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Tara Corbin


There are so many wonderful things I can say about Donna! After a wonderful recommendation from another former client that I knew, I was so excited. From our consultation all the way through our final postpartum meeting, Donna was supportive and always made me feel comfortable. This was my second pregnancy and I was in a lot fear after having a very traumatic birth with my first. Donna was supportive and helped me to work hand in hand with my OB and the midwifes at the hospital to help me successfully achieve my goal of having an unmedicated VBAC! If it wasn't for her wonderful support for both me and my family, I don't know if I would have been able to get through labor. Her knowledge and years of experience are well known and I always appreciated her thorough explanations and educational resources she provided. I would HIGHLY recommend Donna and if you are on the fence about getting a doula, do it! I was hesitant at first, but so glad I did! If I have anymore children in the future, I will definitely be using her again! 



Wow when they say time flies, they really mean it! I have been meaning to write this for a while now since our daughter will be one in a week! Donna was nothing short of a blessing to our family! My husband and I decided to give birth at Embrace Midwifery and upon agreeing to give birth there we needed to find a doula since it was our first time. Immediately we knew we needed someone who would be on our side. The Christian side. Having  another person witness and coach you for the birth of your child, being a Christian was a non negiatable for us. Especially have a non medicated birth. My husband and I knew what we wanted our bith experience to be like and after interviewing Donna, we knew she was the right fit! From the time Donna signed on as our doula we were in right hands. Donna was kind, calm, cheerful and super helpful (especially being a first time mom). She respected what we wanted our expereince to look like and allowed us space to communicate freely. She was there before the birth on the phone, during the birth, and followed up after. The resources she gave us and put us in touch with were so valuable we have shared with other moms to be! She helped me begin breast feeding and answered all sorts of crazy questions I had afterwards. Her calmness and coaching during the birth was especially nice, because things do tend to get intense! All in all I would absolutley recommend using Donna and would use her again for our next child! She is a true blessing. We are still in touch a year later!



My husband and I loved working with Donna. Her home visits helped us think through our preferences and mentally prepare for the birth of our first child. I felt at ease waiting for labor, knowing she was a call or text away. During labor, I can't even list all the little things she did that created a peaceful environment for me, allowed my husband to be fully present, and helped me navigate decisions in the moment. Anytime someone asks about our daughter's birth we always talk about how grateful we were for a wonderful doula. 

Cassandra Webster


We were so thankful that we found Donna! She was the first doula my husband and I had met, and although we interviewed a few others, we knew we wanted her to guide us through my birth. She had a wealth of information and insight on birth that I would never have been prepared for. She had suggestions for how to cope with any symptoms I may feel during birth, positions to ease labor pain, and she helped my husband to be prepared on what to expect throughout labor. We had been interested in going with a natural birth but didn't see how important it was until Donna directed us to resources and articles that discussed the benefits of it. I truly don't think I could have had a natural birth without her. She made us feel comfortable and capable of surrendering to whatever would happen. As Christians we found that we could trust her wisdom and have confidence in her care for us. We will definitely be asking her to be there for our next child! 



Thanks in huge part to Donna, I experienced the birth I was planning, praying and hoping for. Donna was an integral part of my ideal birth scenario coming to fruition and such a key player of our birthing team. My husband and I felt comfortable with Donna immediately. She was always available for questions I had throughout the pregnancy. She shared excellent tips and tricks when baby needed to move positions leading up to labor.  Donna was a huge emotional support in those final weeks of pregnancy when I just wanted to be done. 

Our meetings leading up to the birth were not only educational and motivating but FUN! Having someone that my husband felt at ease with was huge for me because they would be the team helping me through the birth. Together they were able to communicate and make sure I was supported and encouraged every step of the way. 

During the birth Donna was able to coach me through positions, knew where to apply pressure, provide essential oils for nausea and encourage me at the end when I didn't think I could keep pushing. 

Postpartum checking in and visits helped me feel encouraged and like I had a true support system with my new baby. 

I couldn't have asked or prayed for a better Doula experience. 

Heather Spradlin


Donna was incredibly helpful every step of the way! She helped me finalize my birth preferences and provided a lot of information on things that could happen once labor started, and decisions I would need to make, as well as practicing different labor positions. I felt so much more informed and less anxious about going into labor. She had a very calm, confident demeanor that kept me relaxed at the hospital. She was by my side and encouraged me the entire time. I wouldn't have wanted to go through it without her, and I highly recommend Donna to anyone getting ready to welcome a new baby. She was also very helpful answering questions and providing resources after I was back home as well.

Lisa Garcia


We were on the fence about hiring a doula until a few weeks before my due date. I am so grateful that we found Donna. She was knowledgeable, caring, and provided resources I could not have found on my own. I can't imagne my labor experience without her. I had a very long labor and she was present and provided support the whole time. I am so glad we decided to hire a doula. Donna met all of my expectations. I wouldn't hesitate to hire her again if we were to have another baby.

Paul Ritzenthaler


As we prepared for our first childs delivery, we thought we were fine just taking the Bradley Method class. The class was very informative, but i am so happy my wife and i made the decision to hire Donna. Not only was she very knowledgable, she was so helpful in the delivery room. Any questions we had, she always had an answer. Whether it was about the act of childbirth or needing something after the child was brought into the world, she always had the resources to help us.

Going into the delivery room, i thought i knew it all from taking the Bradley Method class. I soon found out that child birth is an ever changing process. If Donna was not there to help me through the 14 hour delivery, i don't know what i would have done. From her knowledge with different techniques to helping me with my wife, she did the most amazing job. She was with us the entire time and made the experience so much better for both me and my wife. Donna was truly an amazing asset that i cant imagine not having during labor.

Abaigeal Ritzenthaler


I can't, nor do I want to, imagine what labor would have been like without Donna.  She was knowledgeable, kind, and patient.  Donna held my hand, let me squeeze her hand, did squats with me for hours, and held my leg as I pushed.  She let my husband go to the bathroom, eat, and made sure I was never alone during labor.  We were on the fence about hiring a doula or not and we ended up finding her last minute through our Bradley Coach.  I'm so glad we went ahead and hired her and we will not hesitate to seek her for the next baby.

Cori Rivara


Donna was such an encouragement before, during, and after the birth of my daughter!  I never could have done it without her.  She was so supportive and made the whole birth experience comfortable.  Donna is knowledgeable in so many aspects of birthing, babies, pregnancy and postpartum.  She was full of information and resources.  She included my husband in the conversation by explaining things to him and was there to support him after the birth too.  Simply, Donna is the greatest!

Jennifer Gutkaiss


My experience with Donna was amazing. We met her through the meet the doulas event when I was about 20ish weeks pregnant. I knew from the moment I met her that I wanted her to be our doula. She's really easy to talk to and very supportive. Donna answered all the questions that came up and made sure to find answers to things she wasn't sure about. I also love how good she was with my oldest child, always making her feel included. My husband has a really demanding job and we really felt confident that she would be there to support us (especially in the event that my husband couldn't make it). During my pregnancy some unexpected things came up and she was encouraging and remdinded me of all my options. Throughout my laboring and delivery she did the same. I don't think I could have done it without her, even with my husband there! I'm really happy with our experience and I would definitely choose her again.

Hannah Carter


Donna is friendly and easy to talk to. Those were the first things that I noticed about her when I met her, and decided that she was the right doula for me. Donna was very informed on the birth process, and was able to explain it to me thoroughly and in a way that I could understand, having never had a baby before. Donna made me feel prepared when I went to the hospital. There were mild complications, and I had an induction. When I went in to be induced, I felt that I had the knowledge I needed and I knew mostly what to expect. Donna helped me develop a birth plan that fit the needs of my family and myself. I would say that one of my favorite things about Donna is how she saw my husband as a very big part of the birth process and she was always checking to make sure he was involved and included in each step.

During the birth of my son, Tristan, Donna was so calm and collected and she was such a huge encouragement to me. She walked me through some very hard contractions and helped me to focus on certain things in order to help me through. Donna was especially helpful when it was time to push out the baby. She and my husband stood on either side of me and supported me. Donna knew exactly what to do, and she was confident but calm. Having Donna there made me feel safe because Donna knew what was going on and had the experience that I didn't have. I am so grateful to Donna for all of her help and advice, and I would recommend Donna without hesitation to any mother out there looking for assistance with her baby's birth!

Thank you!

Sincerely, Hannah

Naeema Mason


My experience with Donna was GREAT! When I first contacted her I was 36 weeks pregnant and didnt know what to expect. I know when you're looking for a doula you have to go through an interview process  and see if they are  what you're looking for in alabor coach. Well, my husband and I didn't have time to go through a bunch of doulas so prior to us meeting Donna we were hoping for the best and got just that! Donna is a very pleasent and welcoming person. The day of my delivery (on mothers day)  she met us at the hospital about 4:00am. After registration and getting situated in the delivery room, she was constantly encouraging and motivating me through labor. She made sure that my husband and I were  comfortable with everything and even showed him different things he could do to help me during labor.When we were unsure of something, we asked Donna and she was able to help. After our son was born, Donna stayed with us for a few hours to make sure everything was fine. She followed up with a post partum visit to ensure that things at home were going well also. Donna was very respectful of our  decisions and made it her duty to support us 100%. Any questions or information we needed prior to delivery and even after delivery, she was always on time with different articles and visuals. My husband and I are very glad we had Donna as our Doula and we would definitely have her again for our next child.

Wendy Zolotovskaya


Donna was extremely helpful and supportive in the weeks leading up to delivery when I was having lots of contractions and other issues and she was amazing during labor and delivery.  She was also very understanding and accomodating to any needs I had that were related to Sensory Processing Disorder.  I was attempting VBAC and Donna helped me think deeply about my birth and helped me create a birth plan that I felt good about and that my OB liked.  She was able to help me cope with labor longer than I ever thought I could and helped me stay informed so that I could make the best decisions even though it can be difficult in labor.  Unfortunatley, things didn't go the way I wanted and I had to have a repeat cesarean but Donna made that birth the best birth it could be.  She made sure the doctor was aware of the c-section part of my birth plan and had the nurse on board with the plan as well.  In fact, Donna was very good at establishing rapport with all of the hospital staff which really helped during labor and delivery.  I also appreciate how she helped my husband be a better birth partner and took care of so many details so that he could focus on me, in fact, he was also very grateful to have her help.  I didn't have a doula for my first birth and after having Donna's help with the second, I wouldn't do it any other way.  I came out of this experience feeling empowered and I have no regrets about my birth and I have Donna to thank for that.

Melissa Taylor


I couldn't imagine my birth without Donna. She was an amazing help during the entire process. If it wasn't for her advice, counseling, encouragement, I would not have been able to have the birth that I wanted. She provided me with constant compainonship and advice to ensure that my birth was as uninevasive as possible.

From the moment my water broke, Donna was a wealth of information and encouragement. Instead of rushing to the hospital, like I thought I should do, she reminded me that I had options. In fact, throughout the laboring process, she reminded me that their were other options than just lying there.

I ended up not having an epidural, even though I was ready to throw in the towel multiple times. I was so greatful to have Donna as part of my birth experience and I highly recommend her for yours!

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