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Kristina Jones

After a traumatic birth experience with my first child, I decided to seek a doula. I talked with a few different doulas, but knew immediately that Stacie was the one and was grateful to have found her. She has tons and tons of experience but most of all she has a peacefulness and a comfort that I felt immediately. We met a few times before my due date based on my comfort level and the time that my husband and I had after work, etc. We exchanged texts quite a bit during the days that lead to labor with a false alarm or two. She met us at to the hospital when I said that I was going. She is incredibly intuitive and was able to understand what I needed without me having to do too much explaining. She helped provide a quiet environment and empowered me to understand my rights and make my own decisions regarding my birth experience in the hospital. When my doctor that delivers all of his babies didn’t show, I was even more grateful to have Stacie there with me. Overall, I had an incredibly positive experience that in some ways re-wrote the negative experience that I had with my first child. I am deeply grateful for her service to me as a doula.

Posted 1/23/2018

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Chelsea Arredondo

I have so many reasons to why you should hire Stacie. But let me tell you why I, as a doula myself, hired her and how it worked out. Stacie has been basically my rock through it all. Any information I could need she has always had the answer for or would find out. Then came time for the birth of my son. From my first contraction to my son being out was two hours and six minutes. Before Stacie got into the room, I felt out of control. I couldn't ground myself. Then when she got there and me just seeing her face I knew I could do it. She was reassuring in telling me that my body knew what it was doing and that everything was just fine. Immediately after she stayed by my side while they handled my bleeding and never left me. I couldn't imagine my birth without her. Then she came to my house for my postpartum meeting and made sure we were doing okay. I really couldn't thank you more Stacie for all that you've done from prenatal to tongue tie support.

Posted 7/30/2017

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Mandy Horine

Stacie was essential to my birth. She was calm and collected. My labor went fast and by the time she arrived I was in transition. As soon as she arrived she got down on the floor right next to my head and helped keep me in my ritual. As soon as my breathing/moaning would start to shift off track she was there to bring me right back. No words were exchanged, she would just begin to low moan which was exactly what I needed at that moment. She also rubbed my back when my husband had to run and gather things to head to the hospital. 

After birth she helped get the baby to latch and kept in contact to make sure everything was going smoothly. She visited about a week later. 

I am currently pregnant with my second child and she was the first person I contacted. I have already asked her to be there to support me again. As long as I continue to have babies I will continue to have Stacie there. 

I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone. 

Posted 5/4/2017

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Dottie Mrstm

Stacie is a wonderful, caring and attentive doula, I highly recommend her services. Stacie was recommended to me from a long time friend to assist me with the delivery of my first child. I wanted to do a home birth, but decided to use a hospital instead since I had not given birth before, and was not sure what to expect. I did know, however, that I wanted to have an unmedicated birth with as few interventions as possible, and hiring a doula can often help to achieve these goals. Stacie offered comprehensive prenatal classes, and made me feel more confident that my body could handle labor the way nature intended. She also helped me to develop a birth plan that would to communicate effectively with the hospital staff. I felt fully supported prior to delivery, and Stacie was there to offer physical comfort during labor as well. Stacie is wonderful, and making this kind of investment in your birth experience is certainly worth it. 

Posted 2/22/2017

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Katie Smith

I knew I wanted Stacie for my birth doula after our first phone call. She took a lot of time getting to know my husband and I and what we wanted for our pregnancy and birth. She was very easy to talk with and we both felt very comfortable around her.

I wanted a home birth, but since my insurance did not cover midwives, we ended up going with a hospital birth. However, I still wanted a drug-free, natural birth with as few interventions as possible. Because I was working with a doctor and not a midwife, a lot of my requests I had (such as doing an alternative to the glucola test) went against the hospital procedures or doctors requests. During my pregnancy, I always felt reassured after discussing with Stacie what went on at my drs appointments. She was very supportive and took the time to listen to my fears about hospital interventions. She was great at making me feel validated and to also find the correct words to voice my requests to my doctor.

Stacie also gave us a very helpful and easy to remember class about the stages of labor. When I did go into labor, it lasted 26 hours. About 15 hours of the labor was done at home to avoid hospital interventions. My husband and I would not have made it that long without Stacie with us. She gave me support and helped keep me calm that my labor was going as it should, while also allowing my husband to both be involved and take breaks. 

She was a major part of my successful birth story. She was very professional, kind, and encouraging. Even after my baby was born, Stacie continued to provide support with breastfeeding and the transition into motherhood. 

I highly recommend Stacie as a birth doula!

Posted 2/3/2017

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Alexandria Ottoman

Stacie was very helpful and wonderful during my pregnancy.  It was my first pregnancy, so I was nervous and anxious about what to expect.  My husband and I don't have family around to help us, so we decided to hire a doula to help us get through the pregnancy and delivery.  Stacie met with us in advance and went over our options with us.  I was really nervous about giving birth and wanted someone there with me and my husband for support.  Stacie was wonderful with that.  Even though I ended up with an emergency c-section, Stacie was still there and helped to calm me down afterwards.  My son spent a few days in the NICU at the hospital and I feared that he would not breastfeed since the NICU gave him bottles with formula.  Stacie met with us the day after we brought him home and she helped us reestablish breastfeeding.  That was huge!  Stacie knows a lot about breastfeeding and she was so much better than that lactation nurse at the hospital.  What I appreciated most was her honest and raw advice.  She didn't promote her own beliefs onto us.  When I told her how I felt about things or what I wanted to do, she came up with solutions that worked for us.  I will always remember that she said you have to do what works for you.  I highly recommend Stacie and her services.  

Posted 1/18/2017

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Cathryn Beer

Stacie was a great support before and during and the birth. She is very knowledgeable and provided access to resources to guide us in our decisions. 

She enabled us to have wonderful 26 hour labor experience, all through which she was there for us.

We would highly recommend Stacie.


Posted 1/16/2017

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Josilyn Johnson

Stacie was a huge part of my pregnancy/ birth experiences, I couldn't have done it without her. I have had her at both births of my two youngest daughter, I wish I had known her with my oldest daughters birth. I know Stacie as a neighbor a friend and a doula, and she is amazing person. With my births she was so supportive in all my needs. pre-birth she got to know my my birth plan and helped me follow it when I couldnt speak up for myself. She comforted me durning the whole process.She is loving kind and supportive person and would recommend anyone who wants a doula she would be a great person choose. She has a big passion for what she does and it shows.Thank you Stacie for all your love during those times you will alway be in my heart.

Posted 8/24/2016

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Alise Grant

Stacie was, and is, a huge help to me during my pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. She was always available to answer any questions I had during my pregnancy and was always prompt in responding. During the birth, she blended in seamlessly with the rest of my birth team, many times bringing me support and relief before I even knew I needed it. She has a great sense of humor and our joking during that long labor was such a nice break in between the hard work of contractions. After the birth Stacie came over to help me with breastfeeding and stayed awhile with me when my husband had an unexpectedly long day at work. Stacie's knowledge and understanding of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding are a huge asset to any mom who is looking for a doula. I could not recommend her enough.

Posted 8/23/2016

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Tina Laughlin

We chose to hire Stacie with our first baby, June 2008. She was so perfect for us.

From our first talk on the phone I felt comfortable with her. She spent a lot of time just listening to my fears. She went with our pace. My husband and I were surprised to learn the thing she shared. We took our hospital's classes and still there were things never discussed in there, like how to talk to our doctor and BRAIN, etc.

I went into labor early, 7 weeks early and was put on bedrest. 10 days later I woke in the night to intense contractions and the medicines weren't stopping them. Panicked, we called Stacie (after talking to our doctor) to say we were going to the hospital. I was worried and crying, and her calm voice and positive suggestions helped me feel better. I remembered I did have confidence to do this, and I felt like everything was going to be okay. 

At the hospital I was already at 5 cemtimeters. I really wanted to do this without drugs. Stacie gave us tools, ideas, words, comfort, and a smiling face that helped us through this. When it was time to push, I started to panic with the pressure, and Stacie helped me gain my ground back. 

Our baby was early and breastfeeding was hard. Stacie offered countless time of just sitting with us, helping us learn, giving us information, and the resources she had for us were huge. She has years of helping moms breastfeed, and she knew all of the IBCLC's in Chico. In the end, her breastfeeding help and knowledge was more important than her birth knowledge because our birth went so fast and easy, and the breastfeeding was were we had the most trouble.

I would recommend Stacie to anyone looking for a doula, and so would my husband. When our plans changed, she was the constant who helped us readjust and get back on track. I don't know how we would have done without her because she was the only one who knew us and what we wanted. She made our birth feel happy and safe. 

Posted 12/16/2014

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