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Empowered Birthing Services

Pflugerville, TX Service range 25 miles I work in Austin and the surrounding Northern areas, as far north as Salado



Birth Fee

$1050 to $1400

Birth Fee

$1050 to $1400

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Doula Trainings International - Certified Birth Doula
  • Stillbirthday - Certified Birth and Bereavement Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Doula Trainings International - Certified Postpartum Doula

Birth Doula Experience

6 years and 80 births attended

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
I fully support out-of-hospital births and would love to work with your birth center or home birth, provided you are attended by a licensed midwife. Both of my children were born at a birth center.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Elimination communication education
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Miscarriage support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I am a member of Central Texas Doula Association

Fee Details

Basic Package includes two prenatal visits to prepare your birth plan and practice labor comfort measure, one appointment with your provider, unlimited phone/email support, on-call beginning at 38 weeks until birth, one postpartum visit, and access to cloth diaper and baby carrier rentals. Upgraded packages include childbirth education and photography. Inquire if you have financial concerns and need to arrange a payment plan.

Pflugerville, TX Service range 25 miles I work in Austin and the surrounding Northern areas, as far north as Salado

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Client Testimonials for Jamie Crouse Gwynn

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We really loved having Jamie as our doula, so much so that we asked her to attend both our second and third babies. We interviewed a couple of doulas for our second birth, two things that really stood out about Jamie were her calm and comforting demeaner and her training in optimal fetal positioning. We were planning for a VBAC, after having a breech c-section with my first, so it was important to me to have the help and knowledge Jamie offered with fetal positioning. After meeting and speaking with Jamie for the first time my husband and I and were confident that she would give us the support and guidance we would need during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She tailored our birth education to our needs and made sure that all questions were answered and we felt prepared, as one can be, for birth. During our births Jamie and my husband worked great together in supporting me. Jamie helped guide my husband to be as involved as he felt comfortable while also relieving him and taking over when he needed a break. Our second birth was long and she spent many hours with us working on positioning and trying to get labor going. Her support both physically and emotionally during that birth was exactly what I needed. She also captured beautiful pictures of our birth which are invaluable. Our third birth shortly followed our second and Jamie was very helpful in putting together a package that met our needs and desires for this birth. For this birth she was primarily our birth photographer while still providing amazing birth support and knowledge as we needed. I also really appreciated her postpartum support. She made sure to keep in touch postpartum and help us unpack the details of our birth from an outside perspective. Jamie’s knowledge and support is invaluable and an asset I would recommend to those in the Austin area. We are so thankful to have had Jamie as part of birthing team, she really completed it. 



I was unexpectedly moving to the Austin area during Week 39 of my pregnancy and didn’t know much about the area. My previous doula found Jamie online and after talking to her, thought she would be a perfect fit for me. I soon called Jamie and she worked with me to develop a package that would work for my needs in case I delivered after the move. Since I was only in town a short time before delivering and had a few classes with my previous doula, Jamie provided one classroom with me to discuss my birth plan and coping strategies. The class she provided was very tailored to my needs and gave me the confidence I needed to feel prepared for childbirth. Jamie also helped me find a midwife that would take me last minute who turned out to be awesome fit as well.

Jamie was great at checking in on me and giving me some ideas to help naturally induce labor since I went a little late. Once labor started it (luckily) moved pretty quick and Jamie met us at the hospital promptly. She was great supporting both my husband and me through labor. She applied back pressure and a heat pad through contractions that really helped. She also provided soothing support and encouragement during labor that very much helped me mentally get through contractions- reminding me that “I didn’t have to do that one again” when I finished a tough contraction. She also had great recommendations to try different positions during labor. Overall, Jamie was amazing and really helped me be confident in my abilities to labor naturally. In the end, I was able to have the birth experience that I wanted! She also took some amazing pictures to document my birth story, while also respecting my wishes to keep them private. I highly recommend Jamie if you are looking for an experienced doula who will work with you and listen to your wishes. She was very supportive, patient, and knowledgeable and I appreciated that she checked in on me post delivery too!

Nadia M.


My main reason for hiring a doula was for added support in having a vaginal delivery. My husband was unable to be with me for our daughter’s birth due to unexpected circumstances, so it was really important that I have someone knowledgeable by my side to support my family and I through my birth experience. Jamie was the first doula on my list to interview, and I knew she was the kind of person I wanted with me through this very personal experience. Her calming, yet matter-of-fact demeanor was what I needed.
During Hiba’s birth, Jamie helped me a lot emotionally and physically, more than I expected. With her prenatal guidance of what to expect, I felt like I was in control when labor started, and I knew how to handle it. With Jamie’s advice, I knew how to labor as much as I could at home and how to use the different areas of my house to help me do so. Her support in the delivery room at the hospital and adding pressure to my back was a much-welcomed relief. Jamie helped me to assess the risks and benefits of every intervention, which I otherwise would not have done. Her presence gave me the confidence to advocate for myself with the staff as well.
Unfortunately I did not have my dream birth and ended up with an emergency c-section. Jamie helped me process my thoughts after surgery while holding my hand tight, and waited with me until I could see my baby. Despite not having my ideal birth, I left the hospital with my healthy baby feeling empowered in a way, because I was able to advocate for myself despite feeling moments of vulnerability. I was able to handle the initial grief of an unwanted c-section because Jamie was by my side with empathy, allowing me to go home ready for the excitement of being a new mommy.
I would recommend Jamie to anyone looking for a doula. She went above and beyond, especially with keeping touch postpartum, and if we have another baby in Austin, I will be hiring Jamie again.

Lisa Dragoset


I interviewed three doulas and Jamie stood out as the most educated, knowledgeable, and experienced, having attended many births in different settings. She had the best personality: calm, peaceful, patient, understanding, and flexible, but also confident and strong, willing to assert herself on your behalf.
I asked Jamie to help me achieve a natural, vaginal birth, without an epidural or other medical interventions. With her expansive knowledge and experience, and her unwavering support by my side, I achieved my goal.
The prenatal visits are the most valuable service Jamie offers. She dedicated many hours to me and my partner before the birth, covering comfort techniques for labor and giving us time to practice them. She helped develop my birth plan; her extensive knowledge about the purposes, pros, and cons of various medical interventions was invaluable to me.
Two things stand out the most: (1) Jamie’s incredible flexibility and willingness to provide whatever I needed during the birth, even though what I needed was the opposite of what she expected. During labor, I didn’t want anyone to touch me or talk to me. Jamie found a myriad of ways to provide support despite this, such as bringing me food, drinks, pillows, hot and cold compresses, etc. (2) Jamie’s dedication to us during the prenatal period. In addition to the regular prenatal visits, which each lasted several hours, Jamie scheduled an extra visit free of charge when she learned that my baby was halfway between anterior and posterior at 40 weeks. She did exercises with me to turn the baby and encourage labor to begin. It began the next day and was short and smooth!
My partner says, “I definitely felt prepared, supported, and confident going into the birth, and I appreciated having help during the birth, since I didn't know exactly what to expect.”
I wholeheartedly recommend Jamie to families seeking a doula!

Stephanie Brownlow


Jamie is an invaluable asset. In our initial visits she gave great advice on positions, health articles and spent time with us helping release unfavorable memories of our first birth experience. Her countenance is so gentle and she's a very knowledgable person. She helped both my husband and I get through the labor and birth with more confidence. There's one thing that stands out to me just looking back at it all. I/We had originally wanted to go as natural as possible, and per Jamie's birth notes she gave us (thank you!), around hour 30 of labor, I requested an epidural. When Jamie came into the room, there was no judgement at all about the change in plans, she brought her bag of tricks for THIS plan. She even helped hold my legs while pushing. Definitely a strong woman! When our little guy was born, the room was electric with joy and smiles and there was no disappointment at all from anyone. We had achieved our VBAC, AND were able to breastfeed! My husband and I truly believe that if we didn't have Jamie, we were headed for another c-section. In our post-partum visit with her we were met with a wonderful surprise, PHOTOS! She snapped some quick photos of us with her phone and it captured a wonderful moment. It brought tears to our eyes all over again. Jamie was a blessing to our little family, she really was.



We approached one doula only and after meeting Jamie we were convinced that she was the right fit for us. She was warm without being overbearing or preachy and in tune with our natural birthing and healing ideas without dismissing modern medicine completely.

Jamie was supportive through out my long labor. She made sure I was aware of the facts every time we approved a stage when a critcal decision (and there were a few like whether it was time to get an epidural after having gone through contractions for 22 hours, or when I realised that a foreceps delivery or C-section were inevitable after I had pushed for over 4 hours) had to be made or I needed to come to terms with the way my labor was progressing. At such turning points, Jamie would help to clear my head by laying out the facts. I did not go into my labor with set goals in mind since one gets the labor that one gets but I did desire a natural birth and I got that given the circumstances.

Before meeting Jamie I was afraid of the pain I had imagined one might go through during labor. After our first meeting, something she said put me in the irght frame of mind. She said that rather than resisting the pain one needs to give in to it to a certain extent. I found that that idea of flowing with the contractions (even if I can't recall Jamie's exact words) helped me a ton in dealing with labor pain.

When we hired a doula, we were not sure eactly what type of emotional and physical help I might need during labor but after having gone through a long and hard labor I can say with full confidence that we would have not made it without Jamie. She has an infectiously strong belief in a mother's ability to have a natural birth and she provides all the support that is needed towards that end.

Amber Bauer


I'm Amber Bauer. I have 3 children. My first 2 births were completely medicated. With my last pregnancy, I knew I wanted the birth to be different. I was in my ninth month when I realized that I needed a doula to help me experience the natural childbirth I wanted. My husband was in the military and he was in another state. We didn't know if he would make it for the birth. I interviewed a few doulas, but I felt like I should keep looking. I knew time was running out. I was given Jamie's number and we set up a meeting. I felt very comfortable with Jamie. I thought she would be perfect at helping me and supporting me through my birth. I was a couple of weeks from my due date and Jamie worked with me to set up time to get together to discuss my upcoming birth and practice different pain management techniques. During the time before I gave birth, she sent me many informative articles pertaining to whatever I was questioning regarding my birth. She had plenty of information and I needed it. As my due date passed, I decided I would schedule to get induced. My husband had flown into town for 10 days. I wanted to have him there for the birth. Jamie was supportive of my decision to induce. She also informed me of natural induction methods and induction methods that I could ask my OB about. I went in to the hospital the night before I was scheduled to get induced, and fortunately for me, I went into natural labor. It happened very quickly. Jamie made it for the end of my labor. She was so helpful with my labor positions, counter pressure and just calm words. She was so supportive and helped me when I was in so much pain that I couldn't even remember to breathe slowly and deeply. I remember being terrified as I transitioned and she calmly told me that I was close and I could do it. I was able to do it. I had my natural childbirth that I dreamed of and Jamie was VERY much apart of it. I would recommend Jamie to any mother out there who is looking for a doula!

Casa Caiano


Upon meeting Jamie, all our doubts and concerns as to whether we should hire a doula were put to rest. Here we were, my husband and I, looking forward to the birth of our first child and having no idea how the birth would go. Luckily, I enrolled in the care of the Austin Area Birthing Center and felt comfortable and well-cared for. I found community there and very quickly heard through the grapevine that I NEEDED a Doula. Whether it's your first baby or your fourth, a doula is a necessity indeed. If it had just been my husband and I during the birth, I literally don't know what I would have done. My husband was very hands on the entire time, and I still couldn't have done without Jamie.

But jumping back to our first consultation...Jamie was extremely professional and articulate. She elaborated on exactly what her services were and what they were not. Not only did she have real life experience birthing two babies, but she had the knowledge and resources about birth to share as well. It was extremely helpful for this first time mom.

The birth itself was 48 hours of labor! I labored at home and hadn't slept in a couple days by the time I got to the birthing center. I chose to have Jamie meet us there and she was there just as she had promised and ready to go. Through approximately 14 hours of labor at the center she was there for me. This is priceless! Her physicality and endurance were the most helpful, as well as just knowing she was there for me. Even with a team of people - my midwives, their assistants, and my husband - I could not have done it without Jamie. I was able to have a natural birth and it was amazing and challenging.

If I haven't stated it enough -- I couldn't have done it without Jamie's help! Even if you don't think you need a doula, you will. Jamie is exceptional and I wish her only the best with her business!

--Alissa and Ric, son Ignatius born 8/16/14

Sondra Kuruts


I am 30 years old and was pregnant with my first child. I had an uncomplicated pregnancy and knew I wanted to give birth at the Birthing Center. I wanted to hire a doula to really help my husband help me and to be a voice of reason. It was important to me to have as much calm as possible and that having someone around with the knowledge of normal vs abnormal would help facilitate that. Jamie gave an immediate impression of knowledge and kindess. Fast forward to my due date. I was 41 weeks pregnant when my water broke at 7:30am on a Monday. I was in contact with Jamie by text (because I prefer text) all day. Contractions started at 9pm and I asked Jamie to come over about 1:30am. She came over and helped me with my breathing and early labor so my husband could sleep. About 8am I had muconium in the fluids. I could tell since my water was re-breaking every time I had a contraction. Jamie was communicating with the Birthing Center while my husband and I were eating breakfast and getting ready. It was decided for me to go to the Birthing Center. Jamie was with me all day giving me advice on positions and suggested bringing in the acupuncturist/chiropracter when things weren't progressing on their own. As frustrating as it was to be in labor without making progress, Jamie made me feel 100% better by always having one more suggestion of techniques to try. By Tuesday afternoon when the baby still hadn't descended into the birthing canal, and I still hadn't dilated, it was decided to go to St Davids. Jamie went with me and helped my husband sort through everything that was happening. I ended up with a c-section Tuesday night and a very healthy baby. It was so wonderful having Jamie there. That is exactly what having a doula is about. You can read all of the books and watch all of the videos you want but having someone with the knowledge that Jamie had was perfect when things didn't go by the book. I am so grateful for her assistance.

Liz Kurtz


If you're considering a doula at all, if you're reading this, then it's worth at the very least interviewing Jamie.

We are new to town and had already been through a beautiful, easy, natural labor, attended by a dear friend serving as 'doula.' I was confident that my body could do it again, but also knew that the extra support of a doula was never wasted. Then again, I'd only had a close friend present; it seemed forced or distant to hire a doula.

Well, Jamie was the perfect solution. Her whole package - including the prepatory meetings (to review what we'd learned before our first), flexible schedule, gentle demeanor, very knowledgable background, and even the follow-up - was exactly what we were looking for. And I haven't even spoken yet of how ideal her presence was during labor - that's where she really shines!

Jamie gently reminded me of alternative positions. I could accept or decline, fearless of offending. Jamie quietly had water or cold washcloths or other props on hand, anticipating my desires without me even asking, and equally importantly - without getting in my husband's way, either. I never felt there were too many people in the room. Jamie trusted my body, my instincts. I needed the clarity of her gaze when I was going through transition and she said, "This is it. It won't be long." Jamie remembered my history and details, she was a continuous presence whereas the attending midwife couldn't be. I trust Jamie's urgency helped convince the midwife to stay, right as I was pushing.

Most importantly, Jamie allowed me to have the best birth possible. She was like an invisible angel, providing the set of props, always helping my husband help me, smoothing things over.

Kristina Granado Miller


I can't say enough good things about Jamie.  I initially was adverse to the idea of having a doula, but after meeting with Jamie and familarizing myself with the role of a doula, I started to warm up to the concept.  Jamie met with me one-on-one and helped me go through my birth plan.  She helped me understand the everything listed on the birth plan provided by my OB.  She encouraged me to be more educated about my choices.  She met with my husband and I as well and together, helped us understand how to make the experience more of a partnership.  Jamie provided us with helpful literature about labor, the role of a doula, and a partner's role in the labor process.  She checked in periodically and was involved from day one.  When delivery day came, I couldn't have been more grateful and glad that we had decided to go with Jamie as my doula.  We called her when my contractions were about 6 minutes apart and painful.  She came over immediately and helped me continue to labor at home.  She helped me with pain management through massage and breathing techniques.  This was my second pregnancy, and the difference in pain management with her present, compared to my first delivery, is like day and night!  She helped me not just get through the painful contractions, but breathe through them and try to stay as calm and at peace as possible.  When we got the hospital, Jamie helped me stick to my birth plan and relay my birthing preferences to the L&D team.  She helped me through the labor process by indroducing different positions that ease the pain.  Jamie stayed by my side the entire time and made sure everything progressed smoothly.  She was a blessing.  If anyone is in need of a dedicated, easy to talk to doula, Jamie is certainly one of the best!  I wish I had known her when I had my first!

Erin O'Neill Garcia


We were considering not using a doula at all for our first birth. But when the due date inched ever closer, we came to our senses and started looking for someone to guide us through this incredible unknown journey. We were lucky enough to have the help and expertise of Jamie at the last minute! Jamie had her two children with the same birthing center I was going to, and I felt instantly close and comforted by her when we first met. It was her calm demeaner, her patience, and her natural mothering instinct that put me at ease during the entire natural birthing process. Before and even after the big day, she made herself available for me when I had questions about laboring or newborn care, and even sent me articles via email for research to help me understand things like hospital procedure in case I would need to be transported (which I didn't). Looking back, I don't know what I would have done without her! She provided just the perfect amount of encouragement, cheering me on and helping me with visualizations during labor. I am forever grateful for the confidence and the positivity that she wrapped around me leading up to and on the day of the birth. She was right there the entire 13 hours that day, starting before 5am, pressing on my pelvis to relieve my back pain through each and every contraction, keeping me hydrated, and helping to hold me up when it was time to push and finally meet my baby girl.

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