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Melissa Subasic, (SBD, BAI)

Birth in Full Bloom/ Boots & Bellies


Phone: 302-750-8980

Birth Fee: $1200

Postpartum Rate: $25 to $45

Fee Details: Hello! I am a toLabor professionally trained doula and certified birth doula with Birth Arts International and bereavement doula with Stillbirthday. I have been attending births for 25 years (5 years professionally). Birth doula fee is $1000 which includes a minimum of 2 prenatal appointments, labor support up to and including birth and recovery, breastfeeding support and 1 post partum visit. Payment plans accepted.

Birth Doula Experience: 4 years

Postpartum Doula Experience: 4 years

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Birth Arts International - Certified Birth Doula
  • Stillbirthday - Certified Birth and Bereavement Doula

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of Practice: Partnership with 2 or more doulas

Clients per Month: 1 to 3 births and 2 to 4 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Breastfeeding Certifications

  • Breastfeeding educator certification in process

Other Relevant Certifications

  • Rebozo Certification (Gena Kirby)
  • toLabor trained, still birthday certified, certified midwife assistant (The Farm, Summertown, TN), Completed Midwifery Skills Workshop (Whole Women's Wellness, St. Joseph, TN)

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Addiction Recovery
  • Adoption
  • Cesarean birth
  • Clients on bed rest
  • Domestic Violence
  • Expected stillbirth
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • High risk
  • Home Birth
  • Induced and high medical technology labor & birth
  • LGBTQP Families
  • Multiples
  • Over 40
  • Plus size mothers
  • Postpartum mood disorders
  • Prematurity
  • Single parents
  • Special needs babies
  • Surrogacy
  • Survivors of Previous Life Trauma
  • Survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Teens
  • Twins
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth

Special Services Offered

  • Abortion Support
  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula
  • Aromatherapy
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly casting
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Military famiies
  • Miscarriage Support (Before, During or After)
  • Monitrice services
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Stillbirthday Bereavement Doula

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I offer birth support during miscarriage and still birth at no cost. Boots & Bellies is a non profit organization geared towards helping families of our Military and First Responders.

Languages spoken: English

Service Area Map

Area of practice: Newark, DE
Travel Range: 45 Miles
Travel comments/restrictions: Will travel outsde of my service area upon request. Travel fees additional 50 miles outside the 19711 zip

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Client Testimonials for Melissa Subasic, (SBD, BAI)

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Niki Go

I was going to be a first time mom and I was terrified because I knew I wouldn't have much support. I had heard about doulas and used google to find one. One of the best things that happened during my pregnancy was finding Melissa. She made everything better. The very first meeting we had she provided a wealth of information and it was more than evident that she was extremely knowledgeable and more than capable of meeting my needs. I had a million questions throughout pregnancy and she answered them all. As i write this and remember all the things she did for me it's hard not to be overcome with emotion. She made the difference in making my birth story a happy one. she never judged my choices and was never pushy. She helped me when I changed doctors at 8 months pregnant and even with bathing my baby for the first time. She is nothing short of amazing. 

Posted 3/16/2017

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Nicole McMann

Melissa was the best part of my labor. My husband was deployed when I went into labor and Melissa was so great being patient with me, and giving me the courage to actually feelm comfortable during the life changing experience of child birth. She was kind, and understanding. She stayed at the hospital the whole time, and was just honestly the best thing that could have happened. She brings essential oils so my hospital room didn't smell like lysol. That was awesome. I would reccomend her to anyone having a baby in the Newark area. 10/10. If I still lived in Delaware, I would be calling her the second I am pregnant next.

Posted 2/12/2017

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Brittney Varga

I have always wanted an unmedicated birth experience as well as a doula so when I got pregnant, I started researching local doulas. I am so thankful I found Melissa! She provided amazing support to me during my medically necessary induction at the hospital (still unmedicated, though!). She is calm, intuitive and soothing and she really encouraged me to do what I felt was right. She provided amazing counter pressure to my back and hips, walked with me, reminded me to breathe downwards and encouraged me. My husband appreciated that he got to be involved as much as he wanted and never felt pressured one way or the other. Also, I LOVED the photos she took during labor and right after my baby was born! it is really obvious that she loves birth and babies, and that she loves what she does. I highly recommend Melissa and plan to hire her again for my next baby! She's amazing!

Posted 12/30/2016

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Alyson Crothers

We love Melissa!!! I had a very traumatic birth that ended in an emergency csection with my first and we were determined to have a better birth experience this time. I really wanted a vbac and Melissa helped me find all the resources I needed to prepare for one. Come the morning of my birth of my daughter my contractions were causing pain in my car room scar from my son. so I knew it would be a repeat csection but I was okay with it. Melissa helped us keep it on my terms.  the whole experience was a complete opposite than with my first. It was relaxed and my wife even heard me telling jokes from the or as they prepped me. To us it was a successful vbac story that ended in a cs because it was on our terms not the drs and Melissa gave me the stregth to tell the doctors no when they tried to push me for an earlier section date than I was comfortable with. she also took photographs that are so precious to us. Id highly recommend her! in fact I just did to my best friend lol! 

Posted 12/30/2016

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Eden Vera

Melissa was an amazing support throughout my long and draining labor.  Although I found her late in my pregnancy and we didn't have much time, she was more than willing to work with me and my busy schedule.  I knew she was a great match from the first time we met, and felt so comfortable with her.  I could not have asked for a better guide for my first pregnancy, she helped ease my mind and stay relaxed during labor.  

Posted 10/25/2016

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Katelyn Williams

Melissa was my saving grace.  I found out at 21 weeks that I had lost my sweet baby and would be induced to deliver him a few days later.  After not getting much information or help from my local hospital, I was lucky enough to be put in contact with Melissa by a friend of mine.  Melissa immediately brought comfort to me even through speaking with her on the phone. She came to my home the next day and sat with my family and I to answer questions and give us some very importannt information about what to expect in the days and weeks ahead.  Without her, I would not have known what choices I still had as a mother, such as whether or not I wanted to hold, bathe, and dress my baby.  She informed me about the opportunity to have photographs taken.  When we decided against having a professional photographer, Melissa offered to take the photos herself, which was exactly what we needed and we will cherish those photos forever. Through the process Melissa reminded me that this was still the birth of MY baby and I was in control.  If I didn't like the way something was being done or how any of the members of the medical staff were treating me, all I had to do was speak up.  Melissa intorduced me to a Stillbirthday support circle, where I have been able to communicate with other women who have gone through similar losses. Melissa offered all her services for free.  Absolutely AMAZING!  She offered to meet me at the hospital and go through the entire birthing process with me.  We didn't actually plan to have Melissa come to the hospital until later, but with the amount of medication I was given to speed up my labor, things moved much quicker than expected.  My family called Melissa in the middle of the night and she came right to my side-from an hour away! She brought with her many items and keepsakes to help us remember our sweet baby.  Her presense alone empowered me to do what I had to do.

Posted 2/3/2016

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Sarah Woodhouse

Melissa acted as our doula on very short notice. I contact Melissa a few weeks before my due date. She responded quickly and made herself available for an initial meet and greet. Within moments of meeting Melissa, I felt realxed, calm, and empowered. She provided caring information and support that prepared me for delivery. Melissa spent a significant amount of time discussing our concerns about birth and our desires for a birthing experience. On the day I delivered, Melissa was responsive from my first text message asking her if she thought I might be having contractions all the way through the delivery. Despite having had a very fast progression of labor and delivery, Melissa supported me and my husband the entire time. She was a calm presense in the room that reminded us to advocate for the birthing experience we wanted (and had dsicussed in length prior).  She was unobtrusive yet stepped up to help when we didn't know we needed it! My husband was thankful she was there to work through the labor with us as the entire experience happened very quickly. He never felt as if Melissa was "stepping on his toes" as the husband and father. If you are considering getting a doula, just do it. It's an investment that will support your whole family. I recommend Melissa without any hesitation and hope anyone considering using a doula will contact Melissa! 

Posted 1/8/2016

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Heather Farmer

During my last pregnancy,I finally made the wonderful choice to hire a doula,and Melissa Subasic was an absolute blessing to me and my family!Throughout my pregnancy,she was always there to offer encouraging advice,and constantly easing my fears after suffering two previous miscarriages.Melissa made me feel totally comfortable when talking to her about pregnancy issues,and always suggested natural methods for things such as morning sickness,heartburn,and labor.She was never pushy or opinionated and was always there to support my decisions surrounding my birth plan.The night I went into labor,Melissa answered my phone call immediately,and even arrived at the hospital before my husband and I arrived!I had a plan for a completely natural birth, and Melissa was right by my side helping me to find my own inner strength.She also was right there by my side to hold my hand and wipe my tears when,for my daughter's safety,I ended up having a C-section.(She was over 11lbs)Melissa sat with my family during the surgery to help ease their fears,and stayed with me after the surgery to comfort and help care for me.My daughter was in the NICU,and Melissa came to visit us and help me with skin to skin bonding and nursing,which was difficult because of all the wires.Once i was home,Melissa constantly checked on me,and made dinner for my family,which is an amazing gift when you have a new baby!I could not be more thankful to Melissa for all the love and support she gave to me and my family during this pregnancy, during the birth,and after the baby was born. SHE IS AWESOME and takes pride in caring for a woman's physical and emotional health.I could not have made a better decision than to choose Melissa Subasic as my doula!!! 

Posted 1/6/2016

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Leah Newman

I first met Melissa 30 hours into my labor when my doula, Katie, reached out to her for backup.  It had been a long day and a half of labor and we were in desperate need of some fresh energy in the room!  Melissa arrived at the hospital about 8 hours before my son was actually born.  During that time she was kind, calm, caring, and attentive.  I must reiterate that I had never met Melissa before and yet I felt completely at ease with her from the moment she arrived.  I feel truly lucky that I got to have not just one but two superstar doulas attending to me during one of the most amazing experiences of my life!  Looking back I can't imagine not having Melissa there with me and my husband as my son was born.  One of the unexpected gifts that I received from Melissa were the pictures she took during my labor and delivery.  The pictures she took were absolutely stunning and are something I will always cherish.  Thank you Melissa!  I couldn't have done it without you and I'm so glad Katie brought us together!

Posted 1/5/2016

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Sarah Lipkin

Melissa was an extremely important part of my birthing experience. I suffer from generalized anxiety and since this was my first child, I was extremely nervous. A few days before my due date, I decided to hire a doula to help me during labor. Even though I waited so long to contact the doula service, they happily agreed to help me. I first met Melissa while at the hospital on the night of my due date. When I arrived the nurses told me I was in labor already, but Melissa didn't hesitate to jump right in and help out. She was extremely courteous to me and the nurses, and was always there when I needed her. Even though my husband was there, Melissa seemed to know exactly what to do, which put less stress on my husband too!

Posted 1/4/2016

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Keri Boyer

I had the opportunity to have Melissa Subasic attend the delivery of my third child in May 2015 as an attending doula to my primary—she was absolutely AMAZING! While I had initially intended to give birth to my little girl at the Birth Center by a team of highly skilled midwives, as I had done previously, complication arose late in my pregnancy. When I went in for a routine blood pressure test, I was told by the lead midwife that my stats were no longer favorible for delivering at the Birth Center and was advised to head right to the hospital from this appointment. I was devastated. But, thankfully, I had a Melissa there to soothe my nervousness and help me focus on the goal of delivering a healthy, happy baby girl. Throughout the delivery, Melissa was one of the biggest cheerleader— she believed in me when, at the mercy of giving birth without any pain relief or intervention, I was at my lowest. She kept my spirits high and brought a wonderful light to the cards that I was dealt that late afternoon and made me feel right at home. 

Thank you, Melissa, for being there when I needed you the most on such very short notice! You were absolutely amazing and I would recommend her to any expecting mama!


K. Boyer

Posted 12/31/2015

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Kaitlyn Leonard

Melissa was an amazing support system for myself and my husband throughout my pregnancy and labor. She helped calm my fears and nerves, and even though I had a more difficult pregnancy, she helped me feel prepared and empowered for my labor. During labor she was amazing! She did not leave my side, and helped me focus and stick to my plan. She was a wealth of knowledge and gave us so much information to read and look over to help solidify the things we were struggling to decide. I would absolutely use her again and recommend anyone looking for a doula to contact her !

Posted 12/30/2015

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Rachel Binkley

Melissa was a wonderful support for me and my husband before during and afer labor.  I was in labor for neary 48 hours and I would not have been able to do it with out her support.  I can not recoomend Melissa highly enough.  If I were able to get pregnant again she would be the first person I called.

Posted 11/5/2015

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Samantha Lukoff

Melissa came to us as a back-up doula when my doula was unable to attend my birth, so I first met her as I was having a pitcoin drip inserted, but once we met it felt like I had known her for years. She has a very warm, easy-going personality, and made me feel comfortable immediately. She was supportive and encouraging even when my labor didn't go as planned, and took phenomenal pictures of my delivery that are such a gift to have. I would recommend her to anyone!

Posted 9/1/2015

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Katie Loomis

I found Melissa on towards the end of my third trimester. I felt that I had a good support system with my husband and mom planning to be at my delivery but I didn't want the weight of that responsibility to fall completely on them. I wanted someone who knew what to expect during labor that would be able to encourage me and help me get through my contractions. I needed to know there would be someone there to introduce some peace into the potential madness of childbirth. Melissa far exceeded my expectations. When we first met I was most impressed with her thoughtfulness and how thorough she was. She gave me a gift bag filled with samples and a few helpful little gifts and a binder filled with resources and information. She took the time to learn about my expectations for L&D and helped me write my birth plan. She also lent me a birthing ball which I planned on buying to help with my general pregnancy discomforts. At 38 weeks she was on call for me and responded to my calls and texts nomatter the time of day. She often would send me texts just to check in on me and see how my midwife visits were going. During labor she was my security blanket. I didn't want anybody touching me but her. She was at my side the entire time. She applied pressure to my back during contractions, held my leg while I pushed and held my hand in between. She has a warmth about her that is soothing and helped comfort me. A week after I delivered she sent me an email of pictures that she had captured of the first moments after my son was born. A few weeks later she came to my house to check in on me and the baby and we chatted over coffee. Melissa ended up being one of the biggest blessings throughout my L&D experience and the weeks leading up to it. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone lookng for a doula. 

Posted 8/18/2015

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Marissa Anne

Melissa was truly a ray of sunshine and our saving grace after having our second child.  She was sympathetic, volunteered to lend a hand wherever we needed it and punctual.  It was so nice to know I had someone I could trust in my home to watch my children while I tackled responsiblities that often get neglected those first few weeks home with a newborn.  My toddler looked forward to seeing her each day and we enjoyed having her around to help us through those first few days.  I highly recommend Melissa to ease your transition back into motherhood and will definitely request her help again in the future.

Posted 4/25/2015

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Shanda Gardiner

I am very thankful to have had Melissa as my doula. I was very happy with everything that she did for me and all of the support that she gave. It gave me a a huge sense of comfort to know that I was going to have her there for the birth. And, when I was actually laboring and during the birth, I found her presence to be very grounding, which was what I needed emotionally. I was already anxious about the birth when I first contacted Melissa; I was pregnant with my second child and planning to deliver my baby in a birthing center, without pain meds. I had delivered my first baby in a birthing center and it was challenging but I was determined to try it again because I wanted another birth with minimal medical intervention. I heard from a friend about her positive experience with Melissa and I felt that I could use the services that she would provide as a doula. After finding that I was going to be a hospital transfer and realizing that the picture that I had in my head for the birth wasn't going to happen, I was feeling really distressed and discouraged. However, I am feeling very positive about the experience now and I have a sense of accomplishment that I was able to have the baby without pain meds, even after being given pitocin at the hospital. The support that I received from Melissa was the biggest contributor in helping me to do that. Her counter pressure massage and use of essential oils gave me a huge feelling of relief when I was in transition. Pretty much, everything that she did was helpful, even holding my hand. Thank you for everything, Melissa!

Posted 3/30/2015

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Amanda Anderson

Having Melisa as a doula was an amazing experience. She helped me to prepare for birth, and then was my rock during the labor and delivery process. She kept me upbeat, and even laughing up until it was time to push. After baby's birth, I had some problems breast feeding. Melissa was able to steer me in the direction of a great lactation consultant, which helped get me through a really rough patch. Her network of birth and baby professionals is a great resource.  I highly recommend using a doula, and Melissa really is one of the best!

Posted 3/23/2015

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Megs Prter

We hired Melissa pretty late in my pregnancy, I was due on December 19th so it was difficult for me to find someone on such short notice so close to Christmas. We had an initial interview over the phone, then she met with us for a few hours at my home to discuss our wishes for labor and delivery. She provided us with resources and information on things that we had questions about. At our second meeting she provided me with a binder full of tons of information as well as some essential oils, product samples, a rice bag, and more. She was available via phone and e-mail 24/7 and checked in with me regularly to see how i was feeling. I had been having contractions for three days prior to going into active labor. Melissa gave me tips on how to get them to become more consistant. When it was time to go to the hospital, she got there about ten minutes after we did even though she lives an hour away. In triage i was told i was 7 cm dilated. i was also told had protein in my urine and my blood pressure was high so i had to be monitored and  i was not going to be allowed to labor out of bed. I was very discouraged because moving around was what had gotten me through to this point. The nurses allowed Melissa to come back and work with me and she applied oil (not sure what kind) to certain pressure points to try to get my blood pressure down. When we got to my room i had to stay in bed laying on my side, which was frustrating, but Melissa helped with accupressure and massage. She was a wonderful coach to me and my boyfriend and really got us through the process. I'm not sure that i would've been able to stick with going naturally had it not been for Melissa. She took some wonderful pictures and had them to me that same day. My little guy had to stay on the NICU for a few days, but is 2 weeks old now and she has continued to check in with us to see how we are doing. Overall i would highly reccomend Melissa.

Posted 1/9/2015

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Archana Binoy

Melissa was very helpful in her guidance and knowledge about child birth.She is patient with her time and energy. she was also always on time and when I was rushed to the hospital, she immediately came to the hospital.

We were glad to work with her and recommend her for anyone looking for birth doula services.





Posted 12/31/2014

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Yuliana Goldin-Dunn

I used Melissa as my doula after having a very traumatic first birth experience and a very dificult 2nd pregnancy. Actually, till the final week of my pregnancy i didn't even know what I was going to do, deliver at the hospital and get an epidural or use the birth center and go all natural.

I had a lot of anxiety and fears, and needed someone strong, that could handle me at my most dificult time. Melissa was the perfect match for me. She took the time to get to know me and my family, eventhough I found her just a few weeks before my due date. This may not mean a lot to some, but for me, someone who really has no family to call on when time strikes, Melissa was it. She made herself ready to be available in whatever capacity she would be needed, and she did just that. She asked lots of questions and really made me feel if I dare say pampered for my labor. I don't think anyone has ever made an effort to make me that comfortable before!

Melissa was amazing during the labor process. She arrived at my home as we expected to be there a while, only to turn around and head to the birth center after just walking through the door. Things change quickly in labor and she was there every step of the way. She helped me with massage, and all kinds of other things. She was there with me for every single contraction walking me through. I can't even imagine going through this without her. She was amazing, and if you are lucky enough to snag her for your delivery, it would be a mistake not to. She is strong, experienced, patient, caring and she loves what she does. You truly can't go wrong hiring Melissa. And she's a great cook too! 

Posted 9/28/2014

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MariaMilt McDonald

So grateful to my awesome doula Melissa who relieved so much of our stress on our big day! Even though I contacted her last minute, she was very accommodating. Wouldn't have done it again without her. Received so much professionalism, support, encouragement, and TLC! And my son Evan loved her too. Would not have been the same without her, thank you!!

Posted 1/21/2014

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Melissa Booth-Mullen

Melissa was amazing during the birth of my 3rd child.  She wasn't present for the birth of my first 2, so i can attest that having her there made a huge difference.  She was very calming and attentive to my every need.  I had a hospital delivery, with epidural, however the epidural wore off toward the end and the pain kicked in.  She helped me breathe, focus and even massaged my feet for me.  She helped me take my mind off the pain and focus on making the delivery an even more amazing experience.  If you are thinking of hiring a Doula, Melissa would be a perfect fit.  She makes sure you get the delivery you want and will do anything you need her to in order to ensure you have the most peaceful and amazing birth possible.  I honestly do not know how i would have gotten through the delivery without her.  You can bet that if i have another child, she will be right by my side again. 

Posted 12/4/2013

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