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Phone: 202-657-8426

Birth Fee: $1200

Fee Details: Fees include 3 prenatal visits, continuous labor support, 2 postpartum follow-up visits, and a variety of resources on labor, comfort measures, birth, breastfeeding and postpartum healing.

Birth Doula Experience: 5 years and 36 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International, June 2013
  • Carriage House Birth, October 2015
Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 1

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I have had positive experiences with both midwives and OBs at Shady Grove, Holy Cross, GW, Georgetown, Medstar Washington Hospital Center, Sibley, and most hospitals in the DC Metro area.
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I have attended births at Special Beginnings in Maryland.
Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education

  • MA/MS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Cesarean birth
  • Domestic Violence
  • Hearthside perinatal bereavement care training
  • Home Birth
  • LGBTQP Families
  • Waterbirth
  • Women and Families of Color

Special Services Offered

  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Miscarriage Support (Before, During or After)

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

My background is in domestic violence victim advocacy for over 18 years. Supporting and empowering women is my passion. I work to ensure that women can be agents in their own births and feel confident in making decisions for themselves and their families.

Service Area Map

Area of practice: Washington, DC
Travel Range: 15 Miles

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Client Testimonials for Kenya Fairley

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meriah burke-raines

Meeting with Kenya and drawing on her vast knowledge about giving birth and what happens afterward gave us a level of confidence about the birth of our son that we wouldn't have had without her. We felt we had a real advocate with us, leading up to the birth and during. Kenya is also extremely calm, reassuring and kind, which was wonderfully helpful -- particularly while laboring at home. We are grateful to her for all of her support! 

Posted 1/10/2017

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Qimmah Saafir

I do not know that I can fully do Kenya justice with words (specifically the words I can formulate in my sleep-deprived, new mommy to a 3.5wk old state). She was absolutely wonderful. Kenya not only came to our home to ready us for our home birth with helpful information, resources and exercises in our childbirth sessions, she brought ENERGY. I was in a bad head space after 11 days of prodromal labor. I had never even heard of such a thing. I was exhausted to say the least, and frustrated at the process, at my lack of sleep, at not feeling informed/helped. Kenya paid us another visit (after her obligated number of visits) and completely shifted the space. My head space, as well as our physical space. She urged me to decompress with a shower and when I came out, she (with the help of my husband and mom) had transformed the area where the birth was to take place with lighting, aromatherapy, affirming art on the walls. It was truly exactly what I needed in that moment. Her presence, knowledge and spirit were so soothing. She stayed for a visit from my midwife and pretty much held my hand through a tough conversation. I went into labor that night and I like to think that it was because I had gotten past a mental block. Kenya played a big role in me doing so. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a knowledgable doula with excellent bedside manner and a wonderful personality to boot. 

Posted 7/30/2016

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Nekeisha Campbell

I highly recommend Kenya. I found Kenya to be most helpful during labor and birth. My boyfriend called Kenya around midnight to let her know I was in labor; she was immediately responsive, arriving at our home within the hour to accompany us to the hospital. I had been in labor at home for over 20 hours before going to the hospital, so I was in a lot of pain when Kenya arrived. She immediately reminded me of how to more effectively manage the pain I was experiencing (I was in so much pain I forgot the bulk of what I learned in the birthing classes, so having Kenya remind me of those things was very helpful). Once we arrived at the hospital, Kenya suggested various laboring positions to help ease the pain. She was also good at anticipating my needs (water, pillows, blankets, posting positive affirmations in the delivery room, etc.) and informing the hospital staff that I did not like having my back rubbed to manage the pain (for some reason it provided no relief).

Kenya was also extremely good at balancing her role against the hospital staff and my boyfriend, always being right by my side encouraging and helping me as I labored, but not overshadowing my boyfriend or getting in the way of the hospital staff. Kenya was also helpful at relieving my boyfriend, giving him a chance to take a nap while I labored so he could be an active part of the delivery. Most important to me was how Kenya was able to help keep me calm when the hospital staff told me that I may have to have a c-section rather than the natural child birth I had envisioned and labored so long for. She reassured me that I was doing a good job and encouraged me to continue pushing to birth my baby naturally. Her encouragement helped me to remain clam and stay focused on pushing my baby out rather than over-reacting to the undesirable news. After 32.5 hours of labor, I delivered naturally and Kenya played a huge role in making it a positive experience.

Posted 4/9/2015

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Jake Rollow

Kenya was wonderful. She is caring, professional, knowledgeable and tireless. We realized after labor that had Kenya not been with us, my wife and I would have spent the vast majority of our time in the hospital laboring alone, without any real confidence that what we were doing was right (and we took a labor class). Also, labor threw us some curveballs (of course), and Kenya was able to help us stay focused on the present and reduce our anxiety.  

Posted 2/13/2015

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Kristi Jamrisko

My husband and I knew right away that Kenya would be a good match for us. She was warm, caring and friendly right from the start. She listened attentively to our childbirth wishes and concerns and gave us wise and thoughtful advice. Once we chose her for our doula, she came all the way to our house for two prenatal meetings. I felt much more at ease about my upcoming labor and delivery knowing that Kenya would be there to help me and my husband get through it (and even enjoy it!). And I was right -- it was wonderful to have her calming, encouraging presence in the delivery room, and she made an amazing experience even sweeter. Since the birth she has been in contact several times, both via text/email and in person, to check in on our baby. We have only known Kenya for a couple months now but feel like she's an old friend. We couldn't be happier with her doula services and can highly recommend her!

Posted 8/26/2014

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Letitia D. Cooper

When I reflect on the birth of my son, I cannot imagine what would happened if Kenya was not there. She was able to assess and provide for my needs immediately. When I was too hot, Kenya whipped out an electric fan. When I was wanning in and out from "pressure waves" (aka contractions), Kenya was a strong and effective voice, reaffirming my wishes to have an unmedicated birth. When the danger of forceps loomed, Kenya empowered me to push in order to protect my child. After the birth, Kenya stayed by my side for a lengthy repair, allowing my husband to tend to the baby. To put it simply, Kenya was like a sister, encouraging me to keep going when I felt like I had nothing else to give. 

Besides being a great advocate, Kenya is the consummate professional. She was not intimidated by the medical staff, but was able to lend her professional expertise and engage and direct as needed. I was also comforted by her organization, punctuality, thoroghness, and knowledge of the birthing process.

She's also passionate and a hard worker. I found Kenya when I was nearly due, but she carved out the time to provide excellent service, i.e. back to back visits, extra visits, text messages, emails, phone calls. She listened to my pre-delivery concerns (random thoughts) and responded immediately, i.e. research, referrals. Kenya cares.

Kenya is the quintessential doula-- a sister who understands the journey of childbirth and is a necessary companion for the trip. 

Posted 8/14/2014

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Ivan Andonov

She was Great. When my wife first mentioned having a Doula I was very sceptical about it. To me it just felt like an extra expence. Then I got a chance to meet Kenya and she explained to me exactly how important is to have Doula. She was refered to us by friends who just had their baby. Kenya was nice and caring. She brought up questions that we never thought of, and prepared us for the big day. When we got to the hospital we felt confident of what we want and what we need thanks to her support and shared knowlage. The doctors wanted to drug my wife from the moment we walked in, and I admit that in other case I would have agreed, but thanks to Kenyas experience my wife went through all the labor up to 9 1/2 sm. without any medication, not even an IV. She stayed with us for almost 20 hrs. Helping my wife and bringing her comfort through her labor pains. She was very encouraging. Finaly at 9 1/2 sm. my wife could not handle the pain any more and got an epidural, just so she could rest for 30 min before pushing. Doctor had his own plan of course, get the baby out ASAP and go to bed. He insisted that my wife should start pushing immidietly even though he just agreed to a give us some rest. There was no medical emergency, no reason for the rush what so ever. Kenya starter asking him question after question, defending us trying to give us some time to rest. Finally doctor agreed and left very upset. We got 40 min of rest and then my wife was fresh and ready to push. It took 2 1/2 hrs of pushing and finaly there she was, our baby girl. Honestly after I sow what my wife went through giving birth, and if she would not have taken 40 min for her self, I dont know how she would have done it.

Thank you Kenya for all the help and support you have given us befor, during and after birth.

Posted 8/13/2014

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Kristiene Ignacio

I am so grateful that I was able to find and have Kenya as my doula, and that she was a part in my son's birth story. As a new mom-to-be, I definitely wanted to feel supported and encouraged. As I entered my last trimester, I really felt like having a doula would be extremely beneficial because my confidence in myself was starting to waver a bit. (Could I really do this?) I needed to have someone who would not only be there to comfort and encourage me, but also knew what they were doing and was knowledgeable of the labor and delivery process. Since I was already in my last trimester, I was a bit frantic-would there be a doula willing to work with me so last minute? I had checked out doula services websites and their availabilities, but all the doulas I had checked out were all booked. Luckily, after talking to my Bradley Method teacher, she had recommended that I get in touch with one of her previous students who had become a doula (Kenya), and after getting in touch with her and meeting with her, the rest became history.

Kenya was and is so positive and professional in how she handles her doula services and interacts with the families she works with. She is understanding and was so patient with me (especially when it came to answering all my questions...which was a lot!). She checked up on me and baby often and soon became a friend to me, not just a doula. As my son's arrival was coming closer (also my contractions were already starting a few days prior to my baby's birthday), I was becoming anxious. All my fears about what could go wrong were beginning to creep up on me again, and I definitely felt like the more I knew about the whole birth process, medical interventions, comfort techniques, etc.-the less I understood. It was just a lot of information to process. When it was finally go-time, I was comforted and happy that Kenya was by my side, and I'm so grateful that she was by side in welcoming my son to the world.

Posted 6/11/2014

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Danchik M

During my wife's pregnancy I was constantly out of town on business, so we were unable to properly prepare for the moment of truth. No breathing / relaxation techniques and excercises, no birthing classes...we decided that having a doula help us through the preparation process and the birth itself would be a wise move and boy, were we on the money.

It's never an easy decision, letting someone be a part of your most intimate moment, but Kenya had us at ease almost right away. Professionally, Kenya is attentive, courteous and professional. Personally, she is passionate and has a great vibe about her. She was available at a moment's call (we gave birth a week early) and she was an immence help during the birth, by taking care of everything I couldn't even focus on.

Having Kenya be our doula was absolutely the right decision, and I hope that if duty calls again, she will be available to be with us once more.

Posted 1/13/2014

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Linda Koch

I can't compliment Kenya enough. She was absolutely amazing from start to finish. Very professional and always full of suggestions. She worked extremely well with my midwifes and made sure that everything went as closely to my birth plan as possible. She helped me to birth our daugther, and first child, completely medication free at the birthing center. I really cannot recommend Kenya enough and we will definitely be using her services when it comes time for baby number two!

Posted 1/6/2014

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Alyssa Patzoldt

Kenya came to my birth to sub in for my doula after about 20 hours of labor. Kenya arrived as I started pushing, and seamlessly starting working with us.  It was like I had known Kenya for a long time, even though I just met her.  Kenya was extremely helpful during the last stage of my labor and was key in helping my husband and I get through the process.  There were several challenging decisions that we had to make (including whether to consent to a c-section after 4 hours of unsuccessful pushing), and Kenya was very helpful through them all. She was calm, thoughtful, and provided us with information and support. 

Kenya also stayed and worked with us in recovery after surgery, ensuring that I was able to breastfeed and that we were setteled and doing okay. She also came with our doula for a visit after our son was born. She was great in helping us process the birth and talk about out experience being new parents.

Overall, I would highly recommend Kenya! She is calm, thoughtful, skilled, and is a great presence during the birth process.  I could not have been more pleased with her services! 

Posted 1/6/2014

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Doula Rachel

Kenya is one of my most trusted doula colleagues, and has proven reliable and eager to assist at every turn. She is knowledgeable, patient, and personable, and thoroughly invested in the value of her services. Recently, Kenya supported me as a backup doula at a lengthy and challenging birth and provided a seamless transition for the clients. I recommend her services without hesitation!

Posted 12/30/2013

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