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Connie Sultana

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Phone: (707) 588-8026

Birth Fee: $1200 to $1700

Postpartum Rate: $30 to $35

Fee Details: In Sonoma and Marin counties, my fee is $1500 ($1200 for home and birth center births as these moms pay out of pocket for their health care). In San Francisco, my fee is $1700. I believe that doula services should be accessible. I am a DONA-Approved Birth Doula Trainer. Because I mentor doulas who are beginning in the field, I am often familiar with doulas who are charging a greatly reduced fee. If using their services would be of help to you, please don't hesitate to ask!

Birth Doula Experience: 25 years and 725 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience: 15 years and 20 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of Practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per Month: 1 to 3 births and 1 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: no smokers
Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I have attended over 600 births at over 40 hospitals nationwide. I have been employed to work on staff at two hospitals as a doula. I feel I am particularly skilled at working with parents in a hospital setting. Feel free to ask me about that!
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I served as a midwife's assistant at a free standing birth center as well as a doula at 3 different birth centers. I enjoy working with parents and the staff at our local birth centers. So glad that we have Birth Centers as an option in our community!
Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I have a warm place in my heart for moms who give birth at home. I've been to over 100 home and birth center births and am grateful to the families for inviting me into their intimate space.

Childbirth Education Certifications

  • ICEA (International Childbirth Education Association)
  • Lamaze International

Other Relevant Certifications

  • DONA International - Birth Doula Trainer

College Education

  • BA/BS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Cesarean birth
  • Clients on bed rest
  • Domestic Violence
  • Expected stillbirth
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • High risk
  • Home Birth
  • Induced and high medical technology labor & birth
  • Multiples
  • Over 40
  • Plus size mothers
  • Postpartum mood disorders
  • Relinquishing mothers
  • Single parents
  • Surrogacy
  • Survivors of Previous Life Trauma
  • Survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Teens
  • Twins
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth

Special Services Offered

  • Infant massage education
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Former Board Member of DONA International. Former Director of Certification of DONA. Former DONA Regional Director. 15 years DONA Certification Committee Member. Former Co-Director Cleveland Free Clinic Doula Program. Former Co-Director of Doula Network of Cleveland Ohio and of Doula Network of Sonoma County. Former Director of The Doula Network of Sonoma County California. Advisory Board Member of Marin Pro-Bono Doulas.

Service Area Map

Area of practice: Santa Rosa, CA
Travel Range: 50 Miles

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Client Testimonials for Connie Sultana

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Heather-Ann Young

We are grateful beyond words for having Connie as our doula. She provided comfort, experience and perspective to us during the birth of our daughter. We can't imagine not having her with us. She kept both my husband and I grounded. Although we had only met a couple of times prior to labor, she made us feel so comfortable, as if we've known her for years. She was an advocate for us during the labor process and a huge support system post partum. We highly recommend Connie! Her passion for birth, women and babies is unparalleled. 

Posted 1/31/2019

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Kaitlyn Mitchell

Connie's strength and confidence as a doula are invaluable in the birthing experience. Through all the craziness and surprises of birth, she felt as steady as a rock and made me feel completely safe and secure. She also seemed to have an amazing gift of being able to know exactly when I needed her and her support, as well as when to step back and let me and my husband work through the moment on our own. I recommend Connie to anyone looking for their "rock" in the birthing experience.

Posted 11/14/2016

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Jessica and Matt Kerr

Connie's experience, personality, ability to listen and caring, positive attitude are just a few of the many reasons why we have enjoyed working with her before, during and after birth. She was an instrumental part of our amazing birth experience and we both feel as though we could not have done it without her. We were able to have the birth that we had hoped for and Connie's techniques, support and advocacy made it possible. She has also been incredibly helpful postpartum and we would not hesitate to recommend her as well as work with her again. 

Posted 10/19/2016

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Christina Swanton

Connie was such an amazing doula, and my husband and I are extremely grateful and thankful to have had her as part of our birthing team. I interviewed 5 doulas and I felt that Connie was the perfect choice because of her experience and confident personality. My husband and I felt comfortable with her, and felt secure that there would be no issues that could arise during my labor that Connie wouldn't be able to handle and walk and talk us through. During the birth Connie helped immensely by helping me with pain management techniques and positive motivation. She was with us the whole time and offered such amazing support to both my husband and I, and she truly helped to guide me through a successful birth. I am so in awe of her chosen profession, helping women and their families to feel supported, and I could not think of anyone better suited to it than Connie. 

Posted 10/11/2016

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anna coopersmith

Connie was a wonderful and loving doula.   She was available, by phone or in person, along the whole journey of my second pregnancy.    She provided educated support and couseling, for both myself and my husband, and supported and guided my choices.  During the birth, she was available when I called her at 2am, and was at my house very early in the morning when I needed her.  She kept me at home as long as possible, so that by the time I got to the hospital I was fully dialated.   The area that Connie helped me with the most was alleviating my fear of post partum depression.   After my first child I suffered from post partum depression and anxiety.  When I became pregnant the second time, those fears and anxieties resurfaced.   Connie helped me plan to avoid such a traumatizing post partum period.   She watched over me after the birth and met with me and my husband to make sure I was taking the steps I needed to stay mentally and physically healthy enough to care for myself and my children.   It worked, as the second time I did not suffer from post partum depression.   I am very grateful that I had Connie during my pregnany, birth and post partum period.  

Posted 8/2/2016

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Willow Sanders

I first met Connie when I went to her doula training when my first son was only 5 months old. The moment I met her I KNEW I would need her to be with my for my next birth.  About 18 months later, I went into labor with that baby.  I had Cesarean birth with my first son, so this was to be a VBAC, (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean).  Through the care and support from Connie during my pregnancy, I had GREAT confidence in my ability to birth my baby.  I just KNEW it was going to happen and going to go well. As my contractions began, I remembered to be so thankful for each contraction, (something that Connie taught me).  My last labor was induced and I had zero natural contractions.  My first Contraction was on a Saturday night, my baby was born Wednesday at 9pm. I had many, many, many contractions inbetween those days.  I was in labor off and on through Tuesday morning, when it started to really kick in. Connie had come and gone from my house a few times already, but by Tuesday afternoon she was there to stay.  I told her I would be okay with a Cesarean if I knew I had tried EVERYTHING possible to birth Vaginally.  Labor was hard, and long.  My baby was big, and he was posterior.  He didn't want to turn, no matter how many things we tried. Connie met me at every contraction, believed in me, stayed with me, focused me, gave me the confidence and support that I COULD NOT have lived without.  She was my angel.  She was in great part responsible for him FINALLY turning into the Anterior position so I could push.  I got to push! And No one was MORE excited and proud of me when I pushed that 9 lb 12 ounce baby out of me.  She never stopped believing in me, even when everyone else  (including myself) did.  I determined to NEVER have a baby without her again. I have kept true on that promise, she was with me for my third and fourth baby as well. :-) She is the BEST doula EVER. 

Posted 8/2/2016

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Noelle LaVoie

We are so glad we had Connie as our doula! Connie is very kind and very knowledgeable. Exactly the sort of person you want to attend the birth of your child. For some context, my husband and I are older (50 & 39) and this was our first child. Here are our amazing experiences with Connie:

  • Education: There is a ton of material online but we found much of it too scary or general. Connie calmed our fears and answered our questions. Our classes were personalized so she could focus on our concerns which helped build our confidence!
  • Support: My husband and I are normally very private people and we worried about having someone with us during labor. In the end, we both felt like ourselves only a lot calmer and we definitely recommend having a Doula and really strongly recommend Connie!
  • Pregnancy: When we found out that our baby was breech she helped us find resources and be confident that we made the right decisions for us. Since I was hoping for a natural childbirth it was nice to be able to learn as much as possible about what to expect from a C-section including how to make it as baby friendly as possible.
  • Delivery: I had a scheduled C-section because our baby was breech. Connie came to the hospital with us and kept my husband company while I was in pre-op. She kept track of the timeline and it was really interesting reading a few weeks later because it was a total blur for both of us.
  • Post-partum: Connie checked in via email and phone with us and came for a post-partum visit. When I ran into breastfeeding concerns she helped us find a good lactation consultant and followed up on the phone and via email to make sure things were going well.
  • Dad: My husband really liked Connie and was so glad she was there to support him. It helped him have the confidence that he could help me. And it provided him with the support I wasn’t able to provide.

Posted 8/1/2016

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Elly Grogan

We were referred to Connie by a health educator at Kaiser who was very impressed with her. After recently working with her for the birth of our daughter, my husband and I cannot speakly highly enough of Connie. From our first interaction with her she understood what kind of birth experience we hoped to have and was very supportive of our choices. She provided us with helpful resources and guidance during my pregnancy, and when some challenging moments arose she was an invaluable support, listening to our concerns and worries with warmth and compassion and giving us tools and advice so that we could be empowered to make the right decisions for us. Connie is prompt in her communication, calm, confident, warm, and has a great sense of humor, and most of all she is very knowledgeable and competent. We are so grateful to her for the support she provided us before, during, and after Hazel's birth, and we highly recommend Connie to families looking for a doula to support them on the beginning of this amazing journey.

Posted 7/19/2016

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Jessica Dickson

My husband and I could not imagine the birth of our daughter without Connie's help. She was there with unconditional support throughout my entire labor. I had back labor and was in excruciating pain. Connie came to the hospital with a plethora of message tools and trinkets to help with pain management. It was important to me to have a natural labor and Connie helped me stick to this plan with her expertise, and compassion for what I was going through. Since it was our first child, it was invaluable to have an expert advocate in the room, who could forsee challenges and brainstorm solutions with me and my husband. I have an amazing birth story, even with all the pain I felt, because of the great team I had in the room with me. I will definitely hire Connie again for the birth of my next child. 

Posted 7/15/2016

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lisa buerger

I am so grateful I hired Connie to be my Doula and could not have been happier with her service. She was a tremendous help before, during and after the delivery of our daughter. Her calm presence, wealth of knowledge and passion for her profession made it a pleasure working with her. She was always very easy to get a hold of whenever I had questions in regards to my pregnancy or upcoming delivery. Connie was such a source of comfort and reassurance for me during the birth process. I chose to have a non-medicated birth, and I absolutely know that I could not have done that without Connie. Her passion & enthusiasm for babies and delivery made her a critical partner for my husband and I. She was also a great source of knowledge and advice for postpartum needs.
I am so happy I found Connie to help with my birthing experience and would recommend her to anyone seeking a Doula with a calming, holistic approach to child birth.

Posted 7/13/2016

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