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Triple Moon Doula: Birth and Lactation Services

Seattle, WA Service range 10 miles


Birth Fee

$1800 to $2400

Postpartum Rate


Birth Fee

$1800 to $2400

Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Experience

8 years and 201 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

8 years and 58 families served

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 3 to 4 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: I am primarily available for weekday shifts. I am comfortable supporting all approaches to infant feeding, and I specialize in supporting breastfeeding relationships while allowing breastfeeding parents to rest and recuperate. I provide lactation troubleshooting sessions as a certified breastfeeding specialist. I can also provide education on babywearing, cloth diapering, elimination communication, healthy sleep practices, pumping, and navigating postpartum mood disorders.

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I have attended births at UWMC, Northwest, Swedish First Hill, Swedish Ballard, Evergreen, Overlake, Providence, Tacoma General, St. Joseph’s, St. Peter's, and Highline.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I have attended births at Center for Birth, Seattle Naturopathy and Birth Center, Eastside Birth Center, Puget Sound Birth Center Kirkland, Puget Sound Birth Center Renton, and the Birthing Inn.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I have attended home births with most home birth midwifery practices including Rainy City Midwifery, Seattle Home Maternity, Fertile Ground Midwives, Maia Midwifery, and Journey Midwives.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Antepartum doula support
  • ASL (American Sign Language)
  • Baby sign language education
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Elimination communication education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Miscarriage support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Sleep educator
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental

Fee Details

**Congratulations on your pregnancy!** As your birth doula, I provide 2 prenatal visits in your home, physical and emotional support at the entirety of your labor and birth, 2-4+ hours of immediate postpartum support for breastfeeding and bonding, 2 postpartum visits in your home, and 24/7 call from point of hire. You also receive continuous access to the knowledge I've attained over 5 years and 150+ births with all major Seattle area hospitals, birth centers, and home midwifery groups, along with my skills with rebozo, Spinning Babies, TENS unit, and HypnoBirthing. I specialize in supporting LGBTQ families, VBAC, birth after loss, home waterbirth, twins and multiples, and unmedicated births in hospital settings. I am also a certified breastfeeding specialist! Please contact me to discuss sliding scale and payment plans if my fee would be a hardship. Every family deserves a doula!

Seattle, WA Service range 10 miles

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This review is long, LONG overdue! We had our baby girl almost six months ago and Adeline was absolutely amazing! Though a last minute circumstance, we had Adeline as our doula and we could not have asked for a better support at our birth. Adeline's passion for being a doula shines through - she had such compassion, knowledge and professionalism - it was such a pleasure to work with her! Her ability to work seamlessly with the hospital staff was noted by all the nurses and midwives. My partner felt completely supported by her as well - she just knew what to do at the right moment! I feel like I can't give enough praises for Adeline - I would recommend her to anyone and truly feel blessed that we had the opportunity to work with her!


Jamie Aaronson


Adeline was the best doula I could have ever imagined and then some. She was supportive for weeks before and after the birth. During pre labor and early labor, she helped keep me calm and grounded with the best advice and tips. During my active labor at the hospital, she worked with me, my partner, and the staff to create the best possible birth experience and outcomes. Her knowledge and commitment are unbelievable. In the 11th hour (or more like 36th), she doubled down with her support, pulling out all the Spinning Baby tricks to help move my labor forward and avoid a c-section. She helped after birth with breastfeeding guidance at exactly the right time. My partner and I were so beyond grateful for her support. She’s like a fairy god birth mother. She was with us every step of the way, heard our wishes, and guided us through the most difficult, magical, and amazing transition of our lives. Thank you from all of us and our precious little one. We are so thrilled and wish everyone could have a birth team with you on it. Blissed, J & T

Stanton Richard


Working with Adeline was one of the best decisions we ever made for our bith.  She made such a huge difference for us that whenever we talk about our birth we always talk about what a positive impact Adeline had on our birth story and how we couldn't have done it without her.  We wanted to be prepared for our first birth so we read books and took 9 birth classes to prepare, but we knew we would still need help so we reached out to Adeline as our birth doula.  After interviewing several birth doulas we knew immediately that Adeline was the right person for us because we could tell that she understood us and was more than capable of helping us.  She just knows her stuff! She's smart and she knows not only her craft but is a parent herself and knows the challenges facing new parents.

You can already see from her profile that she has extensive experience and that so many parents have entrusted to handle their births.  She will have a calming influence on your birth and help you during one of the most stressful times in your life. During our interviews with Adeline she made sure she understood what we wanted for our birth and what was most important to us. So when it came time for the birth and we started getting questions from the doctors and nurses about we wanted to do, we waited until we got Adeline's input before any important decisions.  We just felt so much more at peace having her there with us at the hospital.

I truly believe that If it wasn't for Adeline we would definitely have had a very different birth story which would have resulted in more medical interventions that we desired.  Her expert guidance through the different positions and exercises truly facilitatd the pushing stage. It was through Adeline's help navigating through all the stressful stages of labor that we were able to have a birth story that we're happy to tell with all its tears and joy.  Thank you Adeline!!

Sara K.


Adeline was fantastic to work with on every level. She made both my partner and I feel very at ease from the moment we met her. She has a wonderful, calming presence and is also incredibly knowledgable and informed. My labor turned out to be relativecly difficult and having Adeline by our side made all the difference in our experience. Despite the challenges, I felt well cared for and confident because of her guidance. Can't recommend her highly enough!! 

Catherine Liggett


There are no words that do justice to Adeline's contribution to our first-time birth experience. As new parents, my husband and I had so many questions and concerns about pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. Adeline's wealth of wisdom, skill, and lightning-fast communication put us at ease, giving us space to truly enjoy this rich, complex, and challenging transitional time. Adeline exudes presence, competance, experience, encouragement, and intelligence. Our prenatal visits gave my worried, perfectionist mind so much confidence. Her compassionate voice of experience from other side of the birth door was an invaluable lifeline during my pregnancy. Her amazing support during my labor made it possible for me to stay focused on my goal of having an unmedicated home birth, in spite of an extremely long (60 hour) labor. The impact of her skilled, empathic, and relentlessly positive coaching during my labor was massive. Adeline was right there with me, meeting me exactly where I was at each moment- physically, mentally, and spiritually. After my very long labor, I sustained some birth injuries which had the potential to lead to birth trauma. Due largely to the incredible quality of Adeline's support during my difficult labor and birth, my memory of the birth experience is not traumatic at all. I remember being held in loving support, rather than the shock of the physical trauma, and this is a profound gift that will last the rest of my life, as well as my husband's, and our daughter's. After the birth, our postpartum visits gave us so much more confidence with our new baby, and this new way of life. Her amazing skill in lactation support was particularly invaluable to us! Adeline is simply the best, and I give her my highest recommendation to anyone who is thinking of hiring a doula. 

Katy Saunders


We had an incredible time working with Adeline during the birth of our twins. When I found out I was expecting two and the midwives I was working with had to refer me to the obstetrics team, I knew that I wanted to have a doula to support our birth experience. Adeline was a perfect fit for us. She added levity and understanding while we were in the dazed phase of our pregnancy. She also provided helpful insights and support as I navigated the discomfort of the later months. With her helpful support, we were able to have an uncomplicated delivery that was relaxed and joyful at just the right moments. She also was able to capture detailed photos of the birth of our sons.

Adeline's has a cheerful manner and her great rapport with the nursing staff all contributed to making me feel like a rockstar. Adeline is just wonderful, I highly recommend that you work with her if you can.

Natasha Alonso


Adeline was amazing before, during and after the birth of our baby boy! We met several times before my due date to go over our birthing plan and discuss all of the "what if" scenarios. She instantly made me and my husband more comfortable and relaxed about our labor and delivery process. On the day of, she did above and beyond, making sure I was comfortable and reminding me of our previous conversations. She also did a wonderful job of taking care of my husband during this time as well. I felt so comfortable having her in the delivery room and don't think I could have been as relaxed as I was without her there. 

After the delivery, she visited us at home twice to discuss breastfeeding and make sure we were all doing well. It was fun to revisit and discuss the birthing experience and relive it all over again (without actually having to be in labor)! It was also very helpful to know that she was coming back to visit us at a time where breastfeeding was so new to us. 

I would recommend Adeline to anyone considering hiring a doula and hope to utilize her services in the future if/when we decide to have another baby. 




Having Adeline at my second birth was one of the best decisions I made in pregnancy. When I was having a hard time during my labor, she was right there with what I needed, both in physical support and emotional reassurance. I was looking for a doula who had worked with birthing people who have a history of loss, and she was there with me through my fears without flinching.

As a hospital midwife, I've also had the opportunity to see her at work with other clients. She not only a fantastic doula, she is excellent as a colleague, forming relationships with birth workers and other caregivers. This helps her to be a strong advocate for her families and to make the experience of being in the hospital smoother. She is unfailingly kind, she is funny, and she is smart. My partner also felt well supported.  She keeps up on the research and knows the evidence about birth care and intervention. I trust her as a parent and as a midwife, I would choose her again and I recommend her without hesitation.



2000 char is not enough to review Adeline's work! Hiring Adeline has been one of the best decisions we ever made. It was a vaginal birth with epidural but I am sure that, without her, it would have been a c-section and probably, a traumatic experience. I'm glad she was there with her messages during the first contractions and how she helped us find an accupunturist after 2 nights without sleeping (lower back pain that didn't go away in between contractions). I was relieved to have her coming home to work on positions and I'm glad she suggested to call the doctor to get pain relief so that I could rest before the active labor started. Thanks to that I got 2 hours of sleep in the hospital. After that I spent some hours in the bath tub and I loved how she made me feel more at home and less like I was in a hospital putting  some led candles in the room and lavender oil. After the bath I asked for the epidural. Next day, things were progressing very slowly and the doctor mention that I may need a c-section. Adeline was there all the time helping me advocate for a vaginal birth. She also did a great work teaming up with the nurses and working on getting me into different positions and keeping me hydrated to help me progress. She was there to help me understand that I was able to ask for an epidural bullet when the back pain was there again. She hold my left leg during the 4 hours of pushing, she cheered me up and she danced during my pushing play list. After 3 hours of pushing the doctor suggested c-section and said that if the baby was not out in 1hour we would need a c-section. Adeline and the nurses helped me believe I could do it and baby came after 1hour but was initially not breathing. I am so grateful that Adeline was there to hold my hand and keep us calm while the doctors were resucitating her, I would have panicked without her. Everything ended well and now we have a happy and healthy baby at home. Adeline was just perfect.

J and L


My wife and I had our first baby 1 month ago. I second all the testimonials that question how anyone actually gives birth without Adeline.

For us specifically, we had hoped for an unmedicated natural birth, but as often happens we had to shift gears and make several decisions around interventions. Adeline was absolutely instrumental in helping us with these decisions. She didn't provide medical advice, but she is so knowledgeable, we were able to talk through the options with her thoroughly to feel good about each decision we needed to make. In the end,  we had a wonderful birth and a healthy mom and baby. After our baby was born, we had issues with feeding, sleep, and reflux. Once again Adeline's experience was invaluable. She helped us get baby on track and provided immeasurable support to us during this stressful time.

My wife and I are both medical providers and have a very high bar--we feel Adeline is exceptional in her knowledge-base and experience. She also has a wonderful, calm demeanor and a sense of humor that we truly appreciated!

Paige Van Otten


My husband and I knew we wanted a doula, but neither of us was sure what kind of person would be a good fit. I found Adeline on Doula Match and loved the sound of her from the testimonials. When we met her at a coffee shop, both my husband I pretty instantly knew that she was the one. She was personable, knowledgeable, funny, and compassionate. She also had a very balanced approach to all kinds of birth.

Our two prenatal visits were a great chance to get to know her, and to nail down what I wanted out of my birth, which interventions I would and wouldn't be ok with, the type of support that would work best for me, my husband's concerns, etc. She really walked us through what our options would be depending on where I ended up birthing. This helped assure me that no matter what ended up happening, I would be able to have a good experience.

My birth didn't go as planned from the very beginning. Instead giving birth in a freestanding birth center, I was induced for high BP the day after my due date. I was so sad about this abrupt change, and Adeline helped me process those feelings and move on to have a rewarding experience anyway. She made our hospital room so cozy, helped me through decisions about the induction, lead lots of positioning exercises that I would have been self conscious to do on my own if I'd even remembered them, advised us when to eat and sleep, and ultimately was right there with my husband offering encouragement with each contraction.

I ended up having a very fulfilling (and fast!) labor and delivery, and I owe no small part of that to Adeline. My mom said afterwards that she wished she could take Adeline 31 years back in time to my birth, because she could have really used her then.

She was also an amazing resource postpartum, both herself with texts and visits, and she was able to connect us with trusted providers to help with feeding issues.

I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Shawn Koyano


I can't say enough wonderful things about Adeline. From the very beginning she connected with our family, incluidng our 5 year old daughter. Her personality is warm and caring and she is straight-forward with her communication. She is very knowledgable about all things regarding preparing for birth and during and after birth. She has the technical expertise as well as a great heart. She understood what I was going through and how to support me. As well, she helped my husband and I navigate the birthing medical system. I labored at home 3 nights and eventually had to go to the hopsital. She met my husband and I there and was so supportive after my c-section, even stepping in with supporting nursing when the nurses didn't. She is a wonderful doula and I would recommend her to anyone! 

Amy Kovner


It has taken me 6 months to write this review and I know that nothing I write will be able to capture just how amazing Adeline is and how truly grateful I am that she was our birth doula.

Adeline’s expertise in birth, postpartum and lactation support was what initially drew me to her—she’s very impressive on paper! I was pregnant with twins and wanted a VBAC, so I knew we'd need both birth and postpartum support. I knew it was a good match by how instantly I felt comfortable with her. The moment she left our house after our initial meeting, I said to my husband, “I want to be friends with her!” She is a wonderful combination of warm, down-to-earth, funny and extremely competent and professional.

Our prenatal visits with Adeline were very thorough and informative. She answered all our questions and explained things we would never have known about. During the few weeks prior to the birth, Adeline checked in regularly with me. She made me feel very cared for and important to her.

When we went in for induction, Adeline was there helping us get started and making sure I was comfortable and felt good about things. As the induction progressed, over 3 days, she spent most of the time at the hospital with us. She was crucial in helping us navigate a tricky situation with our medical providers. Adeline was an excellent person to assist us in making decisions during the induction and birth process. She provided us with her knowledge, gave us the freedom to make our own decisions and most importantly, always made us feel very comfortable with the decisions we made. Once labor really started, Adeline was totally in it with me, helping me breathe and cope with the contractions. Once we went to the OR to deliver, Adeline took about 400 pictures with my iphone and captured the whole thing! It was a successful twin VBAC!

Adeline will forever be a special person to me for her role in the VBAC of my twins.

Evan Van Otten


First: If you are debating about whether or not you need a doula, the answer is yes, you do. No matter how many classes you take or how sure you and your partner are that you are ready, you should still highly consider having a doula. Why? The doula is going to allow you and your partner to stay in the moment and enjoy the birth versus having to constantly be thinking “what should I be doing right now?” or “what was that position we talked about in class?”. Don’t get me wrong, having that knowledge and familiarity with breathing, positions, comfort measures, etc. is crucial, but having someone there to recommend what to do at any given moment is amazing (IE, you and your partner just have to do, not figure out what to do).
Second: If you make the right choice and have a doula, Adeline should be a top choice. I won’t lie, I was a little nervous about the whole doula thing. My concern being, “are we really going to invite a stranger into this process?”. After meeting Adeline and seeing how positive, fun, and educated she was, I knew she was a great choice. As a side note, I’m a health care provider, and I loved that Adeline could be an advocate of a non-invasive, minimalist approach to child birth, while still understanding the risks/benefits of various medical procedures (IE she understands that interventions have their place and would never give bad/dangerous advice to her clients just for the sake of promoting a more “natural” birth). With our birth, Adeline made a challenging experience, where our plan A was out the window from the very beginning, calm and magical. I really don’t know what it would have looked like without her.
I truly can’t sing my praises for Adeline louder. If you are lucky enough to have her as your doula, your child birth experience, regardless of how close or far away it ends up from your plan, will be the best it can be.

kristin tucker


How could I possibly express the impact of Adeline's presence and skill in our pregnancy & birth? Even in our initial interview, it was clear to me that Adeline was the person we wanted to support us on this journey - she radiated competence, compassion, acceptance, and humor, and her self-described blend of "science and woo" was a perfect fit for my personality and needs during pregnancy. As a queer person and a feminist, I appreciated how much Adeline put informed consent front and center, and her respect for my personhood & choices, as well as my relationship with my partner and with our baby, never wavered, despite the many twists and turns that emerged in late pregnancy. While my pregnancy and baby were healthy and we were planning an out of hospital, unmedicated birth with midwives, we had a number of challenges with the baby's position that landed us in the hospital at 37, 38, and 39 weeks. We were faced with a lot of information from an OB perspective, a lot of which felt like age-related scare tactics, and Adeline's presence at each of those long OB triage appointments, and daily support overall, made me feel more in control of my body, my process, and my choices in the face of competing, and often overwhelming, information. She truly went above and beyond with us - in addition to our prenatal meetings, she accompanied us to the hospital twice, and met with us on two additional occasions to help us recalibrate our birth plan. 

Our birth was not what we expected, but Adeline's guidance and groundedness helped me navigate the emerging changes in labor, and to feel like I could manage whatever came at us. I truly cannot imagine our birth without her. Also, my partner wanted me to mention that he didn't know what a doula was before our interview, and intially felt it an unnessary expense, but during and after our process he expresed many times that he now tells everyone the value of doula support, especially Adeline's!

sarah klahs


Adeline was an essential part of our pregnancy, birth and postpartum team. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and strives to help you meet all your goals as well as offer support in coping and integrating when birth takes an unexpected turn. She offered emotional support throughout our time together and was integral when we ended up in the last place we wanted to be, in the hospital with a c-section with our baby whisked off to the NICU. She is down to earth, heartfelt and offers a judgement free feminist perspective amidst a tender transition in life. We would recommend her to anyone. 

Dahlias Forever


Adeline is simply fantastic. When she walked in the door the first time we met her, she exuded warmth and nurturing. I hoped to have an unmedicated hospital birth and Adeline brought the perfect mix of evidence-based science and some woo – exactly what I wanted. She took great care to learn about our wishes while being entirely nonjudgmental and supportive, and I loved that her pre-natal visits involved a discussion of both Plan A – everything going as we hoped – and Plan B, if things took a turn we didn’t expect. She is extremely knowledgeable about all the ins and outs of hospital births, and it was a plus that she had extensive experience with births at the hospital we delivered at. Also, Adeline is just a fun person to be around!

When I went into labor, we were in nearly constant contact with her. I felt totally supported and taken care of with her at our side. She knew just what to suggest/do at the right time, and was a gentle guide for me through my labor and delivery. Even though I had learned a lot in birth classes about what to expect for a hospital birth, experiencing it firsthand made me REALLY appreciate having a doula. Adeline could explain succinctly and quickly what the midwife or nurse wanted to do rather than me having to spend energy interacting with the staff while laboring.

Even though my husband was reasonably knowledgeable about how to support me (we took Bradley Method classes), he said later that watching Adeline was the best instruction for how he could help me. She also took some pictures at the delivery that we hadn’t discussed beforehand but we am SO grateful to have alongside our own memories of the experience. Also, having two postpartum visits was wonderful, to de-brief about the birth and ask questions and just feel her nurturing support again during that fragile, blurry time. Having Adeline as our doula was one of the best decisions we made during my pregnancy!



Adeline came highly recommended to us from our previous doula (Alissa Wehrman of SUNbirth services who has now retired). We couldn't be more happy with our choice to work with Adeline. She has a very positive personality and she quickly got the drift of my desire for a natural, unmedicated birth. She came across as very confident which gave us the assurance that she wouldn't get stressed in case of a quick labor (which I have a hostory of). She, in fact, tailerd every aspect of her consultation to suit that. The first prenatal appointment was spent discussing our ideal birth plan and we discussed contingency options in the second. 

As my due date approached, she was diligent about texting me and asking about how I was feeling. She has multiple back ups in case she is caught up in a birth. She even found me a massage appointment at short notice when I was in a lot of discomfort. When my labor started, she was at my place within an hour and she was right on point when she said it was time to leave for the hospital. At the hospital, she helped me advocate for my choices. Even the nurses told me later on about how helpful Adeline was during the birth.She held my hand and guided me with my breathing throughout. She even managed to catch a video of my daughter being born while doing all this. 

After birth, when I still was in pain due to a minor complication, Adeline stayed put by my side. She only left when things had calmed down and I was ready to take a nap with the little one! Adeline was also a great source of help post birth. My daughter was tongue tied. Adeline suggested an approach (pediatrician, followed by tongue tie expert, cranio sacral) which i followed and it worked to a T!! She was on point with her recommendations for a tongue tie expert and lactation consultant.

 She is also very well respected as a doula and has great credibility! We wish her all the best in her career!

Anantha & Siddhartha

Kate Elias


Adeline was an incredible support and guide to us through our pregnancy and birth. From the first time we met her, we felt like we had a genuine connection, that her sense of humor jived with ours, and that she truly cared about our experience becoming parents. She is a font of wisdom and resources, and at every stage offered ideas and suggestions in a totally nonjudgmental way that supported our approach to birth and parenting.

Adeline stayed in close communication throughout the time we were working together; I was so impressed with how she checked in with us regularly and how accessible she was whenever we needed anything or had a question.

Having Adeline at our labor and delivery completely defined our experience. She was a positive, cheerful, solid force who offered  much-needed encouragement, pain relief, coping techniques, partner support, and expertise navigating the process for first-time parents. 

From prenatal to postpartum, Adeline has provided our family with real love and support - even though we've only known her for a few months she feels like an old friend. Can't recommend her enough.

Allison Tourville


It is hard to explain how someone who was a stranger to us just months ago could become such an important person during one of the most personal experiences of our lives, but it is without hesitation I can say that do not know how we would have gotten through the my labor without Adeline's unwavering knowledge and support. I am so thankful we chose her as our doula, and I would recommend her to everyone.

She was critical not only in helping me through the final weeks of my pregnancy and a long and difficult labor, but also helping my wife who found herself feeling helpless as one by one, every step of our birth plan failed to materialize-- our goal of a drug-free natural vaginal birth ended in an epidural and an emergency c-section-with neither of us awake/present for the birth of our child. Adeline helped us get through one of the toughest expriences in our lives. 

From the moment we met Adeline we were impressed by her obvious techincal/medical knowledge of maternity and labor combined with the PERFECT amount of "woo woo". For a pragmatic person such as myself, I discovered that embracing a little woo woo helps keep you in a good headspace.  

Adeline was extremely communicative. We felt like a priority. We texted regularly, she travelled by ferry to our home on multiple occasions, and we went over plans A, B C and D for birth. When the time came, and plans A, B, and C had blown past, she was able to remind us of conversations we already had and it made our acceptance of what was happening easier. Adeline helped me through the physical/mental pain of labor and helped my wife as she felt increasingly more helpless as my labor dragged on. She sat with my wife when she had to leave the OR for my c section- without her my wife would have been waiting scared and alone. 


Adeline was incredible, and I honestly don't know how people have babies without her. 

Evelyn Ives


Adeline was absolutely amazing. She is thoughtful, caring, down-to-earth, a feminist, funny, smart, and energetic. Her support was critical to my birth experience and I would not have been able to do it without her. She gave me confidence when I needed it, stepped back when appropriate, supported all of my decisions, and kept the energy up when I needed a second wind for pushing. She is extremely knowledgable and helped me make the best decisions for my circumstance when my birth plan wasn't working for me. Not only was she amazing during my birth, but also during my initial postpatrum period. She cuts through the crap and gets real, which helped my anxiety. My husband and I both benefited so much from having her in our life during this whirlwind journey into parenthood. We are definitely going to ask her to be our doula again if we have a second child.

Meagan Niebler


Adeline was our rockstar, champion, and "Doula Crossfit" coach while welcoming our second child into the world.  Leading up to labor, Adeline was warm and checked in frequently.  When my water broke at 2:00am, 3 weeks before my due-date, she was ready and met my partner and I at the Birth Center before we arrived, and set up the space with candles and other warm touches.  After contractions stopped, Adeline was so knowledgeable about techniques to try to get labor started.  She took us through different positions, activities, and exercises to help contractions start back up, but also provided reassurance, humor, and realness that helped us stay calm and enjoy this time togehter.  14 hours later, once labor actually started and contractions became intense, Adeline was the hip-squeezing support I needed to get through an intense hour of labor and a quick three minutes of pushing before my baby was born.  All the while, Adeline provided encouragement to me, and support to my partner for ways he could help support me, too. 

After our daughter was born, Adeline helped get us settled and initiate breastfeeding.  In the days and weeks after, Adeline checked in and provided ongoing information and support as we get settled into life with our newborn.  I always felt completely comfortable reaching out with questions or concerns, and Adeline always responded back thoughtfully and quickly.  

I would 873492% recommend Adeline!  During my 2-week check-up with my midwife, she commented that it was so clear that Adeline "knew her stuff" and was such a strong support and Doula.  I couldn't agree more! 

Scott Haggerty


As my wife and I have told and retold the story of how our litle one came into this world, and its kind of a crazy story, one of the things we keep repeating is that having a doula, and Adeline in particular was probably the best single decision we made.

From our first meeting with her and through till now (our baby is almost 4 weeks old), her demeanor has been very calm, friendly, easy, inviting....  you get it.

On the actual day(s) of, we labored at home for several hours and then texted her at like 2am, and as promised she was at our house all bright eyed within the hour, including easily a 20+ minute drive.

I began to write the whole story, but its too much.  Suffice to say our child was, ahem, stubborn.  We essentially went from plan A, to B, to C....  pretty sure the final was like plan E.

AT EVERY STEP OF THE PROCESS, having Adeline there helping, allowed us to make better decisions than we would have made on our own, and to feel more confident in our decisions.   Evergreen Hospital and the nurses there were amazing, but having Adeline there, with her experience and commitment to help US was priceless.  

She was sensitive to both of our needs, and helped literally everyone that came into our room, in a way that was not obtrusive or interfering.   She cued us to ask questions of the medical staff that we would not have asked, and especially because we had such a difficult birth, she made every step easier.   We had started out hoping to have a drug free birth, but as it dragged on and on, her compassion in letting my wife know that no one would think less of her for seeking relief was very welcome, and it also appeared to have been a good medical decision.

Post birth she has been just as helpful, and the lactation and nursing specialist she referred us to was incredible as well.

We will absolutely be including Adeline on our next birth.

Stefanie Fox


Hiring Adeline Hill as our doula was the best decision we made in pregnancy. Adeline was a coach, advocate, north star, cheerleader, advisor, mentor, angel, goddess, confidant and rock. Initially planning a home birth, I ended up with a hospital birth, an induction, and a very intense labor lasting over 30 hours. In spite of all the challenges, Adeline's support of me and my partner meant I was able to have the unmedicated birth I wanted. When I found out I had to get induced, I was devastated. But Adeline came over, and we sat at our dining room table and talked about the options until I felt like the decision to go to the hospital was mine. She had so carefully listened to our preferences, that she could help us find our way into choice when we felt like we didn't have it. At some point in the early labor hours, slow dancing with my partner in our hospital room decked out in Adeline's twinkle lights, I realized I was inside of a new, and wholly unexpected, version of my "plan A." When labor got extremely, unrelentingly intense for hours and hours, Adeline was my liferaft. She is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to positions, techniques, and tools--whether trying to move the baby's position, make my contractions as effective as possible, or figure out how to cope through a new level of exhaustion or pain. She is also infinitely trustworthy as someone to tell you that you can, in fact, survive the next excruciating second of your life. Not only did Adeline's support of me prove essential, but at the same time she supported my partner in her role, ensuring that I could rely on my partner for the love, support and closeness only she could provide. She also worked effortlessly with the nurses and midwives on our team, and it was clear how much they all were impressed with her skill and manner. We will always and forever be grateful for the many roles Adeline played in our labor and delivery. Any family working with her is truly blessed!

Angie Enger


Adeline is an absolute angel. The moment she walked into our house we felt like we were chatting with a trusted friend. She did so much to prepare us, answer every possible question with care and without bias and set our expectations for birth and beyond. When I passed my due date and started getting cranky she came over to do some movements and exercises and checked in with us every day.

I had a prolonged labor where nothing went according to plan and she supported me and my husband throughout the entire 47 hours. She advocated for us when we were too out of it to be thinking 100% clearly (like asking for a different nurse when she knew a nurse we didn't like was coming back on her shift and making my husband eat dinner) and helped us make decisions we weren't prepared for. In the end our girl was born with the help of Adeline, an amazing OB and nursing staff and one pair of forceps (very narrowly avoiding a c-section). She will forever be an important part of our birth story - we even asked her to cut the umbilical cord. As soon as we were set with baby in arms, she cheerfully called our parents to give them all the details. They were stunned when they found out she had been with us the entire time because she was so present and positive on the phone. 

She continues to check in on us and offer amazing help and support with breastfeeding and adjusting. I hope that Adeline continues to be in our life - she is so special and important to us. 

Michelle Morse


Adeline was an absolute dream to work with! We knew that Adeline was a good fit for us: warm, lively, empathetic, extremely knowledgeable, great sense of humor, open, deeply caring. My hope for my birth was to find a doula who I really trusted, and would be the right balance of being loving and directive, so I could essentially "check out" and let my doula and body guide me - and found that immediately in Adeline. Throughout the prenatals, Adeline did a brilliant job of letting us guide the conversations exploring our hopes and dreams, while asking us questions to prepare us for all scenarios. We had planned a home birth, and I felt confident transferring knowing that Adeline held our hopes at heart, and knew how to guide my birth. During the labor, I was 100% focused on Adeline's calming voice. She always said exactly what I needed to hear when I needed to hear it (how does she know?!?!) and has a magical hip squeeze touch. She coached my partner so well on how to do the hip squeeze too. She consistently gave me a verbal road map of what was going to happen and why, so I felt prepared, cared for, seen and held. In the words of my partner, Adeline "ran that birth". She always had helpful suggestions to keep my labor progressing (positions, in/out of tub, etc), and the rest of the birth team always agreed with her. What I didn't expect, was how crucial Adeline's skills and expertise would be for postpartum care. On Day 5, I called Adeline in tears from being engorged, and she responded with, "I'm on my way". The hands-on hours Adeline spent with us doing breastfeeding and lactation support felt like the best therapy session of my life: I felt lighter, more capable, empowered and happier after - and that positioned us to be better parents. She was always so responsive to texting/calling no matter how small or large the question, always grounded in evidence-based knowledge (and if not, she'll let you know : ). I can't sing Adeline's praises highly enough.

Alyssa Schoenemann


There are not enough words to express how amazing and grateful we are to have had Adeline by our side during my labor and birth. Every time I think back to my labor, my heart fills with deep, deep gratitude and admiration for Adeline.

From the moment we met Adeline we knew she was the one we needed on our birth team. From the very beginning she was a calm, reassuring presence. She took her time to get to know our family, our desires and preferences during labor. She listened to our past birth story and what we needed and wanted this time around. Never once did I feel her push her own beliefs or preferences on our plan. It was clear that Adeline’s philosophy is to support and respect the womyn her wishes, whatever they are, during this empowering, intimate, and sacred place that is pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Adeline was attentive, encouraging, and fully present during the entire process. She made sure she supported me and my partner in the ways we had discussed prior to the birth. After a long, hard, emotional, labor at home, we transferred to the hospital. She had amazing rappor with both my home birth Midwives and the nurse and physicians at the hospital, all while making sure i was respected, listened to and supported. My Midwives later had commented on how much Adeline went above and beyond.

Not only is she extremely knowledgeable in the process of labor and birth, she has a vast set of skills to help moms cope in labor and knows how to support partners as well. She was always one step ahead of what I needed and I felt like she she was so in-tuned to whether I needed that extra push of motivation or a gentle reassuring touch.


Her postpartum visits helped bridge the gap between postpartum appointments to help make sure breastfeeding and transitioning to a family of 4 was going well.  One would be so fortunate to have Adeline as part of their birth team. 

Erin Toth


Adeline was recommended to me by a friend. I felt comfortable with her from our initial meeting. Adeline always communicated well in advance, via text if she was unable to meet due to another labor in progress. We had 2, informative and relaxed in-person meetings at our home before delivery to come up with Plans A, B, and C for labor and delivery. Adeline’s experience was obvious as she was able to explain a lot of choices couples have in the birthing process at a local hospital. During pre-labor and early labor Adeline was available via phone and text to talk and suggest strategies to cope with contractions. Once we headed to the hospital, she met us promptly and actively supported me and coached my husband to support me through a very fast and furious labor. Adeline reminded us when we could ask questions, get more information, and feel informed about our birth experience. It was great to have another person in our corner to reassure and normalize the process. Adeline stayed for a bit after the birth of our daughter to support initial skin-to-skin and breastfeeding. I also really appreciated the postpartum meetings with Adeline (2), as we could reflect on the labor and delivery and I could ask follow-up questions about the experience with someone who was there and knowledgeable. It helped me to talk to someone neutral, but that I already knew, about adventures in feeding baby. Adeline was a great doula for us, tailoring her support to our preferences along our birthing journey. I would highly recommend her with no reservations!!

Amanda Ipock


Working with Adeline was hands down the best choice we made in preparing for our daughter’s birth. At our first meeting we were comforted by Adeline’s calm demeanor & knowledgeable explanations of the birth process. She put me at ease and helped me to look forward to the birth with confidence rather than fear. Before the birth she checked in daily  and was available to chat through concerns. Talking with Adeline feels like equal parts friend & therapist, and I leave conversations feeling empowered to tackle the next hurdle.

During labor Adeline reminded me of my options so I could make informed decisions. She gave me the encouragement and support that moved us forward and gave me power. Adeline is confident in her role and easily connected with our nurse and midwife. We heard frequent compliments about our fabulous doula. When I was unexpectedly taken to the OR after the birth, Adeline was with my wife and baby. I take solace in the fact that during this terrifying time my wife had Adeline by her side offering genuine love and compassion.

Due to a postpartum hemorrhage, my recovery has been challenging. I don’t know how I could make it through this without Adeline’s help. Knowing that I have an understanding ear a text or a call away has been invaluable. She has helped me to normalize my experiences and connect my postpartum challenges to what my body went through during the birth. Adeline asks thoughtful questions and is a supportive listener. One of my best postpartum days was spent on my couch, talking with Adeline, and just feeling comforted by her presence. As I look back on the birth over the years I’ll always carry huge gratitude for Adeline. She is a powerful light and has made this sometimes dark postpartum period bearable.

I highly recommend Adeline to any family. She’s a great doula and an incredible human being. You would be so lucky to have her along for your journey.

Erin Cawley-Morse


Adeline was an invaluable part of my birth and post-partum team. I am SO glad I hired her.

I had breech twins that required a c-section. A first time mom with a high risk pregnancy (mono-di twins) and the odds stacked against me, I was scared (60% of twins are born premature & there are a host of scary twin-only syndromes like TTS). As I prepared for the birth, Adeline helped me feel as safe and prepared as possible with her know-how and compassion. She was a great emotional support to me and my partner before, during, and after the birth. She was respectful of my decisions but always ready to provide evidence-based expertise when I wanted it, which was exactly what I wanted in a doula.

Also, breastfeeding was super-important to me, and during the c-section, she had my twins latching while the doctors were still sewing me up. Once I was wheeled out of the OR, she got them tandem (simultaneous) feeding right away. Later, when I saw the hospital lactation specialists, they were amazed, they said twin moms usually don’t graduate to tandem feeding until a few weeks in, but thanks to fearless Adeline I tandem fed from day one & had a great start to breastfeeding.

At the hospital, multiple nurses commented to me that Adeline was the best doula they’d ever seen. After I got home from the hospital, her visits were an incredible help in managing our expectations and fears as a new parents. From beginning to end, having her as a doula was a great experience. I would hire her again in a heartbeat!

Kirsten Clemens


Adeline was our birthing angel to say the least! Our birth plan was to deliver our baby unmedicated at the Swedish Ballard Birth Center with the Midwifery. My mother’s labor was rather quick when having my sisters and I, so I was convinced it would be the same for me. I was way wrong! We were in labor for 3-4 days! Adeline must have visited our house 5 times during that process. She is so patient, calm, warm and gives off the best positive energy anyone could ask for to get their labor!

We were admitted on a Friday night and after no progress, went home on medicated rest so we could try again when labor picked back up. Adeline coached us on how important rest was. She let us know the pros and cons of every situation. She helped us through positions to move Baby down and comfort me through the pain, she helped us schedule a massage on Sunday when Baby still had not come! When I was convinced I needed all the interventions she calmed us and suggested to relax, take a stroll, stop following contractions and see how we were feeling that night. Sure enough labor came back and Adeline was there again, comforting me, moving me through positions, cheering me on! To the birth center round 2! During transition I began begging for the epidural. She reminded me of what I wanted and bargained with me, suggesting the midwife could break my water to speed up the progress. Which did! As I transitioned baby’s heart rate kept dropping and as I became fully dilated, Adeline coached me through pushing to get Baby out! Finally Monday morning our baby boy arrived! We had a vacuum assist on the last push with no contraction. Adeline stayed by my side thru breast feeding. She was full of love and so complimentary, she made me feel like a warrior! Her post partum visits were lovely. We were just so empowered through the birth process with her at our side! Adeline has a most beautiful soul and way of making one feel so strong!! So thankful for her guidance!

Emilee Quinn


As a first time mom, I did a fair amount to prepare for the birth experience, but still didn’t truly know what to expect. Adeline provided information, perspective, coaching, comfort, and emotional support all along the way. My labor lasted 3+ days and was all in my back due to sunny-side up positioning of the baby. Despite this, Adeline supported me through a natural birth in line with my ideal plan. For two days, she came to our house to work with us on positions to help the baby change positions. During these visits, my husband was also able to get some rest and Adeline helped me find positions in which I could relax for short periods. When I was finally admitted at the hospital, I was completely exhausted and fairly discouraged – ready to consider medications for rest and pain management – but Adeline encouraged me to try a warm bath and focus simply on the next short period (in line with my birth plan). She helped me with contractions in the tub for hours and then with exercises out of the tub in a continued effort to move the baby, which finally proved successful. Even after all the early labor support at home, she stayed with us for 20 hours at the hospital until we delivered. At our first post-partum home visit, Adeline provided support with breastfeeding, sleep, and use of a newborn carrier. The amount of time and support you get with her is truly incredible. I was originally unsure if hiring a doula made sense for us, but I’m so glad that I did. I don’t know how I would have managed such a long labor without her. Adeline helped me feel strong, empowered, and as if I was progressing well the entire time, even when I was at my most discouraged. She also provided perspective and knowledge about what was happening during my long labor, why, and what we could do about it that we otherwise simply would have been without. I am incredibly grateful for Adeline’s role in my labor and whole heartedly recommend her to others.

Ashley Telge


There arent enough words to describe my gratitude and appreciation for Adeline Hill. From the moment I met her, I knew that she was put in my life for a reason. Her first two visits were spent walking through my 'plan A and plan B' birth scenarios. Without her walking through 'plan B,' I would not nearly have been prepared for the C Section that I ended up having. In those first 2 appts, she was warm, empathetic, comforting and most importantly, knowledgeable. She made sure all our questions were answered and each appointment, my husband and I would say how much more prepared we felt for the big day. I ended up going into labor early but Adeline had already been ‘on call’ for me, shooting me texts every day to check in on how I was doing. When I went into labor, she was there to talk me through those early contractions, even answering my phone call at 2am to get me through (what I thought) was the worst of it. Over the next 2 days, Adeline was by our side helping me progress the labor at home, talking to me over the phone through tough ones or meeting us at the hospital when I was finally far enough along to check into triage. Unfortunately, when I got there, I still needed to progress so Adeline walked the halls of the hospital with me for 2 hours doing various exercises with me. The compassion that she demonstrated as I squeezed her hands through contractions and leaned on her shoulder to breath was unlike anyone I have ever met (let along known for just a few short weeks). When we finally got admitted, she made sure to remind me of my birth plan and ask the questions we had prepped. She constantly checked in on my husband too to make sure he was doing ok and that he was eating and getting rest. She was also by our side during our c section, helping me through some terrible trembles i was experiencing. Saying I highly recommend Adeline doesn’t nearly do it justice. She is an amazing woman, mother, confidant, friend and of course, Doula.

Calsee Hendrickson


We were referred to Adeline by our birth doula when we needed extra guidance from a post partum doula. She was perfect. After our first meeting my husband and I referred to her as the baby whisperer. If you need more details...

My husband and I were looking for sage advice in how to be the parents that our daughter needed us to be and we had no idea what we were doing! We didn't know if the baby was hungry, tired, or perfectly happy. How much milk is enough? How long does it take for a baby to get enough milk? How does one teach their baby how to sleep? Can one plan a nap and sleep schedule? How do i breastfeed while also building up a supply of pumped milk? What is the right way to pump when I travel again? What do I do with all these baby carriers I recieved as baby shower gifts? Adeline taught us all of these things! She gave us her professional opinion and referred us to useful resources when we needed more information (because clearly, we had a lot of questions). Adeline was like that wise friend that we all need in the throes of this new and intense experience. She responded to all of our questions and never made us feel like we were incompetent for the job we signed up for, even though I'm still convinced we are in over our heads.

Dianne Kerwin


Adeline is a warm, friendly doula who helped me in many ways postpartum. She cooked delicious foods and cleaned my house. My baby was happy to sleep in a carrier on her while she did tasks. She was especially sensitive and caring towards my baby and her needs. Adeline would make thoughtful offers to assist me and check in about what I needed, though often she knew what to do without much guidance. I asked her many questions about baby care, postpartum healing, community resources, all sorts of things, and she had helpful and inspiring responses. She helped me figure out babywearing in various carriers, cloth diapering, and breastfeeding troubleshooting. I recommend her services and plan to work with her again.

Erin Alexander


Adeline is not only a wonderful doula, she is an exceptional human being. When my partner and I met her we noticed her passion and joy for her work. Adeline has a warm, compassionate nature that made us feel very comfortable right away. The prenatal visits are outstanding, as Adeline's knowledge of labor and birth is extensive. She asked great questions about what we expected from the birth process. One of her best skills is adapting to different communication needs during birth. We talked a lot about what I thought might make me feel empowered and strong. For me, that was hearing about the universal aspects of childbirth. When I was having hard contractions, there was Adeline, saying all the things we had discussed months before. Her dedication to details like this made all the difference during a very painful labor. 

Adeline gave us great advice over the phone after my water broke, and again when contractions were getting stronger and we asked her to come over. When she arrived she got right down on the bathroom floor with me and I immediately felt so relieved. Adeline was calm and attentive, while connecting with me in whatever mood my labor put me in. We laughed about how I had earlier vomited on my partner, she reassured me about the back pain I was experiencing, and she suggested ways we could try to make me more comfortable. When my midwife, Mom, and three friends came, Adeline seamlessly included them in the process while still focusing on me and my partner. I had back labor that was incredibly painful. Our baby was born sunny side up, and Adeline was instrumental in helping me push through that pain to have an empowering and beautiful birth experience. 

Adeline's postpartum visits were wonderful as well. She is incredibly intuitive, and asked all the right questions to help us process the birth and our new lives as parents. Working with Adeline as our doula was one of the best choices we made about the birth of our baby.

Richard Feldman


Adeline is an amazing Doula and an incredible human being.  This review comes from the husband point of view.  We met Adeline a coffee shop one afternoon after meeting two other doulas.  We felt ok with the first two but as soon as we parted ways with Adeline that day my wife and I instantly agreed she would be the one.  To be honest i had no clue what a doula was, but i also was totally unaware of what a natural birth would entail.  I'm not a book reader.  I learn by listening and doing.  Adeline was so clear in explaining all the ins and outs of labor and birth by the time the big day came I was an expert.

Fast forward to 3:30 am when Adeline shows up at our apt with my wife contracting every 4 minutes.  Im a nervous wreck and at about 8am I faint on our living room floor.  Adeline is rubbing my back while also comforting my wife mid contraction.  Amazing.  She really shined at the hospital.  She had a great rapport with the labor nurses and the doctors.  She was able to coach me through my wife's strong contractions.  Adeline also was great on educating us about all the hospital procedures, from the hot tub to the I.V.  Heck she even caught my wife's undigested lunch in a motion sickness bag.  I mean who does that.  Overall Adeline is an unbelievable gift from the heavens.  I wholeheartedly recommend her as doula and would gladly use her again if we ever decide to go crazy and have another child.

Eleanor Mahoney


Wow! I cannot say enough about Adeline. My partner and I feel so lucky to have had her by our side during the recent birth of our son. Her visits during my pregnancy prepared us so well for labor and then when my contractions started she joined us in the middle of the night and supported / guided us until mid-morning when we moved to the hospital. As a direct result of her knowledge and encouragement, I was able to follow my birth plan and deliver in the way I had hoped. What is wonderful about Adeline is that she offers information and guidance on all of the available options / possible labor pathways and supports mother and partner however they choose. Also, she is wonderful at staying in touch and communicating throughout the pre-natal and post-partum periods. Just amazing!

Shannon Miller


Having Adeline as my doula was an amazing experience. She is an incredible person! she worked closely with me up until my birth; discussing in full detail what my ideal birth experience would be. She was always prompt and direct in her communications. Anything that I wasn't sure on, she would clarify me. I always felt safe and comfortable with her. during my labor and birth, she didn't leave my side for a moment, and always made sure my wishes were honored. She was an incredible support for my partner as well. He truly enjoyed our birthing experience and I think having Adeline present helped him focus and be more of a solid support for me. I love Adeline and feel so blessed that she was with me during my pregnancy and birth. I will most definitely be asking her to be my doula for all other birth experiences. 

Megan Connors


oh my goodness Adeline is truly the best. I cannot even begin to express my pure gratitude for her and what she does. I gave birth almost 7 months ago with Adeline by my side. I honestly cannot imagine going through my pregnancy or labor without her loving and amazing support/knowledge. From the moment I met Adeline I felt safe and so relaxed around her. She has such a loving, gentle energy. She is so in tune and in touch with everything pregnancy and labor related! She was always reassuring me when things would feel scary or intense. She made everything better;) I was afraid of going into labor, fear of the pain ect. Adeline really coached me through the fear and was always a phone call away anytime I needed support.  during labor she held my hand and never left my side, she was absoluteLy amazing !!!!!! I cannot say it enough;) I feel so honored and grateful she was with me throughout . Adeline you are the best!!;)

Amanda Jones


Originally we were not going to hire a doula, however our midwife suggested we look into it. After looking at doula match - I was very overwelmed. I saw Adeline's picture and for some reason it just stuck with me. So the next day I decided to contact her. When we met it was like a breath of fresh air. Right away I was so comfortable with her! I'm a very private person and needed someone I would be comfortable opening up in front of, asking questions, and ultimately sharing our intimate birth experience. Adeline was perfect! She made the trek to our house for appointments, answered all our questions and I could tell she really cared. Our birth went nothing like we tried to plan for and I was very grateful to have Adeline by my side! I was 13 days overdue and she continuously checked in with me and helped with the wait. While I labored she knew exactly what to say and when to say it. Her voice was calming and helped me stay focused. She was right by my side and stayed focused on me while other family members were focused on baby. Any questions that came up - she helped with any resources she could provide. It was truly wonderful to have such an amazing woman by my side! After the birth, she continued to check in and came by to meet baby. We talked through the birth and she helped me see things I didn't before. She truly helped create a beautiful birth experience even though things didn't go as planned. I would be honored to go through the process again with Adeline as our doula and know just who to call in the future when the next little Jones is on their way!

Caitlin Frances


It's taken me over 3 months to write this testimonial, largely because I have a newborn, but mostly because conveying the importance of Adeline's role in m birth story feels utterly impossible. In short, she single handedly made my 5 days of labor bareable. From laboring at home to hospital transfer to induction to what ultimately ended in a cesarian, Adeline was there to provide emotional support through every difficult step and advocated for my needs without a moment of hesitation.

Adeline has a fierce love of birthing womyn and babies, she has a suggestion for every moment of uncertainty and boundless support for every plan made. She is incredible at what she does and I know that I would not have felt that we had done absolutely everything possible to have a vaginal birth were it not for Adeline's unwavering ability. I dont ever want to go through labor with out her, she's so so so amazing. I really can't say enough good things about Adeline or the work she does.

Tephra Brune


Having Adeline Hill as my doula was the single best decison I made during my pregnancy. I am extremely grateful that I had the natural, minimally invasive hospital birth that I dreamed of and know that my success was in no small part due to Adeline's excellent doula skills. Starting with prenatal visits Adeline helped distill my very vague notions of a birth plan into something concrete. Her knowledge of pain management was extensive-- we discussed everything from sterile water blocks to the different types of epidurals and the scenarios in which I might need or would ask for them (and how I might ask for them). I wanted to be an active participant in my birth and Adeline gave me confidence in myself and in my body to do so. I also knew that if I wasn't able to have the exact birth that I wanted I would get honest, non-judgemental support from her to help me make the decision that was best for me. 

During labor was when Adeline really shined. She was tireless. I was admitted at 8cm dilated (after being sent home at 3cm 8 hours earlier) and wouldn't give birth for another 8 hours after that. I spent the first few hours in the tub, where Adeline led by example-- coaching my husband and mother in counter pressure-- all while verbally enouraging me. She kept me hydrated, and even energized. All of the nurses (I had 3 that day!) and my midwives were visibily impressed by Adeline. I started to want to push, and we discovered my water hadn't yet broken--my midwife suggested she could break it. Though it was a intervention with relatively little risk, Adeline still provided support to help me make the decision just as she had promised. Somehow, after the final push, she even managed to grab our camera and capture our first moments together as a family! I recomend her to anyone without hesitation. Please feel free to contact me at if you would like more information about what you can expect form Adeline.  

Andrew S


Don't think I saw any other Dads on here which is too bad. I cannot stress enough how much easier Adeline made things for my wife and I. She is an incredible support person in every way-- and not just for mom. My wife had a difficult pregnancy and it helped reduce my stress a lot that she had someone else who was so knowledgable to talk to. 

She showed me lots of great techniques for comforting my wife throughout labor that I never would have thought of on my own. I think I most appreciated her tireless enthusiasm. It's not an easy job to get woken up at 3am and told we're on our way to the hospital, drive there, and then sit there with us as we find out we're getting sent home, and then have to come meet us again at 11am and help my wife and I through an additional eight hours of labor. All this before rushing off to see another clinet! But Adeline makes it look easy.

She rarely stopped smiling and always had a helpful idea for what my wife could try next. She is a natural. Most all, she seems to be someone who is doing exactly what she should be doing. Michaelangelo painted, Baryshnikov danced, and Adeline Hill Doulas. She's that good. Worth every penny. She should charge more. 

Stephanie Marshall


Adeline is AMAZING and I am so incredibly thankful to have had her as my doula during the birth of my son! Within the first few minutes of meeting Adeline I knew I wanted her to support me during my birth. I loved her positivity, kindness, experience as a doula, knowledge of birthing options in Seattle, and really felt a connection with her. I knew she would be a great source of support during my birth. Since I was planning a homebirth, I especially liked that Adeline has attended many births at home and at the main hospitals in Seattle and knew a bit about what I might experience if I had to transfer to a hospital during my birth.

It's been 6 weeks since my son was born and my husband and I STILL talk about how incredibly thankful we are to have had Adeline as our doula. Words genuinely cannot describe how wonderful Adeline is as a person and doula. She was so supportive and kind before, during, and after my labor. Adeline was there for me before my son's birth and helped me prepare for labor and also work through many anxieties and fears I was struggling with. Her support helped me feel confident and secure that I could safely birth my baby.

During my labor, Adeline made sure I could manage my contractions (she massaged my hips and lower back during almost every contraction), made sure I stayed hydrated (she was constantly offering me sips of water and other beverages), helped me remain positive and confident, and supported me 100%. Towards the end of my labor my son got into a difficult position and with Adeline's guidance and support I was able to try many different laboring positions that eventually allowed my son to turn into the optimal birth position. Adeline was an incredible resource and I am so thankful she was there.

I feel lucky to have met Adeline and believe my labor would not have been such a positive and special experience without her. Thank you, Adeline!!!

Nell Moreno-Speigner


I can't recommend Adeline enough! My husband and I were looking for someone who was not only an excellent doula with tons of birth knowledge and experience but who could also support us as a queer couple. We didn't get much time to form a relationship with Adeline pre birth because we did not end up meeting her until I was already 36 weeks pregnant. Even though we had time for only one visit before our daughter arrived, I felt like she was someone I could trust with my emotions and needs. She asked so many great questions and made sure she understood how best to support me. When my water broke, I was on a time clock to begin labor in order to have an out of hospital birth. Adeline was super available via phone and text reassuring me that everything was okay. She helped me think through options my midwives had given me to naturally induce labor. The next morning when labor really got going, she was amazing at jumping right in there to help me with massage and visualization to get me through each contraction, and she did a fantastic job of supporting my partner in being my main emotional support person. I instantly felt comfortable with her and that her assistance was exactly what we needed. She had excellent suggestions on positions and really helped me to have an amazing birth experience. Postpartum, Adeline has visited me several times and provided reassurance and guidance as I work on becoming a new parent. Her understanding of my experience and identity as a queer fat woman has been invaluable to me. Numerous times she helped talk me through my emotions and clarify what I need as support in this time. I cannot imagine my birth experience without her.

Nell Moreno-Speigner


I can't recommend Adeline enough! My husband and I were looking for someone who was not only an excellent doula with tons of birth knowledge and experience but who could also support us as a queer couple. We didn't get much time to form a relationship with Adeline pre birth because we did not end up meeting her until I was already 36 weeks pregnant. Even though we had time for only one visit before our daughter arrived, I felt like she was someone I could trust with my emotions and needs. She asked so many great questions and made sure she understood how best to support me. When my water broke, I was on a time clock to begin labor in order to have an out of hospital birth. Adeline was super available via phone and text reassuring me that everything was okay. She helped me think through options my midwives had given me to naturally induce labor. The next morning when labor really got going, she was amazing at jumping right in there to help me with massage and visualization to get me through each contraction, and she did a fantastic job of supporting my partner in being my main emotional support person. I instantly felt comfortable with her and that her assistance was exactly what we needed. She had excellent suggestions on positions and really helped me to have an amazing birth experience. Postpartum, Adeline has visited me several times and provided reassurance and guidance as I work on becoming a new parent. Her understanding of my experience and identity as a queer fat woman has been invaluable to me. Numerous times she helped talk me through my emotions and clarify what I need as support in this time. I cannot imagine my birth experience without her.

Cherl Petso


I had an instant connection with Adeline. She is so warm and open, she makes this whole crazy, vulnerable birth world a happy, confident place. Sadly, we didn't get to see Adeline for our birth, as she had another client go into labor at exactly the same time. But Adeline provided a back-up doula and came to the hospital for a few hours during a lull in her other client's labor. She gave me a pep talk and was in touch via text.

However, I was lucky enough to have Adeline for several post-partum visits. These visits were my lifeline. Transitioning to motherhood is so hard, but Adeline never made me feel as if I didn't know what I was doing. After each visit, I felt built up and confident that I was a great mama. She helped me simplify and prioritize. 

Adeline is very quick to respond and follow up. She is relentlessly positive and non-judgemental. I can't recommend Adeline enough. She's amazing!

Lisa Lafleur


Adeline was amazing. I was drawn to her profile for her work with non-traditional families and LGBT parents hoping she would relate to my husband and myself. We had a fantastic connection and I think she was the best choice we could have made. This was my first birth and I wanted a doula who would support my choices while helping me to navigate the birth process so I didn't feel like it was my job to figure out what I should try next. Adeline helped me learn to breath and relax through contractions and continued to talk me through them ALL for the 24 hours I spent before I chose an epidural. She helped me stop and think about that choice so I was less likely to regret it, and fully supported me once I'd made up my mind. She repeatedly told me how amazing I was doing and used her encouragement to give me strength when I was struggling. She helped my husband find ways to support me and helped facilitate his involvement without ever getting in the way. She rubbed my back, my purple swollen feet (for nearly half an hour), slept on the floor in my room (42 hour labor) and did every other above and beyond thing I could imagine. The nurses were so impressed with her they asked for her card to give to their own children and other patients. If I have another baby in the Seattle area there is no question I'd work with her again.

Emmi Wilson


She was absolutely amazing! she helped me through everything I never could have done it without her. I'd recommend her to anyone who asked. 

Danielle Lavallee


On December 28, ten days past my due date, I headed to the hospital to be induced. About 24 hours into the process, as my contractions grew more intense and uncomfortable, my nurse offered to see if one of the volunteer doulas was available to help me manage discomfort without medical intervention. To our good fortune Adeline was available. She came in, introduced herself and quickly immersed herself as part of my birth team. She provided wonderful recommendations to help me self-manage my pain through each contraction. She also provided my husband and mom with tips on how to help support me through the process. In addition to helping me manage the discomfort of labor, she acted as a navigator through healthcare decisions respecting my preferences and values for child birth. Adeline stayed throughout the final phases (all 12 hours!) of my labor through the night and into the early hours until our son was born. Adeline possesses a wonderful gift to help calm and support women and caregivers throughout the birth experience. She maintains a calmness during the intense moments of childbirth and is able to quickly respond to the needs of mom and caregivers involved in the process. I give her my highest recommendation and am thrilled to have had the good fortune to have her part of our son's birth.

Sarah Nichols Barquero


Adeline was an amazing doula! She has an incredible knowledge about birth and postpartum. She has an amazing calm, encouraging presence. You meet her and just know how completely genuine she is, and how much she treasures the work she does.

During the birth, Adeline was so encouraging and supportive to both myself and my husband. I honestly can't imagine my birth without her there. I had to push for more than 3 hours to get little Margot out, and Adeline was right there the whole time, encouraging me and supporting me with position change ideas, keeping my rhythym, and helping my husband support me. She quickly recognized what I needed (often before I did!), and offered suggestions. She is one of the main reasons I was able to have my baby completely unmedicated, despite a pretty difficult labor.

In addition, her pre-and post-natal visits to our home were invaluable! She helped us think about what we wanted for our baby's birth, and was incredibly patient with all our new parent questions. She offered realistic suggestions, and was totally open and never judgemental about what we wanted. She had us practice different positions beforehand, and helped us capture what we wanted in our birth plan.

She is willing to work with any kind of birth wishes from a toally natural home birth to a scheduled c-section and she will make each and every birth completely enriched and special!

She also is willing to encapsulate the placenta and is really knowledgeable about that, if interested.

We definitely plan on working with her again whenever baby #2 comes along!

Ezgi Çoban


Adeline was absolutely wonderful support during my labor. She was patient, calm, caring, encouraging.. She was with me every step of the way during my very long labor and did not stop supporting me for a moment. I don't think I could have done it without her and I am very grateful that I got to meet her and have her be part of my experience. 

M Ybarra


Adeline embodies the true definition of a doula. Her personality fits this role. She was made for this. From day one she was there for not only me, the pregnant lady, but for my husband as well. She really tailored her services to match the needs of our birth plan while always reminding us we were in control and had say so in every decision that was made concerning the birth of our child. 

My perfect birth experience didn't go as planned. My son was breech towards the end and Adeline was there at each external version attempt to give her support that was much needed. I ended up going in for a c section and was there every step of the way to keep me calm and offer my husband extra guidance when necessary for the times she could not be present. Bottom line, my beautiful boy was brought into this world and my experience is my own.

Being from out of town and with no family here, Adeline made us feel important and showed us with calls and text messages that she was here for us for any small thing. This really meant a lot. I feel like we made a friend.

Michelle, Jeffrey, and Baby Julian


Maria Rodriguez


Adeline was AMAZING. She helped me through 36 hours of labor: massage, emotional support, keeping everyone calm, and helping me navigate when the doctors pushed for interventions. My baby is beautiful and we are so glad we were able to partner with her. :)

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