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San Antonio, TX Service range 10 miles



Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

6 years and 40 births attended

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I am happy to attend hospital births. I am there to support my client as they need me to. I work well as a partner to the nurses and OB's and/or midwives. The majority of my births have been in a hospital setting. I have experience with VBACs, medicated, unmedicated and cesarean births.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I will attend births at birth centers.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I will attend births that take place in the home. I have attended 2 home births to date.

Special Services Offered

  • Aromatherapy
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Fee Details

Doula Services include free consult and at least 2 "pre-baby" visits to determine your ideal birth and wishes. On call for you 2 weeks before and after your estimated due date. Unlimited communication/support via text/phone/fb from time of hire until 2 weeks after baby is born. Hands on support from time I am called to support you during labor until 1-2 hours after birth. Help with basic breastfeeding needs. I will point you the proper resources as/when you need them. Postpartum visit which includes a hot meal.

San Antonio, TX Service range 10 miles

Client Testimonials for Mandee Hamann

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JJ Johnson


My wife came to me and requested we hire a doula for our upcoming pregnancy. I was pretty reluctant to spend the money on a doula at first - and wondered, “Is a doula really worth this much money for just a little help?” To make a long story short, the answer is definitely Yes! We had a smooth pregnancy and a natural labor and delivery (with no pain medicine) and Mandee was one of the main reasons why it went so well.

I consider myself a hands on father and husband and so I wanted to be involved as much as I could to support my wife - which Mandee encouraged. However, there were times I needed a break but I didn’t want to leave Brei without support. It was nice having Mandee there so I could step out and take a short break without worrying about Brei needing something.

Mandee also offered sound advise. When my wife talked to her it gave her clarity on how to proceed forward. I could tell working with Mandee really helped ease her nerves and she had peace with our decisions because Mandee helped us see all the angles.

I would highly recommend Mandee for anyone considering hiring a doula and if we are blessed with more children we would hire her again.

Brei Johnson


Mandee played a crucial role during our successful VBAC and for it I am her biggest cheerleader and would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, respectful, supportive, loving doula to assist during their next birth.

Each birth is so unique and there are so many variables to factor in (baby's health and preferences, my health and preferences, doctors recommendations, nurses recommendations, hospital policies, etc.) and since I’m a planner I found myself stressing out trying to prepare for all the variables. When we finally agreed to work with Manned it brought instant peace. I finally felt like I didn’t have to do everything and instead I could just focus on taking care of myself.

Mandee was wonderful assisting me with the following scenarios:

  • She helped me follow through with a successful VBAC
  • Coached me on natural ways to encourage labor (delivered a week past due date)
  • Natural birth (no pitocin to induce labor, no pain medicine, no epidural)
  • Just about every single contraction (for about 7 hours) she applied pressure on my hips which helped me cope with the pain
  • Educated me on essential oils and how they can help during labor, delivery, and once baby arrived

My husband has said multiple times “Hiring Mandee has been the best money we have ever spent on our kids” and I agree!

Emily Ruppert


Hiring Mandee Hamaan as our doula was on the of best decisions we made. Going into our natural birthing classes, my husband and I had not planned on having a doula assist during labor. However, towards the end of our time in class we realized that we would not be able to achiever our goals without one. Enter Mandee. At our first meeting, she immediately made us feel confident and comfortable. She respected our wishes and even more, she was excited and determined to help us have the birth we wanted. At 36 weeks it was realized that I had high blood pressure. Mandee jumped in as support right away and gave me advice on diet change to help lower my bp or at least prevent it from getting worse. At 38 weeks my midwives decided to induce. Induction was not a part of our plan and I was nervous about the outcome. Mandee came to the hopsital and immediately helped my husband and I understand what was going to happen and encouraged us to ask certain questions.The induction process was going to start with a cervical ripening agent. When Mandee heard that it was going to be Cytotec, she immediately stopped us and explained how dangerous it can be. She gave me the confidence to ask that we use a different product, Cervidil, that is safer. We are so glad that we made the choice and would not have known to ask without Mandee's knowledge. Throughout my entire labor process, Mandee was right there encouraging me and my husband to keep going- one contraction at a time. My son was born 9 hours after being induced, without pain medication, and I pushed him out in 45 minutes. What a blessing it was to have Mandee there!! She took pictures for us right after my son was born, helped get my son latched on right away and rejoiced with us that I had done it and survived!! Without a doubt, Mandee will be our doula in the years to come as we have more children.

Brea Testa


My experience with Mandee as a Doula was great. My birth plan was to have a VBAC and Mandee's presence helped me achieve my goal. All through out my pregnancy she was available to answer any questions I had. During the birth she helped my husband and me tremendously. She knew just what to do to alleviate the pain and helped me relax and get in different positions to help labor progress. She explained things clearly to me when I needed to make decisions on pain relief and breaking my water. She helped me identify when my daughter was ready to begin nursing and answered every question I had about breast feeding. Mandee is a kind and warm person and those traits were very relaxing to my husband and me during a time when we were both more nervous than we wanted to show. Mandee is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to healthy living, healthy pregnancy, and birth. Anyone who hires her as a Doula is gaining an invaluable resource and a great friend!

Becky Pospisal


Mandee was my doula for the birth of my daughter in 2013. She was amazing! she supported me through 17 hours of labor, an unplanned emergency caesarean section and after birth support. My husband and I were calm and supported the entire time. Mandee was there for every contraction, allowed my husband to rest, reassured me when things were tough and prepared me for what was next. Having Mandee there was amazing! She's truly a gifted doula. 

My second child child was born a short 15 months later and with Mandee's guidance, I was able to have a planned caesarean that allowed immediate skin to skin and breastfeeding. If it hadn't been for Mandee, there is no way I would have had this experience! She's an expert in guiding women to be empowered to make the choices that are right for their families. 

Craig Cooley


Mandee has such a sweet spirit and is such a wonderful person! She provided so much support and education throughout our pregnancy. We had a rough pregnancy and it was so nice having her knowledge and support. She is very easy to get along with and client focused. She held me accountable when I needed it in a very laid back and non intrusive way. She is simply amazing and we highly recommend her! 

Craig Cooley


Mandee has such a sweet spirit and is such a wonderful person! She provided so much support and education throughout our pregnancy. We had a rough pregnancy and it was so nice having her knowledge and support. She is very easy to get along with and client focused. She held me accountable when I needed it in a very laid back and non intrusive way. She is simply amazing and we highly recommend her! 

Birth Availability for Mandee Hamann

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