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Sarah Jordan- Coates, MPH, RPYT

Happy Baby Yoga & Birth Services

Bellevue, WA Service range 11 miles


Birth Fee

$0 to $1200

Birth Fee

$0 to $1200

Birth Doula Experience

5 years and 42 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, November 2013

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals
Overlake, Evergreen, Valley Medical, Swedish Issaquah; UWMC or Swedish First Hill with referral

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
King County

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Eastside and South King County

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Childbirth education services
  • Military families support
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Prenatal Yoga

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Volunteer positions and memberships: Eastside Doula Circle (Coordinator), the Pacific Association of Labor Support (PALS), DONA International, and the International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA), UWMC volunteer doula (2014-2015), PALS and DONA conference organizing committees.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Full package birth doula support includes prenatal preparation; hands-on support during labor; postpartum and breastfeeding assistance; and phone/email support anytime. I offer a discounted rate for 2nd time parents and free/reduced rates for lower income clients who are facing additional stressors due to current events. As a former epidemiologist, I'm knowledgeable about the pandemic and how it affects L&D. I can adjust services and rates to changing needs – whether you need help choosing a birth place, birth preparation support only, in-person or video support, or unexpected changes. I am also a prenatal yoga instructor and bring my experience in helping people work with their bodies and breath and create a calm, grounded ambience into the delivery room. My intention is to nurture you through this joyous but sometimes challenging birthing year, so that you feel as safe, supported, and comfortable as possible, and are prepared to be the parent you want to be.

Bellevue, WA Service range 11 miles

Client Testimonials for Sarah Jordan- Coates, MPH, RPYT

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Sarah was my Doula for both of my pregnancies. I spent half of my first pregnancy deciding, “Do I really need a doula? My midwife and husband will be there. Isn’t that enough?” If you are on a fence, DO IT! The medical personel is there to make sure you and your baby are safe. Your partner wants to help, but how? Sarah will help you all work as a team. Sarah is very skilled and knowledgable. She is a yoga teacher and childbirth educator. I am confident to say that because of Sarah, I was able to have a natural birth and not give up. During my labor, I was stuck at 7cm. I started loosing faith, but Sarah was my anchor. I was holding onto her during every single contractions. I needed her there to stay calm, to stay focused, to not let fear take over. When contraction would hit, I would hold Sarah’s hand, lean into her, and breath together. She helped me focus on low sounds: “whooo....whooo...”. I would squeeze hand when the pain was bad. She never complained. When I started loosing it, she would reassure me and say, “You can do it. You are already doing it". I was holding onto Sarah for my dear life. I needed her there if I were to get through it. She was so calm, so confident.  This is just one example of how she helped me, but she did so much more. She was always available through email, and we've chatted often. When I got sciatica, she suggested yoga poses that helped the most. Sarah taught my husband labor comfort measures, and he did use them during labor! We really did all work as a team. During postpartum, she visited me and brought lactation cookies. We chatted about breastfeeding, bed sharing, and adjusting to parenthood. Sarah had an extensive list of prenatal and postnatal resources that I've found useful. I can go on and on, but in short, if I had to do it all over again, I would hire Sarah in a heart bit. She is the best!

Amélie Dagenais


Sarah helped me give birth to my son in December 2016. She was so helpful! I wanted an unmedicated birth and I'm not sure I could have done it without her. When I decided to try for unmedicated birth I knew I would need help. I had enjoyed prenatal yoga classes throughout my pregnancy and even though she wasn't my yoga instructor, when I saw Sarah had a background as a prenatal yoga instructor I reached out to her.

She met with us before we hired her. And then she came to our house for 2 more visits before prior to my son's birth. Even though I had practiced positions for labor during childbirth classes, it was extra helpful to practice with Sarah in our home and make sure we had all the right equipment, which came in super helfpul for the long 24 hours of latency and contractions at home before labor actually picked up.

We stayed in touch with her throughout laboring at home and when my water broke around midnight we rushed to the hospital and she met us there shortly after. She helped me and my husband stay grounded throughout labor, helped me find positions that I could tolerate and positions that helped labor progress faster. Especially, there came a time when I felt the urge to push but I wasn't fully dilated so she helped me keep focus and find a position where I could resist the urge to push.

She had brought candles, juice for me to sip, a rebozo and possibly other items that I forget. The nurse we had didn't help us much so I'm glad Sarah was there! She even took a few pictures of the birth which turned out to mean more to me than I thought they would.

I would definitely recommend Sarah and wouldn't hesitate to hire her again next time I'm pregnant.

Kim Hanft


My son, Spencer, was born September 2015.  I chose Sarah because she was my prenatal yoga instructor so I knew that she was very good at helping me relax my stiff pregnant body.  

When my water broke, she met me at the hospital and stayed with us even though labor was not progressing.  We walked all over the hospital and she kept me from going crazy from the waiting.  She helped us navigate the nurses and doctors as we tried to get labor going.  We tried many methods to get labor started and even pitocin did not work.  

The nurse found a pocket of amniotic fluid that had not broken and once that was broken labor started very intensely.  I started transitioning and Sarah helped me work through the pain by standing and rocking.  Within 15 minutes, I was fully dilated and ready to push.  Spencer was out after 20 minutes of pushing with the help of Sarah and my husband.  Sarah took some very touching pictures of Spencer doing skin to skin for the first time.

Sarah came to visit us after my labor and brought me tasty lactation cookies.  I really appreciated having her as my doula.  She was the perfect person to help with and share our birth.

Alysha Yagoda


I had a very complicated birth, and having Sarah with me made it so much easier. I had hoped to have an intervention-free labor and delivery, but ended up with severe pre-eclampsia, a week-long hospital stay, and ultimately a C-section. Having Sarah be there made it a much, much better experience than it otherwise might have been. It's already all a bit blurry, but my strongest memories of her are that she had a loving presence and excellent suggestions for questions to ask the medical team, and was a well-spring of calm in the midst of a lot of madness.

Sarah also did a great job preparing my partner and I for the birth. She spent a lot of time with us at the pre-birth meetings going over our desires for the birth, offering techniques to consider, and having us consider various scenarios. I was much more prepared for the complex event the birth turned out to be than I would have been without her.

Sarah visited me a number of times after the birth to check in and meet the baby. I loved the follow up because it helped me work through what had happened at the birth. And she brought me lunch and cookies!

The best thing about working with Sarah is that it was clear that she really, really cared what happened to me and my baby, and she brought all of her knowledge and thoughtfulness to help us.

Diana Wadley


Oh, how I wish we'd used Sarah for our first birthing experience!!  (And how thankful I am to have had her for our second!) Sarah has a calming presence and an adept, even-keel way of addressing things.  Her medical background allows her to see things with a perspective more akin to medical staff, and gives me faith she can "speak their language" more than the average doula.  She bent over backwards to make sure we were well prepared for labor/delivery, and also to ensure we'd thought through all the facets of those first days/weeks at home, and armed us with great info about local resources.

During the prenatal sessions with Sarah, I admit I thought we were spending too much time hashing out the details of the birth plan and also actually practicing varirous relaxation techniques. However, that time/experience paid off in spades in the delivery room.  The things we'd practiced appeared in my mind like a menu of options to choose from.  It was easy to relax into her already-familiar-from practice touch (I chose hand/foot massage) and direction during labor and let myself be taken care of by her and the rest of the birthing team (hubby + hospital staff + Evergreen midwife).  This plus her ability to quickly respond to other requests (who knew ice chips would prove so vital to me?) helped me float along in a relaxed state (eyes closed for much of it) and have a quick labor/delivery with no tearing.

(This was a sharp contrast to my first birth, in which we used a doula recommended by the midwives at Eastside Birth Center.  Our ignorant selves thought that doula did at least OK up until she abandoned my husband with the newborn when they transferred me from home to a H via ambulance.  Now that we've experienced the package Sarah offers, though, we see we were all-around suckers before.)

Use Sarah!


Becca Ribbing


After a bewildering, frustrating and scary birth with my first son, my husband and I knew that we wanted to use a doula for the birth of my second son. I am so grateful that we picked Sarah.

Throughout my pregnancy, I had pretty major hip challenges. I was in physical therapy almost the whole pregnancy and there were whole weeks were I couldn't walk. Sarah's specific knowledge of anatomy and yoga really helped me to find positions that were more comfortable, both before labor and during.

Also, her steady and calming presence helped set a wonderful tone for the labor room. She really worked well with my husband to comfort and encourage me. I felt so supported and taken care of. This was such a blessing, and I believe it really helped me manage my pain throughout the labor process.


Crystal Emory


Sarah was amazing from the beginning. My husband and I met with her about a month before we were due (I hadn't entertained the idea of a doula until then - a friend convinced me to look into it) and she was very informative and wanted to make sure we understood the birth process and her role in it.  We had two prenatal appointments - one to go over the birthing process in more detail, and to go over an outline for a birth plan, and another to go over comfort measures and to meet the back up doula.

I truly believe that if Sarah hadn't been a part of our experience, our birth story would have been a whole different one!  She was very supportive and was a calming presence for me. During the transition, she reminded me to breathe (I liked laboring in the tub, so most of the other comfort measures weren't used at this time) through the contractions. After the tub was no longer an option she helped me try a couple of different positions to push, which was helpful. At one point I didn't feel I could go on, but with her support and my husband's, I was able to continue with our hope - a natural birth and we have a healthy baby boy.

Should we have another child, I will certainly call Sarah back in a heartbeat - I am very grateful to her and happy with our experience.

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