from our phone call were confirmed. At the prenatal appointments, it was easy to see that Alyssa really cares about each of the family she works for. I had many questions throughout the rest of my pregnancy & she was always there with an answer quickly. I felt comfortable about my upcoming labor due to Alyssa's prenatal support. 

When my day of labor came, Alyssa was absolutely amazing. She came over to my house to help me labor at home and followed us over to the hospital when it was time. At the hospital she was supportive on so many different levels. Besides just helping me cope with labor, she was offerring me snacks, water, and even helped me brush my teeth. When my birth plan changed course a bit, she went along with it and continued to support my husband and I. My husband has said over and over how much he appreciated her being there because of all the support she was for him and for me. 

Alyssa provided us with a birth story and photographs at our postpartum visit. The photographs she took were absolutely amazing and really showed my entire birth story. During childbirth, you don't realize how internalized you are and how much you are missing around you. Alyssa's birth story and photographs really helped me put the pieces together!

I am so grateful for all that Alyssa provided and highly recommend her. 

Heather Jolly


I am so thankful for Alyssa during the birth of our first child. She is so sweet and caring! She empowered my husband and provided the extra support I needed during a fast, intense natural delivery. Alyssa has a gentle approach and spirit. She also captured the first moments of us as a family and provided those pictures. I highly recommend hiring Alyssa as your doula!

Kristin Smith


I first met Alyssa at a breastfeeding seminar where I said to myself, "I have to have this woman at my birth." I was 36 weeks pregnant when I met Alyssa and full of fear from the trauma of my first delivery.  I wanted to have a natural childbirth, but not the same experience as my first.  Alyssa promised me that if I would trust her and trust the process, that this would be a completely different exprience.  Alyssa told me that all she wanted was for this birth to be a healing from my first delivery.  Without question, Alyssa honored all of my wishes and I placed my trust in her.  I couldn't be more grateful to have met Alyssa and have her as my doula.  With her help, my second delivery has been one of the most amazing, healing experience of my life.  After 8 long hours of giggling, laughing and joking through contractions Baby Boy Olson was born July 4th, 2014 at 8:42pm.  Thank you so much Alyssa for all of your love and support.      

Andrea Smith


Alyssa encapsulated my placenta and made a tincture for us.  We absolutely loved working with Alyssa!  She was so wonderful!  She came to our house the night of the birth to pick up the placenta and had the capsules and tincture to us the next day!  She was so informative, kind and professional!  She really cared about me and how I was doing!  Not only did she check on me leading up to my delivery, but she checked in with me after to see how I was doing!  She was so encouraging!  Also, I have not experienced any postpartum depression and I truly believe it's because I have been taking my placenta pills daily!!  I didn't use her during my delivery, but I know she would be awesome as a doula in labor!  We really loved working with Alyssa and know anyone who chooses her will be just as pleased!  Thanks Alyssa for all you did!  

Mandy Dickey


Before hiring Our doula, I interviewed a handful of them all offering different forms of service. At the time, my husband was nervous a doula would make him feel left out during the birth of our first daughter so it was important he be included during the interview process and feel comfortable with who we picked. We immediately fell in love with Alyssa. Not only did she offer placenta encapsulation but she also offered pictures and a birth story as well as a reasonable price! She explained her role and mission and my husband agreed, we needed her! When I went into labor she trusted her instinct, was strong, continued to be encouraging and uplifting, coached my husband when he became overwhelmed and provided a true gift to our family that deserves way more than her service price tag. I cherish the amazing memories of giving birth. I never felt scared or alone. I Never felt as if the pain was too much. I always felt loved, in control and strong. I continue to thank Alyssa for empowering me during the completely natural delivery of my first daughter. Also, she encapsulized my placenta and I am SO thankful! I know 100% they helped my recovery and how I coped when my husband worked extremely long hours when we went back to work. I would highly recommend Cherry Blossom Doula Services and look forward to the day when we will be using her service and inviting her to join the birth of our next child. 

Sarah Millet


I met Alyssa when I was in the middle of my pregnancy. The more I got the chance to know her the more I liked her. She is such a nice and knowledgable woman. 

I used her services of placenta encapsulation and she did such a great job :) She brought the placenta pills to my place a few days after the birth. On that day she also brought us some home made brownies. 

I will highly recommend Alyssa for birth services :) ! I will definately think about her for my next pregnancy.

Molly Odell


Miss Macey Odell was born on Feb. 8th at 1:45am at Babymoon Inn. We were blessed to have Alyssa as our doula, she was amazing! First she came to our house for support, her demenor upon arriving at the house was extremely calming and just very comfortable. This made my husband and I feel comfortable as well. She suggested that we head over to the birthing center because she saw that I was in transitional labor (which we didn't realize, this being our first baby). When we got to the birthing center we had many support people attending the birth and Alyssa just stayed in the background and took many pictures for us. This was such an amazing gift to us now that we have had our birth. She was able to capture so many aspects of our birth with her pictures, we look at them often and remember what an awesome experience Macey's birth was for us. Alyssa then took great care of us after the birth was finished, she cooked panckakes and eggs for me :) I had an early breakfast! We would recommend Alyssa as a doula for any couple seeking birth support. The attitude and demenor she displayed was perfect for what we needed at that time. Thank you Alyssa!

Hannah Sjogren


I was in labor for over 24 hours and the assistance and coaching from Alyssa was invaluable. She came with a very peaceful and calm demeanor, which was needed in the midst of so much pain. She had a lot of knowledge of the birth process and was able to coach me through some intense back labor. Having her there as extra support freed up my husband to just be with me and talk me through contractions. I can't imagine my birth without her. I would highly recommend Alyssa as a Doula to anyone I know who is expecting. I am so appreciative of her follow up as well. She took beautiful pictures of the birth and documented many things that I had completely forgotten about, I am so glad she was able to write up a birth story from her perspective.

Rachel Fountain


We meet Alyssa at our prenatal classes and instantly felt a connection with her.  Orginally I thought I wanted to work with a doula for my husband.  He has a tendency to really stress and shut down in situations that are out of his control.  The feeling of helplessness really gets to him.  I knew having Alyssa there would reassure him and help him stay calm and be there for me.  Alyssa definitely provided this for us, but so much more.  My labor experience was so different that the birth plan we had developed.  Alyssa made a challenging birth story that much more manageable, both physically and emotionally. I had no idea how amazing it would be to have her there to help me labor.  Being our first, it was so nice to have someone to help with different laboring positions and pain management strategies.  But more than that, Alyssa provided me emotional support, especially when we had to detour so far from our birth plan.  It honestly was like having one of my sisters with me.  Our experiences together developed into a friendship with a deep connection.  I am so grateful to Alyssa.  

catie camp


I was super lucky to have Alyssa with me during my labor. She helped me so much and also helped my husband. she wrote a beautiful birth story for us and we got some great pictures. She also educated me about placenta encapsulation And I'm so happy I did it. Thank you for being there for us on our special day. You are amazing!!!

Sheena Glover


I always knew I wanted to have the beautiful experience of natural child birth. Honestly though, I was hoping it would have been less challenging than it turned out to be. While yes, everyone knows childbirth is extremely painful, I was thinking I might be able to get through it with less challenges. I would not have been able to make it through the twelve hours of super intense contractions without the support and guidance that I received from Alyssa. My contractions were only a couple of minutes apart, sometimes only a few seconds apart. I started getting very discouraged to hear from the midwife that my cervix was not opening, only 1 cm for most of the day. The midwife had to manually dilate my cervix twice and without any pain medications the pain became unbearable. Alyssa was able to guide me and keep me focused through this physically, emotionally and mentally stressful time. She also guided my boyfriend in how to support me as well. Looking back, I can’t believe the amount of pain I pushed through during labor and the challenge of pushing out my 9lb baby boy. She rubbed my back, kept encouraging my boyfriend, frequently got us both food and drinks, and continued guiding my breathing. I really liked that she got down on my level(since I was mostly in the bath tub for labor) and maintained eye contact to help me through each intense contraction. She also wrote a great birth story and took a ton of beautiful pictures for us. It’s been great to see her at follow up appointments at the birthing center. She spent hours with us just talking about our experience and what it’s like to have a new baby at home. I have learned a lot from Alyssa, not only just about labor but also about caring for my new baby boy. I would definitely recommend Alyssa, she is such a loving and caring person. I can really say she felt like a great friend to have there, supporting me through this life experience.

Jessica Poulos


As a first time mom, I was hesitant about giving birth and of the unexpected. One of my main concerns during labor was making sure my husband was taken care of since he was my main support. Alyssa touched base with me from the beginning to make sure that we were on the same page and that I was getting what I wanted and needed. She did an amazing job listening to what I asked for and made sure it was done quickly and comfortably. Looking back, I didn't have to worry about a single thing during labor. Alyssa made sure I constantly was comfortable, nourished, hydrated and most importantly that my husband was taken care of so that he could take care of me. It takes a very special person to be a doula and offer support during labor while maintaining professionalism and personalism, Alyssa is just that. From a nervous first time mom to a mother who loves to share her amazing birth story that changed her life, I know I can thank Alyssa for being a huge part of that.

Holly Roberts


Thank god, I met Alyssa during my pregnancy. As a first time mom I had question after question. She was always available, and answered every single one. She is the nicest person and just so unbelievabley caring. I'm so glad she could be involved in my birth! If your looking for a doula TRUST ME you want alyssa as yours. She is now someone I consider a good friend and actually helped me with my placenta ecapsulation! I cannot explain how amazing she is at what she does. I'm so thankful for her knowledge and positivity! 

Rach C


We just moved to a new state and our family doesn't live close by. From the beginning I was planning to get an epidural but I wanted to have someone around incase I had any questions. Also, during labor I wanted to have someone that could answer any questions since I knew my husband and I were going to be preoccupied. We originally asked Alyssa to be our Doula for these reasons. Basically to have a familiar face around during a unfamiliar event.

It was great having her there! She took pictures of everything so I was able to see everything that was going on / happened. I didn't remember most of stuff when I looked through it. You can say, "well I'll just have my mom take the photos" but it's not realistic because she is going to be busy with you and she won't know about all the little things to capture. Of course, you’re not going to be comfortable with a complete stranger watching you give birth and taking photos.

Overall, Alyssa was great. She came to our house before the labor to go over everything. She came to the hospital when we asked her to (she would have come to the house also). And she came by a few weeks after the delivery to check on us and take some more photos :)

She is caring, sweet and strong. She always responded to my text messages and periodically checked up on me. I recommended her to anyone who is a little nervous about labor!



Erin Kisicki


Alyssa is an amazing doula.  She was there for me emotionally and physically throughout my labor and delivery.  She was also very supportive to my husband, which was so amazing and appreciated by both of us.  Our birth did not go as planned as there were some unforeseen circumstances that came uup outside of anyone's control.   Needless to say, it was scary and stressful at times.  However, Alyssa was always calm and knew exactly what to say and do.  She also knew when to just be with us in silence along our journey as well.  Alyssa offered physical relief when asked even if it may have been for long periods of time.  Alyssa also helped us advocate for things on our birth plan that were important to us.  It may seem simple to some but having the room dimly lit, calm music, delayed cord clamping, etc. meant a lot to us.  She helped us feel in control in an otherwise out of control situation.  My mother and other family members also felt supported by Alyssa which was so important to me. Above all, Alyssa listened to me and affirmed me every step of the way.  She encouraged me to listen to my body and that I knew what was best.  My husband and I both said we would love to have Alyssa at our next birth, if we are able to conceive again.  She was such a calming support to us both and we are forever filled with gratitude.

Karin Blott


I never thought I would love the care so much from that of a doula. When I was pregnant, I came across Alyssa Leon and choosing her was one of the best decisions I made! She's easy to talk to and to get a long with but most of all she's passionate about being a doula. She did an amazing belly cast for me. She was there for me when no one else was. She encouraged me and supported me with all my decisions. She would tell me, “Whatever decision you make, I’m here to support you.” Alyssa was with me when I decided to be induced for high BP. She knew how important it was to me to go into labor naturally but reminded me of my goals I could still achieve. She helped me believe I could still have a natural childbirth (and I did thanks to her). I was really upset about not going into labor on my own that I started to cry to her. I became so close to her she was honestly like a sister to me. She also encouraged me to use my body as my aid in helping my body progress. We walked around the hospital talking and joking around. When the contractions became intense she applied pressure to my back. She brought a soothing sound machine. She even corrected a nurse when she didn't follow my birth plan. After I had my son, she made placenta imprints and encapsulated it. She even made a heart out of the umbilical cord! These are treasures and memories that will last forever. Her care as a doula is genuine. It's her passion. I was truly blessed to have her in my life and by my side. I know any mom would be lucky to have her as their doula. So, for me, I honestly believe Alyssa was the best doula I could have ever found. I want this summary and bits and pieces of my experience to inform people of how amazing Alyssa Leon truly is. She is exceptional. She’s passionate about being a doula. She’s amazing. Any woman would be blessed to have Alyssa as their doula. I am beyond grateful for everything Alyssa did for me. I was truly blessed!

Chris Watkins


Hello future mommas and daddies!


Having Alyssa as my doula was a wonderful experience. My situation was a little unusual as there was a good possibility I would need to have my baby by C Section because my first pregnancy was an emergency C Section. However, I was hoping for a VBAC. I was excited when Alyssa approached me because I thought having a doula was off the table for me. It turns out having a doula for a C Section was incredible. Alyssa was amazing to me and I could not ask for a better experience. I could rant and rave, call, email or text, laugh or cry with her. She gave me advice and direction when I was feeling clueless. She helped me pick out yoga routines and gave me resources. And ladies (and gents), I was essentially alone for this pregnancy. Being on your own is not always the easiest thing. But making sure you give yourself a good support system really helps. I feel that had I not had Alyssa with me I would have been prone to depression because I would have felt very alone in all of it. 

As it turns out, I did have a C Section. I was terrified because my first C Section was very traumatic. Alyssa was in surgery with me although I understand that is not always allowed. She took photos and kept encouraging me while I was so very nervous and scared. She laughed at my corny jokes as I desperately tried to cling to my sense of humor. She stayed with me through all of it and I can't begin to properly express to you all how much she means to me to this day. 

Please give yourself the gift of a doula for the pregnancy and birth of your child. And though I might be biased, I definitely recommend Alyssa Leon. :)

Charity Leaders


I have nothing but good things to say about Alyssa! She is tender and compassionate, but she can be strong and persevering when you need her to be. She is flexible in that she can accomodate to being at a home, birth center, or hospital. Alyssa lent me her confidence when I felt out of my element at the hospital, and she was very knowledgeable and effective. She had other births going on, but she made me feel like I had all of her heart and attention. Can't recommend her enough!

Erica Chadwick


Alyssa made me feel comfortable, relaxed and in control. She asked how I envisioned her birth and what my birth plan was. She gave me additional options that I wasn't even aware of. She explained that she was my liaison and was there to be whatever I needed her to be. Fast forward to the week before my due date. She came to my home to discuss any fears well as to get a list of my favorite snack foods for the labor that was ahead of me. She assured me that I would do great and that my body was meant for this. The night that I went into labor, I called her out to my home in the middle of the night and she arrived quickly and quietly. She was careful not to disrupt my zen state of mind with frantic behavior. She sat at the foot of my bed and massaged my feet and sprayed calming oil scents around the room. As my labor progressed, she subtly coaxed me into the positions that we had practiced earlier, getting me thru each contraction. When we arrived at the hospital, she offered snacks and reminded me to stay hydrated while I registered. Once my contractions increased, she became the center of my focus. Although my husband was present and very supportive, she stepped in where my husband could not. The way she kept her eyes on mine through each contraction was very confident and reassuring. She breathed with me and kept making me confess that I was strong enough. She was my rock and my husband was the love I needed. Her presence allowed him to give me that. Alyssa also supported my husband by complimenting his efforts and providing some methods that he could be helpful. He was thankful for that since he froze up a few times. After it was all said and done, she stayed by my side until we were settled as a new family. Not once did I feel like her presence was a nuisance. I never wanted her to leave my side. She made me feel empowered as a woman who was created to give birth. She was a huge factor in the most amazing birth experience that I've ever had.

Erika Summers


I had wanted a doula, but my husband felt a doula would replace him and it made him uncomfortable. When my husband found out Alyssa was also a doula, he actually listened to Alyssa explain a doula’s role in pregnancy. Since he really liked her, he readily agreed to bring her into our birth experience. I can’t count how many times he said, “wow I’m so glad we have a doula!” as we got closer to our due date. He felt relief my labor wouldn’t be all on him.Alyssa was available for advice, support, and tips throughout and after my pregnancy. She recommended I read Ina May’s book, which I will say was invaluable! I’m very thankful for that. She also showed us labor pain relief techniques we could do at home.

My labor started and contractions quickly became less manageable. As I felt the pain of contractions I quickly forgot everything I rehearsed, learned, and practiced. Alyssa quickly came over and immediately started directing me gently and helping me center myself. I was able to get ahold of myself and feel calm again.The contractions were uncomfortable but I felt I could manage them. She made sure I kept my breathing steady and moans low and controlled. Laboring at my home was peaceful and I found myself laughing between contractions. I progressed quickly and Alyssa helped encourage me. In less than an hour I went from 3 cm to 8 cm so my contractions became unbearably painful and I went from managing my contractions to asking for an epidural! Alyssa kept encouraging me and reassuring me I could do it. Told me to breathe the baby down! My daughter was born onto this earth on November 15, 2013. Alyssa took great pictures for us. Looking back Curtis and I both agree Alyssa was an integral part of our birth story and she complemented my husband’s support. I don’t think I could have lasted without pain medication without her support. We are forever grateful!

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